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Broadcaster fall 2006 volume 83 no. 2

teaching the teachers of

teaching tomorrow
of tomorrow
teachers of tomorrow
fall 2006 volume 83 no. 2
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Teaching the teachers of tomorrow  Homecoming  Faculty & staff break giving records 

Darla Rosendahl, Omaha, Neb.

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magazine of Concordia University, Nebraska Rev. Russell Sommerfeld, Seward, Neb.

Broadcaster fall 2006 volume 83 no. 2

Rev. Karl Ziegler, Bellevue, Neb.

the joys and challeges of service

the joys and challeges of service

the teachers
of tomorrow

Preparing Servant Leaders for Church and World

On the cover: Sophomore education 800 North Columbia Avenue

student Carson Stokebrand assists Seward, Nebraska 68434
with the annual Plum Creek Children’s
Literacy Festival held on campus. 800 535 5494
teaching the teachers of
teachingthe teachers of
teaching the
tomorrow theof tomorrow
teachers of tomorrow

‘The greatest of them all’

My predecessor Orville Walz ended our lauded for his accomplishments.
annual faculty and staff Recognition of Service Finally, a stooped, shabbily dressed old
celebrations by reciting a story titled “The woman was led to the front. From her dim eyes
greatest of them all.” Printed originally in shone the light of knowledge, understanding
Sunshine Magazine, it shares a lesson worth and love.
repeating: “Who is this?” demanded the king. “What has
A wise king of an ancient land announced she done to achieve greatness?”
he would set aside a day to honor the greatest “You have seen and heard all the others,” was
of his subjects. On the designated day, people the reply. “This, O King, is their teacher.”
from all walks of life streamed into the city and Amid the applause of the throng the king
gathered outside the palace. descended from his throng to proclaim her the
Amid the cheers of his subjects, the king greatest of them all.
made his way to the center of the assembly And rightly so.
where a throne had been erected for him. The
king instructed the various groups of citizens to Shaping the teachers of tomorrow is one of
present their candidates. the greatest legacies and blessings we have at
First to come before the king was a man Concordia. While many things at Concordia
of great wealth, owner of vast lands and have changed over the past 113 years, by God’s
great industries. “He is also a man of great grace and with His blessing one thing will not
philanthropies,” said his followers. “He gives change: our steadfast commitment to providing
much of his wealth to the poor.” students the very best teachers in every academic
Next was a man of the law, well known for discipline and our unswerving commitment to
his great knowledge of legal matters. “He is a prepare a new generation of teachers to serve
great judge,” his supporters said, “famous for and lead in school rooms—especially the rooms
his wise decisions and deep sense of justice.” of Lutheran schools—all around the world.
A doctor, much sought after for her powers May our gracious God continue to bless
of healing the sick was next. Following her all who teach and raise up students who,
was a great statesman who had brought great empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
honor to himself and his country. One after respond to His call to serve and lead in church
another was paraded before the king and and world.

Brian L. Friedrich
President and ceo
Concordia University, Nebraska

Teaching the teachers of tomorrow
On a warm fall afternoon, the sound of flip- year the College of Education has implemented
flops and shifting backpacks echoes through the several major changes to its curriculum to
Thom Leadership Education Center lobby. ensure its graduating teachers remain among the
The $6.5 million, 65,000 sq. ft. brick and glass finest in their field.
facility wasn’t even on the drawing board when
Dr. Ron Bork ’70 spent his undergraduate days The changing school room
here. Backpacks were for mountain climbers,
and attire was mostly blue jeans and beads. A course in English as a Second Language is
Today Bork, the fourth-year dean of now a professional education requirement for
Concordia’s College of Education, heads up early childhood, elementary and middle-level
the teacher education training from which he teacher education candidates. Bork says that the
graduated 36 years ago. Times change. But for recent tightening of controls for immigration to
Bork, one thing hasn’t changed. “This is the the u.s. has not necessarily translated into fewer
strongest teacher education program in the immigrant students enrolling in our schools. In
Concordia University System,” he says. fact, Bork says, “In the last five years, the refugee
And to remain strong requires adaptability population in Nebraska has continued to go up.”
in this new frontier, the 21st century. So this The College of Graduate Studies has recently

A look at life as a student teacher
Facing page: Allison Morton, left, student taught for eight weeks this fall in the first grade class of veteran teacher Cindy Peterson, right,
at Raymond Central Elementary in Valparaiso, Neb. Morton, a senior from Pinetop, Ariz., is training as an early childhood educator.
Peterson has 15 years of experience. Above: After a quick trip to Janzow Campus Center for breakfast, Morton joins fellow education
students for a 7:30 a.m. teaching methods course. As a rule, the students in teaching methods classes spend most of their time testing
mini-lessons on each other rather than listening to lectures. Methods class instructors like Dr. Ron Bork, right, would also demonstrate
lessons for the entire class and draw on their years of experience teaching children. “We’ve learned so much about theory,” says Morton.
“But it was a huge help to see things that are actually used in the classroom, to have resources and activities that we know have worked
and to have advice from experienced people.”

begun to help fill the growing need for teachers students with special needs. He says the change
who can work effectively with learners for whom will strengthen Lutheran schools in the special
English is a new language. In partnership with education arena.
the Omaha Public Schools, Concordia offers 13 “We’ll be able to do that in a more focused
credit hours of graduate study for elementary way,” Bork says.
and secondary teachers working in its English
language learning (ell) program. About 50 Purpose and passion
students are enrolled in the program each year.
“Jesus told us to ‘disciple all nations’ and now Also new is Teaching as a Profession, a required
He is bringing the nations to us,” says Dr. Jane class that provides an orientation to the teacher’s
Fryar ’72, dean of the College of Graduate role, Bork says. The program places students
Studies. “While language barriers do create in real classrooms to observe and shadow
challenges, we also have many opportunities professional teachers and is designed, Bork says,
in our congregations, communities and to help students answer the question, “Why do
especially in Lutheran schools to share the love I really want to teach?”
of Jesus with newcomers in our neighborhoods One goal, Bork says, is to lower the rate of
nationwide. We’re hoping to expand our ell teacher turnover, which is the highest during
program in ways that will equip God’s people to the first three years in the profession than at
do that.” any other time. Also, as Bork tells his students,
The department also revamped its special “When you get up in the morning five years from
education program, dropping the 30-hour now, it would be nice if you liked where you
special education endorsement option and were going.”
adding Teaching the Diverse Learner as an upper More than one hundred students are enrolled
level requirement. Bork says the change gives all in Teaching as a Profession this fall, and Bork
education students the opportunity to learn how expects a handful might change their minds. For
to identify and provide basic accommodations to those who settle on a different path, Bork says
Watch, listen and get over the jitters
By 10 a.m. Morton would arrive at Raymond Central, a school about a half-hour’s drive from Seward. Morton began her student teaching experience by observing
Peterson, the cooperating teacher, or “co-op” in student teaching jargon. Peterson had the dual task of leading her class and carefully modeling the approach
to teaching she wanted Morton to see. Morton admits to feeling anxious the first day she met Peterson. “As I saw her teach, I saw how effective she was with
the students,” says Morton. “That was encouraging, I knew I was going to learn a lot from her, but it was also a little intimidating. I knew I had to meet a high
level of expectations.” Duke N., middle, was one of 19 first graders who helped Morton find her footing as a student teacher.

advisors work with the students to help them are available almost entirely online, meeting the
find a better fit. “But,” says Bork, “we want demands of busy professionals and making the
people to choose the teaching profession and most of current technology. Enrollment in both
stick with it.” programs continues to grow and, Fryar says,
they have been well received by participants.
And while student attire and Concordia’s
Growing and enduring needs campus skyline have changed through the
Fryar says that the College of Graduate decades, Fryar believes that Concordia still
Studies also faces the challenges that come maintains “the sense of family, of belonging, of
with the changing face of education. In the continuity people in our culture are looking for.”
next three to four years, Fryar says 40 percent “Part of what Concordia is known for is our
of school principals and nearly 50 percent of ability to establish relationships that last a
superintendents in both public and Christian lifetime,” Fryar says.
school systems will be eligible to retire. While a virtual classmate might not be
And certification requirements for school the same as a buddy sitting next to you in
administrators are higher than ever before. second period, Fryar says that participants
Concordia’s graduate education programs are in the online “cohort” programs grow much
already on the cutting edge. Both the master’s closer than you might think. Cohorts meet
in school administration and master’s in literacy face to face in an introductory session and at

Stand and deliver
By the second week of student teaching, Morton took over mathematics instruction and read to the class. By the fourth week, Peterson made a point to occasionally leave
the classroom so that Morton would have the full experience of having a class on her own. “Initially, they’d always ask where she was,” says Morton with a laugh. “They
didn’t quite get the sense that I was the teacher too.” Right: Every day after school let out, Morton and Peterson planned for upcoming lessons and reviewed the teaching
done that day. “She offered a lot of reassurance,” says Morton. “There were times I did not feel that lessons went well or that I ran out of time. I learned from her that you
can’t take all the stresses of one day home with you. You learn from the experience, and tomorrow’s a new day.”

mid-program checkpoints. These “summer- with broader backgrounds than in the past. They
intensive” experiences bring students to have an ease with new technologies that was
campus for a short time and help to nurture not as evident even five years ago. They are well
relationships that continue to develop. Through suited, Bork feels, to take on the classrooms of
online conversations during the rest of the the future.
program, students share the same deadlines His aim is to make sure that’s the case. “I “Part of what
and intellectual challenges over a high-speed came back here to raise up the next generation
Internet line. of teachers,” Bork says, a veteran of 31 years as Concordia is known for
a teacher and principal. “That’s what we’re all
is our ability to establish
The next generation about.”
“Students still come here with a desire to do relationships that
Fryar and Bork agree that a commitment to something that is important in their lives,” he
each student in the program, whether the last a lifetime.”
says. “They want to be able to graduate and
student is online or seated in class, is part of the go do something that will have an impact on
Concordia legacy that should be maintained people. So when they come here to be a teacher,
and given renewed energy. we help them to become a good one.”
Concordia’s teachers of tomorrow, Bork says,
are eager academically and come to the program

A different sort of homework, the best kind of learning

At the end of the day Morton prepared for the next day’s teaching and kept a journal of her experiences, recording the advice she got and the lessons she learned. Key
lessons: Teachers learn as much as or more than the students, and there is no substitute for being in front of a class when you’re learning to be a teacher. “Student
teaching is critical,” says Morton. “Writing a lesson plan for a professor is so different than writing one and presenting it to a real live class of 19 squirming first graders.
Then to be a part of every aspect of the child’s day—being at lunch with them, tying their shoes for them, being their support—is such a good preparation for when we
are teachers in our own classrooms.”
A front row seat
on the work of the
Holy Spirit
As director of synodical placement at
Concordia, Bill Schranz ’81 receives
approximately 500 requests for Lutheran
church workers a year. Each one is carefully
assessed, prayerfully reviewed.
It is a yearly cycle of interviews, credential
file preparation, phone calls and faith-filled
assurances. Even a bit of hand-holding. The
process nets about 100 church workers for
placement within The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod each year from the university.
Schranz facilitates placement for lcms
students graduating with Lutheran teaching
diplomas, directors of Christian education,
directors of parish music and colloquy
candidates. His duties put him in regular
contact with principals and call committee
members across the United States.
His role, he points out, is minor in the
larger scheme of placing a graduate who
intends to be a church worker in the lcms.
“The most enjoyable part of my position
is watching how the Holy Spirit works,”
says Schranz. “The Lord is truly in control
of the process.”

Faculty Notes Mark Anschutz, resident artist Dr. Jeffrey Blersch, chair City, Iowa. The exhibition
for the Center for Liturgical of the music department, was curated by Valerie Cassel
Art, designed and crafted a had two new compositions Oliver, associate curator at the
16-panel mural of stained glass accepted for publication with Contemporary Arts Museum in
for the Mulvane Art Museum at Concordia Publishing House. Houston, Texas. Geared toward
Washburn University in Kansas. His arrangement of “Infant Holy, emerging and established artists
Titled “Expanding Universes,” it Infant Lowly” will premiere at in an 11-state radius, this highly
the 2006 Christmas at Concordia competitive exhibition will be on
concerts by the Concordia view through Jan. 7, 2007.
Singers. Blersch’s “Crown Him
Dr. Vicki Boye, associate professor
with Many Crowns” concertato
of health and human performance,
was commissioned by The
has written the introductory
Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod
measures 250 square feet. Each chapter in the new curriculum
for the 2004 National Youth
panel includes pieces of opaque guide for health to be published by
Gathering and is recorded on his
blue glass and pieces of a clear Concordia Publishing House. The
“Resounding Alleluias” cd.
glass that are textured with lines chapter will be included in each
similar to the whorls, arches and Assoc. Prof. James Bockelman of the grade-specific guides (1-8).
loops of fingerprints so that light had two of his drawings selected The curriculum guide is tentatively
reflects in different patterns. for the Sioux City Art Center’s titled “Health Education:
60th Juried Exhibition in Sioux Embracing the Human Species”

 faculty and staff

Fryar takes the helm of the College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Jane Fryar, Concordia’s newest dean, is Opportunities beyond education are also in
wasting no time. Appointed this summer to the plans. “Gerontology is one of the fastest
head Concordia’s College of Graduate Studies, growing occupational fields and a certification
she has already begun work to expand and program is a natural extension of our current
improve the college’s offerings. family life and degree completion program,”
“We have a fantastic opportunity to lead with Fryar explained. Courses would offer applicable
our strengths and grow into new areas,” said Fryar. learning for pastors, dces, nurses, physical
“The number of elementary and high school therapists and possibly even financial planners.
administrators expected to retire in the next She has also had preliminary discussions with
few years opens tremendous possibilities to the art and business departments to explore
expand our master’s degree enrollment in graduate studies options.
school administration and provide excellent Fryar is a 1972 graduate of Concordia. After
administrators for schools nation-wide.” teaching for several years, she went on to serve
Citing another potential growth area, Fryar for nearly 25 years at the lcms Board for Parish
described the partnership Concordia has with Services and Concordia Publishing House. She
the Omaha Public Schools in the area of English was an executive with cta Inc. in St. Louis prior
language learning (ell). The College of Graduate to joining the education faculty at Concordia
Studies is now working toward making an online in 2004.
program for certification in ell possible as well.

and is scheduled for release in 2007. an award-winning choral piece, by The Nebraska Game and Buz Wehrman, director of
“When to Our World the Savior Parks Commission. The dvd library services, chaired the
Dr. Bruce Creed, associate
Came,” accepted for publication presentation was awarded first Annual Sirsi Midwest Users’
professor of communication,
by MorningStar Music Publishers. place in a competition hosted by Group (smug) conference held
served a joint short-term mission
Herl’s hymn tune “Glorious the directors of usa and Canadian at Bellevue University. He
with several Concordia students
Treasure” will be published in state parks. also presented with another
and students from the Universitas
Imnuri Crestine 2006. smug colleague on the subject
Pelitas Harapan in Jakarta, Dr. Janell Uffelman, associate
of setting up a “New Books”
Indonesia. The projects included Dr. Jean Jones was named the professor of education, was
location in the catalog.
service to the areas battered vice president of enrollment awarded the Richardson
by earthquakes in 2004 and management and marketing. Professorship of Dr. Mira Wiegmann, professor
2005, visits to area schools and Her position will encompass Education by of theatre arts, played a role in
orphanages and church building. the university’s marketing Concordia’s Board The Angel’s Theatre Company’s
communication efforts, as well of Regents. The performance of Sailing
Dr. Joseph Herl, assistant
as undergraduate and graduate three-year grant Septuagenarians at the Great
professor of music, has several
admission, retention and academic award will allow Plains Theatre Conference
compositions appearing in the new
advising and Concordia’s career Uffelman to continue her pursuit in Omaha.
Lutheran Service Book, including
services center. of improved literacy education by
three original hymn tunes, 19
better preparing future teachers
tune settings, one liturgical Prof. Lynn Soloway’s illustrations
to thrive in culturally diverse
setting and one hymn translation have been included in an
from German. He has also had award-winning dvd produced

faculty and staff 

Friends Stephanie Rosburg, left, and Katia Sahyouni, a citizen of Lebanon, had just begun an outreach mission to the Bedouin population
in Lebanon when the fighting between Hezbollah and Israel became too intense to safely continue. While visiting Sahyouni’s sister in
Beirut they heard a series of nine bombs make impact. The photo on the right shows a wisp of smoke from one of the explosions.

Getting out of Lebanon

Rosburg caught in Hezbollah-Israel conflict
With bombs raining down on Lebanon, Each time, they were sent away with vague
Stephanie Rosburg was among the thousands of information about the evacuation.
foreigners to board a retired and rusting cruise “I had Stephanie with me all the time,
liner as part of the mass evacuation from the protecting her and taking care of all her needs,”
war-bloodied country. says Sahyouni. “I wanted to keep her spirits
Rosburg recalls with regret what she told her high, so I had to be strong for her until she
parents before she left for Lebanon. “One of the evacuated with the American embassy.”
last things I told my parents was, ‘Don’t worry; Once a formal announcement was made
I’m not going to die!’ You can probably imagine urging Americans to flee the war zone, Rosburg’s
how either of us felt after the events of the war mother contacted Lutheran Hour Ministries’
started to unfold,” said Rosburg. headquarters in St. Louis in hopes of getting
Rosburg was in Lebanon to conduct in touch with her daughter. The staff at lhm
mission work in conjunction with Middle were able to communicate with Rosburg and
East Lutheran Ministry. She learned about the Sahyouni through an online chat service and
volunteer opportunity through Katia Sahyouni, delivered a message from Rosburg’s mother:
an employee of the Lebanon ministry center, “Get out!”
while the two were studying at Concordia Days later, after multiple trips to the u.s.
University, Nebraska. Embassy, and many false goodbyes, Sahyouni
After just four days of assisting with the drove Rosburg to the marina in Beirut for their
ministry’s youth camps, Rosburg found herself final farewell. Rosburg says that although the
in the midst of a conflict between Israel and evacuation process was emotionally challenging,
Hezbollah. Although fighting intensified daily, it gave her a better understanding of what it’s
Rosburg continued to accompany Sahyouni and like to serve one another in love and to be a
another ministry staff member to youth camps Christian example to others.
in northern Lebanon. Tears of joy and excitement fell as
“When we got back after visiting the Rosburg was reunited with her mother and
camps, we learned that a major bridge and grandmother. Her great uncle, Rev. Robert
checkpoint that we had passed under two Collins, later used Rosburg’s experience as a
times was bombed two hours after our final sermon on mission work.
pass under it,” says Rosburg. Unaware that the “The most difficult lesson, I think, was trust
bridge would no longer be standing later that in God,” said Rosburg. “His plan will be carried
day, Rosburg had snapped a picture of it as a out even in the midst of turmoil and He will
memory of its enormity. protect His people.”
As word of an evacuation of all u.s. citizens —Kelly McCann
spread across Lebanon, Sahyouni began taking Originally for Lutheran Hour Ministries;
Rosburg to the u.s. Embassy on a daily basis. additional reporting by Violet Spader
writing for the Sower.

 student scene
The flag in front of Weller Hall
was lowered to half staff in a
ceremony on Sept. 11, Patriot
Day, to honor past and present
militar y members. Reser vist
Jessica Luebbe, below, took part
in the ceremony. Her father and
mother, Ted and Arlene Luebbe,
were by her side.

Luebbe returns for Patriot Day flag raising

Concordia held a base during her assignment to Iraq as part of
public ceremony Operation Iraqi Freedom. Luebbe had the flag
in front of Weller sent to Concordia in June and has herself since
Hall on Sept. returned to the United States. She was present
11 to recognize at the ceremony to place the flag in the hands of
past and present the honor guard. “...the support
military men and During the ceremony, President Brian I have received
women and to Friedrich gave remarks and read from the letter
commemorate that Luebbe had originally sent with the flag: from everyone at
the five-year “I have been deployed to Iraq for nine months Concordia has
anniversary of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. now, and the support I have received from
An honor guard from the Gerald Coffey everyone at Concordia has been astounding. The been astounding.”
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4755 and Seward letters I receive bring me home and make me
Legion Post 33 raised an American flag that was feel like I am not half a world away. Concordia is
flown at the 67th Area Support Group Garrison a special institution that truly touches the hearts
Command Headquarters in Al Aasd, Iraq, in and minds of those who fully experience it.”
honor of faculty, staff and students at Concordia. Current student Zach Schnare, also formerly
Sgt. Jessica Luebbe, a Concordia student deployed in Iraq, read scripture and University
who is currently serving in the Army National Chaplain Wes “Bo” Baumeister offered prayers
Guard, requested that the flag be flown at the for all involved in conflicts overseas.

Voorman interns at the White House

It all started for Concordia senior David House documents—everything from meeting
Voorman when his advisor, Dr. Renea Gernant, notes to photos.
informed him about an internship opportunity He also spent time sight seeing, playing
last school year. It wasn’t just any internship, softball and socializing with other interns while
however, it was a chance be an intern at the in d.c.
White House in Washington, d.c. Voorman encourages college students to
“I love politics, so it seemed like the ultimate participate in an internship for the experiences
experience,” says Voorman. they will gain.
Voorman spent his summer as an intern in “It is a great thing to do with your summer,”
the office of records management, a division said Voorman. “It is a résumé builder, Concordia student David Voorman
that handles every record that passes through the networking tool and helps to create contacts.” spent his summer working as an
intern at the White House in the
White House. The office is headed by Concordia After graduating in May 2007, Voorman may office of records managment.
alum Phil Droege ’89. head back to Washington. He has a possible job
Voorman’s responsibilities included recording, opportunity in the White House and is weighing
documenting and making copies of these White that possibility against attending law school.

student scene 
Homecoming 2006 Top row: Kjersten Langewisch and Aaron Schimm
practice for the Homecoming Ball. Charles Krutz,
center, directs those gathered for the All-Instrumental
Reunion; Bethany Heinecke attends rehearsal for the
Concordia’s homecoming celebration All-Instrumental Reunion Concert.
highlighted the contributions and long Middle row: Elaine Hummel HS ‘59 CO ‘63 Royuk
tries her hand at a game during the Homecoming Fair.
history of instrumental music at the Homecoming court included, left to right, Chelsea
university. The university also added the Durk, Kali Manning, Lindsey Flaten, Kristin Matasovsky,
Homecoming Fair to the schedule, filling Tracie King, William Newell, Dean Flaten, Ruben
Solano, Paul Soulek and Daniel Suelzle. Solano and
Brommer Drive with booths and games for Manning reigned as king and queen. Amanda Williams,
visitors prior to Saturday’s football game. right, poses with Dan Kober, in bulldog guise.
Bottom row: The Bulldogs were nipped 26-28 in
the homecoming game against the Vikings of Dana
College. Cheerleader Janna Virus, right.

 advancement
How can you tell if a
campus is spiritually alive?
A chat with Rev. Wes ‘Bo’ Baumeister, university chaplain
How can you tell if a clubs or on teams. These are desired and led
campus is spiritually by the students themselves as they continue to
alive? Whoa, good grow in their faith. That is God moving us to
question. I can tell you it doesn’t just happen. be intentional.
We have been gifted with the Holy Spirit, but we It also goes beyond that, though, to how
must let Him work through us and we must be all of us participate in the community here
intentional about living out our calling every day. on campus. We are a microcosm of the body
OK, how do you see that intentionality at of Christ. That means there will be joy and
Concordia? Some of the more visible things there will be struggles, and we will be there
would be all of the students in chapel, and even for each other in both. I hear about this all the
beyond that, the faculty and staff that join them. time–how a friend or a teammate was there for
It’s seen in the contemporary praise music on someone right when they needed it. The close-
Wednesday night and the evening prayers over in knit friendships provide a support net that can
the music building. Both those worshiping and allow God to minister through us to someone
those serving are giving evidence of their faith. in need.
Faculty and staff are also intentional What helps foster this community on
about starting class with prayer or discussing campus? One practicality that allows this to
their faith with students and each other. happen is the fact that so many Concordia
Conversations about what God is doing are students live on campus and are involved in
frequent around here. such a variety of activities. It is tough to be
So then, what about some less visible anonymous here with so many other people
activities? The best examples are the spontaneous around.
Bible studies that just pop up on floors or in

Hymnal help needed from alumni and friends

Concordia University is excited to add the Lutheran Service Book to its chapel resources. Daily chapel is an
integral part of life at Concordia, and the new hymnal will be a valued resource for students in worship.
Having the Lutheran Service Book at Concordia will:
• Further sustain and encourage worship on campus
• Help prepare future pastors and worship leaders of the church
• Memorialize or honor those you choose
Please give a hymnal in memory of a loved one or in honor of an exceptional person. Every $23 donated will
provide one Lutheran Service Book to Concordia students. Donations will be noted on name plates placed on
the inside cover of each hymnal. Hymnals will be inscribed with the name of those who made the donation
unless you specify otherwise:
In addition to hundreds of
familiar hymns included in ® Name(s) of those making the donation:
previous hymnals, fresh ® Other inscription, up to 100 characters:
expressions of the Gospel are
represented in over 100 hymns
that are new to the hymnal.
® No inscription, please.
Order online at or mail this form and your check to:
Hymnal donation, Concordia University, Questions? Please contact the chaplain’s
800 North Columbia Avenue, Seward, Nebraska 68434. office at 800 535 5494, ext. 7374.

spiritual life 
Olson to lead Bulldog women’s basketball
This summer Drew Olson Olson has strong ties to Concordia. He was a
was selected as the new head three-year letterwinner for the Bulldogs in both
women’s basketball coach. basketball and tennis. During his basketball
Olson takes over for Todd career he helped the Bulldogs make two naia
Voss who took an assistant National Tournament appearances, win three
coaching job at Drake Concordia Invitational Tournament titles and
University. a Great Plains Athletic Conference (gpac)
“I am honored to be Tournament Championship.
given the opportunity to take over the women’s In addition he was honored individually
basketball program at Concordia,” Olson said. as an naia All-America honorable mention
“Coach Voss did an excellent job solidifying selection and as an naia Scholar-Athlete. Olson
the program as a national contender and I look was a gpac All-Conference selection and the
forward to working with this talented group of Concordia Athlete of the Year in 2003.
Christian women to continue that success with “I could not be more pleased to name Drew
Concordia values.” as the latest addition to the Bulldog athletic
Olson’s coaching résumé includes a stop at department,” said Schmidt. “Drew is a natural
Bellevue University (Bellevue, Neb.) where he leader with all the qualities that we look for in
served as an assistant men’s basketball coach for coaches to lead athletes and teams at Concordia.
the last three seasons. During Olson’s time at I am confident that he will be able to continue
Bellevue, the Bruins compiled a record of 74-21 to build on the past success of the women’s
and made three naia National Tournament program and prove himself as one of the top
appearances, finishing once as national young coaches in the region.”
runners-up. They also won two Midlands The Bulldogs opened their season at York
College Athletic Conference regular season and College on Nov. 2.
tournament titles.

Concordia leads GPAC in scholar-athletes

For the third consecutive year the Bulldogs led Baseball
Tad Tewes, Jr., Hudson, Wis., Pre-Med
the Great Plains Athletic Conference in number Drew Urban, Sr., Seward, Neb., Education
of naia/Daktronics Scholar-Athletes. Men’s Golf
During the 2005-06 season the Bulldogs had Ryan Hrdlicka, Sr., Wahoo, Neb., Business
40 scholar-athlete award winners. In order to Women’s Tennis
Melissa Burger, Sr., Kearney, Neb., Chemistry
receive the honor, student athletes must carry Chelsey Bartels, Jr., Grand Island, Neb., Education
a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a Christina Brink, Jr., Storm Lake, Iowa, Business
4.0 scale and be junior or above in academic Randi Eggers, Jr., Battle Creek, Neb., DCE
standing. Men’s Track and Field
Listed to the right are the academic honorees Kyle Johnson, Jr., O’Neill, Neb., Chemistry
Jonathan Ripke, Sr., Seward, Neb., History
from the winter and spring seasons. Nick Suing, Sr., Crofton, Neb., Graphic Design
Andrew Walquist, Sr., Albuquerque, N. M., Biology
Women’s Track
Lindsey Aurich, Jr., Mayer, Minn., Elementary Education
Micah Dubbs, Sr., Wood River, Neb., Exercise Science
Melissa Ruegg, Sr., St. Charles, Mo., Psychology and DCE
Women’s Basketball
Jessica Domina, Sr., Coleridge, Neb., Business
Marie Wintz, Jr., Hartington, Neb., Biology
Men’s Basketball
Richard Schwartz, Jr., Westminster, Colo., Sports

Tad Tewes bats against Hastings College, April 2006.

 athletics
Brittany Tomsick, a senior from Arvada, Colo., traveled to
Brazil and Paraguay with Athletes in Action. She met the
children above on her first day in Paraguay.

Tomsick takes part in summer soccer ministry

Bulldog women’s soccer captain Brittany sports ministry organization based in Xenia, Ohio.
Tomsick and other Christian soccer players “I enjoyed the tour so much. I have memories
from the u.s. and Canada traveled in Paraguay that will last a lifetime and new friendships that
and Brazil to play matches and help at local are unbelievable,” said Tomsick. “The whole
churches and clinics. The team also had the opportunity to share God and play soccer, two “God can make good come
opportunity after each game to share their faith things I love, was the ultimate highlight.”
with opponents. The team also brought soccer balls and out of any situation...
The team, made up mainly of ncaa Division other items to distribute to orphans and other God was right there,
I players, held a brief training camp in Miami, underprivileged children. These gifts and the
Fla., before spending a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. soccer skills of the players helped to drop barriers blessing us with wonderful
In Sao Paulo they played three matches against to ministry that might otherwise have existed people to help guide us
top women’s club teams, assisted local churches, because of language and culture.
played pick-up games in public parks and “This trip made me realize that God can make on our trip.”
worked with orphanages. good come out of any situation. A group of
The second week was spent in Paraguay ladies who had never met before were brought
where the team played in the country’s first together with God as our center to share His
ever women’s international soccer tournament. Word and play soccer in a foreign country,”
Tomsick’s squad played against the Paraguay Tomsick said. “Along the way we had some
national women’s soccer team in the final of the unexpected travel experiences. However, through
tournament, losing on penalty-kicks. it all, God was right there, blessing us with
The trip was organized by Athletes in Action, a wonderful people to help guide us on our trip.”

Staying current with the Bulldogs

Can’t make it to a game? In addition to live webcasts,
fans of Concordia athletics can listen to the Bulldog
Brief, a weekly audio update produced by the Concordia
Sports Network during the school year. Visit www.cune.
edu/webcast to get the latest on Concordia athletics.

Fall sports
For more information on all of Concordia’s teams, visit

Senior Natalie Koopman-Meyers and

freshman Kelsey Affolter (12) team up on a
block for the Bulldog volleyball team during
a win over Nebraska Wesleyan. The Bulldogs
are 19-11 (8-5 GPAC) so far this season.

athletics 
Concordia alumnus Brad Hamann
reacts while coaching the San Antonio
Concordia Lutheran Middle School
“A” basketball team to a Lutheran
middle school state championship
this spring.

Coaching for Christ

Concordia alum leads middle school team to state
While he was growing up, Brad Hamann title, beating their first four opponents by an
attended Trinity Lutheran School in Cedar average of 21.5 points. In the title game, the
Rapids, Iowa. Today he considers his four Cardinals avenged a December loss to Trinity
years at Trinity Lutheran to be one of the Klein from Spring, Texas, beating them by two
most positive experiences in his life. He still points in overtime.
remembers his mentor and p.e. teacher, Mark It was a championship that team members
Mueller, who taught and coached him in the will long remember. Victories of another kind,
seventh and eighth grades. however, were won before and after the team
His senior year of high school, Hamann was stepped onto the court. “Before every game,
voted as the Alumni of the Year at Trinity and before he even talked about what we were going
asked to speak at their basketball banquet. “After to need to win the game or who was going
the banquet, Coach Mueller asked me what I to start in the game, Coach Hamann would
wanted to do after high school. It was right then always open his Bible,” recalls team member
and there that the Lord put it in my heart to Oscar Velasquez.
do what Mueller had done for me,” Hamann “He’d usually give us an example in his life
remembers. “It was as if the Holy Spirit had put that would go along with the Scripture. After
the words in my mouth: ‘I want to do exactly every practice—no matter how tired everyone
what you are doing,’ I said.” was—we would always close with a prayer. We
Coach Mueller talked with the coaches at all took turns up until every player had said a
Concordia University, Nebraska and Hamann prayer at least once.”
was on his way to preparing the path that the Velasquez adds that the season was not easy,
Lord had set in place for him. After majoring in but that their hard work paid off in the end.
elementary education, Hamann became the head “This past year I learned many things such as self
basketball coach at Concordia Lutheran School discipline,” Velasquez explains. “We could never
in San Antonio in 2002. From the beginning he be late to practice. Everyone had to stay on top
prayed that he could give something back and be of their grades in order to play. Our coaches also
the role model that he had growing up. taught us to always show good sportsmanship
On Feb. 12, Hamann’s middle school team and to never ‘trash talk’ other teams on the
capped a successful season by winning the court, no matter how much the other team had
Texas Lutheran Middle School State Basketball to say. We also learned to never criticize any of
Tournament held in Austin, Texas. The our fellow teammates—whether in practice or in
Cardinals won five games to secure the state (con’t., right)
 alumni
Bulldogs inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame
Concordia inducted four individuals and an impressive 22 letters during his high school
one team into its Athletic Hall of Fame on and college years at Concordia. In college
Friday, Sept. 29. The Athletic Hall of Fame Juergensen dominated hitters on the mound,
was established in 1994 to pay tribute and give accumulating a school record 25 career wins.
recognition to former athletes, coaches, teams He led the nation in strikeouts his senior year,
and others who have fanning 94 batters,
made exceptional including 18 in a game.
contributions to the An naia All-American,
athletic programs at he tossed a no-hitter
Concordia. Honorees versus Northwestern in
also exemplify the ’62.
Christian principles Jennifer Ashby Kard
to which Concordia Jennifer Ashby ’94
adheres. The 2006 Kard participated in
inductees were: two sports, softball
1981 Football Team and basketball, during
The 1981 Concordia her time as a Bulldog.
football team enjoyed She was a three-time
some of the greatest Hats off: Dr. James Juergensen is recognized at halftime of the all-conference selection
success in the history of homecoming football game. His career record for pitching still in softball and was
stands after 44 years. Fellow Hall of Famers Karen Brookens
Bulldog football. The (left), Dr. Larry Oetting and members of the 1981 football
named as a conference
squad finished the season team look on. co-player of the year.
with a record of 9-1, a A force at the plate,
conference championship and a 12th place final Kard hit .400 or better twice during her softball
national ranking. The Bulldogs gained national career, including an impressive .472 during her
attention three games into the season, upsetting senior campaign in 1994.
fourth-ranked Peru State. Dr. Larry Oetting
Karen Brookens Dr. Larry Oetting hs ’58 co ’62, a football
Karen Brookens ’87 lettered in indoor and standout during high school and college at
outdoor track and field during each of her Concordia, capped his playing career as the
four seasons. A two-time naia All-American, Bulldog’s mvp in 1961 and was selected to the
Brookens was one of the top throwers in school Williamson’s Little All-American Football
history. In fact, her toss of 45’ 8½” in the shot Team. Oetting returned to serve as a coach and
put still stands as a Concordia school record. teacher, leading the track and football teams to
Dr. James Juergensen conference titles. In 1981 he was named the naia
Dr. James Juergensen hs ’58 co ’62 compiled District 11 Football Coach of the Year.

Coaching for Christ (con’t.)

a game, we always tried to support each other,” emphasize to the kids that the Lord has blessed
he says. them with many talents and that we need to
The boys learned to think as a team. “We use those talents to the best of our abilities,”
learned it wasn’t going to be just one person Hamann explains. “I like to use the parable of
that was going to do everything. We weren’t the 10 talents to get that point across. We can’t
individuals; we were one team and when one sit on th e talents that we’re given; instead, we
person struggled it was the responsibility of the have to give 100% with them and glorify God in
whole team to help them as best as we could. whatever we do in life. We need to be examples
When we would lose a game, it wasn’t just one of Christ, and we represent Him on the court
person’s fault. We either won as a team or lost as just like anywhere else.”
a team,” Velasquez says. —Linda Owen
According to Hamann, having a Christian Originally printed in,
perspective is a top priority when coaching. a Christian online magazine.
“The most important thing is to make sure to

alumni 
Alumni honored by Concordia’s
Alumni Association include,
clockwise from the left, Dr.
Allan Schmidt, Rev. Dennis
H i n t z , A n d r e w K n u d te n ,
Anthony Rainey, Sharon Mason,
Dr. William Preuss, Dr. Judith
Preuss and Sandra Schmidt.
Not pictured are Rev. Scott
Schmieding, Linda Witham and
Rev. David and Rachel Baker.

Alumni Association honors 12 at homecoming

Concordia’s Alumni Association honored partner for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
12 individuals with awards at a ceremony and volunteers her development advice to Los
held during homecoming weekend. The Angeles Lutheran High School.
awards are given annually to those who have Friends of Concordia Award
made noteworthy accomplishments in their Drs. William ’60 and Judith Walter co ’60
professional and personal lives, service in the grR ’75 Preuss of Seward, Neb., have been friends
church or world or to the university. This year’s of Concordia and education for more than
awards and honorees included: 40 years. Bill spearheaded the development of
Church Worker Alumnus of the Year Award field experiences and student teaching methods
Dennis Hintz ’71 of Topeka, Kan., has at Concordia and established the university’s
served for more than 30 years as the director director of Christian education program. Judy
of Christian education at St. John Lutheran chaired the education department, served as
Church in Topeka, Kan. He serves a variety of dean of the College of Education and in 1980
educational needs at the congregation and works was selected for the Outstanding Teaching
on worship planning, finances and Stephen Award at Concordia.
Ministry training. Hintz has served on the Lifetime Service Award
university’s Board of Regents for three terms. Dr. Allan and Sandra Schmidt ’95 of Seward,
Young Alumnus of the Year Award Neb., have taught, consulted and administered
Andrew Knudten ’89 of Broomfield, Colo., in Maryland, Nebraska and China. Now based
has served others as a teacher, volunteer, in Hong Kong, Allan serves as the director for
biologist and church member. Knudten also the Asia Lutheran Education Association, and he
participates on the President’s Athletic Council and Sandy work to build support for the large
at Concordia and the steering committee for the number of Lutheran schools in the region. Allan
universty’s football legacy scholarships. was the university’s secondary education director
Partners in Mission and Ministry Award during the late ’80s and early ’90s.
Rev. David ’98 and Rachel Selle ’98 Baker Honorary Alumni of the Year
have served in Almaty, Kazakhstan, since 2003. For the past seven years, Sharon Mason of
Their work as missionaries includes planting Chicago, Ill., has worked closely with Concordia
house churches, working on humanitarian aid student teachers in their multicultural workshop
and evangelizing. sessions. Named Teacher of the Year in 2001 by the
Church Leadership in Outreach Award Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation,
Rev. Scott Schmieding ’87 of Baton Rouge, Mason has more than 25 years of teaching
La., serves Trinity Lutheran Church and Baton experience. She serves as the assistant principal and
Rouge Lutheran School as senior pastor. teaches math at Luther South in Chicago.
Reaching out has been a major focus in the past Anthony Rainey of Chicago, Ill., also
year as Schmieding and his congregation offered leads sessions of the university’s multicultural
practical necessities, tuition-free schooling and workshops, sharing from his career of frontline
summer camp opportunities to hundreds of experience in education. At Luther South since
people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. 1983, Rainey has served as teacher, assistant
Lay Worker of the Year Award principal and coach of multiple teams, and
Linda Marquardt ’72 Witham of Ventura, he is currently the principal and executive
Calif., has been a leader in education, human director. The Chicagoland Lutheran Educational
care and business over the past four decades, Foundation named Rainey Teacher of the Year in
including teaching in Columbia and working 1999, and the Illinois High School Association
with immigrants in Singapore. She is a managing has named him Coach of the Year six times.
 alumni
Alumni News the head of the physical education body from over 40 countries. Minn. She and her husband,
department. Merv currently serves as principal Bernie, own the preschool and
at Trinity Lutheran Church and reside in Proctor, Minn., with their
1970s School in Lincoln, Neb., where three children, Grace, 5, and twins
Erich von Fange hs ’40 co ’43 he and Melanie have made their Grant and Samantha, 3.
of Adrian, Mich., had his recent Meyer Partners llc President home.
Dennis Meyer ’70 of Palatine,
book In Search of the Genesis World
Ill., announced that the company Robert Ziegler ’81 of Fort 1990s
- Debunking the Evolution Myth
received third place in the Myers, Fla., was named the 2006 Ryan and Laurie Johnson ’90
published. Erich wrote earlier
marketing division for non-profit Lutheran Education Association Hanson announced the birth of
volumes on the ancient world
direct mail of Concordia’s fiscal Distinguished Lutheran Quinn Henry
within the framework of the young
year end and follow-up piece from Elementary Administrator on April 4.
created world. He was on faculty at
the Chicago Association of Direct and received his award at the Quinn was
Concordia in the late ’40s and is an
Marketing’s 35th Annual Tempo lea National Administrators welcomed
emeritus professor from Concordia
Ceremony in March. Conference in March. Bob has by brother
University–Ann Arbor.
served in lcms schools for 25 years Augustus, 5.
Linda Cardone ’73 of Manchester, and currently serves as principal The Hansons
1960s n.h., is in rehabilitation and doing at St. Michael Lutheran School in reside in
well after complications from Fort Myers. Helena, Mont.,
diabetes in July.
Jonathan Zimmerman ’81 of where Ryan teaches high school
Dan Gilbert ’73 of Yorkville, Ill., Orange, Calif., joined Biola English literature and Laurie works
was elected as president of the University in La Miranda, Calif., at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
Northern Illinois District Lutheran as the head track and cross country Montana, where she has been for
Church – Missouri Synod in coach in July. 15 years.
June. He will serve a three-year
Lesley Hilgendorf ’85 Back resides Bret and Christina Ruggles
term. Dan had been a pastor at
in Chapel Hill near Brisbane, ’91 Abney of Kansas City, Mo.,
Cross Lutheran Church since
Several friends from the class of Australia, with her twin sons and welcomed Liberty Katharyn on
1983. His wife, Jan Broughton ’75
1962 met at the home of Donald teaches at St. Peter’s Lutheran April 24. She joins sisters Coryelle,
Gilbert, is a sales manager for The
’61 and Irene Juhnke ’62 Reeb in who is away at college, and
Pampered Chef.
August. Pictured are Ellen Meyer Mercedes, 4. Christina teaches
Geisler of Orange, Calif., Inez Marsha Junghans science at a public high school and
“Polly” Licht Peterson of Roscoe, ’73 Maurer had her Bret works in the pharmaceuticals
Ill., Marcella “Marcy” Pera Meyer third book With industry.
of Seward, Neb., Norma Kreitzer Healing Wings:
Corey ’93 and
Townsend of Riverside, Calif., Prayers for Those
Brenda Pfeiffer
Janet Ebert Stavnes of Hawthorne who Hurt and
’93 Nelson
Woods, Ill., Maxine “Mickey” Those Who Care published. The
rejoiced at the
Steil of Rhinelander, Wisc., and prayer collection gives voice to
birth of Isaac
Irene. the anguish of illness, affliction school in Indooropilli. Lesley Pfeiffer on March
and heartache and offers words of served in Papua New Guinea
Bonnie Brehe ’67 Smith of 27. Isaac has two sisters, Hope,
comfort, hope and healing. Marsha from graduation until 2001 as an
Lincoln, Neb., was a recipient of 2, and GraceAnne, who lives in
lives in Augusta, Ga., where she early primary teacher at schools in
the Alice heaven. Corey teaches second grade
writes, speaks with church and Bouganville and Lae and as reading
Buffet at Rochester Central Lutheran in
community organizations and specialist on the PNG national
award in Rochester, Minn., and Brenda is
teaches at Augusta State University. committee.
May. The a stay-at-home mom. The family
award is Nathan Brandt hs ’72 co ’76 Julie Loeffler ’87 Walker is resides in Rochester.
given to celebrated 25 years of ministry in the preschool coordinator for Kristi Schulz co’93 gr ’04 of
10 to 15 June. He and his wife, Charlotte Creation Station Preschool at Poplar Bluff, Mo., married Todd
outstanding teachers in the Omaha Bruns ’76 Brandt, reside in Lake Superior College in Duluth, Sittig on March 19, 2005.
Public School system each year and Portland, Ore.
comes with $10,000 in cash and Rob and Laurie Evans ’94 Parton
$500 in McDonald’s gift certificates. 1980s of Parker, Colo., celebrated the first
birthday of daughter Rachel on
Karen Wittrock ’67 of Avon Melanie Wollslager ’81 Dehning July 28. After teaching for 11 years,
Lake, Ohio, was inducted into received a master of science- Laurie is now a stay-at-home mom.
the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame family life degree from Concordia
in May. She is Ohio’s winningest University, Nebraska in May. She
basketball coach with more than and her husband, Mervin ’80,
620 victories. Karen has served at moved from McAllen, Texas,
Lutheran West High School for where Merv was the principal at
38 years, and currently teaches St. Paul Lutheran Church and
physical education and serves as School; which included a student

alumni news 
Tracy and Wesley ’99 Baedke and wife Erin Hall ’01 received a master’s
Rochelle Ruhter Laurie of Blair, Neb., celebrated the in teaching from Lindenwood
’96 Ahrens of birth of Quinn Wesley on Feb. 7. University in August. She teaches
Jerome, Idaho, He was welcomed by sister Sophia, high school English at North
rejoiced in the 2. Wes is a senior project manager, County High School in Bonne
birth of Leif Terre, Mo.
Alan on Aug.
10, 2005. Tracy
is a civil engineer of jub Corp. and
Rochelle is a stay-at-home mom.
Brett and Candice Brokaw ’02
Menze announced the birth of
Rylee May on July 2. The family
resides in Lincoln, Neb., where
Candi is the accounts receivable
representative at nai fma Realty
and Brett is a machinist at
Midlands Packaging.
Brady and Beth Fagerstone ’96 finance division, for Union Pacific Kevin Jensen ’04 of Lincoln,
McElroy were blessed with Kenna in Omaha and Laurie is the Neb., married Karen Sohn on
Ann on April 13. Brady is an president of lifeworks Healthcare Rachel Leising ’01 and Wai-
Kin Soo were united in marriage July 15. Kevin works at Security
irrigation engineer for usda-nrcs Group. Financial Life Insurance Company
and Beth is a kindergarten teacher on April 8, 2005. Wai-Kin is a
David ’99 and Radoslava landscape architect for Ridge and Karen is a teacher at Lincoln
at Wiley Consolidated School. The Lutheran Middle/Senior High
Cernakova Landscape Architecture and
McElroys live in Lamar, Colo. School.
’05 Fiala Rachel is an assistant professor
Brian Marschman ’96 works announced of graphic design at Concordia
for the U.S. Department of the birth University Irvine. The couple In Memoriam
Agriculture and was named the of Vaclav resides in Irvine, Calif. Evelyn Tonn ’32 Bereuter
regional program manager for the Cernak on Mary Behling ’38
western half of the United States Nov. 2, 2005. The Fialas are serving Gerald ’02 and Walter Nau hs ’37 co ’39
in July. He resides in Fort Collins, as long-term volunteer missionaries Erica Williams Edna Grotelueschen hs ’35 co ’38
Colo. in Tisovek, Slovakia. ’03 Heinecke Pieper
of Fort Wayne, Marilyn Schroeder ’65
Jennifer Anderson ’97 and Ind., celebrated
Quinton Furr ’01 were united 2000s the birth of Friends of Concordia
in marriage Aug. 12, 2005, in Malachi Robert Hildegarde Boye
Montego on May 24. Donald Gnewuch
with Rev.
Teach for Concordia, Nebraska
Serve and lead with us
Brady Gurganious ’00 was
alumni accepted into graduate school at
friends Eastern University in Philadelphia, ° Do you have a passion for mentoring the next
helped where he will pursue a master of generation of educational leaders in both the
Jenn and science – non-profit management church and the world?
Quinton celebrate the occassion. degree. He and his wife, Lark, ° Would you enjoy the adventure and convenience
The couple resides in Inver Grove reside in Baltimore, Md., with their of teaching students online?
Heights, Minn. son, Noah. ° Do you hold a master’s or earned doctoral
Valerie Knight ’98 of Emporia, Derek ’01 and Jennifer Weaver degree in school administration, early childhood
Kan., was accepted into the library ’02 Engelbart of St. Louis, Mo., education, literacy, ESL/ELL or a related field?
and information management were blessed
ph.d. program at Emporia State by the birth If so, the College of Graduate Studies would like to talk with you.
University. She hopes to focus on of Dayton Concordia offers adjunct faculty competitive stipends, practical
information management and Joel on training in the art of teaching online and the opportunity to
technology in higher education. April 21. make a difference—now and for eternity!
Want to know more? Contact; share your
field of interest, your experience and attach your curriculum vitae.

 alumni news
annual report for fiscal year 2005-06

Thank you to the many dedicated and gracious

individuals, congregations, foundations,
corporations and organizations who support
Concordia University, Nebraska.

Each gift and every dollar has helped to move

the university foward in its mission and service,
benefitting our church and world.

concordia foundation inc.

annual report 
A record-breaking year
The goal was daunting: raise $12 million—a million dollars a month—during fiscal year
Guess what? With God’s blessing and the hard work of the entire development staff
(Carol Brehm, Pete Kenow, Al Koepke, Shirley Liesener, Steve Sirek, Kay Thaden-
DeBoer, Jan Tonjes, Mike Vincent) $14,232,003 was received from July 1, 2005, through
June 30, 2006. Wow!
This is more money raised by Concordia than during any fiscal year in our history.
Combined with funds raised in the previous three years, we have raised $35,363,955
This is more money raised toward our goal of $60 million for the On A Mission campaign for operation and
by Concordia than during scholarship support, endowment and capital funds for the Health, Human Performance
and Athletic Center.
any fiscal year in our But the work of our wonderful development staff and the dollars raised are only part
history. of the story. You, dear friend, are the “rest of the story.” Your passion to prepare students,
your Christian stewardship and your sacrificial giving enable us to support and expand
our students, faculty and programs. You are a joy and inspiration to us each day. In 16
years at Concordia and in three as president, I cannot remember a workday during which
Concordia failed to receive a gift. What a miracle!
Thank you for all you did during the year past. Thank you for all you will continue
to do for us in the year and years ahead. Long ago Jesus multiplied loaves of bread and
pieces of fish to feed thousands. Today may He bless and multiply all of the gifts you
provide as together we prepare students who will serve and lead in church and world and,
in so doing, feed multitudes with Jesus, the Bread of Life.

Praising the Lord with you,

Brian L. Friedrich
President and ceo, Concordia University, Nebraska

 annual report
Fellows of the Weller Society Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Luebbe Mr. & Mrs. John Blomenberg Mrs. Otto Wiemer
gifts of $10,000 or more Lutheran Community Foundation Miss Lillian Brandt Selma A. Wiese Estate
Lutheran Ministry Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Butterbrodt Mr. & Mrs. L. K. Wolter
Anonymous (5) Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCourt Concordia University Guild - Seward,
Amgen Foundation
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen
The Meinders Foundation Neb. Associate’s Club
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Meinders ConocoPhillips Petroleum Foundation gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Meyer Mr. & Mrs. John Craemer Anonymous (3)
Mr. Raymond Becker
Lee Roy E. Meyer Estate Prof. & Mrs. Gilbert Daenzer Ethel S. Abbott Charitable Foundation
Norma J. Berns Estate
Mr. Wilfred Mueller Dr. David & Dr. Grace Dolak Mr. Edward Amann
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Bohlen
Mr. Lester Muller Mrs. Beata Farner Andrews Van Lines Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Burkey
National Philanthropic Trust Mr. & Mrs. Junior Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Larry Annis
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cade
Nebraska Independent College Fountain Of Life Lutheran - Sun City, Arch Chemicals Inc.
The Cattle National Bank & Trust Co.
Foundation Ariz. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Aschbrenner
Compass Group, USA Division
Marcus Nepermann Estate Rev. & Mrs. Henry Friedrich Mrs. Olga Baack
Mr. & Mrs. Justus Craemer
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Ohlde Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Brian Friedrich Mr. & Mrs. William Bartels
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Dassow
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Gerler Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bartholomew
Mrs. Judy Duda
Julius and Letha Polenske Estate Rev. & Mrs. James Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beineke
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Dumke
Minnie M. Ragoss Estate Mildred Harsch Estate Mr. B. J. Benne
Dr. & Mrs. Rupert Dunklau
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rapp Mr. & Mrs. Allen Heitschmidt Dr. Marvin & Dr. Shirley Bergman
Rupert Dunklau Foundation Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Don Rasmussen Anna Hoegermeyer Estate Mr. & Mrs. Paul Berkbigler
Leitha M. Dutcher Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rinker Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Hoffman Rev. & Mrs. Edward Bertram
Education Quest
Dr. & Mrs. John Roehrs Mr. & Mrs. Barry Holst Mr. & Mrs. Ken Bickel
Fidelity Investments
Mr. & Mrs. William Roehrs Mr. Milton Holtzen Rev. & Mrs. Charles W. Blanco
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Friehe
Mr. Frederick Schmid Hughes Brothers Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Blase
Gainesville Community Foundation
Adelaide Schmidt Estate Hunter & Oelke PC Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bliss
Grateful in Wyoming
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Schoening Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Kamprath Mr. & Mrs. Duane Blobaum
Growth Design Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Seevers Mrs. Irene Kirch Rev. Dr. & Mrs. David Block
Irma Gruenwald Estate
Randall Siebert Estate Dr. & Mrs. Paul Kleine Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Blomenberg
Dr. Mary Gundelach
Mrs. Edward Steinbacher Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knuth Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Borchers
Louise Hahn Estate
The LeRoy Thom, Jean Thom and T-L Mrs. Loraine Kohlwey Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brammeier
Verna L. Hahn Estate
Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Kotil Mr. & Mrs. Karl Brand
Dale Holscher Estate
Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Thom Ms. Helen Kouhns Mr. Earl Brandt
Mr. & Mrs. C. G. Holthus
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Huffman T-L Irrigation Company Mr. Thomas C. Latter Mr. & Mrs. Roland Bredehoft
Joeckel Enterprises Ltd. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans LCMS World Relief Miss Rhoda Bredow
Jones National Bank & Trust Co. Mr. & Mrs. Del Toebben Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Lillich Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Bridges
Mrs. Paul Kaldahl Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A.Tonniges Mr. & Mrs. John Meinders Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brieschke
Bernice Kasischke Estate Ruth Urben Estate Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Meyer Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Brommer
Mr. & Mrs. William Kernen Valparaiso University Dr. & Mrs. Willis Mundt Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Brott
Mr. William Kloeber Wake Charitable Foundation Nebraska Humanities Council Caciano Family Charitable &
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Knudten Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Orville Walz Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Oelke Educational Foundation
Benjamin Kouhns Estate Mr. & Mrs. Henry Oppel Don Carter Estate
Mrs. Irene Krause Ö Sower Association Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Pfeiffer Central & Midwest Nebraska Reading
Gilbert Kufahl Estate gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Pohlman Council
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Lange Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Probasco Cessna Foundation Inc.
LCMS Foundation Mr. Rex Becker Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Schwan ChevronTexaco Matching Program
Ms. Shirley Liesener Ms. Barbara Blanco Mr. & Mrs. Roland Stelzer Mr. & Mrs. Winsor Cho

annual report 
Concordia support by class
High School 1960 32% 1941 46% 1974 34%

U.S. News ranks

1925 0% 1961 28% 1942 39% 1975 23%
1929 33% 1962 38% 1943 53% 1976 26%
1930 0% 1963 9% 1944 50% 1977 22%

Concordia 1931 50%

1932 50%
1933 71%
1964 16%
1965 19%
1966 28%

University, 1934 25%

1935 33%
1967 32%
1968 28%

Nebraska among
1936 0% 1969 27% 59% 28%
1937 50% 1970 36% 1951 48% 1984 19%
1938 67% 1971 26% 1952 46% 1985 24%

its ‘Top Schools’ 1939 75% 1972 21% 1953 48% 1986 21%
1940 67% 1973 19% 1954 52% 1987 22%
1941 50% 1974 21% 1955 44% 1988 26%
1942 33% College 1956 44% 1989 31%
Concordia was once again ranked among the “Top Schools” in the 1943 33% 1923 0% 1957 47% 1990 26%
U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges” rankings. 1944 50% 1925 0% 1958 46% 1991 22%
1945 0% 1926 0% 1959 51% 1992 21%
For 2007, Concordia is 37th out of 142 Midwest colleges in the 1946 52% 1927 0% 1960 40% 1993 17%
Universities-Master’s Division. This ranking is an improvement 1947 46% 1928 0% 1961 42% 1994 17%
1962 34% 1995 11%
from its 41st position in the 2006 survey. 1948 50% 1929 0%
1963 37% 1996 14%
1949 52% 1930 100%
There are 557 universities nationwide in the Universities- 1950 65% 1931 0% 1964 35% 1997 15%
Master’s Division, ranked in four geographic regions. Schools in 1951 46% 1932 17% 1965 33% 1998 11%
1952 41% 1933 14% 1966 30% 1999 10%
this category provide a full range of undergraduate and master’s 1934 57% 1967 26% 2000 9%
1953 62%
programs. 1954 48% 1935 75% 1968 28% 2001 11%
1936 100% 1969 23% 2002 9%
To determine the rankings, U.S. News uses up to 15 areas of 1955 80%
1970 25% 2003 9%
1956 40% 1937 40%
evaluation, including peer assessment, retention, faculty resources, 1957 45% 1938 27% 1971 23% 2004 9%
student selectivity, financial resources, graduation rate performance 1958 18% 1939 25% 1972 24% 2005 4%
1959 32% 1940 67% 1973 24% 2006 2%
and alumni giving rate.

Mr. Thomas Christman Mr. & Mrs. Merle Golnick Mrs. Velma Krueger Huelle Marathon Oil Matching Gift Program
Mr. & Mrs. Hon Chu Wilma E. Gosch Estate Mrs. Virginia Hughes Mr. Patrick McGinty
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Classen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grabbert IBM Corporation Dr. & Mrs. Mark Meehl
Dr. Doris Clatanoff & Mr. Duane Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grant Mrs. Esther Imig Miss Marjorie Meier
Clatanoff Mr. Scott Grau Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Jacob Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Meier
Concordia University System - St. Dr. & Mrs. Larry Grothaus Mr. & Mrs. Orville Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Steve Meinzen
Louis, Mo. Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Grothmann Mr.Ö & Mrs. Orval Jans Beth Anna Mekota Estate
Cornerstone Bank Rev. & Mrs. Ralph Guetersloh Dr. Jean Jones & Mr. David Jones Merck Company Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Craig-Meyer H & S Plumbing Mr. & Mrs. James Jordan Merle’s Greenhouses Inc.
Mrs. Beverly Creed Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hacker Dr. & Mrs. Mark Joyce Messiah Lutheran Church - Lincoln,
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Daake Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hardin Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jungemann Neb.
Mr. & Mrs. John Davis Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harms Mr. & Mrs. Eldor Kaiser Dr. & Mrs. David Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Davis Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harms Mr. & Mrs. Pete Kenow Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Meyer
Daws Incorporated Dr. & Mrs. Vern Harnapp Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kern Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Meyer
Mr. Ronald Dittmar Hartmann Construction Co. Ms. Louise Kielsmeier Dr. & Mrs. Roger Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Warren Doerfler Mr.Ö & Mrs. Richard Hartmann Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kirchner Dr. & Mrs. Stan Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Duensing Mr. & Mrs. William Hartmann Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Klammer Dr. & Mrs. Jack Middendorf
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Dull Mr. & Mrs. James Hartwig Prof. Werner Klammer Midwest Laboratories Inc.
Anna Eickmann Estate Ms. Sandy Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Klein Mr. & Mrs. Harold Milbrath
Dr. & Mrs. Kent Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Herman Hebel Jr. Mrs. Ruth Knoll Mr. & Mrs. James M. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Kregg Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Phil Hedemann Mr. & Mrs. Neal Koch Mr. & Mrs. Philip Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. James Heins Ms. Shirley Koeneke Rev. Ray Mirly
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Emmons Martin and Hilda Hellbusch Estate Mr. & Mrs. Alan Koepke Modern Methods Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David Endorf Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hellbusch Lydia Kohlmeier Estate Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moeller
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall England Mr. & Mrs. Don Henning Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kolterman Dr. Russell Mosemann
Mrs. Nancy English Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hergenrader Mr. Bruce Korte National Association of Intercollegiate
Mr. & Mrs. William Evans Jr. Dr. Robert Hermann & Mrs. Julie Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Krause Athletics
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Everts Johnston Hermann Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kuehn Mrs. Florence Natzke
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Faszholz Dr. Herman Hiesterman Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Laabs Nebraska State Reading Council
Mrs. Marie Finnigsmier Rev. Joel Hiesterman Mr. Gerrod Lambrecht Mr. Roger Neit
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fliege Dr. Mary Hilgendorf & Mr. Duane Mr. Walter Lammers Bernard R. Niewoehner Estate
Ford Matching Gift Program Hilgendorf Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Langevin Nelnet Inc.
Foundation of the Nebraska Society Mr. Paul Hillmann Mr. & Mrs. Donald Langewisch Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Neujahr
of CPA’s Dr. & Mrs. Vance Hinrichs Mrs. Norman Langseth Mr. & Mrs. Dick O’Dell
Dr. Jane Fryar Miss Vaneta Hinrichs Paul & Sandy Lawin Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Oetting
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gard Mrs. Carolyn Hoegemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Ranney Leek Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Ohlmann
Ms. Patty Gaubatz Mr. Steve Hoffschneider Rev. & Mrs. Richard Lewer Mr. & Mrs. Art Ortlieb
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Gehring Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hoger Lexmark International Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Reuben Osten
Mr. & Mrs. David Geisler Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Larry Holle Mr. & Mrs. Don Lippert Harold Ostermann Estate
Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Gierke Dr. & Mrs. James Holste Mr. & Mrs. Alva Lohse Our Savior Lutheran Church - Newton,
Mrs. Wilhemina Giesman Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Paul Holtorf Mr. William Luebbe Iowa
Mrs. Amy Gill Dr. & Mrs. LeeRoy Holtzen Mr. Arnold Luedders Mr. & Mrs. Matt Owens
Dr. & Mrs. Herman Glaess Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Wichita, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Luedders Rev. & Mrs. J. Robert Paulson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Glawatz Kan. Lutheran Foundation of Texas Dr. Patricia Peters & Mr. Scott Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Gnadt Dr. Jeff & Dr. Erin Huebschman Lutheran Good Samaritan Society Mr. Norman Petersen
Dr. Eunice Goldgrabe Mr. Morris Huelle & Mr. George Mack Dr. & Mrs. Jerrald Pfabe

 annual report
Walz begins work at new Concordia
Foundation office in Omaha
The Concordia Foundation Inc. has expanded its reach 75 miles east to Nebraska’s
largest city, Omaha. An office was opened for the Foundation at 533 North 86th Street,
just off Dodge Street in the heart of Omaha. The office space itself came as a donation.
Rev. Dr. Orville Walz, president emeritus, will use the office to assist the
Concordia Foundation.
Walz described his role with the Foundation as, “continuing the process of
raising more friends for Concordia University who are excited about the mission of
preparing servant leaders for Jesus Christ, while expanding the ownership of that
mission to more and more fellow Christians.”
Walz retired as president of Concordia in July 2004 and relocated to the Omaha
area with his wife, Marilyn.
Calling this a retirement for Walz would be misleading, however. For the past five Rev. Dr. Orville Walz welcomed guests at a July
years he has served on the Commission on Theology and Church Relations of The 27 open house at the Concordia Foundation’s
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and in June he was elected third vice president Omaha office. He and his wife, Marilyn, live in
nearby Bennington, Neb.
of the Nebraska District. Walz also assisted a congregation during a short-term
pastoral vacancy and serves congregations on Sundays when pastors are on vacation.

Mrs. Arnold Pfeiffer Mr. & Mrs. Bill Schranz Ms. Lucille Stuffing Builder’s Club
Prof. & Mrs. Robert Pflieger Miss Janice Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stults gifts of $500 to $999
Mr.& Mrs.Ö Les Pieper Mr. & Mrs. Waldemar Seefeldt Mr. & Mrs. Gale Suhr
Mrs. Helen Pingel Dr. & Mrs. John Seevers Anonymous (5)
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sunderman
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Plamann Mr. & Mrs. John Seevers ALCO
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Pooker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Senkbeil Mr. & Mrs. Fred Aupperle
Mr.Ö & Mrs. Wayne Tanderup
Principal Financial Group Foundation Senkbeil Family Foundation Mr. Gerhardt Baer
Capt. & Mrs. Eric Teegerstrom
Rev. & Mrs. Thomas Ramsey Mrs. Lavon Sessler Miss Viola Bahls
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Terrass
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rathe Seward Physical Therapy Service, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Bartels
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Tewes
Mr. Richard Rathke Shell Oil Company Foundation Mrs. Howard Barth
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Tewes
Redeemer Lutheran Church - Arkansas Dr. Londa Borer-Skov & Mr. Luther Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Baughman
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thies
City, Kan. Skov Mr. & Mrs. Lylas Bauman
Mr. Don Thomas & Mrs. Michal-Linda
Mr. & Mrs. John Rehberg Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Smith Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Twane Reker Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smothers Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Tieman
Resurrection Lutheran Church - Santa Rev. & Mrs. Russell Sommerfeld Mr. & Mrs. Roger Beckmann
Town & Country Masonry Contractor Mrs. Alice Beethe
Clara, Calif. Mr.Ö & Mrs. Marvin Spitsnogle Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Willard Richardson St. Lukes Lutheran Church - Oviedo, Dr. & Mrs. Floyd Behrens
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Trautman Mr. & Mrs. Willard Bellin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rikkels Fla. Tri-Co Community Foundation
Mrs. Loretta Rodenburg St. Peter’s Lutheran Church - Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Beltz
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Troester Mrs. Jacques Berger
Rev. & Mrs. Gerald Roggow Columbus, IN Dr. & Mrs. Van Vahle
Mr. & Mrs. William Roundey St. Peter Lutheran Church - Gresham, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Berlin
Dr. & Mrs. A. Paul Vasconcellos Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Berndt
Mr. & Mrs. Reed Sander Neb. Mr. & Mrs. Mike Vincent
Rev. William Scar & Dr. Elizabeth Usher Rev. Harold Stelzer Mr. Byron Bockelman
Ms. Nancy Wachs Prof. & Mrs. James Bockelman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schafer Mrs. Helen Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Wagner
Mrs. Dale Scheer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stiner Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Bode
Mr. & Mrs. Max Wake Boeing Company
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Scheer Dr. Martin Stork Wal-Mart Stores
Rev. & Mrs. Ralph Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Straub Mr. & Mrs. Fred Boerger
Mrs. Karen Warren Dr. & Mrs. Ron Bork
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schmidt Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Strieter Mrs. Natalie Wehrman
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Schmidt Students in Free Enterprise Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Bracht
Dr. John Weinhold Ms. Ruth Brammeier
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schram Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Stuewe Mr. & Mrs. David Wenck Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Brink
Mrs. Gordon Wendling Rev. & Mrs. Arthur Brinkmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Wenzlick Mr. & Mrs. Brumbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wheeler Mr. Robert Brungardt & Ms. Linda
Wiebe Charitable Foundation Anderson
Mr. Arnold Wied Burlington Northern Foundation
Dr. Mira Wiegmann & Prof. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burnham
Wiegmann Mr. & Mrs. James Canning
Windmill Pines Dr. & Mrs. Carl Christian
Prof. & Mrs. William Wolfram City of Seward
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Wright The Clark Enersen Partners
Mrs. Loretta Wuerdeman Concordia Publishing House
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Young Mr. Paul Dankert
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Zenk Rev. Garry Dassow
William Zimmerman Estate Mr. & Mrs. Ron de la Motte
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Zobel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel DeLoach Jr.

annual report 
Faculty and staff break giving records
No lack of imagination, no lack of initiative
In December 2005 the faculty and staff at donors can elect: endowment, annual fund, and
Concordia were challenged to meet a $1.75 the Health, Human Performance Athletic Center
million goal for raising funds toward Concordia’s capital campaign. Direct gifts, pledges, payroll
Imagine The Mission campaign, a subset of the deductions and deferred gifts were included in
larger On A Mission campaign undertaken by the campaign total.
the university. By July of this year, the faculty The biggest discovery was that current and
and staff had gone from imagining the mission former employees of the university had included
to getting their part accomplished. Concordia University in estate plans, and
“From a leadership standpoint, the faculty decided to share this commitment as part of
and staff surprised all of us,” said Pete Kenow, their contribution to the campaign.
president of the Concordia Foundation and “The faculty, staff and faculty emeriti raised
vice president for institutional advancement. the standards by breaking all past giving
“The $1.75 million target was a huge goal and we ceilings,” said Kenow. “It’s such a wonderfully
thought it might not be attainable; the whole positive statement for the people who know us
community came forward in big ways.” most intimately to show their confidence in the
Like its parent campaign, Imagine The way they have.”
Mission focuses on three components that

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dieckhoff Mr. Boyd Hellbusch Mr. Friedrich Klaus Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Mr. & Mrs. John Dinkel Miss Jenna Hellbusch Mr. & Mrs. Donald Klein Mr. & Mrs. Merlyn Lutter
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Doerr Miss Samantha Hellbusch Mr. & Mrs. Mike Klintworth Mrs. Juanita Lutz
Dow Corning Corporation Foundation Mr. & Mrs. F. Helmreich Mr. Ronald Knapp Dr. & Mrs. Martin Maehr
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Dubbe Mrs. Glo Hennig Mr. & Mrs. George Kniep Mr. Benjamin Markin
Rev. & Mrs. Alfred Ebel Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Herl Mr. & Mrs. John Knight Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Martindale
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Eberhard Mrs. Enid Herzig Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kohlwey Dr. Paul & Dr. Janice Massmann
Mr. & Mrs. Emery Eickhoff Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoelz Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Korbitz Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Mattes
Mrs. Tedi Ellison Mr. & Mrs. Verlin Holle Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Kotera Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCarty
Emmanuel Lutheran Church - Mr. DuWayne Holtzen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Krenzke Memorial Health Care Systems
Dearborn, Mich. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Holtzen Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Alan Meyer
Mrs. Cornelius Esslinger Dr. & Mrs. Robert Huckfeldt Ms. Faye Kruse Mrs. Norma Meyer
Mrs. Eugene Ferg Huffman Engineering Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David Kumm Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Miesner
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ferguson Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Huffman Dr. Taryn Lambrecht Mr. & Mrs. Dale Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Fike Mrs. Elaine Hughes Laminated Wood Systems Mr. & Mrs. Karl Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Fischer Rev. & Mrs. Marcus Jauss Mr. Les Lance & Ms. Linda Birkes-Lance Mr. Mat Mirtsching
Mr. & Mrs. John Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Johnson Mr. & Mrs. David Lange Mr. Mitchell Mirtsching
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Frese Mr. & Mrs. Richard Johnson Mrs. Vera Lange Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Moderow
Mrs. Ervin Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Joyce Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Langewisch Mr. & Mrs. John Moentmann
Mr. David Frick Mrs. Fritzie Juergensen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laughlin Mr. & Mrs. Tim Moll
Mr. & Mrs. E. H. Friedemann Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Jungmann Dr. & Mrs. Vern Liermann Mr. & Mrs. Charles Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Frieden Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kandt Lincoln Lutheran Choir Mr. Leslie Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Fugitt Jr. Ms. Phoebe Kassebaum Mr. & Mrs. Karl Lindeman Mrs. Julia Moses
Dr. & Mrs. Leon Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Charles Keseman Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Lohmann Mr. & Mrs. Hillard Mueller
Dr. & Mrs. John Gerber Kingery Construction Company Mr. & Mrs. Michael Loveless Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mueller
Miss Megan Geu Dr. & Mrs. John Kinworthy Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Luebbe Nebraska Eastern Reading Council
Mr. & Mrs. John Glanzer Mr. & Mrs. Jared Kite Mr. Theodore Luebbe Nebraska Womens Amateur Golf
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Glock Mr. & Mrs. Martin Klammer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Luebke Association
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goings Prof. David & Dr. Roberta Nelson
Grace Lutheran Church - Platte Center, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dale Newsom Jr.
Neb. Dr. & Mrs. William Niebergall
Mr. Martin Grotelueschen Mrs. Bernard Niemann
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Gubanyi Miss Cathy Nightlinger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Nolte
Mr. & Mrs. George Hammersmith Northern Dakota County -Thrivent
Mrs. Ruth Hardt Financial For Lutherans
Mr. James Hardt NSK Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harman Rev. & Mrs. Louis Nuechterlein
Dr. & Mrs. Delwyn Harnisch Mr. & Mrs. E. Walt Nun
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Hauser Dr. & Mrs. Stan Obermueller
Miss Amanda Hehn Mrs. Elton Ohlman
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hehn Mr. Elmer Ohlmann
Mr. Leo Heidemann Oklahoma District LCMS
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Heidemann Mrs. Helen Oldenkamp
Mr. & Mrs. Iddo Heinicke Ms. Jean Olson
Mr. Orvil Heitmann Pacific Hills Lutheran Church - Omaha, Neb.

 annual report
Members of the Imagine The Mission steering committee set
what they believed would be a challenging goal for faculty
and staff in December 2005. By July the Concordia community
had reached and surpassed the goal. Committee members
pictured include Chad Thies, Dr. Eunice Goldgrabe, Dr. Stan
Obermueller, Pete Kenow and Dr. Bruce Creed.

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Parkhurst Mr. & Mrs. Gary Seevers Mrs. Helen Wegehaupt Rev. & Mrs. Burnell Beyers
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Paulsen Mr. & Mrs. Philip Seevers Mr. & Mrs. James Welch Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bisping
Peace Lutheran Women’s Guild Mrs. Neal Sell Mrs. Evelyn Wellman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bittfield
- Arvada, CO Dr. & Mrs. Norman Sell Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wiesehan Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Blank
Mr. & Mrs. William Peters Seward Jr. Women’s Club Dr. & Mrs. Dudley Wiest Ms. Verna Blanke
Mr. & Mrs. David Petrie Mr. & Mrs. Joel Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Williams Rev. & Mrs. Harold Block
Rev. & Mrs. Ronald Pfluger Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Sherman Rev. & Mrs. Lloyd Willweber Mr. & Mrs. James Blomenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pooker Sinclair Hille & Associates Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Witt Mr. & Mrs. David Bode
Rev. & Mrs. Norman Porath Dr. & Mrs. Elmer Smith Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Witt Mr. & Mrs. James Bode
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Potratz Mrs. Joan Sothan Mr. & Mrs. Curt Wolfanger Dr. & Mrs. Paul Boerger
Mr. Reuben Pralle Dr. & Mrs. Steven Sparenberg Lt. Col. & Mrs. Theodore Wolfram III Mr. & Mrs. Don Bohl
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Preston Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spiva Mr. Ward Wolfram Mr. John Boldt
Dr. William & Dr. Judith Preuss St. John Lutheran Church - Seward, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Wolken Mr. & Mrs. John Book
Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Quade Neb. Mr. & Mrs. James Yagow Mr. & Mrs. Armond Borchardt
Mr. Gene Quade St. John Women’s League Topeka, Kan. Mrs. Jo Young Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bowin
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ragoss St. Matthew Lutheran Church - Cedar Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ziegler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowser
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rakos Bluffs, Neb. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zink Mr. & Mrs. James Bradshaw
Redeemer Lutheran Church - Atwood, State Farm Companies Foundation Zion Lutheran Church - Cologne, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brandt
Kan. Mr. & Mrs. Scott Staub Minn. Mr. Ralph Brauer
Mr. & Mrs. George Regas Mr. & Mrs. Norman Stevens Mr. Richard Zwemke Dr. & Mrs. William Braun
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Reinke Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Strom Mrs. Virginia Brinkema
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Reinke Dr. & Mrs. John Suhr Sr. Leader’s Association Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Brockshus
Mrs. Sarah Rigby Dr. & Mrs. Donald Sylwester gifts of $250 to $499 Ms. Joyce Broughton
Mr. Gerald Rinne Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sylwester Anonymous (4) Dr. & Mrs. Paul Burger
Mrs. Nora Rix Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sylwester 3M Foundation Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Art Busha
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tewes Ms. Doris Alberg Rev. & Mrs. Mark Bussert
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Rolfsmeier Mr. & Mrs. James Thom Mrs. Arlin Alpers Mr. & Mrs. Neal Castens
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rost Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Anheuser-Busch Company Inc. Caterpillar Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Roth Seward Chapter ARAMARK Management Services Mr. & Mrs. Rollin Cattau
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rottman Mr. & Mrs. Willard Timmerman Mr. & Mrs. Larry Baack Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rozek Trinity Lutheran Church - Atchison, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Baack Ms. Rosalyn Chmelka
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rugenstein Kan. Dr. Jennifer Baker & Mr. Paul Baker Christ Lutheran Foundation - Lincoln,
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Rulon Trinity Lutheran Church - Franktown, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Balsters Neb.
Sampson Construction Co. Inc. Colo. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Balzer Mr. & Mrs. Alan Christian
SBC Foundation Trinity Lutheran Church - Foster, Neb. Ms. Sandra Barber Rev. & Mrs. Martin Cloeter
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Schaus Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Uffelman Mr. Kenneth Bartels Mr. & Mrs. Waldo Cloeter
Mr. & Mrs. Arlan Schellhorn Dr. Janell Uffelman & Mr. Ron Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bartels Mr. & Mrs. James Coe
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schleiger Uffelman Rev. & Mrs. Marvin Barz Mr. & Mrs. Martin Cordes
Dr. & Mrs. Lee Schluckebier Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ungrodt Mr. & Mrs. James Bass Mr. & Mrs. Charles Costley
Dr. & Mrs. Allan Schmidt Union Bank And Trust Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Baumeister Mr. & Mrs. Milt Cross
Rev. & Mrs. James Schmidt Union Pacific Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Beckmann Ms. Peggy Dankert
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Michael Van Beek Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Beethe Mr. Carl Dantzler
Mr. & Mrs. M. Daniel Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Van Luchene Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bergt Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Paul Devantier
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schuessler Mr. & Mrs. Paul Walther Mr. & Mrs. M. Andrew Berkbigler Mr. & Mrs. E. Paul Dieckhoff
Mr. & Mrs. William Schwab Mr. & Mrs. William Webb Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Bettmann Rev. & Mrs. David Dobbertien
Mr. & Mrs. Ryne Seaman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Webster Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Duane Beune Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Dockweiler

annual report 
Regents give go-ahead for HHPAC building plans
Concordia’s Board of Regents gave its approval to vice president for institutional advancement. “In my visits
break ground on the Health, Human Performance with alumni from the ’70s and ’80s, they remember that
and Athletic Center (hhpac) in spring 2007 as long as our facilities were the worst in the conference when they
fundraising and financing are in place. were in school.”
Phase one of the hhpac will see the completion of The university has also found an early wellspring of
classrooms, offices, weight room, locker rooms, Hall support from the Seward community for the project.
of Fame room, arena and shell of the field house. “People in the Seward area appreciate what it will mean
Phase two will include the pool, interior of the field for the community to have a venue of this kind in town,
house and remodel of the current gym. and they are excited about it. Gifts from local businesses
“The hhpac facility is long overdue,” said Pete to this initiative have, in many cases, been the largest gift
Kenow, president of the Concordia Foundation and the business has ever given to Concordia University.”

Mr. Harold Doellinger Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Glanzer Rev. & Mrs. Martin Hoyer Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Leckband
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dollase Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glanzer Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Huebschman Dr. & Mrs. Mark Lemke
Mr. & Mrs. Devin Doremus Dr. & Mrs. Eldon Gleichman Mr. & Mrs. Tim Huebschman Mr. & Mrs. Pat Leupold
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Doversberger Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gohl Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lewer
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Drews Mrs. Edythe Gohr Ms. Amanda Husberg Mr. & Mrs. Milton Lisius
Rev. & Mrs. Douglas Dubisar Gossin Agency Inc. Miss Margaret Ingerslew Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mr. Martin Dunklau Mrs. Madora Gotsch Mr. & Mrs. Larry Irmer Mr. & Mrs. Federico Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. James Eggert Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grass Mr. & Mrs. Zerezghi Iyassu Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Loseke
Ms. Ann Eggold Mr. & Mrs. Duane Grasz Jacobson Helgoth Consultants Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lowry
Miss Karla Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Guenther Mr. & Mrs. K. Kirk Jamison Rembolt Ludtke LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin Einspahr Mr. & Mrs. Cory Guethling Mr. & Mrs. Tim Jank Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lukow
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eisenbraun Mrs. Alice Gunderson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Janzow Mr. & Mrs. Anton Lutringer
Emanuel Lutheran Church - Milbank, Miss Lucile Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jastram Mr. & Mrs. David Lutz
S.D. Steve Hannon Insurance Mr. & Mrs. David Jensen Prof. & Mrs. James Mackie
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Endorf Mr. & Mrs. Renwood Hardies Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Albert Maier
Mr. & Mrs. Weldon Endorf Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hardt Mr. Kenneth Johnsen Dr. & Mrs. Robert Malzahn
Exxon Education Foundation Mr. Marvin Harmes Dr. & Mrs. Carl Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Falk Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hart Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kalbfleisch Mr. Matt Marty
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ferrin Mr. & Mrs. Bryon Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Kamprath Mr. & Mrs. Art Matasovsky
Miss Erlene Fett Mr. Ray Harvie Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kamprath Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McClellan
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Fiala Mr. & Mrs. William Hawke Mr. Milton Kasper Mr. & Mrs. Mike McGinnis
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Filter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hay Mrs. Janis Keller McKinney Enterprises Inc.
First Data Corp. Matching Co. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hayek Dr. Jane Kercher Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Meier
Dr. Rebecca Fisher & Mr. Scott Fisher Heartland Entertainment Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kesse Jr. Mr. Donald Meier
Mr. & Mrs. David Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Heider Mr. & Mrs. Hoon Kim Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Meyer
Dr. Kenneth & Dr. Karen Follett Mr. & Mrs. Mark Heidorn Mr. & Mrs. Orville Kirchner Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Franzen Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Heidorn Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Kirchner Ms. Doris Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Franzenburg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heidtbrink Kiwanis Club Of Seward Mr. & Mrs. Joel D. Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Frese Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Heinz Mr. & Mrs. James Kniep Rev. & Mrs. Paul Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. Erich Helge Mrs. Dale Knop Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Friedrich Mr. Elmer Hellweg Mr. & Mrs. Paul Koehnke Mrs. Ruth Meyer
Mrs. Rolland Fritz Mrs. Ruth Hellwege-Hess Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Koeller Ms. Susan Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fuchs Mr. & Mrs. DeWayne Hempelmann Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Koopman Mr. & Mrs. Roger Michel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gaede Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hencye Mr. & Mrs. Martin Koopman Miss Dolores Mielke
Prof. Betty Galen Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Henning Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kraayenbrink Ms. Joyce Mikow
Mr. Kevin Garbers Mr. & Mrs. Ben Herbrich Dr. Glenn Kraft Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Millard
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron L. Gard Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hermann Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gebauer Dr. & Mrs. Guenther Herzog Mr. & Mrs. Elmore Krenning Ms. Marilyn Moehlenkamp
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gehle Mr. & Mrs. William Hilgendorf Mr. Howard Krieser Rev. & Mrs. James Moll
Mr. Gerald Geiselman Mr. & Mrs. Matt Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Emil Kriewaldt Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Morlok
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Geisler Mr. & Mrs. W. John Hoener Mr. & Mrs. Walter Krone Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Morlok
Mrs. Robert Genrich Mr. Patrick Hofer Mr. & Mrs. Ron Krueger Mr. & Mrs. Don Morner
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Gerdts Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Holtorf Mr. & Mrs. Dale Kruse Ms. Ruth Morton
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Gerken Dr. Michelle Reeb Homp & Mr. Gerald Dr. & Mrs. William Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mueller
GFWC Seward Women Club Homp Dr. Jonathan & Mrs. June Laabs Miss Kathleen Mueller
Rev. & Mrs. Charles A. Gierke Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Horn Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Larson Mr. & Mrs. Miquel R. Munoz

 annual report
Decades of making due
P.E. building facilities put Concordia in a pinch
ß There is only one classroom ß There is a lack of office space.
in the current p.e. building. Closets are currently being used
This has meant moving for some coach’s offices.
other health and human ß Bleachers in the pool area are
performance classes to other condemned. The route to the
areas on campus, including the pool from the women’s locker “It’s amazing you are
old president’s residence on room is no longer accessible.
Faculty Lane. The pool filtering system is able to do what you are
ß Spectator seating does not outmoded and in a few years currently doing with the
Current P.E. Building classroom. accommodate Concordia’s replacement filters for it will no
largest indoor athletic events. longer be manufactured. facilities you have.”
ß The current facility’s training ß Concordia’s indoor track
rooms are inadequate. team has no on-campus facility
ß There is a general shortage to use for practice or meets
of locker room space and during their season.

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Musfeldt Miss Carol Reiners Seward Dairy Queen Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Stroh
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Mussman Mr. & Mrs. David Reuss Mr. Phillip Shelp Mr. & Mrs. Martin Strohschein
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Naber Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Richert Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Siffring Mr. & Mrs. John Stucky
Dr. & Mrs. George Nielsen Mr. & Mrs. David Richterkessing Rev. & Mrs. Steven Sirek Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swan
Mrs. Gilbert Nordhausen Richters Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Neil Skov Mrs. Margaret Swetnam
Ms. Arlene Norris Dr. Jenny Mueller-Roebke & Mr. Stan Rev. & Mrs. Richard Skov Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth Sype
Ms. Linda Norton Roebke Mr. Lawrence Smith Dr. & Mrs. Donald Taebel
Mr. Robert Nuttelman Rolfsmeier Motors Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sombke Mr. & Mrs. Tim Taube
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. W. Albert Rubke Mr. & Mrs. William Spencer Mr. & Mrs. David Teasley
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Oester Mr. & Mrs. Noel Ruhter Sprint Foundation Mrs. Priscilla Thate
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Oetting Dr. & Mrs. Alan Runge St. John Lutheran Church - Alta, Iowa Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Thee
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Oldenburg Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Ruschmeyer St. John Lutheran Church - Burt, Iowa Mr. & Mrs. Chad Thies
Mr. Melvin Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Rutz St. Paul Lutheran Church - Strasburg, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thomale Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Olson Mr. & Mrs. James Sauder Ill. Mr. & Mrs. Troy Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Opel Rev. & Mrs. Robert Schaedel St. Peter Lutheran Church - North Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Timmerman
Mr. & Mrs. Tobin Ortstadt Ms. Margaret Schafer Judson, Ind. Ms. Marcine Todd
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Otten Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schaff Mr. Robert Stach Miss Heather Tollers
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Owens Mr. Max Schamber Miss Maxine Steil Mr. & Mrs. Phil Troester
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Pankoke Ms. Carolyn Schipporeit Mr. & Mrs. David Steinbacher Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Tschopp
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Paul Dr. & Mrs. Robert Schleef Ms. Mary Ann Steinbeck Ms. Diane Uhlig
Mr. Martin Pauling Mr. & Mrs. Orlyn Schlie Mr. & Mrs. Richard Steinbrueck Mr. Gerald Uhlig
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pautsch Dr. & Mrs. D. L. Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. Richard Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Tim Unick
Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Penrose Mr. & Mrs. Hal Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stichka Mrs. Chris Vogel
Pentair Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. David Stocker Mr. & Mrs. Todd Voss
Mr. Victor Peter Mr. & Mrs. Norman Schmidt Rev. Dr. Norbert & Dr. Eunice Streufert Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wachs
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Peters Mrs. Katherine Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Peters Miss Ellen Schoenbeck
Rev. & Mrs. John Petersen Mr. & Mrs. Steve Schrader
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Peterson Ms. Linda Schroeder
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Pfeiffer Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Schroeder
Ms. Bernice Pfingsten Mrs. Lois Schuetz
Mr. & Mrs.Ö Ronald Pinkepank Mr. David Schultz
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Mr. & Mrs. Don Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. James Polzin Ms. Jolene Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Pomerenke Dr. Armin Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Pozehl Mr. & Mrs. Merle Schulz
Procter & Gamble Fund Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schutte
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Puls Mr. & Mrs. Norris Schwartz
Mrs. Bonnie Quesnel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Seboldt
Dr. & Mrs. Merle Radke Security Federal
Mr. Robert Rathmann Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Seim
Rev. & Mrs. David Reed Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Selby
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Reeb Mr. & Mrs. John Senechal
Rev. & Mrs. Dirk Reek Seward County Habitat for Humanity
Gloria Reese Inc.
LTC & Mrs. K. Luke Reiner Seward County Treasurer

annual report 
Right: After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Jonathan Hall
resident Sarah Trinklein, left, welcomed those gathered to
tour her apartment. The apartment-style amenities include
a kitchen area, bedrooms, a living room and bathroom.
The new hall also borrows the best from dorm designs
of old, featuring a central common area where students
can socialize and study together. Facing page: Architects,
builders and campus staff were recognized for their work
on the project.

Mrs. Mildred Wallace Mr. Alan Baldwin & Mrs. Janet Cheney- Family Of Christ Lutheran - Mr. & Mrs. Chris Haldiman
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Walther Baldwin Monument, Colo. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hauschildt
Mr. Gregory Warneke Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Bassett Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Faszholz Mr. & Mrs. Mark Heider
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Warneke Mrs. Harold Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fink Mr. & Mrs. Michael Heidtbrink
Mr. & Mrs. David Waterman Mrs. Cynthia Beane Mr. & Mrs. Karl Fink Dr. & Mrs. William Heinicke
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Weerts Ms. Jean Benn Mr. & Mrs. Don Freudenburg Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Heins
Mr. & Mrs. David Wegener Mr. & Mrs. Norman Bergmann Rev. & Mrs. Leonhardt Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Kent Heise
Mr. & Mrs. William Wegner Mrs. Ardis Bergquist Mr. & Mrs. David Geidel Ms. Esther Heitshusen
Mrs. Ruth Weinrich Rev. & Mrs. David Bergquist Mr. & Mrs. Dan Gengenbach Mr. & Mrs. Joel Helmer
Mr. & Mrs. David Weinz Miss Carolyn Bergt Mr. & Mrs. Paul Germeroth Mr. & Mrs. Allen Helms
Mr. & Mrs. William Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Michael Betts Rev. & Mrs. John Gierke Mrs. Evelyn Herzberg
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wenck Mr. & Mrs. Mark Biskupski Mr. & Mrs. Don Gleichman Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Hollman
Ms. Elaine Wendt Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Boche Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Gloy Dr. & Mrs. Robert Holtz
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis White Mr. & Mrs. Fred Boettcher Mr. & Mrs. Loren Goehner Rev. & Mrs. Merlin Holtzen
Rev. Craig & Dr. Janet Whitson Mrs. Hildegarde Boye Ö Mrs. Adelbert Grau Mr. Philip Holtzen
Mrs. Jean Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Brandt Mr. & Mrs. Gary Grefe Miss Kendra Hoops
Mr. Richard Will Mrs. Ruth Brauer Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grohs Mrs. Cleta Hoover
Dr. John Willhardt Mr. Erich Bredehoeft Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gudgel Mr. & Mrs. Otis Howard III
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williams Mr. & Mrs. James Bresee Miss Carol Haak Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes
Mr. Lloyd Windfield Mrs. Leta Brunkhorst Mr. & Mrs. Steven Haase Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Hulse
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wolter Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Buchinger Mr. & Mrs. Harold Haesemeier Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Jaenike
World of Green Inc. Mrs. Howard Bunge
Worth Hyddrochem of Houston Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Busacker
Mrs. Hugh Wright Mrs. Rachel Carlow
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wutke Mr. & Mrs. William Chambers
Ms. Janice Yung Mrs. William Classen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ziegler Mr. & Mrs. Andy Contreras
Mr. Joseph E. Zimmerman Dr. & Mrs. Gary Cooke
Zion Lutheran Church - Claflin, Kan. Dr. Bruce & Dr. Stacy Creed
Zion Lutheran Church - Plainview, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Davies
Neb. Mrs. Rose Detloff
Mrs. Dona Zrust Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Diekmann
Mr. Allen Zum Hofe Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Dittmar
Miss Martha Ditzen
Three Minute Club Mr. & Mrs. Galen Dohrmann
gifts of $149 to $249 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Duchek
Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. James Duitsman
Miss Velma Adam Prof. & Mrs. Donald Dynneson
Mr. Gerald Allen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ebel
Ms. Cheryl Allmen-Vinnedge Mr. & Mrs. Allen Eberle
Mr. & Mrs. Ross Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Linn Eckert
Mr. Mark Anschutz Mr. Arnold Ehlers
Mr. & Mrs. John Baden Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Eickmann
Dr. Marian Baden Mrs. Junior Einspahr
Mr. Al Baeder Emmanuel Lutheran Church - York, Neb.

 annual report
Jonathan Hall welcomed to campus
Concordia dedicated Jonathan reminder of the Biblical example contains 36 fully furnished four-
Hall, its new apartment-style of Jonathan and David and person suites, accommodating
residence for students, on Aug. the friendship they shared. a total of 144 residents. The
24. Jonathan Hall is the 11th “Friendships like theirs are the dedication ceremony included
residence hall at Concordia. foundation of a community a ribbon cutting, recognition of
The name Jonathan was chosen based in Christ and reaching those involved with planning
because Jonathan means “gift out to each other,” said Rev. and building the hall, and
of God.” Jonathan Hall is also Dr. Brian Friedrich, university remarks by students and
a neighbor to David Hall, a president. Jonathan Hall administration members.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jenkins Meyer Partners LLC Mr. & Mrs. Don Range Mr. & Mrs. Joel Theiss
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jensen Mr. & Mrs. John Michel Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Rather Mr. & Mrs. Allen Thorp
Miss Molly Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Miesner Mrs. Shirley Rauscher Mr. & Mrs. John Tiedemann
Mr. Richard Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Miller Mr. & Mrs. Donald Richard Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Tiedt
Dr. W. James & Dr. Edith Jorns Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Moerbe Dr. & Mrs. Perry Riffel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Timm
Mr. Lon Jungemann Glenn Mooberry Estate Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ring Tower Guild
Dr. John & Dr. Kristy Jurchen Mr. & Mrs. John Morrissey Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Royuk Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid -
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kard Dr. & Mrs. Russell Moulds Mrs. Dolores Sander Grand Island, Neb.
Dr. & Mrs. William Karpenko II Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Mueller Ms. Mary Sandfort Mr. & Mrs. Robert Urban
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kellner Mr. Brett Muller Dr. & Mrs. Neil Sandfort Valentino’s
Mr. James Keltner Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Muth Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sandor Mr. & Mrs. Richard Van Andel
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Kindle Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mutter Mr. & Mrs. Terry Saner Mr. & Mrs. George Van Scharrel
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kleinedler Rev. & Mrs. Dan Myers Mr. & Mrs. Jay Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Voelker
Miss Valerie Knight Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nafzger Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wagner
Knisley & Peery Construction Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nelson Miss Helen Schamber Mr. J. Scot Walter & Mrs. Dianne
Mr. & Mrs. David Knock Mrs. Raymond Niesen Ö Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Scheid Hobratschk Walter
Mr. Sujay Kollipara Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nieting Mrs. Sandra Schenck Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ward
Mrs. Donald Kolterman Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Nitschke Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Arlan Warneke
Mr. & Mrs. David Koopman Mrs. Lucille Norem Mrs. Elizabeth Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waterman
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Koopman Mr. John Nuechterlein Rev. & Mrs. Scott Schmieding Miss Peggy Weidler
Mrs. Dorothy Kreick Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Oellermann Rev. & Mrs. Wayne Schroeder Wells Fargo & Company
Mrs. Emil Kurth Dr. & Mrs. Larry Oetting Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Schultz Mr. Michael Werner
Mr. & Mrs. James Laddusaw Mr. & Mrs. Dale Orlowski Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Schulz Mrs. Sherman Whitaker
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lee Mr. & Mrs. George Ott Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wiegardt
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lehl Mr. & Mrs. Clemens Otten Rev. & Mrs. Steven Schumacher Mrs. Carl Wolters
Mr. & Mrs. David Lietz Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Otten Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schumacher Wood-Zabka Funeral Home
Locker Room/Global Graphics Pac ‘N’ Save Science Applications Int. Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wunder
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Lohmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Dan Pallat Mr. & Mrs. Donald Signor Mr. & Mrs. Willard Wurm
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Lohse Pallat & Schaefer Contracting Mr. & Mrs. William Simmer Rev. & Mrs. William Zastrow
Mr. & Mrs. John Lottes Mr. & Mrs. Harold Parde Mr. & Mrs. Albert Smith Rev. & Mrs. Scott Zeckzer
Lou’s Sporting Goods Mr. Arthur Paulus Mr. & Mrs. Randall Smith Mr. Allan Zeitz
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Luedemann Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Peregoy Rev. & Mrs. Scott Snow Dr. & Mrs. Woody Ziegler
Rev. & Mrs. Michael Lutz Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Peter Mr. & Mrs. Richard Soeken
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Mackey Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Petersen Mr. Elmer Sorensen
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Magnus Dr. & Mrs. Richard Petersen St. John Lutheran Church - Oberlin,
Mrs. Lois Mannigel Mr. Harold Peterson Kan.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Marlatt Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pettit Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stirtz
Miss Holly Matzke Mr. & Mrs. R. Charles Pflieger Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Storm
Mrs. Lisa McFarland Rev. & Mrs. Paul Philp Mrs. Lois Struve
Mr. & Mrs. Lane McKown Mr. & Mrs. Joel Pinnt Mr. & Mrs. Ray Stuckwisch
Mrs. Paul Meehl Mrs. Harold Pooker Mr. David Stueber
Mr. & Mrs. John Meiller Mrs. Ruth Pralle Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Tabberson
Mr. Fredrick Meinel & Mrs. Diane Mr. & Mrs. Harry Price Mr. & Mrs. James Tate
Hartwig Meinel Mrs. Eugene Prochnow Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tewes
Dr. & Mrs. Darrel Meinke Rev. & Mrs. Carl Pullmann Ms. S. Kay Thaden-DeBoer
Rev. & Mrs. Robert Merz Mr. & Mrs. Jay Putman Rev. & Mrs. Harry R. Theiss

annual report 
P AI D Calendar
US Postage

Seward, Ne
December 7:30 p.m.
1-2 Volleyball National Tournament, Columbia, Mo. 17 Women’s Basketball vs. Neb. Wesleyan, Lincoln,
2 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Northwestern, Orange Neb., 7:30 p.m.
City, Iowa, 2/4 p.m. 19 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Dakota Wesleyan,
Christmas at Concordia concert, St. John Lutheran Mitchell, S.D., 5:30/7:30 p.m.
Church, 3 p.m. 20 Visit Day
Holiday Buffet, Janzow Campus Center, 4:30 p.m., Indoor Track/Field. Ward Haylett Invitational,
featuring guest pianist Peter Prochnow ’88 Lincoln, Neb.
3 Scholarship Parade of Homes, Seward, 12:30-4:30 p.m. 23 Women’s Basketball vs. Midland, Fremont, Neb.,
Concordia Senior Art Exhibition, opening reception 7:30 p.m.
and talk, Marxhausen Gallery, 1-4 p.m. 24 Men’s Basketball vs. Midland Lutheran College,
Christmas at Concordia concerts, St. John Lutheran Fremont, Neb., 7:30 p.m.
Church, 3/7 p.m. 26-27 Women’s/Men’s Basketball, Concordia
Holiday Buffet, Janzow Campus Center, 4:30 p.m., Invitational Tournament, Ann Arbor, Mich.
featuring guest pianist Peter Prochnow ’88 27 Indoor Track/Field, adidas Classic, Lincoln, Neb.
5 Journey to the Manger, Weller, 6:30-8 p.m. Indoor Track/Field, Charlie Foster Open, Kearney,
Women’s Basketball vs. Doane, 7:30 p.m. Neb.
6 Men’s Basketball vs. Doane College, 7:30 p.m. 31 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Briar Cliff, 6/8 p.m.
8 Visit Day
Jazz Band Concert, Heine Hall, 7:30 p.m. February
9 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Morningside, Sioux 3 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Mount Marty, 2/4 p.m.
City, Iowa, 2/4 p.m. Indoor Track/Field, Fred Beile Classic, Crete, Neb.
10 Handbell Concert, Heine Hall, 3 p.m. 6 Women’s Basketball vs. Dana, Blair, Neb., 7:30 p.m.
Advent Candlelight Service, St. John Lutheran 7 SIFE Outstanding Woman in Business
Church, 7 p.m. Luncheon, Cattle Conf Rm., Noon-2 p.m.
12 University/Community Band Concert, Cattle Conf. Men’s Basketball vs. Dana College, Blair, Neb.,
Rm., 6:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.
Chorale Concert, St. John Lutheran Church, 8 p.m. 9 Photographs: A Tale of Two Cities exhibit,
15-16 Women’s Basketball vs. Midland Invite, Fremont, opening reception and talk, Marxhausen Gallery,
Neb. 6-8 p.m.
25-Jan. 1 Christmas Break, university closed Indoor Track/Field, Buena Vista Invite, Storm Lake,
28-31 Men’s Basketball, Clarke College Holiday Iowa
Tournament, Dubuque, Iowa 9-11 C-Club Girl’s Basketball Tournament
30 Women’s Basketball vs. Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kan. 10 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Hastings, Hastings,
Neb., 2/4 p.m.
January 13 Men’s Basketball vs. Midland Lutheran College,
7:30 p.m.
3 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Hastings College, 6/8 p.m.
14 Women’s Basketball vs. Midland, 7:30 p.m.
6 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Briar Cliff, Sioux City,
Iowa, 2/4 p.m. 16 Indoor Track/Field. Prairie Wolf Invite, Lincoln, Neb.
8 Spring Term Begins 16-18 C-Club Boy’s Basketball Tournament
9 Women’s Basketball vs. Dana, 7:30 p.m. 17 Indoor Track/Field, Prairie Wolf Invite, Lincoln, Neb.
10 Men’s Basketball vs. Dana, 7:30 p.m. Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Univ. of Sioux
Falls, 2/4 p.m.
12 A Working Relationship: James Lodge &
Concordia’s Permanent Collection of Prints & 20-27 Women’s/Men’s Basketball GPAC Tournament
Multiples exhibit, opening reception and talk, 22 Career Fair, Cattle Conf Rm., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Marxhausen Gallery, 6-8 p.m. 24 Indoor Track/Field GPAC Championships,
13 Women’s/Men’s Basketball vs. Dordt, 2/4 p.m. Lincon, Neb.
13-14 Indoor Track/Field, Holiday Inn Invitational, Lincoln, 25 Musical Arts Day Concert, Lied Center, 3:30 p.m.
16 Men’s Basketball vs. Neb. Wesleyan, Lincoln, Neb., For the most current event information, visit

spring music tours March 9-18, 2007, Wind Ensemble to Southeast U.S.: St.
Feb. 1-5, 2007, Chamber Choir to Southern California: Louis, Mo.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Jacksonville Beach, Fla.;
Carlsbad, San Diego, Escondido, Long Beach, Ocala, Fla.; Lakeland, Fla.; Atlanta, Ga.; Evansville, Ind.;
Orange, Torrance, Lake Forest; Home concert, St. Davenport, Iowa
John Lutheran Church, Feb. 11 April 11-16, 2007, A Cappella to St. Louis area: St. Louis, Mo.;
March 2-4, 2007, Singers to Iowa: Denison, Algona, Spencer; Peoria, Ill.; Concordia, Mo.
Home concert at St. Gregory the Great Seminary, May 7-27, 2007, Wind Ensemble to China
Seward, March 4, 7 p.m. Complete tour schedule available online at