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PROJECT : Sentiong

Location : Pump House Manufacturer :

Service : Country of Origin :
Required : 1 set System : Overhead Crane
Usage Maintenance Warehouse Pump House Workshop Electrical
Hook's Data Main Hook Auxiliary Hook Power V/Phs/Hz 380 / 3 / 50
Max Capacity tons 35 Control V/Phs/Hz 220 VAC
Lifting Height to Top m 10 Air
Span m 11.5 Pressure kg/cm2
Transversing Distance m Temperature deg C
Traveling Distance Straight Type m 31.5 Consumption m3/min
Duty Factor (ED) % 40 DRIVER Lifting Travelling Traversing
Ambient Temperature deg C 40 No. Required 1 1
Relative Humidity % 80 Motor Manufactured
Code & Standart FEM DIN MFR kW
Area Class Hazardous Non Hazardous Enclosure - -
Operating Method Insulation CLASS F CLASS F
Lifting Remote Pendant Cabin Winch IP 55 55
Transversing Remote Pendant Cabin NA INSPECTION AND TEST Req'd Witnessed
Traveling Remote Pendant Cabin NA Material Inspection x
Location of Control End of Crane Center NA Appearance Check x
Material Handled Dimension Check x
Start/Stop time per hour Rated Load Test x
Design Temperature deg C 30 Shipping Preparation x
Overhead Double Girder Gantry JIB Certificate x
Wall Single Girder Monorail Pillar OTHER SPECIFICATION
Performance Data Main Hook Aux. Hook Painting (1)
Lifting Speed (Normal) m/sec (1) Single Speed 0,11 Finish Color (1)
Transversing Speed m/sec Lubricant Spec. (1)
Traveling Speed m/sec (1) Single Speed 0,35 Lubricant Quantity kg (1)
Winch Type Crab Hoist NA Girder A36
Hook Type Single Ram-Crn NA Traveling Wheel forged steel
On-Of Up-Down Travelling Drum by vendor
Operating Switch
Transversing Normal -Low Speed ACCESSORIES Yes No
FEM Service Class Hoist 1Cm Main Switch Box and Local Panel x
Wheel Specification Alarm Equipment x
Number of Wheel by vendor Overload Cut-Off Device x
Wheel Size Diameter mm by vendor Control System x
Wheel Tread (Track) mm by vendor Runway Beam and Hanger x
Wire Rop Specification Wire Rope and Hook with Safety Cath. x
Twist by vendor Power Indicator Lamp x
Diameter mm by vendor Buffer Stop x
Rope Reeving by vendor Limit Switch for Lifting and Travelling x
Power Feeding System Spare Parts for Instalation and Comm (if any) x
Lifting Cable Fest Bus Bar Collector Spare Parts list for 2 years operation x
Transversing Cable Fest Bus Bar Collector
Traveling Cable Fest Bus Bar Collector
Building Structure Information
Column Center Span mm
Longitudinal Length mm
Rail Span mm
Clearance Between Rail and Eaves mm
Runway Beam and Hanger
Allowable Wheel Load kg

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