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CRM Features Comparison

Sl. Features Salesbabu Zed-Sales AcmeInsight Biz-Motion

1. Primary/Secondary Sales Primary Only Yes Primary Yes

2. Sales Return Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Own Warehouse/Stock Yes Yes Yes No
4. Dealer Stock No No No Yes
5. Retailer Stock No No No Yes
6. Stock Transfer Yes Yes Yes No
7. Billing/Invoice Yes Yes Yes Yes
8. Scheme/Offer Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
9. Target Management No Yes Yes Yes
10. Dealer & Retailer Management Yes Yes No Yes
11. Forecast Management No Yes No No
12. Price Protection Management Yes Yes Yes No
13. KPI Dashboard No Yes No Yes
14. Inventory Yes Yes Yes No
15. Expense Management Yes No Yes No
16. Sales Force Monitoring No No No Yes
17. Route Plan Setting No No No Yes
18. Dealers/Retailers Location Map No No No Yes
19. Root Map & Geo fencing No No No Yes
CRM Technical Comparison

Moving to the future ready solution, there are some parameters that is needed to be considered for the
best outcome of the IT investment. There is a IT Benchmarking Consortium name Gartner Inc. prepares
evaluation of any kind of IT Solutions and provide experts opinions. If we want to go forward with the
latest technologies that are the world wide accepted must follow the Gartners Analysis that I attached
herewith. Most of the Indian solutions are back dated and non-customizable. So the comparison of the
CRM solution you gave us to evaluate are in the list below with a Gartner Leader Dynamics 365 CRM.

Sl. Features Salesbabu Zed-Sales AcmeInsight Dynamics365

1. System Platform Cloud No Info No Info Microsoft Azure

2. Client Front End Browser Browser Windows Client Browser + Apps
3. Mobile Platform No apps No apps Not supported Android+Apple
4. Open API Integration Not open Not open Not open Any Systems
5. ETL level Integration Not available Not available Not available ODBC Connection
6. BI/Big Data Integration No Info No Info No Info Hadoop + Any BI
7. Database Platform Linux Linux Linux Windows
8. Inhouse Customization Not possible Not possible Not possible Available
9. Custom Dev. Platform None None None .NET + C#
10. Virtual Machine Support No info No Info No Info HyperV + VM Ware
11. Hyper Threading Optimization No info No info No info Available
for performance
12. Gartner Status for CRM Not listed Not listed Not listed Leaders
13. Active Directory Integration Not possible Not possible Not possible Possible
14. Integration with Email Not possible Not possible Not possible Possible
15. Integration with Calendar Not possible Not possible Not possible Possible
16. Integration with Skype Not possible Not possible Not possible Possible