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Casino CEO Warns of Tech Revolution and Disruption

Transformation is key to business survival and can only happen through disruption and strong

Burlington, KY, April 16, 2018 --( Intrepid gaming veteran Fred Buro, will shed light on how
the technology revolution is forever changing the way business is conducted by casinos.

“If you treat Disruption, Leadership, and Transformation, as harmless buzz-words, you do so at your own
peril,” said Buro, CEO of Severity Inc. “These are extraordinarily times - many esteemed tech experts say
we are in the early stages of a digital revolution; I agree,” says Buro. “And extraordinary times require
extraordinary actions.”

Buro will moderate a panel of experts April 18, at the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)'s
tradeshow and convention, which is the premier event for the Indian Gaming industry. Jay Sarno,
President of Jay Sarno & Associates and Samantha Urban, CEO and Hospitality & Tech Advisor of
Urban Translations will also be participating in the discussion.

The title of the panel is "A CEO Perspective on Enterprise Leadership and Transformation."

“There's significant risk to mandating any type of enterprise transformation. The simple fact is that; if you
are to survive this revolution, transformation must happen - and disruption will happen since you must
rapidly move away from a legacy culture while demanding leadership from those who have never been
called upon to lead,” says Buro. “Digital transformation requires passionate cross-functional leaders,
especially in the tech area.”

“It's a hot topic that will precipitate one heck of a discussion,” said Buro. “We will be taking on the
daunting challenges that are facing CEO's and CIO's today. This tech revolution is delivering devastating
blows to budgets, strategies, plans, and cultures.”

“There is a huge cultural fissure in casinos between the tech and the marketing folks that needs to be
addressed and rectified; let's call it a 'Skills Gap,'” says Buro. “Businesses find themselves in the
conundrum of trying to hire experienced marketers who are likely short on tech skills or hire tech savvy
millennials short on the requisite marketing skills.”

NIGA is the largest gathering of tribal leaders and casino executives in the country. It is both the meeting
place where the community gathers to learn, network, and exchange industry-specific ideas - but also, a
celebration of the industry's success, strength, and self-reliance.


About Severity Inc.

Severity Inc. is a Marketing, Management, and Development firm. It employs C-Level gaming executives

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