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Faustus: The hour of reckoning is at hand and Faustus must Fall

Doom shall claim it as it claims all
O’ Lord God, what will not Faustus give
To have but the heavens forgive.

[Enter Mephistopheles]

Mephistopheles: Call Faustus call, it shall do you no good. Lucifer’s deal is binding. Thy Lord has forsaken
thee and thine hour has come.

[Enter Old Man]

Old Man: O’ Faustus, I heard your cries and hence I came,
To tell you God’s mercy falls as rain,
Thou hast to but once truly repent,
And with forgiveness shall the Heavens rent.

Faustus: Thou, wicked knave, choose to deceive
I am damned and I must leave
Lucifer will surely choose to come
And what was started shall be done.

Old Man: O’ Faustus, I beseech thee don’t despair
Thy sins are yet not beyond repair
Ask and the mighty Lord shall hear thee
Forgiveness shall come and set thy soul free.

Mephistopheles: Stop old man, or I will tear you to pieces where you stand.

Old Man: O foul devil, I am not scared of thee. My faith is too strong. Come and perish.

Mephistopheles: His spirit is strong over his soul
A heart that thinks no wrong surely not be mortal blend
For there is none among them such.
Now forth the master calls the servant
For the roads treacherous end tainted by his mind and tainted by his soul.

[Exit Mephistopheles]
[Thunder and Lightning]
[Enter Lucifer]

Old Man [Making the sign of a cross]: Thou hast come. Fiend art thou. Mine dreams have shown their
wicked face. Thine eyes, thine claws, the blood that falls from thy fangs. Ha! You creature of darkness. You
were once creature of God.

Lucifer: What God would thou speak of? Come old man let thou not speak of tales of Olympus.

Faustus [Very afraid and trembling]: Mine own blood drips from his fangs. Mine own. Mine! O’ Faustus
what hast thou done.

Old Man [Holding fast]: I talk not of Olympus ruled by the king. Nor the sea ruled by his brother. But of he
who rules Eden and the world. Hell and the Heavens. The only Being you fear. And the only Being you

Lucifer: I am Lucifer, Lord of the Darkness, powerful and mighty, he who defied God. Who can claim the
same? You, Old Man? There is no power I fear, nor envy. Look at me. Open your eyes and your heart.
Old Man: [quivering] No! No! No. How can this be? I feel a veil coming over my eyes, like the mist of
night. Aaah O’ God! O’ God!

Faustus: I see the shift
His heart has been overcome.
Moved is his soul.
Always it is thus
Faustus do not weary yourself thus. Worry for thyself, conniving fool!

Old Man [On his knees]: They say thou grants whatever is asked of you.

Lucifer: Speakest thou again of power? Bent to me will be the heavens. Speak what thou wills.

[Old Man whispers to Lucifer]
[Enter Helen]

Old Man: Is this the best thou canst offer?
Begone, thy trickery tempts not my coffers

Lucifer: Ah! A taste befitting Edward II, King of England!

[Enter Brad Pitt]

Old Man: Ah! God be with me! But what of this. [Aside] What gifts he offers. Ah, at long last. The time has
come to pass. Shalt thou stay ‘ere and follow what thou desirest the most?

Faustus: Oh! Faustus you fool! Save thyself! Faustus fly! Repent! Lest thou art forsaken!

Old Man: Mine wits are shaken
My way is blurred
[Aside] To this Pit thou goes and therein thou shalt fall
But that fall shall surely be worth it all
O dear flower!

Faustus [Shaking and whispering]: No! Thy God! Think of thy God!

[Old Man walking towards Brad Pitt]

My God, we are doomed for good.

Old Man: O sweet Brad, greatest most gracious Adonis
Thy beauty is that of dew in morning’s bliss
Could I take thy body to my heart’s content
Gladly would I sell my soul to pay the rent

Lucifer: Sign the bond Old – [aside] – Fool!

[Old Man signs]
[Thunder and Lightening]

Faustus [horror on his face]: No! No! Thou hast doomed us all!

[Exeunt, Faustus with Devils, Old Man with Brad Pitt, Lucifer with Helen]