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St. Joseph's Sr. Sec.

Sector 44-D, Chandigarh
Sample Worksheet, 2017-18
Class - VII
Subject - English
Section-A (Reading) (10)

A.1 Read the passage and answer the questions that follow: (1 x 10=10)

The world is like a stage and we are merely actors, each one playing a part. There are seven stages in
one’s life and one stage is that of a teenager, the most delicate yet wonderful part of anyone’s life.

When a child reaches this stage, he is quite unlike his earlier years and begins to imagines that he is an adult
and can do whatever he wants to do.

Teenage years are a period when an individual can easily impressed. He is inexperienced at this stage and easily
believes anything and so is easily duped. Therefore, great care should be taken by parents to exercise enough
control over their children so that they may not go astray.

Teenage years is the time when children are exposed to all kinds of risk and dangers and bad elements. They
quickly adopt new and undesirable habits. If parents are lenient with their children, they will regret their action
later on.

Teenagers are not mature enough to know what they are doing, so they indulge in all kind of foolish and
dangerous actions if for no other reason, then only to showoff in front of others. On many occasions such acts
lead them into trouble.

1. What is said about the ‘teenage’?

2. What is said about ‘The world’?

3. How does a child feel when he becomes a teenager?

4. What is the role of parents?

5. Why do teenagers indulge in foolish and dangerous actions?

6. How do teenagers get duped?

7. Why do you think some parents regret their actions?

8. What acts lead teenagers into trouble?

9. What is said about ‘teenage years and undesirable habits’?

10. Give a suitable title to the passage.

Section-B (Writing) (10)

B1.Write a letter in about 100 words to your cousin telling him/her about an act of courage that you recently
performed. In your letter you should describe: (5)
 What the act was
 What prompted you to perform it
 How you felt after performing it

B2. Write a short story based on the following hints. Give your story a suitable title. Make it interesting by
describing characters and events and including some dialogues. [HINT : A fire breaks out in a school – children
and teachers are trapped – fire fighters see the Principal and try to rescue her – she refuses to be evacuated –
joins them in putting out fire – saves 37 children and 18 teachers – receives severe burn injuries – dies in
hospital] (5)

Section-C (Grammar) (20)

C.1) Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive Form:- (1x5=5)

1. Grandma bakes a chocolate truffle cake every week.

2. Was he writing the biography of LataMangeshkar?

3. He will have consulted a doctor before 8 pm.

4. Do not insult the poor.

5. The policeman caught the thieves.

C.2) Fill in the blanks using correct form of the Tenses of the Verb given in the brackets:- (1/2x5=2.5)

1. Puneet__________ (become) the first swimmer to bag a gold-medal at the National School Games. He also
_________(get) a bronze medal in the 200 metres breast stroke. His academic record______________ (be)
equally brilliant as he__________ (score)85 percent marks in Class X examination. He ______ (aim) at
becoming an engineer or a civil servant.

C.3) Do the following exercise of Tenses:-

1. The gate-keeper_____________ (lock) all the rooms when we reached school. (Use Past Perfect Tense)


2. She will be making all the arrangements herself. (Underline the Verb and write its Tense) (1)

3. Someone was knocking at the door. (Rewrite the sentence in Interrogative form) (1)

C.4) Do as directed:-

1. Most of the labourers______________(has/have) left.(Choose the correct Verb) (1)

2. Round and round the track went the rail engine.( Identify the Subject and the Predicate ) (1)

3. It was a fantastic show. (Transform the sentence into Exclamatory sentence) (1)

4. Most of the________ (question/questions)_________ (was/were) discussed by the teacher. (1)

5. Every year there is __________ (short) of water during the summer months. (Fill in the blank with the
Abstract Noun) (1)

6. I am visiting my friend in Cochin next winter. (Replace the words in bold with the ‘going to’ form of the
Future Tense ) (1)

7.Form Abstract Noun from the given suffixes:- (1)

a) ness b) hood

8. _______________ you help me with grammar, please? (Fill in the blank with suitable Modal) (1)

9. There is ________________ sugar in the jar but it is not enough for a cup of tea.(few, little) (Fill in the blank
with suitable Adjective) (1)

SECTION – D (Literature)[10]
D.1) Write the meaning of the given words: (2*1/2=1)
a. panting b. undaunted
D.2) Reference to context:(1 X 3= 3)
“My dad knew his duties. He said,”That’s all right ---
You’ll have what you want ,dear.I’ll start work tonight.”
a) Who is referred as ‘dear’ in the above lines?
b) What work was the narrator talking about?
c) Suggest a different title for the poem keeping in mind the theme of the poem.
D.3) Answer the following questions in about 25-30 words. (2x1 =2)
a) Why does the sky rejoice?
D.4) Answer the following questions in detail. (4x1=4)
a) Write the character sketch of Baron Hausberg?

SECTION-E(Multiple Choice Questions)

1.Name the poet of the poem Bright Morning.
a) Ruskin Bond b) William Wordsworth c) Michele Sutphin
2. “ They work quite as hard as you do”. (Who said these words?)
a) Baron Hausberg b) Alan Trevor c) Hughie Erskine
3.What does the term ‘fabulous’ mean?
a) extraordinary b) useless c) finally
4. Last evening, we went out for ___________ meal.
a) a b) the c) an
5. Every __________ cloud has a silver lining.(Choose the suitable degree of Adjective)
a) darkest b) dark c) darker
6. Walk carefully lest you ______ fall down.(Choose the suitable Modal)
a) should b) would c) might
7. I cannot go out as it________________.( Choose the best option)
a) rain b) rains c) is raining
8.Name the author of the chapter “Dal Delight”.
a) DH Lawrence b) Oscar Wilde c) Subhadra Sen Gupta
9._______________ has always been difficult to understand.

a) Grammar b) Grammer c) Gramer

10. Which one of the following is an accurate way of writing the date in a letter?

a) 21.08.2016 b) 21st Aug,2016 c) 21st August,2016