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Marco Pomenti Email: marco.c.pomenti@gmail.

com Mobile number: 514-865-5577

A highly motivated worker with the capacity to complete tasks efficiently and correctly
according to instructions. Has the capabilities to work alongside youths in educational situations
and impart his knowledge to properly teach children and young adults necessary skills. Can take
charge in multiple leadership positions and return with positive results. Has a clear aptitude and
passion for various periods of History, English, and the Social Sciences in general.

Substitute Teaching
Available for substitute teaching in the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board.

Teaching experience
Laval Senior Academy (January-April 2018)
 Taught a Sec 3 and Sec 4 History course as well as a Psychology/Criminology elective
course. Planned entire units and individual lessons. Created short and long form
assignments, tests, and quizzes. Participated in extra curricular activities. Accompanied
groups of students on lesson focused field trips.

Vincent Massey Collegiate (2006-2011)
Marianopolis College (2011-2013)
Concordia University (2013-2017)
 Bachelor of Art in History with a minor in English Literature. Cumulative GPA of 3.00
McGill University (2017-2019)
 Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning, Social Sciences History and Geography profile

Work Experience
Summer 2010-Present:
● Supervisor, Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor for Complexe Aquatique de
● Has occupied multiple leadership positions, in charge of multiple employees in
lifeguarding and teaching positions.
Spring 2015-Present:
● Private Swimming Instructor for Montreal Institute of Swimming. Managed many
clients to schedule swimming lessons for children of all ages.
Job-Related Qualifications:
● Standard First-Aid & CPR/AED Level C
● Sauveteur National Piscine
● Reanimation Cardio Respiratoire/DEA
● Moniteur de Sécurité Aquatique
● Superviseur et Coordinateur d’un milieu Aquatique