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Lesson Plan Template

MAED 3224
Laritza Suero
Subject: 4th grade/Mathematics Central
Common Core Objective: Date
Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. Recognize March 22,
that comparisons are valid only when the two decimals refer to the same 2018
whole. Record the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, or <, and
justify the conclusions, e.g., by using a visual model.

Daily Lesson Objective:

Students will compare decimals by using greater than, less than and equal to symbols.
Independently, students will compare decimals in word problems and write an explanation
justifying their answers. Students must earn 8 out of 10 points to demonstrate mastery.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills needed: Students should be familiar with place value,
fractions and turning fractions into decimals

Activity Description of Activities and Setting Time

1. Engage The teacher will start off by checking prior knowledge. She 10
will review place value with the students. On the board, she mins
will write a random decimal and have the students state
which is the ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths
place. Then, she will ask the students “when might you
compare decimals in the real world?” Student answers can
be: “when buying something, you need to compare how
much it costs to how much money you have,” “when dealing
with sizes/measurements” or “when using a GPS, it tells you
the distance in decimal form.”
Once the students have had time to share their ideas, the
teacher will present a problem on the board: Teresa and
Becky are comparing extra credit points earned on a test.
Teresa earned .5 points. Becky earned .25 points. Who
earned more extra credit points?
The teacher will tell the students to turn and talk to their table
mates about their thoughts. Once they have had some time
to discuss, students will get a chance to explain their
reasoning on how they decided on their answer. The teacher
will put up a place value chart on the board and with the
whole class, will compare the two numbers using the chart..
Finally, the teacher will introduce the “greater than/less
than/equal to” symbols to show that 0.5 is greater than 0.25.
2. Explore In pairs, students will play decimal war. The teacher will have 25
already prepared the cards for the game in advance. In this mins
game, students will divide the deck of cards equally between
each other. Each will place their cards face down in front of
them, and they will take turns turning over their cards and
putting them in the middle. Whichever student has the largest
decimal in the round wins and gets to keep both cards. In
addition, the student that wins needs to explain why their
decimal is larger. If students end up with equal decimals,
then they declare war. Both will place three cards face down
and turn a fourth card over. Whoever has the largest decimal
wins all the cards for that round (teacher will do a quick demo
before the students explore).

As the students play the game, the teacher will walk around
to each pair of students to observe. She will encourage them
to explain why their decimal is larger or smaller.
3. Explain Once students finish the game, the teacher will facilitate a 10
discussion about strategies that the students used to mins
compare the decimals. Questions that will help guide the
discussion include:
-What helped you identify which decimal was larger?
-Which kinds of decimals did you struggle with the most?
4. Elaborate/Extend For struggling students, the teacher will make sure that they
are paired up with a student that is more advanced so that
they can have that support. They will also be given a place
value chart for them to refer to when playing the game. Also,
for students that are gifted, the teacher will provide them with
more challenging decimals in their deck of cards. This will
provoke them to think deeper and not find the game too
5. Evaluate The students will be given an exit ticket with the following 15
(assessment problems: mins
1. Cindy, and Jose had a contest to see whose
paper airplane could fly the farthest. Jose’s went
8.6 meters, Cindy’s went 8.245 meters. Who won
the contest?
2. Mrs. Sanders bought 2 pumpkins. The first one
weighed 4.8 kilograms, the second one weighed
4.79 kilograms. Which pumpkin weighed the
3. Jane ran 0.8 of a mile during her fitness class.
Robert ran 0.800 of a mile. Who ran the most?

The students will need to show their work, and write a

sentence justifying their answers. They will also need to
express the decimals in the problems in terms of
greatest, least or equal (for example, 8.6>8.245).
Materials/Technology: Decimal war cards, white-board, markers, exit ticket
worksheets, place value charts