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REDG 605: Adolescent Development, Learning, and Assessment

Student Learning (SL) and Classroom Management (CM) Plan Assignment

Context: The ways in which a teacher approaches his or her classroom (beliefs about student capabilities, the teacher/student
relationship, and behavior) affect the outcomes of the classroom—i.e. academic learning, social and emotional learning, etc.

Central Focus: Interns will reflect upon their own values, beliefs, and understandings gained from the literature to develop a
student learning and classroom management plan.

The table below can serve as a guide for your thinking about how you might approach your classroom regarding SL and CM.
Knowing that your beliefs, values, and understandings about SL and CM can and will change, this document is intended to be a
launching point for your planning and approach.

Philosophy: What do you believe about SL and CM?

What will it look like?: If a community member walked into your classroom, how would they describe it?

Teacher Roles: What will you, as the teacher, do to influence SL and CM?

Student Roles: What will your students do to influence their own learning and management?

Curricular Roles: What role will your content area play in your classroom?

Physical Space Roles: How will your classroom be arranged? Will the arrangement change?

Other Aspects: What might be important to you, but missing from the list?
Student Learning (SL) Plan Classroom Management (CM) Plan

Philosophy: I believe that by creating groups and teaching for Philosophy: I will be looking to have my students work in
understanding, my students will truly learn the material being groups as much as possible. Whether that be groups of 2, 4, or
presented to them. I also was affected deeply by the one half of the class and the other. Through this I will have a
Tomlinson, Margolis & McCabe, and Bjork & Bjork articles. fairly laid back style of teaching that will be based on respect.
The idea that efficacy is possibly the most important need of Such things as phones, food, or other things that can cause
students for them to succeed is interesting and true. Doesn’t disturbances in the classroom will be allowed until the class is
everyone feel that they need to be able to succeed to want to deemed not capable of using/having these materials while
do something? I also felt that getting students up and moving, still being productive. I wish to have as many office hours as
not always teaching them the same way will be extremely possible for students or their parents to ask me questions. I
effective when looking at how students retain information. In also like the idea of a student created syllabus. I also will only
the end the truly hardest part for me will be trying to create send students to the principal’s office if it is a dire
lessons that will help students at multiple difference academic circumstance. I want to take care of as much of the bad stuff
levels. How do I keep my high achievers challenged and going, internally as possible.
but at the same time not leaving my lower performers
behind? I also feel that when it comes to test, there should be
a mix of short answer questions as well as multiple choice. I
also think that students should be goal orientated. I am not
sure just yet how I will include that to my lessons but I want

What SL will look like in my classroom: I hope to follow a kind What CM will look like in my classroom: My desks will start in
of routine where I give broad notes where students take rows however I expect the desks to be moved around to
specific notes leaving space for more information. Then I will create groups. I will reference my syllabus as much as
have the students explore these notes with a partner, coming possible so that the students are able to see where they have
together as a class and sharing what they found. Teacher made mistakes. Most of what will happen will be reactionary
affirms and adds own information. Students will in the spaces. and based on the development of the students of the class.
Then students do worksheet/quiz/assessment focusing on
new more detailed notes. This continues until lesson plan is
Teacher Roles: give skeleton of information. Be there as a hub Teacher Roles: My role is to follow my syllabus as fairly as I
of information. Facilitate learning in groups. Inspire students can. I will also need to create lesson plans that facilitate
to give 100% and to keep working that hard as much as cooperation as well as challenges for all students. Discipline
possible. I also am there to help them develop their goals as will leave my classroom in only the direst circumstances. Such
we continue through the material. Lead by example. things as talking to a student in the hall or connecting with
them after class is preferred to send them to the office. Lead
by example.

Student Roles: research and work in groups to learn. Start Student Roles: Students follow the syllabus that they outlined.
with basic vocabulary then work their way up to higher They know what is right and wrong.
learning. Participate in group or solo work. Find a goal that
they want to work on over the next semester.

Curricular Roles: The curriculum is what needs to be learned. Curricular Roles: I would love to talk to my students about
Thus, I want to have the students interacting with it as much constitutional monarchy. The idea that I have supreme
as possible. If they wrote down a word or a phrase, why did control, however, the constitution is in place for everyone
they write it down and why is it important. I want my (including myself) to follow. The syllabus in this case being
students to be able to answer at least two of the Who, What, our constitution. When it comes to the curriculum I need to
When, Where, Why questions at the end of each day. I will write lesson plans that allow for as much group work as
shoot for them knowing the Why by the end of the unit. Since possible.
my curriculum is history, pretty much all questions stem from
the 5 W’s.

Physical Space Roles: Students will be faced towards the front Physical Space Roles: When it comes to my physical classroom
of the classroom when taking notes to avoid other stimulus I hope to have as much history “stuff” in it as possible. Posters,
such as other students their phones or what is outside. There famous quotes, pictures of famous people, timelines, all things
will also be timelines and maps on the walls, all things that I I would love to have in my classroom. I also think I will start
will use to help show who what when where and then with rows of desks, understanding that they will be moved to
hopefully they can fill in the why. create groups in the future. I also want all desks to start facing
the front of the classroom. Thus, when I do larger note taking
days everyone is faced towards me.

Other Aspects: Other Aspects: I will allow students to have food, drink,
phones, other electronics as long as they are not making a
mess, not being disrespectful and staying on task. Essentially
they can do what they want as long as they don’t interfere
with the learning plan.