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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: What to Expect

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y favorite time of year is upon us! Getting back into the schedule and routine of fall always feels productive. To fit with the back-toschool feeling of fall – now is also time to get registered for a training class. We recently moved to our brand new offices in West Fargo, ND and have made significant investments in our new training room. We’d be excited to see you stop by for a visit and of course take advantage of the facility for a training class. As always, be sure and check out the events schedule in this issue. This is also the time of year that we start to look ahead to budgets and strategies for the next year. Now may be the time to start thinking about upgrades, new modules, and a managed service plan. I want to welcome our latest hire to Summit Group Software. Matt Bitzegaio joined our Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting team in July. He is a great asset and brings with him great experiences. Matt is already involved with a number of projects and if you haven’t met him yet, take the time to introduce yourself at our Customer Summit! On October 28, 2010 we are hosting our second annual Customer Summit. This event had over 100 attendees last year and we are looking forward to hosting an even larger event this year – including more breakout sessions and more featured ISV presenters. Our Customer Summit will be the perfect place to see and hear about great new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, along with the exciting upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011! These products will be featured throughout the event along with numerous ISV products and sessions on other topics such as some upcoming enhancements to our Managed Services plans. For a complete list of sessions, check out our website. Most importantly get registered today! See our ad on the back page for registration information. Register by October 1, 2010 to be eligible for a fabulous prize at the event. (Must be present to win.) Just a reminder: Don’t forget to update our address in your records, 1405 Prairie Parkway, Suite A, West Fargo, ND 58078. As always, thanks for your continued business and support!

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There’s no better time than now to invest in technologies that can make your business more efficient. And there’s no better team to help you than the knowledgeable experts from Marco. Communication technologies are changing quickly. You’ve seen and heard about Voice over IP–but have you had a chance to experience true multimedia communications like instant messaging, presence, and desktop video conferencing and collaboration? These applications work seamlessly with Dynamics CRM and Great Plains. Ask us to show you how these technologies can positively impact your productivity and your bottom line.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Resource Staffing
Available resource trained in day to day transaction processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP with background in accounting processing. Available on a first come first serve basis. Resource based in Fargo, ND. Charge of $800 per week applies.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Resource Staffing
Available resource trained in day to day transaction processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP with background in accounting processing. Available on a first come first serve basis. Resource based in Fargo, ND. Charge of $800 per week applies.

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Featured ISV

Reduce Quote and Order Production Time with Experlogix
By Kathleen Hughes, Experlogix

This has drastically reduced the amount of engineering change requests – meaning a lot of time saved.” All quotes and orders configured by Experlogix are saved to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Experlogix even streamlines the creation of production orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing, including configured bill-of-materials, routings and manufacturing orders. Kennedy reports learning Experlogix is not complicated. “Since the Experlogix Configurator is very dynamic by design, we can make continuous improvements to our implementation of the configurator. We are able to add more features as well as modify and make changes as our company requirements change. It is easy to fine-tune as our company grows and changes daily.” FEI Company (www.fei.com) is a leader in a field that is extremely price and market conscious. In an effort to streamline business both internally and externally, FEI selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve sales and customer service operations. To help realize the benefits of the new CRM solution, FEI needed an integrated product configurator to: • Control quote and order configurations of products and services precisely • Support discount approvals and non-standard requests • Provide accurate pricing in multiple currencies • Consolidate the needs of product administrators operating in different time zones • Create a “corporate memory” of product configurations FEI had an existing quote and order system but the process had limitations, including: • The use of about 20 different software tools and Excel spreadsheets • Slow, cumbersome and difficult to maintain and lacking integration to CRM
Highly Flexible, Scalable Configurator

Quote and Order Automation Solutions

• Delivers 100% quote & order accuracy • Simplifies sales of complex products • Portal/Web interface option


xperlogix extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP into a sophisticated pricing and product configuration system with native, Microsoft certified integration. For manufacturing applications, Experlogix configures Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV sales orders and instantly creates bills-of-materials and manufacturing orders, eliminating the need for large libraries of pre-built BOMS and routings. And, Experlogix expertly guides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users through every aspect of an opportunity, quote and order. Let’s look at two different examples of how Experlogix is helping businesses today. The first is a manufacturer that configures custom conveyors for top retailers and distribution centers in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Experlogix and the second a scientific instrument manufacturer that configures complex microscopes for customers on-the-fly and in the field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Experlogix. Best Conveyors (www.bestconveyors.com) designs turnkey, configurable gravity and power conveyors systems for loading and unloading trucks at distribution centers and retail stores. In 2008, Best Conveyors launched a strategic initiative to reshape the organization’s approach to delivering sales quotations to its clients. The aim was to deliver detailed proposals for any of their conveyor models to a customer’s unique specifications faster and more accurately and combine it with bill of material information should the quote become an order. Best Conveyors offers thousands of potential conveyor configurations for its clients which demanded more than five spreadsheets of data to produce a quote. “Our more complicated
the Summit 2010.3 :: a publication of Summit Group Software

configured quotes took us at least a half a day to calculate the price and generate a bill of material,” says Don Kennedy, Configuration Engineering for Best Conveyors. “And we would spend too much time correcting engineering errors due to data entry and data transfer mistakes as well as other issues. We just did not have acceptable accuracy with the Excel spreadsheets and in hindsight it cost us a lot of time and money.”
Powerful Rules and Formula Capabilities

Best Conveyors also needed a product configurator that would integrate seamlessly with their Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing ERP system. After reviewing several product configurator solutions, Best Conveyors turned to Experlogix. “We selected the Experlogix Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing for its tight integration and powerful rules and formula capabilities,” says Kennedy. “We were convinced following a proof-of-concept demonstration that they could handle our complex requirements.” With Experlogix, Best Conveyors now has a single source of critical sales and engineering data while quote and order accuracy has improved dramatically. Integration of the Experlogix Configurator to Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing ships complete, reducing implementation time.
Streamlines the Creation of Production Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP

“FEI runs an international business with various factories around the globe. We needed a highly flexible, scalable configurator that would help streamline our financial management and allow us to control our configurations very precisely. Moreover, we wanted a tool that would easily support the use of discount approvals as well as the processing of non-standard requests”, says Guido van Mier, Configuration Manager for FEI Worldwide. After investigating several product configurator packages, FEI selected Experlogix for its integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its scalable architecture. “We evaluated other solutions but in the end there was no decision; Experlogix was the logical choice for us as it is such a versatile tool,” says van Mier. “Experlogix could handle all that we initially required and more. Just recently we incorporated logic that handles installation, warranty, additional warranty, and freight and duty. None of the other tools we considered came even close to the power of Experlogix.”
Produce Quotes in Fraction of the Time

Experlogix Product Configurators for Microsoft Dynamics™

For more information, please contact sales@experlogix.com www.experlogix.com

According to Kennedy, the complete process of getting a custom conveyer configured, the bill of material generated and the production documents created is much quicker. “It is all in Experlogix and it all gets processed quickly and without error.

FEI’s customers across a range of scientific industries require microscopes to fit their specific needs. FEI’s sales reps no longer quote and configure each instrument by consulting a spread> Experlogix, continued on page 9


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Featured ISV

drive past the empty storage locations in your high value real estate for an empty position in lower value real estate areas of the warehouse. To make the most efficient use of this high value real estate, the fastest moving products should be located there. Many ERP systems have the capability to determine the rate of movement of products. Talk to your inventory manager to see about having products categorized by their movement speed; also known as velocity or ABC. Provide this information to the put-away personnel so they can gauge where to place the product in storage, even without a systemicdriven put-away system helping to identify optimal storage locations,
Address The What, When, And How Of Customer Orders

Improving Efficiency through Basic Outbound Operations
Three Simple Steps You Can Implement in Your Warehouse Right Now
By Brad Bolinger, vSync

What goods are processed when, and how they are processed, can be a complex series of questions. There is a high degree of variability in the answers depending on the business model. For all businesses distributing their own goods, there is an optimal set of operating methods. Understanding how customers order, when customers order and what will be ordered is crucial to gaining efficiency and exceed customer expectations.

At some point in processing, it may be cheaper to ship free, unordered goods than to send them through a more laborintensive packing and processing routine. Many organizations allow customers to dictate how many units to order by the piece or by volume level. This really just means evaluate inventory, orders, and processing paths to determine when savings can be realized. For each type of processing path through the distribution system there is a cost. Understanding the processing cost, versus the value of goods, leads to understanding the most effective means of processing a given product’s packaging type through the distribution process. Like velocity, there are software applications that are capable of assisting in product categorization. If this capability is not available to you, estimate the cost of processing a single unit of product versus the cost of a larger packaging unit such as a case. Once the costs are known, gather the average number of units ordered (or shipped) at a given time. If the average is nearing the larger packaging unit quantity, consider making the larger packaging unit the standard unit of measure for ordering and distribution.
Review Intelligent Shipping Systems

ety of efficiency and cost benefits for a relatively small investment. Some benefits include reductions in data entry, carrier selection based on cost or delivery times needed, as well as document creation. Many companies create customer information through data entry screens available in their ERP or order management system. The order is then turned into a pick list. The product is picked and delivered to a packaging/shipping station. If the shipping system is integrated with the order management system, the customer’s address can be transferred directly from the order management system to the shipping system. Without such integration, the shipper must manually enter the ship to information into the shipping system. Aside from the time required for data entry, there is an increased risk of keying errors that can lead to mis-delivered shipments. Unless a company is dedicated to a single carrier, utilization of a multi-carrier system allows for rate comparisons. Many carriers offer their own form of shipping system, but these systems evaluate only one carrier leaving the shipper to determine which carrier to use. Usually, the only way to compare rates is to log on
> Improving Efficiency, continued on page 9

Shipping systems can provide a vari-


mall to medium size businesses commonly have basic needs for the implementation of warehousing methodologies. Many of the mainstream periodicals focus on the needs of large, mature organizations looking to break into new technologies or service offerings. Small to medium sized businesses can realize substantial benefits from not only new initiatives featured in such periodicals, but also from basic principles not yet adopted in many cases. Many of the basic principles can be implemented in some manner without large-scale investments though there is no doubt warehouse management systems (WMS) which can certainly assist in managing and maintaining the principles. This article focuses on just three techniques that can be adopted without the tremendous price tags associated with full WMS implementations.
Business Challenge

tion of fundamental processes. In fact, many small to medium size organizations have yet to implement methods of realizing the savings available through the use of some of the more basic warehousing principles—let alone the newer ideas. For these businesses, adopting the basic strategies – usually without large investments of time or money – will yield a bigger return for the time and money invested than implementing the more advanced strategies.
Location, Location, Location

Lean warehousing, supply chain visibility, RFID, 3PL are just a few of today’s buzz words for the mature logistics operation looking to squeeze the next dollar out of the warehousing, distribution, and supply chain processes or gain more sales through new services. Many small to medium size businesses are not yet ready for these initiatives, but can achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction through the implementa-

Understanding the physical warehouse space and product is critical to efficiency. The less time spent handling a product, the more time to move products. Using a sketch of the warehouse, mark the receiving doors, the shipping doors, and the storage/ picking area. Draw a straight line from the receiving doors to the shipping doors. Factor in height from racking if applicable. Because the travel time from Receiving to Packing/Shipping is the least the closer product is to the line, this is the highest value real estate. By minimizing the travel time to store and retrieve goods, warehouse personnel have more time to handle more orders. Try to put away the fastest moving products (highest velocity) in these spots. When receiving slower moving products,
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By Eric Gjerdevig

In the Cloud
seasonal, or cyclical businesses that need to quickly change their user base to meet their unique business requirements. Reduced Dependence on Internal IT Resources: Hosted systems typically require significantly fewer technical resources to manage than onsite solutions because the hosting provider manages the software, hardware, and network administration. This reduces the strain on the organization’s IT department, allowing it to redeploy IT resources for other tasks. Let’s take a look at a few specific Microsoft products available in a hosted/ondemand offering. Microsoft Dynamics GP Over time, the available hosting models have evolved from pure dedicated hosting environments, to a shared model, and finally towards the full multi-tenancy of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. By hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP as a service, it opens up the opportunity to use the same execution platform for multiple customers, even though Microsoft Dynamics GP is not considered to be a true multi-tenant application. The use of Microsoft Dynamics GP multi-instance capabilities and technologies for virtualization, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, has made the offering of Microsoft Dynamics GP in a SaaS-like model possible. Today, Microsoft Dynamics GP is available in hosted environments through many Service Providers. Pricing varies based on numerous factors. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full multi-tenancy solution. This allows hosting Service Providers to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM available through a true SaaS model. It also allows larger companies looking to manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise to implement multiple instances on their own infrastructure in a private cloud like solution. Finally, while Microsoft Dynamics GP is not available directly from Microsoft in a hosted environment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available directly from Microsoft for only $44 per user per month. Factoring in the savings on hardware, SQL Server, as well as the benefits of unlimited support, upgrades, and other benefits – this is a great value. Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite brings together online versions of Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration solutions. It includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, and Office Communications Online for as little as $10 per user per month. These online services are designed to help meet the need for robust security, 24/7 reliability, and user productivity. They eliminate the time and effort spent managing e-mail and collaboration servers, while keeping your organization in control. A key to the Microsoft strategy around on-demand/cloud based solutions is that the same product is available in an onpremise licensing model. This means that as your needs change you have the ultimate scalability and flexibility to have these solutions and others in a hosted environment or installed locally on your network. If you have questions on hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, or the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite please contact your account manager. ▲

> Experlogix, continued from page 5

> Improving Efficiency, continued from page 7

sheet and a diagram tree to match up parts that can and cannot co-exist on the same instrument. All this information is now accessible via the Experlogix Configurator from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They also get immediate feedback if an individual part is compatible with the overall microscope as planned. As a result, FEI has dramatically reduced quote times for even its most complex instruments and is certain that all quotes contain accurate configurations. “Experlogix enables FEI to produce orders in just a fraction of the time previously required. We no longer have to deal with complex systems involving multiple software tools and hordes of Excel spreadsheets,” says van Mier.
Seamless Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

to each carrier’s proprietary system to determine the best, most cost effective options. By using a multi-carrier solution, the shipper creates the shipment once and the shipping system applies rules and performs comparisons to return the best option for shipment.


oday’s small and midsize organizations are increasingly looking for more flexible and cost-effective ways to run their businesses with newer, more efficient ways to deploy critical IT resources, all while maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. To address this challenge and embrace the opportunities today’s business environment brings, many organizations are moving to adopt hosted business applications as an alternative to traditional, on-premise systems. This move to hosting ‘in the cloud’ is garnering a lot of attention and rightfully so. Hosted solutions shift much of the burden of ongoing software management from the customer to the solution provider – which provides many benefits to the customer, including: Minimal initial investment, predictable monthly costs: Unlike a conventional, on-premise solution, a hosted solution does not require substantial upfront investment and typically includes the associated costs of hiring and maintaining a staff of experienced IT personnel. The monthly subscription-based licensing also helps businesses turn capital expenses into predictable monthly operating expenses. Seamless Upgrades: Under this delivery model, the provider can continuously add the latest features and upgrades. Which means users can be assured of using the latest technology, without the typical expenses or timelines associated with on-premise upgrades or customization. Make Changes on Demand: Hosted solutions are easily scalable and flexible to meet changing business requirements. Adding or removing users can be done on demand and will simply change the monthly subscription fee. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for growing,

FEI also appreciates the tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. According to van Mier, “Experlogix works harmoniously with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the combination of the two is quite powerful. We have tossed our old system overboard and have managed to get rid of at least 20 different programs and Excel sheets on the fly.” Experlogix enables FEI to control which users have access to which information, supports automation of internal processes such as requests for quoting non-standard products and discount approval workflows. “Simply stated, our business is running much more smoothly than before,” says van Mier. Since 1997, Experlogix has enabled companies of all types deliver customized products and services that meet customer requirements – faster than the competition – and with higher profits. If you are interested in learning more about how Experlogix can help your business increase ROI with quote and order accuracy, please contact Gwyn Golden at 303-880-1844. ▲

There are numerous efficiencies to be gained in many small to medium sized companies distributing products. Just a handful of possibilities have been listed here. The concepts are all relatively straightforward. Many types of software automation, such as products from vSync, exist that can assist businesses in driving such initiatives. Sometimes the first step in understanding the potential impact of such methodologies requires upfront, manual testing to gauge whether or not the benefit is attainable in a given operation and, if so, whether the time and money of taking the next step to automation and maintenance through more powerful software can be expected to provide a reasonable return. vSync is a leading provider of supply-chain compliance and execution solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Their solutions enable suppliers to meet and manage customer-mandated EDI and fulfillment requirements. Using vSync solutions, companies can automate the order-to-cash process through rules processing, automated transfers to remote warehouses, automated ASN generation, and automated pack verification, shipping and label automation. More information about vShip and vSync products is available at www.vsync.com/vShipdemo or by contacting your account manager. ▲

Want Better Cost Management?
Use WennSoft Job Cost & Time Track
Visibility into areas of profit or loss Management agility to come in under budget Single entry with system-wide impact Built on Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Find out what WennSoft can do for you! Contact Oxana Belikh at 262-317-3727


People  • Process • Product Integration by Design www.wennsoft.com


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Put Data to Work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing
By Betsy Stadick, Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Manager


inally, all the customer data is in a single place! No more spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-it notes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the source for customer data, sales opportunity and pipeline information, and maybe even sharing data via integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP. But there must be more out there? Indeed, there is. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing could be the next logical step with turning Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a real customer data powerhouse. Many organizations can take things to the next level by putting all that client and prospect data to work. This data resides in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as accounts, contacts, and leads which may be tracked today in other modules. By leveraging the Advanced Find tools inherent in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can start to analyze what the customer and prospect data set really looks like. Which clients have placed orders in the last year? Which ones haven’t been heard from at all in a year? Which clients are logical prospects for cross sell and upsell based on any criteria selected? Once data can be segmented and analyzed like this, Marketing Lists can be created and managed. For example, a marketing list for holiday cards – which might be different than one with clients whose sales volume warrants a holiday gift – can be cre-

ated so the generation of those mailing lists is as simple as a mail merge from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Word. Company newsletters, specific marketing pieces or campaigns, invitations to events, or any other regular communications can be quickly executed using a Marketing List. Marketing Campaigns can be used to track specific activity around a certain campaign. Marketing Lists feed these campaigns and the ability to track back campaign response activities as they come in for each campaign will give data that tells what is effective and not in terms of marketing efforts. Use Marketing Campaigns to track Leads as they convert to Customers and Opportunities to assess with real data effective marketing expense. Many of these additional tasks related to segmenting data, marketing list management, and tracking marketing campaigns and responses are just a simple expansion of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For most organizations, this Marketing module functionality is already included in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing today. To talk more about the possibilities and additional insight that can be gained from customer data by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing, contact your account manager today. ▲

The HIRE Act and Microsoft Dynamics GP
By, Margaret Saville – Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Ask the Expert
By Danny Rose


n March 18, 2010, the United States federal government enacted the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, which means changes for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll (US) module.

GP Homepage Error
Question: Why do I receive the METRICS ERROR MESSAGE on my GP HOMEPAGE when I log on? Answer: “Metrics are not available because the Microsoft Office chart control is missing.” Although this message does not affect data entry or any other Microsoft Dynamics GP process, it is often an eyesore for the end-user and does not allow the user to view the Metrics data. There are two resolutions: simply disable Metrics from loading on the Microsoft Dynamics GP homepage or install Microsoft Office Web Components.
Disabling Metrics:

What is the HIRE Act?

Under the HIRE Act, employers receive an exemption on the 6.2% FICA-Social Security tax for wages paid to qualified employees from March 19, 2010 through December 31, 2010. Employer and employee Medicare tax still applies to these wages and the employee portion of Social Security tax also applies. Employers who do and do not qualify: In general, most businesses qualify for the Social Security exemption for qualified employees, whether they are taxable or tax-exempt, new or existing. The only entities which do not qualify for the tax exemption are governmental units, although public colleges and universities and Indian tribal governments do qualify. If you are unsure whether or not your business qualifies for the exemption, please contact your tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service. Employees who do or do not qualify: Persons who have not worked more than 40 hours in the 60 days prior to beginning employment with an employer will generally qualify the employer for the Social Security exemption. The employees must sign a W-11 affidavit form for their employer to keep on file. Qualified employees must be hired by the employer after February 3, 2010 and prior to January 1, 2011. There is no age minimum for a qualifying employee, and there is not a requirement for a set number of hours or a set period time of employment after hire. If you are unsure whether or not the employee qualifies your business for the exemption, please contact your tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service.
Implications for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft released the 2010 mid-year payroll tax update for Microsoft Dynamics GP which contained changes for the HIRE Act. To allow for the tracking of HIRE Act eligible employees within Microsoft GP, a checkbox was added to the Employee Tax Maintenance window. IRS form changes for the 941 Form have been updated as well as the creation of a new Payroll Tax Adjustment Report that will be needed to supplement the 941 Form.
Planning Ahead

On the Microsoft Dynamics GP homepage, click on Customize This Page, which is located on the top right of the homepage. In the Mark Content to Display section, unmark Microsoft Office Outlook and Metrics and click OK. (This window also allows you to customize other features on your homepage.)
Installing Office Web Components:

Microsoft will release a future code update for Microsoft Dynamics GP to accommodate the Hire Act-related changes for the 2010 forms W-2 and W-3 at the end of calendar year 2010. These updates will need to be applied at that time. Be sure to plan ahead that in addition to typical year end close tasks and routines with Microsoft Dynamics GP, these payroll updates will need to be scheduled as well. If running Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll for versions 9, 10, or 2010, this midyear tax update may be something that needs to be installed. Please contact our support team to discuss the installation of this tax update or to schedule some of the year-end updates now. ▲

If you are running Microsoft Office 2007, you must install the Microsoft Office Web Components for Office 2003 and Microsoft Office XP. If you use Microsoft Office 2000 or Microsoft Office 2003, you must install Office Web Components for Office XP or Office Web Components for Office 2003, respectively. If you download one set of the web components and still receive this message, download and install the other set of web components from the Microsoft Office website or contact our support team. ▲
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Microsoft SharePoint Foundation (formerly Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services)

• • • • • • • • •

Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office
By Erin Marr

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


n today’s work environment, businesses must do more with less, be proactive and provide solutions to gain competitive advantage. In order to be successful meeting those demands, critical business information must be available to a broad base of employees, vendors and customers. Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office (DCO) provides access to an organization’s business management system through familiar Microsoft Office software. With DCO, employees are equipped with the tools to make better-informed decisions, increase productivity and improve business processes. The Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office is a package of self-service applications built around the Microsoft Office System. These applications combine role-based access to information and processes with the business insights and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint technology. DCO is provided as a named user license for users inside or outside of the organization to access the Microsoft Dynamics GP full client.

Workflows Web services eConnect Procedures Search External Lists Business Intelligence Executive centers & dashboards Excel reports SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports SSRS Report Models New charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Analysis cubes Analysis cubes library Business Portal Order management Requisition management Field service suite Human Resources Self Service Suite Time & Attendance Employee Profile Employee Pay Recruitment Skills & Training Project time and expense Microsoft Dynamics GP system database access rights for users

Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender –

Better than Ever!
By Rhonda Hawley, Microsoft Dynamics Consultant, MCT


usiness specific data is critical to managing day-to-day operations. However, finding a place to track this information within Microsoft Dynamics GP may prove difficult. With a limited number of “user-defined” fields within the application itself, sometimes working that information in can be tricky. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender ensures that a Microsoft Dynamics GP user will have an unlimited number of “user- defined” fields available. Think of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender product as a way to build your own Forms, Windows, and Fields without having to learn the Dexterity programming language. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 Service Pack (SP) 4 and the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 release, this tool has the additional functionality of Extender Forms and Detail Forms which allow for stand- alone screens to be built for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means that customers are able to build “mini applications” with many screens all linked together, to provide the specific data capture required.
Here are a few examples of practical applications of this functionality.

• Record more fields against a sales order or a sales order line and have that information show on the Invoice. • Record additional data against an inventory item and then display this data during purchase order line entry. • Build custom screens for tracking business specific concepts – e.g. Equipment, Parts, Patients, Pets, Rebate codes, Bookings or any other unique data. Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender is the correct tool to turn to when a customer requires additional data fields to be available for a Microsoft Dynamics GP window or third party product window. Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender also provides unlimited detail note tracking against any Microsoft Dynamics GP window or third party product window. Data may be added manually or imported into the screens via Microsoft Office Excel or a simple text file. Once the data has been added to the new screens, Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender offers the ability to formulate SmartLists, SQL Views and Reports which can quickly aid in strategic business analysis and decisions. The applications of Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender are varied and many. Contact your account manager today to start the discussion of the possibilities and determine if it is right for your organization. ▲

• Track additional information about customers. • Track extra details against salespeople to help calculate complex commissions. • Record additional fields against a project in Project Accounting.

DCO Capabilities

DCO contains a great deal of functionality at a competitive cost. With DCO, processes can be standardized and automated by connecting employees with information critical to the success of the business. Out of the box, DCO users have the following capabilities:
Management Reporter Viewer

Management Reporter is an industry-leading, automated financial reporting and analysis application. Executives and managers across the organization can use it to make decisions based on the financial performance of the company. (Management Reporter Viewer replaced Microsoft FRx with the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.)
Microsoft Dynamics GP License Compliance

Another important way to view DCO licenses is as a way to make sure organizations are in compliance with the Microsoft Dynamics GP User Li-

cense Agreement. It may be easiest to understand by examining an example. Bear with us here… the licensing part is where things get a little specific! Assume an organization has five users of Microsoft Dynamics GP licensed. Currently all five are being used. Another user needs to run a simple Microsoft Excel or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report. Neither of these tasks requires logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP. In this scenario, running these reports without a DCO license effectively violates the User License Agreement. Technically speaking, if a user is not logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP, and therefore not using one of the concurrent licenses, any access of the Microsoft Dynamics GP database through any tool such as Excel, SSRS, SharePoint, Crystal Report Writer, and so forth is in violation. DCO Licenses provide a low cost way of making sure everyone using Microsoft Dynamics GP has the licenses required. For Current Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal users that remain on the modular-based pricing structure, additional Business Portal user licenses will continue to be available. Customers that have purchased under the Business Ready Licensing structure and currently have Business Por> Dynamics Client, continued on page 16

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SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

What’s New; and a Few Tips and Tricks
By Joe Tews, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint Consultant, MCT


What to Expect in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
By Josh Behl, Microsoft Dynamics Consultant, MCT


he next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just around the corner and this is certainly a release to be excited about. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is slated for release in late 2010. Microsoft has listened very closely to customers and partners over the last few years and from that feedback made a lot of investments in the following areas (among others): • Increase accessibility through the Microsoft Office “ribbon” interface • Improve productivity through a streamlined user interface and reduction of mouse clicks • Drive user adoption through personalization and role based forms • Facilitate collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint integration • Enrich business insight through improved business intelligence • Enhancements to customization capabilities • Ability to utilize Windows Azure functionality and leverage its capabilities • Field level security and record auditing From the average user’s perspective, day to day usage of the application should be more pleasant and configurable based on preference. For example, users will notice a familiar “ribbon” interface which they have become accustomed to in the latest releases of Microsoft Office. In addition, the ease of use in applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook will have similar functionality present in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One area where this is evident is in the ability for users to create custom filters, conditional formatting, and other Excel like formatting. This is now a standard feature in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Add-In. Beyond the ability to slice and dice data, users will have the ability to see, navigate and interact with data the way they choose. Microsoft has provided the ability for field level security, role based forms, user defined dashboards, charts, and other visualizations. In addition to the “Microsoft Office like” functionality, users will enjoy the ability to stay in one window to view other records verses having multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM windows all open at the same time. Users should find the reductions in clicks, flex-

ibility of the interface, and an interface which aligns very closely with other Microsoft products they are accustomed to using to be a massive leap forward. For more advanced users who do form customizations, manage security, or workflows, there are exciting changes as well in this new version. Features such as “drag and drop” form customizations, global picklists, embedding CRM grids into CRM forms, global jscripts available to use on multiple forms, and the ability to hide, add or modify Microsoft Dynamics CRM navigation and buttons without having to either do unsupported form customizations or customize the ISV.Config file will be welcomed changes to an already robust and easy to use customization environment. In addition to these common kinds of form customizations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has included the ability to integrate an already existing SharePoint site with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For many current customers, the use of SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM working together has been part of their solution. Moving forward, this SharePoint integration will be a natural part of their
> Dynamics CRM 2011, continued on page 17

ith Microsoft SQL Server 2008 finally appearing in Microsoft Dynamics production environments, there may be questions on the improvements made to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008. When working with SQL Server Reporting Services 2008, one of the most noticeable changes is a Visual Studio interface is no longer required to create and modify SSRS reports. Microsoft has built a stand-alone report designer that has the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2007. For those looking for an easier-to-use interface with a familiar look and feel, this is the ideal solution. However, for those who still prefer to use the Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS), this is still available and all enhancements made to the new stand-alone report designer also flow over to the BIDS.

When deploying the report server, IIS is no longer a requirement to host the report server website. This helps to reduce deployment headaches in getting communication to function properly between the SQL Server Reporting Services instance and IIS as well as to reduce server overhead in not needing to have IIS deployed and running. Another big change – when creating the reports themselves, there is no longer a need to decide whether a table or a matrix is needed for the report being created. Instead, there is a new feature called the Tablix. The Tablix allows users to add one control and be able to take advantage of the features of both the table and the matrix. Using the Tablix controls, columns can be added either inside or outside of an existing column group and either to the left or right.

As with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, the Report Designer Wizard can still be utilized to guide users through the process of creating a new report. This has remained essentially the same from version to version, allowing users already familiar and comfortable with the Report Designer wizard to be able to utilize this feature in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 without having to relearn the functions of the wizard. The wizard is a good way for those not comfortable with free-form reports to be able to design a report with ease. There are some exciting new features available with SQL Server Reporting Services 2008! If you are interested in upgrading from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005, please be sure to contact your account manager to discuss the process and options available. ▲

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> Dynamics CRM 2011, continued from page 14

Use Microsoft Excel to Deliver Microsoft Dynamics GP Data
By Jeff Weber – Microsoft Dynamics Consultant


icrosoft Office Excel is arguably the most commonly used data analysis tool available today. Every office has at least one Excel guru and many others who know just what to do to get exactly the data needed using it. Today, a seamless integration between Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Dynamics GP now exists and allows increasing numbers of users of all levels to start analyzing Microsoft Dynamics GP data. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. With Excel Microsoft Dynamics GP, data can be retrieved and presented effortlessly. Tables in Excel can be refreshed to show the most current raw data, from which graphs and charts can be easily built. Another option is to build a Pivot Table Report (or the powerful new feature of PowerPivot in Excel 2010) linked directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP data. For example – a simple Excel report can be created to deliver a one click access, up-to-the-minute Excel Report of top 10 customers by sales dollars.
200 Pre-built Excel Reports

can develop a SQL query to bring together a complex set of data to then be retrieved and presented in Excel.

• • • • • • •

Deployment computer must have .Net 3.0 installed Support Microsoft Office versions: Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Office XP Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack for Office versions before Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment once Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has been released. For customers who have held off integrating the two solutions due to the perceived complexities or the cost associated with doing it, it will now be available out of the box! In addition to enhancements pertaining to customizing and extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM, administrators will now be able to enjoy auditing, field level security, and role based forms where these features in previous versions were simply not possible or required extensive and sometimes unsupported customizations. One very important note to call out to existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 needs to run on a 64-bit operating system. Microsoft has been releasing 64-bit versions of many if not all of their latest software releases. With this version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, hardware and software may need to be upgraded to accommodate an upgrade or new installation. It is important to note that client machines can still leverage 32-bit software and hardware, but servers will need to be updated. As such, when looking to upgrade please keep this important point in mind. However, when looking at the landscape of Microsoft products and their future, 64-bit is not going away. Look at making these investments sooner than later to take full advantage of the 64-bit enhancements! This upcoming version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is truly something special. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has put the focus on the end user experience and improved the work of the customizer by providing the ability to do more dynamic customizations, faster, and less expensively than in the past. ▲

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Microsoft Dynamics GP ships with over 200 Excel reports including the data connections and Excel files. Separate reports are created for each company database and are organized with a folder for each module (Financial, Sales, Purchasing, etc.). Getting a list of General Ledger Accounts in Excel can be as easy as opening a file. For example – to retrieve a list of just the Profit and Loss accounts, use the filtering that has been automatically applied to the Excel Report. Some of the reports include Financial Account Transactions Current and History, Inventory Item Quantities, Payroll Employees Vacation Sick Time Available, Payables 1099 Transactions, and Sales Transactions Open Orders.
Excel Report Builder

Do you know Microsoft Office Excel? Imagine what could be done with it by bringing in Microsoft Dynamics GP data. Contact your account manager today if you would like to learn more about using Office Excel and Excel Report Builder to retrieve and present Microsoft Dynamics GP data. ▲

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> Dynamics Client, continued from page 12

Companies who own Smart List Builder have available to them Excel Report Builder. Users who are familiar with Smart List Builder will be very familiar with Excel Report Builder. Excel Report Builder enables users to create virtually any custom Excel Report with business critical Microsoft Dynamics GP data. Data across modules (with the appropriate relationships) can be brought together or users

tal will be required to move over to DCO. Those customers purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP after May 1, 2010 will only have the DCO license available. If you have any questions about your current licensing structure, please contact your account manager. There is a wide variety of functionality available to an organization using the Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office. Whether you have employees requiring time entry capabilities, viewing of paystubs or management that only needs access to certain reports, Microsoft DCO will help to improve your company’s overall business efficiency. There is a great promotion on these licenses through the end of 2010! Contact your account manager for more info. ▲

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Course Customization and Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Distribution SharePoint Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Maximizing your Microsoft Dynamics GP Investment - presented by Carole D’Arcy from Corporate Renaissance Group Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services SharePoint Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Distribution Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Customization and Workflow SharePoint Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP – Year End User Group Microsoft Dynamics GP – Year End User Group Microsoft Dynamics GP – Year End Closing Process Microsoft Dynamics GP – Year End User Group

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