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Executive Board
Election Packet 2018

Letter of Intents due via ​ Thursday, April 19th, 2018 11:59PM EST
Video Submissions (for Abroad Candidates) Thursday, April 19th, 2018 11:59 PM EST
Candidates Notified of Opponents Friday, April 20th, 2018 10:00 AM EST
Election Day Friday, April 20th, 2018 3:30 PM EST
Announcement of Results Sunday, April 22th, 2018 5:00PM EST


1. What positions are up for election?


President Prosper Ro
Vice President Keri Huang
Treasurer Dylan Li
Cultural Director Cerinn Park
Social Chair Mitchell Liang
Political Education Chair Nagwang Gyamtso
Community Service Chair Erin Son
Creative Director Karyna Luong
Historian* Richard Yang
* ​Historian will be combined with Creative Director for the 2018-2019 academic year.

2. How many positions can I run for?

Each candidate are eligible to run for more than one position, however, he/she can only be
elected for one position.

3. How long is each term? What if I want to study abroad during the Fall/Spring term?
Each term lasts for a whole academic year. However, if the candidate intends to study abroad
during either semester, he/she is responsible for notifying the current E-board as well as
mentioning the situation during election. The President and Vice President must take the
positions for the entire academic year, while the other chair positions are allowed to co-run on
semester basis.

4. What if I am studying abroad now for this Spring Semester (2018)?

If you are abroad now, be sure to submit a Letter of Intent by ​Thursday, April 19th, 2018 by
11:59PM EST​ and a video submission by ​Thursday, April 19th, 2018 11:59 PM EST. ​Video
submissions should be a pitch of why he/she feels qualified for the position; it is the opportunity
for the candidate to express his qualifications to the constituents.

5. What changes have there been to E-board?

For this election, the A.S.I.A. E-board has decided to restructure the next E-Board by merging
roles. We are combining the role of Historian, who will be responsible for documenting our
events through pictures and videos, with the Creative Director, which is a combination of
Advertising Chair and Public Relations Chair. Additionally, the Freshman Representative position
has been discontinued until further notice. This allows the E-board to restructure and redefine
the role and its responsibilities.


1. When is the Letter-of-Intents Due?

Letter of Intents will be due ​Thursday, April 19th, 2018 11:59PM EST,​ emailed to​. If you are late, your candidacy may be denied. The letter should not
exceed one page, single spaced.


1. Will I know who will run against me?

Yes. You will be notified by Friday, April 20th, 2018 10:00 AM EST.

2. Should I attend an ASIA E-Board Meeting?

Yes. It is highly recommend that you take advantage of the shadowing opportunity to
understand how E-board operates. A.S.I.A. E-board meetings are held weekly on Thursdays at
8pm in Schine 233.


1. When will Elections be held?

Elections will be held on ​Friday, April 20, 2018 at 3:30 PM EST in HOL 214​. Candidates are
expected to arrive at 3:15 PM EST.

2. What if I can’t make it to Elections?

You will be required to submit a video submission of your speech. Please upload your video to a
video source (i.e. YouTube) and send the link to ​​. Candidates who
submit a letter of intent and not a video submission will be disqualified from running.

3. What happens during Elections?

Elections will start promptly at 3:30 PM EST. Candidates will be called up by position and will be
asked to leave the room. One by one, each candidate will present a two-minute speech on why
they’re qualified for the position. After which, there will be one question asked by the current
officer and three questions asked by ASIA members. All responses are kept a minute each. After
Q&A, there is a short deliberation about the candidate before the next candidate is brought in.
4. How many votes do I need to win?
Each position will need a majority vote to win.

5. If no one else runs against me for a position, does that mean I automatically win?
No. The audience will have the option of “No candidates qualified.” If a candidate runs
unopposed, he/she will still have to go through the election process. Candidates must win by
majority vote.

6. What happens if no one is named to a position?

It will be up to the new E-Board to decide the next steps.


1. When will I be notified of the results?

All results of the election will be announced via email by Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 5:00PM EST.

2. What happens if I win?

You will start training for your position once you are elected, which includes meeting with the
current person in your position and attending E-board meetings. If you have a conflict with the
time, notify the current E-board. Additionally, you will be asked to support and attend the
events that A.S.I.A. will be hosting for the rest of this semester.

3. What happens if I lose?

We encourage you to continue to be involved with ASIA. Learning more and contributing to the
organization will give you an opportunity to gain experience for future elections.


Any other questions can be sent to ​​.


The role of the President is to oversee the activities and operations within A.S.I.A. He/she is
responsible for assigning the necessary tasks that need to be completed in order for efficiency.
Thus, he/she should be able to manage a team and delegate tasks to their respective roles. The
President also completes necessary paperwork through Orgsync and SA in order to maintain
A.S.I.A.’s active status as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO). The President will follow up
on dates needed for Fiscal Training, Budget Hearings, bi-monthly advisor meetings and other
meetings throughout the year. The President should be knowledgeable of the responsibilities for
each position on E-Board so that he/she can assist with any difficulties that may arise. The
President must keep a respectable image for the organization, and provide goals to be
accomplished for the good of both E-Board and A.S.I.A. ​The President must have at least one
year of experience on A.S.I.A. E-Board.
Vice President
The role of the Vice President is to assist in the position of any absent body. If e-board members
cannot completely fulfill their duties, the Vice President will help complete these tasks. He/she
must have a good understanding of each of the positions on A.S.I.A E-board and must be flexible
to adapt to any given situation, such as taking on projects that are not specific to any one
position. Additionally, the Vice President will be responsible for taking minutes during E-Board
meetings, scheduling reservations (for rooms, kiosks, tabling, etc.), and any administrative tasks
necessary for A.S.I.A. to run smoothly. ​The Vice President must have at least one year of
experience on an E-Board of a Registered Student Organization.

The role of the Treasurer is to complete the necessary paperwork to receive Student Association
(SA) funding for A.S.I.A’s large scale events. He/she must work alongside the rest of E-Board to
obtain information regarding these events. The Treasurer must meet deadlines in obtaining
evidence/proof of cost and posting/applying for semesterly budgets. He/she should be flexible
with changes that may arise throughout the semester, including re-applying for funding in the
case that budgets are denied. The Treasurer must communicate thoroughly with SA advisors to
monitor the monetary amounts in our main financial accounts: SA Funding, Miscellaneous
account and fundraising account. He/she must be familiar with how and when amounts from
each account could be used.

Cultural Director
The role of the Cultural Director is to plan and prepare A.S.I.A.’s campus wide cultural events.
This included contacting and communicating student performers and contracted artists for
these large scale events. Responsibilities of the Cultural Director also include meeting with SCPS
and the student life advisor on a regular basis to update the university on the progress of the
event, which entails submitting forms and itineraries in a timely manner. He/she will need to
work closely with the Treasurer to submit budget requests for events planned the following
semester. During rehearsals, the Cultural Director is responsible for making sure performers
arrive and are given their full rehearsal time slot. During events, the Cultural Director is
responsible for managing the stage and assigning roles to E-Board to help make sure the show
runs smoothly, while maintaining full communication with SCPS.

Social Chair
The role of the Social Chair is to bring the cohesiveness among the general ASIA members and
the Executive Board members. He/she is responsible for coordinating the social activities, such
as Big/Little BBQ, Thanksgiving potluck, trips away from Syracuse, Semi Formal, and more.
These events will help the organization grow as an inclusive community as well as bring the
Social Pillar of A.S.I.A. into light. Activities will be dependent on the each year’s selected
E-Board. Mandatory events include Semi-formal and Big/Little Programs. Additionally, the Social
Chair will be responsible for fundraising for these events, which are not funded by SA.

Community Service Chair

The role of the Community Service Chair is to organize and plan volunteer opportunities within
A.S.I.A. to highlight the Community Service pillar. He/she will need to contact sites for
information on the volunteer work and maintain a good relationship with them for continuous
collaboration. During the planning process, the Community Service Chair will need to coordinate
the logistically items, such as transportation, fundraising, etc. He/she will also be responsible for
engaging A.S.I.A. members to participate in these service opportunities. The Community Service
Chair should recognize A.S.I.A. members that contribute outstanding work.

Political Education Chair

The role of the Political Education Chair is to uphold and expand the Political Education pillar of
A.S.I.A. He/she should have a basic knowledge about Asian American history, a passion for
issues affecting the Asian Pacific Islander American community, and is up to date with current
events revolving around this area. He/she is responsible for politicizing, educating and raising
awareness on APIA social and political issues through various methods. These methods may
include (but are not limited to) ASIA General Meetings, guest speakers and advocacy activities.
Additionally, the Political Education Chair will make sure that the Asian/Asian American Studies
minor carries forth. He/she should maintain regular communication with committees, resources
and initiatives on campus that provide support for Asians, Asian Americans and students of

Creative Director
The Creative Director is responsible for the conception and creation of all promotional material
for events and meetings throughout the year. This requires close communication with the
E-Board members, especially the Social Chair and Cultural Director. The Creative Director must
ensure flyers, kiosk posters, and programs are completed prior to each event for E-board to
review. Therefore, he/she must be flexible with new assignments and be able to quickly
complete projects. The Creative Director will have full control over the creativity of the designs,
but should be knowledgeable in some design software, such as InDesign or Photoshop.
In addition, the Creative Director should also be responsible for raising awareness of A.S.I.A. and
promote its events throughout the year. He/she is responsible for reaching out to students,
organizations and alumni to maximize the success of A.S.I.A.’s publicity. The Creative Director is
the professional face of A.S.I.A. on campus as well as in the digital world. He/she will take charge
of posting flyers, maintaining an active social media page (Facebook, Instagram, etc.),
documenting all of A.S.I.A’s meetings and events through pictures and videos, and sending
emails to publicize A.S.I.A. and its events. He/She should have experience in photography as well
as own a professional camera that can shoot high quality pictures and videos. The pictures taken
should positively depict our meetings and events, providing insight about our community to
students who are interested in joining our organization. Through various means, the Creative
Director will keep the current members and the alumni up to date with what’s happening in