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Survey Shows US Workers Feel Secure About Jobs

American workers are feeling more secure about their jobs, according to a new survey conducted by

Las Vegas, NV, April 17, 2018 --( An over-whelming majority of U.S. workers feel secure
about their jobs, according to a new poll conducted by As the economy shows
growing signs of improvement, the survey found that 85% of those surveyed feel good about the
likelihood of future employment.

The survey paints a positive picture about the American workplace, despite growing uncertainty over the
national economy in light of the China trade war. Economic jitters have triggered a 3,000 point fall in the
New York Stock Exchange Dow Jones Industrial average, triggering declines in other world markets.

Employee lay-offs and cutbacks conducted by numerous large employers, including corporations like
Costco, Kroger and many other Wall Street titans are part of the new economy as companies struggle to
keep their bottom line in the black showing major troubles brewing in the U.S. economic work force.
Studies show more people have less money to live on in the U.S. than ever before as the wealthy sector of
the U.S. economy is adding more to its wealth. regularly surveys visitors on important issues related to the economy and is a
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