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SAP AII / OER Configuration Accelerator

Speeds Deployment, Saving Time and Money

The Challenges of Implementing SAP’s AII and OER Modules
To generate a strong ROI from any SAP implementation, the key is to install the system quickly
and efficiently. For companies implementing serialization solutions, success hinges on the con-
Reduce the time configuring figuration of two key modules: SAP’s Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) and Object Event Repository
(OER). The former stores and translates raw EPC data into meaningful business data, and the
SAP’s AII and OER modules by up latter serves as a hub for collecting enterprise-wide information, providing users with a central
location from which they can query, manage and monitor data and processes. Too often, however,
to 30% with Acsis’ Configuration manufacturers lack the internal expertise needed to optimize the configuration of these complex
modules, resulting in missed delivery dates, added costs and tremendous frustration.
Accelerator Program.
Acsis’ SAP AII / OER Configuration Accelerator Program eliminates the costly delays and additional
work often associated with implementing these two modules. Consisting of best practices,
process flows and pre-built templates, Acsis’ Configuration Accelerator Program provides
manufacturers with the tools and services needed to streamline and optimize the configuration
of their AII and OER modules.

Working with Acsis’ experienced SAP consulting team, the manufacturer can personalize the Acsis
templates and define all system transactions and points of integration needed to support the
specifics of its own pick-pack operation as well as item, bundle, case and pallet-level serialization
in its packaging and warehousing operations. More importantly, Acsis’ Configuration Accelerator
Program can do this far quicker and more efficiently than building them from scratch.

Acsis’ SAP AII / OER Configuration Accelerator Program fully integrates the AII/OER modules
with all ECC business processes and provides comprehensive support for serialization across
the enterprise. With Acsis’ SAP AII / OER Configuration Accelerator Program, manufacturers
can better manage their deployment timelines, reduce risk, and save significant time and money,
not to mention headaches. In fact, many manufacturers have compressed their implementation
KNOW IN THE MOMENT. timelines by 30%.

meaningful enterprise serialization data as it moves from the packaging line to the distribution center and then out to the broader supply chain. development and deployment. implementing A certified SAP partner since 1996. including California’s e-pedigree mandate. and supporting SAP implementations for a wide variety of Fortune 500 customers.489. the Configuration Accelerator Program includes pre-built templates that seamlessly a substantial head start on their integrate Acsis’ enterprise serialization management and distribution solutions with the AII and OER modules as well as a manufacturer’s materials handling. Medical Device Manufacturing. which translates into proven www. NJ 08053 USA .4911 Email sales@acsisinc.ACSIS SERIALIZATION IN A BOX This proven program leverages Acsis’ 20 years of proven experience designing. 100% accurate chargeback and returns reconciliation. data collection and other AII / OER implementation. empowering manufacturers to always ‘know in the moment’ their products’ exact location.acsisinc. better. and total compliance with all government and regulatory requirements. A certified SAP partner since 1996. Acsis enterprise serialization solutions generate. experience. capture and leverage high-quality.3000 Global Customer Support Staffed 24 hours —7 days/week 856. Suite D Marlton. Stow Road. third-party systems. Acsis’ Proven SAP AII/OER Experience and Expertise • SAP-certified Technology and Services Partner since 1996 •  key participant in all testing and functionality reviews of SAP’s AII and OER releases A since version 2. As a result. Food & Beverage and Industrial markets. manufacturers gain real-time supply chain visibility at the unit level. giving manufacturers In addition. Acsis has partnered with SAP on pre-release AII and OER testing and Acsis brings years of proven functionality reviews since version 2. As a result. 9 E. mitigated legal and business risk associated with counterfeiting and diversions.1 • First certified device control provider for the Auto-ID Infrastructure module • Dedicated.673. Acsis Inc. With more than 30 years of proven experience and domain expertise in enterprise solution design.1. more targeted recall management. experienced team for SAP AII/OER implementations • Involved in hundreds of SAP implementations for a wide range of Fortune 500 customers About Acsis Acsis is the market leader for Enterprise Serialization in the Pharmaceutical. giving manufacturers a substantial head start on their SAP implementation. enterprise integration expertise and process flows and configurations. the company and its dedicated teams possess unparalleled expertise in enterprise integration.