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a ©. SEVENTEENTH CONGRESS OF THE REPUBLIC} rer (OF THE PHLIPPINES. ) ‘Second Regula Session } 4 oe se men P.S. RESOLUTION No,_712 Introduced by SENATOR PANFILO M LACSON RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC ORDER AND ILLEGAL ORUGS TO CONDUCT AN INQUIRY, IN AID OF LEGISLATION, ON THE ALLEGED ILLEGAL WITHHOLDING OF DAILY SUBSISTENCE ALLOWANCE (ASA) AND EXPLOSIVE ORONANCE DISPOSAL HAZARDOUS PAY (EOD HOP) AL-OTED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE SPECIAL [ACTION FORCE (SAF) TROOPERS AMOUNTING TO P59. MILLION, WITH THE END IN VIEW, (OF PROPOSING REMEDIAL LEGISLATION TO ADDRESS THE SAME AND PREVENT THE RECURRENCE OF THE SAME INCIDENT IN THE FUTURE THAT MAY CAUSE DDEMORALIZATION AMONG THE RANKS OF THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE eres, te Spec! Acton Fore (SAF},an els unit oigially under te Armed Fores of the Phppines (AFP) was crested on May 16, 1985 i ordrtosireamline he rly operation, 0 ‘es the vious Beats o national sacurty. ard te reviaze ho itary Today, ares 35 an Cpertonl suppor nt of the Phipine Nations! Poice (PNP) tha urctons 25 8 mobil Seo force or reacion wat to augment regional, poundal. manips, and ety poles foros fr cil Cietwoancos contol counerinsuroncy, hosageaking rescue eperatons, and char special Whereas, to ther complement and senghen the present organizational stuctre of he SSAF and in complanee wih the deve of Presiden! Rodrgo Raa Duet to enhance the perational capably of the PNP-SAF in cutieg crinaty and fers, the National Poco Commission (NAPOLCOM) on bane has issued Resoliton No. 2018027 on February 2, 2018 alloning the esabishment of fe (6) adatonal Spec Acton Batalons (SABs) mandated "© Eonductlngvango recennaicancalsuvollance opoations deep into enemy teloes tough ination and extreaton by nd, soa® Whereas, i adton to th regular atownnces recived bythe members ofthe PNP, the sifomes personel ofthe PNP-SAF ufo engage nie trestering pole opratons are eid 12 Daly Adstiona Substance Alowance (ASA) suring Yo Thirty Pesos per day (Pr Oday rN Hundred Pesos a month (P90. Ooi) whic is usuByFleased sbuld, and gon bythe Unit's Finance Sergeant oarund 400 untores personal of the ut every quar fe yor. Moreover, ey re tkewse Teco aiocaiona fr Exploave Ordnance Disposal Hazardous Py (€00 HOP} eres, fore lease of he sane tothe unformed personel ofthe SAF, the Decor of ‘he PNP SAF chat ge the go sgnallauthonty the Budget a Fiscal Ofc of he Unit who win ttm dec the Finance Sergeants fo laa the 234 Daly Adationel Subsistence Alowance (ASA) ‘wall the unformed personnal of he PNP SAF: (See, 96 (912) ot Rope No 6975). = hpi praneworconnewuneusinaten6t20thaplcom ks ceaton of e-moro-st ‘atstonaary Wnereas, despite release of he sncunts coresponding to the esd Daly Adional ‘Subsistence Allowance (ASA) by he Deparment ef Budget and Management (OBM) andthe recat Ihereor by he SAF Financial Senice im FY 2016 and FY 2017. a8 evidenced by copes ofthe Noces of Cash Alocaion (NGAS) and Noteos of Fund Ageaton (NFA) fr each month of releases, rcords would show thatthe 4000 menbare of he SAP ony recived tht share of he (SA) fr he months of January 2018 and January Jy 2017 \Wereas, vn contoned wih the issue ofthe nonsease ofthe ASA hen Potee Decor Benjamin Mi Lused, SAF Director and Senior Superintendent Andre P. Dizon, SAP Budget and Fiscal cer, sited that hey indeed recaved he amount ofthe ureleased ASA, epolged to te members ofthe SAF, and explaned tht they used the amounts for eperatonal expenses, ‘etowship, nd taining, witout however showing any poet oft eebursoments and Hauidaion ws ‘mandate by reas, members ofthe PNP-SAF approached this represents oa hegrevanc ot the SAF troopers and apprise the undersigned eparang te legal witnekding of er ASA and EOD HOP. Aline same ime, sad SAF momeerfunshed the Ofc of his representation a copy of ‘he Complaint Ada ‘opether wih the ataced Annexes, Had i Be Of of the Onibudsman janet he oil involved nso analy \mereas, asa consequonce of suc ig on Ap 16,2018, twas repo by sre of he leasing newspapers and onine news stos nto sunt tet grat charges were fied inthe Otis of the Ombudsman agaist ex-SAF Officials forthe loged unreleased dy edons! subsistence _atomance tal supposedly went o operations of SAF woopere deployed to quad he Nation! Bib Prison (NEP) and eft dung he Mar Ci ge” Whereas, ne said unlawulwinhoingct sald funds, it tue, conse a criminal or unlit actand runs countor” the. event poloy of the President to crease the fay of ‘our mtr and untormes persennelinordr to rpay ta othe sce Whereas, we cannot alow, yt again, ancer isco to be commited agent our nares 'n unto wo af nthe foretent n ou Fant agaist tell of rari and een ost we tsk erection wahin thi ranks Tus the need fa robe inf the sald alepatons \Wnereas, ther is 2 nood to rev out exiting laws and the implementation of the same in ‘oer to ensure tat the Denes grate bylaw to cr poles fers are indeed recived by ter. ‘nd to detemine wheter ter Is unawsl depivaton ofthe lawl right thst reqs the Imposion of sanesons to te ering oficial ofthe SAF. NOW THEREFORE BEIT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, to drect 35 it horeby docs he Senste Commitee on Putte Order ad egal Drugs to conduc an sity, aid of lopslabon, onthe eleged Hegel wihokng ofthe rotase of he diy additonal sibistencealowance of SAF troopers and thei Explosive Ordnance Disposal Hazardous Pay, vith he end in view of proposing ramets! leplaton to corect tho same and pul 8 stop to ths unlowtspracton To te frejuic of the intended Denes ‘sop, panei RIoCKcsON ‘restewseso nqurer nou98270Spdape- tac angrcla080