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Subject: English

Date: February 2018

Lesson Topic: Motifs in literature

Teachers: Ms. Donahue

Learning Goals A (1f-2)
NE Standards

or Developmental Indicators
for Early Childhood

ISTE Standards 1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

Learning Goals B
2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments
ISTE Technology
Standard(s) for Teachers 3. Model digital age work and learning
Identify the tech standard
used in the lesson 4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

Click HERE for more 5. Engage in professional growth and leadership

information on the ISTE
Standards for Teachers N/A - None of the ISTE Standards are applicable to this lesson.

Objectives: 1. Be able to explain what a motif is and their role in literature

Learning objectives should be
measurable. 2. Be able to recognize a motif in examples

What do you want students to 3.

know or be able to do at the
end of your lesson? List 2-3
learning objectives
Materials/Resources Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell Tale Heart”
List materials or resources that Audiobook “A Tell Tale Heart”
will be used in this lesson. Chromebooks
Resources should include a Google Docs
combination of interactive sites,
videos, games or Google Tools
that the students will interact
with or use

GProcedures Teacher will go through a PowerPoint presentation of motifs in literature

Steps you will take to complete The students will follow along with their individual copies of the story, while
this lesson. How long, group the class listens to an audio version of “The Tell Tale Heart”
work, individual work, Students will partake in a class discussion on the motifs they noticed while
discussion, etc. reading and why they are important or meaningful
Students will write a short analytical essay on their Chromebooks explaining
the motifs that they found most influential in the story
This lesson should take 3 classes to complete
Formative Assessment Student will use Google Docs and peer review each other’s essays
This would be a short
assessments that you would use
to find out what students know.

You may use tools such as

Kahoot, quizlet or Google

Summative Assessment Students will hand in their assignments to the teacher for final grading
Final assessment

Assess/Evaluate students’