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James Williams

Miss Skirtich
11 December 2015
English 10: World Literature

Commanding the Commodore

Nationally known as one of the finest institutions in the nation, the University of

Vanderbilt provides the best undergraduate chances at success in one’s educational life.

Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt founded the University of Vanderbilt in 1873. Cornelius

Vanderbilt’s vision “of building a university in the South that would contribute to strengthening

the ties which should exist between all sections of our common country” ( 1).

Cornelius Vanderbilt’s vision was finally achieved in 1949 when the University of Vanderbilt

officially became recognized as one of the nation’s best undergraduate institutions in all of the

south. Attending the University of Vanderbilt sets one up for success in post-baccalaureate life

because of its superior business department, its ideal size and geographical location, and its

welcoming family atmosphere.

The University of Vanderbilt’s superior business department sets one up for success in

post-baccalaureate life in a way that no other college does. The University of Vanderbilt ranks in

the top two percentile in the national rankings this past summer. Even with this high ranking

Vanderbilt continues to improve its academics. Right now Vanderbilt sits tied for the fifth best

college in all of the nation, even though a decade and a half ago they ranking outside of the top

fifty. This growth definitely sets one up for post-baccalaureate life. Vanderbilt is known for

having the second highest job-placement percentage in all of the United States. The website

states, “ninety-eight percent of Vanderbilt graduates are offered an internship in less than sixty

days, and ninety-three percent of those graduates are offered full time jobs after their internship

has ended” ( 4). These offered positions average a mean salary of one hundred
Williams 2

and seventy thousand dollars within the first two years of working. Getting off to solid start on

one’s financial state proves very important when trying to succeed in post-baccalaureate life.

The University of Vanderbilt’s ideal size and geographical location sets one up for

success during his or her college career. The enrollment of Vanderbilt for the 2014-2015 school

year was around twelve and a half thousand students. Growing steadily over the past decade,

Vanderbilt consistently grows and adapts to new academic philosophies. “The student-faculty

ratio at Vanderbilt University is 8:1, and the school has 66 percent of its classes with fewer than

20 students”, ( 3). Located in an urban setting on a generally big plot of

land, Vanderbilt is estimated to be around three hundred and thirty acres. The universities career

centers and libraries take up most of the available land. The open fields and parks take up about

twenty percent of the available land. This compels someone who loves the outdoors, and enjoys

the warm Nashville weather. Whether students study or simply play catch with friends, these

open lots act as a perfect place to spend time after classes. Arguably, one of the best things about

the University of Vanderbilt is the ideal geographical location. Nashville’s a great location for

students who want to stay close to home, but still live in the Nashville area. There are the

normal college things to do like going to sporting events and some wild parties, but there are

other more unique things to do also. These other unique things include going to crazy music

concerts, eating and singing at karaoke cafes, as well as the ability to record ones own songs in a

studio once used by famous singers.

The University of Vanderbilt’s welcoming family atmosphere cannot be matched

anywhere else in the nation. First of all, Vanderbilt stands as one of the best coed private school

in the whole United States. This guarantees freedom of speech no matter what the topic and no

matter what the place on campus. Another thing that separates Vanderbilt from any other school
Williams 3

in the nation is its sense of scholarly and historical pride. This scholarly and historical pride

shows in Vanderbilt’s outstanding family atmosphere. As a collective group Vanderbilt stresses

bring the community together, on both an academic and a social level. Vanderbilt has even set up

the Vanderbilt After School Program, also known as the VAP. “The VAP is a registered student

organization which provides tutors and mentors to provide much needed academic support, and

to offer a level of caring and stability in the lives of these exceptional young people. The simple

goal of VAP is to help young people reach their full potential and guide them towards greater

academic success” ( 1).

The University of Vanderbilt definitely sets one up for success in post-baccalaureate life

because its superior business department, its ideal size and geographical location, and its

welcoming family atmosphere. The academics at Vanderbilt are among the best in the whole

nation, especially their business department. Vanderbilt’s academics are very challenging, but at

the same time they provide the necessary help to those who need it. “The average high school

GPA for a Vanderbilt student is a 3.76, and the average ACT score ranges somewhere from

thirty-two to thirty-five. The average scores for the SAT math and reading sections are 750 and

740 respectively. However, if you have a lower GBA than the average you'll need a higher SAT

or ACT score to compensate, and vise versa” ( 3). This challenging academic

atmosphere along with the ideal size and location provide great opportunities for all students.

Due to this, the University of Vanderbilt unquestionably sets one up for success in post-

baccalaureate life as well as providing a great college experience that lasts a lifetime.
Williams 4

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