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[Works. English & Greek.] ANTIGONE 1
Sophocles / edited and translated by Hugh Lloyd-Jones.
p. em. - (Loeb classicallibrary; 20-21) THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS 129
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 0-674-99557-0 (v, 1). ISBN 0-674-99558-9 (v, 2) PHILOCTETES 253
1. Sophocles-Translations into English.
2. Greek drama (Tragedy)-Translations into English. OEDIPUS AT COLONUS 409
3. Mythology,Greek-Drama.
1. Lloyd-Jones, Hugh. II. Title. III. Series.
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n 13 P.Oxy. 1805 + 3787, saec. ii-iii

n 14 P.Oxy.3688, saec. v-vi
n 15 P.Amst. inv, 68, saec. iii

r the common source of G (Laur. CS 152), Q
(Paris. supp. gr. 109), and R ANTIGONE
S (lines 1-1297)
z ZgZo
t TIa
Il 16 P.Berol. inv. 17058, saec. iv-v

r QR
V (lines 1338-779)
z the common source ofZn (Paris. gr. 2787), Zo
n 17 P.Mich. 3.1400, saec. ii-iii

I: scholium
1m. lemma
yp ypa.rp£Tat
ac ante correctionem
pc post correctionem
s.l. supra lineam
cett. ceteri

'AVTLyovTJ Antigone
Chorus ofTheban Elders
Xopos 0TJfJalwv Y€POVTWV Creon
Kp~wv Guard
<DvAag Haemon
AtfLwv Tiresias
T€tp€aLas Messenger
"AYY€AOs Eurydice
Scene: In front of the palace at Thebes.
Time: Just after the battle' in which the Thebans have
repulsed the Argive attack, and the brothers Eteocles and
Polynices have killed each other.
The stage bUilding represents the royal palace at Thebes.
ANTlrONH ANTIGONE and ISMENE enterfrom the central door.
"'n , , 'I;> \,/. '1'
Ilooi: KOtvOV aVTaOf:I\'('Ov
CfP:'lV7JS Kapa,
a.p' oICff)' 8TL Zf:US TWV 117r' OZSl170V KaKWV-
'" 170LOV
~ ',~"r' \~
Myown sister Ismene, linked to myself, are you aware that
a, OVX£ VltlV f:TL !>WCfatv Tf:I\f:£; Zeus ... ah, which of the evils that come from Oedipus is
ooS~v yo.poth' aAYf:tvOV OI)T' C1T7JS yep.ov he not accomplishing while we still live? No, there is noth-
5 OI)T' a2Cfxpov OI)T' C1TLp.ov ~Cff)', ()7TOLOV 00 ing painful or laden with destruction or shameful or dis-
........ ,,..,,, ,., \ ... honouring among your sorrows and mine that I have not
TWV CfWV -re Kap.wv OVK 017W17 f:Yw KaKWV.
Ka2 vuv -rlTOUT' a~ rpaCf£ 17avS~p.ltl 170Af:£ witnessed. And now what is this proclamation that they say
K~pvyp.a f)f:LVat TOV CfTpaT7JYOV apTlws;
the general has lately made to the whole city? Have you
any knowledge? Have you heard anything? Or have you
~Xf:ts rt Kf:2Cf~KOVCfas; ~ ae Aavf)&'Vf:t
failed to notice the evils from our enemies as they come
10 17POS TOUS rplAOVS CfTf:lxoVTa TWV ~xf)pwv KaK&.; againstour friends?
, , p.f:V
f:P.Ot '1;>' P.V~f) os, 'AVTLyOV7J,
, OVOf:tS ' '('LI\WV
,/./\ To me, Antigone, no word about our friends has come,
ol)f)' ~SUS ol)T' aAYf:tvOS tKf:T' ~e 8TOV either agreeable or painful, since we two were robbed of
SVOLV aSf:ArpOLV ~CfTf:p~07JP.f:V S60, two brothers, who perished on one day each at the other's
P.tCf f)avoVTOtv ~p.epCf St17Ail Xf:pl'
hand. Since the Argive army left during this night, I know
nothing further, nothing that improves my fortune or
15 ~17f:2 S~ rppouSOS ~CfTLV 'Apydwv CfTpaTos
brings me nearer to disaster.
~v VVKT2 Til vuv, ooS~v 018' {)7TepTf:pOV,
" ,., .... ....\\ ",., I ANTIGONE
OVT f:VTVXOVCfa\l\ov OVT aTwp.f:V7J. ,
I knew it well, and I summoned you out of the gates of the
fJS7J KaAWs, Kal a' ~KTOS aMdwv 17VAwv
3a, J.:
7TOLOV LI.- I'moLov caddo
2 gTt Hermann: g TL codd. 4lfT7]S yep.ov Hermann: lfT7]S lfT£P codd.

Tov8' OgV€K' ~g~7I'€fL7I'OV, ciJs fLOV"! KAVOLS. courtyard because I wished you to hear this alone.
But what is it? It is clear that you are brooding over some-
20 Tl8' ~C1TL; 8,,!AOtS yap TL KaAxalvovC1' ~7I'OS. thing you are going to say.
ov" yap Ta,/,ov
'.I. ~,
v'tJV ' KP€oov'
roo KaC1Lyv"!Too ' Why, has not Creon honoured one of our brothers and
~ \~"
TOV fL"v 71'pOTLC1as, ToV o aTLfLaC1as €X€L,•
I , "
dishonoured the other in the matter of their burial? Eteo-
'ET€OKAEa fL~v, ciJs AEYOVC1L, C1VV 8lK"!S cles, they say, in accordance with justice and with custom
XP~C1€L 8LKalq. Kat VOfLC{J, KaTa. xOOVOS he has hidden beneath the earth, honoured among the
dead below. But as for the unhappy corpse of Polynices,
25 ~KPV,p€ Tots ~V€pO€V ~VTLfLOV V€KpOtS'
they say it has been proclaimed to the citizens that none
TOV 8' d8Aloos OavovTaTIoAvvdKOVS V~KVV shall conceal it in a grave or lament for it, but that they
dC1TotC1l cpaC1LV ~KK€K,,!pvxOaL TO fL~ should leave it unwept for, unburied, a rich treasure house
TacpC{J KaAv,paL fL,,!8E KOOKVC1al TLVa, for birds as they look out for food. This is the proclamation
€iiv ~'" \
u aKl\aVTOV, ".1.
aTa,/,ov, 0 ZooVOLS \ ,
~ YI\VKVV which they say the good Creon has made to you and to
30 O,,!C1avpov €ZC10PWC1L 71'pOS XapLV {JopfiS. me-yes, I count myself also-and he is coming this way to
TOLaVTa cpaC1L TOV dyaOov Kp~oVTa C10t make the proclamation clear to those who do not lmow of
, l , I\€Yoo
\' yap , KafL€,
" K"!pvsavT 'I:. ' ,/ it. He is not treating the matter as unimportant, but for
KafLo €X€LV,
anyone who does any of these things death in the city is
Kat 8€vpo V€tC10aL TaVTa TotC1L fL~ €Z8&C1LV ordained, by stoning at the people's hand. There you have
C1acpf'J 71'POK"!pvgovTa, Kat TO 71'piiYfL' ltY€LV the way things stand, and you will soon show whether your
35 ,t
ovx ooS 71'ap "~ ,
OVu€V, al\l\ os av TOVTooV TL 8pq.,
, \ \ ' t\'" ~
nature is noble or you are the cowardly descendant of vali-
cpovov 71'POK€tC10aL 8"!fLOA€VC1TOV ~v 71'OA€L. ant ancestors.
OgTooS ~X€L C10L TaVTa, Kat 8dg€LS TaXa ISMENE
,/" ".I. ,/ , , ll\~ ,
€LT €vy€v"!S 71'€,/,vKas €LT €C1Vl\ooV KaK"!. But, my poor dear, if this is how things stand, what could I
n:MHNH contribute by trying to untie or to tie the knot?
Tl8' , c1 TaAa'tcppov, €Z Ta8' ~v TOVTOLS, ~yw
40 AVOVC1' elv €YO' 8.7I'TOVC1a 71'poC10dfL"!v 71'AEOV;

23-24 aov 8lK7]S )(p~aEL G. H. Muller: aw 8lKl1 )(p7]aIJEls codd.

40 E¥(J' lJ.1TTOVal1 Parson: ~ (Ja.1TTOVal1 codd.

t:Z gvwrrov~C1~LS Ka~ gVV~py&.C1'll C1K017~L. Consider whether you will share the pain and the labour!
What dangerous thing is to be done? What have you in
1707.0V TL KLV8vv~v/La; 170V~ yvw/LTJS
170T'd', mind?
d T~lV V~KPOV gvv TfJ8~ KOV<pLfLS X~pl. Will you bury the dead man, together with this hand of
IEMHNH mine?
~ yap VO~LS 8&.17T~LV C1<p' , d170pPTJTOV 170'\~L; ISMENE
. ANTIrONH Are you thinking of burying him, when it has been forbid-
den to the city?
45 TOV yovv ~/LOV, Kat\TOV '
r: 8E'\'llS '
d8~'\<pov' ofJ yap 8~ 17p080VC1' b.MJC10/LaL. ANTIGONE
Well, I will bury my brother, and yours, if you will not; I
IEMHNH will not be caught betraying him.
ANTIrONH Reckless one, when Creon has forbidden it?
d,\,\' ofJ8~v afJTC{J TWV ~/LWV </L'> ~YpY~LV /LETa. ANTIGONE
IEMHNH But he has no right to keep me from my own!
.,. I ,
r: 't". .., \ I " ',\
Woe! Think, sister, of how our father perished hated and
50 ~S vwv d17~X8~s uVC1KII~TJS T a17W ~TO
, , \ I 8'\~ ill-famed, through the crimes he had himself detected,
17POS afJTo<pwpWV a/L17IlaKTJ/LaTwv, L17 as
after striking both his eyes himself, with his own hand!
~"ms dp&.gas afJTOS afJTovpyC{J x~pl'
And then his mother and his wife, two names in one, did
~17~LTa /L~TTJP Ka~ yvv~, 8L7T,\ovv ~170S, violence to her life with twisted noose; and, thirdly, our two
17'\~KTa1C1LV dpT&.vaLC1L ,\w{3fi.TaL {3lov' brothers, on one day killing each other, did themselves
55 TplTOV 8' d8~'\<pdJ 8vo /Llav Ka8' ~/LEpav both to death at one another's hands. And now consider
afJToKToVOVVT~ TdJ Ta'\aL7TWpw /LOPOV how much the worse will be the fate of us two, who are left
KOLVOV KaT~Lpyu.C1aVT " \\1\
07.v •
46 spurium apud antiquos habitum esse testatur Didymus
vvv 8' ail /Lova 8~ vdJ '\£'\~L/L/LEva C1K017£L 48 suppI. Brunck

alone, if in despite of the law we flout the decision of the

ruler or his power. Why, we must remember that we are
women, who cannot fight against men, and then that we
are ruled by those whose power is greater, so that we must
consent to this and to other things even more painfull So I
shall beg those beneath the earth to be understanding,
since I act under constraint, but I shall obey those in
authority; for there is no sense in actions that exceed our
I would not tell you to do it, and even if you were willing to
act after all I would not be content for you to act with me!
Do you be the land of person you have decided to be, but I
shall bury him! It is honourable for me to do this and die. I
am his own and I shall lie with him who is my own, having
committed a crime that is holy, for there will be a longer
span of time for me to please those below than there will
be to please those here. As for you, if it is your pleasure,
dishonour what the gods honour!
I am not dishonouring them, but I do nothave it in me to
act against the will of the people of the city.
Youmay offer that excuse; but I shall go to heap up a tomb
for my dearest brother!

oYfLoL, Ta,\aLvTJS 6JS {J'1T€p8~8oLKa. aou. Alas, how I fear for you, poor creature!
fL~ 'fLoV 'lTpOTa.p{3€L· T<JV a<Jv tgopOov 'lTOTfLov. Have no fears for me! Make your own course go straight!
Well, tell no one of this act beforehand, but keep it secret
<1'\'\' oov'lTpofLTJvua'llS y€ TOVTO fLTJ8€v~ and so shall I. '
85 "
TOVpyOV, .I..~ O€
KpV,!,'ll "" K€V ,"',,,
~Oe, auo "
0 aVTWS €yw.
ANTlrONH ~, tell them all! I shall hate you far more if you remain
OLfLoL, '''' 'lTOIlIlOV
KaTctVoa' \ \' €X'0'tWV ,/
€a'll silent, and do not proclaim this to all.
atywa' , tav fL~ 'lTfim KTJpUg'llS T&.8€. ISMENE
I:I:MHNH Your heart is fiery in a matter that is chilling.
ANTlrONH Why, I know that I am giving pleasure to those I must
please most!
<1'\'\' o18'<1p~aKova' o!S fL&''\LaO' &8€tv fL€ XP~·
€L""" "\\" , ,~
!f you .have the strength! But you are in love with the
90 Kat OVVTJa'll Y •0.1111 afLTJxavwv €pcz.S. Impossible.
O~KOVV, 8Tav 8~ fL~ aO~vw, 'lT€'lTaUaOfLaL. Then when my strength fails I shall be at rest.
<1pX~v 8~ OTJpfi.v O~ 'lTP~'lT€L T<1fL~xava. But to begin with it is wrong to hunt for what is impossible.
!fyou say that, you will be hated by me, and you will justly
€l TaVTa Mg€LS, ~xOapi7 fL~V tg ~fLOV,
mcur the hatred of the dead man. Let me and my rashness
~xOpa 8~ TiflOavOVTL 'lTpOaK€La'll 8LK'll' suffer this awful thingl I shall suffer nothing so dire that
95 <1'\'\' ~a fL€ Ka~ T~V tg tp,ov8va{3ovMav my death will not be one ofhonour.
'lTaO€tv T<J 8€w<Jv TOVTO' srelaoua: yap OOV
ToaovTov o~8~v &aT€ fL1] o~ Ka'\ws Oav€tv.

~ " ' " , II' ,/ Well, if you wish to, gol But know this much, that in your
going you are foolish, but truly dear to those who are your
&VOVS p.Ev ~PXll' nils eplAOLS 8' 3p8ws eplA7]. own.
XOPO~ Exeunt ANTIGONE and ISMENE. The CHORUS of elderly
<lKT~S <lEA[oV, TO KaA-
C1Tp. aI men, leadingcitizensofThebes, entersthe orchestra.
r f\,J.,'
0~fJq. TWV 7TpOTepwv epaos, Beam of the sun, fairer than all that have shone before for
eepavu7]S 7TOT ' WXPVC1
... f
EaS seven-gated Thebes, finallyyou shone forth, eye of golden
&p.epas fJMepapov, ALpKal- day, coming over the streams of Dirce, you who moved off
WV tl'1TEP p€e8pwv p.oAOVC1a, in headlong Hight the man with white shield that came
from Argos in his panoply, with a bridle of constraint that
TOV t AdJKar17TLV 'Apyo8EV
pierced him sharply, him that was raised up against our
epWTa fJaVTa 7TavC1aylq. t land by the contentious quarrels of Polynices,a and Hewto
epvya8a 7Tpo8pop.ov 3eVTOPce our country, loudly screaming like an eagle sheathed in
KLV~C1ar1a xaALVqJ • snow-white pinion, with many weapons and with helmets
110 as eep' ~p.ETepq. yfJ IIoAvvElKovs with horsehair plumes; he paused above our houses, ring-
<lp8E~S VELKewv ee <lP.epLAOywv ing round the seven gates with spears that longed for
blood; but he went, before his jaws had been glutted with
3eea KAa'wv
", _rtf fa our gore and the fire-god's pine-fed Hame had taken the
aLETOS ES Y7]V WS V7TEpE7TT , walls that crown our city. Such was the din of battle
115 7TOAAWV p.E8' 87T AWV a Polynices had persuaded Adrastus, king of Argos, to lead an
evv 8' 17T7TOKOP.OLS Kopv8EC1C1LV. army against Thebes, where his brother Eteocles had excluded him
, I

C1TCtS 8' tl'TTEP p.EAa8pwv epovw- aVT. a from power. Each of the seven gates of Thebes had been attacked
',J., ,
f \
by one of seven famous warriors; the seventh gate had been
C1aLC1LV ap..".Lxavwv KVKl\ce attacked by Polynices and defended by his brother.
e f \ f
. 120
t II' r
~fJa, 7TpLV 7TOU ap.ETEpwV
f 110 as ... IIoAvvdKovs Scaliger: av ... IIoAvv£lK1]s codd. et II
a1p.aTwv yevvC1LV 7TA7]C187j- 117 ~OVWt1aLt1LV e schol. Bothe: ~ovau1Lv K:~O(L)vlaLt1LV cett.
val <TE> Ka~ C1TEepavwp.a 7TVPYWV
""""l<rt.EVlJ' ''H<baLC1Tov ~AELV.
stretched about his back, hard for the dragon's adversary to
125 For Zeus detests the boasts of a proud tongue, and
when he saw them advancing in full Hood, with the arro-
gance of Hashinggold, with the fire he hurls he Hungdown
him who was already hastening to shout forth his victory on
the topmost ramparts. n
And he fell upon the hard ground, shaken down, the
torchbearer who in the fury of his mad rush breathed upon
us with the blast of hateful winds. This indeed went other-
wise; and different fates were dispensed to different per~
sons by the mighty war-god who shattered them, a horse
r1Tp. f3' that carried our chariot to victory.
135 For seven captains posted against seven gates, man
against man, left behind their brazen weapons for Zeus the
god of trophies, except for the unhappy two, who, sprung
of one father and one mother, set their strong spears
against each other and both shared a common death.
But since Victory whose name is glorious has come, her
joy responding to the joy of Thebes with many chariots,
U Capaneus, one of the Seven Against Thebes.

125 il.VTt1TU'\q.>] -ov L 5.1., a s.l,

126 8pu/(OVTOs V et s.I. in a: 8PU/(OVTt cett.
130 b1T(P01TTdats Musgrave: -das K: -las cett.
138 <il.'\'\'> {f'\'\' t1T' L1.-J.: {f,\,\a 8' t1T' t: {f,\,\a Tu8' t1T' cett,

a.VT. f3'


after the recent wars be forgetful, and let us visit all the
TWV VUV 6~a6e ATJafLoavvav,
temples of the gods with all-night dances, and may the
6ewv SE- vaovs xopo7S Bacchic god who shakes the land of Thebes be ruler!
7TaWVXOLS 7TaVTas E-7T~A­ But here comes the new Icing of the land, .. , Creon,
6wfLev, b 0~{3as S' E-AeAl- under the new conditions given by the gods; what plan is
' "
apxoL. he turning over, that he has proposed this assembly of eld-
155 aAA' gSe yo.p S~ {3aatAeVS XwpaS, ers for discussion, summoning them by general proclama-
t Kp~wv b MevoLK~wS ,t ... veoX]J.Os tion?
veapa7aL 6ewv E-7Tt avvTvxlaLS Enter CREON.
xwpe7 Tlva S~ fLTJTLV E-~aawv, CREON
gTL aVYKATJTOV T~vSe yep6vTwv Sirs, the gods have shaken the city's fortunes with a heavy
160 7TpoMeTo MaXTJv, shaking, but now they have set them right in safety. And I
have summoned you out of all the people by emissaries,
lmowing well first that you have always reverenced the
KPEQN power of the throne of Laius, and second that when
<t.vSpes, TO. fLE-V S~ 7T6AeOS aaepaAWS 6eot Oedipus guided the city <with my sister as his wife, you
7TOAAW aaAW adaaVTes Cbp6waav 7TaAW' always served them faithfully,> and when he perished, you
bfLCiS . ,
S' E-Ych " St
7TOfL7T07aLV e« 7TaVTWV xa persisted in loyalty towards their children. So now that
165 ~aTeLA' ~K~a6aL, TOUTO p,EV TO. Aatov they have perished by twofold ruin on a single day, striking
and being struck by the polluting violence of one another, I
a~{30VTas e2Schs eD 6p6vwv ad KpaTTJ'
hold the power and the throne by reason of my kinship
TOUT' aMLS, ~VlK' OlSl7Tovs Cbp60v 7T6AW,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
with the dead.
\ , ',J,.\ \ t ,1
Ka7Tet SLWMT ,afL't'L TOVS Kewwv eTL
.,.r,;,' ,'~,J,.' aaw. 151 OlaO~ laz: OlaOaL RSVt
7Tawas fLevoVTas efL7TeooLS 't'povTJfL
167 post hune versum laeunam statuit Dindorf
170 gT' ODV E-Ke7vOL 7TPOS SL7TATJS fLolpasfLlav
Ka6' ~fL€pav CbAOVTO 7TalaaVT€S re Kat
\ I 1 I \ 'II. t
7TIITJyevTes aVToxeLpL avv fLLaar-aT ,
~\, \ 6'
E-Ych KpaTTJ OTJ 7TaVTa KaL pOVOVS exw "
y€VOVS KaT" aYXLaTeLa ~ ~'\\'
175 There is no way of getting to know a man's spirit and
thought and judgment, until he has been seen to be versed
in government and in the laws. Yes, to me anyone who
while gUidingthe whole city fails to set his hand to the best
counsels, but keeps his mouth shut by reason of some fear
seems now and has always seemed the worst of men; and
him who rates a dear one higher than his native land, him I
put nowhere. I would never be.silent, may Zeus who sees
all things for ever know it, when I saw ruin coming upon
the citizens instead of safety, nor would I make a friend of
the enemy of my country, knowing that this is the ship that
185 preserves us, and that this is the ship on which we sail and
only while she prospers can we make our friends.
These are the rules by which I make our city great; and
now in consonance with them I have made to the citizens
this proclamation touching the sons of Oedipus. Eteocles,
who died fighting for this city, having excelled in battle, we
190 shall hide in the tomb and we shall render to him all the
rites that come to the noblest of the dead below. But his
brother, I mean Polynices, who came back from exile
meaning to burn to the ground his native city and the gods
of his race, and meaning to drink the people's blood and to
enslave its people, as for him it is proclaimed to this


city that none shall bury or lament, but they shall leave his
~.." "
body unburied for birds and dogs to devour and savage.
fL~TE KTEpl'ELV fL~Tf' KWKUC1al TLVa, That is my way of thinking, and never by my will shall bad
205 ~av 8' Ci.8a'ITTOV Ka2 'lTpOS olwvwv 8~fLas men exceed good men in honour. No, whoever is loyal to
, ~ ,.., ~ 1 8 1
"8 ~
the city in death and life alike shall from me have honour.
~ ",,,,, .....
TOLov8' ~fLoV 't'pov7JfLa, KOV'lTOT EK Y EfLOV CHORUS
TLfLfJ 'lTpo~govC1' o~ KaK02 TWV ~v8lKWV. It is your pleasure, son of Menoeceus, to do this to the man
dAA' gC1TLS E~VOVS TfJ8E TfJ 'lTOAEL, 8avwv who is hostile and to the man who is loyal to the city; and
210 KaL,r~ r I "
~wv OfLOtWS EK Y "~ 1
EfLoV TLfL7JC1ETaL. you have power to observe every rule with regard to the
dead and to us who are alive.
SO that you may see that my orders are observed ...
VOfL'!! 8~ XPTJC18aL 'lTavTl, TOVT' ~VEC1Tl C10L CHORUS
Give this burden to some younger man to bear!
Ka2 TWV 8aVOVTWV Xc'lJ'1T0C10L 'WfLEV 'IT~pL.
But men are ready who will guard the corpse!
r"av C1KO'ITOl.,......."
XOPO:E Then what other command have you to give?
VEWT~P,!! T'!! TOUTO {lC£C1T&"ELV 'lTp08ES.
KPEQN You must not give way to those who disobey in this.
XOPO:E There is no one foolish enough to desire death.
-rl 8TJT' Clv Ci.AA' ~K Tou8' ~'lTEVT~AAOLS~TL;
KPEQN 203 el<l<~l<~pVI<Tat Tc1.,pCfJ Musgrave: -VXOat Tc1.,pCfJ codd.: -uXOat
TO fL~ 'mxwpELV TOLS dmC1TOUC1LV T&'8E.
208 Tt/LU Linwood: -~v codd.
XOPO:E 211 'lTot~iv (sic) Kin margo(coni. Martin): Kpeov vel Kpewv codd.
213 TOUT' Platt: 'lTOV T' codd.
220 OilK ~C1TLV O~TW fLwpoS 3s 8avELv €pif·
218/f,\,\' el< Toul)' Pallis: /f,\,\CfJ (/f,\,\o L s.l.) TOUT' codd.

Well, that is the reward; but hope has often caused the love
Kat. p.~v b P.LC100S y' obTOS. a"'" L'lT' t"'lT/.8wv
of gain to ruin men.
&v8pas TO KEp80s 'lTO""aKLS 8tcbAel1ev.
Enter GUARD.
" l:. ').... , ') tl 1. tl GUARD
ava!>, epwp.ev ovx O'lTWS Ta.XOVS V'lTO
I:> I f I -,I. '/:.1 II:> King, I will not say that I come breathless with running,
uVI1'lTVOVS LKavw KOV",OV fi!> apas rrooc,
having plied a nimble footl I had many worries that held
\ \ \ \" ,I. "" ,
225 'lTOl\l\aS yap el1Xov ",pOVTLUWV e'lTLI1Tal1eLS, I
me up, turning this way and that in my journey as I thought
b80L's KVK"WV tp.avTov fils aVaI1TPOrp~V • of going back. Yes, my mind spoke many words to me:
.pvx~ yap 7]~8a 'lTo""a P.OL P.VOOVP.EV7], 'Wretch, why are you going to a place where you will pay
"Ta"as, rl xwpeL's p.o"Wv 8Wl1eLS 8iK7]v; the penalty? Poor fellow, are you staying behind, then?
\ I
TI\7]P.WV, I
p.eveLS ...
av; KeL, TaU euiera: K pewv
II:>' ,/ I And if Creon learns this from another man, how shall you
230 &""ov 'lTap' av8pos, 'lTWS I1U 87]T' OfJK a"yvvil;" escape affliction?" As I pondered on such thoughts I made
my way slowly, with delays, and so a short journey became
TOLavO' ~"'I1I1WV ~VVTOV I1xO"il {3pa8vs,
a long one. But in the end the thought that prevailed was
XO~TWS b80s {3paxeL'a yiyveTaL p.aKpo.. that of coming here to you; and even if what I say amounts
TE"OS ye P.EVTOL 8evp' tviK7]l1ev p.o"eL'v to nothing, still I will tell you; for I come clutching at the
110i' Kel TO p.7]8tv t~epW, rppal1w 8' hope that I cannot suffer anything but what is fated.
235 T7]S t"'lT/.8os yap ~Pxop.aL 8e8payp.Evos, CREON
TO p.~ 'lTaOeL'v Clv &""0 'IT''~V TOP.OpI1LP.OV. But what is it that so troubles you?
Ti8' tI1Tt.V avO' Ob T~v8' ~xeLS aOvp,lav; First I want to tell you about myself; I did not do the deed,
nor did I see who did, and I could not with justice come to
l1Jl'AAE any harm.
rppal1aL OE"W 110L 'lTpWTa TaP.aVTOV· TO yap
-. "" ,,~ "f' ~" .,. e 8 . . CREON
'lTpayp. OVT eupal1 OVT eLUOV OI1TLS 7]V 0 pwv,
You are skilfully setting fences and palisades around the
240 ofJ8' Clv 8LKaiws ts KaKOv 'lTEl1oLp.i TL. matter, and it is clear that you have some news to tell us.
... 'Y',I. I I \
ev ye I1TOXa."ll Ka'lTO",apyvVl1aL KVKI\~
TO 'lTpa.yp.a. 87]"0L's 8' &s Tt 117]p.avwv VEOV.

, (lJ ,,, \ , Yes, serious matters make one very nervous.
KPEfiN Will you not out with it, and then take yourself away?
, ~ 7TOT ,"'"
O~KOVV E"pE"LS \\ 8'"
,E"LT a.7Ta.l\l\a.X E"LS a.7TE"L,.
lbl'AAS Well, I will tell youl Someone has just gone off after bury-
\ " , !
245 Ka.~ 8~ I\~Yw aOL. TOV VE"KpOV TLS a.pTLWS ing the body, sprinkling its flesh with thirsty dust and per-
8arpa.s f3~f3TJKE" K(1.7T~ XPWT~ 8LrpLa.v forming the necessary rites.
\ , ',J. ,,,,
KOVLV 7Ta.I\VVa.S Ka..,..a.yLaTE"Vaa.s a. XPTJ· CREON
KPEfiN What are you saying? What man has dared to do this?
Tl ep~s; ;ls &v8pwv ~v b ToAfL~aa.s Ta8E" ; GUARD
I do not know; there was no mark of an axe, no earth
lbl'AAS turned up by a mattock; the earth was hard and dry, unbro-
, OLa
OVK • E"KE"L~ ya.p / TOV YE"VlI~'"
, ,OVTE" OOs:"v
"' ken and with no tracks of wheels; the doer left no mark.
250 7TAfjYfL' , 00 8LK~AATJS ~Kf30A~' aTVepAOS 8~ y7j And when the first daytime watcher showed us, it was a
I:. u.'V'n
Ka.L" XE"paOS, a.ppw",
, 'I:. ,"'"
ova E"7TTJfLa.",E"V,-E" "' disagreeable surprise for all. He had vanished, not buried
~ '\\'" < , '" in a tomb, but covered with a light dust, as though put
TpOXOLaLV, 0.1\1\ a.aTJfLos OVpya.TTJS TLS "IV'
87TWS 8' b 7TpWTOS ~fL~v ~fLE"POr1K07TOS there by someone to avoid pollution; and there were no
signs of any animal or dog that had come and torn the
8E"lKVVaL, 7To.aL 8avfLa. 8vaXE"p~s 7Ta.p7jV.
, ''/'' I Q I \', body. Hard words were bandied between us, one guard
255 b fL~v ya.p TJ.,..a.vLaTo, TVfLJ-'TJPTJS fLE"V OV, questioning another, and it might have ended with a blow,
'I ,J.. I r\'''' I
AE"7TT~ 8 ayos .,..E"vyovToS ws E"7TTJV KOVLS· and no one was there to stop it; for each of us was the doer,
aTJfLE"La. ""a " 8TJpOS
OVTE" ,,/ ~
OVTE" TOV KVVWV but no one manifestly so, but he escaped detection.
~A8oVTOS, 00 a7Taaa.VTOS ~gE"epa.lVE"TO.
AoyoL 8' ~v &AA~AoLaLv ~ppo80vv Ka.KOl,
259 posthuncversum aliquid forsitan interciderit
260 epVAa.g ~Myxwv epVAa.Ka., K(t.V ~ylYVE"TO
\ ,"', < ~, \ , ~
7TATJY~ TE"I\E"VTWa ,ova 0 KWl\vawv 7Ta.pTJV.
'!' tl r I:. I
E"Is yap TLS "IV E"Ka.C1TOS OV<;;E"Lpya.afLE"VOS,
, , '\\''',J. ,,"',
Ko08E"~s E"va.PYTJS, 0.1\1\ E".,..E"vyE" fLTJ E"LoE"Va.L.
And we were ready to lift lumps of molten lead and to go
through fire and to swear by the gods that we had not done
265 the deed and did not know who had planned it or who had
done it. And finally, when our search had done us no good,
one of us said a thing that made us all bow our heads to the
ground in terror; for we could not answer him nor see what
action would help us to escape disaster. What he said was
that we had to report the matter to you and not conceal it.
270 This view prevailed, and the lot constrained me, poor fel-
low, to accept this privilege. So here I am, no less unwel-
come than unwilling, I know; for no one loves the
messenger who brings bad news.
275 King, my anxious thought has long been advising me that
this action may have been prompted by the gods.
Cease, before your words fill me with rage, so that you may
not be found to be not only an old man but a fooll What
you say is intolerable, that the gods are concerned for this
corpse! Did they conceal it so as to do him great honour as
a benefactor, him who came to bum their colonnaded tem-
280 ples and their offerings and to destroy their country and its
laws? Do you see the gods honouring evil men? It is not

269 IS Nauck: ISs caddo

so! But long since men in the city who find it hard to bear
290 C1v8pES fLOALS epepovTES ~ppO()ovv ~fLo~
me have been murmuring against me, unwilling to keep
.I. Kapa
KpV'/'f!, ' ,
toY ~
~VYqJ their necks beneath the yoke, as justice demands, so as to
I '1' e I , I
AOepOV 8LKaLWS ELXOV, ws I1TEPYELV EfLE. put up with me. I know well that these people have been
~K Twv8E TOVTOVS ~eE7TlI1TafLaL KaAws bribed by those men to do this thing. There is no institu-
~ , '()aL Ta'8E.
ELpyal1 tion so ruinous for men as money; money sacks cities,
295 ou8~v yap d.v()pcIJ7TOLI1LV orov C1pyvpos money drives men from their homes! Money by its teach-
ing perverts men's good minds so that they take to evil
actions! Money has shown men how to practise villainy,
7TOp()Et, T08' C1v8pas ~eaVlI1TTJI1LV 80fLwv'
and taught them impiousness in every action! But those
T08' ~K8L8aI1KEL Ka~ 7TapaAAal1I1EL epp~vas who to earn their fee have contrived to do this thing have
x.pTJI1TaS 7TPOS 7TpaYfLa()' 711TaI1()aL ,8pOTWV' ensured that in time they will pay the penalty. Well, if
300 7TavovpyLasr 8'''8 I:. av
)' "EXELV Zeus is still revered through my authority, know this for
KaL\ 7TaVTOS\',EpyOV 8VI1I1E',8ELaV EL'8'evtu, certain, and I speak to you on oath! If you do not find the
gl10L 8~ fLLI1()apVOVVTES ~vvl1avTa8E, author of this burial and reveal him to my eyes', a Single
x.pOVqJ 7TOT' ~e~7Tpaeav cbs 80vvaL 8lKTJV.
Hades shall not suffice for you, before all have been strung
\ \", up alive to expose this insolence, so that for the future you
d.1\1\ EL7TEp "LI1XEL Z"" '1:.'EfLOV.... I1E-',8as,
may know where you can get your profit when you plunder,
305 EO TOVT' ~7TlI1Tal1', gpKLOS 8~ 110L Myw, and learn that you must not grow used to making money
" '.I.
TOV~8 E TOV~ Ta,/,ov out of everything. One sees more people ruined than one
'.1. ~" '.I.() \ \ ,
EfJpOVTES EK,/,aVELT ES O'/' al\fLovs EfLovs, , has seen preserved by shameful gains.
oux fJfL~v tlAL8TJS fLovvos d.PK~I1EL, 7TP~V av
'WVTES KPEfLaI1TO~ T~v8E 8TJAc1JI1TJ()' fJf3pLV,
310 7v' El80TES TO K~p80s ~V()EV OlI1T~OV
\ \
TO 1\0L7TOV e irTJTE, KaLfLa
ap7Ta~ \ '()"I ()' OTt
OUK ~e 8.7TavTos 8Et TO KEp8alvELV epLAEtV,
~K TWV yap all1x.pwv ATJfLfLaTWV TOUS 7TAelovas
, I ,~"l\ "l\ I
315 OWI1€LS, TJ
€27T€tV rt 1:>1 ,J.'"
" I1Tpa.'f'€LS OVTWS "w'
L , Will you let me say something, or must I turn my back and
leave like this?
ofll< oil18a lCa~ vvv 6JS a.VLapws AEy€LS; CREON
Do you not know even now how your words pain me?
"""~.I.~I:>I GUARD
Is it your ears or your mind that feels the pain?
Tl8~ {Jv8fLL':,€LS
11' \' \
Why do you try to locate the pain I feel?
b 8pwv 11' .
',J.. I
Tas 'f'p€vaS, -ra, 8''''WT" €yw.I The doer pains your mind, but I your ears.
320 01/1: 6Js M''\TJfLa, 87]AOV, €K7T€epVKOS €i. Ah, you are a chatterer by nature, it is clear!
, 1 ,,, ~ , OT~ But never one who did this thing!
Youdid, because you gave awayyour life for money!
Ka~ TaVT' €7T' a.pyvpep y€ TTJV 'f'VXTJV 7TpO8OVS·
\ .1. \ I

I1Jl'AA8 Ohl It is dangerous for the believer to believe what is not
ep€V' true.
~ 8€LVOV, cf! 80K€t y€, Ka~ '!J€V87] 80K€tV. CREON
KPEnN Well, you split hairs about beliefl But if you do not reveal
KOfL'!J€V~ vvv T~V 8ogav' €2 8~ TaVTa fL~ the doers to me, you shall testify that low desire for profit is
\ I:> ~ the cause of pain!
epaV€tT~ fLOL TOVS OpWVTaS, €"'€P€L!l OTt
,{;",a' "
Ttt 8€LAtt K~p8TJ 7TTJfLovttS €pyo.C€TaL. Exit CREON.
0.'\'\' €fJp€8dTJ fL~V fLal\LI1T • €aV O€ TOL
1\ '" I:> I Why, let him be found by all meansl But whether he is
found or not, for that is something that fortune will decide,
'\l1rh8f1 T€ Ka~ /Ln,TOVTO 'Yttp TV'X7] KPLV€t,
you will never see me coming here again! Indeed, this
OOK ~G(}' g7TWS ~rp'll GU Sd)p' ~A(}OVTa fLE. time I have got off safely beyond my own hopes and my
, ., , ')\ ~ I ,., ,..

330 Ka~ VVV yap EKTOS EII7Tto0S yVWfL''lS T EfL7]S own judgment, and I am deeply grateful to the gods!
Gw(}ds 3epEtAW TOtS (}EOtS 7TOAA~V Xapw. Exit GUARD.
7ToAAa. Ta. SEWa KOOS~V av- GTp.a Many things are formidable, and none more formidable
(}pdJ7TOV SEWOTEpOV r.eAEL· than man! He crosses the gray sea beneath the winter
TOVTO Ka~ 7ToALOV 7Tepav wind, passing beneath the surges that surround him; and
he wears awaythe highest of the gods, Earth, immortal and
unwearying, as his ploughs go back and forth from year to
XWpEt, 7TEPL{3PVXtOLGW year, turning the soil with the aid of the breed of horses.
7TEpWV im' o'lSfLaGW, (}EWV And he captures the tribe of thoughtless birds and the
TE TaV {J7TEpTl1.TaV, rav races of wild beasts and the watery brood of the sea, catch-
',J,.(}LTOV, aKafLaTav
, / , /
a7TOTpVETaL, ing them in the woven coils of nets, man the skilful. And
\ \' ." " .,,1 he contrives to overcome the beast that roams the moun-
340 lllllofLEVWV apoTpwv ETOS ELS ETOS,
e I' \ / tain, and tames the shaggy-maned horse and the untiring
L7T7TELCJ,! yEvEL 7TOIIEVWV. , , mountain bull, putting a yoke about their necks.
KOVepOVOwv TE epVAOV 3p- aVT. a
And he has learned speech and wind-swift thought and
vt(}wv afLepL{3aAwv (fyEL
the temper that rules cities, and how to escape the expo-
Ka~ (}7]pWV ayptwv ~(}V7]
345 7TOVTOV T' dvaAtav epVGW
351 0X/La' ETat Schone: geETat I: rJ.eETat codd. plerique
,J,. '" \ , , ~
?I.p.epl ),.oepov 'vyq, Schone et Franz: ?I.p.epl)"oepov 'vyov codd.
7TEpL",pau7]S aV7]p' KpaTEL
S~ fL7]xavatS aypavAov
~, a/ \ / / ()'
350 (}7]poS 0pEGGLfJaTa, lIaGLaVXEVa
t7T7TOV 3X/La'ETaL afLep~ AOepOV 'VY0
O~PELOV T' aKfLr,Ta TaVpov.
GTp. {3/
Ka~ ep(}eYfLa Ka~ aVEfLoEV
355 eppOV7]fLa Ka~ aGTVVOfLoVS
3pyas ~SL8r1.gaTo Ka~ SvaavAwv

7Ta.yWV fJ7Ta.t9p€La. Ka.~ sure of the inhospitable hills and the sharp arrows of the
rain, all-resourceful; he meets nothing in the future
8vGo/Lf3pa. ep€vy€tv f3Et\"l
'If ." .,~, ,f without resource; only from Hades shall he apply no means
360 7Ta.VT07TOpOS· a.7TOPOS €7T OVO€V €PX€Ta.L of flight; and he has contrived escape from desperate mala-
TO /LEt\t\OV' "AL8a./LoVOV dies.
ep€Vetv OilK ~7Tae€Ta.L • Skilfulbeyond hope is the contrivance of his art, and he
! "" , , ,J. \
VoGWV 0 a./L"lXa.VWV 'f'vya.S advances sometimes to evil, at other times to good. When
eV/L7TEeppa.rJTa.L. he applies the laws of the earth and the justice the gods
a.VT. f3' have sworn to uphold he is high in the city; outcast from
365 GOepOV TL TO /L"lXa.VO€V
I r \ '\ ~", the city is he with whom the ignoble consorts for the sake
T€XVa.S V7T€P €1\7TtO €XWV
of gain, May he who does such things never sit by my
TOTE /LEv Ka.KOV, a.l\l\OT " €7T " €GUI\OV
! "\ \ .11\ \
hearth or share my thoughts!
VO/LOVS 7Ta.pdpwv X90vos
9€liw T' ~VOPKOV 8tKa.V
Vrpt7TOI\LS' \ " \ "OTqJ TO\ /L"l\ Ka.l\OV
a.7TOI\LS \ \ I am at a loss; is this a godsent portent? But how shall I
deny, since I know it, that this is the young Antigone?
eVV€GTL TOt\/La.S Xa.ptv. Unhappy one and child of an unhappy father, Oedipus,
/L"lT , " €/LOt\ 7Ta.P€GTLOS
what is this? Surely they do not lead you captive for
disobedience to the Icing's laws, having detected you in
375 as Ta.8' ~p80L. folly?
d 8a.L/LOVLOV TEpa.S a/LeptvOw GUARD
To8€' 7TWS <8'> €Z8ws aVTLt\oY~GW This is the one that did the deed! We caught her burying
T"lVO ''''' OVK,.,. """"AVTLyOV"lV'
€tva.L ' ,
iL 8VGT"lvoS Ka.l 8VGT~VOV 357 {nralOp(La Boeckh: alOpLa codd.
380 7Ta.TpOS OZ8t7To8a., 368 7Tapdpwv] y(palpwv Reiske
Tt 7TOT'; oil 8~ 7TOV GE y' amGTOVGaV 376 d Reiske: es codd.
«a:\'€V a.'f'POGVVll
',J.' Ka.U€I\OVT€S,.II \ ' ,

~8' ~GT' €Kdv"l TO~PYOV ~ 'e€Lpya.G/LEV"l'
385 T~VS' €tt\O/L€V O&'1TTOVaaV. a.t\t\a. 1TOV KpEiwv,. the body! But where is Creon?
8S' €K SO/LWV a'l'0ppOS 'I:> I
€S ~
O€OV 1T€PCf. He is here, returning from the house just when he is
KPEQN needed.
TiS' kan,. f
1TOLCf 1:.1
,,;V/L/L€TPOS ",Q
TVXlI,• Enter CREON.

..... .,~ I
lJ.vag, fJpoToLaw OVO€V ear a1Tw/LoToV.
., ,., I
What is the matter? What is the event that makes my
coming opportune?
rp€6S€L ya.p ~ ' 1TivOLa T~V YVW/L7Jv' €1Td
I:. I:> ~ , , , 'I:. I GUARD
390 axot\i11ToO' ~";€LV O€VP av €,,;7Jvxovv €yw

TatS aats a.1T€Lt\ats, ais €X€L/L&'a07Jv TOT€. King, there is nothing that mortals can swear is impossible!
\ ., \ , ,'\
a.t\t\' ~ yap €VKTOS KaL 1Tap €1\1TLOas xapa
~ \ For second thoughts show one's judgment to be wrong;
why, I scarcely would have thought I would come here
~OLK€V lJ.t\t\lI /LfjKOS ofJS~v ~Sovi1, again because of your threats, which at that time battered
~KW, SL' 8pKWV Kai1T€p C1Jv a.1TW/LOTOS,
395 KOp7JV aywv

Koa/Lovaa. KI\7JpOS
I 1:>'"
, 7J Ka lIp€'07J Ta'l'0V

co OVK €1Tal\l\€TO,
me. But since the delight that one has prayed for beyond
hope is unlike any other pleasure by a long way, I have
come, though I had sworn never to do so, bringing this girl,
a.t\t\' ~aT' €/Lov OO~P/LaLOV, OfJK lJ.t\t\ov, TOS€. who was caught adorning the grave. No lots were cast in
Ka~ vvv, lJ.vag, T~VS' afJTOS, 6Js Oet\€LS, t\afJdJv
this case, but the gift of fortune belongs to me and to no
" , 1:>' '\ '0
other. And now, king, take her yourself and judge her and
Ka~ KPLV€ Ka,,;€MYX
'I:. 1\
• €yw 0 €I\€V €POS convict her; but I am free, and have the right to be released
400 SiKaLos €l/LL TWVS' a.1T7Jt\t\&.xOaL KaKWV. from these troubles!
lJ.Y€LS S~ T~VS€ Tifl Tp01TCf! 1TOO€V t\afJwv,. How did you take her, and from where have you brought
afJT~ "1:>"'0
TOV avop e a1TT€' 1TaVT
I " atu.
She herselfwas burying the man! Youknow it all!
~ Ka~ gvvi7Js Ka~ MY€LS 6pOWS a ep~s ,. CREON
Do you understand, and are you saying correctly what you
392 dJKTOS Bothe: tKTOS codd. 402 aiJT~ Wilson: aliT77 codd. are telling me?

Yes, I saw her burying the corpse whose burial you for-
badel Is what I say clear and exact?
And how was she Sighted and taken in the act?
It was like thisl When we went back, after those terrible
threats of yours, we swept away all the dust that covered
the corpse, carefully stripped the mouldering body, and
then sat shielded by the hilltops from the wind, avoiding
the smell that might have come to us from it, each man
410 watchfully arousing his neighbour with volleys of abuse, if
anyone seemed likely to neglect this task. This lasted until
the bright circle of the sun took its place in the sky and the
midday heat began to roast us; and then suddenly a
whirlwind on the ground raised up a storm, a trouble in the'
air, and filled the plain, tormenting all the foliage of the
woods that covered the ground there; and the vast sky was
filled with it, and we shut our eyes and endured the god-
sent affliction.
And when after a long time this went away, we saw the
girl; she cried out bitterly, with a sound like the piercing
420 note of a bird when she sees her empty nest robbed of her
young; just so did she cry out, weeping, and called down
curses on those who had done the deed. At once she

412 post hunc versum lacunam statuit Meineke

42(5 418 ?J:Yfilpa.s Radermacher: iifilpa.s codd.

423 'TTtlCpWS Bothe: 'TTtlCpiiS codd.
brought in her hands thirsty dust, and from the well-
Ka~ XEPr1~V EMus 8LifJLav ep~PEL KOVLV, wrought brazen urn that she was carrying she poured over
,/ " , ,\ i ,/.., 1
430 EK T EVKpOT7JTOV Xa KEas apo7Jv 1TPOXOV the corpse a threefold libation. When we saw it we made
XOaLr1L TpLr11Tov'OoLr1L T~IV V~KVV r1T~epEL. haste and at once seized her, she being in no waysurprised.
, ~ ,..,1 e r 8 ,.."
X7JfL ELS woVTES LEfLEr1 a, r1VV oe VLV and charged her with her earlier action and with this. She
87JpWfLE' 8' EV'8'VS OVUEV
, denied none of it, which ,gave me pleasure and pain at
Ka~ T&.S TE 1TpOr18EV T&.S TE VUV ~MyxofLEV once. For to have escaped oneself from trouble is most
pleasant, but to bring friends into danger is painful. But all
435 1Tp&.gELS· cf'ITapvos 8' oi'J'OEvos Ka8Lr1TaTO,
this matters less to me than my own safetyl
rifL' ~'O~ws ~fLOLYE Kci.'\yELVWS rifLa.
TO fLEV yap ai'JTov ~K KaKWV 1TEepEvy~vaL CREON
You there, you that are bowing down your head towards
~'OLr1TOV, ~S KaKOV 8E TOUS epl,\ovs CfYELV
the ground. do you admit, or do you deny, that you have
ci.'\yELVOV. ci.,\,\a 1T&.VTa Tau8' ~r1r1W ,\a{3ELv done this?
440 ~fLo~ 1T~epVKE TfjS ~fLfjs r1wT7Jplas. ANTIGONE
KPEnN I say that I did it and I do not deny it.
, ~ J ,\ I ., I~ ,
r1E u7J' r1E T7JV VEvoVr1aV ES 1TEOOV Kapa, CREON
Ms, ~ KaTapvfJ fL~ 8E8paK~vaL T&''OE; (to GUARD) You may take yourself to wherever you please,
ANTIrONH free from the heavy charge.
Ka~ ep7JfL~ 8par1aL KOi'JK ci.1TapvoufLaL TO fL~' Exit GUARD.
KPEnN (to ANTIGONE) But do you tell me, not at length, but
r1U fLEV Kop.l'OLS av r1EaVTOV lJ 8~'\ELS briefly:did you know of the proclamation forbidding this?
445 ~gw {3apelas ahlas ~'\Ev8EPOV • ANTIGONE
r1U 8' EZ1T~ fLOL fL~ fLfjKOS, ci.,\,\a r1VVTOfLWS, I knew it; of course I It was known to all.
fJ'07Jr18a K7JPvX8~VTa fL~ 1TP&.r1r1ELV T&'8E; CREON
Andyet you dared to transgress these laws?
fJ'07J' -rl 8' olJK ~fLE'\'\OV ; ~fLepavfj yap ~v.
Ka~ 8fjT' ho'\fLas Tovr18' fJ1TEp{3a{vELv VOfLovS;
Yes, for it was not Zeus who made this proclamation, nor
450 oil yap -rl fLOL Z€uS ~v 0 K1]p6gas TaS€, ,;as it Justice who lives with the gods below that estab-
oilS' ~ g6VOLKoS TWV KaTwO€WV AlK1] Itshed such laws among men, nor did I think your procla-
Tow60'S' ~v aVOpc1J7TOLO'LV &pLO'€V vOfLoVS, mations strong enough to have power to overrule, mortal
oilSE O'OEV€LV TOO'OVTOV ?pOfL1]V TO. 0'0. as they were, the unwritten and unfailing ordinances of the
, 0'"WO'T ,,,aypa'TTTa KaO'.,..all1]
K1]pvYfLa , ,/.. \~ 0eow
~ gods. For these have life, not simply today and yesterday,
455 vOfLLfLa S6vaO'OaL OV1]Tcf. y' ~vO' fJ'TTepSpafL€tv. but for ever, and no one knows how long ago they were
ov " yap TL vvv~ '.Jl '
y€ Ka)(.u€S, , l 'TTOT€
, \ \' a€
revealed. For this I did not intend to pay the penalty
y~ ~ ,<;:>, ~ 'l:" ,,/.., among the gods for fear of any man's pride. I knew that I
~ll TavTa, KOVo€LS OLO€V €~ oTOV .,..av1].
would die, of course I knew, even if you had made no proc-
Tmhwv ~ydJ OOK ~fL€""OV, avspOS oOS€VOS lamation. But if I die before my time, I account that gain.
rppov1]fLa SdO'aO" , tv O€OiO'L T~V SlK1]V F~r does not whoever lives among many troubles, as I do,
460 SWO'€LV' OavovfLEv1] yo.p ~g-fJS1], TlS' o~; gam by death? So it is in no way painful for me to meet
K€Z fL~ O'u 'TTPOOK~pvgas. eZ SE TOV xpovov with this death; if I had endured that the son of my own
'TTpoO'O€V OavovfLaL, KEpSOS a~T' ~ydJ Myw. ~other should die and remain unburied, that would have
giVen me pain, but this gives me none. And if you think my'
80'TLS yap ~V 'TTO""OiO'LV WS ~ydJKaKois
'v' 'TTWS gS' 00x2 KaTOaVdJV KEpSOsrpEP€L;
actions foolish, that amounts to a charge of follyby a fool!
465 O~TWS ~fLOLY€ TOVS€ TOV fLOpoV TvX€iv
'TTap' ooSev (f"yos' a",,' (fv, €Z TOV ~g ~fLfjs
It is clear! The nature of the girl is savage, like her father's,
and she does not know how to bend before her troubles.
fL1]TPOS OaVOVT' (fOa'TTTOV <~VT'> ~V€O'XOfL1]V,
K€lVOLS Cl.v ~"YOVV' ToiO'S€ S' OOK a"y6vofLaL.
Why, know that over-stubborn willsare the most apt to fall,
0'02 S' €Z SOKW VVV fLwpa SpwO'a TVyXcf.V€LV,
470 O'X€SOV TL fLWP'tl fLwplav 6rp"LO'Kcf.VW.
455ell1]Tr1. ')" ~IIe' Bruhn: ell1]T611 ~IIe' codd.
XOPOl: 467 <v,>
OllT '.~
1]II(u/l.ufL1]II BIaydes: 1](II)UXOfL1]II
, IIbwII codd.
Sfj"OV' TO YEVV1]fL' c1fLOV ~g c1fLOV 'TTaTpOS pleri~ue: ~II(UXOfL1]II II~KlIlI Zo
TfjS 'TTaLSos' €tK€LV S' OOK ~'TTlO'TaTaL KaKois. 4 8'7'\011 Nauclc 81]'\07 codd.

allll 'O'KII1]P
LO' LTOL -ra \ ' ,,,ayav .,..Pov1]fL
,/.. , aTa

475 and the toughest iron, baked in the fire till it is hard, is
most often, you will see, cracked and shattered! I know
that spirited horses are controlled by a small bridle; for
pride is impossible for anyone who is another's slave. This
girl knew well how to be insolent then, transgressing the
established laws; and after her action, this was a second
480 insolence, to exult in this and to laugh at the thought of
having done it. Indeed, now I am no man, but she is a man,
if she is to enjoy such power as this with impunity. But
whether she is my sister's child or closer in affinitythan our
whole family linked by Zeus of the hearth, she and her sis-
ter shall not escape a dreadful death! Yes, I hold her
485 equally guilty of having planned this burial! Call her! I saw
her lately in the house raving, having lost control of her
wits. The mind is often detected in deceit beforehand,
when people are planning nefarious deeds in darkness; but
I hate also those who are caught out in evil deeds and then
try to gloss them over.
Do you wish for anything more than to take me and kill
Not II When I have that, I have everything.

Tl871Ta. fl£""EiLS; 6JS ~flot TWV awv "oywv Then why do you delay? There is nothing to please me in
500 dpEiaTOV oil8£v, flTJ8' dpEia8EilTJ 7TOT£, your words, and may there never be, and just so my atti-
, , ,/ ".1. e;, / , ".1.
O~TW 8~ Ka.L aOL Ta.fl a.,/"I1VUI1VOVT Ei'/"v.
tude displeases you. Yet how could I have gained greater
glory than by placing my own brother in his grave? I would
Kl1lTOL 7To8Eiv KMos y' Clv EiilK"Ei£aTEipOV
, /e;, \.1. ' /.1. say that all these men would approve this, if it were not that
KI1T£axOV TJ'" TOV I1VTa.UEi",/"ov EiV Ta.,/,,~ fear shuts their mouths. But kingship is fortunate in many
TL8Ei'i:aa.; TOVTOLS TOVTO 7TaaLv av8a.VEiLV ways, and in particular it has power to do and say what it
505 MYOLfl , I1V," elflTJ
' y"waal1v
\~ , \ / '/"0
EiyK"110L .1./,8
OS· wishes.
d"'" , \ \ / ,,, \ \ "e;,
~ TVpl1VVLS 7TO""a. TOo"" EiVUI1LflOVEiL

K(f~EiaTLV a.ilTfJ 8pav MYEiLV 8' ,80V"EiTa.L. You alone among these Cadmeans see this.
au TOVTO flovvTJ Twv8Ei KI18flEilwv bp~s • These men too see it; but they curb their tongues to please
bpwaL XOOTOL' aot 8' fJ7Tl""oVaL aTofll1.
Are you not ashamed at thinking differently from them?
510 au 8' OilK ~7Ta.L8fJ, Twv8Ei xwpts Eil epPOVEi'i:s; There is no shame in shOwingregard for those of one's own
ANTIrONH stock.
oil.8~v yap a.laxpov TOUS bfloa7T"a.yxvovs a£,8EiLv. CREON
KPEQN Was not he who died on the other side also your brother?
O~KOVV 8fll1LfloS xdJ KI1TI1VTlov 8l1vebv; ANTIGONE
My brother with the same mother and the same father.
8fll1LflOS ~K flLas TEi Kl1t TI1i1ToV 7TI1TPOS.
Then how can you render the other a grace which is impi-
KPEON ous towards him?
7TWS 871T' ~KEilv~ 8vaaEi,871 TLfl~S Xa.pLV;
505 Myatp.' Ll.-J.: MyatT' caddo
ANTIroNH The dead body will not bear witness to that.
, 1 ~ll' <
ll' 1 VS
515 ov fLapTVP"lC1EL Taw 0 KaTuavwv VEK •
KPEQN Yes,if you honour him equally with the impious one.
E1 -rol C1rpE TLfLq,S ~g lC10v Tip 8VC1C1E{:JE'L. ANTIGONE
ANTIrONH It was not a slave, but my brother who had died.
oi'J yap TL 80VAOS, liAA' li8EArpOS ilJAETO. CREON
KPEQN But he was trying to destroy this country, and the other
1 I:> ~ < 1:>' , ,<I stood against him to protect it.
7TOPOWV 8e T"lVUE Y"lV' 0 U aVTLC1Tas V7TEp.
None the less, Hades demands these laws.
gfLws 01 Y'''A"Lu"lS
1 ~
KPEQN But the noble man has not equal claim to honour with the
520 liAA' oilx b XP"lC1TOS Tip KaKip AaxlLV iC10S. evil.
Tls OlOEV Ei KaTW 'C1TLV Eilay1j Ta8E; Who knows if this action is free from blame in the world
othoL 7TOO' ofJxOpOS, oil8' gTav Oavll> rplAOS.
An enemy is never a friend, even when he is dead.
olhoL C1VVEXOELV, liAACr. C1VfLrpLAE"LV ~rpvv. I have no enemies by birth, but I have friends by birth.
KaTw vvv MOOVC1', EZ rpLA7]TEOV, rplAEL Then go below and love those friends, if you must love
525 KElvovs' ~fLoV 8e CWVTOS Oi'JK lfpgEL yvv~. them! But while I live a woman shall not rule!

KaL fL"lv 7TpO 7TVIIWV "lu. 'I C1fL"lv7],

\' , \ ~ "I:>' 1 See, here before the gates is Ismene, dropping tears oflove
for her sister; and a cloud over her eyes marks her flushed
rpLAa8EArpa KaTw8&.KPV' EZ{:JofLEV7]'
.I. 1\ 1:>' '.I. , " < 1
VE'f'EII"l U o'f'pvwvV7TEp auuuroe»
p~60s aZaXVvfiL, face, wetting her fair cheeks!
530 T~yyova' fiviima 7TapfiuJ.v. Enter ISMENE.
t " Ii:> , t,/. ,
au\ Ii:>'" ",
0 , Tj KaT OLKOVS WS fiXLoV V-rfiLfLfiVTj
You, whom I never noticed as like a viper hiding in the
A~60va<t fL' tg~7TLVfiS, ov8' tfL<tv6avov house you sucked my blood-nor did I know that I was
Tpfi-rWV Ii:>"'"
OV aTa Ka7TavaaTaafiLS '6f pOVWV, rearing up two plagues and two subverters of the throne-
,/." , \ Ii:> , \ \ ~Ii:> ~
-rfip ,fiL7Tfi OTj fLOL, Kat au TOVOfi TOV Ta-r0v
c~me, tell me, do you admit being a party to this burial, or
,/., ~ "'l: ~ \ \ 'Ii:>'
-rTjafiLS fLfiTaaXfiw, Tj ",OfLY TO fLTj eusevtu ;
willyou swear that you know nothing?
I did the deed, if she agrees, and I take and bear my share
8~8paKa TO~PYOV, fiY7Tfip ~8' OfLoPp06fil, of the blame.
Kat gVfLfLfiTtaXW Kat rp~pw TfjS aZTtas.
ANTIrONH Why, justice will not allowyou this, since you refused and I
aAA' OVK MafiL TOI170 y' ~ 8tKTj a' , t7Tfit was not your associate!
O~T' ~6~ATjaas O~T' tyw 'Kowwa<tfLTjV. ISMENE
IEMHNH But in your time of trouble I am not ashamed to make
540 aAA' tv KaKolS TOlS aolaw OVK aZaxvvofLaL myself a fellow voyager in your suffering.
gVfL7TAovv tfLavT~v TOU 7T<t60vs 7TOLOVfL~VTj. ANTIGONE
Hades and those below lmow to whom the deed belongs!
And I do not tolerate a loved one who shows her love only
dJV TO~PYOV "AL8TjS xoZ K<tTW gvvtaTopfiS' in words.
AoyoLS 8' tyw rpLAouaav ov aT~pyw rptATjV.
n:MHNH Sister, do not so dishonour me as not to let me die with you
fL~TOL, l(aat'Yv~TT/, fL' u,TL/LaallS TO fL~ 00 and grant the dead man the proper rites!
545 6avfilv -re aov aot TOV 6avovTa 6' a.yvtaaL. ANTIGONE
ANTIrONH Do not try to share my death, and do not claim as your own
something you never put a hand to! My death will be
fL~ 'fLot 6<tvys ao KOW<t, fLTj8' fL~ '6LyfiS enough!
7TOLOU afiaVTfjs. apK~aw 6viJaKova' tych.

5:16 L._ " ..."1 J'I.., ....

Kat Tls fJlov p,Ot aov ~€~€tP,P,€V'll 7TO(JOS; And what desire for life will be mine ifyou leave me?
Kp€OVT' ~pWTa' Tov8€ yap au K"l8€p,wv. Ask Creon! You are his champion!
550 Tl TavT' a,Vt~S p,' oZ,8~v r1ep€~ovpiv"l ; Why do you give me such pain, when it does you no good?
It grieves me to mock you, if! do mock you.
a,~yovaap,~v 87]T', €2 y€~w y', ~v aot y€~w.
What help can I still give you, now that things have come to
c:.~ '" ~
, \ \, vvv \ ~ " €yw;
T U"lT av al\l\a a ''''''/''
€T W.,.€AOtP, 1
awaov a€aVT~v. oz, ep(Jovw a' fJ7T€KepVy€tV. Save yourselfl I do not grudge you your escape.
o¥p,ot Ta~aLVa, Ka,p,7TAaKw TOV aov p,opov; Ah me, am I to miss sharing your death?

, , , tI\, 'c:.'
r~ (J ~ Yes,you chose life, and I chose death!
555 av P,€V yap €tAOV ':>"lv, €yw oe KaT aV€LV.
But I did not fail to speak out!
a,~~' oZ,K ~7T' a,PP~TOtS y€ TotS ~p,ots ~oyots •
ANTlrONH Some thought you were right, and some thought I was.
Kal\WS av\P,€V
, ~
TOtS, ~
TotS c:." \ 'c:. 1 ,/.. ~
U €yw UOKOVV.,.pOV€LV.
I~MHNH Why, our offence is equall
\ .,),,, . ~, r 'I:. 1
Kat P,'IV ta"lVCf.JV €anv "I sap,apna. ANTIGONE
ANTlrONH Be comfortedl You are alive, but my life has long been
' '.1. ' 1\ dead, so as to help the dead.
(J apa€t. P,€V ':>lIS, "Irc:."
av,'r~ U €P,"l .,.VX"l 7TaAat

560 T€(JV"lK€V, &aT€ TOtS (JavovaLV r1ep€A€'lv.


TW 'lTaLae rpTJIU Tw8~ T~V /LEv apTlws I say that one of these girls has only now been revealed as
" .I.' () '0:>' a'f'
'.1.' OVTa ~, ".1.
.,., 'lTpWT mad, but the other has been so from birth.
avow 'IT~'f'av aL, TTJV 0 ~'f'V'

'0:>'"os av
" t'l\al1TlI Yes, king, those who are miserable lose even such sense as
ov" yap 'lTOT ' ,' 'wvas,
' t: ovo Q\' ,
they have; it leaves them.
vovs TOLS ICaICws 'lTpaI1110VI1LV, al\I\' Egll1TaTaL.
KPEON It left you, when you chose to do evil with evildoers.
565 110~ yovv, 8()' ~Yl\ov 110V ICaICoLS 'lTpal1l1~LV ICaICa. ISMENE
n:MHNH How can I live alone without her?
rl yap p.ovil P.OL TiJ118' ;;'T~P {3LWI1LP.OV; CREON
KPEON Why, she-Do not say it, for she no longer exists!
aM' ~8~ p-eVTOL - p.~ My" o~ yap ~I1T' ~TL. ISMENE
But will you kill her who is to be your son's bride?
al\I\a ICT~V~LS vvp.rp~La TOV l1aVTOV TeICvov;
Yes,for the furrows ofothers can be ploughed!
apWI1LP.OL yap xaTepwv ~ZI1~V yvaL. It would not be as fitting as for him and for her.
570 o~x I1Js y' EICdvo/ TfJ8~ T' ~v ~pp.ol1p.eva. I hate evil wives for my son!
\ , \ .... er ....
ICaICas ~yw yvvaLICas VL~I1L I1TVYW. Dearest Haemon, how your father dishonours you!
.1.1\ ()' A°'"
'" 'f'tI\Tatp.ov,
w "11"aTLp.a':.~L
ws , y 'lTaTTJp.
, Youcause me excessive pain, you and the marriage you talk
;;'yav y~ I\V'IT~LS ICa~ 110 ICa~ TO 110V M"os.
572 Antigonae trihuit ed. Aldina

~ yap aTEp~aEtS T7]a8E TOV aaVTOU yovov; Willyou indeed rob your son of her?
It is Hades who will prevent this marriage for me.
575 "At8TJs b 7Tavawv Tova8E TOUS yaJLovs ~JLol.
I::EMHNH It is decided, it seems, that she shall die.
8E80YJL~v', &s ~OtKE, T~v8E KaTOaVELv.
KPEnN By you and by me! Let there be no delay, but take her in,
Kat\ aol yE KaJLO Q'"''
' l • JLTJ' TptfJaS ET ,al\l\a\ \ 1 vur henchmenl From now on these two must be women and
,I' " , I:> ~ ~I:> must not be on the loose. Yes, even those who are bold try
KOJLt':,ET euu», OJLWES' EK oe TOvuE XPTJ'
, 1:>'

~ .,. 1 I:> 1:>' ,

yvvatKas ELVat TaaoE JLTJu aVEtJLEvas.
1 to escape, when they see Hades already near to their lives.
,J. , 0 ~ er
'l'Evyovat yap TOt xot paaEts, OTav 7TEl\as
ANTIGONE and ISM ENE are taken inside.
~8TJ Tov"At8TJv EZaOpWC1t TOU (3lov. CHORUS
XOPO::E Fortunate are they whose lifetime never tastes of evill For
, those whose house is shaken by the gods, no part of ruin is
'1:> r
ousc ~,/
KaKWV , 1
ayEvaTos atWv. arp, a
wanting, as it marches against the whole of the family; like
ois yap (tv aEtaOfJ OEOOEV 8oJLos, (has the swell of the deep sea, when darkness runs beneath the
585 oll8~v ~AAEl7TEt yEvEaS ~7T2 7TA7]OOS ~P7TOV' water, brought by the dire blast of winds from Thrace, it
&aTE 7TovTlas &AOS rolls up from the bottom the black sand and the wind-
'ro I:> 1 ,/
o£OJLa ova7Tvoots oro» vexed shores resound before its impact.
0piJaaTJaLV ~PE(30S ~epaAov ~7Tt8paJL'[J 7Tvoals, From ancient times I see the troubles of the dead of the
Labdacid house falling hard upon one another, nor does
590 KvAlv8Et (3vaaoOEv
one generation release another, but some one of the gods
KEAaLVo.v OLva Ka2 8vaavEJLOt shatters them, and they have no means of deliverance. For
aTov't' (3p~JLovaLV aVTt7TA7]YES aKTal. , I

apxala TO. Aaf38aKt8av OtKWV bpwJLat aVT.a

595 7T~JLaTa epOtTWV ~7T2 7T~JLaat 7Tl7TTOVT', 576 Ismenae tribuunt Kat, choro cett., Antigonae Boeckh
586 ante flJaTt, add. OfL07ov codd., del. Seidler
oll8' a7TaAAaaaEt yEVEo.V y~vos, aAA' ~pEl7TEt 591 8vaa.v~fLot Hartung: -ov codd.. -tt' Jacobs
OEWV TtS, oll8' ~XEt AvaLV. 592 {JplfLovaw Zo (coni. Jacobs): {JplfLoVat 8' cett.
595 rpOtTWV Hermann: rpOtfLlvwv codd.
574 choro tribuit Boeckh

... \ , , r' lately the light spread out above the last root in the house
vvv yap EaxaTas V7TEp of Oedipus; it too is mown down by the bloody chopper of
600 pl'as tT€TaTO cpaos tv Ol8l7TOV 80P.OLS· the infernal gods, folly in speech and the Erinys in the
KaT' aD vw-cpowla mind.
OEiiJV TWV vEpTepwv o.p.~ K07Tls, Zeus, what arrogance of men could restrict your power?
AOYOV T",aVOLa KaL\,J..""E'.,..pEVWV pWVS. Neither sleep the all-conquering nor the unwemying
TEav, ZEV, 8vvaaw TlS o.v- months of the gods defeats it, but as a ruler time cannot
age, you occupy the dazzling glare of Olympus. For
605 8pwv fJ7TEp{3aala KaTaaxoL;
TaV oM' ~7TVOS a~pEL 7TOO' I) t7TavToy~pwst present, future and past this law shall suffice: to none
among mortals shall great wealth come without disaster.
OliT' o.Kap.aToL OEWV
For widely wandering hope brings profit to many men,
p.fjVEs, o.y~pws 8~ xpovCf 8vvaaTas but to many the deception of thoughtless longings; and a
KaTeXELS 'OAVP.7TOV man knows nothing when it comes upon him, until he
610 scalds his foot in blazing fire. For in wisdom someone has
TO T' ~7TELTa Ka~ TO p.eAAov revealed the famous saying, that evil seems good to him
Ka~ TO 7TP~V t7TapKeaEL
whose mind the god is driving towards disaster; but the
IC'/~' ,~" tl smaIlman fares throughout his time without disaster.
VOP.OS 00 • OvoEV Ep7TEL
f \ ' , .,1 Here is Haemon, the latest born among your sonsl Is
OvaTWV {3l0TOs 7Tap.7TOIIVS EKTOS aTas. , Q'
615 fJ. yap 8~ 7TOAV7TAaYKTOS tA-
7T~S 7TOAAOLS p.~v ~V7]aLS o.v8pwv, 599 {nrep] g7T~P K s.l., coni. Hermann
\ '»'" , J . ' "EpWTWV • - 600 e-reTaTO Brunck: TeTaTO codd.: <8> TeTaTO Hermann
602 K07Tts ]ortin: K6vts codd.
~Z8oTL 8' oiJ8~v ~P7TEL, 606 7TaVTOY~pWS] 7Ta.VT' dyp~uwv ]ebb: aliialia
7TP~V 7TVP~ OEpP.ijJ 7To8a TLS 7Tpoaava'l/' 607 dKa.p.aTot Odjjv] O~wv lJ.Kp.aTOt Hermann
,J.{ ,,, 613--14 o~IUv' •.• 7Ta.P.7TOAVS LI.-J. (o~8ev' iam Aldina, 7Ta.P.7TOAVS
620 ao.,.. If yap EK TOV Musgrave): o~8ev l!P7T~t OvaTwv {3t6TCf! 7Tap.7ToAtS codd.
\ ,,, ',J.
KIIEWOV E7TOS 7TE.,..aVTaL, l!P7T~t] l!P7T~tv Heath, qui etiam 7Tap.7ToAu y' coniecit
TO KaKOV 80KELV 7TOT' taOAOV 618 a86Tt 8'] ~O a86utv Wilamowitz, del. l!P7T~t
TijJ8' ~P.P.EV hCf cppevas 625 ofo.lyos TOV LI.-J.: OAtyOUTOV codd.: Ofo.lytUTOV Bergk


'»' '\l ' 0 ' ~ ,/
625 7Tpd.aaEL 0 Oil yos TOV Xp VOV EKTOS aTas·
38E p.~V Atp.wv, 7Tat8WV TWV awv
he angry at the fate of his affianced one, Antigone, grieving
[TfjS fLr;AAoyafLov vVfLep11s1
1 \ <;>" 'A VTtyov11s, at the baffled hope of marriage?
Tal\WOS 11Kr;L fLopoV
1 1

ibTaT11S Ar;x€WV fnrr;paAywv; Enter HAEMON.

We shall soon have better knowledge than prophets could
Tax' daOfLr;a()a fLaVTr;wv fI7T€pTr;pov. have given us. My son, now that you have heard the valid
i17TaL, Tr;Adav rpfjepOV fL~ KAVWV decision against your destined bride, are you here in rage
TfjSfLr;AAOVVfLepov 7TaTpt Avaaalvwv 7Tapr;L; against your father, or are we dear to you, no matter what
~ aot fL~V ~fLr;Ls 7TavTaxf!8pwVTr;s eplAOL; we do?'
7TaTr;p, cos r;LfLL' KaL au fLr; yvwfLaS r;xwv
" \ f I " Father, I belong to you, and you keep me straight with
\ 'a7TOp0OLS,
XP11 aTas ~ ... r;ywy
aLS " , r;'I'r;,/,0r
'.J.I.I. It.aL• your good judgments, which I shall follow. Yes, in my eyes
no marriage shall be more highly valued than your right
~fLol yap oiJ8ds d.~LChar;TaL yafLos guidance.
fLd'wv ep€pr;a()aL aov KaAWs ~YOVfL€VOV.
KPEQN Yes,my son, that is how your mind should be, thinking that
rl ,'!" .... \ ~ \ I .'f
OVTW yap, w 7TaL, XP11 ULa aTr;pvwv r;xr;tv, all things rank second to your father's judgment. This is
, I ' 'I' () < 1 why men pray that they may beget and keep in their houses
640 YVWfL11S 7TaTpcpas 7TaVT O7TLa r;v earasuu:
\ et ''I' ~"
TOVTOV yap cuue« avupr;s r;vxovTaL yovas \ obedient offspring, so that they may requite the enemy
1 .J. 1 , <;> 1
KaT11KoovS ,/,vaavTr;s r;v UOfLOLS r;xr;tv, " with evil and honour the friend as they honour their father.
But as for the man who fathers children who give him no
6JS Kat TOV ~XOPOV d.vTafLVvwVTaL KaKOLS, help, what can you say that he begets but trouble for him-
Kat TOV eplAOV TtfLwatv ~~ Iaou -murpl. self, and much delight for his enemies? Never let go your
645 gaTtS 8' d.vwep€A11Ta epLTvr;L T€KVa, good sense, my son, for sake of the pleasure that a woman
Tl Tov8' Civ r;l7ToLS &AAO 7TA~V abTijJ 7TOVOVS gives, knowing that this thing is an armful that grows cold,
epvaaL, 7TOAVV 8~ TOLatv ~X()poLaLv y€AWV; an evil woman sharing your bed in your house. For what
fLTJ vvv 7TOT' , (1 7TaL, TaS epp€vas y' vep' ~80vfjs wound could be deeper than a dear one who is evil? So
\ " "CI 1 \ ,<;> \ a:
yvvaLKos ouue« r;KfJal\'llS, r;wws OTt
628 om. Zot 635 /lEi Blaydes: /lOL Sazt: /lOV LRV
650 rpvxpov 7TapayKaALafLa TOVTO ylyvr;TaL, 637 ag"baEiTaL Musgrave: ifgLOsvel aglws (~aorl1.L) codd.
\ \ l:. 1 , <;> 1
YVV11 KaK11 ",vvr;vvos r;v UOfLOLS. T yap
l \
640 ~aoraVl1.L] !aoraVl1.L Musgrave
Y€VOLT' Civ gAKOS fLr;L'ov ~ eplAOS KaKOS; 645 chtT£{;£L Livineins: rhJJ.,.t:r~~1 ,...nrlrl

rl.'1TO'1TTVO'as O~V ClJO'TE SVO'[.LEVfj [.L~(JES respue this girl as an enemy and allow her to marry some-
T~V '1TaL8' EV t'ALSOV T~VSE VV[.LrpEVELV -ru/l. one in Hades! For since I caught her openly disobeying,
'\' ,,'t'\',J.~" alone out of all the city, I shall not show myself false to the
655 E'1TE£ yap aVT1]V ELI\OV E[.L'f'avws EYW
1\ , , " ,
city, but I shall kill her! In the face of that let her keep
'1ToI\EWS a'1TLO'T1]O'aO'av EK '1TaO'1]S [.LOV1]V,
invoking the Zeus of kindred! If those of my own family
./. c:>~ " \' ,,\
'f'EV01] Y E[.LaVTOV OV KaTaO'T1]O'W '1TOI\EL, whom I keep are to show no discipline, how much more
rl.AAa KTEVW. '1TpOS TaVT' ErpV[.LvElTW Ala will those outside my family! The man who acts rightly in
1:.' ., , ~ \ I ,., ,.. ,J..I
\,vvaL[.LOV· EL yap 01] TO. Y EyyEV1] 'f'VO'EL family matters will be seen to be righteous in the city also.
660 "
aKOO'[.La (JPE'f'W,
'./. '
KapTa \"1:.
E\,W yEVOVS. But whoever transgresses or does violence to the laws, or is
.... , ., /
et " , ., , minded to dictate to those in power, that man shall never
receive praise from me. One must obey the man whom the
XP1]O'TOS, rpavEtTaL Krl.V '1TOAEL SLKaLOS (bv.
city sets up in power in small things and in justice and in its
gO'TtS S' {J7TEp!3as ~ VO[.LOVS !3ui'ETaL, opposite. This is the man whom I would trust to be a good
1\ ., I ..... I ....
1] TOV'1TLTaO'O'ELV TOLS KpaTVVOVO'LV VOEL, ruler and a good subject, and when assigned his post in the
665 OOK ~O'T' E'1TaLvov TOVTOV Eg E[.LOV TVXELV. storm of battle to prove a true and noble comrade in the
rl.AA' Bv '1TOALS O'T~O'ELE, TOVSE XP~ KAvELV fight. But there is no worse evil than insubordination! This
Ka2 O'[.LLKpa Ka2 SLKaLa Ka2 Trl.vavTLa. it is that ruins cities, this it is that destroys houses, this it is
Ka2 TOVTOV elv TOV lfvSpa (JapO'oL1]v Eyc1
that shatters and puts to flight the warriors on its own sidel
\ ~ ,,, l' c:>',,'/ (J (J'\ But what saves the lives of most of those that go straight is
Kal\WS [.LEV apXELV, EV 0 av apXEO' aL EI\ELV,
~ , ,1\ '}.... I obedience I In this way we have to protect discipline, and
670 oopoS T av EV XEL[.LWVL '1TpOO'TETaY[.LEVOV we must never allow a woman to vanquish us. If we must
[.L~VELV SlKaLOV Krl.ya(JOv '1TapaO'T(J.rr1]V. perish, it is better to do so by the hand of a man, and then
, f C:>' ~Y ,,, ,
avapx£as oe [.LEL,:>OV OVK EO'TLV KaKOV. we cannot be called inferior to women.
, tic:>' ,
1\ , ,/ \ \
aVT1] '1TOI\ELS OI\I\VO'LV, 1]0 avaO'TaTOVS
otKOVS TL(J1]O'LV, ~SE O'V[.L[.Lr1.XOV SopOS
, , ~ C:>" (J , 653d.'IT01TTVUas Blaydes: d.'\'\' d.'ITO'ITTVUas KRZc: d.,\,\a 'ITTVUaS
675 TpO'1Tas KaTapp1]yvVO'L' TWV 0 op OV[.LEVWV cett. oOv llJUT€ Blaydes: 6Ju€lT€ codd.
O'Cfl'EL Ta '1ToAAa O'W[.La(J' ~ '1TEL(JapxLa. 659TIlY' Erfurdt: Tl18' a: Tc!. T' cett.
663-Q7 post 671 traiecit Seidler: del. Blaydes
" \,~.... C' I 666-67 del. Dawe
KOVTOL yvvaLKos ovoa[.LWS 1]O'O'1]TEa.
, " ~ ... ,., ~,,, .... 667UJU/cpa]'ITtlCpa van E1dik
KpEWO'OV yap, EL'1TEp OEL, '1TpOS avopos EK'1TEO'ELV, 674UVJLJLc!.XOV Reiske: UVJLJLc!.XllIR: uvv JLc!.Xll cett.
680 ,
av ~
yvvaLKwv tI \ l (J'"tur,
1]O'O'OVES Kal\O [.LE
~P.LV p.ev, €lp.r,TijJ xpovCf K€KAEp.p.€(Ja, To us, if we are not led astray by our old age, you seem to
I\€Y€tv .I. '
'f'pOVOVVTWS '!'
WV \'
I\€Y€LS '" ~
7T€PL. speak sensibly about the things you speak of.
7TaT€p, (J' .I.'
€OL 'f'VOVCJLV , (J'
av .I.'
PW7TOLS 'f'p€vas, Father, it is the gods who give men intelligence, the most
I rl , " ) , I r I
7TaVTWV ca €aTL KTTJp.aTwv V7T€pTaTOV, precious of all possessions, and I could never say, and may
I never know how to say, that what you say is wrong. [But a
685 ~yc18' 37TWS au p.r,
AEy€LS 6p(JwS 'Tt1.8€,
different view might be correct.] But it is not in your
O~T' ltv 8vvalp.TJv P.~T' ~7TLaTalp.TJv AEy€LV' nature to foresee people's words or actions or the objects
[yevoLTo p.evTltv xd.TepCf: KaAws ~xov.] of their censure; for your countenance is alarming to a sub-
,~, ., I,J.. I ..... rl
au 0 ov 7T€'f'vKas 7TaVTa 7TpOaK07T€LV oou ject when he speaks words that give you no pleasure. But
'" I"~ I for me it is possible to hear under cover this, how the city is
\ I
'TLS "I 'f'€y€tv €X€L.

690 TO yap aov ~p.p.a 8€LVOV d.v8p~ 8TJP.OT'll lamenting for this girl, saying that no woman ever deserved
\, , , ! , , , , J, \ , it less, but that she is to perish miserably for actions that
1\0yoLS TOLOVTOLS OLS au p.TJ T€p'f''ll KI\VWV'
are glorious, she who did not allow her own brother who
~p.o~ 8' d.KOV€tv ~a(J' {J7TO aKOTOV 'Tt1.8€,
had fallen in the slaughter to remain unburied or to be des-
Tr,V 7Tat:8a TavTTJv 0T' 68vp€TaL 7ToALS,
troyed by savage dogs or birds. Does not she deserve, they
7Taawv yvvaLKwv &ls d.VagLwTa.TTJ ask, to be honoured with a golden prize? Such is the dark
695 ,
KaKLaT '"a7T "€pywv €VKI\€€aTaTWV
'\ , .I.(JI
'f' W€L' saying that is silently advancing. For me, father, nothing is
" , r ~ " ' " \.1. '.I. ~ more precious than your good fortune; for what distinction
7T€7TTWT' (}.(Ja7TTOV p.~(J' li7T' c1p.TJaTWV KVVWV can be greater for children than a father who flourishes in
€Yaa' 6AEa(JaL p.~(J' li7T' olwvwv TtvOS' high repute, or greater for a father than sons who do so?
Do not wear the garment of one mood only, thinking that
of,X ~8€ xpvaTJS d.gla TLP.TJS AaX€LV;
700 ''''''€P€P.VTJ,~
r, .I.'
~p.o~ 8~ aov 7Tpa.aaovTos €f,TVXWS, 7Ta.T€P, 687 del. Heimreich xii.-repff K in linea, coni. Musgrave:
xii.-repws R: xii.-rep'l.' cett.
Of,K ~a'TLV 0f,8~v KTTJp.a TLP.UhT€POV.
688 au LypY: aoD La: aot L s.l., Ra ou 'TTerpvKas Lyp: oov
-rlyap 7TaTpos (Ja.AAoVTOS €f,KAdCf: TeKVOLS 'TTerpvKa codd.
(}.yaAp.aP.€L'OV, ~ Tl7TPOS 7Ta18wv trturpl; 690 lacunam post hunc versum statuit Dindorf
705 p.TJ, vvv ""'(J ~,
€V "I osp.ovvov ~ .I.'
€V aavTCf 'f'0P€L, 700 f,'TTepx~-rat Herwerden: ~'TTepX~Ta' codd.
703 dKA~lez. Johnson: -as codd.

< ,J. \ I '1:>\" \ \ ~, , O~ ,/

ws '('''IS CIU, KOUO€V allIlO, 'TOU'T Op WS €XE:LV.
your opinion and no other must be right! For whoever
think that they themselves alone have sense, or have a
3CITLS ya.p atJ'TOS ~ eppoviiv fLovoSSOKE:L,
.. \ ~ ",,, \ \ ...l, \ "
power of speech or an intelligence that no other has, these
"I YIIWGCIaV, "Iv OUK aIlIlOS, "I '('UXTJV €XE:LV, people when they are laid open are found to be empty. It
OO'TOL SLa7T'TUxO~V'TE:S liJepOTJCIaV KE:vol. is not shameful for a man, even if he is wise, often to learn
710 d"'" <t.vSpa, KE:Y TLS lJ CIOepOS, 'TO fLaVo&'VE:LV things and not to resist too much. Yousee how when rivers
1\ \" \ '1:>\ \ \ \ I ,/
are swollen in winter those trees that yield to the flood
0PCfS 7Tapa\<10 I
OCIa retain their branches, but those that offer resistance per-
8~vSpwv {J7TdKE:L, KAwvas WS ~KCIc{J'€'TaL, ish, trunk and all. Just so whoever in command of a ship
keeps the sheet taut, and never slackens it, is overturned
'Ta. S' dVTL'Tdvov'T' atJ'T07Tp€fLV' d7TO""U'TaL.
and thereafter sails with his oarsmen's benches upside
715 at)'Tws S~ vaos 3CITLS ~v Kpa.'TE:L 7ToSa down. No, retreat from your anger and allow yourself to
'Tdvas {J7TdKE:L fLTJS~v, fJ7T'TloLS Kchw change; for if I too, young as I am, have some judgment, I
CI'Tpe!fas 'TO AOL7TOV CI~AfLaGLV vau'Tl"AE:'TaL. say that it is best by far if a man is altogether full of
dAA' E:iK€ OUfLoV Ka~ fL€'Ta.CI'TaCILV SL8ou. knowledge; but that, since things are not accustomed to go
yvwfLTJ ",
yap ,
€L TLS Ka7T " ....'
€fLOU VE:W'TE:pOU that way, it is also good to learn from those who give good
1 ,J. I ,,,a I
\ \ counsel.
epvvaL 'TOV <t.v8pa 7Ta.V'T' ~7TLCI'T~fLTJS 7TMwv • CHORUS
E:L 0
... ,J. \ ~ \ ~ \ I
OUV, '('LII€L yap 'TOU'TO fLTJ 'TaU'Tll P€7TE:LV,
< 1 King, it is proper, if he says anything that is to the point,
that you should learn from him, and you, Haemon, from
Kal 'TWV Aqov'TWV €~ KaAov 'TO fLavOa.VE:LV.
Creon; for true things have been said on both sides.
<t.vae, CIe 'T' E:2KOS, E:Y 'TL KalpLOV AeyE:L, SO men of my age are to be taught sense by a man of your
.. Ll ~ I'''' .,,1:>' ... \ ,/ I:> \~
725 fLcwE:LV, CIE: 'T au 'TOVU • E:U yap E:LpTJ'TaL OL7TlIll· age?
o~ 'TTJALKOL8€ Kal SLSaeOfLE:CIOa S~ Nothing but what is right! If I am young, one must not
eppOVE:LV 7TPOS dv8pos 'TTJALKOVS€ 'T~V epVCILV ; consider my age rather than my merits.
I:> I
fLTJo€V o KaLOV' €L'1:>"
Y ' "0 fLTJ\ I:>t o €yw\ VE:OS,
I 715 ~v Kpr1.T£L Ll.-J.: ~'YKpaT£7. L in linea, R: -77 vel -~s cett.
otJ 'TOV Xpovov XP~ fLaAAOV ~ 'T<t.pya CIK07TE:LV.
728 'Y' Tournier: TO codd.

" I ') \
E:PYov yap E:UTL TOVS aKou/LovvTas '.Q ')
UE:fJE:LV ; Is it a merit to show regard for those who cause disorder?
, " ' , 'l\ \' a ~"E:S TOVS KaKOVS·
" , It is not that I would ask you to show regard for evildoers.
ovo av KE:I\E:VUaL/L E:VUE:fJE:LV
KPEQN Is not she afflicted with this malady?
oiJx ~8E: yap TOLif8' ewdATJWTat VOUCf;
AIMQN This people of Thebes that shares our city does not say so.
KPEQN Is the city to tell me what orders I shall give?
AIMQN Do you notice that what you have said is spoken like a very
735 bp~s T08' ms E:lpTJKas ms etyav v~OS ;
KPEQN Must I rule this land for another and not for myself?
etAACf yap ~ '/Lo2 XP~ /LE: Tfju8' etPXE:LV X{)ovos;
AIMQN Yes, there is no city that belongs to a single manl
WOALS yap ofJK ~u{)' ~TLS ilv8pos eu{)' ~v6s. CREON
KPEQN Is not the city thought to belong to its ruler?
AIMQN Youwould be a fine ruler over a deserted cityl
KaAiiJs ep~/LTJS y' l1.V uu yfjs etPXOLS /LOVOS. CREON
This man, it seems, is fighting on the woman's side.
740 38', ms ~OLKE:, TfJ yvvaLK2 uV/L/LaXE:L.
If you are a woman; because it is you for whom I feel
AIMQN concern.
E:lwE:p yvv~ UV' UOV yap oVV wpoK~8o/LaL.

736 fLf: Dobree: om. K: ')If: cett.


CL '1TaYKaKLrJr~, SLlI. SlK,,/S ZWV '1Tarpl; Youvillain, by disputing against your father?
Because I see that you are offending against justice!
oil yap SlKata (J' egafLapravovO' bpW.
KPEQN Am I offending when I show regard for my own office?
r ,
afLapravw \
yap "",
ras ~fLas apxas
AIMQN Youshow no regard when you trample on the honours due
745 ov, yap
",8 ,
(J~ ~tS, TLfLaS y~ '0 ~wv
ras ~ '1Tarwv.
~ to the godsl
CL fLtapov ~Oos Ka2 yvVatKOS 15(Jr~pov. Contemptible character, inferior to a woman!
Youwill not find me vanquished by what is shameful.
01) rClv ~"OtS ~(J(Jw y~ rwv aZ(Jxpwv efL~'
KPEQN Well, everything you say is on behalf ofher.
b youv "6yos (JOt '1Tas tl'1TEP K~lv,,/s gS~.
AIMQN And of you and of me, and ofthe infernal gods!
Ka2 (Jou y~ KdfLou, Ka2 O~wv rwv v~pr~pwv. CREON
KPEQN Youshall never marry this woman while she is alivel
750 ,
ravr,,/v '1Tor , OVK
., "~(J0' ws
r "yo....
ert !:Jwcrav yafL~tS.
AIMQN Then she will die and by her death she will destroy
~S' o~v Oav~Lrat Ka2 Oavou(J' O"~L -rtua:
Have you the insolence to come out against me with
~ Kd'1Ta'1T~t"wv ciJS' e'1T~g~pXllOpacr6s; threats?
747 o~ Ta.V Erfurdt: OUK liv y' at: OUK a.v cett.

Tls 8' ~C1T' il1TELA~ 1TpOS C1' lfLas YPWfLaS MYELP ,. What kind of threat is it for me to tell you my decisions?
\ I
Kl\aU.tJP ,J. /
.,.PEPWC1ELS, ",J.
WP ~
'fPEPWP , \
KEPOS· You will regret your lecturing of me, when you yourself
understand nothing!
755 E1fLTJ\ 1TaTTJp ... 0''''
\ TJC1 " C1 " OVK EV... 'fpo
,EL1TOP ap ,J. PE~
If you were not my father, I would say you had no sense.
ywaLKos (1p 806AEvfLa, fL~ KWTLAM fLE. Slaveof a woman that you are, do not try to cajole me!
{306All Myiew TL Ka~ Mywp fLTJ8~p KA6EW,. Do you wish to speak but not to listen to him you speak to?
,'\ 0ES" al\l\
al\TJ '\\', / "''''0\I\VfL1TOP, "LC10' OTL,
OV, TOPa ,/ Do you say that? Why, by that Olympus which we see, be
I " ./. / '" / , / sure of it, you shall not continue to abuse me with your
reproaches with impunity' Bring the hateful creature, so
760 CiyETE TO fLtC1os, &ls KaT' ~fLfLaT' a(;TlKa
that she may die at once close at hand, in the sight of her
1TapOPTL OpiJC1Kll1TATJC1la Tlf! PVfLeplep. bridegroom!
0(; 81)T' ~fLOLYE, TOVTO fL~ 8og11S 1TOTe, She shall not die close to me, never imagine it, and you
"0' "II}
ov """ OI\ELTaL
'\ ~ 1TI\TJC1ta,
\ I C1V/T" 'ovuafLa
" \ shall never more set eyes upon my face, so that you can
, \ /./. ~"',J.O \ ~ < ~
TOVfLOP 1TP0C10'f'll KpaT EP 0.,. al\fLOLS opos», rave on in the company of those friends who will endure it!
765 &ls TotS OeAOVC1L TWP eplAWP fLalpll C1WWP. Exit HAEMON.
&p~p, Cipag, {3e{3TJKEP 19 6py1)S TaX6S' King, the man is gone, Swiftly, in his rage; and the temper
POVS 8' lC1T~ TTJALKOVTOS ilAY~C1as {3ap6s. of one of his age is formidable under pain.

753 7TPOS 11' lJL«ts Ll.-J.: 7TPOS K£V«tS caddo

759 ~'Tt Dabree: l7TL caddo

8pl1.rW, eppOVElTW p,EL'OV ~ KaT' Civ8p' lWv' Let him act so, let him go and show more than a man's
Td. 8' olIV Kopa Ta8' OOK c17raAAagEL p,opov. pride! But he shall not save those two girls from death!
Then have you a mind to kill both of them?
770 Cip,epw yap aOTd. Ka~ KaTaKTELVaL voE7:s;
KPEQN Not the one that did not touch the corpse; you are right!
~ . . . , . . . A'
ov" TTJV yE P,TJ' lULyovaav'
EV yap ovv EyELS. CHORUS
XOPOl: And by what death do you plan to ldll her?
p,opq: 8e 7Tolq: Kal aepE {3ovAEIYn KTavELv; CREON
KPEQN I shall take her to where there is a path which no man
" ,~ " lI'"av 'lI... {3pOTWV ~ ar £a treads, and hide her, still living, in a rocky cavern, putting
aywv EpTJp,OS EVU fJOS
'./. '" r~ , , out enough food to escape pollution, a so that the whole city
KpV'I'W 7TETpWuEL ~waav EV KaTwpvXL, may avoid contagion. And there she can pray to Hades, the
775 epop{3fJs ToaovTov 8aov Ciyos epE6yELV 7TpOOEls, only one among the gods whom she respects, and perhaps
87TWS p,laap,a 7Tii.a' fJ7TEKep6y'll 7TOALS. be spared from death; or else she will learn, at that late
'KilKEL TOV "AL8TJv, 8v p,ovov aE{3EL OEWV, stage, that it is wasted effort to show regard for things in
alTovp,EVTJ 7TOV TE6gETaL TO p,~ OaVELV, Hades.
~ ~1I' "
TJ'" yvwaETaL yovv '\ \ ,
alllla TTJVLKavu OTL Exit CREON.
780 7TOVOS 7TEpLaaos EaTL Tav zoou ce'{3ELV.
, 1 " "A" CHORUS
XOPOl: , Love invincible in battle, Love who falls upon men's pro-
''Epws ilvlKaTE p,axav, aTp. a perty, you who spend the night upon the soft cheeks of a
girl, and travel over the sea and through the huts of dwell-
"Epws, 8s ~v KT~p,aaL 7Tl7TTELS,
ers in the wild! None among the immortals can escape
8s ~v p,aAaKaLS 7TapELaLS
vEavL80s ~vvvXE6ELS , II Creonbelieves that ifhe supplies Antigone witha tokenquan-

785 'I'0LTCfS
1 '" T
EV tity of food he will escape the pollution caused by his killing a
ilypOVOp,OLS aOAaLS' memberofhisownnimily. I!
Kala' olh' ilOavaTwv ep6gLp,OS 008E2s 775 8erov Blaydes: &Is codd. rpdJy€lJI Hartung: p.ovov codd.
oliO' ap,Eplwv aE y' Civ- 789 ere y' Blaydes: t1T' codd. I!
you, nor any among mortal men, and he who has you is
790 OpcfJ7Twv, b 8' ~Xwv fLEp:r/vEv. , I mad.
CfU Ka~ 8LKalwv rl.8lKOVS aVT.a
You wrench just men's minds aside from justice, doing
¢JPEvas 7TapaCf7Tq.s ~7T~ Ac1JfJq. • them violence; it is you who have stirred up this quarrel
CfU Ka~ To8E VELKOS rl.v8pWv between men of the same blood. Victorygoes to the visible
fovaLJ.Lov ~XELS Tapa~as' desire that comes from the eyes of the beautiful bride,a
795 VLKq. 8' ~vapy~s fJAE¢Japwv
desire that has its throne beside those of the mighty laws;
for irresistible in her sporting is the goddess Aphrodite.
vVfL¢Jas, TWV fLEyaAwv 7TapE8pos €V rl.pxa'ls ANTIGONE is broughtinfrom the palace under guard.
OECffLwv' eifLaxos yap ~fL- But now I myself am carried beyond the laws at this
800 7Tal'EL OEbS 'A¢Jpo8tra. sight, and I can no longer restrain the stream of tears,
vvv 8' ~8rl' yell KavTbS OECffLwV when I see Antigone here passing to the bridal chamber
~~w ¢JEpofLaL Ta8' bpwv, lCfxELV 8' where all come to rest.
, I \ <;:, I <;:, I
OVKETL 7T"lyas uvvafLaL uaKpvwv,
TbV 7TayKolT"lV 30' bpwOaAafLov Behold me, citizens of my native land, as I make my last
I <;:,' 'A
journey, and look on the light of the sun for the last time,
805 T"lVU VTLyov"lv
and never more; Hades who lulls all to sleep is taking me,
ANTlrONH still living, to the shore of Acheron, without the bridal that
bpiiTE fL', i1 yiis 7TaTplas 7To>..tTaL a-rp, fJ/ was my due, nor has any song been sung for me at my mar-
TaV vEaTav b8bV riage, but I shall be the bride of Acheron.
CfTdxovCfav, vEaTov 8~ ¢JEy- U The early Greeks believed that desire was darted from the

yos AEvCfCfovCfav rl.EMov, eyes of the person who inspired it into those of the person who felt
810 KOt)7TOT' aMLS' rl.AAa fL' b 7Tay- it.
KolTas "AL8as 'wCfav eiyEL
797 7Tcf.p~8pos lv] avvOpovos Arndt
Tav'AxEpOVTOS 814 l7Tl vvp.,p~{o'sBergk: l7Tl vvp.,pl'iJLOs fere codd.
dKTav, oM' bfLEvalwv
~YKA"lpov,Ot)T' ~7T~vvfL-
,J. ! er
'815 ",EtOLS TTWI fLf::1 TLS vfLvoS
fLV"lCfEV, al\l\ I ,J. I

\ \ \ " 'I"
OtllCOVV ICl\fffWTj tau: fff7Tawov fffx ova
Is it not with glory and with praise that you depart to this
cavern of the dead? Not smitten by wasting maladies nor
~S T68' d7TepXlllCffftJOoS VfffICUWV;
paid the wages of the sword, of your own will you alone of
OtlTfff 7TATjYfffwa vOaoLS mortals while yet alive descend to Hades.
820 otlTfff gLepewv ~7TiXfffLpa Aaxova',
dAA' aOTOvo/LOS 'waa /LovTj 8~ I have heard that the Phrygian stranger, Tantalus'
OVTjTWV 'A18Tjv lCaTaMa'll' daughter,a died the saddest death, near lofty Sipylus; her
ANTIrONH did the growth of the rock, like clinging ivy, subdue, and as
, a' she melts away rain, as men say, and snow never leave her,
~lCovaa 8~ AvypOTd.TaV iJAeaOaL aVT.t-'
and with her ever-weeping eyes she soaks the mountain
Ta.V <J)pvyiav gevav
1\ '" 1\ ,,/ ridges; very like her am I, as the god sends me to sleep.
825 T aVTal\OV "'L7TVl\lfl 7TpOS a-
, ,r'"
ICplfl, Tav ICLaaos WS aTfffvTjS
But she was a goddess and the child of gods, b and we are
7TfffTpaia {JAd.aTa M/Laafffv,
mortal and the children of mortals; yet it is a great thing for
lCa i vw "a
O/Lt-'pOL TalCo/Lfffvav,
the departed to have the credit of a fate like that of those
e ,J.' ,.., ~
ws .,.ans avupwv, • equal to gods, both in life and later in death.
830 'xu!Jv T' oo8a/La. Ad7TfffL,
I .." r ",J. r II Niobe, who was the subject of plays by both Aeschylus and
TfffYYfffL 0 V7T o.,.pvaL 7Tay-
Sophocles. .
ICAaUToLS 8fffLpd.8as· ~ /Lfff 8ai- b Niobe's father Tantalus is commonly called a son of Zeus.
r' ,yo
/Lwv 0/LoLoTaTav lCaTfffvva~fffL.
d""a. OfffOS TOL lCa~ OfffOYfffVV~S ,
835 ~/LfffLS 8e {JPOTO~ lCa~ OVTjTOYfffVfffLS.
lCaiToL epOL/Lev'lI /Leya ICdlCovaaL
TOLS laoOeoLS ~YIC"Tjpa "aX fffLv
'waav lCa~ ~7TfffLTa Oavovaav.

828 ~fLf3POL Musgrave: -os Zc s.l., coni. Gleditsch: -ee cett.

836 fLEya Ka.KovuaL Seyffert: fLEY' a.KovuaL codd.

ot[LOL yE:AW[LaL. O'Tp. y' Ah, I am being mocked! Why, in the name of the gods of
Tl [LE:, 7TPOS OE:WV 7TaTPceWV, my fathers, do you insult me not when I am .gone, but while
, , I rfJ tY
OVK OLX0[LE:Vav v p ",E:LS, I am still visible? 0 city, 0 rich men of the city! Ah, foun-
I1AA' t7TlepavTov; tains of Dirce and grove of Thebes of the fine chariots, you
at least I can call to witness how unwept by friends, under
JJ 7TOALS, JJ 7TOAE:WS what laws I come to the heaped-up mound of my strange
7TOAVKT~[LOVE:S CivSpE:s' tomb. Ah, unhappy one, livingneither among mortals nor
ZelJ l1tpKataL Kp7jvaL 0~- as a shade among the shades, neither with the living nor
845. fJ as T ,., , 'tl \
E:Vap[LaTov aI\O'0S,
E:[L- with the dead!
7Tas eV[L[LapTVpas15[L[L' t7TLKTw[LaL, CHORUS
OLa v \
",LI\WV al<l\aVTOS, "1
OLOLS VO[LOLS Advancing to the extreme of daring, you stumbled against
, E:p[La
the lofty altar of Justice, my child! And you are paying for
X0[LaL Taepov ttoriuslou: some crime of your fathers.
850 ZelJ SVO'Tavos, j3poTOtS ANTIGONE
015TE: <VE:KPOS> VE:KpOLO'W You have touched on a thought most painful for me, the
I , Y~ , 0 ~
fate of my father, thrice renewed, and the whole of our
[LE:TOLKOS, OV ",wO'w, ov auouatu,
destiny, that of the famous Labdacids. Ah, the disaster of
" ,,, 0 I
7TpOj3aa E:7T E:O'xaTov paO'ovs

fJr/17JAOV ts l1lKas j3aOpov 8·10 olxopi./la/l Martin: OA(A)ol'e/la/l vel OAAvl'e/la/l codd.
848 ~Pl'a S, sch. L, coni. Hermann: ~P'Yl'a fere codd.
855 7TpOO'E7TE:O'E:S, JJ TEKVOV, 7ToSl. 851 o~n </I~KPOS> Gleditsch: O~T' t/l fere codd.
7TaTp{j}ov S' tKTlvE:LS TW' d,OAov. 855 1T08l Bruhn: 1TOA6/1 LSV: 1TOA6 fere cett.
859 TpL1ToAlI1TOV Ll.-J.: -tI1TO/l codd. O¥TOV Ll.-J.: olTo/l
"./. '\ , , KPc, coni. Brunck: olKTo/l fere codd.
E:",avO'as aI\YE:L- aVT. y
vOTaTas t[Lot [LE:pl[Lvas,
860 TOV TE: 7Tp07TavTos
KAE:WOLS Aaj3SaKl8aLO'w.
1WfLaTpcpaL ~\
l\elCTpWV a-
1 .,.
marriage with his mother, and my father's incestuous
TaL 1C0LfL~fLaTa T' ai'JT0YEv- couplings with his ill-fated mother! From what parents
865 VTJT' EfLiiJ 7TaTp~ SVGfLOPOV fLaTpOS •
was I born, miserable one! To them I go, to live with them,
\ t''/' accursed, unmarried! Ah, brother who made a disastrous
eyw 1
7TOUlI' ar Tal\a ",pwv '/,/..
marriage,a in your death you have destroyed my life!
7TPOS oils dpa'Los CfyafLos 8.S'
Eych fLhoLlCos ~PxofLaL. The respect you showed is a noble kind of .respect, but
lch SVC17TOTfLwV lCaal- power, in the hands of him to whom it belongs, is in no way
870 YVTJTe yafLwv ICVp~Gas, to be flouted, and you were destroyed by your self-willed
Oavchv h' oOGav lCaT~vapES fLe. passion.
fQ \ ')
GefJeLV fLev E:VGefJE:La TLS,
fQ ' Unwept, friendless, unwedded, I am conducted, unhappy
ICpaTos S', 8Tcp ICpaTos fLEAE:L, one, along the way that lies before me! No longer may I,
a \ ,'" ~ 1\ poor creature, look upon the sacred eye of the shining sun;
7TapafJaTov ovoafLCf 7Tel\eL,
and my fate, unwept for, is lamented by no friend.
875 G€ S' ai'JT0yvwTOS ,hAeG' 6pya.
Enter CREON.
" \
alCl\aVTOS, '/,/. \
a",LI\OS, , 1
avvfLevaL- E:7T.
Do you not know that no one would cease to pour forth
os <a> TaAaleppwv CfyofLaL songs and lamentations before death, if need be? Will you
Tav holfLav liMv. not lead her off as soon as possible, and when you have
I oOlChL fLOL ToSe AafL7TaSos ~E:POV enclosed her in the encompassing tomb, as I have ordered,
880 ()fLfLa OEfLLS lipiiv TaAalvCf •
II Adrastus' support for Polynices was the consequence of the
TOV S' EfLOV 7TOTfLoV dSalCpvTov
latter's marriage with his daughter Argeia.
ooSds eplAWV GTeVa'eL.
KPEilN 878 ~'Tolp.av] '1I'vp.a.'Ta~
884 X(WV Blaydes: i'u€y£tv codd.: Mywv Vauvilliers
dp' tGT' d.oLSas lCa~ yoovs 7TPO TOU OaVE:LV
dlS ooS' (1.V E:is 7TaVGaLT' Cfv, el xpdTJ' XEWV;
') "If i: ll' (J ,I. ....
885 OVIC a",eu WS TaXLGTa, lCaL lCaTTJpe",E:L
I Q 't:. r , " "
TVfLfJcp 7TepL7TTVsaVTE:S, WS eLpTJIC eyw,

riepf.Tf. fLOV7]v €Pf]fLov, f.YTf. XPll (JaVf.LV leave her alone, isolated, whether she wishes to die or to be
." , ., I y..... f3 '
f.LT f.V TOLavTll ~wO'a TVft f.Vf.LV O'Tf.Yll'
, entombed living in such a dwelling. For we are guiltless
where this girl is concerned; but she shall be deprived of
~fLf.'iS ya.p &yvo~ TOl1'1T~ T~v8f. T~V KOp7]V '
residence with us here above the ground.
890 fLf.TOLKLas 8' olw Tf]S rivw O'Tf.p~O'f.TaL,
ANTIrONH o tomb, 0 bridal chamber, 0 deep-dug home, to be
c1J T6fLf3os, c1J VVfLepf.LOV, c1J KaTaO'Kaep~s guarded for ever, where I go to join those who.are my own,
,/ , 1,1. ~,
OLK7]O'LS eeL'rPOVpOs, OL '1T0Pf.VOfLaL of whom Persephassa" has already received a great
'1TpOS TOUS €fLavTf]s, dJV apL(JfLov €V Vf.KpOLS number, dead, among the shadesl Of these I am the last
'1T"f.LO'TOV 8t18f.KTaL cJ)f.pO'tlepaO'O" 3"W"OTWV' and my descent will be the saddest of all, before the term
of my life has come. But when I come there, I am
895 dJV "OLO'(JLa 'yeb Ka~ Ka.KLO'Ta 8~ fLaKPot
confident that I shall come dear to my father, dear to you,
Ka.Tf.LfLL, '1TpLv fLOL fLoLpav €g~Kf.LV f3Lov. my mother, and dear to you, my own brother; since when
'\(J ouac:
f.1\ ~ ,
fLf.VTOL " ,f.V
KapT ' f.1\'1TLO'LV
\ 1 ',1.
Tpf.'/'W you died it was I that with my own hands washed you and
epL"7] fLEV ~gf.LV '1TaTpl, '1TPOO'epL"~S
8E O'oL, adorned you and poured libations on your graves; and now,
8E O'oL, KaO'Lyv7]TOV'
fLf]Tf.P, epL"7] Polynices, for burying your body I get this rewardl Yet in
900 €'1Tf.~ (JavOvTas alrrOXf.Lp bfLaS €yeb the eyes of the wise I did well to honour you; for never, had
~"ovO'a KaKOO'fL7]O'a Ka'1T LTvfLf3LovS children of whom I was the mother or had my husband
perished and been mouldering there, would I have taken
xoa.S ~8wKa' vvv 8t1, IIO"6Vf.LKf.S, TOO'OV
on myself this task, in defiance of the citizens. In virtue of
8t1fLaS '1Tf.pLO'TtI""OVO'a TOLa.8' ripvvfLaL. what law do I say this? If my husband had died, I could
ea lTOL 0' " f.YW
" TlfL7]O'a TOLS
~,I. ~
,/,POVOVO'LV ...
eu, have had another, and a child by another man, if I had lost
. ." ''If '''' ., I 'T I ',f,/..
905 ov yap '1TOT OVT av et Tf.KV WVfL7]T7]P f.'/'VV the first, but with my mother and my father in Hades
ollT' f.l '1TOO'LS fLOL KaT(Javebv h~Kf.TO, below, I could never have another brother. Such was the
' \ ~ , 0:>'" " 1 law for whose sake I did you special honour, but to
f3LCf '1TOI\LTWV TOVO av llpofL7]V'1Tovov.
TLvos vOfLoV 8~ TaVTa '1TpOS Xa.pLV Myw; a Persephone.
'1TOO'LS fLEV riv fLOL KaT(JavovTos ri""os ~v,
910 ~"" \ \
KaL, '1TaLS a'1T al\l\ov ,I. ,
,/,WTOS, , ~O:>'"
ecTOVO \
7]fL'1Tl\aKov, 904-20 del. Lehrs (905-13 iam A. Jacob): 911-12 citat Aristo-

fL7]TPOS 8'€V "AL80v Ka~ '1TaTpOS Kf.Kf.V(JOTOLV teles, Bhet. 1417 a 32-33
, ,/ 995 T~I<V' tilvC. Winckelmann: T~I<V(JJV codd.
OVK f.O'T "0:> \,1.'"
aOf.I\,/,OS "f3\l\aO'TOL
OO'TLS av , ,
.....~ I , ., " " \
TOLqJ0f. fLf.VTOL 0' f.K'1TpoTLfL7]O'aO' f.YW

Vop,cp, KpcioVTL TaVT' ~8of h.p,apTa.Vf:LV Creon I seemed to do wrong and to show shoeldng reck-
915 Ka~ 8f:LVa. ToAp,iiv, iL KaalyvTJToV Kapa. lessness, 0 my own brother. And now he leads me thus by
, ~ v '" , ~ " \ a' the hands, without marriage, without bridal, having no
KaLvvv aYf:L p,f: oLa Xf:pWV OVTW lIaJJwv
CfAf:KTpOV, avvp,civaLOv, O~Tf: TOV yap,ov
share in wedlock or in the rearing of children, but thus
deserted by my friends I come living, poor creature, to the
p,cipos Aaxovaav O~Tf: 7TaL8dov TPO~TjS,
caverns of the dead. What justice of the gods have I
aAA' &8' £pTjp,os 7TPOS ~lAwv ~ 86ap,opos transgressed? Why must I still look to the gods, unhappy
y~ " (J I .J. I
!:>wa. es aVOVTWV f:pXOp,aL KaTaaKa'l'as'
920 o?e? Whom can I calIon to protect me? For by acting
7Tolav 7Tapf:gf:A(Jovaa 8aLp,ovwv 8lKTJV,. piously I have been convicted of impiety. Well, if this is
rl xp~ p,f: T~V 8vaTTJvov £S (Jf:OVS ~TL approved among the gods, I should forgive them for what I
{3Ae7Tf:LV ,.Tlv'· ail8iiv gvp,p,a.xwv,. £7Tdyf: 8~ have suffered, since I have done wrong; but if they are the
,~ '.Q ' ,Q....."
TTJV OVaaf:JJf:LaV euaepoua f:KTTJaafLTJv.
I wrongdoers, may they not suffer worse evils than those
they are unjustly inflicting upon mel
925 aAA' d p,EV oov Ta8' £aT~v £V (Jf:o'LS KaAa,
7Ta(JOVTf:S <tv gvyyvOtp,f:V ~p,apTTJKOTf:S'
The same blasts of the same winds of the spirit still possess
f:l8' ot'S' h.p,apTa.vovaL, p,~ 7TAdw KaKa.
7Ta.(JOLf:V ~ Ka~ 8pwaLV £K8lKWS £p,ci.
XOPO:E Therefore there shall be trouble for those conducting her
~TL TWV ailTwv avcip,wv aLTa~ on account of their slowness!
./. ~ t " '"
930 'l'vXTJS pL7TaL TTJVOf: y , ,/f:XOvaLV. ANTIGONE
KPEQN Ah me, this saying has come close to death!
, , ..... v
KAavp,a(J' L7Ta.pgf:L {3pa8vTTjTos g7Tf:p. I can giveyou no hope that the sentence will not be accom-
plished thus.
OYp,oL, (JavaTovTOVT' £yyvTaTw
." ,,1....... 927 ?T'\,dw] p.dwVauvilliers

935 (Japaf:LV oil8EV 7Tapap,v(Jovp,aL
p,~ oil Ta8f: TavTll KaTaKvpova(JaL.

Ancestral city of the land of Thebes and gods of my fore-
c1 yfjs 0~{J,,/s ct.UTV 7TaTpEj}ov
bears, I am led away and there is delay no longerl Look,
Ka2 0€02 7Tpoy€V€Lr;, rulers of Thebes, upon the last of the royal house, what
ct.yofLaL 8~ 'yeb KoOKen fLeAAw. things I am suffering from what men, for having shown
940 A€6UU€T€, 0~{J,,/s 01 KOLpavffiaL, reverence for reverence!
T~V {JauLA€L8wv fL06v,,/v AOL7T~V, . ANTIGONE is led away.
ora 7TpOS otwv av8pwv7Tauxw,
T~V €ou€{Jlav u€{Jluaua.
Danae too endured an exchange of heaven's light for the
XOPO~ brass-fastened dwelling, and immured in the tomblike
h Aa Ka2 Llavaas oopavLov epws UTp. a chamber she was held prisoner. Yet she came of an
945 aAAagaL 8efLas €V xaAK08eroLS aOAaL's • honoured house, my daughter, and had the keeping of the
"'" €V TVf.L(J "/-
seed of Zeus that flowed in gold.a But the power of fate is
strange; neither wealth nor martial valour, nor a wall, nor
P€L OaAafLO/ KaT€,€6x0,,/ • blackships crashing through the sea can escape it.
KalToL <Ka2> Y€V€l[. TlfLLOS, c17Ta'i 7Ta'i, Held prisoner, too, was the quicldy angered son of
950 KaL'Z,,/VOS
\ TafLL€V€UK€
Dryas, the king of the Edonians, b for his mocking fury pent
aAA' &fLoLpL8la ns 86vauLS 8€LVa' . by Dionysus in a rocky prison. Thus the fierce, exuberant
" '"av VLV 'l/\{J
OVT 0/\ os OVT
,,, "AP,,/S, force of his madness drained away. He learned too late
00 7T6pyos, OOX &AlKTV7TOL that he was mad in laying hands on the god, with mocking
1'1 tongue; for he tried to check the inspired women and the
I. K€AaLVa2 v6.€S €Kep6YOL€V. ,
I Bacchicfire, and provoked the music of their pipes.
955 '€6xO,,/ 8' 3g6xoAoS 7TaLr; /) Llp6avTos,
'H8wvwv {JaaLA€6s, K€PTOfLloLS 3pya'is U Danae, the daughter of Acrisius, king of Argos, was mother of

€K LlLov6uov 7T€TPW- Perseus by Zeus.

b Lycurgus; see Iliad 6, 130 f and the fragments of Aeschylus'
8€L KaTaepapKTos €V 8€UfLEj}·
tetralogy about him.
" ~ fLaVLas
Tas I
'" \'

960 avo,,/pov T€fLevos. KEtVOS €7Teyvw fLavlaLS 941 {3aC1t~d8iilV G. Wolff: {3aC1t~ElC1.v t: {3C1.C1tM8a cett.
948 suppl. Hermann
r/Ja6wv TOV O€OV €V K€PTOfLloLS yAwuuaLS.
952 M{3os Scaliger: ~p.{3pos codd.
7Ta6€UK€ fL~v yap €vOeOVS 965 P.OVC1a s L1.-J.: MOVC1C1.S vulgo
yvva'iKas €t)LOV T€ 7TVp,
,I,.,ln./slnl'lt"" ..,..' J,n~n,r.: "nl.nn~

7Tapa '"oe KvaVEWV , 7TEl\aYEWV

\ ' "'" a'A'os Cl'rp. {J' And by the shore of the Bosphorus of the dark waters of
the double sea was the Thracian place Salmydessus, where
aKTii Boc17Topla <T07TOS ~v> b 0p71 lKWV
, , -, " t \ "A Ares whose city is nearby saw the accursed blinding wound
970 1:aAp.v8710'0'0s, LV ayx 7TTOI\LS - inflicted on the two sons of Phineus" by his cruel wife, rob-
P71S 8LO'O'OLO'L <PLVEi'3aLS bing of sight the circles of their eyes that cried for
EWEV apaT~lV gAKoS vengeance, torn out by her bloody hands and the sharp
TVcpAWO~V €g ayplas 8O.p.apTos points of her distaff.
aAaov aAaO'TopoLO'LV op.p.aTwv KVKAOLS And as they pined away they sadly wept for their sad
, 0' , ,/."
975 apax EVTWV v.,.. aLp.aT71paLS
~ affliction, the children of a mother unhappy in her mar-
' "" , ~ riage. She by birth was a princess of the ancient house of
, {J' the sons of Erechtheus; but she was reared in distant caves,
KaTa 8~ TaKop.EvoL P.EAEOt p.EMav7TaOav aVT.
among her father's storm winds, a daughter of Boreas rid-
, " '),1. I , •
980 KAaLOV, p.aTpos EXOVTES avvp..,..EVTOV yovav ing with the others beyond the steep mountain, a child of
& 8~ O'7TEpp.a p.~v d,Pxacoyovwv the gods. But even upon her the long-lived Fates bore
<~V> ;;'vaO'O" 'EpEXOEi'3iiv, hard, my child.
\ 0pOLS """
T71I\E7T U EV aVTpOtS Enterthe blind prophet TIRES/AS, led by a boy.
985 BopEas , "ap.L7T7Tos 0p , 0'07TOUOS
" V7TEp
" ,
7Tayov Lords of Thebes, we have come, journeying together, two
Of:WV 7TaLS' aAAa Kd,7T' €KElvf!: with one pair of eyes; the blind have this way of travelling
~oLpatp.~KpalwVES~O'Xov,&7Ta~ with a guide.
avaKTES, 7lKOP.EV KOLV71V ° ov
v n -\ What is the matter, aged Tiresias?
8v' €g ~Vos {JM7TovTE' TOLS TVcpAOLO'L yap II The Thracian king Phineus was first married to Cleopatra, a

990 afJT71 KEAEVOOS €K 7TP071Y71TOV 7TEAEt. daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, by Oreithyia, a daughter of
KPEQN the Athenian king Erechtheus. Phineus' children by Cleopatra
.,. yEpaLE'Teipeaui,
Tl "0 ' "EO'TLV, W I J
V~O v ,.
975 d.pax.OlvTwv Seidler: d.paxIJev ~')'x€WV fere codd.
966 post 7T~ilaylwv habentcodd. 7T~TPWV, quoddel. Bru~ck 980 d.Vvp.1mJTOV Meineke: -~VTOV fere codd.
969 d.KTlf BOU7TOpllf Ll.-J.: -al -optat codd. <T07TOS "lV> Ll.-
982 <~V> (fVMU' anon.ap.Wilamowitz: (fVTaU' codd.
J. 0p"llKWV Herkenrath: 0PT/KWV codd.
~yw8L8agw, Kat C1U rif' fLavrffiL mOoiJ. I will explain, and do you obey the prophet!
,/ 1 ~, 1
OVKOVV 7Tapos yffi C1TJS a7TffiC1rarovv .,.PffiV S·
,J. 0 In the past I have not been used to depart from your coun-
, <;>".4l~ 1 <;>, , \ 1 1\ TIRES lAS
rOLyap oz 0FTJS rTJvo ffivaVKIITJpffiLS 7TOIILV.
That is why you steered the ship of this city straight.
995 "ffiXW 7Tffi7TOV0'WS fLaprvpffiLV
. . . oVTJC1LfLa.
') ,
I can testify from experience that it was profitable.
epPOVffiL f343ws aO vvv ~7Tt gvpov rVXTJS' Think, for you are again upon a razor's edge!
r [ 0<;>, ecrtu
" " ffiYW
; WS " '-ro
, C10V
J. 'l'PtC1C1W aroua;
1 What is the matter! Your way of speaking frightens me!
You shall learn, when you hear the indications of my art!
yVWC1l/, r~xvTJS C1TJfLffil a r~s ~fL~S K'\VWV.
, yap
, 7TallaLOV
\' O~ , 0OC1K07TOV As I took my place on my ancient seat for observing birds,
es aKOV OpVL 1

where I can mark every bird of omen, I heard a strange

tIt (/ , '!' \ ., ..... \ I
1000 LV TJv fLOL 7Tavros OLWVOV IILfLTJv,
L~WV, sound among them, since they were screeching with dire,
, ~" 1
ayvwr aKovw.,. ,J.Ooyyov
1 ,
uwv, KaKCf ~
incoherent frenzy; and I knew that they were tearing each
K,\a{ovras oYC1rpCf Kat f3ffif3apf3apWfL&Cf' other with bloody claws, for there was a whirring of wings
Kat C17Twvras ~V XTJ'\alC1LV <1'\'\~'\OVS epOValS that made it clear. At once I was alarmed, and attempted
~YVWV' 7T7"ffipWV yap {Jolf380s OOK CiC1TJfLOS ~v. burnt sacrifice at the altar where I kindled fire; but the fire
god raised no flame from my offerings. Over the ashes a
1005 ffiOOUS 8E 8dC1as ~fL7TVpWV ~YffivOfLTJv
dank slime oozed from the thigh bones, smoked and sput-
f3WfLOlC1LV 7TafLepMKroLC1LV' ~K 8E OVfLarwv
tered; the gall was sprayed high into the air, and the thighs,
''HepaLC1ros OOK ~'\afL7Tffiv, <1'\'\' ~7Tt C17T08if'
fLv8wC1a KTJKtS fLTJP[WV ~r~Kffiro
KCirvepffi K<1v~7Trvffi, Kat fLffirapC1LOL
1010 xo,\at 8LffiC17Tdpovro, Kat KarappVffilS

PIT/pot KaAv7TT7js ~g€K€LVTO 7TtfL€A7jS. streaming with liquid, lay bare of the fat that had concealed
TOtaUTa 7Tat80s TOUS' ~fLavOavov 7TfLpa them. Such was the ruin of the prophetic rites by which I
,/,ULVOVT"aU7JfLwv f 'I
0PYtWV f
fLaVT€VfLaTa. Vainly sought a sign, as I learned from this boy; for he
, \ , 'l' r
€fLOt yap OVTOS 7JY€fLWV, a/\/\ots 0 €yw. '" \ \ ~" I guides me, as I guide others. And it is your will that has put
this plague upon the city; for our altars and our braziers,
1015 Kat TaUTa T7jS u7js ~K rpP€VOS VOU€L 7TOAtS.
one and all, are filled with carrion brought by birds and
f3wfLot yap ~fLLV ~uxapat T€ 7TaVT€A€LS dogs from the unhappy son of Oedipus who fell. And the
7T/\7JP€tS r"
T€ Kat\ KVVWV~ 13OpaS ~
gods are no longer accepting the prayers that accompany
TOU SVUfLOPOV 7T€7TTWTOS OlSL7TOV yOVOV. sacrifice or the flame that consumes the thigh bones, and
K~T' 00 S€XOVTCtt OVC1TaSas Aml.s ~Tt the cries screamed out by the birds no longer give me signs
1020 O€ot 7Tap' ~fLwV ooSE fL7JpLwv rpAoya, ... for they have eaten fat compounded with a dead man's
ooS' ~pvts €OC1~fLOVS d.7TOppOtf3 S€L f30as,
Think upon this, my son! All men are liable to make
d.vSporpOOpov f3€f3pwTES atfLaTos AL7TOS. mistakes; and when a man does this, he who after getting
TauT' oOV, T€KVOV, rppOV7JC10V. d.vOpcfJ7Totert yap into trouble tries to repair the damage and does not remain
TOLS 7TaC1t KOtVOV ~C1Tt ToogafLapTaV€LV • immovable is not foolish or miserable. Obstinacy lays you
, \ ~,t, ..
1025 €7T€t U afLapTll' K€tVOS OVK€T €C1T aV7Jp
, I ", " \ open to the charge of blundering. Give way to the dead
"13 \
a OV/\OS ovu avo/\ oS, OC1TtS €S
'0:>"/ \13 " , KaKov , man, and do not continue to stab him as he lies dead! I am
7T€C1WV d.K€LTat fL7JS' d.KLv7JTOS 7T€A€t. well disposed to you, and my advice is good; and it is a
~oOaSLa TOt C1KatOT7JT' 6rpAtC1KaV€t. pleasure to learn from a good adviser, if his advice brings
d.AA' €lK€ Tlf OaVOVTt, fL7JS' 6AwAOTa
1030 K€VT€t. TLs d.AK~ TOV OavOvT' ~7TtKTaV€LV; CREON
nf S' Aged man, all of you shoot at me like archers aiming at a
€V... C10t '/'pov7JC1as
,J. f
€V... /\€YW'
\ f
target, and I am not unscathed by your prophetic art; long
~StC1TOV €O MyovTos, €l K€pSOS MyOt. since I have been sold and exported by your tribe! Make
i17TP€C1f3v, 7TaVT€S &C1T€ TogoTat C1K07TOU
1021 del. Reeve, 1021-22 Paley; fortasse lacuna post 1021 sta-
Togdl€T' d.vSpOS TOUS€, KooSE tfLaVTtK7jS tuendaest
. 1035 "
aTpwTos r ~,
VfLLV equ: TWV~ 0:>' r \ f
u V7Tat y€VOVS
t 1034 KOOS' (K p.avTLKTJs Wecklein
~g7JfL7TOA7JfLat Kd.K7T€rpOPTtC1fLat 7TaAat. lO3511.TpWToS Pallis: 11.1TpaKTos codd.

Kf;p8alvf;T', Ep,7TOAiiTf; Ta7TO ~ap8f;wv your profits, import electrum from Sardis if you wish, and
"\ 0 1\ 0e, KaL"'1 gold from India! But you shall not hide him in the grave,
TJAf;KTpOV, et:' fJOVAf;C1 I>

I I,I.~"..... ." '.1. even if Zeus' eagles should snatch the body and bear the
XPVC10V' Ta.,' 0 f;Kf;LVOV OVXL KPV.,..f;Tf;, carrion up to their master's throne! Not even then shall I
1040 '1>' ec, 0f;AOVC1
ovo '\ , OL r ZTJvoS
\ aLf;TOL
, '0 fJopav '
take fright at this pollution and allow him to be buried; for
ep~Pf;LV VLV &p7TaCovTf;S ES LlLOS OpOVOVS' I well know that no mortals have power to pollute the gods.
0~8' lfJs p,laap,a TOVTO p,~ Tp€C1as EYch And even men who are clever at many things fall shame-
Oa7TTf;LV 7Tap~C1w Kf;LVOV' f;~ yap 018' gTL fully, when they skilfully speak shameful words in the pur-
Of;OVS p,Lalvf;LV ol)TLS avOpcfJ7Twv C10€Vf;L. suit of gain!
1045 7Tl7TTOVC1L 8', (1 yf;paLE Tf;Lpf;C1la, PpOTWV TIRES lAS
XOl7TOAAa 8f;LVo~ 7TTwp,aT' aYC1xp', gTav AOYOVS Alack! Does any man know, does any man understand-
alC1xpovs KaAws MYWC1L TOV K€p80vs XapLV. CREON
What thing? What is this general statement you are mak-
... ,.,.e;:, , 0 I ....J. I)- TIRESIAS
ap OWf;vav PW7TWV TLS, apa .,",f;TaL-
How much the best of all possessions is good counsell
-rlxpr,p,a; 7TOLOV TOVTO 7TayKoLVov Myf;LS; Just as much, I think, as foolishness is the greatest plague.
1050 0C1lt' KpaTLC1Tov KTTJp,aTwv
" I
f;VfJOVA\la; But that is the malady from which you suffer!
gC1lt'7Tf;p, olp,aL, p,~ eppov&v7TAf;lC1TTJ p>..apTJ· I donot wish to reply rudely to the prophet.
Yetyou speak rudely, saying that my prophecies are false.
I " ~ \ I ".J.
, 0 1\ " , ~ ~ 10371'.±7TO Blaydes: Td. 7TPO L in linea: TOII,7TpO L s.l., Aa Zo
ov fJovAop,aL TOV p,avTLv aVTf;L7Tf;LV KaKws·
Ka~ p,~v Myf;LS, rpf;V'Or, p,f; Of;C17TlCf;LV Mywv.

Yes, all you prophets are an avaricious race.
1055 TO fLaVTtKOV yap 7Ta.V rptAapyvpov ytfvos.
~ "".,., , , '" .I. \ ~
Rulers, also, are prone to be corrupt.
TO 0 av Tvpavvwv ataxpoKt;put;taV '!'tl\t;t.
KPEQN Do you know that those whom you rebuke have power?
.,. , ous
ap .,. 0a Tayovs
,,,oVTas OVS
".1,' vz
.,..t;yt;ts I\t;ywv,•
TEIPE~IA~ Yes;for it is through me that you saved this city.
~, 't:.'€fLOV~,
OLO • t;~
''''' "t;xt;tS awaaS
yap TTJVO , '\
troou». CREON
KPEQN You are a skilful prophet, but given to dishonesty.
aorpos av fLavTtS, dAAa TdStKt;LV rptAWV. TIRESIAS
You will provoke me into telling you things that should not
be dug up!
1060 ~pat;ts fLt; Td.KLvTJTa Sta rppt;vwV rppa,aat.
KPEQN Do so, only do not speak for the sake ofprofit!
«Ive«, fLoVOV S~ fL~ '7T2 KtfpSt;atv Mywv.
TEIPE~IA~ That is what you already think I do.
OilTW yap ~STJ Ka2 SOKW TO aov fLtfpos; CREON
KPEQN Know that you will never be able to trade on my judgment!
e " \ , ,/ 0 ' , , .I. '
ws fLTJ fL7Tol\TJawv us c TTJV t;fLTJv '!'pt;va. TIRESIAS
Then know well that you shall not accomplish many racing
'\\' t;V
.,., '0 ' 7TOI\I\OVS
\\,,,eri courses of the sun, and in that lapse of time you shall give
al\l\ yt; Tot «aau: cfLTJ in exchange for corpses the corpse of one from your own
1065 TPOXOVS iifLtAATJT7JpaS ~ALov Tt;AwV, loins, in return for having hurled below one of those above,
~v orat TWV awv afJTOS ~K a7TAayxvwv gva
, ~ , {3' ') ~,."
vt;KVV Vt;KpWV afLOt ov avTtUOVS t;aT!,
,av 0' wv 10568' aiHIartung: 8' tK caddo
t;Xt;tsfLt;V TWV tun» {3al\wv
,~,/ \' KaTW,
Kapsornenos: aSVR: av cett.
1057 oils .p~Y€LS Wecklein:
MY€LS caddo
1065 ~Mov T€).WV] ~),tov T€).€tV C. Winckelmann
rpVX~V y' aTlfLWS EV Taepq: KaToLKluas, blasphemously lodging a living person in a tomb, and you
1070 ~X€LS Se TWV KaTWO€V EvOaS' av O€WV have kept here something belonging to the gods below, a
(ffLoLpov, aKTEpLuTOV, avouLOv VEKVV. corpse deprived, unburied, unholy. Neither you nor the
6Jv O~T€ UO~ fLET€UTLV O~T€ TOLS (fvw gods above have any part in this, but you have inflicted it
O€OLULV, aAA' EK uou fJLa'ovTaL TaS€. upon them! On account of this there lie in wait for you the
doers of outrage who in the end destroy, the Erinyes of
Hades and the gods, so that you will be caught up in these
same evils. Consider whether I tell you this because I
EV TOLULV allToLS TOLUS€ ATJepO~vaL KaKoLs. have been bribed! For after no long lapse of time there
Ka~ TaUT' (f0P7JUOV el KaT7JpyvpWfLEvOS shall be lamentations of men and women in your house;
Myw' epaV€L yap oll fLaKpou xpovov TPLfJ~ and all the cities are stirred up by enmity ... (corpses) of
avSpwv yvvaLKwv UOLS SOfLOLS KWKVfLaTa. which fragments have been consecrated by dogs or beasts,
1080 ~XOpl[o Se 7TaUaL uvvTapauuovTaL 7TOA€LS o~ so~e winged bird, carrying the unholy scent to the city
4 ~ 4 4 4 WIth its hearths. These are the arrows which like an archer
since you provoke me, I have shot in anger at your heart:
8uwv u7TapaYfLaT' ~ KVV€S KaO~yvLuav sure arrows, whose sting you will not escape.
" O~"
7J "
OLWVOS, ,/, 1
Boy, lead me home, so that this man may discharge his
avorJLOv 6UfL~v EUTLOUXOV ES 7TOALV. anger against younger persons, and may learn to keep his
TOLavTa UOL, AV7T€Ls yap, !JJUT€ TOgOT7JS tongue quieter and his mind more sensible than the intelli-
1085 aep~Ka OVfLe{! KapSlas Tog€VfLaTa gence he has at present!
'fJ ~, 0 ' <V7T€KUpafLll.
<:> ~
fJe ala, TWV au al\7TOS'\ OVX TIRESIAS.
i1 7TaL, uv S' ~fLas (f7Tay€ 7TpOS SOfLovS, tva CHORUS
~ 0 ' .,., ,
The man is gone, king, after uttering a fearful prophecy;
Ka~ yVe{! TPEep€LV T~V yAwuuav ~uvxaLTEpav and I know that since this hair, once black, now white, has
, ~ "! ~,/, ~ .,. ~,/,I
1090 TOV vovv T afL€LVW TWV ",P€VWV WV VVV ",€P€L. clothed my head, he has never spoken a falsehood to the
&v~p, (fvag, fJEfJ7JK€ SeLVa O€u7Tluas.
E7TLUTafL€uOa S', Eg 8TOV A€VK~V EYW 1069 y' Dawe: T' codd. 1080 ~x6p<f Reiske: (x 6pal
caddo post hunc versum lacunam statuit L1.-J.: 1080-83 del.
T~VS' EK fL€Aalv7JS afLepLfJa.AAOfLaL Tplxa,
A. Jacob 1083 ?T6ALV] ?T6Aov Nauck 1084 oat ZfZc: aov
./. ~<:> ~
" ,
",€VUOS €S 1\
7Tol\LV \
l\aK€LV. cett. 1090 tbV Brunck: ~ codd.

1095 ~yvwKa KaiJTos Ka2 TapaGGOp,aL eppEVaS' I know it myself, and my mind is disturbedl For to yield
TO T' ~lKa6~t:v yap ~kLVOV, ClVTLGTaVTa 8~ would be terrible, but if I resist, my will may run into the
fowler's net of disaster.
"AT"lS 7TaTagaL 6vp,ov EV i\lvCf! 7T&.pa.
XOPO:E You have need ofgood counsel, son of Menoeceusl
~iJ{3ovi\las 8~t:, 7Tat: M~VOLKEWS, ti\a{3~t:vt. CREON
KPEQN What must I do? Tell me, and I will obey!
Tl8~Ta xp~ 8pav; epp&.,~. 7TdGop,aL 8' EYW, CHORUS
XOPO:E Go and release the girl from the subterranean dwelling,
1100 Ei\6c1v KOP"lVp,~v EK KaTwpvxoS GTEY"lS and make a tomb for him who lies there!
Cfv~s, KTlGOV 8~ Tii! 7TPOK~Lp,EVCf! T&.epOV. CREON
Is that what you approve, and do you think I should give
Ka2 TaUT' E7TaLV~t:s Ka2 80K~t: 7Tap~LKa6~t:v ;
XOPO:E As soon as possible, kingl Swift avengers from the gods cut
8GOV y', Cfvag, T&'XLGTa' GVVTEp,VOVGL yap off those who think mistakenly.
6~wv 7T08wK~LS TOUS KaKoeppovas Bi\a{3aL. CREON
KPEQN Alack! It comes hard, but I renounce my heart's purpose,
1105 Ot(1<OL' p,Oi\LS p,EV, Kap8las 8' EglGTap,aL and shall act! One cannot fight against superior force.
TO 8pav' Clv&.YKll 8' oiJx2 8VGp,aX"lTEov. CHORUS
Go, then, and do it, and do not leave it to others!
8pa vvv T&.8' Eli,6c1v P,"l8' E7T' Cfi\i\oLGLV TpE7T~. CREON
I will go, just as I am! Come, come, my servants, present
KPEQN and absent, take picks in your hands and rush to the
&8' &s ~Xw GT~lXOLp,' Cfv' tT' tT' 67T&.OV~S,
ot T' ~VT~S ot T' Cl7TOVT~S, Mlvas X~priiv
, ~ 6' e'i\1oVT~S ~LS "1 ./. .\lvw L1.-J.: "ATl/ . • • SElViLl codd.
1097 " AT1JS •.•
1110 opp,aG ~7T0'f'LOV T07TOV.
1098 \
IV: AUXElV Zf: Kp(ov SaZat,• K in marg.: T4 vilv
Rauchenstein 1102 SOKElRauchenstein: SOKElS caddo

EYW 8', E7TEL8~ 80ga TV8' E7TEC1Tpaep7J, ground that you can see! Since my decision has been thus
reversed, I who imprisoned her shall myself be present to
aihos T' ~87JC1a Ka2 7Tapwv EKAuC1ofLaL.
release her! I am afraid that it is best to end one's life in
~ r
VOfLOVS obedience to the established laws!
C1.pLC1TOV VC1c[J'OVTa TOV {3lov TEAEtV.
1115 7TOAvwvvfLE, Ka8fLEilas C1Tp. a
You who have many names, pride of the Cadmean bride"
vUfLepas C1.yaAfLa and of Zeus the loud-thunderer, you who rule famous Italy,
Ka2 ~LOS {3apv{3pEfLEra and lord it in the hollows of Demeter of Eleusis, open to
, \ , , , , .u
yEVoS, KI\VTav os afL.,..E7TELS all, Bacchic god, who live in the mother city of the Bac-
'haAlav, fL~8ELS 8e chants, Thebes, by the watery flow of Ismenus, near to the
1120 7TayKolvois 'EAEvC1LVlas seed of the savage dragon!
Upon you looks the fiery flame of pitch beyond the rock
with double peak, where walk the Co:rcian Bacchic
BaKXaV fLaTP07TOALV 0~{3av nymphs, and where is the Castalian spring. And the ivy-
vaLETwv 7Tap' iJypov covered slopes of the hills of Nysa and the green coast with
'1C1fL7JVOV~ pEE
e » 0pOV, aypLOv
' ( T, many grapes send you here, while voices divine cry
1125 E7T2 C17Top~8paKovTos. , , "euhoe,' as you visit the streets of Thebes.
C1e 8' iJ7Tep 8LAOepOV 7TErpas aVT.a
, .1."07TW7TE a Semele, daughter of Cadmus, king of Thebes, was the mother
C1TEpO.,.. of Dionysus.
ALYVUS, ~vOa KWPUKLaL b During the winter months, when Apollo was with the Hyper-
C1TElXOVI1L NufLeprLL BaKxtSES boreans, his brother Dionysus occupied his shrine at Delphi.
1130 KaC1TaAlas TE vafLa. 1123 ltatET{Jw Dindorf: ltalwlt codd.
Kal C1E NVC1alwv 6p~WV 1134 E"lTcfwlt] ("lTETaltPallis
KLC1C17JpELS "oX0aL Xl\wpaT
\ I ' a-')
KTG. 7ToAvC1TaepvAos 7T~fL7TEL
' .. R I
a,..,.,poTwv E7TEWV
., I

-ll35 Eoa'ovTwv 07J{3atas

., ....,., I
..... .....
\ ')
TaV €K 7TaC1aV Tt/Lq.S (['rp. /3' Her do you honour above all cities, together with your
fm€pTaTaV 7TOA€WV mother, victim of the lightning; and now, since the whole
/LaTp2 C1VV K€pavvlq. • city is gripped by the assault of plague, come with cleans-
~ C:>'
1140 vvv 0 ,WS , /3taLaS
' "€X€Tat ing movement over the slope of Pamassus, or the resound-
ing strait I
7Tav8a/Los 7TOAtS €7T2 V0C10V, Hail, leader of the dance of the stars breathing fire,
/LoA.€'Lv Ka8apC1lcp 7To82 llapvaC1lav master of the voices heard by night, son of Zeus, appear,
1145 fmep KA€tTVV ~ C1TOVO€VTa 7Top8/Lov. king, with your attendant Thyiads,a who in their frenzy
ldJ 7TVP 7TV€OVTWV aVT. /3' dance all night in honour of their lord Iacchuslb
xopay' C£C1TpWV, vvxlwv Enter MESSENGER.
ZTJVOS yEv€8AOV, 7TpoepavTJ8', Neighbours of Cadmus and the house of Amphion,? there
1150 C1vag, C1aLS 8./La 7T€pt7TOAotS is no state of human life that I would praise or blame as
0vlaC1tv, at C1€ /Latvo/L€vat 7Tavvvxot though it had come to a stop; for fortune makes straight
XOpdIOVC1t TOvTa/Llav'1aKXov. and fortune brings down the fortunate or the unfortunate
man at all times, and no prophet can tell mortals what is
ordained. Why, Creon once was enviable, as it seemed to
1155 Ka8/Lov 7TapOtKot Ka2 8o/Lwv 'A/Leplovos, me; he had saved this Cadmean land from enemies, had
, €C1
~ " ,av
C1TaVT \ ,av8' PW7TOV /3'LOV acquired the all-powerful kingship of the land, and was
'11 ../. /
'If , , / ''''
OVT atV€C1at/L av OVT€ /L€/L'f'at/LTJv 7TOT€., guiding it, happy with a noble brood of children.
, " 8 ~ \ ,
TVXTJ yap op Ot Kat TVXTJ KaTapp€7T€t ,
u Maenads.
TOV €i'JTvxovvTa TOVT€ 8VC1TVXOVVT' ad' b The name of a deity invoked during the Eleusinian Mysteries,
1160 Kat" /LaVTtS OVO€tS
'C:> \ TWV ~ Ka8€C1TWTWVr /3POTOtS.
in all probability identical with Dionysus.
' ' ' ' ' 1 " \ ' " l
KP€WV yap "IV ':> TJIIWTOS, ws €/LO , 7TOT€, ' C With his brother Zethus Amphion was the legendary builder

aWC1as /Lev €X8pfiJv T~v8€ Ka8/L€lav x8ova, of the walls of Thebes.

Aa/3wv T€ xwpas 7TaVT€AfJ /Lovapxlav

TJMvv€, oa.AAWV €i'JY€V€L TEKVWV C17TOpq.·
1149 post ewlaKow~ add. war codd., del, Schubert Z7Jvo,;
Bothe: AL6S codd.: Arov Seyffert wpor/lLl.v7J9' dJvaE Bergk: wpo-
tf>&'V7J9L vaElaLS codd.

1165 Ka~ vvv d.ep€LTaL 'JT(lVTa. Ka~ yap ~80va~ And now all has been let go; for when a man's pleasures
8Tav 7Tp08waLJI d.v8pos, ofJ Tl0"lf.£' ~yw have abandoned him, I do not consider him a living being,
r~ ~ , \ \' " ...l, r ~ 1
':> "Iv TOVTOV, al\l\ €FfVXOV "l'Y0vf.£aL V€KPOV. but an animated corpse. Enjoy great wealth in your house,
\1 , ,.,. 'fJ'\ 1
7TI\OVT€L T€ yap KaT OLKOV, €L OVI\'ll, f.£€ya,
if you will, and live in royal style; but if you take no delight
in these things, I would not purchase all the rest for the
Ka~ '77 Tvpavvov ax77f.£' ~XWV, ~av 8' d.7T17 shadow of smoke, compared with pleasure.
1170 TOVTWV TO. Xalp€LJI; Te.tAA' ~yw Ka7TVOV aiaiis
,,,av 7TpLa lf.£"Iv avup'
OVK ' '" \ 7TpOS
, T"IV
, "Iuov"I
r '" 1
But what is this new burden for the princes that you come
XOPO:E bringing?
Tl8' aD T08' e.txOos fJaaLMwv ~K€LS epfPWV; MESSENGER
ArrEAO:E They are deadl And those who are alive are guilty of their
T€OviiaLJI' o~ 8f 'WVT€S ahwL OaV€Lv. deaths I
And who is the murderer? and who lies low? Tell mel
Ka~ Tls epOV€V€L; Tls 8' b K€lf.£€vos; My€.
ArrEAO:E Haemon is dead; and his own hand has shed his blood.a
1175 A?f.£wv MWA€V' afJTOX€LP 8' a~f.£&.aC1€Ta.L.
XOPO:E Was it by his father's hand or by his own?
! I 'rt , , I I •
7TOT€pa 7TaTpcpas, "I 7TpOS OLK€Las X€POS, MESSENGER
ArrEAO:E He died at his own hand, in anger against his father for the
, , ~
aVTOV, 7TaTp' f.£"Iv,aas
\ I ,/.,
murder he committed.
Prophet, how true, then, was your wordl
I "
TOV7TOS WS ap op0'ov "Ivvaas.
r,"" "
ArrEAO:E Youmay take counsel in the knowledge that this is so.
WS "''''"
"\ \ fJOVI\€V€LJI
\ 1 7Tapa.

1\ An untranslatable pun; the name Haemon resembles the

1165 Kal yap ~8oval Seyffert: TaS yap ~8ovas codd. Greek word for blood.
1166 <1v8posl 1i.v8pas Zot: 1i.v8pa Eustathius

1180 Ka~ fL~v opW Ta.AatvaVEi'1pv8lK7JV ofLOU Now I see the unhappy Eurydice close by, Creon's wife;
she is coming from the house, perhaps because she has
8&.fLapTa T~V KP~OVTOS' ~K 8E- 8wfLa.TWV
heard about her son.
~TOL KAvouO'a 7TaL8os ~ TVX'D 7T€pfi..
7TaVT€S ,
aO'TO l, TWV
~ \/
I\oywv ,
€7T110' 9ofL7Jv
All you citizens, I heard the news as I was about to leave
7TPOS ~~o8ov O'TdxovO'a, IIaAAa.8os 9€as
the house so as to go to address prayers to the goddess Pal-
1185 87TWS ~KolfL7Jv €i'1YfLa.TWV 7TPOO'~YOpoS. las; and I chanced to be loosening the bolt of the gate to
Ka~ TVYXa.VW T€ KAfJ9p' aVaG7TaGToU 7TVA7JS open it when the accent of disaster in the house struck my
xaAwO'a, Kal fL€ ep90YYoS OlK€lovKaKOU ears, and in terror I fell back into the arms of my servants,
fJa.AA€L 8L' (bTWV' fJ7TTla 8E- KAlvofLaL and was struck dumb. But whatever the news was, tell it
8dO'aGa7TPOS 8fLWaLO'L Ka7To7TA~O'O'ofLaL. againl For you will have a listener not without experience
of disaster.
1190 aAA' 80'TLS ~v 0 fLu90s aMLS €Y7TaT€'
.... \ , ,f '1' " I MESSENGER
KaKWV yap OVK a7T€LpOS ova aKovO'0fLaL.
I was there, dear mistress, and will tell you, and I shall
ArrEAO:E suppress no word of the truth. For why should I try to
, I .J.['\ '" I ~
€yw, .". 1\7J U€O'7ToLva, KaL" 7Tapwv €PW,
soothe you with words which will later brand me as a liar?
Koi'18E-v 7Tap~O'w TfjS aA7J9€las ~7TOS. Truth is always best. I accompanied your husband on foot
Tl ya.p O'€ fLaA9a.0'0'OLfL' ltv clJv ~S ~O'T€POV to the edge of the plain, where the unpitied corpse of
1195 .t. ~
.".€vO'TaL '.J.
I 9' • op
, 9'oval\7J
r \ '9€L " ae«.
l Polynices still lay, torn by the dogs. Praying the goddess of
~ych 8E- 0'0 7To8ayos ~O'7TOfL7JV 7TOO'€L
the crossway" and Pluto to restrain their wrath in mercy,
we washed it with purifying water, and among newly
7T€8l0V ~7T' CiKpOV, ~v9' ~K€LTO V7JA€E-S
uprooted bushes burned what was left. And we heaped up
KVvoO'7Ta.paKTov O'wfLa IIoAvvdKovs hL • a tall burial mound of our own earth, and after that
Ka~ TOV fL~v, alT~O'aVT€S ~vo8lav 9€ov
1200 IIAoVTwva. T' opyas €i'1fL€V€LS KaTaGX€9€t:v, II Hecate.
AovO'aVT€S lJ.yvov AOVTpOV, ~v V€OO'7Ta.O'tv
1182 7T£PCf Brunck: codd.
9aAAoLS 3 8~ 'A€A€L7TTO O'vyKaTn9ofL€V,
Ka~ TVfLfJov op90KpavovOlK€las X9ovos

XWCTaVTES aMLS 7TpOS ALOOCTTpWTOV KOPTJS approached the maiden's hollow bridal chamber of death
with its stony floor. And we heard some way off a voice of
1205 VV/LepELOV "AL8ov KOLAov dCTE{:Jalvo/LEv,
loud wailing around the unconsecrated nuptial room, and
'f'wvTJS 0 a7TW 0EV op
~ "','/ ' OfLWV KWKv/LaTwv ,
went to tell our master Creon. As he came nearer, the
\ , " , ,J,'
KI\VEL TLS aKTEpLCTTOV a/L'f'L 7TaCTTaoa, ''''
indistinct sound of a pitiful cry floated about him, and With
Ka2 8ECT7TOTTI Kp~oVTL CTTJ/LalvEL /LOAWV' a groan he uttered a lamenting word, "0 my unhappy self,
TC{J 8' dO,\{as (iCTTJ/La 7TEpL{:JalvEL {:Jo7js am I a prophet? am I travelling on the saddest path of all
" ~ \ \.,. " i:. "",/ the ways I have come in the past? I recognise my son's
1210 Ep7TOVTL /Lal\l\ov aCTCTov, oL/Lwsas 0 E7TOS

?TJCTL 8VCTOP~VTJTOV, "?iJ Tll.Aas €yw, voice! Come, attendants, swiftly come near, stand by the
tomb, and look, entering the gap made by the tearing away
of the stones, to see whether I know the voice of Haemon,
or the gods deceive me!" At these orders from our master
7TaL8os /LE CTalvEL epOoyyoS' dAM" 7TpOCT7TOAOL, in his desperation we looked upon the scene; and at the
"I' , "5' ,..... , I '...1..
1215 LT aCTCTOV WKELS, KaL 7TapaCTTavTES Ta'f'Cf! bottom of the tomb we saw her hanging by the neck,
dOp~CTaT', dY/LOV XW/LaTos ALOoCT7Ta87j caught in the woven noose of a piece of linen, and him
8VVTES 7TPOS afJTo CTTO/LLOV, d TOV A?/Lovos lying near, his arms about her waist, lamenting for the ruin
epOoyyov CTvvlTJ/L', ~ OEOLCTL KM7TTo/LaL." of his bride in the world below and the actions of his father
ana his miserable marriage. But when Creon saw him,
with a dreadful groan he came inside towards him, and
1220 ~OPOV/LEV' €V 8e AOLCTOlCf! TV/L{:JEV/LaTL with Wailing accents called on him: "Wretch, what a thing
T~V /Lev KpE/LaCTT~v afJX~vos KaTEl8o/LEV, you have donel What was in your mind? At what point
{:JpOXCf! /LLTW8EL CTw8ovos KaOTJ/L/L~vTJV' of disaster did you lose your reason? Come out, my son, I
TOV 8' d/Lep2 /L~CTCTTI 7TEpL7TET7j 7TpoCTKEl/LEVOV, beg you as a suppliant]" But his son glared at him with fu-
EfJV7jS d7TOL/LW'OVTa T7jS KaTW epOopav rious eyes, spat in his face, and returning no answer
1225 Ka2 7TaTpos ~pya Ka2 TO 8VCTTTJVOV Mxos,
r ~,r r.... ,J.. " II:. 'II
00 wS 0PCf CT'f'E, CTTVYVOV oL/Lwsas ECTW J.: app.ov eodd.
1216 i'r:yp.ov Ll.-
XWpEL 7TpOS afJTov KdvaKWKVCTas KaAEL' 1219 post hune versum laeunam statuit Hermann
1225 versus forte delendus
"iL TA7j/LOV, olov ~pyov EYpyaCTaL' Tlva
VOVV ~CTXES" €V TC{J CTv/Lepopas 8LEepOaPTJS ,.
1230 ~gEAOE, T~KVOV, ~K~CTLOS CTE ,\(CTCTo/LaL,"
TOV 8' dyploLS ~CTCTOLCTL 7Ta7TT~vas [) 7TaLS,
7TTvCTas 7TPOCTW7TCP KofJ8ev dVTEL7TWV, glcPovs

gAKf:t 8t7TAoVS Kvw8ov'Tas, eK 8' bpfLwfLEVOV drew his two-edged sword. As his father darted back to
~ < <::"
7Ta'TpOS ',J. " \
,/,vyate1tvTJfL7Tl\aK ,
• ei~'()' OOVC1fLOPOS escape him, he missed him; then the unhappy man, furious
1235 <~ \llt et ~"
av'TCfl XOI\WUf:LS, WC17Tf:P f:LX , f:7Tf:V'Tauf:LS
ll\ with himself, just as he was, pressed himself against the
'I'TJPf:tC1f: 7TI\wpatS
\..... fLf:C1C10V
I ,f ')~, (
f:yXos, es 0 vypov
\ sword and drove it, half its length, into his side. Still living,
,ayKwv ....."f'" A.. lJ I he clasped the maiden in the bend of his feeble arm, and
er f:fL,/,pwV 7Tapuf:vCfl 7TpOC17T'TVC1C1f:'Tat,

pouring forth a sharp jet of blood, he stained her white

Kat epVC1tWV lJgf:LaV eK{3o'AAf:t po~v
cheek. He lay, a corpse holding a corpse, having achieved
Af:VKfj 7Tapf:tfi: epoLVlov C1'TaM.YfLa'TOS. his marriage rites, poor fellow, in the house of Hades, hav-
~ <::" , \ ~, ,J.'
1240 Kf:L'TaL Of: Vf:KpOS 7Tf:pL Vf:KpCfl, 'Ta vVfL,/,LKa ing shown by how much the worst evil among mortals is
'TEATJ Aaxclw 8dAaLos ~v y' "AL8ov 80fLoLS, badcounseI.
8dgas ev av(JpW7TOLC1t 'T~V a{3ovAtav Exit EURYDICE.
gC1Cfl fLEytC1'TOV av8pt 7TpOC1Kf:L'Tat KaKov.
XOPO:E What do you make of this? The lady has departed, before
'Tl 'TOV'T' l1.V f:ZKO,C1f:tas; ~ yw~ 7TO,ALV uttering a good or a bad word.
,J. '<::' " ~ , ll\'" '\'
1245 ,/,povoTJ, 7TpLV f:L7Tf:LV f:C1UI\OV "I KaKOV I\oyov. MESSENGER

ArrEAO:E I too am afraid; but I am sustained by hope that after hear-

" ll'{3TJK ,; 'f:1\7TLC1LV
\ t <::"{3'
ing of the sorrows of her son she will not demand a lamen-
KaV'TOS 'Tf:uafL oe oC1KofLat
tation in the city, but will order her servants to mourn a
C£XTJ 'TEKVOV KAvovC1av es
7TOALV yoov private sorrow in the house, indoors; for she is free from
OilKagtWC1f:LV, aAA' fmc C1'TEYTJS ~C1W the inexperience in judgment that might lead to error.
. I \ ') ,f tl (J' < ,
1250 yvwfLTJS yap OVK a7Tf:LpOS, WC1 afLap'TaVf:LV, I do not know, but to me both excessive silence and loud
XOPO:E crying to no end seem grievous.
') ~'') ,~, '!" tf ",
OVK OW·' f:fLOt U ow "I 'T ayav C1tYTJ apv
80Kf:L 7TpoC1f:lvaL X~ fLo''TTJV 7TOAA~ {3o~, Well, we shall know, whether indeed she is not hiding
some secret purpose in her impassioned heart, by entering
aAA' f:ZC1OfLf:C1(Ja, fL~ 'TL Kat Ka'TO,C1Xf:'TOV
1241 ~v y' Heath: elv Kat: ~v cett.
KpVepfj KaAV7T'Tf:L Kap8lq. (JVfLovfLEVlJ,
1247 yoou Pearson: yoous codd.
1255 80fLovS 7TapaC1'Tdxov'Tf:s' f:D yap oDv AEyf:LS'

Kat T7]S {fyav yap EaTl7TOV atY7]S {Japos. the house. Yes,you are right; excessive silence also has its
XOPO:E dangers.
t/~'" t: ') \ ''/'" I Exit MESSENGER, andfrom the side enter carrying
Kat\ P:1JV
00 ava~ aVTos E't'7JKEt CREON,
~ "I '" , ,,,
fLV7JfL E7TLa7JfLov ota XEtpOS EXWV, the body ofHAEMON.
El (JEfLtS d7TEW, Of.,K J),AoTplav CHORUS
1260 {fT7JV, aAA' af.,TOs &fLapTWV. Here comes the king himself, bearing in his arms an all too
clear reminder; if we may say so, his ruin came not from
KPEQN others, but from his own error.
lw aTp. a'
eppEVWV 8vaeppovwv &fLapT~fLaTa Woe for the errors of my mistaken mind, obstinate and
aTEpEo' OavaTOEvT', fraught with death! You look on kindred that have done
1" ,
W KTaVOVTas TE Kat and suffered murder! Alas for the disaster caused by my
OaVOVTas {JM7TOVTES EfLepvMovs. decisions! Ah, my son, young and newly dead, alas, alas,
1265 2bfLOt EfLwV {fvoA{Ja {JovAEvfLaTwv. you died, you were cut off, through my folly, not through
lw 7TaL, vEOS vEctJ guvfLOPctJ, your own!
')....'" ')
tuac auu, CHORUS
~OavES, a7TEA607JS, Alas,you seem to have seen justice only late!
EfLats of.,8~ aaLat 8va{JovMats. CREON
Alas, I have learned, unhappy as I am; then it was, then,
that a god bearing a great weight struck my head, and
1270 " 'r
OtfL WS"EOtKas OrE
'./.' T7JV
, "'l '''' ~
0 K7JV useu/,
hurled me into waysof cruelty, overthrowing my joy so that
KPEQN it was trodden under foot! Ah, ah, woe for the sad troubles
oquu, of men!
~Xw fLaOwv 8ElAatos' EV 8' EfL{jJ KapCf
(JEOS / ,apa
, fLE fLEya
'a ' "EXWV
fJapOS 1273 p.~ hue traiecit Meineke: post {Japos praebent codd.
~7TataEV, EV 8' ~aEtaEV ayplatS b80LS, . 1275 Aal<'lTaT77Toll] A~W'ITaT77TOll a
1?75 o¥fLOt AaK7TaT7JTov aVTpE7Twv xapav.
epEV epEV, lw 7TOVot {JPOTWV 8va7TOVOt.
dJ 8ec17Tof), , 6JS ~Xwv rff Kat KffKr7Jp.evos,
\ \ \ ~ I~ -I. I \ ~" ~1
ra P.ffV 'TTpO XffLpWV raUff .,..ffpffLS, ra U ffV UOP.OLS My lord, you carry this sorrow in your arms with full rights
1280 ffOLKas 7JKffLV
"' tf
O'('ffUf)aL KaKa.
KaL" rax '"'./. I
of ownership, and it seems that soon you will enter and see
KPEnN other sorrows in the house.
rl 8' ~UTLV ail K&'KLOV ~K KaKWV ~TL; CREON
What is there that is yet more evil, coming after evils?
yvv~ ref)v7JKe:, rov8e: 'TTap.p.~rwp Ve:KpOV, MESSENGER
Your wife is dead, own mother of this dead man, unhappy
Mur7Jvos, CfpTL vffor6p.oLuL 'TT>..~yp.aaLV.
one, through wounds newly inflicted!
, I , , CREON
LW, avr.a Woe, woe, all-receiving Hades, never to be appeased, why,
ldJ 8vuK&'f)apros "AL8ov >"LP.~V, why do you destroy me? You who convey to me the evil
1285 -rl p.' Cfpa -rlp.' 3MKe:LS; news of sorrow, what story do you tell? Alas, you have
dJ KaK&.yye:>..r&. P.OL killed a dead man a second time! What are you saying,
'TTpo'TTep.rpas CfX7J' rLva f)poe:I:S >"6yov; boy? What new message of my wife's death, alas, alas, lies
alaI:, 3>"w>..6r' Cfv8p' ~'TTe:ge:LPY&.UW, upon me, bringing destruction after death?
-rL.,..7JS, ~ L~' ~\I I CHORUS
' 'TTaL, -r U av AffyffLS P.OL ve:ov,
1290 alaI: alaI:, Youcan see itl It is no longer hidden indoors.
-I. I " , \ 'f) CREON
u.,..ayLOv ett OAff p,/!,
yvvaLKe:l:ov ap.epLKffl:uf)aL p.6pov; Alas, I see this second disaster, miserable one! What fate,
what fate still awaits me? I held only now my son in my
r,.., , \' .... "
opav -aapeo-n»: ou yap ffV P.UXOLS ere.
127~ i~&.yy(AOS t: (fyy(AOS Zo:olt<E-r7Js fere caddo
KPEnN 1279 "'~P(ts Brunck: "'~PIJJII caddo
OLP.OL, 1281 it< Canter: ~ caddo
1295 \ I~' " \ \ ~ I (J\ I 1\
KaKOV rou aAAO ue:ure:pov JJAff'TTW raAas. 1289 Tt8' av Ll.-J.: Ttlla caddo

rLs Cfpa, rLs p.e: 'TTorp.os ~TL 'TTffpLP.EVe:L;


~xw [LEv ~v Xdp€aaw dpTlws T~KVOV, arms, ah misery, and now I see her, a corpse, before me.
Ta"as, ' ' ' ' ' ,/
Tav 0
€VaVTa 7TpoafJ"€7TW ,
V€KPOV. Ah, ah, unhappy mother, ah, my son!
1300 cpdi CP€V [LaT€P dOMa, CP€V T~KVOV. MESSENGER
Pierced by the sharp sword ... near the altar, she ... closed
ArrEAOL her darkening eyes, after she had lamented the empty mar-
t~ 8' 3gV07jKTOS ~8€ 7T~PLgt riage bed of Megareus, who died earlier, and had called
o 0 000
down curses upon you, the killer of your son.
AV€L K€Aawlt fJMcpapa, KWKVaa.aa [LEV CREON
TOV 7TP~V OavovTos M€yap~ws K€VOV Mxos, Alas, alas! My mind leaps up with fear! Why has no one
aMLS 8E Tov8€, AolaOLOv 8E ao~ KaKltS struck me to the heart with a two-edged sword? Miserable
1305 7Tpag€LS ~cpV[Lv~aaaa Tip 7TaL8oKTOVo/. am I, alas, and miserable the woe with which I am com-
KPEQN pounded!
ala, ala" aTp. fJ' MESSENGER

dV~7TTav cpofJo/. rl [L' OfJK dVTalav Youwere reproached by the dead as guilty of those deaths
and these.
~7TaLa~v TLS d[LCPLO~KTo/ glcp€L;
1310 8dAaLOS ~YW, alat:,
But in what fashion did she meet her bloody end?
8€LAalq. 8E aVYK~Kpa[La.L 8vq..
ArrEAOL With her own hand she struck herself beneath the liver, so
JJS ahlav y€ Taw8€ KdKdvwv ~xwv that she experienced the suffering of her son, loudly to be
7TPOS Tfis Oavova7jS Tfia8' ~7T€aK~7TTOv [L0pwv. lamented.
7T0 L0/ ""O€ Ka7T€"V€T
, \' "€V . J",ovaLS
. ~ ,
TP07To/; 1298 To.V 8'Postgate: T~v8' R: TI£8' L: Tov8' a
ArrEAOL 13~1 6gvlJ~KTCf'fJwpla 7T£pl gt.p£l Arndt lacunam post
I ,t,J..' 'l' ., I t I rt -, huncversum statuit Brunck
1315 7TaLaaa v", 7j7Tap aVTOX€LP aVT7jv, 07TWS 1303 K£VOV Seyffert: KA£tvOV codd. Mxosl Aa.XOS Bothe
7TaL8os T08' lJaO€T' 3gvKWKVTOV 7TaOos. 1310 ala'iErfurdt: .p£v.p£v codd.
1313 p.opwv KSt: p.opCf' cett.
1314 Ka7T£AV£T' Pearson: Ka7T£AvaaT' codd.

WfLOL 'e;,>'
fLOL, Tau ,
OVK , '" \ \ {3 ~
€7T al\l\ov pOTWV Ah me, this can never be transferred to any other mortal,
acquitting me! For it was I that killed you, unhappy one, I,
EfLfis &pfLOrJ€L 7TOT' Eg ahlas.
I speak the truth! Ah! attendants, lead me off at once, lead
€yw I
yap a " ,€ywI a ,."€KaVOV, W'l'\
fL€fA €OS,
me out of the way, me who am no more than nothing!
1320 " . J . " " "L
€yw, 'l'afL erupo», LW 7TpoCf7TOI\OL, \

'I' "fL OTL

ff I "f 8WV, CHORUS
aY€T€ TaXLCfT ,aY€T€" fL €K7TO
') I
Your counsel is good, if there is any good among troubles;
1325 TOV OfJK ~vTa fLfi,\,\ov ~ fLTJ8~va. for when one is face to face with troubles, quickest is best!
, e;,>
K€POTJ ~'"
Let it come, let it come! May it appear, the best of deaths
, " , \ , for me, bringing my final day, the best fate of alI! Let it
{3paXLCfTa yap KpaTLCfTa -rou 7TOCfLV KaKa.
come, let it come, so that I may never look upon another
" "LTW, a.VT. {3'
epaV~TW fLOPWV b Kr1.'\'\LCfT' ~XWV
That lies in the future; but we must attend to present tasks;
1330 EfLo~ T€pfLlav Cfywv &fL~pav the future is a care to those responsible.
fl7TaTos' tTW tTW,
" , , ... " \ \ ' , "'" CREON
07TWS fLTJK€T afLap al\l\ €LCfLUW.
What I desire I have already prayed for.
fL~'\'\ovTa TavTa. TWV 7TPOK€LfL~VWV TL XP~ Utter no prayers now! There is no escape from calamity
1335 irpr1.CfCf€LV. fL~'\€L yap Twv8' 8TOLCfL XP~ fL~'\€LV. for mortals.
a,\,\' cLv EPW fL~v, TavTa CfvYKaTTJvgafLTJv,
,,, 0 ~ .J. ~, \\ ,
OVK €CfTL VTJTOLS CfvfL'I'0pas a7Tal\l\aYTJ·

1322 TllXtOT' Erfurdt: Taxos caddo

1329 ~xwv Pallis: EP.WV caddo

CiYOLT' <Lv pchaLOv Civ8p' €K7T08WV, Lead me out of the way, useless man that I am, who killed
rl '!" "" / , , (' \ /
oS, W7TaL, ae T OVX f:KWV KaTf:KaVOV you, my son, not by my own will, and you here too, ah,
ue T' aD Tav8' , CbpOL pO..f:OS, 01l8' ~Xw miserable one; I do not know which to look on, which way
to lean; for all that is in my hands has gone awry, and fate
7TpOS 7T6Tf:pOV l'8w, 7Ti[. KAdJw' 7TaVTa ya.p
hard to deal with has leapt upon my head.
1345 AexpLa Tllv Xf:pOtV, TO. 8' €7T~ KpaTL pOL
Exeunt CREON and his attendants.
Good sense is by far the chief part of happiness; and we
7TOA"\o/ TO epPOVf:LV f:1l8aLpovLas must not be impious towards the gods. The great words of
7TpWTOV fmapXf:L' XP~ 8~ Ta y' €S (}f:OVS boasters are always punished with great blows, and as they
1350 PTf8~v rl.umTf:Lv· pf:ya"\OL 8~ "\6YOL grow old teach them wisdom.
pf:ya"\as7T"\TfYa.s TWV V7Tf:paVXWV
y~PCf TO epPOVf:LV €8LOatav.

1340 Kar(KaVOV W. Schneider: Kar(KraVOV caddo

1341 a( Hermann: 8s a( caddo ali ravS' Seidler: ailrav caddo
1343 'TTpOS Seidler: li'TTtr 'TTPOS caddo
1344 KildJw Musgrave: Kal Ow caddo
1345 rd.v Brunck: raS' ~v caddo