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I am the Chief technical Trainer, Advisor and HR consultant at Eikon

Technologies, which has been providing exceptional technical education to

individuals from various cadre ranging from graduates to corporates from the
past twelve years. I have known Mr. Chetan A Hasabnis from the past eight
years. I have been guiding him in computational domain, specially
Microelectronics, Analog systems design, Digital systems design, HDLs such as
VHDL, VERILOG and SYSTEM VERILOG, use of Microprocessors &
Microcontrollers, MEMS, ASIC Design, PLD and FPGA design, CAD tools for
VLSI, Python scripting, C & C++ Programming.

Mr. Chetan has proven himself to be an avid learner with an acute ability of
effectively grasping every aspect being taught. Under my guidance, Mr. Chetan
has managed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the design of analog,
digital and mixed signal system systems. He has designed CMOS based 8-bit
low-power microcontroller, GNRFET based 8-bit CPU, GNRFET based 1MB
SRAM, Reversible logic based ALU and Reconfigurable designs.

Mr. Chetan’s quality of excelling in real time problems through extemporaneous

solutions was unearthed when he was working on his design initiative ‘Self
Sustaining Floating Structure’ under my guidance.

With only an initial nudge, he was able to solve the multitude of design problems
by either correlating the design techniques he learnt in his academics or self-
interest to solve the problems that he stumbled upon or by being creative enough
to search for unknown solutions. He is very creative and unique in approach
towards any problem and strives to broaden his knowledge in order to overcome
any encumbrance that he faces.

I had a chance to observe him closely during the diploma program and have been
impressed by his innate ability for research as well as presentation skills. The
thoroughness with which he conducted himself in either seeking my guidance
over understanding some aspects unknown to him or in presenting the project
while explaining all the nitty-gritty aspects of the topic showed a matured
communication skill-set, which only resolves to enhance his strive towards
excellence. His creativity blended with technical know-how acquired within a
short span enables him to deliver feasible solutions to even complex

I would state confidently that Mr. Chetan, has all the abilities needed by a
Graduate Student, such as innovative thinking, scientific experimentation, an
eye for details and more than all, excellent research abilities.

I therefore recommend Mr. Chetan, without any hesitation for Master’s Program
with assistantship. I am confident of his success and assure you that he will do
justice both to himself and your prestigious institution upon given a chance of
scholarship opportunity.