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Strategic Planning – MOCK Final Exam

Academic Year: 2016-2017, Second Semester

NAME:__________________________________________________DATE: AUG / 2017

 This exam is worth a total of 15 points, it contains 20 multiple choice questions, each
worth 0,75 points.
 Circle the correct response for each question. Make sure that your answer is clearly
marked. You will not receive partial credit for any work done.
 This is a closed-book, closed notes examination. Cell phones are not permitted for
use in any way. USE your OWN materials. Borrowing corrector/eraser or such is not
permitted. Any discussion or otherwise inappropriate communication between
examinees, as well as the appearance of any unnecessary material or cell-phone
usage, will be dealt with severely. Violations may result in an “0” for this exam, or “0”
for the class.
 ERASE completely any answers you wish to change. Do not cross out. Do not make
unnecessary marks on the ANSWER SHEET .
 Mark only ONE answer for EACH question. Double answers are scored as wrong
 Try to answer every question. Your test score will be based on the number of
questions you answer correctly. There is no penalty for guessing.
Note: When you finish this examination, time permitting, you may recheck your work.
When you are ready to turn in your examination, raise your hand. Do not leave your
seat until the Proctor tells you to do so.
 Print your name where indicated in this page in the upper left hand corner. Good


11.. Managers are usually classified as top, 44.. Whole Foods Market (a chain of
middle, first line, or non-managerial. supermarkets with organic products in
Organizations where managers work, the USA & Canada) uses wind energy
have three characteristics: goals, for all its electricity needs. This is an
profitability & structure. example of_______ _________.
 True A. Social responsiveness.
 False B. Social responsibility.
C. Social obligation.
222... Many changes are reshaping and D. Code of Conduct
redefining the way managers plan,
organize, lead and control. Some of 55.. Brainstorming, Nominal group
those factors are: technique & Electronic meeting are
A. Changing workplaces & workforce. examples of ______ decision-making.
B. Global & political uncertainties. A. Errors
C. Changing technology B. Bias
D. All of the above C. Intuitive
E. None of the above D. Group

333... What are the four decisional roles of 666... The Decision-making process is a set
managers? of eight steps that includes___ _ ____
A. Figurehead, Leader, Liaison Creative selecting a solution, and evaluating the
Thinking. effectiveness of the solution.
B. Entrepreneur, Disturbance Handler, A. Identifying a Problem
Resource Allocator, Negotiator B. Using Technology
C. Monitor, Disseminator, Spokesperson, C. Non programmed Decisions
Political D. Development of Alternatives
D. Entrepreneur, Communicator, Director,

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Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Facultad de Comunicación, lingüística y literatura
Escuela Multilingüe de Negocios y Relaciones Internacionales

77.. In today’s intensive competitive market 1144.. How can organizations retain (keep)
place, organizations are looking for great people in their companies?
strategic “weapons” to achieve their A. Managing employee performance
goals. They are customer service, B. Developing appropriate compensation
innovation, big data, ___, ____,and___. & benefits programs
A. Employee skills & Loyalty, Quality, C. Looking for ways to reduce costs
Social Media D. A & B
B. Planning, Leadership, Controlling E. None of the above
C. Resources, Threats, Opportunities
D. None of the above 1155.. The first task of employment planning
involves job analysis and the creation
Managers should plan in order to
888... of job descriptions & job specifications.
provide direction, reduce the impact of  True
change and minimize waste.  False

 True

 False 1166.. The University of ____studies looked at
employee-oriented and production-
99.. “When you register for classes for the oriented leaders. Concluding it’s
upcoming semester, you’re using a possible to have high group satisfaction
standardized registration plan here at and high productivity if the leader was
PUCE. The dates change, but the employee oriented.
process work the same way every A. Iowa
semester”. This is an example of: B. Michigan
A. Long Term Plan C. Ohio State
B. Short Tem D. Managerial Grid
C. Standing Plan
D. Single-use Plan 1177.. When talking about trust as the
essence of leadership, one of its
1100.. Planning in dynamic environments and dimensions is Loyalty and it is an
developing plans that are specific but individual’s willingness to protect &
flexibles are _____ planning issues that save face for another person.
managers face.  True
A. Strategic  False
B. Contemporary
C. Traditional 1188.. A Balance Scorecard evaluates
D. Benchmarking performance in 3 more than financial
controls. They are:
1111.. An organic organization is quite A. Ratio Analysis, Internal Processes,
bureaucratic. People /Innovation/Growth Assets
 True (bienes).
 False B. Customers, Internal Processes, People
/Innovation/Growth Assets (bienes).
1122.. More and more traditional organizations C. Customers, Internal Processes,
are changing it structure to incorporate Management Information System.
up-to-date structural designs. What are
some contemporary organization 1199.. Managerial action can be taken the
designs? following possible alternatives: 1. Doing
A. Team-Based structures Nothing, 2. ____ & 3. _______.
B. Matrix & Project structures A. Correcting actual performance
C. Boundaryless organizations B. Doing Feedback Controls
D. All of the above C. Revising the standards
E. None of the above D. A & B
E. A & C
1133.. Managers are using options such as
telecommuting, flextime & job sharing 2200.. Employee Theft is defined as any
in order to look for organizational unauthorized taking of company
designs with efficient & effective flexible property by employees for their
work arrangements. personal use.
 True  True
 False  False

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Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Facultad de Comunicación, lingüística y literatura
Escuela Multilingüe de Negocios y Relaciones Internacionales

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