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D.O. No. F.11-12/2009-EE.13 Dear

September 1, 2010

Kindly recall that we had finalised the SSA, AWP&B for 2010-11 in February – May 2010. The first instalment of the Central share of funds was released to most States in May-June 2010. We hope that the proportionate State share has since been released, and the approved activities under the AWP&B-2010 are being implemented in a time bound manner. 2. Government has approved a supplementary grant of Rs 4000 crore towards the Central Share of the RTE-SSA programme. This takes the total Central share to Rs 19000 crore for the current year. Government has taken the initiative of aligning the SSA norms with the RTE Act. We expect that the final approvals for implementing the combined RTE-SSA programme will be received within the coming month. 3. With a view to enabling you to meet the RTE requirements within the timeframes stipulated in the Act, we propose to provide for a supplementary AWP&B 2010. In order to undertake this exercise expeditiously, kindly go through the guidelines in Appendix 1 in detail. A summary of the interventions is tabulated below as a checklist for your convenience. Sl No 1. Item Schools Explanation As per neighbourhood norms for primary and upper primary school notified by the State Government In the case of upper primary schools, support will be provided for upgradation of primary to upper primary schools, not for stand alone upper primary schools. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 1. As per schedule to the RTE Act



3. 4.


6. 7.

The estimate of additional teachers will need to factor in (a) rational redeployment of teachers within districts/blocks, (b) deduction of teacher vacancies in the State sector, (c) unfilled teacher posts sanctioned under SSA. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 2. Classrooms As per schedule to the RTE Act: one classroom for every teacher. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure3. Drinking water Through convergence with the Drinking Water Mission (DWM) and Total and toilets Sanitation Campaign (TSC). Action Plan for saturating drinking water and toilets should be prepared. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 4. Teaching Existing SSA norms for TLE in respect of new primary and upper primary Learning schools proposed to be opened as per item 1 above will continue to be Equipment applicable. (TLE) States which need to move from a seven year to an eight year elementary education cycle may propose TLE specifically for classes V and VIII. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 5 REMS To take into account requirements for SCPCR BRC/CRC Support for ensuring adequacy of: strengthening (i) CRC: one Coordinator per 18 schools (ii)BRC: six Resource Persons for subject specific training; two Resource Persons for children with special needs; one MIS Coordinator; one data entry operator and one accounts-cum-support staff (iii) Augmentation of training facility at BRC level (iv) Replacement of furniture for CRC and BRC once in five

With regards. years (v) Enhanced maintenance grants for CRC and BRC Format for personnel/staff requirement is at Annexure 6. 2010.15% To be provided under SSA only if states notify it as an entitlement under State RTE Rules. Yours sincerely. 4. densely forested areas or in urban areas for urban deprived children. Only for sparsely populated. Bangalore – 560 001 KARNATAKA .8 9 KGBV Uniforms 10. (iii) Progress on physical and financial approvals upto 31st August 2010 against the AWP&B (iv) A clear description of the process for curriculum review in consonance with the NCF2005. The consideration of the supplementary AWP&B 2010 will be contingent on submission of the following: (i) (ii) Information being submitted on investment (Plan and Non Plan) in Elementary Education by the State from 1999-2000 to 2009-10 at per format in Annexure 11 Action Taken Report (ATR) on the preparedness of the State to implement the provisions of the RTE Act as per points given in Appendix-2. homeless and street children. and provided that the States are not already providing it from their State budgets. Only on the basis of district specific proposals. I would like to urge you to kindly ensure that the supplementary AWP&B proposals for 2010-11 for components under SSA and KGBV as detailed above are received in our TSG office with a copy to the concerned Director/Deputy Secretary in charge of your State/UT by the 20th of September 2010. hilly/desert terrains or in urban areas where unavailability of land makes it unviable to set up ‘neighbourhood’ schools. who require lodging and boarding in addition to day schooling. format for replacements at Annexure 7 Coverage of EBBs with rural female literacy lower than 46. of Karnataka. We propose to convene the meetings of the PABs to assess the preparedness as well as additional requirements between the 4th week of September and 1st week of October. Sandhya Venugopal Sharma State Project Director Sarva Shiikshana Abhiyan Govt. along with time frames for syllabus preparation and textbook development and its interlinkages with in-service teacher training and continuous and comprehensive evaluation. with specific justifications in sparsely populated. 5. Transportation facility Residential schools 11. The dates of the PAB meetings will be separately intimated to you. (Anita Kaul) Smt. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 10 4. hilly/desert terrain. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 9. Format for assessing requirement is at Annexure 8. New Public Offices Annex Building Nrupathunga Road.

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