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Synopsis for Architectural Design Thesis, 2017-18 A.




Broad typology of Thesis

It’s more of Design, to a 70% & Re-search got its share of 30%.

To create a comfortable Micro-Climate, Where every unit of space would be valued, by the help of landscape
patterns and Building Materials.

Prologue / Justification of the Topic

The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre to pantomime, sung verse and
beyond. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are also found, to some
extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains. One of the reasons why the performing arts centers,
often seen as important, is that the performing arts teach us about our history and educate us in other ways.

Traditional theatre performances usually combine acting, singing, dance and music, dialogue, narration or
recitation but may also include puppetry or pantomime. These arts, however, are more than simply ‘performances’
for an audience, they may also play crucial roles in culture and society such as songs sung while carrying out
agricultural work or music that is part of a ritual. In a more intimate setting, lullabies are often sung to help a baby
sleep. Many forms of performing arts are under threat today. As cultural practices become standardized, many
traditional practices are abandoned. Even in cases where they become more popular, only certain expressions
may benefit while others suffer. So there is dire need to protect & promote them.

Aiming about passive strategies, worth a thought, but pattern’s at different levels, vary depending on type of
building. For example a private residence or any private ownership is a concern of an individual, so to deliver a
valid analysis wouldn’t be a time consuming one. But a School is a place of mass throng, so dealing such a place
would help, in putting forth a detailed Analysis, about how the comfortable spaces are created.

1. To enhance & revive the importance of fading Dance form kuchipudi, a traditional dance form of AP.
2. To develop receptiveness to visual and performing art forms, across time, place and cultures, and perceive
the significance of these art forms as an integral part of life.
3. To appreciate the contribution of classical dances, folk music as well as folk dances in Indian culture
4. To design a micro-climate, that highlights the importance of the cultural significance.

Proposed Site
Criteria used for the selection of the site:
1. Easy accessibility.
2. Location is in relation with buildings strongly desire a sort of building, to address them in fraternity to showcase
their essence.
3. The site has a water body nearby, acting as pull factor.

Location: The site is in the precincts of Amaravati (Proposed Capital of AP). The site is 4.0 km far from
Harischandrapuram & 5.0 km from Tullur. The site abuts with 60 ft. wide road on South with Borrupalem &

Area/size: 10 Acres (out of 34 Acres proposed for S3- Specific Zone).

Surroundings: Site surroundings has proposals of Jetty downtown, Performance Centre and a Promenade. And
a water body to North.

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Synopsis for Architectural Design Thesis, 2017-18 A.Y - STRUCTURE

Scope of Work and Limitations

Vijayawada is a place of great historical backup, containing various art forms, in its back pack. But these art forms
may extinct, if they are not given a platform to reside.
Sri Ghantasala venkateshwara rao Govt music and dance college(Durgapuram, Vijayawada), this institute offers
Diploma courses in vocal music, instrumental music and dance, this institute has a stage with open & Semi open
Seating provision for cultural congregations.
Thummalapalli kshetrayya kal kshetram, Vijayawada. Is a town hall under the management of VMC, this is just a
venue of civic programmes.
However the above 2 projects only for civic purpose. Concerning the following issue AP govt took a step ahead
and proposed Shilparamam during 2010-11, but the status is not on start till. So these clearly shows the dire need
of a proper base, that would play neat in promoting and enhancing the cultural richness of AP.

Requirements needed to establish a Centre for performing arts depends upon the following arts:

1. Acting
2. Dance
3. Sculpting
4. Music
5. Speech

Design Requirements: (Tentative & to be Developed Alongside)

I. Administrative Activities.
1. Lobby/Front office
2. Office space
3. Manager room
4. Curator room
5. Meeting room
6. Store room
II. Exhibition Activities.
1. Display Rooms
2. Shops for Books & Crafts Etc.
3. Store Room
III. Training Activities & Storage.
1. Studio cum Lecture Rooms
2. Workshop area
3. Store Room

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Synopsis for Architectural Design Thesis, 2017-18 A.Y - STRUCTURE

IV. Performance Activities.

1. Auditorium
2. O.A.T
V. Research Activities.
1. Documentation Centre
2. Library
VI. Leisure Activities.
1. Cafeteria

1. Research
Buildings serving the purpose of promoting art forms, are mostly stuck to promoting civic needs. And at Community
levels, but not up to mark.
a) So how could we make them universal, what methods to be obtained?

Related studies:
Listed below are the tools to find answer for above question.
a) literature studies
b) case studies

2. Data collection:
 Design standards
 Listing Requirements for Centre for Performing Arts.

3. Design
a) Create spaces for the Centre of performing arts.
b) Formulation of design concepts and spatial planning schemes.
c) Evaluating the Futuristic View in Design.

Case Studies:
1. Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.
2. Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
3. Tribal Museum, Bhopal.
4. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal.

The three art forms - music, dance and drama - have been an integral aspects of Indian culture. We owe much to
Bharata, the author of Natyashastra for his contribution in the field of drama. The political turmoil in the country for
many years did not diminish the influence of these art forms. The masses and the experts both took great pains
and interest to retain the classicism in the art forms. Performing arts in India have been influenced to a significant
extent by the Western impact. Even in the present times, there is an enhanced status of these art forms in the
country and abroad. This topic has focused primarily on designing a Centre for Performing Arts to create thermally
comfortable outdoor& indoor environments for humans. The same principles can be applied, at different scales, to
help resolve many other issues Microclimatic design has the potential to address many of the world’s issues and
problems. Climate change is beginning to affect living environments around the world. Energy is becoming more
expensive. Lands are being lost to desertification. Populations continue to increase, which means more mouths to
feed. Increases in wealth lead to expectations for a higher quality of life. All of these issues and many more have
microclimate at their heart.

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Synopsis for Architectural Design Thesis, 2017-18 A.Y - STRUCTURE

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