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Takeoff in an airplane requires airspeed. The airspeed is

a measure of how fast the air is flowing over the
airplane, not a measure of how fast the airplane is
traveling. If the airplane is flying into a headwind, its
airspeed is increased, which is why airplanes generally
take off into the wind.

The engines used by the aircraft produces thrust and

also motion to the aircraft in order to give speed to the
aircraft so that the wings can produce lift that is
greater than what actually the areoplane weighs with
its cargo, passenger and the fuel on board. The amount
of lift should be greater the the aircraft's mass so that
it can stay in the air
With God’s Grace, we were able to complete this
Science Fair school level 2013 project that was given to us.
We would like to thank our teacher Mr Prem and Mr
Sivapragasam for guide us with our project.
Our special thanks to our headmistress Mrs Saraswathy
who was kind enough to allow us to use the school facilities
such as the library and the computer lab to search for
materials and information for our project which was
necessary to use.
We also wish to thank our parents who gave us the
financial aid and moral support to complete this project.
We also wish to take this opportunity to thank our
school science teachers, Miss Tilaga and Mr Balachandar
and also classmates who were very helpful and very
cooperative in giving their support in getting articles and
materials that suitable for this project.
1) The bigger size of the paper, travels a longer distance.
2) The smaller size of the paper, travels a shorter distance.
A) Fixed variables : Time

B) Manipulated variable : The size of the paper.

C) Responding Variable : The distance travelled by the