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Kindergarten Lesson Plan - Differentiation In The Classroom

This was a lesson taught and used for station work in kindergarten. Students were already
divided up into groups so I was able to teach the same lesson to each group but changed the
activity based on students’ needs. Group work is a great way to differentiate in the kindergarten
classroom and I was able to do these types of lessons throughout the entire semester.

Name Of Lesson Spring Is Here! Introduction and activities on Spring. - Writing Practice
and Morning Stations

Content Standards K.9 The student will demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts.
a) Identify what an author does and what an illustrator does.
b) Relate previous experiences to what is read.
c) Use pictures to make predictions.

K.5 The student will understand how print is organized and read. a)
Hold print materials in the correct position. b) Identify the front cover,
back cover, and title page of a book.

K.11 The student will print in manuscript. a) Print uppercase and

lowercase letters of the alphabet independently. b) Print his/her first and
last names.

Activity Explicit Teaching: Lesson on the rug

Daily Calendar Routine - Go over seasons and introduce spring.

Read Story On Spring - Talk about what happens in spring. Have
students share a few ideas after reading.
Signs of spring - Have students draw one sign of spring on their own
papers. Discuss what is drawn.

Move To Stations:
1 - At desks: Working on Sight word sheet and coloring page using sight
2 - Computers - (ABCya! or Starfall)
3 - Ms. Cook - Reading Station
4 - My station - Writing Station

My Station - Writing Practice using sentences about spring.

I will have spring sentences written out on sentence strips and students
will read the sentence with me. After that, I will have the same words on
index cards and students will have to match the word in my sentence to
the word on the card. After the sentence is complete, I will have
students write the sentence on their own sheet of paper. (Make sure to
remind students to leave spaces in between words, use correct
capitalization and punctuation.)

*In some groups I will mix the cards up and have students fix the
sentence and put it back in order.

If time, students can draw a picture that relates to spring.

Differentiation Groups 1 and 2 will need extra support with their writing. If some
students have trouble, I will write the sentence on their paper and they
will copy it directly. (Shadow writing technique)

Groups 3 and 4 need to be challenged. I will let them come up with their
own sentences during this station. I will also use more difficult
sentences when modeling lesson.

Reflection At the end of the lesson, I will review what happens in Spring and have
students write a sentence independently about spring on their own
paper. I will also ask them to draw a picture to go with their sentence.