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National Conference on Research Advances in Communication, Computation, Electrical Science and Structures


Remote controlling PC with Smartphone

Inputs from remote place with internet
1.B.E-CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram.
2. Professor&Head-CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram.
3.Assistant Professor-CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram.

This paper represents how your PC can be controlled mobile at any location. We can access our personal
computer any time and at any location, anywhere we
from remote place with your smart phone device
are, any time we want. It’s just like keeping a
(Android mobile) with the help of Internet. It means computer in our pocket and travel anywhere.
the monitor of PC will be seen in mobile. In the way of A universal remote is a remote control that
phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with can be programmed to operate various brands of one or
touchpad. This method used to own wireless network. It more types of consumer electronics devices. Low-end
requires device running on the Android operating universal remotes can only control a set number of
system with some sort of wireless connection between devices determined by their manufacturer, while mid-
them .To connected mobile phone to computer by using and high-end universal remotes allow the user to
wireless network. . A functioning wireless network to
program in new control codes to the remote. The
which your computer is connected or not in between
world's first remote controls were radio-frequency
mobile and PC. Another way to browse the PC on
devices that directed German naval vessels to crash
mobile by assigning real IP to the PC and make the PC
into Allied boats during WWI. In WWII, remote
web hosting server by DNS entry into ISP provider. A
gateway of ISP and real IP can be easily available from controls detonated bombs for the first time. The end
ISP and purchasing domain name from market. The of the great wars left scientists with a brilliant
mobile phone is connected computer On mobile by technology and nowhere to apply it. A universal
accessing domain name or real IP on application server remote can be a fairly complex procedure, it is most
using browser which is installed on often performed by technically-minded individuals,
mobile. Access the PC directly into the mobile can be although non-technical users can often operate the
able to access its functions by mobile keys and using remote after it has been programmed. IR learning
inbuilt keyboard. The beauty is that PC is connected remotes can learn the code for any button on many
with the internet and mobile is also connected with other IR remote controls.
internet by its network facility due to sim card. The This functionality allows the remote to learn
access the computer in mobile phone by the sending functions not supported by default for a particular
message for wireless network. device, making it sometimes possible to control devices
that the remote was not originally designed to control.
Index term -> Remote Control , Mobile Server , Touch Screen remotes feature an LCD screen that can
Client/Server, Web Server, Central Database
be either monochrome or full color. The "buttons" are
Server, IP, DNS, Web hosting. Mobile Computing,
actually images on the screen, which, when touched,
Mobile Application I.
will send IR signals to controlled devices. Some models
have multiple screens that are accessed through virtual
I. Introduction
buttons on the touch-screen and other models have a
Nowadays mobiles and computers are combination of the touch-screen and physical buttons.
widely used. As there is difference between mobile Infrared light is in the invisible portion of the
and computers, so developing an application in
which we can manage our computer work through a
ISSN: 2348 - 8387 Page 40
National Conference on Research Advances in Communication, Computation, Electrical Science and Structures
II Objective media, such as play, pause, rewind, volume controls,
It operates PC from mobile device using etc. You could even use the file browser to open the
Internet with key pad inputs of mobile. It allows a PowerPoint for presentation. It requires also to server
power button, as well as a switch or series of application on PC. . While installing, you will be
buttons to select which device the remote is prompted to set a password for connecting to the
controlling at the moment. It allows a numeric server from your phone. The same is on the phone
keypad for entering channel numbers and some
other purposes such as time and date entry. It side. You can also change this password later by right
allow selection of a particular set of codes (usually clicking the server icon and selecting “Change
entered on the keypad) and allows user to cycle password”. On mobile phone It will automatically
through the list of available codes to find one that search for a server (if not tap up the Menu option and
matches the device to be controlled It allowing the select Find Server), then enter the password to
user to program command sequences to be sent connect your Android phone to your computer or
with one button press. Programmable soft keys, laptop. The devices must be connected to the same
allowing user-defined functions and macros. It Wireless network. Once the devices are connected,
allowing the remote to be programmed to control
you can open the file browser from your Android
new devices not already in its code list by IR
coding Accept infrared signals from any remote phone and start controlling from mobile. For more
and transmit them to the device being controlled controls, you need to bring up the virtual keyboard by
using repeater. It allow the code lists programmed tapping on the keyboard icon. Pushing a button on a
into the remote to be updated to support new brands remote control sets in motion a series of events that
or models of devices not currently supported by the causes the controlled device to carry out a command.
remote. The process works something like this: You push the
"volume up" button on your remote control, causing
mobile it to touch the contact beneath it and complete the
PC "volume up" circuit on the circuit board. The
integrated circuit detects this. The integrated circuit
sends the binary "volume up" command to the LED
web at the front of the remote.
The LED sends out a series of light pulses
Fig 1: over view that corresponds to the binary "volume up"
command. An IR remote control (the transmitter)
sends out pulses of infrared light that represent
specific binary codes. These binary codes correspond
to commands, such as Power On/Off and Volume
Up. The IR receiver in the TV, stereo or other device
decodes the pulses of light into the binary data (ones
and zeroes) that the device's microprocessor can
understand. The microprocessor then carries out the
corresponding command. Universal learning remotes
require a computer to be connected. The connection
is typically done via USB from the computer to
mini-USB on the remote or the remotes base station.
RadioShack, and other brands can be reprogrammed
Fig 2: over view of graphical
by means of an interface. Some models of the touch-
screen remotes are programmed using a graphical
III. Existing system interface program on a PC, which allows the user to
Existing system uses file transfer from its
customize the screens, backgrounds, buttons and
server so security issues are there .These systems do
even the "actions" the buttons perform. The dongle is
not have mouse drag and drop option. It cannot be
used to power on a target computer from our mobile required to convert the electrical control signals from
device from any location. The existing systems do the phone into infra red signals that are required by
not allow to select a file on the target computer to most home audio visual components for remote
mail that file to other person from that PC. control. However it is also possible to implement a
system that does not require a dongle. Such systems
use a standalone piece of hardware called a 'gateway',
IV. Design & Explanation
which receives the electrical control signals from the
Mobile client application is required to smart phone in Bluetooth or WI-FI form and forward
install on Android phone. It supports most operation them on in infra red form to the components to be
while making a PowerPoint presentation or playing
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National Conference on Research Advances in Communication, Computation, Electrical Science and Structures

controlled. It delivers a customized electronic Components

program guide (EPG) for your personal TV channel
lineup. Simply identify your cable/satellite provider, Table II
and will find all your listings. From there you can
quickly prune your guide to just show the channels Front End:
and shows you like to watch, and hide all the rest. Java and Android
Back end:
Java (Serialization)
Server components

The focus is on controlling a PC through

Android. Android helps building of new ideas easily
and test them with a set of open standards. It is seen
that the consumers, who recently purchased a smart
phone choose an Android smart phone [1]. Presenting
the process to access the computers with the help of
Fig 3:represented purpose of remote Android mobile phones .There are so many
controlling with smart phones. applications for Android. These applications are
useful in life and make work easier. ARM
architecture platform forms basis for the hardware
supporting Android software. [2]. Describing a system
which provides remote access to computer system..
WI-FI network is used for access. Various features
have been provided which are very useful. Some
features are file viewing, desktop access, file transfer.
This paper presents efficient implementation of
the advanced features for PC control through android
platform .[4].

Fig 4:shows the connection of PC with mobile with

mobile inputs.

V. Technical Specification
Technology details to be used in the project:-

table I
Fig 5: Android desktop control
Software’s Jdk 1.6.0
VI Result
languages Java ,Android The result of the Remote controlling PC
with Smartphone Inputs from remote place with
Library Java library internet project is Controlling of PC with Smartphone
from remote place using internet with the help of
Operating Microsoft Client / server mobile technology using 3 – tier
system Windows/Linux concept. Virtual keyboard of mobile can be handled
to operate the functions of the PC. Server based

ISSN: 2348 - 8387 Page 42

National Conference on Research Advances in Communication, Computation, Electrical Science and Structures
concept is utilized to capture the screen on mobile and Software Engineering,2012 vol.2,Issue 1.
from PC. IP is assigned to PC and can be accessed on [8] Angel Gonzalez Villan, and Josep Jorba Estev,
mobile browser with the help of wireless router “Remote Control of Mobile Devices in Android
attached with dongle for the internet. The mobile Platform” IEEE transactions on Mobile Computing,
device will work like a remote control for the PC.

VII. Conclusion
The conclusion of Remote controlling PC
with Smartphone (Android mobile) Inputs from
remote place with internet project is Smart phone and
tablet universal remote software is usually highly
customizable. As with traditional universal remotes
some are programmed using the handset
(phone/tablet) itself and others are programmed
using a computer. remote control features, you can
finally clean up your coffee table and put your extra
remotes away in a drawer somewhere. Now your
phone (or tablet) is your remote. At last your whole
family (and even guests) will be able to figure out how
to control all the different devices and inputs you have
in the living room. A customizable remote control
interface, where you decide exactly which buttons
appear when you want them to. The dominant remote-
control technology in home-theater applications is
infrared (IR). Infrared light is also known as plain-old
"heat." The basic premise at work in an IR remote
control is the use of light to carry signals between a
remote control and the device it's directing.

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