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Choose the correct answer and write the letter (A,B, C or D) in the answer box.

1. Flowering plants are the plants that produce ____________________.

A. water
B. leaves
C. flowers
D. roots

2. Which of the following plants are flowering plants?

A. roses
B. moss
C. fern
D. pine tree

3. __________________, snail and butterfly are animals without backbone.

A. fish
B. frog
C. Jelly fish
D. lizard

4. This material is used to make window?

A. glass
B. metal
C. plastic
D. ceramics

5. Socks, jeans and shirt are made of __________________.
A. glass
B. paper
C. fabric
D. rubber

6. Which of the following is hard object?

A. Metal ruler
B. paper
C. t-shirt
D. flower

7. We give _________________ by closing our ears when hearing loud noise?

A. money
B. respond
C. stimuli
D. things

8. Which of the following objects can float on water?

A. Ping pong ball
B. metal spoon
C. rock
D. eraser

9. ________________is a type of plant that live in water.

A. Water lily
B. Rose
C. Orchid
D. Bougainvillea

10. Crab and lobster are both ____________________.
A. vertebrates
B. invertebrates
C. birds
D. mammals

11. Which of the following dissolves in water?

A. Sand
B. Salt
C. Rock
D. Marbles

12. Which of the following objects will sink when placed in water?
A. pencil
B. ping pong ball
C. rock
D. cork

13. Which of the following object do you think is the most flexible?
A. Plastic spoon
B. metal ruler
C. nail
D. rubber band

14. Lantana is a plant that can be group under _____________________.

A. tree
B. shrub
C. herb
D. Non-flowering

15. We use a __________________ to measure length accurately.
A. thermometer
B. weigh
C. ruler
D. Measuring cylinder

16. We use __________________to taste food.

A. mouth
B. skin
C. nose
D. tongue

17. Non-living things ___________________.

A. Never die
B. can grow
C. can respond to changes
D. Need water

18. Read the following sentences.

I: John moved his hand away from a hot kettle.

II: The cat ran when it heard sudden noises

III: A mimosa plant folded its leaves when a man brushed past it.

IV: A deer ran when it saw a tiger.

These examples show that living things _______________________.

A. Respond to changes around them.

B. fear other living things
C. Move very slowly
D. Need air, water and food.
19. Ali placed some plants into 2 groups as shown. Only one pair is correctly
grouped. Which is it?

Flowering Non-flowering
A Bougainvillea Bird’s nest fern
B Periwinkle Carpet grass
C Rose Coconut tree
D Hibiscus Cactus

20. The following animals can be grouped together as they ___________________

A. Lay eggs
B. Have scales for body covering
C. Live both on land and in water
D. Are mammals

21. Below is a mop used for cleaning the floor. What is it usually made of?

A. Metal and wood

B. Ceramic and wood
C. Fabrics and wood
D. Rubber and wood

22. Fatin wants to find out which object will float or sink in water. She chooses
four objects –a key, a cork, acotton bud and a flat plastic sheet. They are
placed in a tank which will be filled with water. Which object will NOT float to
the water surface?


A. Key
B. Cork
C. Flat plastic sheet
D. Cotton bud

23. This is a record of Syasya’s observation.

The object becomes longer when it is pulled.

The object bends easily.

What does her observation tell us about the object?

A. The object is hard
B. The object is flexible
C. The object is brittle
D. The object is elastic

24. The group of animals that give birth is _______________________.
A. Eagle, snake, monkey
B. Cat, horse, lion
C. turtle, monkey, elephant
D. Ant, spider, frog

25. Which of the following is NOT a sense organ?

A. Tongue
B. Hair
C. Eyes
D. Nose

26. Study the materials of these objects below.

What material does these two objects made of?

A. wood
B. metal
C. rubber
D. plastics

27. Wood comes from the _________________.

A. tree
B. latex
C. ceramic
D. Rubber

28. The diagram below shows a pot of plants that was kept in a garden. A few
months later, the plants died. How could the plants have been saved?

A. By giving the plants plenty of water

B. By trimming the plants
C. By replanting them in a few pots
D. By giving them fertilizer

29. When ________________ is place in water, it will dissolve. This mean it is soluble
in water.
A. rocks
B. sand
C. soil
D. salt

30. Ceramic is a material made from a type of soil called_________________.

A. rock
B. clay
C. sand
D. Latex

(30 marks)