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Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana & New Mexico Aerospace/
Defense Manufacturing
Vol. 49 No. 6 June 2014 See Online DIGITAL EDITIONS at
5-Axis HMC
Vertical Turning Lathe for Toshiba Machine New Tongtai
High-Speed, Heavy-Duty Cutting and Regal Machine for machining
ing mills: the TUE-100.
With a one meter (40”)
Tool Announce components.....
table diameter, this VTL
is designed for high-
Partnership See Page 14
Toshiba Machine Co., America, a
speed, heavy-duty cut- Controls
manufacturer of large scale, high preci-
ting with a max. load
sion machine tools and other manufac-
up to 2,000 kg (4,400
turing equipment, has announced a CNC Speeds
strategic distribution partnership with Threading-in
The TUE-100 features
Regal Machine Tool of Houston, TX.
an identical ram cross
This partnership makes Regal Ma- Times
section to support the Automates
chine Tool the exclusive distributor of
railhead for increased wheel grinding
Toshiba Machine machine tools in
precision. Further im- to accelerate
Texas and Louisiana. Specifically fo-
proving cutting per- throughput......... See Page 48
cusing on Toshiba Machine’s full line of
formance are two types
horizontal boring mills and vertical
of bearings to support
both the radial and
Continued on Page 102 Retrofit/
axial loads of the table, Remanufacture/Repair
along with the high Renishaw Acquires
quality cast iron bed CNC Retrofits
designed for efficient U.S. Metrology for Knee Mills
chip removal.
Sitting within a more
Specialist Retrofit kits for over
Renishaw has purchased the busi- 40 different brands
Toshiba Machine Co., America has compact 5 m x 3.5 m x 4
m (200” x 138” x 174”) footprint com ness of Advanced Consulting & Engi- of knee mills.....
introduced the newest addition to the
Continued on Page 102 neering, Inc. (ACE), a US-based See Page 60
TUE Series of vertical boring and turn-
supplier of dimensional measurement
products and services focused on the
Milling Grade Increases automotive industry. Applying Technology
According to a Renishaw spokes-
Productivity in Titanium Alloys person, the acquisition of family- EPG Grows
“Optimized for chal- owned ACE, based in Rochester Hills, Customer
le nging conditions, the MI, provides Renishaw further special- Base
MS2050 milling insert grade ized programming capabilities using
Now offers
from Seco utilizes a new leading industry packages, and
large machining
coating technique and sub- Continued on Page 102
strate that brings enhanced
See Page 72
p ro c e s s re l i a b i l i t y a n d
higher cutting data to part
Mitsubishi Laser
machining applications in-
volving titanium alloy ma-
Adds to eX line Finishing/
Mitsubishi Laser has debuted its Grinding/Abrasives
terials,” said a Seco spokes- latest laser product, model eX-S. De-
person. signed to augment the eX line as a
“The special PVD coat- Portable Modular
more accessible, entry-level version of
ing on the MS2050 not only the existing 2D eX machine, the new Finishing System
strengthens the insert’s eX-S features a 2,700 watt resonator. Infrared curing oven
wear resistance but also “This lower wattage will deftly cut with limited footprint...
eliminates reaction with the workpiece manufacturers and others working
steel thicknesses up to and over 0.75 See Page 80
material so that users can increase their with titanium alloys will find the
inch, but considering the cost savings
cutting speeds and tool life while de- MS2050 to be the first choice to Seco’s
involved with a smaller resonator, op-
creasing cost per part. Aerospace part Continued on Page 102
erators may be able to add automation Plant Maintenance
to maximize output and optimize the
cutting process,” said a company
spokesperson. “For instance, they can AlignCam
purchase an eX-S with this automation System
Continued on Page 102 Troubleshoot

Subscription Changes:
To make name, address subscription document results.... See Page 116
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chine. The LUMEX allows for base • 10 AM - 4 PM Open House at MC spokesperson. “Join us after the open
MC Machinery plate to completion machining in one Machinery 1500 Michael Dr., Wood houses for an open bar, a family-style
Open House June set-up for a time reduction of as much Dale, IL, 60191 Italian dinner, games and prizes. Our
entertainment for the evening will be
as 65% in complex mold manufactur- • 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Fight Night - Din-
18 and 25 ing, according to the company. ner and Hospitality Venuti’s Ris- live boxing and kickboxing events.”
MC Machinery Systems, Inc. will • 10 AM - 4 PM Open House at MC torante, 2251 W Lake St., Addison, IL, For more information contact:
be hosting open houses June 18 and 25. Machinery 1500 Michael Dr., Wood 60101 MC Machinery Systems, Inc.
The June 18, 2014, event will feature Dale, IL, 60191 Register at: 1500 Michael Drive
• 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM Fight Night - Din- Wood Dale, IL 60191
EDM, waterjet, milling and additive
ner and Hospitality Venuti’s Ristorante, national-event-june-25-2014/ 630-616-5920
machining while the June 25 event will
feature lasers and press brake tech- 2251 W Lake St., Addison, IL, 60101 “If you are looking to diversify, up-
nologies. Register at: grade or expand your product offer-
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 ings, this is the place to meet and talk Features for High-
Wire EDM, sinker EDM, waterjet, national-event-june-18-2014/ with technical product experts - all
milling and additive machining will be Wednesday, June 25, 2014 while experiencing the hospitality and Volume Operations
featured. See the LUMEX Avance-25, a The latest in laser and press brake entertainment you have come to expect Designed especially for production
hybrid laser sintering and milling ma- technologies will be featured. from MC Machinery,” said a company environments, the POW•R•FEED M924
end mill removed 470% to 907% more
metal per tool than a comparable com-
petitor’s tool in 17-4 PH stainless steel
and 4140 steel, respectively, in tests per-
formed at IMCO’s in-house lab, ac-
cording to the company.

“The POW•R•FEED M924 is a real

powerhouse for productivity,” said
Perry Osburn, President of IMCO. “It
o ut pe r fo r me d e v e n t h e o r i gi n a l
POW•R•FEED M904 in every metal
we tested.”
IMCO Sales Manager Tim Elfreich
attributes the boost in performance to
its reinforced, optimized cutting edges
and AlCrNX engineered coating for
longer tool life. “It has a 38° helix, cre-
ating a higher than usual shear plane,”
he said. “The result is a much higher
feed rate compared with other general-
purpose cutting tools. Optimized rake
and relief angles and free cutting action
also make higher feed rates achievable.
Reinforced cutting edges resist chip-
ping and excessive wear, even in the
most unforgiving metals.
“Our AlCrNX engineered coating
plays a major role in maintaining that
cutting edge strength for significantly
longer tool life. The longer it deflects
the intense heat generated in the cut-
ting zone, the longer that tool will run.”
For more information contact:
IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.
28170 Cedar Park Blvd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551


110,607 m2. The interior floor space area the precision of production equipment, trial applications. As a wholly-owned
Doosan Opens of the current Phase I production facil- temperatures and humidity are strictly subsidiary of QVI, ShapeGrabber will
Large Machine Tool ity is 18,355 m2, all of which is used for
machine assembly.
controlled in the factory. To maximize
productivity, the factory has been
gain access to new markets and cus-
tomers for its 3D laser scanners. QVI
Plant in Korea Doosan plans to expand the cur- equipped with automatic operating adds another technology to its portfolio
Doosan Machine Tools recently cel- rent production capacity of large-sized systems for lights-out or 24-hour oper- of dimensional inspection systems for
ebrated the completion of its new fac- CNC machine tools from 1,000 units ations.” manufacturing quality control.
tory specializing in the production of per year to around 3,600 units per year “Through the dedication of a new ShapeGrabber is a provider of 3D
large-sized CNC machine tools in through its implementation of Phase II, factory specializing in the production laser scanners for measuring and in-
Seongju-dong, Seongsan-gu, Chang- given the bright prospects for the con- of large machine tools, the company is specting complex-shaped parts that are
tinuous worldwide growth in the en- now able to reduce production time otherwise too time consuming, costly,
won City, making it the third factory
ergy, construction and aerospace and improve quality in the area of large or difficult to measure. The scanners
for Doosan Machine Tools in Chang-
industries, the major market sector machine tools,” said Jaeyoon Lee, the are used for quality control in automo-
won City, South Korea.
for large-sized machine h e a d o f t h e M a c h i n e To o l s B G . tive, aerospace, medical and other in-
tools. “Doosan Machine Tools will be able to dustrial markets to help manufacturers
“Assembly of large- deliver world class large machine tools reduce defects, rapidly conduct first-ar-
size machine tools re- in some of the fastest growing market ticle inspections, troubleshoot fit prob-
quires unique infra- sectors.” lems, and provide documented proof
structure, which is why For more information contact: that components meet design specifi-
the new Doosan plant is Dave Barber cations.
custom designed for the National Sales Manager & R. Stephen Flynn, President of the
manufacture of large Marketing Optical Gaging Products (OGP) divi-
machine tools, and is Doosan Infracore Machine Tools sion of QVI said: “ShapeGrabber satis-
also equipped with pro- 19A Chapin Road fies a need among our customers for
duction equipment and Pine Brook, NJ 07058 fast, easy-to-use industrial 3D scanners
facilities that guarantee 973-618-2500 that can measure complex shapes ef-
precision processing,” fectively. It extends the speed and ver-
said a company spoke- satility of products we offer to our
sperson. “As such, pro- machinetools customers worldwide.”
ductivity and efficiency Pierre Aubrey, President of Shape-
Machines to be produced in the have been greatly improved at the new Grabber said: “We are very excited to be
new plant include horizontal boring factory. ShapeGrabber joining the QVI team. As a member of
mills, bridge mills, double column ma- “Specifically, the plant is designed the QVI family, we will be able to ad-
chining centers, ram type vertical turn- to meet the needs of both super micron Joins Quality Vision vance the performance and capabilities
ing centers, Puma 600/700/800 XL precision and high productivity in the of our products by leveraging QVI’s en-
turning centers and vertical machining production of large capacity machine International gineering and manufacturing expertise.
centers with X-axis travels of over two tools. Close attention has been given to Quality Vision International (QVI) We will also be able to extend the
meters. the factory foundations to provide suf- announced that it has acquired Shape- reach of our scanners through QVI’s
Construction began in 2012, with ficient load capacity for the assembly of Grabber Incorporated, a manufacturer global sales and support network
the factory situated on a total area of large size machines. To further ensure of automated 3D scanners for indus- Continued on Page 10
North Texas Chapter NTMA Makes Tooling ShapeGrabber
Donation to Denton ISD Advanced Technology Complex Joins Quality Vision
Continued from Page 8
ence, Hospitality and Tourism, Human of metrology experts.”
Services; Information Technology; Law, ShapeGrabber designs, manufac-
Public Safety, Corrections and Security; tures and sells automated 3D scanners
Marketing, Sales and Services; Science, for measuring complex shapes such as
Technology, Engineering and Math; injection molded plastics and precision
Transportation, Distribution and Lo- castings that are difficult to measure.
gistics; and Manufacturing. ShapeGrabber is based in Ottawa,
The Manufacturing department Canada.
cluster includes planning, managing Quality Vision International (QVI)
and performing the processing of ma- designs and builds a complete line of
terials into intermediate or final prod- dimensional measuring machines that
ucts. Careers in manufacturing offer combine optical, laser, and contact sen-
sors. Manufacturers use QVI systems
exciting opportunities in designing
to measure and inspect products for
and improving products, operating
quality and process control.
high-tech tools and machinery, analyz- For more information contact:
ing problems and finding creative so- Quality Vision International, Inc.
lutions. 850 Hudson Ave.
The mission of Career and Tech- Rochester, NY 14621
nology Education at the Advanced 585-544-0450
Technology Complex is to “prepare
(l-r, front row) Tyler Koch, Student; Todd Ellard, President, North Texas Chapter NTMA and
Owner, Manda Machine; Tony Gillette, Sales & Applications, North Texas Region, Iscar students to succeed in high demand
Metals, Inc.; Jacob Franco, Sales & Applications, Central Division, Iscar Metals, Inc. occupations within the 21st century’s ShapeGrabber
(l-r, back row) Adrian Fernandez, Student; Thomas Babb, Engineering Dept. Head, competitive global economy.” 1900 City Park Drive Suite 512
LaGrone-Advanced Technology Complex, Landon Hammock, Student; Ryan Uonz, Student. For more information contact: Ottawa, ON K1J 1A3
Thomas Babb, Canada
The North Texas Chapter of the Level 1 Certification. The NIMS cre- 613-247-1707
Engineering Dept. Head
National Tooling and Machining Asso- dentials certify an individual’s skills as
Advanced Technology Complex
ciation (NTMA) made a donation of measured against the NIMS standards.
1504 Long Road
$5,000. in Iscar cutting tools for lathe Earning NIMS credentials requires a
applications to the Denton ISD La- performance test and a theory test.
Denton, TX 76207 CNC Machining
Grone-Advanced Technology Com-
plex. The cutting tools will be used in
Each student is required to create a
personal professional portfolio. Per-
the Manufacturing Program teaching sonal skills and knowledge, as well as Todd Ellard, President
North Texas Chapter NTMA
Improves Cycle Time
students to program and operate ma- successful completion of advanced
chine tools. credit via universities, community col- Manda Machine Co., Inc. for Heavy Parts
The Precision Metal Manufactur- lege and professional programs will be 2683 Myrtle Springs Ave. Okuma’s ServoNavi is a high-pre-
ing course and the Advanced Precision maintained. Dallas, TX 75220 cision technology designed to improve
Metal Manufacturing course at the Ad- Industry partners such as Mayday 214-352-5946 cycle times and accuracy when ma-
vanced Technology Complex provide chining heavy parts. This technology
Manufacturing, Bell Heli-
training for students who like to work can be applied on all Okuma double
copter, NTMA, Halsey column, vertical and horizontal ma-
with their minds as well as their hands. Engineering and Paulus
The tooling and machining industry is chining centers.
Precision Machine, sup- ServoNavi uses the weight of the
the basis for all of the manufacturing
port the Advanced Tech- part/workholding to control servo
industries. Students learn the setup
nology Complex Manu- control accuracy. In the past, the weight
and operation of modern manual and
facturing program. was set manually, but incorrect weight
computerized tools used by machin-
The Denton ISD La- would cause machining inaccuracies.
ists, die and mold makers and skilled ServoNavi is designed to prevent
Grone-Advanced Tech-
professionals in the manufacturing in- inaccuracies by addressing three areas
nology Complex offers
dustry. Students develop leadership, of the CNC machining process:
classes in: Architecture
management, quality control, business • Work Weight Auto Setting: On previ-
and Construction; Arts,
and customer relations skills while ous machining centers, actual table
Audiovisual Technology
working toward national certifications. feed acceleration varied with different
and Communication; Bus-
The program is designed for indi- table loads (workpiece, fixture). Ser-
iness Management and
viduals to develop skills in the setup voNavi’s Work Weight Auto Setting
Administration; Career
and operation of CNC machining function automatically estimates table
Planning; Education and
equipment. CNC setup operators han- loads to adjust for the best acceleration
Training; Finance; Gov- Adrian Fernandez, Student, Denton ISD
dle the initial start-up of a program, op- speed - and achieve faster cycle times.
ernment and Public Ad- LaGrone-Advanced Technology Complex programming
erate and troubleshoot conventional • Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment:
ministration; Health Sci- the control on a Haas Automation Mini Mill.
and CNC machine tools and maintain Machine tool utilization times and slide
quality control of parts being machined. loads vary from the ideal servo control
Emphasis is placed on shop safety, settings determined at initial machine
housekeeping and preventative main- delivery. This may produce crease
tenance. Areas of study include the fol- marks at motion reversals and affect
lowing: Safety, Print Reading, Intro- part surface quality. ServoNavi’s Re-
duction to Geometric Dimensioning versal Spike Auto Adjustment com-
and Tolerancing (GD&T), Use of Preci- pensates for slide load variations, and
sion Measuring Equipment, Operation with optimized servo control, main-
tains the required CNC machining ac-
of Machine Tools, Manual Machining,
curacies (surface quality).
Entry-level CNC Programming, CNC
• Vibration Auto Adjustment: Noise or
Setup and CNC Operation.
vibration may occur when machine
Certificates are awarded for OSHA conditions change over time. ServoN-
Safety Certification and National Insti- avi’s Vibration Auto Adjustment
tute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) The LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex, Denton ISD.
makes the required adjustments for the
changed conditions to effectively elim- side frame-mounted back gauge is also from 40 ton up to 320 ton and lengths
inate noise and vibration.
AHK A Press Brakes controlled by the DRO and has high ranging from 60” up to 20’. Machines
For more information contact: Knuth AHK A press brakes are in- and low speeds with a fine adjustment are available from stock at Knuth
Julie Murphy, Marketing Manager tended to be a simple, low-cost option knob on the front. Hydraulic crowning USA’s full service headquarters near
Okuma America Corporation for a variety of press brake applica- is standard (on machines over 100 tons) Chicago, IL.
11900 Westhall Drive tions. All machines feature welded and it is automatic, adjustable and pro- For more information contact:
Charlotte, NC 28278 steel construction and brand name hy- portional to the load. According to the Knuth Machine Tools USA
704-588-7000 draulic and electrical components. company, this means no shimming or 590 Bond St. Lincolnshire, IL 60069
S. TX, LA 847-415-3333
Hartwig Houston
4727 S Pinemont, Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77041
N. TX Industries to
Hartwig Dallas
5234 Bear Creek Court Showcase the New
Irving, TX 75061
TRAK 2OP Portable CNC June 18th - 19th
NM Southwestern Industries will
Hartwig Colorado showcase its new portable TRAK 2OP
8599 Prairie Trail Drive machining center during its June 18th
Denver, CO 80112 and 19th factory showroom open
303-373-9450 house. “Designed for second operation
OK machining, the TRAK 2OP streamlines a
Hartwig Broken Arrow shop’s workflow by bringing an addi-
1913 West Reno Utilizing screw stops in the cylin- adjusting the crowning table to achieve tional spindle quickly and easily to an
Broken Arrow, OK 74012 ders, the machines achieve repeatabil- consistent bend angles. operator idled by the cycle time of his
918-259-0260 ity of +/- .0004”. Setting the bottom The machines are shipped with an primary machine,” said a company stop is accomplished by entering the upper punch, multi-V die and safety sys- spokesperson. “It utilizes proven Pro-
AR position in the digital readout control. tems that include a laser die guard, rear toTRAK CNC technology, and pro-
Morris South “Operators like the simplicity and fa- access guard and safety interlocks. A 2- grams can be generated either at the
350 Electronics Blvd. miliarity, and the mechanical counters axis CNC control is available and can be machine or by remote CAD/CAM to
Huntsville, AL 35824 with the complete overload protection retrofitted as needed in the future. perform tasks normally associated with
256-461-8111 of a hydraulic machine,” said a com- The AHK A series press brakes are second operations including: machin- pany spokesperson. The heavy-duty, available in standard tonnages rated ing of profiles, pockets, face milling, • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 11

drilling, tapping, countersinking and oil-air minimal lubrication, as trol SmartMachine function, operators
bolt-hole patterns.” well as liquid cooled stator will not have to wait long for the HSM
Standard features include a con- jacket and bearings. This vector 500 MM to settle into a thermal steady
tained work envelope, flood coolant, controlled motor spindle helps state before beginning to machine
rigid tapping and pallet jack. ensure fast acceleration to full parts,” said the spokesperson. “The
Southwestern Industries will also speed as well as high torque at machine actively compensates for any
display and demo its TRAK LPM, a low speeds. As a complement thermal displacement of the cutting
quick changeover, short-run machining to the high-speed spindle, the
tool’s centerline.”
center, and TRAK bed mill, lathe, and machine cuts at feedrates up to
knee mill product lines. “Like the 784.4 IPM (20 m/min) and For optimized cutting paths and
TRAK 2OP, these feature the powerful rapid traverses as fast as 1,574.8 better part surface finishes, the Smart-
but easy to learn and use ProtoTRAK IPM (42 m/min). Machine Operator Support System on
CNC conversational language that en- As standard, the HSM 500 the HSM 500 MM makes it possible for
ables lower skill-level machinists to do MM comes equipped with operators to access the internal param-
higher level work, and skilled machin- graphite extraction system, eters of the machine’s CNC. Through a
ists to get more done,” said a company touch probe capability and ab- simple interface, operators set specific
spokesperson. solute optical linear scales with target data, and the system automati-
20 nanometer step resolution on cally adjusts the machine’s dynamic
its X, Y and Z axes for precise behavior accordingly.
process as a G-load, allowing machin-
machine positioning. Also, the machine The HSM 500 MM is equipped
ists to intervene and adjust for opti-
helps minimize thermal effects on ac- with other features tailored specifically
mized cutting conditions and part
curacy with its polymer granite base to graphite machining, as for the pro
surface finishes.
material and liquid-cooled feed and
“With the Intelligent Thermal Con- Continued on Page 102
drive motors, spindle motor and elec-
trical cabinet.
“The HSM 500 MM’s portal con-
struction, which is a pyramid-shaped
design, delivers stability and high
rigidity yet allows for a compact ma-
chine footprint,” said a company
spokesperson. “All machine cross
slides are weight optimized and fulfill
the requirements for highly dynamic
machine motion.
“As added stability, the machine’s
Co-exhibitors at the open house polymer granite base material com-
will include: Kennametal/Widia (tool- pletely dampens vibration up to six
ing), Intech Funding Corporation times better than that of standard gray
(financing) and BobCAD-CAM (soft- cast iron base material. The polymer
ware). concrete is impervious to oils or cool-
Complimentary lunches will be ing lubricants, and unlike other base
provided as will free factory tours. The materials, does not require an aging
showroom is located at 2615 Home- process.”
stead Place, Rancho Dominguez, CA, Equipped with SmartMachine
90220. To make a reservation for this functionalities, the HSM 500 MM is de-
event, please contact your local South- signed to increase tool life through vi-
western Industries’ sales representa- bration monitoring, boost productivity
tive. by reducing machine warm-up wait
For more information contact: time and shorten cycle times with opti-
Bruce Meredith mized machine motion. The SmartMa-
Marketing Manager chine Advanced Process System displays
Southwestern Industries, Inc. vibrations occurring during the milling
2615 Homestead Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Machining Center
Provides Hard Die
and Graphite
Electrode Production
“As an all-in-one production sys-
tem, the Mikron HSM 500 MoldMaster
(MM) high-speed milling machine’s
specific features and capabilities give
shops the versatility to produce a wide
scope of mold and die related compo-
nents - from 58 Rc steel mold cores to
hot pressing dies and even sinker EDM
electrodes for intricate mold cavities -
all with one machine tool,” said a GF
Machining Solutions spokesperson.
The HSM 500 MM is equipped
with a 42,000 RPM HSK spindle that
uses ceramic hybrid ball bearings with • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 13
Aerospace/Defense Manufacturing
Pneumatic Rod Locks 5-Axis HMC for
Keep A-10 Warthog Steady Machining Aerospace Components
During the maintenance and re- and the workload.
pair operations of the A-10 Warthog The Air Force contracted Boeing to
aircraft at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, a produce a series of fixtures to help per-
product design from Advanced Ma- form major structural repair operations
chine & Engineering (AME) helps on the A-10. This was a new product
maintain the structural integrity of this design, conceived by Boeing, to solve
heavy airframe. AMLOK pneumatic
rod locks
keep the

of holding the
massive A-10 airframe
steady in position while major
and ensure the Overall view of the structure structural sections were
aircraft will return to flight built by Boeing St. Louis to removed and replaced.
hold the airframe of the
in its proper configuration. In application, the rod
A-10 Warthog during the
Boeing in St. Louis de- locks provide a means
refurbish/repair ops at Hill
signed and built the fix- Air Force Base in Utah.
of attaching the main The new Tongtai HG-1250U is a The HG-1250U features rigid box
tures for the Air Force and Twenty-eight rod locks on fixture to the aircraft rigid, versatile 5-axis horizontal ma- ways and has a CAT-50 taper, 40 HP,
specified the rod locks, 28 each of the five total fixtures structure without intro- chining center that is well suited to two-speed geared-driven, high torque
on each of five fixtures, built by Boeing hold 5,000 ducing any external aerospace manufacturing applications, spindle capable of 6,000 RPM, facilitat-
constructed for use at the lb. load and maintain a .002 load to the structure. according to Absolute Machine Tools, ing machining of hard metal aerospace
Air Force base. - .003” maximum backlash, This fact is key to the Lorain, OH, Tongtai’s exclusive North workpiece materials, such as titanium
In use, each rod lock with no external load on the overall repair opera- American distributor. Continued on Page 18
holds up to 5,000 lbs. and work surface, thus assuring tion, as the original
maintains position with the structural integrity of shape of the craft must
0.002” - 0.003” maximum remain consistent dur-
backlash and repeatable
the fuselage during and
after repairs. ing and after the repair.
For more information on
positioning. The AMLOK In addition, since the
design functions by holding the cylin- locking feature on the rod lock is acti-
Aerospace/Defense Manufacturing
der rod in place and locking the load in vated when the pneumatic power is re-
place when air pressure is removed. m o v e d , i t p re v e n t s i n a d v e r t e n t
Only when the pressure is restored can activation of the lock during the repair
the load be released. This power-off process, increasing technician safety.
clamping protects both the operators Continued on Page 16
End Mill Delivers High-Rate Metal Removal
5ME’s 20-flute CYCLO CUT Max- path, increasing material removal rates
Flute end mill is capable of removing and decreasing cycle times, while ex-
up to 12 in3/min with only 45 ft-lbs. of tending tool life. “The current ap-
Solid Carbide Drill for CFRP/Titanium-Stack torque and 12 HP. Max-Flute tools use proach to high-speed machining
Kennametal’s B55_DAL drill is de- tener holes efficiently challenges cut- shallow, radial widths of cut, which involves taking very light cuts,” said
signed for drilling composite fiber-re- ting tools by requiring high wear re- transfers less heat to the cutting tool. Grubbs. “The Max-Flute/Trochoidal
inforced polymers (CFRP) metal stacks sistance and optimum tool geometries. According to the company, this allows approach allows the machine to make
in hole diameter ranges of 3/16 - 5/8” Keeping holes high-quality and burr- higher surface speeds for roughing ti- heavier cuts at high speeds, and by
(4.763 - 15.875 mm). The drill can be free is critical.” tanium, Inconel and other high-tem- Continued on Page 16
applied in all combinations of stacks: The B55_DAL drill’s double- perature alloys that
CFRP-Ti-Al as well as CFRP-Ti, angle point design is intended to have traditionally re-
CFRP-Al and also straight Ti or Al. provide enhanced centering ca- quired high torque at
These drills can operate with stan- pability and the sharp edge to low RPM to achieve de-
dard through coolant, MQL or dry. cleanly cut CFRPs in the top sired removal rates.
“New materials are demanding layer of stacks and cleanly exit “These end mills enable
new solutions,” said a company the titanium or aluminum side ma n ufa c ture r s wi t h
spokesperson. “To maximize strength without burrs. The fine-grain lower power equipment
and minimize weight, the aerospace solid-carbide Beyond KN15 to be competitive in the
industry continues to research using grade is highly polished for machining of titanium
stacks of CFRP sandwiched between enhanced chip evacuation and other exotic materi-
titanium or other materials. This pro- even with MQL or dry oper- als,” said Mike Grubbs,
vides essential performance at re- ation. OEM/MTB Ac c o un t
duced weight for wings, fuselages, A broad range of di- Manager, 5ME.
cockpits and many other compo- ameters and length varia- When coupled with
nents. Due to the substantially t i o n s a re a v a i l a b l e t o a trochoidal machining
different me- accommodate all holemak- strategy, Max-Flute end
chanical ing operations, even those mills maintain a con-
properties of using robots or automated stant angle of engage-
carbon fibers drilling units. In addition, ment, making the radial
CYCLO CUT Max-Flute high-performance end mills
and metals, the new stack drills can be cuts more consistent
innovate titanium roughing with a 20-flute design
drilling fas- Continued on Page 16 throughout the cutter
capable of high removal rates at low torque.
typically installed. In re-
Pneumatic Rod Locks moving and replacing
Continued from Page 14
The AME rod lock design provides
large sections of the fuse-
lage, excess pressures can
Metal Removal
an easy-to-install interface between the be e x e rted on the air- Continued from Page 14
main repair fixture and the surface of frame, a potential cause of using the maximum flute density avail-
the fuselage on the aircraft, doing so in distortion. able, maximum feed rates are achiev-
a way that prevents the introduction of Jack Bucheit, Lead able.”
positive or negative loads to the fuse- Tool Engineer at the Boe- Max-Flute tools are designed with
lage in the resting position. Prior to ing facility in St. Louis, a differential pitch on the tool flutes to
start-up of operations, laser tracking said, “The size and weight break up harmonics and reduce chat-
measurements of the A-10 Warthog of the aircraft necessitated ter. “Titanium is very prone to chatter,
fuselage were consistently monitored a unique solution. Our re- which affects part quality, and can
by Boeing personnel during the initial quirements exceeded the cause unpredictable tool failure,” said
prototype repair processes. capacity of the standard Grubbs. “By using extremely high feed
In operation, rod locks are posi- rod locks cataloged by rates and light radial cuts, we can re-
tioned at seven points on both sides of AME in size and weight move a lot of material with very little
AMLOK rod locks shown at wing fitting
the fuselage along its entire length to ranges. AME stepped up risk of scrapping parts.”
attach points on the A-10 Warthog.
provide adequate structural support. and developed, tested For more information contact:
These points of contact also provide and supplied a specific Mike Grubbs
convenient attachment points on the rod lock designed to our specifications for this story. 5ME
aircraft, in relation to the components for this application. The Acting as the representative for 4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd.
performance was in AME on this project was Ray Varady, Suite 100
line with all our expec- President of V-TEC Machine Tools, Inc. Cincinnati, OH 45245
tations.” Others on the in Glen Carbon, IL, near St. Louis. 513-719-1612
Boeing team included Shane Hatfield, Sales Manager at
Jerry Dunmire, A-10 AME, led his team in the design and
Program Manager, Dan delivery of the rod locks to Boeing,
Dudley, Project Man- who subcontracted the building of the
ager and Brad Moore, fixtures to John Wisker and his team at Solid Carbide Drill
Tool Engineer. WB Industries of O’Fallon, MO, also Continued from Page 14
T h e A M L O K r o d near St. Louis. reground to original process specifica-
locks on these fixtures For more information contact: tions.
m i n i m i z e t h e o v e r- Advanced Machine & For more information contact:
travel, drifting, bounc- Engineering Co. Kennametal Inc.
ing and reverse travel 2500 Latham St. P.O. Box 231
often encountered in Rockford, IL 61103 1600 Technology Way
pneumatic motion ap- 815-316-5277 Latrobe, PA 15650
plications, according to 724-539-5000
Gun bay attach points. the engineers consulted
extended tool life. others to bring us their most challeng-
Carbide Grade for Carmex reported a recent test in- ing applications and discover the ben-
Demanding Materials volving an external right-hand thread: efits of engineere d carbide per-
Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has M32x1.5 and a length of 65 mm in
hardened steel D2: 53-56 HRc, a 16 ER For more information contact:
engineered carbide grade HBA, an
1.5 ISO grade H BA in sert operated Carmex Precision Tools
extra-fine submicron grade with high
toughness designed for optimized per- at 45 m/min at 28 passes produced 36 2075 State Hwy 175
formance on hardened steel and cast threads per corner. Richfield, WI 53076
iron up to 62 HRc, as well as titanium According to Jeff Dei, President of 888-628-5030
alloys and super alloys including Carmex USA, “Hard machining is in-
Hastelloy, Inconel and nickel based al- creasingly becoming the rule rather
loys. than the exception in complex part
Available for internal and external
threading in both 60° and 55° partial stability. According to the company, the
production. Carmex HBA was engi-
neered to meet the challenges inherent
5-Axis HMC for
profile, as well as ISO metric and UN, combination of carbide substrate, coat- in threading hard materials while de- Machining Aerospace
HBA is intended to provide high wear ing type and edge conditions pro- livering high production and longer
and heat resistance and excellent edge vide enhanced performance over tool life. We invite our customers and Components
Continued from Page 14
and high nickel alloys. The machining
center has a pallet size of 1,250 mm x
1,250 mm (49” x 49”) and can accom-
modate workpieces as large as 1,800
mm (71”) in diameter and 1,000 mm
(40”) in length. With a 100,000+ lb. ma-
chine weight, all box way construction,
and an operator-friendly moving col-
umn design, the HG-1250U has the
rigidity to process the toughest materi-
To expedite processing of complex
components and maximize machining
accuracy, the HG-1250U employs a
trunnion table that allows a part to be
tilted +110˚ to -20˚ and rotated 360˚ in
relation to the spindle. The 5-axis con-
figuration permits machining of deep
part features with shorter tools, mini-
mizing tool vibration and enhancing
machining stability, dimensional accu-
racy and surface finish. For many parts,
the 5-axis configuration reduces the
number of setups required, the com-
pany said.
The machine’s integral workhan-
dling system consists of two side-by-
side pallets conveyed by a shuttle,
enabling operators to machine one
component while setting up another on
the idle pallet. The result is shorter
overall processing times, especially
when assembling the complex fixtures
common in aerospace component ma-
According to Absolute Machine
Tools’ President and CEO Steve Ortner,
“To assure flight safety, complex and
hard-to-machine aerospace compo-
nents must be produced with unfailing
accuracy and reliability. The capabili-
ties of the Tongtai HG-1250U 5-axis
horizontal machining center help aero-
space manufacturers consistently meet
those critical demands in a cost-effec-
tive way.”
For more information contact:
Steve Ortner
Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.
7420 Industrial Parkway
Lorain, OH 44053

Coming in July
Manufacturing News
Editorial Feature
Micro Manufacturing
Manufacturing Aircraft Engine
Electrolyte management.
Components with ECM / PECM Technology
According to a recent survey by dividual blades. Higher speeds and
Boeing, the number of aircraft de- temperatures exert increasing pressure
ployed worldwide will double within on the compressor rotor, which must be
the next 20 years. This will, of course, taken into consideration when opting
lead to an enormous increase in the for an integral design, where the me-
number of aircraft engines required. It chanical connection between blade root
is not only the increasing demand for and disk disappears and the rotor is
engines that pose new challenges to en- produced as an integral component (a
gine manufacturers, but also ever tight- blisk is a blade integrated disk).
ening environmental standards. This ensures that the high loads on
Three criteria characterize the de- the blade root are absorbed by the en-
mands on aircraft engine production, tire disk. It then removes the mechani-
according to EMAG. Amidst increasing cal connection between the two
cost pressures and fierce competition, components and the integral design
the market calls for engines with sig- provides for a mass-reducing construc-
nificantly improved fuel efficiency. En- tion that offers greater economic via-
vironmental regulations toughen de- bility.
molecular erosion
mands for emission reductions. Addi- In the past, the choice of material
of the workpiece mate-
tionally, there is a need to reduce pur- used in such cases fell to nickel-based both mate- rial. The material removed,
chase and maintenance costs of new alloys, since the high operating tem- rials. Thus it is metal hydroxide, is flushed out
aircraft engines. peratures in the high-pressure com- imperative to quickly and separated from the electrolyte by a
Fuel consumption and emission pressor environment had to be taken introduce new processes filtering system. The electrolyte is then
levels go hand-in-hand and are, to a into account. The effort to satisfy the for the production of those air- reused in the process.
large extent, determined by the design ever increasing demands for higher craft engines still in the development, The ECM process is most com-
of the various compression stages of temperatures and a reduction in com- especially when one considers the in- monly associated with deburring ap-
the engine. Every increase in efficiency ponent weight has, for some time, con- creasing requirement for blisk compo- plications, especially in injection
brings with it a reduction in fuel con- centrated on the use of titanium alloy nents over the next few years.
sumption and, in turn, CO2 emissions. replacements. Development in this area technology, where specially designed
An increase in speed leads to an in- has advanced significantly, with mate- ECM Process tools were used to remove material
creased compression ratio between the rials reaching official safety class 1 ap- Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) only at strictly localized points - to re-
various compression stages and to the proval in the rotating components is the removal of metal through elec- move burrs or for the creation of radii.
desired increase of thermal efficiency. sector. These new alloys are even more trolysis. The workpiece is polarized ECM has also been used to create an-
This strategy will, at the same time, difficult to machine in comparison, so it positive (anode) and the tool negative nular grooves, cavities and other
bring about a reduction of the required is imperative to find alternative pro- (cathode). The working gap is flushed geometries.
number of blades, which allows for an duction processes that satisfy economic with a conductive electrolytic solution. Using 2.5D imaging technology
optimal aerodynamic design of the in- and technological requirements for The introduction of voltage leads to the and DC generators also allows ECM to


PECM Process ing, according to EMAG. crofiltration), depending on the ma-
With the subsequent development According to EMAG, the major ad- chining requirement.
of the ECM process into Precise Elec- vantages of ECM/PECM are:
tro-Chemical Machining (PECM) it be- • Machining of high-tensile alloys Process
came possible to increase the accuracy • Minimal tool wear For the machining of both single
of the geometries and reduce the de- • High degree of accuracy blades and blisks, roughing and finish-
velopment costs involved in achieving • Excellent surface finishes ing operations are recommended. The
the required final results. • No resulting burrs rough machining process is a pre-con-
To achieve precise workpiece geo- • Thermally neutral process has no touring operation with open tolerances
metry, the machining gap is narrowed negative effect on the material and feedrates of 2 - 4 mm/min, while
down considerably. The exchange of • No recast layer. leaving enough material for the subse-
electrolytes along with mechanical os- An electrolyte management system quent finishing process (approx. 0.2
cillation in conjunction with feed rate ensures that the quality (pH and con- mm). The rough machining operation
and a pulsed current/voltage source ductance, temperature and purity) of can be carried out using a variety of
ensures optimal high quality surface the working medium remains constant tooling strategies economically opti-
finishes. at all times. This can be achieved with mized to suit the relevant geometry.
In the generation of blade geome- various filtration techniques (gravity Where the single blade may be ma-
try and blisks, both sides of the work- filtration, chambered filter presses, mi- chined with a double-sided, synchro-
piece are machined simul- nized oper ation, th e pre-
taneously using a synchro- machining of blisk geometries
nized oscillating action. a re b e s t d o n e a l o n g t h e
The monitoring and ad- b l a d e ’ s a x i s . T h e ECM
Tooling area of an EMAG PO 900 BF justment of voltage, current process has the advantage that
for the machining of blisks using and electrolyte flow offers tool geometry and suitable
Precise Electro-Chemical Machining optimal process integrity. scaling of the power supply
(PECM) technology. Generator technology plays a allow large blades and blisks
particularly important role in to be machined at the same
be used for the countersinking process. feed rates and the same cycle
monitoring working gap,
However, either the quality of the changes in current and fast- times as smaller single blades.
image proved mediocre or the devel- action short-circuit shut-
opment costs for the tools to achieve downs. Along with an Machine Concepts
the desired geometry were too high. operator-friendly integration With scalable power sup-
But, where the results fulfill the re- of the process parameters, plies and generator technology
quirement, reproducibility of the pro- this technology is sure to be- the whole installation is easily
cess is effective, tool wear is minimal come the most widely ac- adjusted to suit customer re-
and the hardness of the material has no cepted and innovative manu- quirements and remain eco-
negative influence on material removal facturing process for the gen- nomically viable.
rates. If the machining surface for the eration of blade and blisk EMAG ECM / PECM tech-
cathode is increased, the process does geometry for the future of Schematic diagram of a synchronized nology covers a power range of
not lengthen the cycle time. aircraft engine manufactur- PECM machining operation. up to 20,000A DC and a pulse


1,378” x 1,181” per minute and the in-
tegrated Hurco control that includes
both conversational and NC pro-
gramming modes.
Hurco also has a larger
VMX60SRTi with XYZ travels of 60” x
26” x 24”, a 12K spindle standard, a 40-
station swing-arm automatic tool
changer, XYZ rapids of 1,181” x 1,181”
x 787” per minute and weighs 20,000
pounds. According to the company,
both the VMX60SRTi and VMX42SRTi
benefit from the unlimited angular
movement of the rotary table, com-
Left: rough-machining,
pared to some competitive machines
right: finish-machining.
that are often limited to +/-360 de-
rate of 30,000A. The machine can ac- grees, which requires the table to un-
commodate workpieces of 900 mm wind multiple times during the cycle.
maximum diameter and single blades For more information contact:
up to 250 mm in height. Hurco Companies, Inc.
For engine components, EMAG re- One Technology Way
lies on the latest developments of the P.O. Box 68180
PO 900 BF machine platform, on which Indianapolis, IN 46268
roughing and finish machining opera- 800-634-2416
tions can be carried out on large single
blades and blisks alike. These machines
can also be equipped with hydraulic
zero-point clamping systems, variable TX, NM, N. LA
oscillators and automatic tool changers. Dave Stilley
For more information contact:
Chaparral Machinery
Peter Loetzner
3435 Roy Orr Blvd., #100
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
38800 Grand River Avenue
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
248-477-7440 S.E. TX, S. LA
AR Scott Murray
Ken Pope SMI Machine Tools
EMAG LLC 5829 West Sam Houston Pkwy.
256-642-6842 North #804 Houston, TX 77041 713-937-7771
Ric Lorilla
248-595-1530 Gage Machine Tool 10668 Widmer Rd.
Lenexa, KS 66215
Five-Axis Machine
with Direct Drive AR
Hurco USA
Rotary Table One Technology Way
“The Hurco VMX42SRTi 5-axis ma- Indianapolis, IN 46268
chine with a direct-drive C-axis rotary 800-634-2416
table has specific benefits for the aero- 317-298-2622
space industry,” said the company
spokesperson. “The design of the
VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary
torque table that provides a larger work
cube and manufacturing flexibility. For
5-axis parts, the embedded C-axis ro-
tary table supports
taller parts due to
more than 3.5 addi-
tional inches in Z. For
3-axis work, the in-
creased table
size supports
parts up to
42” x 24”.”
Basic specifi-
cations of the
V M X 4 2 S R T i in-
clude XYZ travels of
42” x 24” x 24”, a
12K spindle stan-
dard, a 40-station
swing-arm autom a t i c t o o l
c h a n g e r, X Y Z r a p i d s o f 1,378” x
machine at Methods’ major open house
High Precision 5-Axis Machining Center event - Metal Storm 2014 - at its Sudbury,
Grooving and Cutoff
MA company headquarters and corpo- Inserts with Tiger·Tec
rate technology center on June 11 & 12.
In 2013, Methods announced its Silver PVD Coating
new partnership with YASDA, the Walter USA, LLC has unveiled in-
Japanese builder of machining centers dexable inserts with Tiger·tec Silver
and jig borers. Methods represents PVD aluminum oxide coating. These
YASDA across the U.S. and will be indexable grooving and cutoff inserts
bringing local application, sales and are designed for superior tool life and
support to YASDA customers. increased productivity.
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. is a In grooving and cutoff operations
supplier of precision machine tools, au- tools experience several different con-
tomation and accessories. It provides ditions within the cut. For example, at
applications engineering support, in- the beginning of the cut the tools are
stallation, parts, service and training exposed to a large amount of coolant,
through a network of large technology with little or none later. Similarly, there
centers and dealers throughout North is high speed early in the cut with low
America. speed later, and there is low stress on
For more information contact: the tool early on, with high stress at the
Methods Machine Tools, Inc., sup- DD motors and 240 tool capacity. A Methods Machine Tools, Inc. end of the cut.
plier of precision machine tools, au- FANUC 31i-A5 controller and com- 65 Union Avenue Tiger·tec Silver PVD’s surface
tomation and accessories, has plete work scheduling and tool man- Sudbury, MA 01776 structure is designed to lower the fric-
announced the introduction of the new agement via the APC and ATC are 978-443-5388 tion on the cutting surface. Also, sharp
YASDA H40i 5-Axis High Precision standard. and defined cutting edges can be
Machining Center for repeatability and The YASDA H40i will be a featured achieved because the Tiger·tec Silver
The YASDA H40i is engineered to
meet the demands for tighter toler-
ances and shorter cycle times required
by manufacturers in segments such as
aerospace, die / mold and automotive.
A rigid structure includes roller-type
guideways with a retainer on the X-Y-Z
axes for high-speed operations and
high acceleration, and a Z-axis ball
screw positioned center of the guide-
ways, enabling fast feed without geo-
metric error. The rigid bed is a ribbed
cast iron unit with vibration damping
characteristics. Three-point mounting
maintains static accuracy.
The new YASDA H40i 5-Axis ma-
chining center is suited for manufac-
turing low volume and high mix of
complex parts. “The H40i user has the
ability to adjust the work envelope to
accommodate varying work sizes,”
said Mr. Steve Previti, YASDA Product
Manager. “This capability offers own-
ers flexibility to maximize machine uti-
lization while taking on jobs with a
wide variety of part sizes, materials
and geometries.”
The H40i is equipped with Direct
Drive (DD) motors in the rotary axis for
simultaneous high-speed 5-Axis ma-
chining with A and B axis rotational
speeds of 100 and 75 respectively. A
high performance spindle provides
power and torque for machining a
wide range of metal alloys. “The spin-
dle is guaranteed under normal use for
up to 20,000 hours, while minimizing
thermal distortion for optimal tool per-
formance and high surface finishes”,
said a company spokesperson.
The new YASDA H40i has a large
work envelope (travels are 34 inches on
the X-Axis, 29 inches on the Y-Axis and
27 inches on the Z-Axis). “For its large
work capacity, the YASDA H40i has a
compact footprint of less than 27 feet in
length and under 11 feet wide, fully
configured with 24 pallets, which is an
economical use of valuable floor
space”, said the spokesperson. Avail-
able in multiple configurations, Meth-
ods offers from inventory the
H40i-24PLS which is a 24 pallet version
with a part preload station, A&B axis • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 27
conditions, low cutting speeds
and interrupted cuts. The Laser Encoders Enable High-Accuracy
middle variants WSM23S and
WSM33S cover the interme-
Machining of Long Composite Parts
diate range. Flow International Corporation’s physical scale 30 to 50 m long, attached
Walter USA, LLC offers a Composites Machining Center (CMC) to the machine, introduces structural
line up of cutting tools for provides single set-up processing of 40 issues and makes thermal compensa-
Grooving milling, drilling, turning, meter long composite wing skins. One tion much more difficult,” explains
inserts with boring and specialized tool- of the keys to holding long axis accu- Todd Fuchs, Senior Electrical Project
Tiger·tec Silver ing for unique applications racy during week long machining cy- Engineer at Flow. “The temperature
PVD aluminum oxide cles is Renishaw’s HS10/HS20 laser differences the machine sees over a 40
t h ro u g h i t s c o m p e t e n c e
coating are designed to encoder. With the precision of a laser m length during a 130 hour machining
combine extended tool life
brands Walter Valenite, Wal-
interferometer, the encoder and its cycle can be relatively extreme, even in
with increased cutting speeds. ter Titex and Walter Prototyp.
companion RCU10 real-time compen- an air conditioned plant. Between
As well as service programs
sation unit deliver part per million po- changes in the scale itself and the sub-
PVD coatings are thinner. This fact and through its Walter Multiply
the smooth surface help to prevent brand. Headquartered in Waukesha,
build-up on the cutting edge and pro- Wisconsin the company has a network
vide process reliability. of distributors and field engineers
This new coating will be made across North America.
available in four grades: WSM13S, For more information contact:
WSM23S, WSM33S and WSM43S. The Walter USA, LLC
cutting material WSM13S is designed N22 W23855 Ridgeview
for use in stable machining conditions Pkwy. West
due to its hardness. The cutting mate- Waukesha, WI 53188
rial WSM43S is aimed at unstable 800-945-5554
clamping arrangements and machining

Flow International’s Composites Machining Center achieves

repeatability of 0.0381 mm (0.0015”) on its long X-axis using
Renishaw’s HS10 and HS20 laser encoders for position feedback.

sitioning accuracy on the CMC’s strate of the machine, the variables be-
X-axis, eliminating variables that had come too complex. The HS20 laser
to be compensated for when using a encoder is the easiest way to obtain ac-
physical scale attached to the machine. curate feedback on such a long axis.”
Flow’s CMC is one of the new ma- With a rack and pinion drive on
chine tools developed to meet the aero- each side of its gantry, the CMC uses
space industry’s need to produce large split X-axis feedback with a laser on
monolithic parts with minimal dimen- each side, working as a master and
sional variation. “Reduced variation in slave for positioning. The lasers are lo-
parts is an industry wide goal,” said cated under the way cover bellows
Mark Saberton, Flow’s Director of near the drive train, in a duct purged
Aerospace. “The objective is reduced with clean, dry air, ensuring stable
assembly time, effort and tooling. The measurements and protection from air-
OEMs want to eliminate assembly borne debris that might “break” a laser
shimming, which adds weight to the beam.
product and time to the process. They Flow has used Renishaw’s HS10
want parts to meet tolerances when laser encoder, as well as the current
they arrive on the assembly floor, HS20 model, on a total of 24 machine
rather than using fixtures and shims to axes. Installations have been carried
bring parts into assembly tolerance. out in Germany, Spain, France and UK
Weight is also an issue. Less variance with support from Renishaw engi-
on a plane’s parts ensures better con- neers. Both encoders use the same laser
trol of the aircraft’s final weight.” interferometry technology used for lin-
Flow’s CMC was created as a one- ear measurement and error compensa-
stop processing center for composite tion by machine
parts that have been autoclaved. It can calibra-
be configured as a mid-rail gantry or tion
dual traveling column machine. The
gantry design carries two rams
on a single gantry with a 5-
axis wrist on
each ram, one specialists, except
for ultra high- the laser encoders are
pressure wa- designed to be a permanent scale
terjet cutting on the machine, replacing glass/tape
and one for scales and resolvers.
conventional “Unlike a tape or glass scale, the
high-speed routing. The CMC can do laser encoder system has no short term
all the finish machining on a wing skin errors that can stack up on long axes,
- trimming, drilling, routing, surface and its 1 m/sec measuring speed ac-
milling, marking and inspection - in commodates today’s fast-moving ma-
one set-up, and parts leave the machine chine tools,” said a company
ready for assembly. The machines are spokesperson. “The HS20 is sealed to
widely used by Airbus partners around IP43 and hard anodized to provide all
the world. round protection in harsh machining
The modular CMC is available in environments.”
standard X-axis lengths of 6 to 50 m, as “Our X-axis repeatability spec for a 40
well as custom sizes. “We had always m gantry is 0.0381 mm (0.0015 inch), es-
used tape scales on the X axes, but a sentially equal to the laser interferometer


used to calibrate the machine,” s a i d X-axis positioning that is as accurate as pensate for the refractive index of air weight of composite materials and the
F u c h s . “ T h e l a s e r a l s o p ro vides the gold standard of linear measure- (which affects light transmission) using ability to form very accurate shapes has
twice the resolution of a tape scale, al- ment, the laser interferometer.” air pressure and temperature sensors, clear advantages compared to conven-
though a machine of this size and type and thermal expansion of the machine tional aluminum structures,” said the
is unable to make use of it.” Laser Encoder Background structure and/or workpiece using ma- spokesperson. “These include a reduc-
Used with the Renishaw long-range terial temperature sensors. It uses ad- tion in fuel consumption through
Part Probing optics kit and RCU10 real-time quad- vanced algorithms to perform real-time lower weight and reduced mainte-
X-axis positioning precision is also rature compensation system, the HS20 compensation, adjusting the encoder nance due to reduced need for corro-
a factor during part probing, which is laser forms a non-contact, interfero- count from the laser head, based on the sion checks in service. Over the last 20
vital to the cutting process. The CMC metric-based encoder system for high sensor data. A single RCU can support years the percentage by weight of a
uses a Renishaw RMP60 touch probe accuracy (1 µm/m) linear position up to eight sensors when paired with a conventional aircraft replaced by com-
for locating the part during set-up and feedback on axes up to 60 m. It works sensor distribution box, or 32 in a posite material components has risen
confirming finished dimensions after with any CNC that can read A quad B multi-axis system. with each successive generation of air-
machining. “Some of these parts, such signals in RS-422 digital format. According to the spokesperson, the craft design.
as wing skins, are worth nearly $1 mil- The RCU10 can monitor the ma- HS10 and HS20 systems have been in “However, conventional machin-
lion before machining,” said Fuchs. chine tool bed, the part and the ma- use for over 15 years with many of the ing of composite materials poses prob-
“When they come to the machine, they chine’s ambient (air) environment with world’s leading aerospace companies. lems due to the combination of
are seldom a match to the CAD model, various sensors. The RCU10 can com- “The high strength and reduced ultra-stiff fibers with relatively weak
so we probe extensively and do a lot of matrices, with the potential for delam-
best fit calculations prior to machin- ination and damage caused by the in-
ing.” tense heat arising from conventional
The touch probe’s compact design processes. Abrasive waterjet cutting
allows it to access and measure any eliminates these problems and Flow In-
point on the part that the machine head ternational has developed the technol-
can reach. Its frequency hopping ogy and machines to take advantage of
spread spectrum (FHSS) radio signal this process.”
transmission allows multiple probe For more information contact:
systems and other industrial equip- Renishaw Inc.
ment to coexist in “noisy” industrial 5277 Trillium Blvd
environments, particularly as wireless Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications 847-286-9953
“We have laser equipped machines
in many European countries already,
and the Renishaw HS20 laser encoder Flow International Corporation
has proven easier to deploy than tape 23500 64th Avenue South
scales, as well as being reliable and ro- Kent, WA 98032
bust,” said Fuchs. “For these long axes, The gantry on the Composites Machining Center can carry 800-446-FLOW / 253-850-3500
two rams with a 5-axis wrist on each,one for ultra high-pressure
where machines are cutting expensive
waterjet machining, and a second for conventional routing.
and critical parts, customers appreciate • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 29

The Grieve Corporation The grade features high chemical
1,100 °F Electric 500 Hart Road inertness, high abrasion resistance and
Walk-In Oven Round Lake, IL 60073-2898
high toughness. “In cutting trials, Seco
found CS100 offers up to 25 percent
Grieve offers a high temperature longer tool life when compared to a
walk-in oven for heat treating and cur- competitor ’s sialon ceramic grades.
ing paint and varnish.
This makes it the ideal solution to meet
The oven features maximum oper-
the aerospace industry’s ever growing
ating temperature of 1,100 °F with 240
kW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubu-
New Seco CS100 demands for HRSA materials,” said a
company spokesperson.
lar heating elements. Workspace di- Grade Offers Higher
mensions are 9’ wide x 9’ deep x 9’ outer gasket seals directly against front
high. The 24,500 CFM, 20 HP recircu- face of oven. Other features include Cutting Speeds
lating blower provides combination safety equipment for handling flam- Seco Tools, LLC’s new CS100
airflow. The oven features a type 304, mable solvents and an 8” insulated sialon ceramic grade is engineered for
2B finish stainless steel interior; inner floor with truck wheel guide tracks. rough machining applications that in-
and outer door gaskets; inner gasket For more information contact: volve nickel-based heat-resistant super
seals directly against door plug; and Frank Calabrese, VP alloys (HRSA).

“When machining precision com-

ponents in materials such as Inconel,
Nimonic and Waspaloy for the aero-
space and power generation segments,
CS100 requires fewer tool changes,”
said the spokesperson. “Furthermore,
by allowing much higher cutting
speeds than can be used with carbide
inserts, CS100 minimizes cutting
For complete machining of these
challenging materials, CS100 comple-
ments Seco’s existing PCBN and car-
bide product range.
For cutting data and additional in-
formation on the CS100 insert grade,
contact a local Seco representative or
visit Tips
for HRSA machining with these ce-
ramic inserts can be found on Seco’s
Cutting Edge Conversation blog.
For more information contact:
Seco Tools Inc.
2805 Bellingham Drive
Troy, MI 48083

Face Grooving
ISCAR is further extending the ap-
p l i c a t i o n r a n g e o f t h e c u r re n t
HGAIR/L and HFAIR/L face grooving
adapters. This range applies to both di-
ameters and grooving depths of 3 to 6
mm inserts.


“The new adapters were designed high end, fine finish cutting require-
mainly to cover the larger diameters HMC Features Flexible Cutting Capabilities ments. The #50, 12,000 RPM 4-step
and deeper grooving range, which was Kitamura Machinery offers its My- Mycenter-HX500G features solid box geared, dual contact spindle utilizes
not covered by the currently available center-HX500G horizontal machining way construction with 2,362 IPM rapid 432.2 ft-lbs. of cutting torque for heavy-
tools,” said the company spokesper- center (HMC) for medium to large size feedrates, twin ballscrews and motors duty part machining. The energy effi-
son. parts that require flexibility in cutting in the X and Y axes and linear scale cient geared spindle design de-
“They should be applied on larger capabilities. feedback on all axes for stability and monstrates savings of between 40%
parts such as pump hubs, hydraulic Manufactured in Japan with hand high accuracies of ±0.000079” full and 50% in Kilowatt-hours for in-
parts, turbine parts and engine pis- scraping production techniques, the stroke, ±0.000039” repeatability. creased productivity and savings, ac-
tons.” “The Mycenter- cording to the company. HSK spindle
For more information contact: HX500G is available in designs are now an available option.
ISCAR Metals, Inc. two spindle configura- Kitamura’s Mycenter-HX500G
300 Westway Place tions, #40 or #50 taper, HMC offers a maximum workpiece
Arlington, TX 76018 making it ideal for size of 31.5Ø x 43.3” (Dia. x H) within a
817-258-3200 both lighter duty alu- small footprint. High-speed rapid fee- minum applications drates of 2,362 IPM on solid box ways and those that require are designed to boost overall work
a heavier, more robust throughput. A standard 2-station APC
spindle for higher is field expandable and is coupled with
level accuracy, exotic full 360° 4th axis capability with rotary
See complete interactive part processing,” said scale for faster, more accurate produc-
Digital Editions of a company spokesper- tion per pallet load.
son. The #40, 20,000 A 50 tool fixed pot automatic tool
Manufacturing News RPM 4-step geared, changer is standard with upgrade ca-
at dual contact spindle pabilities of up to 200 tools in the field.
offers high speeds for According to the company, the ad-
vanced high-speed processing of the
Arumatik-Mi controller allows for
smoother and faster machining of the
most complex workpieces with the po-
tential to add 5th axis simultaneous
machining capabilities on both pallets.
For more information contact:
Kitamura Machinery of USA Inc.
78 E. Century Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
Gary Tipton
Campat Machine Tool
1700 10th Street
Plano, TX 75074

Mitsui Seiki
Joins GE Aviation
in Developing
Aircraft Engine
Mitsui & Co., parent company of
Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc., has agreed to
become a key strategic partner in the
development of the lightweight and
powerful GE9X aircraft engine for the
next generation of wide-body air-
planes, the latest offering in the GE90
engine family manufactured by GE
Aviation, an operating unit of General
Electric Co. Mitsui will team up with
GE Aviation to support the develop-
ment of advanced technologies that
will provide a 10% improvement in
fuel efficiency when compared to ear-
lier GE90 engines.
The GE9X engine will feature new
cooling technologies; an 11-stage com-
pressor with a pressure ratio of 60:1; its
fourth-generation composite fan blade
which will reduce the fan blade count
to 16; and an advanced, high-strength
ceramic matrix composite (CMC) in the
engine core that will exhibit more ther-
mal capabilities and weigh signifi-
cantly less than its earlier incarnations.

These advancements and more will re- WFT 13 is designed for rough machin- moval during heavy machining opera- sories such as a through the spindle
sult in a lighter weight engine with in- ing with an emphasis on high quality tions.” coolant system, manual and automatic
creased fuel efficiency. machining surface finishes,” Precision linear scales are installed milling heads, and pallet shuttle sys-
GE Aviation has received orders for said a company on all three linear axes to help tems are available for the WFT 13 to
more than 1,500 GE9X engines, which spokesperson. “A provide accuracy and help improve efficiency or streamline
are designed to power the next-genera- two speed gear repeatability of machining processes.
tion Boeing 777X wide-body aircraft. box for spindle movement. For more information contact:
“We are excited to increase our s p e e d s i s p ro - A se- Paul Mandelbaum
presence in the aerospace business vided, allowing lection of Lucas Precision
through this strategic partnership with for maximum optional 13020 St. Clair Ave.
GE Aviation,” said Scott Walker, Presi- metal re- acces- Cleveland, OH 44108
dent, Mitsui Seiki, USA, Inc. “GE Avia- 216-451-5588
tion is a well-respected leader in
cutting-edge engine development for
the aviation industry; they are an ideal
partner for our latest venture.”
In 2011, Mitsui & Co. entered into a Petra Mrkvová,
joint venture with Willis Lease Finance Export Department
Corp. to create Willis Mitsui Engine Fermat Machinery
Support to acquire and lease GECF34- Prumyslova 11
10E jet engines to the aircraft industry. 102 19 Prague 10
In addition, Mitsui and GE Aviation are Czech Republic
in discussions regarding Mitsui’s con- Cell: 011-420-773-690-135
sultancy services to support GE Avia- petra.mrkvova
tion’s expanding business in Japan.
For more information contact:
Scott Walker, President
Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc.
563 Commerce Street
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

WFT 13
Now Available
with Plain Table
Fermat Group’s CNC horizontal
boring mill WFT 13 is designed for a
variety of machining operations being
performed on large parts within the de-
fense, energy, oil and various other in-
The WFT 13 features stress relieved
castings for all major components and
all functional surfaces are hardened as
one piece to 56 HRC. The WFT 13 is
equipped with direct drive motors for
movements along the axes with Ger-
man planetary gearboxes, and oil
cooled pillow block bearing housings
for more accurate and stable position-
The standard WFT 13 model is
equipped with a rotary table on a cross
roller taper bearing produced by a cer-
tified European manufacturer. The
table is equipped with two servomo-
tors, two planetary gearboxes and two
pinions in a master-slave relationship
for accurate positioning, zero backlash,
no slip stick and continuous B-axis ma-
chining as a standard feature.
The WFT 13 model is offered with
a new 4 m x 1.6 m / 157” x 63” plain
table design. X-axis travel is 4 m / 157”.
This design was created due to the de-
mand of customers with specific ma-
chining needs. Customers with longer
parts that utilize cross milling pro-
cesses needed more support from their
tables, and Fermat Group designed a
table that could meet these needs with
this 15-ton design.
The WFT 13 can be equipped with
a 40 or 60 station automatic tool
changer, or with an optional 105 station
robotic tool changer.
“The powerful headstock and
spindle motor (37 kW / 50 HP) of the • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 35
Machining Center T1 5-Axis HMC for
Simplifies Complex Aerospace Machining High-Efficiency Job Shop Production
dles yield 90 Makino’s T1 5-axis horizontal ma- features are enhanced with Makino’s
ft-lbs. of cut- chining center (HMC) is designed for Active Damping technology that re-
ting torque. high-efficiency machining across a moves cutting vibrations from each
A selec- range of large part applications. Ac- axis. Together, these design considera-
tion o f h i g h - cording to Makino, the machine’s rigid tions help provide enhanced cutting
p r o ductivity design, versatile cutting capabili- stability, greater productivity and
options is avai- ties and sizable work envelope make it longer tool life.
lable for the an ideal fit for industrial component The machine’s B-axis rotary table
UMC-750, in- manufacturing and aerospace job shop offers 360° rotational speed of 3,600 de-
cluding a belt- environments where machining of grees per minute supported by 10,000
type chip con- both soft and hard metals is required. Nm of continuous torque (29,000 Nm
veyor, high- “The T1 5-axis machining center is peak). The spindle tilting A-axis offers
pressure designed to handle parts of any shape, 6,300 Nm of continuous torque (20,000
through-spin- in any material,” said David Ward, Nm peak) and enhances spindle and
dle coolant HMC Product Line Manager. “The T1’s workpiece accessibility with a compact
systems, high- unique casting and kinematic structure 400 mm (15.7”) pivot distance.
speed machin- provide ideal accessibility to large pris- The T1 employs an alternate de-
ing control matic or cylindrical workpieces. The sign with an A/B-axis configuration
software, ex- machine features a +45° to -110° A-axis that eliminates the need to tilt the
pa n de d pro - tilting spindle, which, workpiece by shifting
gram memory coupled with a deep A-axis motion to the
and more. chest column design, al- spindle side. According
Aerospace and defense manufac- For more information contact: lows a -90° spindle cen- to Makino, this simple
turing is often characterized by highly Haas Automation, Inc. terline positioning to change in 5-axis kine-
complex, multi-sided components that 2800 Sturgis Road 550 mm (21.6”) beyond matics delivers signifi-
must be produced quickly and accu- Oxnard, CA 93030 pallet center. As a re- cant improvements over
rately. “But machining complicated 800-331-6746 sult, large workpieces trunnion solutions. Op-
parts fast - while meeting stringent en- that are 1 meter (3.2’) erators also benefit from
gineering specifications and cost re- AR square by 500 to 800 unobstructed visualiza-
quirements - can be a challenge,” said a Michael Garner mm (19.6” to 31.4”) tion of the cutting zone
Haas Automation, Inc. spokesperson. HFO - A Div. of high can be machined and a reduced distance
“Reaching all sides of a part often re- Jeffreys Mfg. Solutions in a single five-sided between floor and pallet
quires multiple set-ups that are time 7123 Interstate 30, Ste. 30 machining process. The top for simplified fix-
consuming, and can negatively affect Little Rock, AR 72209 value of the T1’s opera- ture and part handling.
precision. 501-562-8040 tion consolidating 5-axis accessibility is “Large, heavy workpieces often-
“The UMC-750 machining center S. TX compounded by its spindle capability. times cause beam deflection to occur in
from Haas is designed to be a cost-ef- Ronnie Dutton The torque and power of the 12,000 traditional trunnion tables, which can
fective solution for reducing set-ups HFO - A Div. of RPM spindle make it highly productive result in inaccurate part positioning,”
and increasing accuracy for multi- Champions Machine Tool Sales in the machining of non-ferrous, fer- said a company spokesperson. “The T1
sided and complex parts, using 5-sided 1151 E. Cypresswood rous and hard metal materials, putting removes this issue with its B-axis rotary
(3+2) and simultaneous 5-axis machin- Spring, TX 77373 shop owners in a unique position to de- table and robust bed casting to support
ing.” 800-375-5673 / 281-355-9220 liver highly competitive machining so- the load stresses from large, heavy
The UMC-750 is a versatile 5-axis Central TX lutions for workpieces of any shape workpieces.” Additionally, its A/B ro-
40-taper vertical machining center Eric Foster and any material.” tary axis configuration is designed to
(VMC) with 30” x 20” x 20” travels and HFO - A Div. of The T1 is useful for large parts eliminate shifting mass deflections
an integrated dual-axis trunnion table. Champions Machine Tool Sales commonly machined in industrial, en- caused by tilting the workpiece, help-
The base machine is equipped with an 375 Commercial Drive ergy and aerospace industries. It pro- ing ensure consistent accuracy regard-
8,100 RPM inline direct-drive spindle Buda, TX 78610 vides XYZ axes travels of 1,500 mm less of rotary axis position.
(12,000 RPM optional), and comes stan- 800-375-5673 (59.1”), 1,300 mm (51.2”) and 2,000 mm The T1 has been specifically devel-
dard with a 40+1 tool side-mount tool LA (78.7”), respectively. Workpiece limita- oped with a direct drive spindle capa-
changer. Pat Kane tions on the 1,000 mm (39.3”) pallets ble of high-performance operation in a
The UMC-750’s dual-axis trunnion HFO - A Div. of are 1,500 mm (59.1”) in diameter by variety of materials. The T1 spindle is
table can position parts to nearly any Machine Tools, Inc. 1,500 mm (59.1”) tall. Maximum pallet designed for the challenges of titanium
angle for 5-sided (3+2) machining, or 914 W. Pont des Mouton Rd. payload is 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs.). and nickel-based alloys with 1,000 Nm
provide full simultaneous 5-axis mo- Lafayette, LA 70507 The T1 features thick Z-axis bed (737 ft-lbs.) of torque that is available
tion for contouring and complex ma- 800-448-2084 castings, wide slideway surfaces and a from 20 RPM all the way to 1,000 RPM.
chining. The trunnion provides +110° N. TX deep-chest, monolithic column design Extending the high torque levels out to
and -35° of tilt and 360° of rotation for Michael Johns supporting the X- and Y-axis. These 1,000 RPM helps ensure that the T1 is
improved tool clearance and large part HFO - A Div. of
capacity, and the 630 x 500 mm table CNC Machine Tools
features standard T-slots and a preci- 1633 Firman Dr.
sion pilot bore for fixturing versatility. Richardson, TX 75081
To simplify job set-up, the UMC-750 972-231-2802
features Dynamic Work Offsets and OK
Tool Center Point Control, and comes Ken Timmons
standard with Haas Automation’s HFO - A Div. of
Wireless Intuitive Probing System. Timco Machine Tools
The machine’s 8,100 RPM inline di- 1720 North Juniper Avenue
rect-drive spindle is powered by a 30 Broken Arrow, OK 74012
HP vector drive system. The Haas in- 866-HAAS-CNC (422-7262)
line system couples the spindle directly NM
to the motor to reduce heat, increase George Michel
power transmission and provide HFO - Denver, A Div. of
enhanced surface finishes. For Moncktons Machine Tools
shops wanting higher spindle speeds, 637 Osage Street
an optional 12,000 RPM inline direct- Denver, CO 80204
drive spindle is available. Both spin- 303-571-4933
ready to take advantage of future hard MMC2 (Makino Machining Complex), NM separates the motion system from
metal tooling developments. The T1 is a flexible automatic pallet transfer and Moncktons Machine Tools, Inc. the catcher tank, eliminating vibra-
equally competent in aluminum with a storage system that enables long peri- 928 Canvas Back Rd. tion and ensuring maximum part qual-
top spindle speed of 12,000 RPM. Con- ods of unattended operation. Because Rio Rancho, NM 87144 ity. The system utilizes an industrial PC
tinuous power of 56 kW (75 HP) is it uses the same 1,000 mm (39.3”) pallet 505-891-8845 controller. It is ball-screw driven for en-
maintained from 1,000 RPM to the design as the 4-axis Makino A100E, both hanced precision and features di-
maximum 12,000 RPM level. The T1 the T1 and A100E can reside in the same AR re c t - c o u p l e A C brushless digital
spindle uses the HSK-A100 spindle in- MMC2 system. This identical design al- Bill Myers
servo motors and single or double car-
terface for rigidity and accuracy. lows sharing of fixtures and workpieces Single Source Technologies (SST)
riages. Critical bearing components are
The high volume nature of alu- between the machines to create a 4- and 26762 Success Drive
P.O. Box 708 protected with heavy metal covers
minum machining and high tempera- 5-axis machining solution.
Madison, AL 35758 with brush seals and positive air pres-
tures generated during titanium For more information contact:
roughing present challenges for chip Mark Rentschler 256-301-0040 sure.
and coolant system designs. The T1 Makino Inc. The Jet Edge EDGE X-5 waterjet
features a high-pressure, high-volume 7680 Innovation Way machine is available in sizes from 5’ x
through-spindle coolant system deliv- Mason, OH 45040 5’ to 24’ x 13.’ An optional second cut-
ering up to 1,000 PSI at 26 gallons per 800-552-3288 Waterjet Cuts 3D ting head can be added to double pro-
minute directly to the cutting tip. Ac-
cording to Makino, this system effec- TX Parts from Virtually ductivity.
For more information contact:
tively eliminates heat from the cutting Andy Mustaine Any Material David Arthur
zone, extends perishable tool life and Single Source Technologies Jet Edge’s EDGE X-5 5-axis water- Jet Edge, Inc.
optimizes chip evacuation during 1701 W. Northwest Hwy. jet system with AquaVision Di con- 612-590-5595
heavy roughing operations. Twin Grapevine, TX 76051 troller is designed to cut precise
coolant tanks each store 264 gallons of 877-778-5151 taper-free parts from virtually any
water-soluble coolant. Standard cy- andy.mustaine material. Capable of cutting sophisti-
clonic filtration and coolant tempera- cated 3D parts
t ure controll er help ensure con- OK such as impellers
tinuously available clean and thermally KOMT and bevels up to
stable coolant. Large chip volumes are 9511 E 55th Place 50°, this work-
removed from the machine via twin in- Tulsa, OK 74145 horse waterjet
ternal hinge conveyors and a dual- 918-664-6064 system is de-
layer lift-up chip conveyor, enabling signed to provide
heavy roughing operations. LA years of depend-
The T1 offers capabilities for im- Michelle Hanberry able service in
proved utilization and reductions in c/o Oliver Van Horn Co. harsh industrial
non-cut time. A 60-position automatic 4100 Euphrosine St. environments.
tool changer (137-position optional) New Orleans, LA 70125 According
and an automatic pallet changer offer 504-210-3042 to the company,
uninterrupted operation. The T1 may michelle-hanberry the EDGE X-5’s
also be integrated with Makino’s s t u rd y d e s i g n


Large Envelope 5-Axis Machining
DMG MORI offers gantry ma- increased maximum speed of up to 14
chines for the large part manufacturing RPM by means of two compact gear-
industry. Compared with the DMU 210 boxes that are electrically braked. In
P, the latest DMU 270 P gantry machin- addition to the higher B-axis swivel
ing center has longer XYZ travels of speed and the enhanced NC table, the
2,700 x 2,700 x 1,600 mm. They repre- DMU 270 P offers high dynamics.
sent increases of 50% in the transverse The powerMASTER 1000 motor-
direction and by approximately 30% in ized spindle with 9,000 RPM, a maxi-
the longitudinal and vertical directions. mum of 77 kW and 1,000 Nm torque is
The work area is increased by 235%. designed for effective heavy-duty chip
The interference contours are also im- removal. As well as the standard SK 50
proved due to the newly designed / HSK-A 100 motor spindle with 12,000
milling head. A further advantage is RPM, 44 kW and 288 Nm torque, five
that the space requirement has been further spindles are available as an op-
kept low by appropriate design of the tion - including a unit rated at 15,000
additional components. Maximum RPM with 52 kW at 430 Nm or the 35
workpiece dimensions are increased to kW spindle with HSK 63 interface and
a 2,800 mm diameter and 1,800 mm a maximum of 18,000 RPM for high-
height with a permissible workpiece speed cutting. According to the com-
weight of 12,000 kg. pany, the larger-than-average range of
The rigid structure of the machine main drives is supplemented by the
concept with vertically traversing offer of the HSK 100 gear-driven spin-
crossbeam and hydraulic weight com- dles with 1,550 Nm at 6,300 RPM and
pensation has been further enhanced. 44 kW.
The basic machine is made entirely of As an alternative to the B-axis
high-quality castings (GGG60). The B- arrangement, the range of gantry ma-
axis milling head with a swivel range chine modules includes an A-axis
has been extended from 210° to 250° milling head housing with swivel axis
parallel to the X-axis, which
accommodates the appropri-
ate motor spindles.
In conjunction with the high
machine rigidity, DMG MORI
reported that a constant over-
all machine temp e r a t u re
control with the cooling of
all internal heat sources on the
DMU 270 P leads to a further
improved positioning accu-
r a c y c o m pared with the
smaller D M U 2 1 0 P
g a n t r y machine with
Pmax < 9 / 10 / 9
µm. For

The rigid structure of the gantry machine concept with vertically

traversing crossbeam and hydraulic weight compensation has been enhanced.

and is capable of swiveling to 30° in the this purpose, cooling measures have
negative direction. Together with the been implemented on all ballscrews,
larger B-axis bearing, DMG MORI re- housings and motors of the main and
ported this results in a milling head feed drives, all linear axes and the B-
housing with 20% higher rigidity, ex- axis and C-axis of the milling head and
tending the range of applications. Typ- rotary table. A further effective meas-
ical applications include tool making, ure is the temperature control of the
moldmaking, mechanical engineering, frame and machine bed. In addition,
aerospace industry, energy manage- insulation at the rear of the electrical
ment and medical engineering. Idle cabinet shields any heat produced,
times are reduced due to the increased which, together with improved electri-
swivel speed of the B-axis with 30 RPM cal cabinet cooling, helps prevent any
and a full swivel time of 1.5 seconds. negative effects. The electronic com-
The integral cables are designed for pensation devices, which are specially
longer service life. matched to the DMU 270 P, eliminate
The newly developed B-axis works any residual displacement that may be
in conjunction with a more rigid NC ro- caused by heat or the effects of static or
tary table that can be more accurately dynamic forces.
positioned. With a larger bearing and The Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS),
improved toolholding, this provides a included as standard with the thermo-
torque of 34,000 Nm and is driven at an symmetrically designed gantry • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 39
machine, prevents axial spindle dis- for effective set-up and in automatic 19” ERGOline. Irving, TX 75063
placement. A temperature control fea- mode. The work area is also fully clad For more information contact: 972-812-5500
ture for the whole coolant system and a in stainless steel and, if it should be DMG MORI USA
Thermoshield for shielding the ma- necessary to change a window, this can 2400 Huntington Blvd.
chine bed from airflow are also avail- be carried out from the outside. The Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 DMG MORI Ellison
able. DMU 270 P is offered with CELOS with 847-593-5400 Technologies - Houston
21.5” ERGOline and Siemens. CELOS 3403 N. Sam Houston
APPs provide the user with integrated Pkwy. West #100
management, documentation and vi- DMG MORI - Dallas Houston, TX 77086
sualisation of order, process and ma- 9001 Currency Street #200 713-365-9500
chine data. CELOS is compatible with Irving, TX 75063
PPS and ERP systems, can be net- 972-929-8321 OK
worked with CAD / CAM applications DMG MORI - Tulsa
and is ready for future-oriented CELOS TX, LA 7633 E 63rd Place, Suite 300
APP extensions. As standard, the ma- DMG MORI Ellison Tulsa, OK 74133
chine is equipped with Operate 4.5 on Technologies - Dallas 918-932-2893
The DMU 270 P machines Siemens 840D solutionline including 9001 Currency Street #200
large parts up to 12,000 kg.

“The DMG MORI modules for the

DMU 270 P gantry machine enable pro-
duction time to be increased and idle
times to be further reduced and pro-
vide an additional range of automation
equipment,” said a company
spokesperson. “The consequential
growth in universality and productiv-
ity for 5-axis milling and the future
combination with turning operations in
a single set-up form the basis for a sig-
nificantly extended range of applica-
tions.” The wheel magazine, similar to
the 4th generation duoBLOCK ma-
chines, enables rapid tool changeover.
An upgrade for the standard wheel
with 63 pockets to 123, 183 or 243 pock-
ets in the version with four wheels en-
ables the machine to be ideally
matched to customer requirements.
The wheel magazine is also compact
for minimal space requirement. The
productivity of the gantry machine is
also improved by the increase in NC
table speed in rapid traverse mode and
the increased swiveling speed of the
milling head.
Planned options include the future
DMC 270 U version of the machine
with pallet changer, and the DMC 270
FD fitted with a milling/turning table
to form a gantry milling/turning cen-
ter. Additional automation devices,
such as the use of a pallet magazine or
the integration of several DMC 270 U
gantry milling centers with a linear pal-
let magazine to form flexible manufac-
turing systems, are already planned.
Energy savings have been imple-
mented into the DMU 270 P. The en-
hanced and optimized machine
temperature control necessitates the
use of efficient, energy-saving cooling
units. In addition, the cooling power
required at any particular time is auto-
matically adjusted to the cooling re-
quirement of the machines. Likewise,
the pumps, such as the coolant pumps,
are classed as energy efficient due to
speed controllers. An automatic power
display, for example on the CELOS in-
terface, not only shows the machine
operator the current energy consump-
tion but also prompts the appropriate
The large work area of the DMU
270 P gantry machine with a volume of
11.7 m3 can be easily accessed from the
front, the side or from above. The im-
proved view of the work area makes
for user-friendly machine ergonomics • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 41

length of 120”. N. TX
Multitasking Machine Processes Axis travels on the INTEGREX e- Dana Scott
Large-Diameter Shaft-Type Workpieces 420H II incorporate Mazak’s MX Hy-
brid Roller Guide System that is
Mazak Corporation
2000 East Lamar Blvd, Ste. 600
Designed for a wide variety of in- 420H II to perform simultaneous 5-axis designed to increase vibration damp- Arlington, TX 76006
dustries, including construction ma- and high feedrate milling operations. A ening, extend tool life, handle higher 800-642-6110
chine ry, marine and energy, the variety of tool magazine capacities, load capacities and eliminate tramp oil El Paso, TX
INTEGREX e-420H II combines the from the standard 40 tools to the op- in the coolant by utilizing a greener Felipe Arvizo
abilities of a high-powered turning cen- tional 80 or 120 tools, offer versatility in grease-based lubrication system. Magnum Precision Machines Inc.
ter and full-function machining center the shapes and sizes of tools that can be “The INTEGREX e-420H II features 12025 Rojas Dr. Suite A
to productively turn, mill, bore and stored to further support multitasking Mazak’s MATRIX 2 El Paso, TX 79936
drill, while offering 5-axis simultane- part processing operations. To help en CNC control de- 915-856-7900
ous machining, according to Mazak. signed specifi-
The machine fits into Mazak’s Done-In- c ally for opti- www.magnumprecision
One category for being mized 5-axis ma-
able to incorporate all chining,” said a NM
processes from raw c o m p a n y Chris Edgar
material input through spokesperson. Magnum Precision Machines, Inc.
final machining, which “Within the con- 8448 Washington Place NE
reduces production trol are both en- Albuquerque, NM 87113
lead times, improves h a n c e d h a rd - 505-345-8389
machining accuracy ware and soft-
and lowers operating ware functional- www.magnumprecision
expenses. ities that make
The INTEGREX e- the control easy
420H II employs a to use while also
headstock with an 8”, delivering high Fuchs Coolant Wins
a 12” or a 15” chuck
and 3.6” diameter bore
accuracy and
increased pro-
Expanded Boeing
mounted on a 40 HP, 4,000
RPM integrated spindle motor de-
ductivity.” Ac-
cording to Mazak,
signed to bring high output and high sure the safe and accurate machining of Fuchs Lubricants Co., and its par-
c o n t ro l h a rd w a re
torque to a range of applications. The long workpieces, the INTEGREX e- ent, Fuchs Petrolub SE, have an-
performance is faster with higher pro-
C-axis, which indexes in 0.0001° incre- 420H II pairs with an optional steady nounced that its premium machining
cessing speeds for small increment op-
ments, features a brake mechanism and rest. coolant, Ecocool S 761 B, has received
eration. Furthermore, a 5-axis spline
direct magnetic detector to provide The INTEGREX e-420H II provides additional approvals from Boeing.
interpolation function included in the
high positioning accuracy. a maximum swing of 26.38” and a Ecocool S 761 B is now approved
control’s software provides smooth
A 30 HP, 12,000 RPM integral 16.54” Y-axis. Longer workpieces are under Boeing’s BAC-5008 specification
toolpaths from long block-by-block
motor milling spindle that rotates 240° also handled in the machine’s standard for Usage Areas 2 and 3, in addition to
programs, easy tool vector control and
in the B-axis enables the INTEGREX e- bed length of 60” or optional bed previous approvals for Usage Areas 5
shorter cycle times as well as enhanced
and 6. These approvals cover machin-
5-axis surface finishes.
ing of heat treated steels, dissimilar
For increased machine utilization,
metal stackups, titanium and non-exte-
the INTEGREX e-420H II is compatible
rior aluminum components. Products
with several forms of automation, such
approved under Usage Areas 2 and 3
as bar feeders, gantry loaders and ar-
require extensive testing for galvanic
ticulating robots.
corrosion and microstructural defects
For more information contact:
that might be caused by the metal-
Tasha Riddell
working fluids.
Mazak Corporation
“Fuchs’ Ecocool S 761 B has been
P.O. Box 970
developed for the next generation of
Florence, KY 41022-0970 aerospace manufacturing,” said a com-
859-342-1700 pany spokesperson. “It is designed to ensure outstanding tool life and high processing speeds when machining
components made from titanium (in-
Dana R. Scott cluding Ti 6-4 and Ti-5553), nickel
Mazak SW Technology Center super-alloy (including Inconel 718) and
10950 Greenbend Blvd. forged and heat treated steel. It is for-
Houston, TX 77667 mulated for long service life, extraordi-
281-931-7770 nary foam control for high fluid d e l i v e r y p re s s u re s a n d s p i n d l e speeds.”
LA “An independent study, carried
Richard Cahn out at Warwick University, found Eco-
Dixie Mill Machine Tools Co. cool S 761 B provided 50% less tool
901 Tchoupitoulass Street wear when compared to competitors’
New Orleans, LA 70152 products. The results of this study con-
504-525-6101 firm our findings from field testing,”
800-462-9519 said Jonathan Chow, Fuchs’ U.S. Prod- uct Manager for cutting and grinding fluids. “Customers have found an in-
OK, AR crease in tool life of two to six times
Butch Cumminsky when replacing conventional coolants
David James with Ecocool S 761 B in titanium ma-
Machinery Resources Inc. chining applications.”
5550 South 94th East Avenue For more information contact:
Tulsa, OK 74145 Fuchs Lubricants Co.
918-622-6495 17050 Lathrop Avenue
800-448-1878 Harvey, IL 60426 708-333-8900 / 800-323-7755
• Flexible CNC machining from all di- up times and smooth chip discharge
Multitasking CNC Lathes rections - A rigid traveling column al- for better chip flow.
Okuma has announced its new efficiency features. lows for powerful cutting along the For more information contact:
MULTUS U Series general-purpose “Built with heavy-duty construc- entire Y-axis Julie Murphy, Marketing Manager
multitasking CNC lathes, which are de- tion, the MULTUS U series CNC lathes • Extended specs for a variety of appli- Okuma America Corporation
signed to reduce set-up time, improve provide a robust platform for long- cations - 17 diverse variations in specs 11900 Westhall Drive
accuracy and keep non-cutting time to term rigidity and accuracy,” said a - including multiple bed lengths, op- Charlotte, NC 28278
a minimum. The series includes two company spokesperson. “They are ex- tional sub-spindle (W-axis) and op- 704-588-7000
machine sizes: the MULTUS U3000 and cellent for machining process-intensive tional lower turret - provide a specific
the MULTUS U4000. The MULTUS U parts - such as those in aerospace, solution that matches application re- S. TX, LA
Series lathes are equipped with a com- oil/energy, medical and construction - quirements Hartwig Houston
prehensive package of Okuma’s Intel- and provide a complete multitasking • Maximum milling or turning per- 4727 S Pinemont, Ste. 100
ligent Technologies (Thermo-Friendly solution.” formance - For efficient cutting of diffi- Houston, TX 77041
Concept, Collision Avoidance System According to the company, fea- cult-to-machine materials and a wide
and Machining Navi) and a variety of tures include: variety of CNC machining
• Thermo-friendly concept
Hartwig Dallas
- Provides long, stable ma-
chining accuracy with 5234 Bear Creek Court
thermo-static design and Irving, TX 75061
thermal deformation con- 972-790-8200
trol technology
• Shorter set-up time and NM
prevention of collisions - Hartwig Colorado
The OSP-P300S control is 8599 Prairie Trail Drive
intended to reduce key- Denver, CO 80112
board operations by 50% 303-373-9450
and maximize uptime with
its Collision Avoidance Sys- OK
tem Hartwig Broken Arrow
• Mac h in in g Nav i (op- 1913 West Reno
tional) - Maximizes tool Broken Arrow, OK 74012
performance by choosing 918-259-0260
the optimal speed(s) at
which the machine can AR
avoid chatter Morris South
• Operator-friendly design 350 Electronics Blvd.
- Easy tool loading from the Huntsville, AL 35824
machine front, improved 256-461-8111
spindle access for faster set-
A German INA two-directional
Bridge Type Machining Center roller bearing supports the axes and
Chevalier’s FVM double column bined with an advanced control system minimizes backlash. This enables
VMC has a rigid and stable structure is intended to provide flexible machin- stronger bearing support compared to
base on oversized columns, extra-wide ing capabilities. The slanted Y and Z the single ball type thrust bearing, ac-
spacing of box ways on a slanted Y-axis axes increase the slideway surface and cording to Chevalier.
and close symmetrical design of the Z- distribute the load in the area. The The chip channel, one on
axis. All models feature 30 HP spindle oversize wide box ways are coated each side of
motors with two-speed gearbox and with Turcite-B and then cross-scraped
INA precision roller bearings. by hand to help ensure adequate lubri-
“The series is perfect for lean, re- cation, smooth movement, reduced
peatable mass production of large and drag and optimum wear resistance.
heavy workpieces for aerospace, power The four heavy-duty linear roller ways
generation, wind turbine, oil explo- of the X-axis support the table and
boost moving speed, reducing stick-
ration, heavy machinery, die-mold in-
slip problems caused from box way
dustry and heavy construction,” said
machines and increasing positioning
Chevalier’s Chipcutting Sales Manager
accuracy. The machine net weight
Herbert Hou. FVM series double col-
ranges from 70,400 lbs. to 160,600 lbs. c o m p a n y
umn VMCs have large-capacity table All axes feature Class 3 high-preci- spokesperson. “This
size, starting at 86.6” x 70.8” and up to sion, double-nut, pre-tensioned ball ensures precise verifica-
240” x 135”, with a table load of up to screws. Optional oil circulation in the X-axis tion and compensation of
44,000 lbs. 80 mm large ball screws helps elimi- table, is one the machines, resulting in in-
The rigid one-piece structure com- nate thermal buildup and piece with the cast- crease accuracy and repeatabil-
ball screw deformation ing and comes with indi- ity.”
and maintain positioning vidual chip augers. A high- For more information contact:
accuracy and repeatabil- volume, flood coolant wash down re- Herbert Hou
ity. The 50-taper, car- circulates from a high-capacity coolant Chevalier Machinery Inc.
tridge-type, air-purge, tank. 9925 Tabor Place
6,000 RPM with 30 HP (35 “After assembling, all Chevalier Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
HP optional) spindle is machines are measured and calibrated 562-903-1929
driven by a two-speed by state-of-the-art laser calibration and
gearbox with low speed ball bar test equipmen t,” said a
for extra-high torque out-
put during heavy cutting.
It generates a maximum Editorial Feature:
torque of 449 ft-lbs. The
tool set capacity is a 40-
Aerospace Manufacturing
FVM-104160DC series has an arm type with an optional Continued on Page 132
extra wide column distance (110”). 60-arm type.
Bridge Type Machining Center Expanded Offering of Round Jaws
LMC Workholding is now offering products are a great addition,” said Jay U S Shop Tools has expanded its ucts includes collet pads and top jaws,
Alpine Metal Tech GmbH products in Duerr, President of LMC Workholding. round jaw offering and now offers sizes vise jaws, collet chucks, 16C, 3J and 5C
North America for the alloy wheel Founded in 1916, LMC Workhold- up to 28” in diameter. The company collets and machinable expanding col-
manufacturing industry. ing offers engineering, manufacturing also offers large diameter steel round lets for I.D. holding.
Alpine Metal Tech, part of Mon- and a full range of products, including jaws up to 15” with a height of 6”. Suit-
tana Tech Components AG, offers chucks, cylinders and workholding de- able for thin-walled or irregular shaped
products worldwide under the brand vices. parts, round jaws allow
names of Numtec and MAKRA. For more information contact: for complete gripping of
Numtec supplies machines and devices LMC Workholding the workpiece while dis-
for the production of aluminum pas- P.O. Box 7006 tributing the pressure
senger car wheels with a primary focus 1200 West Linden Ave. evenly throughout the
on the handling, coding, identifying Logansport, IN 46947-7006 part. Round jaws also
and measuring of the wheel at various 574-735-0225 help to maintain concen-
stages of the manufacturing process. tricity and hold close tol-
MAKRA machines provide aluminum erances.
wheel testing and help enable alu- Stocked in California
minum wheel producers, inspection and Michigan, U S Shop Tools’
authorities and automobile manufac- round jaws range from 6” in
turers to ensure that all standards, diameter to 28” in a variety of
regulations and safety requirements heights in aluminum, cast iron
are fulfilled. and steel. Round jaws are
One such machine is the MAKRA available for most manual and CNC For more information contact:
Impact Test Machine. “Accident re- lathe chucks. Jaws are manufactured Greg Stoddard
search demands that automobile from 1018 or 1050 steel and 6061-T6 or U S Shop Tools
wheels survive under the heaviest of A319 extruded aluminum. The com- 1340 South Allec Street
loads,” said a company spokesperson. pany offers technical assistance to help Anaheim, CA 92805
“The MAKRA Impact Test Machine customers select the proper jaws for 800-243-7701 / 714-772-9011
simulates these extreme conditions. their chuck. In addition, the company
By selecting the desired amount of manufactures special chuck jaws, made
weight to be dropped, the drop height in the USA per customer dimensions,
and the angle of the wheel at impact, that normally ship within five days.
a wide range of conditions can be sim- U S Shop Tools’ chuck jaw offering
ulated. These conditions include strik- includes round, soft and hard chuck Coming in July
ing a curb or hitting a pothole.” jaws, jaw nuts and keys, as well as mas- Manufacturing News
“We are delighted to be able to ter and base jaws. The company also
work with Alpine Metal Tech. Our distributes many popular brands of
Editorial Feature EDM
LMC wheel chucks keep us very close manual and CNC lathe chucks. U S Machinery & Consumables
to the wheel industry and these new Shop Tools’ line of workholding prod-
design and two effective
Seco to Showcase Milling teeth. The R218.20’s insert
Technology at AmeriMold 2014 and body strength provide en-
hanced security and reliability,
At AmeriMold 2014, June 11 and 12 and part. The tools also feature pre- making it suitable for un-
in Novi, MI, Seco Tools, LLC will show- hardened cutter bodies to help maxi- manned production. The in-
case a variety of high-performance cut- mize tool life and performance. The sert edge is “S” curved to
ting tool products for high feed square QuattroMill is intended to bring econ- reduce cutting forces and has a
shoulder, face and copy milling appli- omy and performance to a full range of constant cutting rake along the
cations in booth 716. Application engi- face milling applications. Its strong, edge.
neers will also be available to discuss square inserts and highly positive
productivity-boosting machining tech- For more information
geometries, with up to a 35° rake angle, contact:
niques for the moldmaking industry.
permit free cutting performance.
Seco Tools Inc.
The R218.20 ball nose cutter will il-
2805 Bellingham Drive
lustrate one of Seco’s copy milling
products. Available in diameters from Troy, MI 48083
0.625” to 2”, the cutter features a rigid 248-528-5444 AmeriMold 2014 Booth 716

High feed milling tools on display

will include the High Feed 2, 218.19
and Niagara MZN410R and 510R solid
carbide cutters. High Feed 2 small di-
ameter cutters, ranging from .625” to
1.25”, offer high feed rates and small
depths of cut for handling a variety of
applications. The close-pitch 218.19
cutter, available in 2” to 4” diameters,
features differential flute spacing for
achieving high feedrates and increased
metal removal capabilities. Niagara
MZN410R and 510R cutters, offered in
inch sizes, provide tight and close ac-
cess to smaller corner radii at mold cav-
ity floors and side walls.
Turbo 10 and
Square 6 will repre-
sent the company’s
square shoulder
products. Turbo 10
brings high machin-
ing flexibility to ap-
plications involving
tough materials by of-
fering a wide variety
of inserts, geometries,
corner radii and heli-
cal cutters. Square 6
cutters, which em-
ploy trigonal inserts
with six indexable
cutting edges, are de-
si gn e d fo r a wi de
range of materials,
operations and ma-
chining conditions.
Face milling
solutions will include
the Double Octomill
a n d Q u a t t ro m i l l .
Double Octomill cut-
ters feature inserts
with 16 numbered
cutting edges to min-
imize cost per edge • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 47
CNC Speeds Threading-in Times Arbitrary Speed Threading Option
panies expand their FANUC America Corporation now ing threading. This is to prevent dam-
gear manufacturing offers the arbitrary speed threading op- aging the part, as a change in thread
range with threaded tion on 0i-TD and 0i Mate-TD CNCs lead would occur. The arbitrary speed
wheel grinders. for new turning machines. Arbitrary threading function ensures that the
Based on NUM’s speed threading enables the operator cutting tool remains coordinated with
new-generation Flex- to adjust the spindle speed during the spindle speed at all times during
ium+ CNC platform, thread cutting to control chatter, and it threading to produce the programmed
the threaded wheel also provides the functionality to lead.”
grinding product joins quickly rethread or repair existing Arbitrary speed threading also
the company’s NUM- threads. This makes it ideal for oil and provides the functionality to pick up
gear suite of gear pro- gas industry pipe and fitting thread and repair an existing thread, making
d u c t i o n s o f t w a re . maintenance. Continued on Page 49
Originally developed Arbitrary speed
for gear hobbing ap- threading allows the
plications, the capa- operator to adjust the
bility of NUMgear has spindle speed during
been extended to in- a threading cycle to
clude a range of gear eliminate vibration
manufacturing and chatter. “This is
processes, including an invaluable feature
shaping, grinding and for thread repair as
honing. chatter is more likely
NUMgear now includes a high performance CNC product for NUM developed to occur with the
gear production machines that use threaded wheel grinding. small amounts of ma-
the latest addition to
its NUMgear portfo- terial typically being
NUM offers a high performance lio while helping an Asian gear manu- removed,” said a com-
CNC for gear production machines facturing machine company improve pany spokesperson.
that fully automates threaded wheel the pe rformance of a prototype “Without arbitrary
grinding. Incorporating high-speed threaded wheel grinder. To improve speed threading, the
gear alignment technology, the CNC grinding speed compared with current spindle speed over- FANUC’s arbitrary speed threading option, now available on
system is designed to reduce grinding levels, NUM decided it needed to de- ride is inhibited dur- 0i-TD and 0i Mate-TD CNCs, enables spindle speed override
machine threading-in times to acceler- velop custom technology software. The during threading to control chatter.
ate throughput. It is designed for ma- principal aims were to reduce the time
chine tool manufacturers seeking to overhead of learning the teeth posi-
improve the performance of their gear tions of the hardened gear prior to
production machines, or to help com- Continued on Page 50
For more information on
Advanced CNC for Basic Machine Tools Visit

PC-based Controls Allow

Remote-Access Troubleshooting
Providing service and support to nati Incorporated. “We can take control
13,000 U.S.-based customers could be to investigate, troubleshoot and often
daunting for Cincinnati Incorporated, remedy the customer’s issue without a
but the company is using technol- service technician visit. It dramati-
ogy to provide maintenance cally shortens downtime for
services via an internet- our customers, saves us
based solution that time and eliminates
connects techni- travel expenses.”
cians directly to Team Viewer
customers’ supports
networked Wi n d o w s ,
controls. Mac OS,
Siemens offers its new Sinumerik 808D Advanced CNC with compatible motors, drives
T e a m Linux, An-
and cabling, in vertical or horizontal variants for basic milling and turning machines.
Viewer is a droid and
Siemens Industry, Inc. offers its tween the CNC and drive for better po- remote-ac- iOS oper-
new Sinumerik 808D Advanced CNC, sition control, data transfer over stan- cess appli- ating sys-
cation that t e m s .
designed for basic milling and turning dard Ethernet protocol plus Auto
a l l o w s Security is
machines. “Affordably priced for the Servo Tuning (AST) for enhanced sur-
Cincinnati ensured
machine builder (OEM), this new ad- face quality and repeatable part accu-
technicians via full en-
dition from Siemens offers a suite of racy in mold and die applications. to view a ma- cryption
design features to improve the accu- These include incremental encoder chine’s PC- based on 1024
racy, surface finish, safety and commu- with 2,500 parts per revolution (PPR) based control as Bit RSA pri-
n i c a t i o n o f t h e c o n t ro l , ” s a i d a or absolute encoder with 20-bit resolu- though they are vate/public key
company spokesperson. tion. right in front of it. exchange and 256 Bit
The Sinumerik 808D Advanced of- Motor speeds up to 4,000 RPM are “This tool allows us to ac- AES session encoding.
fers up to five axes / spindle motion offered with Safe Torque Off (STO) and cess the machine’s control and The key exchange ensures the
control on a single machine channel, IP65 enclosure protection. Vertical and see what the user sees,” said Kirk data channel is completely encoded
with drive bus communication be- Continued on Page 49 Strohman, Service Manager for Cincin- Continued on Page 49
3900 West Hamlin Rd.
CNC Offers Conversational Programming Remote-Access Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253
OSAI has developed conversa-
tional programming for milling ma-
Although there are several config-
urations possible, some applications
Troubleshooting 888-FANUC-US (326-8287)
Continued from Page 48
chines. Within the software is fill in the can be considered classical, being the
from client to client, and that routers or
blank drilling and milling cycles. It is a most used by many machine tool
complete entry-level system that can builders. Without restriction to any
servers are unable to read or analyze
the data stream. “Cincinnati has more
Advanced CNC for
be supplied as a black box configura- other settlement, the typical configura-
tion or an integrated 15” color TFT all tions noted by the company include:
than 31,000 machines in operation Basic Machine Tools
throughout the world,” said Strohman. Continued from Page 48
in one compact panel. The CNC fea- • Entry level: The entry level configu-
“We are looking to ramp up our serv- horizontal configurations of the Sinu-
tures an embedded Windows CE for- ration is based on OPEN-XS CNC
ice and support team by hiring more merik 808D are available to suit all
field service and internal support staff, standard control panels.
but we are also leveraging new tech- The Sinumerik 808D Advanced T
nology to better service our cus- is recommended for basic turning ma-
tomers.” chines or turning centers without a Y-
All Cincinnati laser cutting sys-
axis, with the option of driven tools,
tems, press brakes and powdered
while the Sinumerik 808D Advanced M
metal presses come standard with Win-
offers advanced surface finish and the
dows touch-screen controls that can be
SINAMICS V70 drive platform from
networked. These controls are also an
option on the company’s shears. “We
Additional features of the Sinu-
strongly encourage customers to net-
work their machine during the instal- merik 808D Advanced CNC include an
lation process so we can use the Team RJ45 Ethernet port, 7.5” LCD color dis-
Vi e w e r t o o l , i f n e c e s s a r y, ” s a i d play with 640 x 480 resolution for easy
Strohman. “Customers with older viewing, machine technology-specific
press brakes can also upgrade to the keyboards with hard keys shielded
newer control and take advantage of with protective membrane, a robust en-
this support tool as well.” closure with no fan or hard disk, main-
For more information contact: tenance-frien dly power with n o
Matt Garbarino battery, continuous data buffering with
Cincinnati Incorporated NV-RAM technology, LED tool num-
7420 Kilby Road ber display and a master control panel
Harrison, OH 45030-8915 with rotary switch for feed and spindle
513-235-7100 override. The rated torque is 1.9-40 Nm with drive line input of 400V and over- load rating of 300%.
mat or a Windows XP/7 for offline black box with options of EtherCAT,
programming. The CNC provides Analog, Pulse & Direction and Mecha- Part programs can be managed on
an external PC, then fed to the control
user-friendly management of the soft-
ware with touch screen, mouse or func-
trolinkIII to manage the servo drives.
For this configuration, the OPEN-XS
Arbitrary Speed over an Ethernet cable or input via the
tion keys. COMPACT module (a panel including Threading Option USB port. Simple program sub-folders
can be stored on the control, just like on
OPEN-XS, monitor, keyboard, touch- Continued from Page 48
Drilling and Milling pad and control panel) is often used. the PC. Other standard features of the
it fast to set up, easy to use and quick to Siemens CNC for machine operators
The conversational software pro- • Best seller: The most used configura- reproduce original threads, according
vides a variety of cycles, such as bolt tion includes OPEN-M CNC equipped and programmers include intelligent
to the company. The process of repair- jog, precise tool data handling with
hole drilling patterns, pocket milling with OSWire or Mechatrolink III axes ing threads can be simplified further
and slot milling. Each cycle is a single board to manage the YASKAWA Sigma easy-to-recognize on-screen icons, tool
for operators by using FANUC’s MAN-
page with graphic icons and fill in the 5 SD modular servo drives. OPENcon- wear data logging to ensure consistent
UAL GUIDE i conversational pro-
blank parameters to complete the sole COMPACT (monitor, keyboard, high workpiece quality and start-
gramming. Without any knowledge of
cycle. Error checking and help infor- touchpad and control panel) and GUIDE engineering support, complete
G-code, the operator uses straightfor-
mation is provided for each cycle. OPENrio I/O modules complete the with the graphical user interface wiz-
ward graphical screens to answer sim-
configuration. ard for easier machine commissioning
ple questions to generate a suitable
Geometry Editor • Top level: Top range systems use thread repair program. and startup and troubleshooting.
The OSAI Geometry Editor (OGE) OPEN-XL CNC, a Dual Core CNC that Arbitrary speed threading can be Siemens provides full training, on-
can create profiles with lines, arcs and can run two operating systems (Win- used with constant lead threading, site support and service plus a three-
preset shapes such as rectangles. Users dows CE for the real-time SW on one threading cycle and multiple threading year warranty on parts and service.
will have the ability to input known core and WES2009 for the HMI on the cycle. In addition to repetitive machin- Proper machine registration is re-
data auto-calculating the unknown second core). The OPENconsole Opera- ing, the same thread shape can be ma- quired. For more information about the
data to complete the element configu- tor Panel and the OPENrio modular I/O chined even if the spindle speed is new Sinumerik 808D Advanced, visit
ration. Users will also have the ability system provide the look, performance changed between roughing and finish-
to import DXF files and generate G- and modularity required by a top-level ing passes. Cs contour control is re- For more information contact:
code programs. configuration, according to the company. quired for this function. John Meyer
“Arbitrary speed threading auto- Siemens Industry, Inc.
Graphics Full Proprietary mates the rethreading process that Drive Technologies -
The plotter is designed to provide Full integration and competitive used to be a highly skilled manual Motion Control
quick verification. It features single prices for this system using OS-Wire, process,” said the spokesperson. “The 390 Kent Avenue
block plotting, adjustable speed, pan- the consolidated OSAI fast digital increased productivity gained from Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
ning and zooming. The plot status bar fieldbus to manage the OD600 servo- this option is ideal for the oil and gas 847-640-1595
displays axis position and correspon- drives. The OPEN-M CNC is equipped industry where threading large diame- siemensmtbumarcom.industry
ding program blocks. Integrated into with Modular OPENconsole or COM- ter or long length workpieces and pipe
the program creation, users can plot a PACT and OPENrio. rethreading or repair is common. When
single conversational cycle or complete For more information contact: purchasing a new turning machine, drivetechnologies
tree while the program is being cre- Ivica Simunic specify arbitrary speed threading op-
ated. National Sales Manager tion on the FANUC CNC to the ma-
OPENcontrol’s compact CNC in- Prima Electro North America chine tool builder or distributor.”
cludes an all-in-one panel with 15” 711 East Main Street Arbitrary speed threading was previ- To research a company,
touch screen, touch pad, USB port on Chicopee, MA 01020 ously introduced for the FANUC Series product or technology go to:
the front, keyboard, 14 configurable 413-598-5200 30i-B and 30i-A CNCs.
buttons with LED, two push buttons For more information contact:
and emergency button. FANUC America Corporation • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 49
major tooling costs, NUM decided to the robot maintains a static position.
CNC Speeds support its customer by helping to The DX200 also conserves power dur-
Industrial PC
Continued from Page 48 modify the technology programs. The
grinding, and improve the accuracy of positive results of this action exceeded
ing robot idle time by idling motors
and fans, providing up to 25% energy
for Machine Tools
the gear grinding process. Heidenhain offers the IPC 6641, a
expectations, and NUM’s solution can savings.”
At the heart of the system is a high- help a machine to consistently grind new industrial PC for machine tools.
An enhanced Functional Safety
performance electronic gearbox that al- gear teeth profiles to within 3.5 mi- Common applications for this indus-
Unit (FSU) provides control-reliable
trial PC include individual automation
crons, comfort- zone and tool position monitoring,
solutions, operation of Windows soft-
ably achieving standstill monitoring and speed limit-
DIN class 3 - an ware from an OEM and remote access
ing. According to the company, this can
improvement of to Heidenhain iTNC 530 contouring
reduce costs for safeguarding hard-
four class levels, controls.
ware, while providing new capabilities
according to the “ O ff e r i n g
such as collaborative tasks. The FSU
company. can define multiple zones and monitor Intel Celeron
“The latest if the robot is inside or outside the and Core i7-3
gear grinding de- zone. A graphic utility on the robot processors on a
velopment is an teach pendant aids in the set-up of HSCI hardware
example of one robot, tool and work zones. User-de- platform, this
of the major prin- fined zones are displayed on the visual IPC 6641 indus-
ciples underpin- read out and are colored by work zone t r i a l P C p ro -
ning NUM’s and type. The DX200 controller is com- vides increased
business philoso- pliant to ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and computing
phy: a willing- other relevant safety standards. power and a
ness to customize The DX200 has reduced cabling significantly
its CNC technol- connections and improved layout to re- improved
ogy for machine duce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). g r a p h i c p e r-
makers,” said a Alarm troubleshooting information on formance while
c o m p a n y the pendant, monitoring of motor consuming less
spokesperson. torque to predict reducer wear and power than
“NUM supports alerts when major power components past models,”
The accuracy of NUM’s Fast Gear Alignment function eliminates this with a decen- said a company
reach designed life are some of the en-
the need to acquire acoustic signatures during dressing or grinding. t r a l i z e d R & D spokesperson.
hanced maintenance features.
structure that lo- Its extensive I/O suite includes in- T h e n e w
lows all master axes - such as the cates engineering staff around the processors are
tegral PLC and HMI pendant displays,
grinding, X, Y and Z axes - and the world to allow it to work closely with built within Ivy
built-in ladder logic processing, 4,096
spindle (C-axis) to be fully synchro- machine builders. In this case, the new Bridge architec-
I/O and a graphical ladder editor that
nized. As part of the development gear grinding solution was jointly de- ture, and struc-
can provide an efficient system level
work on the new threaded wheel veloped by NUM’s HQ in Switzerland tural width has
control. The DX200 supports all major
grinder, NUM has added a major new and the company’s technology center been reduced to
field bus networks and offers easy con-
capability to the gearbox, which is now in Chanzhou, China.” 22 nm.
nection to an information infrastructure
able to predict the acceleration of axes For more information contact: The IPC
through standard network options for
as well as their speed, in order to min- Steve Schilling 6641 may be
Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP
imize synchronization time. Together NUM Corporation and many others. A high-speed Ether- utilized as an
with the Fast Gear Alignment, it forms 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115 net server and MotoPlus developer additional re-
part of the NUMgear threaded wheel Naperville, IL60563 tools allow partners to produce higher mote station for operating the machine
grinding application. 630-505-7722 level connectivity (HMIs from Proface) tool or machine units such as a tool
During gear production, thread- or new capabilities (Robotiq Kinetiq changing station. The remote opera-
ing-in, the process of bringing the Teaching) with Motoman robots. tion, which was designed for Heiden-
grinding wheel into contact with the
The DX100 is still available, along hain’s TNC controls, permits simple
gear blank, involves continuously ad-
justing the position of the grinding Robot with an FS100 controller for pick and
place material handling applications.
connection of the IPC via an Ethernet
connection with cable lengths of up to
wheel relative to the workpiece. A sim-
ilar process is employed when bringing Controller Provides The MLX200 Robot Gateway with 100 meters.
PLC-based motion control is available According to the company, starting
the machine’s dressing wheel into con-
tact with the grinding wheel. Using
Enhanced Safety, for packaging applications. and remotely operating Windows-
For more information contact:
acoustic emission sensors to learn the Energy Efficiency Yaskawa America, Inc.
based applications is simple on the IPC
6641 industrial PC via Heidenhain’s
sound signatures of a master gear and The new DX200 robot controller Motoman Robotics Division
then using them to control positioning features patented multiple robot con- TNC user interface. Since Windows
100 Automation Way runs on the industrial PC, it does not
during production runs is a common trol technology with coordinated mo- Miamisburg, OH 45342
technique for automating processes tion between devices (up to eight influence the NC machining process. A
937-847-6200 second display is not necessary since
like this. However, the speed and accu- robots/72 axes), ergonomic teach pen-
racy of NUM’s newly-developed Fast dant, built-in PLC cell control capa- the Windows applications are dis-
Gear Alignment Function eliminates bility and optimized path and played on the TNC’s screen via remote
the need for this entirely, according to process control capability. “The en- access.
the company. As an example, aligning ergy-saving DX200 is intended to The Windows 7 or 8 operating sys-
the grinding wheel with a 180 mm di- provide faster processing speeds, en- tems can be installed on the hard disk,
ameter gear with 71 helical teeth takes hanced control, reliable safety and which is ordered separately.
just 0.5 of a second - without any need improved maintainability. The Additionally, the IPC 6641 comes
to acquire acoustic signatures or make D X 2 0 0 t a k e s a d v a n t a g e o f with:
manual adjustments. Yaskawa’s Sigma-5 motor technol- • 4 x USB 3.0
A second aim of NUM’s develop- ogy to optimize acceleration charac- • 2 x Ethernet 1 Gbps
ment required that the gear grinder teristics and reduce cycle time,” said • RS 232-C
CNC control should generate gears as a company spokesperson. • Connection for 24 V power supply
accurately as possible. The latest ma- “Depending on application and • VGA interface.
chine from NUM’s Asian customer robot size, the DX200 conserves For more information contact:
produced gears with a tooth profile power consumption by as much as Heidenhain Corporation
quality of DIN class 7. During the de- 38-70% over previous generation ro- 333 E. State Parkway
velopment process, NUM found that bots/controls,” said a Yaskawa Mo- Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337
the diamond plated dressing wheel did toman spokesperson. “Additionally, 847-490-1191
not come up to specification. To over- a static load reduction function re-
come this problem without incurring duces motor torque by 10% when
ProGTL3 Programming Language
Fagor Automation Corporation has Most of these features can be assessed
introduced the ProGTL3 programming by keying in the desired operation and
language. Designed for use with the pressing the “Help” key.
Fagor 8065 CNC, this language is in- During program execution, the
tended to allow complex profiles to be Advanced Tool Inspection mode that
programmed in a simple format on the allows for a host of in-cycle program
shop floor at the CNC without the need jumps, edits, searches and tool offset
for third-party software. modifications is available for use at any
Fagor CNCs have traditionally time by simply pressing the cycle stop
provided three methods of part pro- key.
gramming: For more information contact:
• ISO G-code language as a universal Todd Drane
standard Fagor Automation
• Parametric programming for creating 800-423-2467 ext. 303
custom screens, editors, cycles or sub-
• Conversational programming utiliz-
ing hot keys coupled with intuitive fill
in the blank graphic assist screens.
“The ProGTL3 language is a new
language originating from the evolu-
tion of multiple CNC manufacturers
utilizing important geometric pro-
gramming languages,” said a company
spokesperson. “Based on the orientated
geometry model, the ProGTL3 (Profes-
sional Geometric and Technological
Language - Level 3) allows users to re-
solve any flat profile with no extra
mathematical or trigonometric calcula-
tions and without the need for third-
party CAD/CAM software.
“The language offers five G-codes
(G10, G11, G13, G20, G21) to describe
any type of geometry. Any geometry
may be defined by using just these
codes, but ProGTL3 also includes func-
tions for faster and easier program-
ming of complex shapes. Thus, the
possibility for ISO programmers to
combine conventional functions of ISO
programming language with ProGTL3
have the ability to implement any flat
profile without having to utilize com-
plex trigonometric calculations to cal-
culate undefined points.”

While programming, users can

also view the programmed shape of the
geometry being created in real time.
This, combined with the ability to pro-
gram elements such as points, straight
lines, arcs, corner rounding (radius
blend) and other basic features, as well
as utilizing geometry that does not
originally belong to the final part, fur-
ther assists in creating complex shapes
easily and quickly. All Graphic Assist
help screens typically associated with
ISO programming are available to the
user for additional programming ease. • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 51

first side of the part. Then, he or she en- 3435 Roy Orr Blvd., #100
Control Provides Expanded ters the axis angle(s) to the next side, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Conversational Programming programs the features on that side of
the part and tells the control the axis
When software engineers at Hurco conversational features that make it angle(s) to the next side. After follow- .com
develop features for the integrated possible to program at the control on a ing those steps for each side of the part,
Hurco control powered by WinMax, 5-axis machining center without a Transform Plane does the rest, calculat- S.E. TX, S. LA
they focus on features that will make CAM system. Transform Plane is one of ing the tilting and rotating required. Scott Murray
customers more profitable, according the key features that eases the transi- Another control feature that has SMI Machine Tools
to the company. Additionally, the ver- tion from a 3-axis machining to a 5-axis been beneficial for the versatility re-
satility of the Hurco control is espe- machining center to manufacture 5- 5829 West Sam Houston
quired in the aerospace industry is Pkwy. North #804
cially designed for shops NC/Conversational Merge because it
that have a high mix of Houston, TX 77041
combines NC with conversational. 713-937-7771
parts because it works With NC/Conversational Merge, the
equally well for industry
machinist can call up an NC program
standard NC program-
and apply popular conversational fea-
ming as it does with con- OK
tures, such as pattern operations, scal-
v e r s a t i o n a l ing, tool probing and part probing, to Gage Machine Tool
programming. For G-code programs. 10668 Widmer Rd.
CAD/CAM programs For more information contact: Lenexa, KS 66215
and industry standard Hurco Companies, Inc. 913-894-1233
NC, the control has the One Technology Way
specifications to process P.O. Box 68180 AR
large programs quickly, Indianapolis, IN 46268 Hurco USA
such as a 2-GHz dual core One Technology Way
Intel processor, a 64 GB Indianapolis, IN 46268
solid state storage drive, 2 800-634-2416
GB of RAM and 2,277 bps 317-298-2622
of processing power.
Dave Stilley
“ A s f o r c o n v e r s a-
Chaparral Machinery
tional programming, Ger-
ald Roch, Co-Founder of
H u rc o , i n v e n t e d t h i s CNC Operating Platform
method of user-friendly Bystronic’s CNC programming in- 3D simulation feature, visualization of
programming in 1974 and the Hurco sided parts because it essentially terface, ByVision Control, features a the bending sequences as well as auto-
engineering team is continually im- changes programming on a 5-axis ma- full 15” touch screen so users are able matic collision detection is performed
proving it by inventing new features chining center back to 2.5D program- to quickly maneuver through screen before the part is sent to the operator
and evolving the user interface,” said a ming that is used on a 3-axis machine. selections for easy set-up and opera- for processing, reducing set-up time
company spokesperson. For example, The machinist simply establishes the tion. The operator is seamlessly guided and the need for test bending.
Hurco has introduced many 5-sided initial part origin and programs the through the programming and manu- For more information contact:
facturing process. The ByVision user Bystronic Inc.
interface operates within a modern North American Headquarters
Windows XP professional platform for 200 Airport Rd.
enhanced speed and network compat- Elgin, IL 60123
ibility. Program data transmissions are 800-247-3332
transferred between the ByVision con-
trol interface and the CNC at high
speed utilizing network
For complete
p ro c e s s i n t e g r a t i o n ,
Bysoft 6.8 software of-
fers users advanced syn-
chronization of press
brake, laser and waterjet
processes. Bybend, an
integrated Bysoft soft-
ware module, provides
automatic bend deduc-
tions, bend reliefs, bend-
ing sequences and back
gauge placements for
press brake users. With a


regular islands and face milling. latter provides a fast and easy way to
Easy to Learn Controls Recent additions to the Proto- generate conversational based lan-
The ProtoTRAK CNC control from The higher end ProtoTRAK con- TRAK product line include Verify ma- guage programs from 3D CAD files.
Southwestern Industries (SWI) is de- trol family consists of the SLX and chining simulation software and Parasolid Converter also provides a
signed to allow lower skill level ma- SMX models complement to SWI’s DXF Converter
chinists to do higher level work and designed for software that facilitates the generation
skilled machinists to get more done. more complex of conversational based language pro-
The ProtoTRAK’s conversational small lot work. grams from 2D CAD files.
based language programming elimi- In addition to ProtoTRAK controls are installed
nates the need for operators to learn G- providing on all SWI TRAK lathes and mills, and
code, although selected models can basic CNC
can be retrofitted to selected make and
run and edit G-code, translate G-code functions, they
model knee mills. Newer model TRAK
files into conversational based lan- feature canned
machines (LPM machining center and
guage files, and translate conversa- cycles for bolt
hole patterns, TRAK 2OP portable CNC for second op-
tional based language files into G-code
files. threading, fac- eration work) have ProtoTRAK con-
Two ProtoTRAK model families ing/turning, trols built directly into the machines.
are available. The lower end family circular pock- For more information contact:
consists of the ELX and EMX models ets, rectangu- Bruce Meredith
designed for the type of simple small lar pockets, Marketing Manager
lot turning and milling work typically circular pro- Southwestern Industries, Inc.
found in fabrication shops. Besides files and rec- 2615 Homestead Place
providing basic CNC turning and tangular Parasolid Converter software. The for- Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
milling functions, they feature canned profiles. Options include canned cycles mer allows users to run a simulation of 310-608-4422
cycles for bolt hole patterns, threading for irregular profiles, irregular pockets, a completed conversational based lan-
and facing/turning. circular islands, rectangular islands, ir- guage or G-code program while the

Unattended Workpiece Accumulator

Tecnara has introduced Super Ario, fluid, each workpiece is rinsed individ-
a compact and portable automatic ually when it arrives on the tray. This
parts accumulator for Swiss machines also removes any chips or debris from
and small CNC lathes. the receiving area. When workpieces
“Super Ario does not require any fill the receptacle tray, it is manually re-
special interface with the machine and placed with a replacement tray and the
can operate unattended for many run continues. Unattended run length
hours,” said a company spokesperson. depends on workpiece size, processing
“For additional protection, the parts time and the holding capacity of the re-
tray can be filled with washing fluid to ceptacle tray. The rotation speed can be
remove oil and prevent damage from set to accommodate the job’s produc-
abrasion between newly manufactured tion rate.
parts. Four Super Ario models are avail-
“With conventional set-ups, work- able, and are suitable for a range of
pieces dropped from the emitter belt workpiece sizes, work emitter heights,
are often scratched, dented and scuffed production rates and run durations.
because they fall onto other pieces in The Tecnara Tools website has a link to
the receptacle tray. Still more damage a video that shows how the Super Ario
can occur as the parts pile up and operates.
a b r a d e o n e a n o t h e r. R e p a i r o f For more information contact:
scratches, nicks and scuffs is a costly Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.
manual process that adds significantly 12535 McCann Dr.
to costs, detracts from perceived prod- Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
uct quality and can delay shipment.” 562-941-2000
According to the company, the
Super Ario is easy to set up and oper-
ate. The device is
placed to enable the
machine’s emitter
belt to feed the
workpiece onto the
collection ra mp.
The piece slides
down the ramp
onto the center of
the Super Ario re-
ceptacle tray. As the
turntable rotates
clockwise, the work
is moved from the
center of the tray to
the perimeter, pro-
viding a clear space
for the next work-
piece to drop onto
t h e t r a y. T h i s
p ro c e s s re p e a t s
until the end of the
If the tray is
filled with rinsing


The dates and locations for the Fagor controls. Maximum swing over
Low Profile, 2014 Profile Academy sessions are:
Expanded Line bed ranges from 37” to 50”, and the dis-
High Density Clamps • August 6-7 Portland, OR (building
and construction focus)
of Big Bore tances between centers from 60” to
236” or more. Spindle bore sizes are
The Mitee-Bite Pitbull clamp is a
fixture clamp with positive down force
• September 10-11 South Bend, IN CNC Flat Bed Lathe available from 6”, 9”, 12” to 15”. The
• November 12-13 City of Industry, Sharp Industries has expanded its machines have a bed width of 24” or
and a low gripping profile.
CA. line of Big Bore CNC Flat Bed Lathes 32”; larger size bed width will be avail-
“High vertical and horizontal
To register for an event or to learn that are especially made to handle big able soon.
clamping forces are generated, consid-
more visit parts and large mold
ering the size of the Pitbull clamps,”
For more information contact: workpieces.
said a company spokesperson. “This
Sapa Extrusions North America Sharp’s new ST
makes the Pitbull Clamp one of the
9600 W Bryn Mawr Avenue Series machines are
most low profile, high density and
Rosemont, IL 60018 driven by FANUC
highest holding force clamp on the
877-710-Sapa Oi-TC controls and
market today.”
northamerica.sales servo drives. They can also be equipped with Siemens or

It uses a standard cap screw and an

oil resistant O-ring. The Pitbull clamp
is available in a variety of sizes and
styles, including a tool steel knife edge
for aggressive stock removal, a tool
steel blunt edge for general purpose
and a brass version to help prevent
marring of the workpiece.
For more information contact:
Andy Arsenault
Mitee-Bite Products Company
P.O. Box 430
Center Ossipee, NH 03814-1430

Educational Seminars
Promote Understand-
ing of Aluminum
Sapa Extrusions North America,
part of a large aluminum profile pro-
ducer, has announced its 2014 Sapa
Profile Academy schedule. The goal of
the Profile Academy sessions is to in-
spire and educate those who wish to
gain a stronger understanding of alu-
The Sapa Profile Academy pro-
vides an overview of various opportu-
nities with aluminum, from inception
to production. These training sessions
are geared toward designers and engi-
neers, as well as plant, project, produc-
t i o n a n d p u rc h a s i n g m a n a g e r s .
Conducted over two days by Sapa ex-
perts, these sessions help participants
gain a deeper understanding of the
principles of aluminum, fabrication,
surface treatments, welding, die de-
sign, current market application tech-
nology and more. Participants also
have the opportunity to tour a local
Sapa facility.
Specific topics include:
• Metallurgy and alloys
• Design and production
• Surface treatment and corrosion
• Bending and hydroforming
• Joining and welding
• Tolerances • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 55
The machine beds are constructed type pumps and
from high quality Meehanite castings. are available in
All guideways are Turcite-B coated for 20-, 30- and 40-
better oil retention and resistance to horsepower ver-
wear. Electrical cabinets are tempera- sions for MA-
ture controlled with heat exchange sys- XIEM machines,”
tem. Spindle oil chiller is available for said the spoke-
controlling headstock and spindle heat sperson.
expansion under heavy cutting condi- The all-in-one
tions. To enhance cutting power of Windows 8 con-
spindle motor, spindle speeds are de- t ro l l e r s o n t h e ate complex geometries and produce chine maintenance capability,” said the
signed with four steps increments, hy- MAXIEM machines come pre-loaded quality parts from virtually any type of spokesperson.
draulically driven for speed changes. with the OMAX Intelli-MAX Software material. The software is user friendly In addition to models with larger
The tool change system is available in Suite and feature large 23-inch display for both the novice operator and the tank sizes and those specific ones fea-
different styles. It offers a hydraulic screens that provide easy viewing of skilled machinist. The software also turing bigger cutting areas for process-
four-way turret, V-8 or V-12 hydraulic part files and tool paths. “The Intelli- features Intelli-VISOR, OMAX’s sys- ing standard size sheets of material
turret system. MAX software makes it easy to gener- tem monitoring for predictable ma- from end to end, all the next generation
The tailstock and quill can be posi-
tioned by manual or hydraulic action.
The machine is supported by
Sharp’s two-year warranty on FANUC
controls and one-year warranty on the
machine. Sharp’s nationwide dealer
network provides sales and technical
service for all Sharp products.
For more information contact:
Sharp Industries, Inc.
3501 Challenger Street
Torrance, CA 90503

Abrasive Waterjet
Cutting Technology
Product Redesign
Now categorized as JetMachining
Centers, OMAX Corporation launched
its next generation MAXIEM machines.
The next generation MAXIEM JetMa-
chining Center product line encom-
passes five machine models designed
and built in the United States. The most
recent versions feature updated linear
drive systems, a Z-axis core with op-
tional multi-axis cutting heads and low
ceiling height, along with several addi-
tional machine enhancements that in-
clude faster cutting speeds, stream-
lined abrasive hopper designs, self-lev-
eling base legs and more.
MAXIEM machines are equipped
with OMAX’s Intelli-TRAX linear drive
system that utilizes brushless servo mo-
tors, integrated servo drives and preci-
sion linear encoders that provide
constant and continuous feedback on
the actual cutting head position. In ad-
dition to increased part cutting accuracy,
the advanced drive system delivers
much faster and smoother motion.
OMAX configures the next gener-
ation MAXIEM with a new universal
Z-axis core equipped with a precision
MAXJET 5 nozzle. This universal Z-
axis design with an updated modular
head interface features 12 inches of
controlled height travel. “Its design al-
lows users to easily switch from a sim-
ple fixed cutting head to the versatile
A-Jet multi-axis cutting head in a mat-
t e r of minutes,” said a company
MAX I E M ma c h i n e s bui l d o n
OMAX’s direct-drive pump technology
with the 50,000-PSI pump that includes
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) tech-
nology for precise cutting pressure con-
trol. “The pumps deliver more cutting
power per kilowatt than intensifier- • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 57
MAXIEM machines sport a rigid tank 21409 72nd Ave. South
design with leveling feet. The optional Kent, WA 98032
rapid water level control is designed 253-872-2300
for quiet and clean submerged cutting
and fits into all the MAXIEM JetMa-
Next generation MAXIEMs will TX, OK, NM
come as core machines, allowing shops OMAX Corporation
to equip their particular machine with 21409 72nd Ave. South
specific OMAX options and acces- Kent, WA 98032
sories. Upgrading allows shops to 253-872-2300
equip their machine with other OMAX
options and accessories as their pro-
duction needs change. AR
Available accessories include: Michael Garner
• Rapid Water Level Control Jeffreys Manufacturing
• A-Jet 5-axis Cutting Head (with Solutions-West
Smart Taper Control) 7123 I-30, Suite 28
• Intelli-VISOR Advanced System Little Rock, AR 77209
Monitoring Upgrade 501-562-8040
• Collision Sensing Terrain Follower
• Variable Speed Solids Removal Sys- Federal Government
tem Brian Pax
• DualPUMP Packages Phillips Corp. - Federal Division
• Bulk Abrasive Delivery System 7390 Coca Cola Drive
For more information contact: Hanover, MD 21076
OMAX Corporation 410-564-2900

KOMET and SCHUNK Collaborate

KOMET, a global ma-
nufacturer for bore ma-
chining, re amin g an d
threading, and SCHUNK,
a provider of clamping
technology and gripping
systems, held a joint dis-
tributor event on April 9,
2014, at KOMET of Amer-
ica’s facility in Schaum-
burg, IL.
The five-hour event
consisted of presentations
of products that were later
shown working together benefit not only joint distributors, but
seamlessly in a machining center on customers as well.”
the production floor. Three demos For more information contact:
were displayed on the machining cen- SCHUNK Inc.
ter using SCHUNK workholding and 211 Kitty Hawk Drive
toolholding with KOMET cutting Morrisville, NC 27560
tools. All types of workpieces and var- 800-772-4865 / 919-572-281
ious materials such as cast iron and
aluminum were machined, featuring
the depth of KOMET tools as well as
the variety of clamping technology KOMET of America, Inc.
available from SCHUNK. 2050 Mitchell Blvd.
“Pairing precision workholding Schaumburg, IL 60193
and toolholding with precision cutting 847-923-8400
tools is a logical step for making the
best parts in the most productive way,”
said a SCHUNK spokesperson. “We
look forward to more joint events that


Not Just for Knee Mills Anymore Remanufacturing More Than Rebuild
of machine tools. “It doesn’t have to be an end to an as well. However, demand for the re-
The Centroid CNC era,” said a Ternstrom & Company manufactured machines had not di-
control is designed spokesperson. “Many precision tool- minished. Now, Ternstrom has been
for user friendli- rooms and prototype shops have ben- successfully offering remanufactured
ness in both opera- efited from the use
tion and program- and ownership of a
ming and backed Hardinge HLV tool-
by local support room lathe. For de-
and made in the cades, end users each
USA CNC compo- learned how invalu-
nents. able this machine
Centroid’s came to be. When
new MPU11 CNC the Hardinge tool-
control board is at room lathe was dis-
the heart of Cen- continued around
troid’s M400 CNC 2008, it was apparent
control, which is a v o i d w o u l d re -
designed and man- main.
ufactured in Ho- “At the time,
For a job that required machining of spiral grooves in 2” ward, PA. The MP Ternstrom & Com-
diameter steel bars 8’ to 10’ long, a new Centroid 4th axis rotary U11 CNC control pany (a division of Iverson & Com- tool room lathes for the past eight
table was added to this retrofitted Numara horizontal boring board is designed pany) had been rebuilding these decades. Even in today’s CNC world,
mill. The spiral groves were first programmed in the XY plane and machines for over 75 years. Unfortu- many machine shops depend on their
to be a state-of-the-
then wrapped around the 2” cylinder automatically, a Centroid nately after the discontinuation, the old standby Hardinge manual lathes.
art CNC motion
technique that simplifies rotary programming. “Having the 4th parts cost continued to climb and as a Ternstrom has found customers want
axis has more than doubled what I can do,” said Shane. control CPU that
uses high perform- result Ternstrom had to increase the these machines to be rebuilt, and as a
ance digital signal price on the remanufactured offering Continued on Page 67
Founded in 1979 and located in
processors (DSPs) for smooth closed
Howard, PA, Centroid started out de- loop machine tool motion. The MPU11
signing and manufacturing motion can control up to 8 axes simultaneously
control electronics for general-purpose and has the ability to communicate
For more information on
automation. Around 31 years ago, Cen- with servo drives digitally via fiber Retrofit/Remanufacture/Repair
troid entered the CNC business by de- optic cable for increased reliability and
veloping CNC retrofit kits for knee performance. The MPU11 based M400 Visit
mills, and then grew into offering CNC CNC control is designed for small and
replacement controls for a wide variety Continued on Page 62
CNC Retrofits for Knee Mills
Gauging, Balancing and Sensors Southwestern Industries offers
ProtoTRAK CNC retrofit kits for over
TRAKing allows an operator to
run a program by turning the hand
Bring New Life to Aging Grinders 40 different brands of knee mills. “This
powerful but easy to learn and use
wheels. The speed at which the pro-
gram is executed is controlled by the
conversational CNC technology has speed at which the operator turns the
been retrofitted more than 15,000 times hand wheels. As a result, TRAKing
over the past two decades by South- may increase productivity by allowing
western Industries’ factory-trained an operator to dry run a program while
technicians, and can be installed in less simultaneously machining a part.
than one day,” said a company spokes- Advanced software options (avail-
person. able with the SMX2 and/or SMX3) also
Knee mills may be retrofitted to ei- increase productivity by reducing pro-
ther a 2-axis CNC/3-axis DRO config- gramming time. These options include
uration (ProtoTRAK EMX or SMX2) or Auto Geometry Engine that automati-
a 3-axis CNC/DRO configuration (Pro- cally fills in missing drawing dimen-
toTRAK SMX3). The EMX and SMX2 sions during CNC programming, and
feature a Z-axis (quill) glass scale stan- canned cycles for irregular profiles and
dard while the SMX3 comes with a ball pockets, circular/rectangular/irregu-
screw and motor assembly. Retrofit kits lar islands, engraving and face milling.
contain all of the standard items re- Continued on Page 67
quired to upgrade
Remaining competitive today re- to existing machines often is the most a mill and include
quires flexibility, higher production cost-effective solution to all of these the CNC, ball
rates and lower costs - in short, con- challenges. Whether it is done by the screws, motors and
stantly improving productivity. This user or a professional re-builder/retro- hardware. Kit op-
has to be accomplished while cus- fitter, there are five different technolo- tions include cool-
tomers are requiring higher quality, gies that should be included in every ant and auto lube
tighter dimensional and geometric tol- machine upgrade. pumps, spray
erances and better surface finishes and coolant, power
regulators are enforcing increasingly Pre-Process Check: draw bars, halo-
stringent safety and environmental Workpiece Positioning gen work lamps,
standards. Automatic control of the machin- knee power feeds,
In an economy where the capital ing process actually starts before the limit switches, net-
investment for a new grinder may be process itself (pre-process) through the working and
hard to justify, retrofitting new au- verification of the workpiece position TRAKing/elec-
tomation and monitoring equipment Continued on Page 64 tronic hand wheels.

chines for the retrofit. panel. The T-400 has 12 customizable
Not Just for Knee The two machines are function keys that allow the retrofitter
Mills Anymore arranged for efficiency,
facing each other so
to program the action of each, allowing
for simplified installation and opera-
Continued from Page 60
one operator can keep tion of the machine tool. The T-400 also
large machine tool retrofits alike, with
both machines running reads the encoder located on the spin-
many simplified advanced CNC fea- parts all day long. dle, which allows for constant surface
tures designed to make both the instal- In addition to a va- speed turning and threading capabili-
lation and operation of the updated riety of job shop parts, ties.
machine tool straightforward. Accord- one of the regular high After a good experience with four
ing to the company, many shops have vol ume jobs at T. L. previous Centroid CNC control retro-
benefited from a Centroid retrofit re- Hiner is turning com- fits, Shane Davison, Shop Floor Man-
turning their machine tools back to pressor valve seats. ager at T.L. Hiner, bought a used
profit centers. Mike, the operator at Numara horizontal boring mill with
T.L. Hiner, programs 110” X and 80” of Y travel from a used
Increased Production both Mori Seiki SL-3s machinery dealer. “I got it at a good
During the last 22 years Terry with Centroid’s built-in price since the original CNC control
Ruppe of Arrow Controls has installed Intercon conversational programming, his programs on the control ready to did not run,” he said. He called in Terry
122 Centroid retrofits in the greater which prompts the operator for di- go, he really likes the USB jump drive once again to retrofit it with a new Cen-
Houston area. Terry has installed five mensions from the print and automat- and uses it to make backup copies of all troid M400 CNC control. He admits
CNC retrofits for T.L. Hiner. Two of ically creates the G-code to turn the his programs in the office computer so that never having a horizontal in the
them are a pair of Mori Seiki SL-3 turn- part and displays the results graphi- there are at least two copies of his work shop before, he was wondering if he
ing centers. Terry installed the new cally. Mike said he “likes the graphics on different computers. Mike also com- was going to get enough work to keep
Centroid T-400 CNC controls on both on the screen so he can see what it is mented on a new feature that he likes it busy. “Now that the machine is up
of the SL-3s in place, on the shop floor, going to do before it does it.” The T-400 which he did not have on the original and running, we can keep this machine
so there was no need to move the ma- also accepts G-code control system, the Centroid Run- busy all the time. It stays backlogged,”
from most any Search feature. “That comes in handy, said Shane. After the retrofit of the Nu-
CAD/CAM system as you can call up to just about anywhere mura, a job came in that required ma-
w e l l . G - c o d e p ro - in the program you want and it knows chining of spiral grooves in 2” diameter
grams can be trans- where to start,” he said. “That saves a steel bars 8’ to 10’ long. The part was a
ferred to the control lot time”. lead screw for coil tubing trucks used
via USB memory All original SL-3 machine func- in the oil industry. In under a week
sticks or through an tions, such as chip conveyor, tool turret from the time of order, Terry had a new
Ethernet local area index, flood, auto lube with low-level Centroid 4th axis rotary table added to
network (LAN) con- warning, chuck in-out, high gear, low the machine so Shane was able to run
nection. Mike com- gear and quill in/out, are controlled the job. Shane created a special rotary
mented that even with the new T-400 CNC. In addition to support fixture, which was built to ac-
though the control has program control (G- and M-codes), commodate machining of the long rods
“a ton of memory” these functions have dedicated manual without giving up table travel. The spi-
and that he leaves all controls located on the operator control ral groves were first programmed in


of the cost of buying Centroid reworked the original
new. There is a lot to Fadal electrical cabinet to have new
be said about taking CNC components installed. Centroid
older machines that also simplified the CNC control by
are still in good me- eliminating cables and connections
chanical shape and with made-for-CNC printed circuit
updating them where boards that handle all the functions of a
you can get the life typical CNC machine tool.
back out of them Jerald started into CNC machining
again.” with two SuperMax CNC knee mills
retrofitted with Centroid CNC controls.
Improved Processes, “Those machines are now almost 10
Greater Flexibility years old. They are solid machines and
Jerald Mittasch, give me the opportunity to do things
Fadal 3016 retrofitted with a Centroid M400 CNC control. President of Mitco that nobody else can do,” said Jerald.
Manufacturing and His first step into a tool changer
t he XY plane and then wrapped Machining LLC, also machine was the Fadal 3016. On some
around the 2” cylinder automatically, a in Houston, TX, specializes in making jobs he uses every tool bin in the ATC.
Centroid technique that simplifies ro- valves for the oil field. In addition to oil On one part that uses 18 tools, he
tary programming. “Having the 4th related work, Jerald makes replace- takes advan-
axis has more than doubled what I can ment 12” electric arc furnace electrode tage of the
do,” said Shane. “By buying good used clamps that handle 20,000 amps of cur- Centroid Reworked original Fadal electrical
iron and installing a new Centroid rent at 240 volts. Jerald has to reverse tool touch off cabinet with new CNC components
CNC control system, I saved over 60% engineer the parts using his Fadal 3016, probe to installed. At the top are the XYZ AC
which has been retrofitted with a Cen- s e t up tools brushless servo drives. In the middle
troid M400 CNC control. He said there autom a t i - are the circuit breakers and power
are no prints provided for the clamps. cally. “It is distribution. Along the right side are I/O
His customer just sends him the broken a piece of terminal blocks for limit switches, ATC
original parts to recreate - and he often cake, it is so sensors, flood, mist and lube control
improves upon them as well. easy to do,” connections. At the bottom left is the
The Fadal 3016 was originally he said. Centroid MPU11 (motion control,
equipped with DC servo motors. While Jerald was encoder, mpg connections) and the
the DC motors could have been re- confident GPIO4D (PLC, spindle control and IO)
tained, at the time of retrofit the deci- when it came to learning how to use CNC control cards (stacked on top of
sion was made to replace them with the new tool changer machine since each other to save space for this install).
new AC brushless servos. The Centroid he was already familiar with operating Centroid simplified the CNC control by
M400 can communicate with the new and programming the Centroid control eliminating cables and connections with
Jerald Mittasch, President of Mitco
made-for-CNC printed circuit boards that
Manufacturing and Machining LLC, AC servo drives via fiber optic cable, on his two other machines. “There was
handle all the functions of a typical CNC
reverse engineers 12” electric arc furnace which offers more speed, power, preci- not that much new to learn going from
machine tool.
electrode clamps using his Fadal 3016. sion and reliability. a knee mill to a new ATC machine,” he
said. When it comes to taking on new For more information contact:
jobs, Jerald said, “I do not make the Centroid
same thing over and over. With the 159 Gates Road
Centroid I have not yet had a job that I Howard, PA 16841
said I could not do.”
Authored by: Keith McCulloch, CNC
Marketing Manager, Centroid

Gauging, Balancing and Sensors

Continued from Page 60 in the machine and its tolerance with
Remaining competitive today re- respect to the grinding wheel. This is
quires flexibility, higher production typically accomplished with a touch
rates and lower costs - in short, con- probe, such as the Marposs MIDA, to
stantly improving productivity. This detect the position and orientation of
has to be accomplished while cus- the workpiece without operator inter-
tomers are requiring higher quality, vention. This technology nearly al-
tighter dimensional and geometric tol- ways reduces cycle time and boosts
erances and better surface finishes and performance.
regulators are enforcing increasingly
stringent safety and environmental In-Process Measurement
standards. Measuring a workpiece in real
In an economy where the capital time while stock is being removed al-
investment for a new grinder may be lows automatic control of machining
hard to justify, retrofitting new au- and cycle optimization. By monitoring
tomation and monitoring equipment the workpiece continuously during the
to existing machines often is the most grinding process, the feedrate can be
cost-effective solution to all of these varied to obtain programmed stock re-
challenges. Whether it is done by the moval values, adjust the spark-out tim-
user or a professional re-builder/retro- ing to the rea l con ditions of the
fitter, there are five different technolo- workpiece and stop the cycle when the
gies that should be included in every nominal dimension is reached.
machine upgrade. Modern generation in-process
gauges, such as the Marposs UNI-
Pre-Process Check: Workpiece MAR, have a large measuring range and
Positioning a quick zero setting to handle different
Automatic control of the machin- workpieces, enhanced thermal stability
ing process actually starts before the and a compact design to reach even the
process itself (pre-process) through the most inaccessible points. In-process
verification of the workpiece position gauging is a highly cost-effective way to
improve quality while optimizing cycle grinding and dressing cycle times to in- HLV is something that is still a need.”
time to maximize productivity. crease throughput and productivity.
CNC Retrofits The technicians from the Tern-

Wheel Balancing
Contemporary systems from Mar- for Knee Mills strom division have continued to per-
fect scraping, painting, alignment and
poss and others offer a variety of op- Continued from Page 60
A properly balanced wheel is criti- tions including fixed, contactless, testing techniques through several gen-
New SMX software options in-
cal for achieving high surface quality ring-shaped and split sensors to sup- erations - at a time when finding this
clude Parasolid Converter and Verify
and avoiding geometric errors. A bal- port retrofit applications and different skill set in today’s market is difficult at
machining simulation software. The
anced wheel can also be run at higher working environments. best. “What we do here should be
former allows users to generate Proto-
speed to achieve higher stock removal called ‘remanufacturing’,” said Terry
TRAK programs quickly and easily
rates and greater productivity. A bal- Electronic Display Iverson, Iverson & Company President
from 3D CAD Parasolid files. The lat-
anced wheel eliminates the most com- and Data Collection & CEO. “I do not think the term re-
ter enables users to run and verify their
mon causes of spindle damage while Programming and monitoring of building is adequate enough to de-
ProtoTRAK programs prior to cutting
reducing wheel wear - actually extend- all the parameters impacting work- scribe what we do to these machines.
chips, which results in lower scrap and
ing average wheel life up to 35%. Remanufacturing is hard to explain. It
piece quality, cycle time and tool wear rework costs.
Contemporary balancing systems, is much more effective to show.”
typically is accomplished with an elec- For more information contact:
like the Marposs/Dittel products, sup- Ternstrom strips the castings and
tronic unit that serves as an operator Bruce Meredith
port retrofit applications with different display and communicates with the Marketing Manager
versions of balancing systems to ac- Southwestern Industries, Inc.
machine control and other plant sys-
commodate either internal or external 2615 Homestead Place
tems, usually via field-bus. These units
mounting to the spindle and a choice of Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
are often modular to accommodate
hard-wired or contactless transmission. 310-608-4422
varying numbers of connected devices.
They range from simple mono-
Air Gap and Collision Check,
Optimization of Dressing Cycle function amplifiers with needle-type
Detecting subtle changes in the analogue displays to more complex
noise emitted by the machine during multifunction devices with graphic dis-
plays and touch screen keyboards. The
grinding and dressing cycles allows
real-time monitoring of the gap be- more sophisticated units often run data More Than Rebuild sheet metal down to the bare surfaces,
tween wheel and workpiece and the collection and processing software. Continued from Page 60 and then starts over. All components
persistence of contact between dresser result, challenges them to trade in an used are purchased directly from the
and wheel. The feedrate and the mo- Authored By: Frank Powell, Grinding existing machine and consider buying Hardinge factory. They install new
ment of contact with the wheel are con- Line Product Manager, Marposs Corp. a remanufactured machine instead. spindles and bearings, bringing the
trolled along with dressing depth. “A lot of changes have gone spindles back to .000025” total indica-
By preventing collisions, products For more information contact: through the U.S., but the demand for a tor runout maximum. The machine has
like Marposs/Dittel Acoustic Emission Marposs Corporation quality rebuilt Hardinge toolroom to meet the original factory specifica-
(AE) sensors can help prevent serious 3300 Cross Creek Parkway lathe has remained constant. The toler- tions. When the machines leave the
damage to the machine while enhanc- Auburn Hills, MI 48326 ances that need to be held are getting shop, they must hold a tolerance +/-
ing operator safety. Because they allow 248-370-0404 tighter; the skill set of the machinists .0001 of an inch.
higher infeed speeds prior to workpiece are not getting any more advanced, “Years ago we used to regrind the
or wheel contact, they can shorten both and a very accurate Hardinge manual spindle taper after replacing the spindle
bearings,” said Iverson. “For the last 30 With its commitment to prototyping,
years, we have been installing brand Retrofits for Exacting 5-Axis Tri Aerospace wanted to be able to con-
new .000025” TIR spindles and bear-
ings. This made a huge difference in
Capabilities in Aerospace Manufacturing tinue to work with this promising new
format. However, one of its machines
not only the cutting results, but also the simply could not process these elec-
longevity our customers can expect of tronic designs.
their machine.” “Tri Aerospace is a quality-con-
Another difference to Ternstrom’s scious, engineering-heavy company,”
rebuilding process is its knowledge of said Cross. “These innovative, elec-
the product itself. “We have people that tronically designed parts are exactly
have been here working in Hardinge the sort of work that excites us. So we
rebuilding ranging from 15-42 years knew that we wanted to improve our
with the next generation learning from machine’s capabilities on that front,
them. We have three young men com- and we also wanted to add 5-axis ca-
ing up in the ranks that are very tal- pability. We had always done work in
ented and are catching on well. This the 5-axis arena, but we had done it in
will allow us to expand our rebuilding the three-plus-two mode. To be able to
division business model,” said Iverson. expand our business, we needed to go
Te r n s t ro m c a n a l s o u p g r a d e into the true five-axis machining
Hardinge machine tools with attach- mode.”
ments such as bedway covers, taper at- However, acquiring a brand new 5-
tachments, digital readouts, chip or axis machine, especially in this size
coolant shield or other options. It ships Tight tolerances and a commitment around more complex designs in less range, is rather expensive. Purchasing
rebuilt Hardinge machines to cus- to quality are essential for many types time while continuing to pursue the an older machine would be cheaper,
tomers all over the U.S. and Canada of manufacturing, but they are always prototype work it is known for. and they offer excellent dampening
with a limited warranty to guarantee more crucial when manufacturing Part of the M2M Group of compa- characteristics that newer models gen-
customer satisfaction. aerospace components. Companies in nies, Tri Aerospace specializes in the erally cannot match. So, Cross bought a
Iverson says many customers will this market know that a few microns CNC machining of aerospace compo- used Cincinnati Milacron machine that
fly into O’Hare to see the process at its can make a world of difference, even nents and provides concurrent engi- required an engineered solution as part
shop in Des Plaines, IL. They will pick when working on large parts that span neering, project management and of the rebuild and CNC retrofit process.
them up from the airport, show them 40-50 ft and longer. prototype builds for gas turbine engine In his search for a retrofit and re-
around and even offer them to take a To meet these exacting demands R&D programs. “Most people in our build partner, Cross kept hearing his
test cut on a machine. and stay current with their cutting- industry prefer to run high-volume colleagues mention Konecranes MTS.
Iverson describes the perfect cus- edge customers, aerospace component production, but we are really geared to- “When you start looking at combining
tomer for a remanufactured machine as manufacturers require high perform- wards the prototype, one piece part synergies for this rebuild and retrofit,
Konecranes has the ideal skill set. We
one that would buy a new Hardinge if ance technology. The industry contin- trial pieces,” explained Laurence Cross,
have more than 40 years of experience
it was still available, not one looking ues to pursue more forward-thinking General Manager at Tri Aerospace,
rebuilding, re-engineering and retro-
for an inexpensive used machine. As design solutions, from electronic LLC. “We like to dive into the engi-
fitting all makes and models of Cincin-
far as what models Ternstrom has per- schematics to futuristic materials. But neering process and get really in-
nati Milacron machines,” said Harold
fected it pretty much covers the gamut: how can manufacturers make their volved. How can we make this part
Schoch, Director of Sales, Region
HLV-H, HLV-EM, DV-59, HSL-59, necessary machine upgrades afford- easier to manufacture? How would this
Americas at Konecranes MTS. “We also
DSM-59 and HC chuckers. Most of the able? new part optimize or enhance a func-
have the good fortune of having had so
HSL-59 speed lathes require a minor Tri Aerospace, LLC (Terre Haute, tioning jet engine? Those are the type
many former Cincinnati Milacron em-
amount of work and Ternstrom sends IN), is a turbine engine component of questions we live to answer.”
ployees on our team over the years. In
them out used. manufacturer that found a rebuild and In today’s industry, more and more
addition, we are one of the largest vol-
For more information contact: retrofit would improve its machining of the most cutting-edge prototypes are
ume retrofitters of FANUC CNC sys-
Ternstrom / Iverson & Company capabilities, optimize their operations being designed electronically. Rather tems in the region.”
441 North Third Ave. and keep costs under control. Using than receiving a 2D drawing which Cross was impressed with the ex-
Des Plaines, IL 60016 Konecranes Machine Tool Service was drawn and created in real space, pertise of the team from Konecranes
847-299-2461 (MTS) and FANUC control technology, manufacturers are now dealing in elec- Machine Tool Service from the get-go, Tri Aerospace produced a 5-axis capa- tronic designs which feature surfaces as they offered an understanding not ble machine that will allow it to turn that are only defined electronically. only of the Cincinnati Milacron ma-
chine, but also of the unique challenges
in Tri Aerospace’s industry and appli-
cations. “I have worked with aerospace
manufacturers for many years, and it
was very prudent of Tri Aerospace to
choose an older machine,” Schoch ex-
plained. “Dampening characteristics
are an asset to any machine tool job,
but the aerospace industry machines
extremely difficult materials, including
titanium, Waspaloy, Inconel, etc. -
where the machining processes can
present a real challenge. The surface
finish cannot suffer from any chatter or
roughness, and with these seasoned,
robust cast-iron machines, you know
that will not be an issue.”
“Volumetric compensation of the
machine tool is also incredibly impor-
tant,” he continued. “You want to
know how accurate the machine is ca-
pable of performing in the entire work
envelope. Most new machine builders
and rebuilders will only guarantee a
small work envelope of around a 12-
inch square cube. With aerospace, you
are talking more like 20-30 feet and be-
yond that you have to hold to very
close tolerances.” equipment and become partners in face finish and reliability needed for test. After the 40 hour cycle and calibra-
In addition, Tri Aerospace also their organization so they get the best critical aerospace applications. In par- tion, a test part was machined to confirm
wanted the most cutting-edge control from the equipment they invested in.” ticular, it features high speed smooth the machine’s durability and accuracy.
capabilities, so Konecranes MTS’ long- That level of support remains in ef- TCP (tool center point), an advanced Afterwards, Tri Aerospace’s team was
time relationship with FANUC really fect for the lifetime of the machine. algorithm that allows manufacturers to invited to bring their own test parts and
added to its appeal. The company’s FANUC has a 25-year replacement part cut parts with a shorter cycle time, bet- made sure that the machine passed their
controls are widely used throughout availability support commitment. “We ter surface finish and high accuracy. stringent criteria, before decommission-
the aerospace industry, which is chal- consider our support to be an invest- “In addition, the Series 31i-A5 con- ing and prepping it for shipment.
lenged by some of the most complex ment in the market,” said Schultz. “If trol is quite reliable, with a mean time Aside from the final product, one of
and difficult machining applications. customers are using the controls prop- between failures (MTBF) of 17 years. the chief advantages of the partnership
Exotic, hard-to-machine materials erly, they will maximize their return on The high MTBF provides two impor- was actually the build process itself.
such as titanium, composites and com- investment and be significantly more tant benefits; significantly reduced “The customers we work with are very
posite-metal sandwich material are efficient than when they were using maintenance costs and much higher detail-oriented,” said Schoch. “They are
compounded by complex curved sur- traditional programming techniques.” machine productivity. When the ma- quality-conscious and meticulous. And
faces that can only be realized with 5- Robert Sorrell, FANUC’s sales engi- chine is down significant money is lost we understand that dedicated profes-
axis machining. The primary goal is to neer for CNC and motion systems, ex- by aerospace part manufacturers. The sionals like that want to be intimately
produce high-quality, precision parts plains FANUC’s integration philosophy. reliability of the Series 31i-A5 control involved in the rebuild process. They
with a superior surface finish, yet per- “FANUC specializes in collaborating will really help Tri Aerospace be more want to see what we are doing, and un-
formance is also very important. Faster with our key technology partners to de- efficient and keep production running derstand our thought processes.”
cycle times also equate to a lower cost velop fully integrated factory solutions without unplanned CNC system fail- For more information contact:
per part and increased machining ca- based on standard industry interfaces to ures,” said Schultz. FANUC America Corporation
pacity to avoid adding equipment and maximize our customers’ productivity, With the parameters set and the 3900 West Hamlin Rd.
increasing overhead. efficiency and profitability.” plan agreed upon, Konecranes MTS Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253
FANUC’s aerospace program man- Konecranes MTS believed that the built the machine entirely. The com- 888-FANUC-US (326-8287)
ager, Rick Schultz, explains that manu- best FANUC solution for this 5-axis ap- pany has experience with precise volu-
facturers need a high level of support plication was the Series 31i-A5 control. metric calibration, and as part of its
for these complex aerospace applica- The control is designed to simplify turnkey solution, it assembled the re- Konecranes, Inc.
tions. “FANUC’s aerospace vertical complex, high-performance 5-axis ma- built machine in its climate-controlled 4401 Gateway Blvd.
market team is made up of aerospace chining applications and use advanced facility. Offsite rebuilding and retro- Springfield, OH 45502
experts with a high level of industry spline interpolation to faithfully recre- fitting projects like this can help to min- 937-525-5533
experience,” said Schultz. ate the original CAD drawing from the imize downtime in the shop and
Schultz explains that FANUC’s line segment approximations. The 5- minimize customer exposure to debug-
dedicated market teams focus on help- axis CAD/CAM/machine workflow is ging or exhaustive testing procedures.
ing people in the industry become simplified by creating part programs As part of the process, Konecranes
more efficient and use the product bet- that describe part geometry and allow- MTS powered the machine up in their
ter. “Tri Aerospace not only gets in- ing machine, tooling and setup data to facility, cycled through the debug Retrofit-Remanufacture-
creases in perform ance from the be provided at the machine. process, and then ran it through a regi- Repair Feature
control retrofit but also has access to ex- According to Schultz, the Series mented 40-hour uninterrupted cycle
perienced personnel who sit with them 31i-A5 CNC was chosen because it pro- time. Following these steps, they per- Continued on Page 78
as they use their new FANUC based vides the performance, accuracy, sur- formed laser calibration and a ballbar
Applying Technology
Automation • Machines • Spindles • Tooling • Software • Workholding

New Technology Grows Customer Base Small Complex Component Machining

Crucial Component Machining meet demand and production require-
LLC was awarded a contract to pro- ments.
duce 10,000 tight tolerance parts for a “We decided to go with one of the
defense contractor. The component is bigger manufacturers known for accu-
made of 6061 aluminum, has flatness rate, reliable and quality machines that
and parallelism requirements of .001” would run continually to keep produc-
and .0005” respectively and a surface tion flowing,” said Dan Labonville,
finish max of 32 Ra. The parts require Owner, Crucial Component Machining
high levels of accuracy, which resulted LLC. “Our first vertical machine that
in the need for new CNC equipment to Continued on Page 74

Brian Young, General Manager, EPG, with the Chevalier FSG-50120DC

set up to grind large machine components.

Erie Precision Grinding (EPG) has face, full CNC control system, total
built its core business around grinding workpiece capacity and the rigidity
mold base plates for the injection and accuracy of the dual column de-
molding industry. Large surface grind- sign,” he said. The EPG team selected
ing in the Erie, PA, area had tradition- the FSG-50120DC 50” by 120” model,
ally been performed on 32” single as it best suited local molders’ size re-
column machines, but they were no quirements, and purchased the ma-
longer meeting the needs of the injec- c h i n e f ro m M o r r i s G re a t L a k e s
tion molding market. Ever increasing working with Manager Corey Johnson
tonnage platforms required a wider and Salesman Mark Biebel.
machine capacity, creating a need for a “Now that we have completed a
(l-r) Dan Labonville, President and Dwayne Dunton, Crucial Component Machining LLC,
larger machine to handle the plate number of workpieces using our FSG-
Concord, NH, with the Kitamura Mycenter-HX250G horizontal machining center that
sizes involved. EPG wanted to offer 50120DC, I am truly impressed by its
has a super compact, small footprint.
this larger option to its current and ex- performance,” said Young. “It has ex-
panding customer base. ceeded what I thought was possible
“The greatest issue our customers
face is the need for tight parallelism
over such a large platform. The opera-
tor interface, intuitive programming
Conventional Stroke Honing
tolerances,” said Brian Young, General
Manager, EPG. A typical injection
and speed are all working together to
provide an exceptional piece of equip-
or Single Pass Honing/Diamond Sizing?
mold plate can be over 40” wide by 60” ment capable of servicing our cus-
long. “We explored the large grinder tomers effectively and efficiently.”
market in search of a machine that With this machine they have the
would meet the needs of not only ca- ability not only to provide local surface
pacity, but efficiency and most impor- grinding services for a plate this large,
tantly accuracy,” said Young. “These but can obtain parallelism of .0002”
considerations led us to dual column across the entire distance. “This allows
CNC grinders as the tool of choice.” our customers to perform the entire
After careful evaluation of their array of finish machining operations in
options, Young said the Chevalier FSG one set-up,” Young explained.
series is the one that stood out the With the large platform and the
most. “It provides an easy to use inter- Continued on Page 74

Hardened gear honed by a Nagel ECO 40 hone.

Honing operations can be grouped stock. An air gauge built inside the tool
into two categories: conventional head measures the bore size in-process
stroke honing and single pass honing and stops the honing process once the
/ diamond sizing. set target is reached.
In conventional stroke honing, the Diamond sizing, on the other
honing tool is collapsed when it enters hand, has a fixed reamer, and the ro-
the bore and then expands inside the tating tool plunges while removing all
bore at a controlled rate - rapidly until the stock. Stock removal is typically
it reaches the wall and then more distributed among multiple tools and
slowly once the contact is made. The final size is dependent upon the tool
The Chevalier FSG-50120DC can obtain parallelism of .0002” across the entire distance. tool oscillates while rotating to remove Continued on Page 75
plates for the injection molding market, Erie, PA 16509 ishes required.
Grows Customer we have already completed many dif- 814-825-7651 “After the second machine was re-
Continued from Page 72 ferent types of grinds as well,” said erieprecisiongrinding moved I had a visit from Paul Karpin-
ability to grind to tight tolerances, EPG Yo ung. “We have done machine ski with Packard Machinery Company,
has taken on many large jobs for vari- ways/guides/beds for local rebuilders Inc. He asked if I would consider a hor-
ous manufacturing and end user func- and production of high volume grinds izontal machining center since my
tions. In addition, the local machine on smaller parts. Based on the 50 inch Chevalier Machinery Inc. parts were relatively small, about 2.5
tool re-conditioners now have a local capacity, we have also opened up an 9925 Tabor Place inches in diameter,” said Labonville.
source for machine bed and way grind- option for local press manufacturers Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 “Karpinski gave me a quote for a Kita-
ing. and rebuilders for high accuracy platen 562-903-1929 mura Mycenter-HX250G, which sur-
The dual column surface grinder grinds. The possibilities have become prisingly, was not much more than the
has a 50” x 120” x 40” capacity. It uti- endless, and we continue to see an ex- cost of either of the two vertical ma-
lizes a 20” grinding wheel on a 30 HP pansion in our customer base because chining centers I had already pur-
spindle. of this unique machine and the con- chased. We ran a test using 6061
The bulk of EPG’s work is with venience of our location to so many Complex Component aluminum as the component material
stainless alloys and common tool manufacturing based organizations.” Continued from Page 72 and the part came out great.”
steels. Castings and forgings are For more information contact: we selected had unsatisfactory results. The Kitamura Mycenter-HX250G
ground as well, and an occasional non- Brian Young, General Manager Right away we noticed an
ferrous job comes through the door. Erie Precision Grinding issue with the surface fin-
“While our core business is mold 9419 Wattsburg Road ish on the floors of the
part. There were a series
of rings left along the tool
path. The smaller the tool
the worse the rings were.
It was not just visual; you
could feel the roughness
with a fingernail.”
After several weeks
of the dealer and manu-
facturer trying to fix the
problem the machine was
removed and replaced
with a machine from a
different manufacturer.
The second machine that
was purchased had the
exact same finish prob-
lem. Neither of the ma-
chines could hold the Precision machined component
Typical injection mold base plates being ground on the Chevalier FSG-50120DC. accuracies or give the fin- for defense industry.


Internal work envelope of the Mycenter-HX250G, smart fixturing and multi-part set-up.

has a table size of 10” x 10” (254 x 254 For more information contact:
mm) and a 15 HP, 15,000 RPM, dual Dan Labonville, Owner
contact through coolant spindle with Crucial Component
51.6 ft. lbs. of max torque. The HX250G Machining LLC
comes standard with a two-station, 27 Industrial Park Drive, Unit 5
180° rotating pallet change system and Concord, NH 03301
a full 4th axis rotary table for multi-part 603-223-0012
tombstone fixturing. The Mycenter-
HX250G can handle four-sided tomb-
stones up to 15.8” high and 13.8” in Kitamura Machinery of USA Inc.
diameter, weighing up to 220 lbs. The 78 E. Century Drive
HX250G can also machine multiple Wheeling, IL 60090
workpieces while another tombstone is 847-520-7755
being unloaded and reloaded with new
parts to be machined. A Blum tool
probe was also added to speed up set-
ups and tool replacements.
“Our basic philosophy is to pro-
duce parts that are as close to perfect as
possible,” said Labonville. “With the Continued from Page 72
Kitamura Mycenter-HX250G the sur- diameter.
face finish is far superior to the prior “It is important to select the most
machines. We were able to cut cycle suitable process for a given part,” said
time from 15 minutes each to under 10 a Nagel Precision spokesperson. “Un-
minutes while maintaining both finish fortunately, it is quite common to see
and tolerance requirements. Also, the manufacturing process engineers pick
small footprint of the HX250G makes it a wrong process for their application.
very beneficial due to the size of our In a number of instances this has re-
shop.” sulted in procuring the proper type of
Crucial Component Machining expensive machinery after the project
LLC offers CNC machining, Swiss launch and making a running change.
screw machining and CNC turn mill This is both expensive and very stress-
machining with sub-spindle and Y-axis ful.”
milling. The company uses SolidWorks Nagel Precision suggests the fol-
and ESPRIT CAM for programming lowing general guidelines, which in-
and Chick Workholding vises for part clude specific part features and print
fixturing. Typical materials machined requirements, that would be suitable
at Crucial Component Machining LLC for one stroke honing or diamond siz-
include 6061 aluminum, stainless steel, ing, or both in some instances.
titanium, molybdenum and plastics. • Blind bore: Given the fact that a dia-
Dan Labonville started Crucial Com- mond sizing tool has to travel few
ponent Machining LLC in 2007. inches to get good cutting action, blind • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 75
for one stroke sired neither by bearings nor seals. gears was exploring the possibility of
honing or dia- When a particular lay is required, diamond sizing, as the process is gen-
mond sizing, or stroke honing is the preferred method erally quicker than conventional stroke
both in some in- of honing. honing,” said the spokesperson. “The
stances. • Through bores made of hardened customer produced stroke honed parts
• Blind bore: material (>55 Hrc): While it is possible with an existing Nagel hone, and also
Given the fact that to use either process on hard parts, it is procured diamond sized parts to same
a diamond sizing recommended to stroke hone such surface finish, roundness accuracy and
tool has to travel parts. size tolerances from a Tier 1 supplier of
few inches to get “In one case, an automotive OEM gears. The only visible difference was
good cutting ac- manufacturing high volumes of pinion in the lay. The stroke honed part had a
tion, blind or near 45° cross hatch and the dia-
blind bores should mond sized part had a spiral Cross hatch finish
be finished by lay. Both part types were then
stroke honing sent for accelerated wear test- time, given that the feedrate is con-
process. ing. The diamond sized gears stant. This aggressive stock removal of
• Surface lay: failed upon reaching 60% of the hard part was deemed to have pro-
Often bearing sur- the minimum required time duced micro cracks in the part. How-
faces specify a while the stroke honed gear ever, in the case of stroke honing, the
cross hatch pat- did not fail even after reach- cutting rate was constant and pro-
tern, which is a ing 110% of the required min- duced a surface of better integrity.”
function of strok- imum time.
ing and rotation “It was determined that
speeds, while the cross hatch was one of the
Stroke hone tool
seal manufactur- contributing factors for fail-
(left) used in the
ers recommend no ures, but did not fully explain
roughing station
and diamond sizing
l ead surfaces, such large disparity. Upon
tool (right) used in which is obtained analyzing the gears under a
finish station of by briefly stop- scanning electron micro-
Nagel ECO 40 for a ping the stroking scope, micro cracks were
hydraulic valve at the end of the found in the diamond sized
body. cycle. The cross hard gear, which explained
hatch pattern the quick failure. As men-
helps in maintaining the hydrody- tioned earlier, the diameter
namic lubrication layer in bearings and and taper of the mandrel is
the no lead finish required by seals ar- Given the fact that a diamond sizing tool has to travel fixed. If the incoming bore
rests the leak path, thus enhancing the few inches to get good cutting action, blind or near size is on the lower end of the
sealing capability. Diamond sizing by blind bores should be finished by stroke honing tolerance, the rougher man-
virtue of rotating while plunging in al- process. Blind bore example shown is a drel has to remove that extra
ways creates a spiral finish that is de- string trimmer engine cylinder. stock in the same amount of Section of a hydraulic valve body.


• Thin through bore: Components such stock and correct the straightness and
as latches, torque converter discs, etc. a finish pass with diamond sizing sys-
that are generally under 2 mm thick - tem to get the diameters of the lands
whether hard or soft - are better suited under control.
for single pass honing. Fixturing the “Going back and forth from single
thin part in stroke honing presents a pass honing to stroke honing process as
challenge and better quality is obtained in a low volume job shop environment
by diamond sizing them. poses a challenge,” said the spokesper-
• Components made of soft material son. “In the past it would have necessi-
(<35 Hrc) and having through bores: tated two different types of equipment.
These type components, such as auto- Also, the two previous scenarios de-
motive powder forged or wrought con- scribed for a hydraulic valve body and
necting rods, are soft and typically connecting rod would have required
require both crank and pin bores to be both types of machines - driving up the
cost of the component.
Manufacturing engi-
neers typically have had
to choose whether to
buy a conventional
stroke honing machine
or a single-pass dia-
mond sizing machine,
and then make do when
parts suited for the other
type of process material-
“As an alternative,
Nagel is offering the
ECO series 40, 80 and
180 honing systems that
Connecting rod being diamond sized in the ECO 40 hone. switch from conven-
ti onal stroke honing
honed. While either process can hone mode to single-pass, diamond sizing
the connecting rod, the single pass dia- mode at the press of a button. It means
mond sizing process offers a notable that within one system the operator has
advantage. Diamond sizing being rela- control over the honing technique and
tively quick - about twice as fast as the ability to choose the best option for
stroke honing - provides the opportu- the particular project. In a multiple
nity for significant equipment cost re- spindle setting when processing a hy-
duct ion when dealing with high draulic valve body the rougher can be See Us at IMTS 2014, Booth E-5602
volumes. When there are no crosshatch run in stroke honing mode and finisher
requirements, diamond sizing is a good in diamond sizing mode. When pro-
process for soft through bores with low cessing a connecting rod, the same ma-
length to diameter ratio. chi ne can switch the rougher to
In some automotive connecting diamond sizing and finisher to stroke
rods and marine connecting rods, honing with a push of a button. This of-
rough and semi finish honing opera- fers immense flexibility for tightly tol-
tions are performed on a diamond siz- eranced parts.”
ing station and finishing is done on a
stroke honing station. This approach Article supplied by
affords the advantage of both processes Nagel Precision, Inc.
- the speed of a diamond sizing process
and the ability to impart lay with the For more information contact:
stroke honing process. Nagel Precision, Inc.
• Through bore with interrupted lands: 288 Dino Drive
A hydraulic valve body has one of the Ann Arbor, MI 48103
most stringent requirements for size 734-426-5650
and surface finish. Typically they call
for cylindricity and size tolerance of
less than 0.002 mm. They
are usually made of cast
iron or some soft metal.
This is one of the most
challenging applications
to hone. Given it has mul-
tiple lands, size control
between land to land is a
challenge for conven-
tional stroke hone. But,
the high L:D ratio makes
it impossible for the dia-
mond sizing operation to
correct the straightness,
as it will follow the exist-
ing banana shape of the
bore. Applications like
this would benefit from a
rough pass with a stroke
honing operation that can
short stroke at problem The Nagel ECO 180 features stroke
areas to remove more honing and diamond sizing capabilities. • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 77

request NUM’s CNC technology for ma-
Retrofit-Remanufacture- chine upgrades. Most of these customers
Expanded Chuck
Repair Feature
regard NUM’s gear hobbing solution,
NUMgear, as the best in the industry,
Reconditioning Service
Royal Machine & Tool Corp. has
Continued from Page 71 and are aware of the local development
expanded its reconditioning and re-
resources that can add further function-
pairing services of chucks to include
ality from NUM Corporation’s head-
machine tool rebuilders. According to
Advanced CNC quarters in Naperville, IL.”
According to Harry Salverston,
the company, chucks for National
Acme, Goss & Deleeuw, Kaufman and
Retrofit Package for President of North East Technologies,
“NUMgear provided much of the func-
New Britain machines can now be re-
In collaboration with NUM, ma- conditioned for less than 50% of the
chine tool rebuilder North East Tech- tionality we needed for our hob re-
cost of purchasing new chucks.
nologies Inc. has developed a CNC sharper retrofit at the outset, making it
An advanced CNC retrofit package based “Replacing existing worn or dam-
retrofit package that brings the per- on NUM technology doubles the accuracy an ideal platform. And NUM’s willing-
aged chucks with new chucks is not al-
formance of early generation hob of Klingelnberg SNC 30 hob sharpeners. ness to partner with us to develop ap-
ways the best decision,” said Guy
sharpening equipment up to modern plication-specific features we wanted -
Byrne, Senior Vice President and Gen-
day standards. According to the com- Capable of handling workpieces up such as a custom HMI and special ma-
eral Manager, Royal Machine & Tool
pany, the system is designed to double to 300 mm (12”) in diameter, Klin- chine code - confirmed this choice.
Corp. “With the reconditioning of
accuracy and can increase the produc- gelnberg SNC 30 hob sharpeners can NUM effectively acted as an extension
chucks costing less than 50% of the cost
tivity of machines by margins of 40% or to our own engineering resources to
grind helically fluted hobs to a depth of of buying a new chuck, customers can
more. By extending the life and en- help speed development.”
90 mm (3.5”). “Many of these machines purchase two chucks, reconditioned like
hancing the performance of hob sharp- The CNC retrofit package content
have been in continual use for 25 or new, for the same price as a new re-
ening machines, the retrofit provides depends on the configuration of the
more years,” said a company spokesper- placement chuck and include a one year
gear manufacturers and tool service hob sharpener. Basic SNC 30 machines
son. “However, despite still being me- full warranty (the same as a new chuck).
companies with a cost-effective alter- have two CNC axes as standard - one
chanically sound, some of these (X) for the wheelhead slide and the
native to purchasing new equipment. machines are showing signs of age.
North East Technologies special- other (A) for the workpiece spindle -
Their motion control hardware is not up and can be fitted with a further two op-
izes in servicing and rebuilding hob
to today’s standards in terms of speed, tional axes to automate axial (Y) and
sharpening equipment. A major part of
accuracy or efficiency, so the machines radial (Z) movement of the wheelhead.
its business is retrofitting modern con-
trol systems to early generation hob act as a production bottleneck. And as At a customer’s request, North East
sharpeners, such as the SNC 30 and their original CNC systems become in- Technologies will incorporate these
AGW Series machines originally pro- creasingly unreliable and use obsolete extra axes during the retrofit process.
duced by Klingelnberg in the 1980s. To components, rising support costs and In addition to upgrading the machine’s
expedite refurbishment, North East downtime eventually renders them inef- controller to a NUM Flexium 68 CNC
Technologies decided to develop a fective. system, the retrofit replaces all motors
standard high performance CNC retro- “When choosing a control solution and drives with high performance
fit package that could readily be provider for the retrofit package, North NUM servomotors and NUMDrive C
adapted to different machine configu- East Technologies was heavily influ- servo drives. The new servomotors are
rations. enced by its customers, many of whom equipped with high resolution 262,000
pulse/rev encoders (the original motor After evaluating the defective original
encoders were 1,000 pulse/rev devices) chuck, reconditioning was recommended
which in conjunction with the Flexium to provide new chuck standards, one year
CNC kernel provide much more accu- full warranty (the same as a new chuck)
rate control of speed and position. and up to a 50% cost advantage over a
Considerable attention has been brand new chuck.
paid to ensuring that the HMI of the
CNC retrofit preserves the familiar look In addition to savings of up to 50%
and feel of the original SNC 30 operat- or more in cost, Bernie McAloon, Sales
ing system. A fill in the blank program- Manager, noted four specific reasons for
ming method, backed by custom customers to consider reconditioning or
control macros, means that the machine repairing a chuck:
operator is not presented with unfamil- • Does the chuck visibly appear to be
iar CNC nomenclature, and simply en- worn?
ters parameters such as the length of • Has an accident broken something in
flute and the amount of material to be the chuck?
removed. Each screen is context-sensi- • Has the chuck begun to lose its grip-
tive to eliminate ambiguity. For exam- ping?
ple, selecting a grinding cycle that uses • Has the chuck begun to lose its accu-
a cubic boron nitride (CBN) wheel racy?
opens a folder that only contains op- “Initially, customers should contact
tions for conventional deep grinding Royal Machine to discuss their require-
(CDG) and single flute deep grinding ments,” said McAloon. “Then, the chuck
(SDG), with dressing disabled. The soft- will be disassembled, cleaned and evalu-
ware also allows the operator to teach ated at no charge. Should they not be too
the machine the relative positions of the badly worn or damaged, Royal Machine
X, Y, Z and A axes under manual con- will recommend reconditioning or re-
trol, enabling grinding cycles for differ- pairing and then provide a detailed cost
ent hobs to be easily developed. estimate. Once the decision is made to go
For more information contact: ahead, the chuck will be quickly recondi-
Steve Schilling tioned and tested, delivered with like-new
NUM Corporation tolerances and a one year full warranty.”
603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115 For more information contact:
Naperville, IL 60563 Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager
630-505-7722 Royal Machine & Tool Corp. P.O. Box Y 4 Willow Brook Drive
Berlin, CT 06037
North East Technologies Inc. 860-828-6555
Part Washing System for Palletized Parts Portable Modular Finishing System
Brands, manufac-
turer of BGK elec-
tric infrared curing
and material han-
dling solutions, in-
troduced the BGK
portable chain-on-
edge system with
i n f r a re d c u r i n g
oven. It brings IR
solutions to finish-
ing operations that
prefer to work
with a limited
footprint, includ-
ing labs and small
production appli-
This modular
finishing system
• All-in-one con-
veying, spraying
View of pallet with part on table top conveyor. and curing capa-
Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. of Palletized conveyor systems are typi- • Accommoda-
Fond du Lac, WI, designs and builds cally not suited for travel through a tions to handle a
water-based parts cleaning equipment washing station. Alliance has devel- variety of part
for a variety of production applica- oped a handshake interface that auto- sizes and shapes.
tions. Alliance introduces the Aqua- matically transfers the soiled pallet/ • To u c h s c re e n
master CC series dual-chain wash part on to the Alliance conveyor sys- Cont. on Pg. 81
system for cleaning palletized parts. tem for cleaning. The conveyor in the
The Aquamaster CC pallet wash- Alliance pallet cleaning systems is de-
ing system was designed for integra-
tion into table-top pallet conveyor
signed specifically for cleaning pal-
letized parts and handling wash
For more information on
systems for cleaning both empty pal- solution. This system contains the Finishing/Grinding/Abrasives
lets and pallets holding parts. As parts wash water, which minimizes drag-out
are machined, they can become con- and recirculates the fluid for filtering. Visit
taminated with chips, coolant, and The Alliance palletized conveyor
other manufacturing soils that can be pallet washing machines are designed
detrimental to subsequent operations. Continued on Page 81 Paint Robots Rotate 140°
ABB Flexible Automation intro- and air supply hoses are encapsulated
Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder duced the IRB 580, a precision paint
robot that combines the functions of
in the arm and wrist. This prevents
damage to the hoses, and the straight
ACER is introducing the new super high column the IRB 5400 series with a compact de- design eliminates wear and tear thus
Supra-818AHII Surface Grinder. 19-5/16” from sign. increasing reliability,” said a company
It is a two-axis automatic hy- spindle center to The IRB 580’s hollow wrist can ro- spokesperson. The wrist is built
draulic surface grinder with a table surface for tate 140° in any direction. “The main around three wedge-shaped rotating
ball rolling table tall parts grind- feature of robot arms with ABB’s hol- links controlled by three axis motors
and auto lubrica- ing. low wrist technology is that all paint Continued on Page 81
tor. The Supra- Included with
818AHII has a the machine is an
Meehanite auto lube system
casting base with timer (0 -
and has a 60 min.) to ad-
working ca- just for the
pacity of 8” best lubrica-
x 18”. It has tion. The
precision cross- table has pre-
feed ways coated cision ball
with Turcite B. The rolling way
machine has a dy- a n d i s
namic balanced 3 HP driven by
class V3 spindle cable for
motor for big stock smooth
removal. It is con- table move-
structed with a ment as well as
h e a v y s t r u c t u re a n e rgo n o mi c bo t t o m
spindle design to do wn feed design, waist
support wide 8” x 3/4” (max 1”) x 1- height with 0.0001” direct read
1/4” size wheel grinding to in- increment.
crease productivity. The machine has a Continued on Page 81
1368 Capital Drive ABB Robotics, Inc.
Part Washing Fond du Lac, WI 54937 1250 Brown Road
Continued from Page 80 800-969-7960 Auburn Hills, MI 48326 248-391-8622
Automatic Hydraulic
Continued from Page 80 Portable Modular
The machine has a large machine Continued from Page 80
base that is 24” wide and machine control panel for manual or automatic
weight of 2,850 lbs. assuring accuracy operation.
and stability. It is equipped with C.E. BGK develops coating curing solu-
approved electrical cabinet with elec- tions utilizing high intensity electric in-
tricity cut off on/off switch. An extra frared.
wide saddle w/ double V, Turcite B For more information contact:
way, 2V is 21-1/2” wide for stable X/Y BGK Finishing Systems
movement. Some accessories include a ified thickness over the entire object. It 4131 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE
free halogen light / splash guard, bal- also increases transfer efficiency by Minneapolis, MN 55449
Aquamaster CC-1200E with ancing stand with arbor. 763-784-0466
synchronizing the gun needle and
360° conveyor loop. For more information contact:
paint flow triggering with the robot
ACER/Springwood Industrial, Inc.
arm motion in order to reduce over-
1062 N. Kraemer Place
per application. Building block mod- spray. The IPS system will automati-
Anaheim, CA 92806
ules can be configured to include a cally compensate for physical changes
multitude of process zones such as in the environment or the equipment,
wash, rinse, rust inhibit, blowoff and always keeping the commanded flow
dry. The conveyor opening and length rate within strict tolerances. It will
of the machine is determined by the monitor all the set limits and warn the
size of the pallet and volume of the pal- Paint Robots operator of any equipment wear over
lets needed to be cleaned over a given Continued from Page 80 time,” said the spokesperson.
time frame. The spray zones are de- and are enclosed in the rear end of the The S4P controller, ABB’s global
signed for 360-degree spray coverage horizontal arm. It can be fitted with dif- controller format, is modular and de-
for complete cleaning and flushing of ferent applicators such as bells or vari- signed for operational reliability. “The
parts and pallets. Pallet stops can be in- ous guns. twin channel safety system is continu-
corporated in the machine to stop the The robot arm is fitted with ABB’s ously monitored and complies with in-
pallet for cleaning or drying of specific Integrated Process System (IPS) soft- ternational safety standards. The
holes in the part or special part fea- ware on board, featuring closed loop balanced arm, which has breaks on all
tures. regulation and control for paint and axes, improves ease of use and per-
For more information contact: airflow adjustment. “The system en- sonal safety.
Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. sures a uniform film build with a spec- For more information contact:
servation options in-
Metal Blackening Using Near-Zero Water cluding the Near-
Metal finishers facing water re- spokesperson. Zero system from
strictions have a new option for the Water restrictions are now under Birchwood Tech-
black oxide process from Birchwood serious consideration for much of the nologies.
Technologies. “Now it is possible to op- western United States due to a severe Where water use
erate the in-house TRU TEMP black seasonal drought outlook from the na- is under scrutiny,
oxide system while utilizing almost no tional weather service. The drought the Near-Zero water
rinse water. The Near-Zero water recy- forecast is for most of 2014 and spans recycling system is
cler allows for re-using the rinse water the entire west coast and as far east as easily installed on a
in the process line, reducing water con- Minnesota down through major areas new TRU TEMP line
sumption by 99 percent. For black of Texas. Compounding the water or on an existin g
oxide users in water-restricted areas, shortage problems are last year’s se- line as a retrofit. It
this is huge - it means manufacturers vere drought and wild fires throughout can make the differ-
can continue critical metal finishing op- the region. Industrial users of large ence between suc-
erations while observing tight water amounts of water including metal fin- cessful in-house
usage guidelines”, said a company ishers are now evaluating water con- blackening and no
Metal blackening using Near-Zero water
usage system from Birchwood
Technologies is a solution for drought
areas facing water restrictions.

blackening at all.
A normal 100-gallon TRU TEMP
black oxide process line utilizes three
flowing rinse tanks, each utilizing
about two gallons of water per minute.
When operated for one shift per day
for a month, the total water consump-
tion is about 63,000 gallons - all going
to the city sewer as non-hazardous dis-
charge. Though most users find that
the cost of water/sewer is normally
low, a flowing rinse system may not be
a viable option in water restricted
The Near-Zero water recycling sys-
tem allows the user to recycle and re-
use the rinse water in the process tanks
for about a month. Then the Near-Zero
filter media is changed and all three
rinse tanks are purged and re-filled
with fresh water. A 100-gallon size tank
line would require about 600 gallons of
water each time the system is purged -
a 99 percent reduction in water usage.
The Near-Zero water recycling sys-
tem is designed for TRU TEMP process
lines up to 200 gallons in tank size and
is completely pre-engineered for fast
setup. The system can be integrated
into most TRU TEMP tank lines in only
a few minutes.
The TRU TEMP in-house process
produces Mil Spec/RoHS compliant
black oxide finishes, with a 30-minute
turnaround time. The TRU TEMP bath
operates at 200 °F and forms a non-di-
mensional, high quality black mag-
netite finish on all types of tooling and
machine components. “Because the
process uses a short cycle time, it
streamlines part movement, provides
better control of finished part inventory
and enhances ISO accountability, giving
the user a ‘same-day turnaround’ capa-
bility,” said a company spokesperson.
For more information contact:
Birchwood Technologies
7900 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-9702

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• Regulating wheel: regu-
Centerless Cylindrical lating wheel dimensions
Grinding in Finishing Quality 350 x 500 x 203 mm; spin-
dle drive 11.5 kW
• Machine dimensions:
4,410 W x 2,600 L x 2,200 H
mm; weight approx. 17,000
For more information
Erwin Junker
Machinery, Inc.
2541 Technology Drive
Ste. #410
Elgin, IL 60124
Grinding of piston pins. Workpieces
are guided through the grinding
process in seamless sequence
and subsequently measured.

The Junker portfolio has been ex-

tended to include a new machine con-
cept. The TITAN 500 is able to grind
workpieces to a finished standard of
quality using the throughfeed grinding
technique. This entails workpieces
passing through the machine in contin-
uous sequence while they are precision
gro und by a wide CBN grinding
“To achieve this high standard of
quality, the TITAN features a range of
machine attachments such as wheel-
head, regulating wheelhead, work
blade and infeed/outfeed, which are
aligned and calibrated to a high degree
o f p re c i s i o n , ” s a i d a c o m p a n y
spokesperson. “Another key factor is
machine rigidity using a vibration
damping, highly torsion-resistant cast
mineral machine base designed specif-
ically for CBN grinding.”
Using the throughfeed process
with a wide CBN grinding wheel, the
workpieces pass in seamless sequence
through the machine, provided all
workpieces have only a single diame-
ter requiring a uniform grinding oper-
ation. The axial force of the regulating
wheel, which is generally inclined at an
angle of 1.5 - 3.5°, pulls the flow of
workpieces through the wheels to-
wards the end of the grinding cell.
Used in conjunction with an automated
loading and unloading system, the
workpieces pass through the machine
without interruption.
Grinding example with the TITAN
500: centerless grinding of piston pin
outside diameters in finishing quality.
Qualities achieved (data may differ de-
pending on the workpiece and the ma-
chining sequence):
• Diameter tolerance: < 0.005 mm
• Cylindrical shape: < 0.0012 mm
• Surface roughness Ra: 0.0001 mm
• Concentricity: < 0.001 mm
• Cycle time: 3.0 seconds
• Machine availability: > 95%
• Throughfeed rate: 2 m/min
• Grinding allowance: 0.3 mm.
Technical data:
• Grinding area: workpiece diameter 3-
220 mm
• Grinding wheel: CBN 500 x 500 x 305
mm; spindle drive 37 (55-100) kW;
and a standard grinding wheel of 14” di- 9925 Tabor Place
Continuous Dressing Creepfeed Grinding ameter, 3” wide and a 5” bore. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
“The FSG-C1224CNC pro file vating axes are positioned by precision The standard FANUC 0iMD con- 562-903-1929
grinder is designed to meet such grind- ballscrews with an AC servomotor pro- trol provides full automation through
ing requirements as intricate profiles viding accuracy. The elevating encoder programming in order to grind multi-
and mold components, and are well device is mounted on the top of the el- shaped workpieces and complete the
suited for the aircraft, automobile, elec- evating ballscrew, acting with clutch; it entire grinding processes from rapid AMS Automation Inc.
tronic, medical, machine tool and de- can directly encode the downfeed approaching, rough grinding, wheel 10015 Chickasaw Lane
fense industries,” said Chevalier Vice amount, thus eliminating error. The dressing with auto compensation and Houston, TX 77041
President Johnson Lan. machine’s column is driven by a preci- fine grinding in one fully-automatic 713-460-8881
sion ballscrew and cycle. The control panel has an 8.4” TFT
has a FANUC AC color LCD screen that can display the
servo control system grinding position and program execu-
that provides precise tion status and allow the operator to Dixie Tool Crib Inc. Brownsville
in/out movement. monitor the grinding operation. Indi- 275 King’s Highway Suite 102
The floor space is cating LEDS show main power, ma- Brownsville, TX 78521
158” x 116” x 105” chine zero, end of program, magnetic 956-544-4333
with a machine chuck voltage, dressing and lubrication
weight of approxi- conditions. The control is not only dust
mately 19,800 lbs. proof and waterproof but also offers
The table size is 12” maintenance free features. Hillary Machinery Inc.
x 24”, which includes Standard accessories include tools, 1825 Summit, Ste. 207
a maximum grinding touch-up paint and toolbox, coolant Plano, TX 75074
length of 24” and nozzle, diamond dresser and diamond, 972-578-1519
width of 12”. The wheel flange, balancing arbor, leveling
maximum distance screws and pads and a totally enclosed
from the table surface splash guard.
to spindle center line Chevalier Machinery will provide Magnum Precision Machines Inc.
Aerospace Turbine Blade - By using horizontal or set-up and training at no charge for up 12025 Rojas Dr. Ste. A
is 24”, and the maxi-
vertical indexer or applicable holding fixture, machine to two operators at the customer’s fa- El Paso, TX 79936
mum table load is 920
can grind various indexing shapes and slots. cility for complete familiarization with 915-856-7900
lbs. with a XZ travel
of 32” x 16”. this machine’s functions. This includes
The single-piece base casting is de- Supported by six super precision general machine usage as well as en-
signed for rigidity and longevity. Col- angular contact bearings, the spindle tering programs. Its modern ware-
umn and wheelhead traverse structure can perform heavy-duty grinding loads. house facility in the Los Angeles area Magnum Precision Machines Inc.
are on precision roller bearings. Hard- The spindle is air-cooled to minimize maintains a comprehensive inventory 8448 Washington Place
ened and ground guideways are pre- temperature increase and ensure spindle of parts for all machines sold in the Albuquerque, NM 87113
loaded and driven by a precision accuracy. The grinding spindle speed is United States. 915-856-7900
ballscrew that provides rigidity and from 500~3,500 RPM range with an AC For more information contact:
precise positioning. Crossfeed and ele- servo power rating of 30 HP available Chevalier Machinery Inc.
Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools target surfaces. time data on system functions, such as the front, an optional manual touch-up
3695 E. I-240 Service Rd. All rotating parts of the precision air pressure, slurry pump speed and station and hand-held gun are avail-
Oklahoma City, OK 67217 ball screw/ball nut actuators of the cycle time. The human-machine inter- able, with safety interlocked armholes
405-670-1111 two-axis gun mover are located on the face (HMI) allows selection of a pre- and a view window with a wiper. roof of the wet-blast machine, outside programmed recipe for processing a The track extension is constructed the wet and abrasive environment of with a catch tray under the transfer cart
particular component or entry of
the blast chamber. In this machine and attached to the blast cabinet. Slurry
model, a single component is loaded process parameters such as the stroke or rinse water is collected in the
Fisher Manufacturing Services
and secured on a sturdy, custom-de- length and travel speed for the travers- pitched tray and drained to a recircu-
121 Fisher Lane
Dover, AR 72837 signed rack built on a trans- ing motion of the blast nozzles. Also at lating rinse tank.
479-890-5949 fer cart that rolls on a V-rail The baffled stainless steel recircu- track extension at the side lating rinse tank, which receives fluid
of the vapor-blasting sys- from the overflow port of the slurry
tem. The powered roll-out hopper and from the catch tray under
Automated Slurry cart allows unrestricted ac- the track extension, promotes settling
cess for loading by an over- of any media particles or fines carried
Blast System has head crane or hoist. over by the rinse water. It is fitted with
2-Axis Gun Motion The blast enclosure,
cabi ne t hopper and all
a skimmer to remove floating oil or
grease from the closed-loop rinsing
Guyson Corporation has intro- structures exposed to the system, as well as a stainless steel
duced a 72” x 72” wet blasting machine slurry are fabricated in pol- pump to deliver rinse water to the
with a 1,500 lb. capacity powered trans- ished 304 stainless steel. The hand held or automatic spray nozzles.
fer cart and a gun manipulator that interior walls of the process Filtration of the rinse water is option-
moves the blast nozzles vertically and chamber are lined with rub- ally available.
horizontally in a repeatable, pro- ber curtains for abrasion re- Prospective users of industrial
grammed routine. sistance and noise abate- manual, automated or robotic wet
Designed for wet-blast cleaning, ment. A full depth swing- blasting equipment are invited to sub-
descaling and pre-polish treatment of out side door fitted with a mit sample components for free labo-
dies or molds, this custom engineered view window and safety in- ratory testing and application
Vaqua slurry blasting system has two terlocks permits access to engineering evaluation at the blast ma-
banks of four guns bracketed in posi- the inside of the blast cabi- chinery manufacturer’s factory in
tion at the correct angles and offsets on net for inspection, adjust- northeastern New York State.
the X-axis arms of the gun mover so ment and maintenance. For more information contact:
both faces of the workpiece can be A compact touch-screen John C. Carson
blasted simultaneously. Controlled and interface mounted on the Guyson Corporation
adjustable traversing of the blast guns front of the machine pres- Guyson Corporation has introduced a 72” x 72” 13 Grande Blvd.
in two axes enables thorough, consis- ents all controls needed for slurry blasting machine with programmable vertical
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-9090
automatic operation of the and horizontal motion of up to eight wet-blast
tent coverage of components up to 30” 800-633-6677 / 518-587-7894
wet blasting machine and guns and a powered transfer cart for
in diameter, and if desired, blast treat-
graphically displays real- loading of heavy components.
ment can be concentrated on specific
grinding belt is quickly tightened and ing, therefore reducing the overall set-
Pipe Notcher by Almi easily adjusted. Once the sections of
Single and Double up and machining time of the part.
Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solu-
tions offers the Scotchman AL100U-02
pipe have been ground they can be de-
burred using the deburring table on
Spindle Complex The EGI-150CNC series is a single
spindle I.D. grinder with an optional
Pipe Notcher/Grinder. Useful in high
production environments, the abrasive
top of the machine. Scotchman pipe Turning Grinders end face grinding head that is posi-
notchers are backed with Scotchman’s Supertec Machinery, Inc. has intro- tioned via servo motor and precision
pipe grinder is designed for the notch- three-year warranty. duced a new line of complex I.D./O.D. ballscrew. The EGI series grinders have
ing of gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless
grinders. The new EG product line of- a work env elope (dependin g on
steel pipes and many other types of
pipes. Wherever pipes need to be fers CNC grinders starting with a sin- model) of 12.6” swing over table, 6”
welded together at an angle, Scotch- gle I.D. spindle up to a twin spindle grinding depth with a max. I.D. bore of
man pipe notching machines help en- I.D./O.D. complex grinder capable of 9.44”. A 3-jaw 8” hydraulic chuck is
sure that the correct cope is made. grinding an I.D., O.D., end face and standard on the machine.
They are also ideal for double corner shoulder. With the optional turning The EGM-500CNC twin spindle
joints. spindle the machine offers enhanced grinder will be on display under full
“The construction quality of a versatility. All models utilize the power in Supertec’s booth N6945 at the
welded tube depends largely on cor- FANUC Oi-TD control, drives and mo- upcoming IMTS.
rect preparation,” said a company tors, and come with the FANUC two- For more information contact:
spokesperson. “With the Scotchman year limited warranty. Supertec Machinery, Inc.
abrasive pipe notcher/grinder, quality The EGM-500CNC twin spindle 6435 Alondra Blvd.
is easily achieved. Just place a pipe in model features two I.D. grinding spin- Paramount, CA 90723
the clamp, which is mounted on a dles with ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 562-220-1675
compound carriage, and grind a di- RPM. The grinder has an ample work
ameter and/or any shape of pipe to envelope with a grinding diameter up
t he de sired angle. The abrasive to 12.6” and a
grinders are sturdy, precise machines grinding depth of
that operate at high speeds, so stain- 8”. The EGM-
less steel sections can be machined 500CNC grinder
without grinding burrs or heat discol- utilizes NSK lin-
oration. These machines are con- ear ways and pre-
structed so the grinding roller and the cision ballscrews
grinding belt can be changed easily For more information contact:
on all three axes
and quickly without tools.” Jerry Kroetch, President for smooth move-
The Scotchman Pipe Notchers by Scotchman Industries, Inc. ment, enhanced
Almi are designed for use on all mate- 180 E. Hwy 14 accuracy and
rial thicknesses and all types of mate- P.O. Box 850 rigidity. The op-
rial. Designed for ease of operation, Philip, SD 57567 tional turning
they may be utilized for tubes and sec- 800-843-8844/ 605-859-2542 spindle allows for
tions. According to the company, the turning the I.D. or
grinding rollers are easy to change; the O.D. before grind- for foundries that need to rapidly grind
Cylindrical Grinding Machines S. TX, LA gates and risers, or for other grinding
for Automated Production Environments Hartwig Houston
4727 S Pinemont, Ste. 100
This heavy-duty machine features
Okuma’s GP/GA-26TII series of • Center work and optional chuck Houston, TX 77041 a 14” x 3” contact wheel, 3” wide x 132”
compact cylindrical grinders is avail- work operations 713-749-9600 belt with a speed of 6,300 SFPM, a 10
able in both plain head (GP) and angle • Straight plunge, multi-plunge, cylin- HP motor, back stand tracking and a
head (GA) and designed to support drical traverse, face plunge and ta- N. TX vacuum attachment.
O.D. grinding in high-volume, auto- pered traverse grinding operation Hartwig Dallas
mated production environments. • Taper, arc and complicated form 5234 Bear Creek Court
The compact TII-Series is engi- grinding. Irving, TX 75061
neered to hold the workpiece station- Features of Okuma’s patented hy- 972-790-8200
ary while the grinding wheel traverses drodynamic wheel spindle:
back and forth - extremely cost effec- • Provides rigidity NM
tive for production lines with small to • Includes offset radial load equal to 1 Hartwig Colorado
mid-sized parts, according to Okuma. micrometer per 100 kg. (.000018” per
8599 Prairie Trail Drive
Equipped with features designed to 100 lbs.)
Denver, CO 80112
provide enhanced automation, this ma- • Includes rotating accuracy of 0.01 mi-
chine provides simultaneous dressing crometer (.0000004”)
and loading, fixed-table construction, • Provides higher surface finishes
wheel head traverse construction and • Eliminates chipping of brittle materi-
Hartwig Broken Arrow
compact design. als such as carbides and ceramics
1913 West Reno
Grinding applications include: • Eliminates dulling at the edges of
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
splines and other intermittent shaft
surfaces. 918-259-0260
Controlled by the Okuma THINC
OSP control, the GP/GA-26TII series AR
is capable of simultaneous two-axis Morris South
control and is designed to handle a 350 Electronics Blvd. The Model BG14 grinder is avail-
wide variety of workpiece shapes in a Huntsville, AL 35824 able with dual contact wheels for
simple data setting. The addition of 256-461-8111 multi-station operation. Options in-
automation accessories can make clude a variable speed drive and addi-
them part of a flexible manufacturing tional contact wheel diameters.
For more information contact:
Back Stand For more information contact:
Kalamazoo Industries, Inc.
Julie Murphy, Marketing Manager Grinder Designed for 6846 East K Ave.
Okuma America Corporation Kalamazoo, MI 49048
11900 Westhall Drive Fast Metal Removal 800-592-2050 / 269-382-2050
Charlotte, NC 28278 The Kalamazoo Industries Model
704-588-7000 BG14 back stand grinder is designed
without leakage around it.”
High-Precision Single stroke honing is a
Single Stroke Honing Process single-pass process that sizes
and finishes a bore with a series
Sunnen Products Company has in- single stroke honing process that of progressively larger su-
troduced an improvement in a key achieves cylindricity/straightness perabrasive tools adjusted to a
manufacturing process for cast iron hy- under 2 microns in bores up to 10 times pre-set diameter. Single stroke
draulic valve bodies using a precision longer than diameter. honing tools rotate while pass-
“Developed in Europe to ing through the bore one time
meet leak-free require- and then withdrawing. The ma-
ments for high-pressure chine’s servo-controlled
hydraulic systems, the stroking system provides flexi-
high-precision single bility with adjustable speed and
stroke honing process is various feed profiles, such as
almost 200% more accu- pecking, short stroke, dwell, etc.
rate than anything previ- Column feed and spindle speed
ously achievable for long, can be varied throughout a
small-diameter, tandem cycle using the machine control.
bores,” said a company The single stroke honing
spokesperson. tool consists of a tapered arbor
“ E u ro p e a n m o b i l e with an expandable diamond-
equipment hydraulic sys- plated abrasive sleeve mated to
tems established this it. The external profile of the
cylindricity specification sleeve is designed for the appli-
to reduce internal leaks cation. Single-pass honing is
and achieve higher valve ideally suited for solid bore
performance,” said Juerg parts with L/D (length/diame-
Huber, Managing Direc- ter) of 1:1 or less. Parts with
tor, Sunnen AG. “The much larger length to bore ratio Cutaway view of high-precision
precise fit between the can be honed under certain cir- single stroke honing tool
sliding spool and valve cumstances. Bores that have in- inside the bore of a cast iron valve body.
body maintains the inter- terruptions allow better chip
nal seal in this area. Pre- flushing and reduce the load on the short bore - one with L/D less than one
cision cylindricity and abrasive sleeve. In the case of cast iron - assuming the part has a sufficiently
straightness in this bore valve bodies, bore length-to-diameter rigid wall,” said Huber. “However, as
ensures uniform clear- ratios of 10 or greater can be single- the bore length increases, it becomes
ance between the moving pass honed with success. more difficult to achieve good straight-
parts from top to bottom “Single-pass honing is a stable, ness and cylindricity. Among other rea-
Sunnen VSS-2 single stroke honing in the valve, allowing free high-production process that can sons, the honing tool’s sizing land
machine shown with enclosure open. movement of the spool, achieve one micron cylindricity in a tends to follow the bore. On cast iron
valve bodies with L/D of 10, the stan- alignment and flexible, easy-to-use six-spindle) and the 64 (six-station, splined bores or long L/D ratios if
dard process has typically produced controls. Spindles are factory aligned four-spindle) - to meet various mid- to cross holes or other interruptions are
five microns cylindricity under opti- independently for precision centering high-production needs. Spacing be- present to allow chip flushing. Sunnen
mum conditions. High-precision single over the tooling plate to produce better tween spindles is 190 mm (7.48”). The offers a range of single-pass plated-di-
stroke honing takes this to two microns bore geometry than possible when 7.5 kW (10 HP) spindle drive provides
amond tooling for the VSS-2 for pre-
cylindricity or less. And with a tool life using an average alignment for all the a speed range of 100-2,500 RPM.
that can be 60,000 to 80,000 parts, the spindles, according to the company. cise, accurate and consistent bore
“When properly applied, single
process is economical. A typical part The VSS-2 utilizes a spindle car- stroke honing is a quick, cost-effective sizing.”
suitable for this process might have a riage with a 724 mm (28.5”) stroke and method to get a precise bore size, For more information contact:
16 mm bore, over 160 mm long, with 11 up to 105 mm/sec (250 IPM) stroking geometry and surface finish,” said the Sunnen Products Company
lands. This type of part can now be speed for increased flexibility with a spokesperson. “Parts made of cast iron, 7910 Manchester Road
honed to less than two microns cylin- wide variety of parts and tooling com- powdered metals, ceramic, glass, St. Louis, MO 63143
dricity, less than two microns straight- binations. The servo-powered stroke graphite and other free cutting materi- 800-325-3670 / 314-781-2100
ness and one micron roundness.” system provides process flexibility and als are ideal for the process. Single-pass
The high-precision single stroke is hand-wheel controlled for quick set- bore sizing is also appropriate for
process utilizes a combination of pro- up.
prietary tool processing, tool holding, The menu-driven
workpiece fixturing and process pa- touch screen control al-
rameters, without any penalty on cycle lows the column feed
Cylindricity Tolerance
time. It is already in use by manufac- and spindle speed to be

Cylindricity is a function of overall roundness,

turers of hydraulic valves in Turkey, varied throughout the

straightness and taper. It can be described as the

Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, cycle. Process flexibility
Sweden and the U.S. is enhanced by the use
of six available profiles, condition of bore in which all points of the surface
are equidistant from a common axis. The longer
The Single Stroke Honing Machine including pecking,

the bore, the harder it is to achieve a low straight-

Sunnen offers single stroke honing short stroke and dwell,
on three different VSS-2 Series models which are easily added
that incorporate up to six spindles to to a set-up. More than ness value and, therefore, a low cylindricity value.
The cylindricity tolerance can be defined as the
progressively size and finish part 100 set-ups can be

allowable difference in radius of two coaxial cylin-

bores. The machines are utilized for stored. Additional I/O

ders that encompass all the data of the bore.

precision sizing of bores 3.9 - 50 mm and memory are stan-
(0.149 - 2.0”) diameter in stamped dard for integration
parts, hydraulic valve bodies, gears with auxiliary equip-
The surface must be contained within the
and sprockets, parking pawls, rocker ment, such as robots or

tolerance zone formed between two coaxial

arms, turbocharger housings and simi- part loaders.

cylinders with a difference in radii of t.

lar parts. Ideal materials include cast The VSS-2 Series 2
iron, powdered metals, ceramic, glass, is available in three
graphite and other free-cutting materi- models - the 84 (eight-
als. station, four-spindle),
The VSS-2 offers accurate spindle the 86 (eight-station,
technique em-
Combined Hard Turning and Grinding ployed on the VLC
According to EMAG the advan- chored in the machine base and pro- 250 DS turning and
tages of combining the hard turning vide a stable environment for the de- grinding center al-
and grinding processes include process m a n d i n g t u r n i n g a n d g r i n d i n g lows the machine to
consolidation, improved component operations. “This is important for time- load itself.
quality and greater flexibility. This saving hard pre-turning work and for The VLC 250
combination provides the benefit of achieving the best surface finish with a DS is designed for
shortened cycle times. Throughput, hard finish-turning or grinding opera- handling complex
transport times and storage periods tion,” said a company spokesperson. manufacturing
can be drastically reduced where all the Number and design of the stationary processes, whether
hard fine-machining operations can be tooling systems can be chosen to suit turning at high chip
carried out on a single machine. the individual machining requirement removal rates or a
An important fac- gentler grinding op-
tor for combination e r a t io n . T h e m a -
machines is ensuring chine covers a wide
range of applica- Generously proportioned maintenance and service openings
safe machining with an are designed for ease of access from both front and rear.
unhindered flow of the tions and complete-
turning and grinding machining in a
chips. The VLC 250 DS, single set-up in order to eliminate move nominal material, the wear on
with its vertical work reclamping errors. Measuring opera- the grinding wheel is minimal and re-
spindle and tools posi- tions can also be included. The meas- quires it to be straightened infre-
tioned below the work- uring probe is located between the quently, and then only by a fraction.
piece, is designed for machining area and pick-up station, • The grinding wheel specification can
optimal chip flow con- where it is safe from chips and coolant. be set to a “finishing quality,” as only a
ditions. The vibration Since the workpiece remains clamped very small allowance needs to be re-
dampening properties during the gauging process, intermedi- moved. This produces process-capable
ate measurements can also be taken. surface finishes in the Rz < 1.2 µm
o f t h e M I N E R A LI T
polymer concrete ma- The manufacture of gearwheels is range.
chine base create a me- a typical example of combination ma- • Unlike hard turning processes, the
c h a n i c a l l y s t u r d y VLC 250 DS: Hard turning chining. The end face is hard finish- grinding operation will generate scroll-
machine module. The and grinding on a single machine. tur n e d wh i l e bo re a n d c o ne are free surfaces on the same machine.
de sign of the work pre-turned and then finish-ground. For • The problem of rear end faces being
spindle, which forms an integral part and continuous monitoring of the ma- this purpose the machine is equipped difficult to reach with a grinding wheel
of a quill that carries out its Z-axis chine’s temperature ensures thermal with two grinding spindles, where one is solved with hard turning.
movement on a high-precision, hydro- stability. The operating temperature is spindle machines the bores and the • The cross-operational machine de-
static guideway also contributes to the reached and maintained within strict other carries out the external grinding sign provides easy maintenance and
vibration damping effect. limits of the ambient temperature by a work. As the amount to be ground is service access.
only a few hundredths of a millimeter, Technical Data
The tooling systems are firmly an- powerful cooling unit. The pick-up
the grinding wheels need only be de- • Chuck diameter: 250 / 315 mm
signed for finishing operations. • Swing diameter: 350 mm
• Travel in X, max.: 1,600 mm
• Travel in Z: 300 mm
• Travel in Y: (optional) ± 100 mm
• Rapid traverse speed, X: 60 m/min
• Rapid traverse speed, Z/Y: 3 0
For more information contact:
Peter Loetzner
38800 Grand River Avenue
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Ken Pope
Ric Lorilla
An internal grinding spindle and separate
dressing attachment on a VLC 250 DS.

The company reported the follow-
ing features for the VLC 250 DS:
Grinder for Large
• Vertical hard turning and finish- Batch Production
grinding on a single machine and in Total Grinding Solutions (TGS) of-
one set-up. fers its TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder
• All sectors of the workpiece that can configured for both through-feed
be turned with process integrity are grinding and in-feed grinding. Accord-
hard finish-turned, and only those that ing to the company, the grinder is de-
demand high quality requirements and signed for large-batch production with
process integrity are ground after hard short set-up times and is able to handle
pre-turning. a variety of grinding applications in-
• As the grinding process need only re- dustry wide.
rigidity and supports and facilitates Paint Mate 200iA features and ben-
material rotation
High-Speed efits:
• High-rigidity honeycomb machine
Painting with Robot • Lightweight and slim arm design fits
in tight workspaces
The FANUC Paint Mate 200iA/5L
• Integrated, heavy-duty, preloaded • Paint Mate 200iA offers 704 mm
intelligent mini paint robot is designed
rolling guide ways reach; Paint Mate 200iA/5L long-arm
to paint or decorate small parts, pro-
• Anti-friction bearing grinding wheel model offers 892 mm reach
viding a cost-effective alternative to ap-
and regulating wheel spindle • Purged and pressurized arm is FM
plications requiring multiple fixed
• Two-axis CNC grinding wheel and ATEX Class Div. 1 approved; max-
paint guns.
dresser. imizes reliability with FANUC’s stan-
The Paint Mate 200iA robot is flex-
For more information contact: dard purge module; offers integrated
ible and adapts to small lot sizes, new
Total Grinding Solutions solenoid valves for gun trigger
styles and other modifications. Slim
13265 East 8 Mile Rd. • High-speed operation minimizes
and lightweight, the Paint Mate 200iA
Warren, MI 48089 robot cycle times
Features of the TGS-CL-6020 cen- robot can be mounted in a variety of
734-604-3936 • Upright, invert or wall mounting ac-
terless grinder include: positions, which helps companies chal-
commodates a wide range of work
• Regulating wheel spindle outboard lenged with small and narrow work-
design provides enhanced spindle spaces.
• The latest robot controller offers inte-
grated iRVision and PaintTool Soft-

For more information contact:

FANUC America Corporation
3900 West Hamlin Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48309-3253
888-FANUC-US (326-8287)

Dörken to
Exhibit Full Range
of Coatings at
SUR/FIN 2014
Dörken Corporation USA will ex-
hibit at SUR/FIN 2014, Cleveland, OH,
June 9-11, 2014 Booth No. 811 its com-
plete line of non-chrome micro layer
corrosion protection coatings. The dis-
play will feature products coated using
the variety of systems available from
Highlighting the exhibit will be the
DELTA PROTEKT KL 120 basecoat,
that helps minimize “white” corrosion
and can be used in combination with
multiple topcoats for a customized
black appearance. The KL 120 is an en-
vironmentally friendly, abrasion and
corrosion resistant solution that can
help extend fastener product life.
Suited for markets such as automotive,
industrial, construction, agriculture
and energy, the coating is REACH
Compliant and provides consistent
torque tension.
The display will also feature samples
coated with the DELTA PROTEKT inor-
ganic coating systems, DELTA-TONE


60cc (2 ounces) wide range of viscosities.
Plural Component on every color •Color Stack: Connects 2
Technology change. The to 6 resin colors. Pro-
grammable flush feature
Binks has introduced a new inno- programmable
flush lowers sol- reduces solvent waste up
vative plural component system man-
vent waste up to to 65%.
ufactured in the USA. The company
65%. •Mix Manifold: Continu-
aims for versatility, accuracy and sav-
Binks EMS ous flow mixing of two
ings for 2K operations with their new
control system components in a compact
entry-level electronic plural component
p r o v i d e s and material-saving design.
system. The Binks EMS (Electronic Mix •Handheld Control Sys-
Solutions) handles ratios from 1:1 to straightforward
Dörken Corporation USA DELTA-PROTEKT tem: Easy-to-use keypad
100:1 with data entry, clear
KL-120 coating is used on a variety of w i t h re a l time data on
hardener flow displays and
products like those shown. home screen. Additional
rates as low as simple functions
screens show programma-
non-electrolytic zinc flake basecoat sys- 2cc (0.07oz) per on an easy-to- ble flush options, calibra-
tems, DELTA-SEAL an organic topcoat minute. use keypad. tion c h e c k s a n d h e l p
systems engineered for compatibility The Binks New users need with troubleshooting solu-
with zinc-flake systems and DELTA- EMS can be less training and tions and storage for up to
COLL clear and black topcoats for zinc configured for the unit incor- 40 alarms with date and
and zinc alloy electroplating. up to 6 colors p o r a t e s t ro u - time information.
For more information contact: and two guns, bleshooting features. For more information contact:
Dörken Corporation USA with or without Key Features: Binks
P.O. Box 429 gun flush •Control Enclosure: Mix, standby and 195 Internationale Blvd.
11200 Cedar Knoll Drive boxes. Material flush modes. Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Grass Lake, MI 49420-9622 waste is re- •Dispense Pump: Precise dispensing as 800-992-4657
517-522-4600 duced up to low as 2cc (0.07 oz) per min. Handles
SUR/FIN 2014 Booth 811

Abrasive Grinding
Wheels Provide
Rapid StockRemoval,
100 Ra Finish
Rex-Cut Abrasives offers a line of
abrasive grinding wheels designed for
fast grinding to reduce discoloration
and warping on stainless steel while
eliminating chatter.

“Rex-Cut Sigma Green Premium

Grinding Wheels provide rapid stock
removal for an enhanced finish, espe-
cially on 304 stainless steel, where these
36 grit discs produce a 100 Ra finish,”
said a company spokesperson. De-
signed to provide smooth, chatter-free
performance, these grinding wheels
are available in 4”, 4-1/2”, 5” and 7”
sizes, with and without hubs, and op-
tional 5/8-11 throw-away adapters.
The 4-1/2” wheel is also offered in 46-
and 60-grit versions.
“Rex-Cut Sigma Green Premium
Grinding Wheels contain only 0.035%
iron, with less than 0.1% of iron, chlo-
rine and sulfur combined,” said the
spokesperson. “Designed for use with
right angle grinders, they provide 50%
faster cutting than aluminum oxide
and 20% cooler cutting.”
For more information contact:
Rex-Cut Abrasives
960 Airport Rd.
Fall River, MA 02722
800-225-8182 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 93

Cut & Grind Wheels Deliver Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
Speed, Toughness and Versatility The Phoenix 280G Bevel Gear There are no rails, wires or pipes in
Grinding Machine is designed for the work chamber to collect SWARF,
pressed center
bevel gear grinding for gears up to 280 keeping the chamber clean for low pre-
grinding wheel
mm in diameter. ventative maintenance.
and as a cut-off
High-speed direct-drive spindles The machine
wheel for applica-
combine with quick- offers rapid set-up
tions including
change and all major set-
cutting, grinding,
up items can be
notching, goug-
ing, fillet weld re-
moval and bevel-
ing of mild steel
and stainless steel.
The technology
also helps the
wheels last longer,
removing almost
3M Abrasive Systems announced twice as much material in the same
the newest addition to its Cubitron II amount of time. Finally, the wheels cut
lineup-3M Cubitron II Cut & Grind with less pressure, so they help pro-
Wheels. “With 3M’s precision shaped vide control and potentially reduce op-
grains, these cut & grind wheels help erator fatigue.
operators blast through more tough The precision-shaped grains used
jobs faster, and without changing in Cubitron II products enable the
wheels”, said a company spokesper- abrasive to slice through metal. “3M’s
son. precision-shaped grains continuously
“These new wheels, along with wheel, arbor
fracture as they wear, forming sharp and coolant without
other recent additions to the line, like points and edges that wear evenly and
our flap discs and new flexible belt, header designs and auto- tools, including the grind-
provide long life and consistency matic stock dividing (simultaneously ing wheel, coolant header and work-
make our portfolio of Cubitron II prod- under normal grinding pressure”, said
ucts very well rounded, with solutions with wheel dressing) to help provide holding. The coolant header has small
the spokesperson. faster floor-to-floor times. The Phoenix blocks that can be swapped out by
for almost any grinding need,” said For more information contact:
Dan Cunningham, Director of Sales Monolithic column is cast from ad- hand, while the grinding wheel can be
and Marketing, 3M Abrasive Systems vanced polymer composite material to released hydraulically.
3M Center, Building 225-1S-15
Division. help achieve high thermal stability and A well-designed work chamber
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
Cubitron II Cut & Grind wheels 888-362-3550 damping characteristics. helps ensure optimum SWARF evacu-
are designed to be used like both a de- The Phoenix 280G is equipped ation. The wheel dresser, for example,
with a FANUC 30i or Siemens 840D telescopes completely out of the work
CNC and features Gleason’s user- chamber to reduce the wiring/piping
friendly software. According to the typically found there. The tool-less,
company, Phoenix design simplifies in- quick-change coolant header design
stallation, integration with robots and features a laser guidance device that
gantry-type automation and mainte- makes part-to-part pipe alignment
nance. more efficient and repeatable.
The 280G’s automatic stock di- For more information contact:
vider, mounted in close proximity to Gleason Corporation
the workspindle, helps ensure consis- 1000 University Avenue
tently high gear quality. The unit auto- P.O. Box 22970
matically determines the tooth slot Rochester, NY 14692-2970
position of the pre-finished gear to pro- 585-473-1000
vide accurate stock division, helping
eliminate operator errors.

High-Strength, Aggressive-Wire Brush

Suited for heavy-duty ap-
plications, Osborn’s high-
strength, aggressive-wire
Tornado brush removes slag,
silicates and oxidation from
Schedule 100 and Schedule
120 steel pipe. Th is knot,
stringer bead brush features a
7” diameter and can penetrate
into deep bevels.
“Designed for the tough-
est materials, this unique
brush features wire tips that
are aligned to eliminate the
need for break in,” said Jeff
Naymik, Marketing Manager
at Osborn.
For more information
1100 Resource Drive, Suite 1 216-361-1900
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Robotically Tended Clamp Bore Disc Grinding Machine
Lean-Jet RT-18 Cellular Parts Washer “C & B Machinery has received
Ransohoff, a division of Clean- not only the ability to wash and multiple orders for its latest generation
ing Technologies Group LLC, in- dry your parts but also rinsing or Model CBV-3 Clamp Bore disc grind-
troduced its new Lean-Jet RT-18 part cooling if necessary. ing machine. The automotive industry
robotically tended cellular parts is striving to reduce transmission gear
The RT-18 accommodates a
washer. While the previous noise in electric vehicles; to do this the
wide range of part sizes,
generation did provide plane- internal components must be more
weights and geometries
tary part rotation at precise than ever. C & B Machinery’s
and will produce new Clamp Bore disc grinders
each process- up to one part,
ing station, were specifically selected for
or table of parts, their high precision”, said
the new de-
sign allows for every 30 seconds a company spokesper-
each individ- depending on son.
ual table to the application. C & B Machin-
be pro- The new gen- ery’s new design,
grammed eration the CBV-3 Clamp
to rotate a Lean-Jet Bore disc grinding
part in RT- 1 8 i s machine, provides
multiple direc- available control of face to bore
tions, at vary- with an perpendicularity and im-
ing speeds, or proved lead variation. It also fea-
A l l e n
to pause and tures controlled stock removal on both
position a part symmetrical and non-symmetrical
or Sie- components, tighter face to bore per-
for dedicated
spaying or probing of m e n s pendicularity, reduced footprint and machines are avail-
critical holes or difficult to address PLC and overall reduced operating cost. able in a variety of models and tooling
areas. HMI pack- The new machine processes the configurations.
As table position is tracked age. face of each gear in an independent For more information contact:
throughout the cycle and parts are pos- For more information contact: cycle while the component is located C & B Machinery
itively located at the load and unload Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC and clamped using the ID as datum. 12001 Globe St.
station, this design is suited for a ro- 4933 Provident Drive With multiple stations, the gear faces Livonia, MI 48150 US
botically tended manufacturing cell. Cincinnati, OH 45246 are sequentially ground to maintain a 734-462-0600
This cellular washer is available 800-248-9274 / 513-870-0100 high throughput. C & B Machinery’s
with various configurations offering n e w c l a m p b o re d i s c g r i n d i n g

Tap Grinder Features Linear Motor Technology Aluminum Oxide Depressed

Center Wheels Offer Fast Cut Rate
Norton Abrasives has
introduced Gemini XXL alu-
minum oxide depressed cen-
ter wheels. “Providing 50%
more life and metal removal
than standard aluminum
oxide wheels, Gemini XXL
works best on hard-grade
carbon steel applications,
weld repairs, flashing and
jobs that require a quick
turnaround,” said a com-
pany spokesperson.
“The Gemini XXL 100%
aluminum oxide depressed
center wheels help metalfab
users improve productivity
and material output,” said
Debbie Gaspich, Norton
Abrasives Director of Prod-
uct Management, North
America. “Gemini XXL’s increased Manufactured in the U.S.A. in
metal removal rates and improved Norton’s Texas-based facility, Gemini
Schneeberger has introduced a tap possible, left hand / right hand cutting overall performance make it an excep- XXL wheels feature quality aluminum
grinding machine featuring all linear taps from 0.4” to 2-1/2” diameter and tional value when compared to stan- oxide abrasive for enhanced perform-
motor technology for high dynamic, 12” length. The machine accommo- dard aluminum oxide wheels. ance. They are available in 1/4” Type
speed and drive rigidity. Schneeberger dates grinding wheels up to 20”. “For example, in a field case study 27 wheels in diameters ranging from 4-
reported reduced manufacturing times The machine is designed for rigid- on right angle grinding long, light post 1/2” to 9” and heights of 7/8” and
due to the latest in FANUC linear ity with a polymer concrete base and welds, a 4-1/2 inch x 1/4 inch x 5/8-11 5/8-11”, ten SKUs in total.
motor technology. features FANUC 31i control technol- inch Gemini XXL wheel was tested For information contact:
The machine offers two high horse ogy. against a standard aluminum oxide Saint Gobain Abrasives, Inc.
power grinding motors for one set-up For more information contact: wheel on a 4-1/2 inch, 10 AMP grinder. P.O. Box 15008
complete manufacturing, FANUC J. Schneeberger Corp. The Gemini XXL removed 43% more 1 New Bond Street
loading technology, in-line dressing of 1380 Gateway Drive, Suite # 8 material and performed 106% better Worcester, MA 01615
the fluting wheel as well as a profile Elgin, IL 60123 than a competitive wheel for an annual 800-551-4413
grinding wheel. Any desired helix is savings of over $5,700.” • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 97
Cleaner-Degreaser New Automatic Spray Gun
Eliminates Need for Multiple Solutions Finishing Brands, manufacturer
of DeVilbiss industrial spray finish-
tions. It can also be used in parts clean- ing equiment, has introduced the
ing and pressure washing machines. AGMD Pro, the newest DeVilbiss au-
Oil Eater is a water-based cleaner tomatic spray gun. It uses DeVilbiss’
that is biodegradable, non-corrosive, LVMP (Low Volume Medium Pres-
non-toxic and non-flammable. It con- sure) Compliant Atomization Tech-
tains no acids, abrasive or petroleum nology and provides:
solvents and will not harm the skin. • Pro high performance front end
The product is made from a mixture of technology with removable/replace-
non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, able baffle and air cap retaining
water softeners and other biodegrad- threads.
able ingredients. • New radial clamping device with
Oil Eater is available in 1-, 5-, 30- quick release cam operation from ei-
and 55-gallon containers. A sample is ther side of gun. vent base coatings.
available upon request. • Fast cylinder cycle at lower air pres- For more information contact:
Kafko International’s eco-friendly sures.
For more information contact: DeVilbiss
Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser • Same Tool Center Point as original
disperses grease, oil and grime from Bob Kafkis 195 Internationale Blvd.
Kafko International AGMD model. Glendale Heights, IL 60139
machinery, engines, tools, concrete,
3555 W. Howard St. • Certified air caps with indexing fa- 800-992-4657
walls and more.
Skokie, IL 60076 cility - suitable for waterborn and sol-
The highly concentrated, alkaline-
based cleaner is formulated to eliminate 800-528-0334
the need for multiple cleaning solu-
Precision Parts Cleaning in a Small Footprint
Vibratory Bowls Process Delicate Parts
with peripheral equipment to improve
“R series vibratory bowls are de-
signed for durability and maximum
output,” said a company spokesper-
son. “They include an industrial grade
double flanged, high-energy vibratory
motor with adjustable balance weights
and optional frequency converter, al-
lowing flexibility in the part processing
and the ability to adjust the level of ag-
gressiveness. The pneumatic unload-
ing gate allows for convenient
Rosler’s R series rotary vibratory separating of the parts and media.” MecWash Systems’ AVD 300 aque- tation of the workload at 2 - 10 RPM
bowls are automation-friendly ma- For more information contact: ous parts washer is designed for com- exposes all surfaces and deep ma-
chines in volumes from 1.8 to 30 cu. ft. Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC plex and intricate machined or chined passageways to the wash and
They are designed for processing a 1551 Denso Road stamped parts requiring high stan- rinse solutions to help ensure effective
range of components, from small, del- Battle Creek, MI 49037 dards of cleanliness, surface finish and cleaning, draining and drying. For
icate parts to large marble slabs. R se- 269-441-3000 drying for industries such as defense, parts with delicate geometries, the
ries vibratory bowls can be integrated aerospace and medical. AVD can be programmed to gently os-
into existing systems and automated This compact, fully automatic and cillate from side to side.
self-contained aqueous cleaning sys- The unit’s ultrasonic flood, stan-
tem removes all types of contamina- dard flood and spray wash cycles are
tion including soluble and mineral oils followed by an ultrasonic flood, stan-
or greases, polishing compounds, lap- dard flood and spray rinse cycle. Af-
ping paste and NDT dye penetrates terward, a high velocity blow dryer
from sensitive alloys and other metals. raises temperature up to 250 °F to
Capable of cleaning large components
quickly dry all faces of the given com-
or dense baskets of small parts, its
ponents’ surfaces as they rotate or os-
compact design is suited for small vol-
cillate dur ing th e dry cyc le. For
ume, high precision machining cells.
components that have blind holes
The AVD 300 measures 4’(W) x
whereby water is retained due to cap-
8’(D) x 8’(H), so it occupies a small
illary effect, a vacuum drying feature
footprint. This single chamber rota-
tional cleaning system features full im- is also available for installation on the
mersion, spray and ultrasonic wash. It AVD. MecWash manufactures a com-
also comes fitted with hot air dry as plete line of aqueous cleaning chemi-
well as vacuum dry. MecWash aqueous cals with corrosion inhibition, which
technology cleans without solvents or serves to protect iron and steel compo-
emissions, and cleans both large and nents from rust for up to two weeks
small components in purpose-built fix- after aqueous cleaning.
tures or standard size stainless steel For more information contact:
baskets and plastic totes. Bill Westbrook
The AVD wash chamber includes MecWash Systems
dozens of high volume jets that pene- 220 Campus Drive
trate and saturate the workload at over Aurora, OH 44202
100 gallons per minute. The tempera- 440-564-7894
ture of both the wash and rinse waters
can be set between 140 - 190 °F. Full ro-
dle speeds,
Nylon Abrasive 6-Axis Long-Flute enlarged
Material Brushing Tool Grinding coolant sup-
ply and a six-
Tools Machine s t a t i o n
Rollomatic has announced a new wheel/noz-
tool grinding machine model, GrindS- zle changer.
mart 528XF, that is particularly suited In addi-
for long drills and other rotary cutting tion, its ver-
tools up to 12 mm (.470”) diameter. satility
This machine is furnished with a permits
traveling workhead that allows drills other solid
with a flute length between 10” and 12” c a r b i d e
to be efficiently produced. The machine drills, high-
has two distinctive features: performance
• Drill steady rest that can compensate
endmills and
for back taper as well as a combination
other types
of back taper and cylindrical drill relief.
of rotary cut-
This steady rest is dedicated for drills.
Composite Hub Abrasive Nylon Wheels. • Shank guidance system designed for ting tools to
quick set-up. be manufac-
Among other options is a camera t u re d . T h e 1295 Armour Blvd.
Brush Research Manufacturing
to locate coolant holes down to 0.05 machine runs on Rollomatic’s software Mundelein, IL 60060
(BRM) introduces combination fila-
mm diameter. The machine comes platform VirtualGrindPro. 866-713-6398
ment disc brushes for inline machining
and deburring systems. Manufactured standard with a 20 HP synchronous For more information contact:
spindle giving precisely constant spin- Rollomatic Inc.
using a fiber reinforced thermoplastic
base, Nampower disc brushes provide
rigidity and stability resulting in a bal-
anced tool.
The Nampower product line is
available in a variety of abrasive types
and grit selections to work with mate-
rials which include but are not limited
to: metallics, super alloys, plastics,
composites, advanced composites,
metal matrix, ceramics and more.
The abrasive disc brushes contain
a combination of both ceramic and sil-
icon carbide filament. The brushes are
available in two different styles: Dot
style for general purpose deburring
and surface finish applications and the
turbine style brush for medium and
heavy deburring applications. Both
brush styles are available in three dif-
ferent diameters and two different trim
lengths to suit most applications.
Both disc brush styles are designed
for use with the company’s flow
through coolant holder which allows
coolant to flow from the brush center
resulting in better lubricant dispersion
which permits the brush to run at
greater cut depths and reduces heat
generation. “Reduced heat generation
eliminates filament smearing, im-
proves surface finish and promotes
long tool life. The holders are made
using a one-piece construction, heat
treated, precision ground and have a
PVD coating for corrosion resistance,”
said a company spokesperson.
Brush Research Manufacturing of-
fers a range of abrasive nylon finishing
solutions. “The advantages of abrasive
nylon material can be used to automate
finishing processes on VMC, HMC,
FMC, CNC and robotic applications
producing a consistent finish from part
to part,” says the spokesperson.
For more information contact:
Brush Research
Manufacturing Co., Inc.
4642 Floral Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90022
323-261-2193 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 101

Mitsubishi Laser control with faster graphical interface
and expanded programming options,
Vertical Turning High-Speed
Continued from Page 1 Continued from Page 1
plus ECO mode for increased cost sav-
pared to larger models, the TUE-100 Machining Center
has feedrates up to 2,000 mm/min.
“The new lower wattage model eX
The wide range of table speeds is in- Provides Hard Die
lowers the price point enough to bring
the line of product offerings into
tended to provide enhanced surface
finishes on a variety of materials.
and Graphite
n e w, e n t r y
level mar-
For more information contact:
Dave Steiner, Senior Manager
Electrode Production
kets,” said Continued from Page 13
for Toshiba Machine Co., America
Bill Isaac, duction of sinker EDM electrodes to
roughly the 755 Greenleaf Avenue
VP of Mit- burn mold cavities.
same cost as a tradi- Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
subishi A hood protects the machine, and
tional 6,000 watt eX standalone. 847-709-7199
L a s e r. “ B e - its axes are fully covered, while an au-
“Replacing former LVP series, eX
tween the two tomatic central lubrication system
is the fifth generation in a line of 2D
machines, the eX helps ensure all linear guides and
Mitsubishi lasers. These machines are line is comprehen-
ballscrews are lubricated without hav-
intended to deliver low running costs sive in terms of operator needs and ca- Milling Grade ing to remove any protective machine
and eco-friendly features for power pabilities.” Continued from Page 1 covering.
and gas consumption, and stable oper- For more information contact: existing F40M and T350M grades.” To quickly evacuate graphite dust,
ation for greater productivity. Mitsubishi Laser The MS2050 is available in a vari- the machine has two suction units and
“Features of the eX-S model in- c/o MC Machinery Systems, Inc. ety of positive geometries for square
clude an improved gas change time of 1500 Michael Drive two separate dust bins.
shoulder milling, face milling, copy
60% over previous models (only about Wood Dale, IL 60191 For more information contact:
milling and high-feed milling.
10 minutes from startup), helical rack 630-616-5920 Gisbert Ledvon
For more information contact:
and pinion to reduce noise, built-in jet GF Machining Solutions
Seco Tools Inc.
pierce with the ability to aggressively 560 Bond St.
2805 Bellingham Drive
pierce mild steel, a new Mitsubishi Lincolnshire, IL 60069-4224
Troy, MI 48083
248-528-5444 800-CTC-1EDM
Toshiba Machine and Regal Machine
Continued from Page 1 for Toshiba Machine, said, “Regal Ma-
turning centers, Regal Machine will chine is a well known, respected dis-
provide advanced support in service, tributor in the Texas and Louisiana Renishaw Acquires U.S. Metrology
applications and training, backed by markets. We are thrilled to partner with
them in this venture.” Continued from Page 1 high quality customer base.”
the Internal Product Specialist for
will help to support Renishaw’s sales Leo Somerville, President of Ren-
Toshiba, Stan Tooke. For more information contact:
of coordinate measuring machine ishaw Inc, said, “This is an excellent ac-
According to Gary Pearson, Presi- Dave Steiner
(CMM) probing systems and Equator quisition for Renishaw and further
dent for Regal Machine Tool, “This Senior Manager
gauges in the USA. underlines our commitment to invest
partnership gives us a vastly improved Toshiba Machine Co., America For over 15 years ACE has pro- in the development of our metrology
presence in the large machine market. 755 Greenleaf Avenue vided a range of in-house and on-site business. We have known Ken and his
“Having worked with Toshiba for Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 measurement services to its customers, team for many years, over which time
many years in the past, we recognize 847-709-7199 including contract inspection, CMM ACE has built an excellent reputation
that this is a mutually beneficial en- fixture design, machine retrofits, CMM for delivering high quality measure-
deavor for both Toshiba Machine and programming, tr ain ing and full ment solutions, particularly for de-
Regal Machine Tool. Regal Machine turnkey solutions from concept to manding applications in the
has built loyal customer relationships Regal Machine completion. Since 2011 the company automotive sector.
over the past 24 years, and this alliance 9840 Tanner Rd. has also been a distributor of Ren- “As Renishaw continues to focus
will combine our efforts to grow Houston, TX 77041
stronger moving forward.” 281-779-2160
Steve Oliphant, Regional Manager

(l-r) Jeff Keller, Jeremy Holbrook, Ken Bergler, Kristin Monahan,

Jason Christensen and Kurt VonLinsowe.

ishaw’s CMM and gauging products, on supplying end-user metrology so-

including REVO, PH20 and Equator. lutions, including CMM retrofits and
ACE has A2LA lab accreditation. installations of our Equator gauge, the
“We are very excited about becom- specialized programming and applica-
ing a part of the Renishaw Group, tions knowledge of the ACE team will
which is globally respected in the be particularly valuable.”
metrology industry,” said Ken Bergler, For more information contact:
Founder of ACE. “This is a great op- Renishaw Inc.
portunity to expand our existing oper- 5277 Trillium Blvd
ations, and I believe that we can make Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
a significant contribution to Renishaw’s 847-286-9953
U.S. operations through the specialized
skills we have developed servicing our


Miki Pulley Launches New Website MSCI Unveils Addition
and manufacturer of motion to Online Learning System
control products serving the
The impending need for workers modules. An individual’s progress is
Asian and European markets for
in the manufacturing industry contin- continually updated through the
over 70 years. Now, the Miki
ues to be of concern for the country Learning Management System so that
Pulley product line is available
and especially the metals industry. To training directors and supervisors may
for direct sale to OEM’s in the
offer member companies broader op- monitor their development.
tions, the Metals Service Center Insti- “Continually enhancing our edu-
Miki Pulley’s website interface
t u t e ( M S C I ) re c e n t l y a d d e d t o cational offerings specific to the metals
will facilitate a design engineer’s
MetalLearn, its proprietary online ed- industry - for all levels of employees
evaluation and navigation to a
ucation tool. MetalLearn is an interac- from entry-level through specific de-
product solution. Additional site
tive learning system with modules that partments and executive education - is
features include:
address each of the 10 most popular part of our commitment to our mem-
• CAD downloads featuring 2D
lines of metal sold by metals service bers and to the industry. The newest
and 3D options
centers, including carbon and alloy expansion of the Copper and Brass
• PDF catalog downloads
plate, bar, sheet and tubing, structural MetalLearn unit to aid with product-
• A complete product listing of
shapes, stainless steel, aluminum, specific training is part of that effort,”
the Miki Pulley offering
high-corrosion and temperature-resis- said M. Robert Weidner, III, President
Miki Pulley introduced its line of • Examples of industries served by
tant metals, copper and brass and tool and Chief Executive Officer of MSCI.
high performance shaft couplings, specific equipment.
steels. For more information contact:
clutches, brakes and shaft locks to the For more information contact:
MetalLearn is geared for workers Metals Service Center Institute
U.S. market with the launch of its new Jon Davidson
new to the metals industry or specific 4201 Euclid Ave.
website ( Miki Pulley US
metals products and allows students to Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Supporting this new website and on- 13200 Sixth Avenue North
work at their own pace. Grade, charac- 847-485-3000
going U.S. business is Miki Pulley’s Plymouth, MN 55441-5509
teristics and uses are all included in the
centrally located U.S. headquarters in 800-533-1731
Minneapolis (Plymouth), MN.
Miki Pulley is a Japanese designer Details of Laser Welding and Cutting
Blanking Approach Catalog
Online Configurators on the Web ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
Customize Robotic MIG Gun Series LaserCoil Technologies LLC has offers a welding and cutting product
released details of its patented laser catalog, Welding & Cutting Solutions
Two new online con- blanking approach on the company’s from ESAB. The comprehensive cata-
figurators offered by Tre- new website, The log details ESAB welding and cutting
gaskiss make it easy to mobile-friendly website includes im- solutions offered in North America,
customize the company’s ages along with descriptions of the highlighting arc and plasma equip-
TO U G H G U N G 1 a n d laser blanking offerings focusing on ment, gas apparatus and personal pro-
TOUGH GUN ThruArm the uniqueness and innovative aspects tection equipment, as well as welding
G1 Series Robotic MIG of LaserCoil’s approach. automation products and mechanized
Guns for specific industrial “The site highlights how LaserCoil cutting systems for light to medium
welding applications. The machines can produce parts from 2.1- duty applications.
TOUGH GUN G1 Series meter wide coil at higher speeds than
Robotic MIG Guns are de- have been traditionally demonstrated
signed for high-volume with laser cutting tables,” said a com-
production environments, pany spokesperson. “This helps com-
while the TOUGH GUN panies to achieve yield rates that allow
ThruArm G1 Series Ro- them to consider laser cutting blanks
botic MIG Guns are de- vs. traditional blanking processes,
signed to minimize helping eliminate the need for dies and
downtime and improve achieve greater flexibility and quicker
welding performance on Two new online configurators offered by changeover. The website also details
today’s through-arm ro- Tregaskiss make it easy to customize the how the system can be integrated with
botic welding systems. company’s TOUGH GUN G1 and TOUGH existing blanking line automation by
GUN ThruArm G1 Series Robotic MIG Guns simply replacing the press, and can
“The configurators are
for specific industrial welding applications. also be supplied with new automation
quick and easy to use, pro-
ducing the exact robotic as a complete line.”
gun needed for the application in a few “At the end of the process, the user
The full-color, 300-page catalog in-
s i m p l e s t e p s , ” s a i d a c o m p a n y receives a summary of the selected
cludes product descriptions and tech-
spokesperson. “Online visitors can tai- choices for the customized robotic MIG
nical specifications, spare parts lists
lor their gun by numerous specifica- gun along with its part number. With
and parts breakdowns. It also provides
tions that include gun style, neck type, one click, they can download the tech-
nozzle, wire size, contact tip and nical manual, request a price quote complete product ordering informa-
power pin. tion, including available options and
based on the part number, print the accessories.
“Users can reach the online config- specifics, contact Tregaskiss for more
urators by visiting Visit to down-
information or find their nearest dis- load the electronic catalog or request a
ConfigureMyGun or via the “Config-
tributor.” hard copy.
ure My Gun” link located at Tre- The configurators lead For more information contact: For more information contact: For more information contact:
users through a step-by-step process in Tregaskiss Kim Beck ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
which they choose each component of 2570 North Talbot Road LaserCoil P.O. Box 100545
their TOUGH GUN G1 or TOUGH Windsor, Ontario 7401 Ponderosa Rd. 411 S. Ebenezer Road
GUN ThruArm G1 Series Robotic MIG Canada, N0R 1L0 Perrysburg, OH 43551 Florence, SC 29501
Guns from various offerings. The 855-MIGWELD (644-9353) 419-591-2909 800-ESAB-123
choices differ depending on which gun
model is selected. • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 103
steps to improve their game, so to
Siemens Names TechSolve speak. They see where the inefficien-
as a Solution Partner for MTConnect cies are, where and why the downtime
is occurring and how they might im-
6705 Steger Drive
During this year’s [MC]2 2014 MT- well as our engineering talents. We be- prove or streamline production. All of Cincinnati, OH 45237
Connect: Connecting Manufacturing lieve this relationship will be mutually these factors are crucial in today’s com- 800-345-4482 / 513-948-2000
Conference, Siemens announced the beneficial, as it will further promote the petitive machining market.”
appointment of TechSolve as a Solution acceptance of MTConnect in the ma- For more information contact:
Partner to offer solutions to customers chine tool market, plus being a Solu- John Meyer
with Sinumerik CNCs who are inter- tion Partner to Siemens will open new Siemens Industry, Inc.
ested in or have already implemented doors for our company.” Drive Technologies -
M T Co n n e c t i n t o t h e i r fa c t o r i e s. Pieper further commented on the
Coming in July
Motion Control
Through this development, Siemens market need for these solutions. 390 Kent Avenue Manufacturing News
proactively responds to the growing “When all the data from the shop or Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Editorial Feature Plant Safety/
demand in the market for MTConnect factory floor is available as it occurs, 847-640-1595
solutions among the end user and ma- the customer learns the reality of their
Worker Protection/Ergonomics
chine builder sectors. TechSolve was a situation, then can make confident
Founding Sponsor of the MTConnect
Institute and is a major supplier of MT-
Connect Adapters, translation products
as well as support software and serv-
ices that enable shops and production
departments alike to more efficiently
gather and analyze machine tool per-
formance data, using the open source
communication standard of MTCon-
In a typical machine tool end-user
scenario, TechSolve applies its Adapter
software to an existing machine’s CNC,
such as the Siemens Sinumerik 840D,
which enables data transfer through an
MTConnect Agent. For older controls
and legacy devices that do not have na-
tive communication output, TechSolve
can also supply additional hardware
and communication software to facili-
tate this process. The data can then be
stored locally or cloud-based for fur-
ther access and evaluation in an overall
equipment effectiveness (OEE) strat-
Likewise, TechSolve provides
Adapter software to machine tool
builders for integration into their con-
trol schemes to suit particular applica-
tions or customer mandated specifi-
cations for MTConnect compatibility.
Ryan Legg, Product Manager,
Sinumerik CNC, Siemens Industry,
Inc., said, “In the U.S. market espe-
cially, we are seeing growing demand
for MTConnect. This appointment of
TechSolve as a Solution Partner to sup-
port requests for MTConnect repre-
sents our company’s commitment to
bring practical solutions to our cus-
tomers through an experienced and re-
liable source of both products and
services. When MTConnect is written
into the specification on any job, we
now have an ideal resource to comple-
ment our capabilities.”
Noting the open architecture of the
Siemens CNC allows easy integration
of the TechSolve solutions, Legg fur-
ther explained the cross-platform ad-
vantages of this new relationship.
“TechSolve has written their MT-
Connect Adapter for the Sinumerik
CNC in a way that allows complete
flexibility regardless if the system ar-
chitecture of the Sinumerik employs a
PCU or if it is running in an embedded
architecture without a PCU. Ultimately,
this allows for more customers to take
advantage of this offering.”
Ron Pieper, Manager, VizProducts
Group at TechSolve, said, “To be affili-
ated with Siemens is a compliment to
both of our products and services as • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 105

Manufacturing Business Directory


Low-Cost, Highly Efficient
Mist and Smoke Collectors
Designed Specifically for
the Metalworking Industry


Todd Ellard — President


North Texas Chapter / NTMA

Manda Machine Co., Inc.
Phone: 214-352-5946 • E-mail:

Lisa Ellard — Chapter Executive

National Tooling & Machining Association



Engineer, Design & Build

CNC Alpha Services, LLC -Metal Removing Equipment & Fixtures
-Assembly & Test Equipment
-Inspection Equipment & Gages
Complete Machine Services
Spindle Specialists

12607 Vinvale St 713-582-8421

Houston Texas 77066 713-416-6528


Manda Machine Co., Inc
Sales, Service and Repair - SPINDLE REBUILDER Andy Ellard
Fanuc and Mitsubishi Controllers Bill Tann

Phone 214-352-5946 - Fax 214-351-0615

To Place Your Business Directory Ad Contact: 800-375-8488 or email:

Manufacturing Business Directory

Wayne Applegate
Cell: 972.345.0969
2405 Squire Place 972.488.8997
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 Fax: 972.488.3316
ISO 9001:2008 TRC 00551



Shop, Compare, Buy Online @ Great $avings
Many Brands, Stock Deliveries

TOLL FREE: 1-888-808-0850


Machinery Moving & Installation

Turnkey Plant Relocation
Clean Room Services
Secure Warehousing
Custom Crating

DFW- Houston
800-856-1914 713-460-2253


To Place Your Business Directory Ad Contact: 800-375-8488 or email: • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 107


FURNACES Classified Category
As You Specify.
Looking for
experienced CNC
To Place Ad,
The affordable Paragon heat Neway CNC-USA is looking to add sales
treating furnaces
machine tool
people to handle a variety of responsibilities:

salesmen in greater
Affordable, working with distributors, sales calls, telemarketing
reliable, and

Houston area.
Fax: 817-488-7813
made in the
USA since
and quoting machine tools. Knowledge of machine

Work as much as you

1948. tools is required along with computer skills, the

want basis.

ability to find solutions and be a team player.

Contact: Mike Starling,

Paragon Industries, L.P.
2011 S. Town East Blvd. Contact: David Valentine
Mesquite, Texas 75149 / 800-876-4328 281-969-5806 •

Automotive Consortium members at regular Consortium meet-

ware and information resources that
have a practical impact in materials en-
Targets Material Challenges The Consortium will begin an ini- gineering, simulation, product design
tial three-year phase in June. Founding and development.”
members will be announced before the For more information contact:
first meeting later this year and are ex- Granta Design
pected to include leading OEMs and ASM International
suppliers from the U.S. and Europe. 9639 Kinsman Road
The project is open to any organization Materials Park, OH 44073-0002
in the relevant sectors interested in ap- 800-241-1546
plying materials information technol-
ogy. Further expressions of interest
are welcome via the website at Osborn Offers
The Consortium is expected to de-
velop similarly to the MDMC and
Product and
EMIT consortia. The MDMC, founded Application
in 2002, remains active with over 20
leading aerospace, defense and energy Lab Services
member organizations (e.g., Boeing, Osborn’s field service engineers
NASA, GE, Rolls-Royce). It pioneered develop problem-solving deburring so-
tools to meet the stringent materials lutions at its Richmond, IN, Product
data management requirements of and Application Lab. Osborn becomes
Accessing accurate materials data within CAD - one of the important capabilities that companies in these sectors. EMIT, a part of the product engineering
will be enhanced and applied through the work of the Consortium. founded in 2008, has a dozen members process for its customers by developing
(e.g., Airbus Helicopters, Emerson solutions to improve existing processes
At the recent SAE World Congress materials information,” said a com- Electric, Honeywell) from varied man- or create new ones in the lab or at the
in Detroit, MI, Granta Design an- pany spokesperson. “This information ufacturing sectors. It is developing customer’s location.
nounced the launch of the Automotive is essential to initiatives involving Vir- tools to assess environmental and re- “The product and application lab
Material Intelligence Consortium (Au- tual Product Development, materials stricted substance risk in organizations’ allows Osborn to solve difficult debur-
toMatIC). This new industry collabo- substitution, supply chain qualifica- materials portfolios and product de- ring problems for customers, saving
ration will bring together OEMs and tion, certification and risk assessment. them time and streamlining their
suppliers in the automotive and off- Automotive organizations also need to processes. By inserting Osborn into the
In supporting the work of the Con-
highway vehicle sectors to develop keep up with a rapidly evolving mate- processes, our customers can find the
sortium, Granta will provide members
best practice for materials information rials landscape, understanding and ap-
with access to technology, data and right brush and the right solution tai-
and its use. It will help these members plying innovations in areas such as
project work, including: software to lored to their specific applications,”
as they aim to increase engineering higher-strength steels and composite
manage corporate materials data; in- said Mike Akuszewski, Field Applica-
productivity, lower costs, improve materials. Good materials data and ef-
novative tools to integrate materials tion Engineer at Osborn.
product performance, lower risk asso- fective materials decisions are essential
data into CAD, PLM and simulation; The Osborn lab operates as a test
ciated with materials supply and regu- in optimizing product designs for
lations on restricted substances, and global manufacturing, ‘lightweighting’ leading reference data sources on auto- and competency center for the com-
make the most of investments in sim- and emissions reduction. motive steels, lightweight alloys, poly- pany with a state-of-the-art industrial
ulation and PLM. AutoMatIC is mod- “A strong base of technology al- mers and composites; and the robotic cell to perform a wide range of
e l e d o n t w o p ro j e c t s t h a t h a v e ready exists to manage materials infor- outcomes of collaborations in areas performance and quality tests.
pioneered the industrial application of mation, deploy it for use and turn it such as data generation for steel and To learn more about the product
materials information technology: the into material intelligence that can have composite crash models, and restricted and application lab at Osborn and
Material Data Management Consor- business impact. The AutoMatIC proj- substance reporting. to fill out a problem form, visit
tium (MDMC) and the Environmental ect will further enhance this technol- “The AutoMatIC project will build
Materials Information Technology ogy for automotive applications. on established technology for material For more information contact:
(EMIT) Consortium. Competitive advantage will accrue to intelligence in automotive organiza- Osborn
“In a climate of aggressive dead- member organizations, as they will be tions,” said Dr. Patrick Coulter, Chief 1100 Resource Drive, Suite 1
lines, major redesigns and reduced able to adopt and apply these tools Operating Officer at Granta Design. “It Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
physical prototyping, the automotive with maximum speed and effect as also applies the proven Consortium 216-361-1900
industry is acknowledging the strate- well as benefiting from sharing experi- model, which has enabled close collab-
gic importance of accurate, controlled ences and networking with other oration with industry to develop soft-
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Absolute Machine Tools ...................84-89 H & R Mfg. and Supply.........................75 Mitee-Bite Products, Inc........................98 SMI Machine Tools ......................25,73,59
ACER Group ..........................................92 H&S Machinery Inc............................2,31 Mitsubishi Electric Automation............66 SMTCL ...................................................47
Adams Machinery....................................2
Haas Automation......................................3 MLC CAD Systems................................58 SMW Autoblok.......................................11
AmTTech...........................................2,7,12 Haimer USA ...........................................52 Monarch Lathes .....................................39 Sterling Fabrication Technology...........70
Astra Tool Company............................111 Hartwig, Inc.....................................65,143 Morris South .................................125,143
Benz Inc. ...................................................8 Sumitomo ..................................................6
Heartland Machine & Engineering......69 M.S. Machining Systems, Inc................62
Buck Chuck Company.........................135 Heidenhain..............................................55 MSC Industrial Supply........................101 TCI Precision Metals .............................78
Bulova Technologies Machinery ...........79 Hesco .....................................................123 Murata Machinery USA, Inc ................32 Technical Machine Sales......................114
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Hillary Machinery........................17,40,96 N&R Machinery Sales .........................118 TechMach................................................. 2
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Chiron America Inc .............................137 Hyundai WIA Machine Texas Offline...........................................56 Okuma America Corp .........................143
America Corp. ........................................17
Clausing Industrial ..............................124 Optical Gaging Products .......................77 Thomkat Machine Tools........................38 Industeq ................................................117
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CNC Systems Inc ...................................43 Paul Cody Machine Tools......................43
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Coastal Machine Tools Co.....................31
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Dillon Manufacturing Inc....................102
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Kyocera Cutting Tools .........................104
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Euro-Technics.........................................76 Royal Products ....................................27
LMC Workholding...............................120
Fagor Automation ....................................5 Samchully Workholding Inc. ..........Insert Vektek Inc. ............................................131
Lucas Precision.......................................39
FANUC America Corporation..............51 Samsung Machine Tools ...................61,91 Verisurf ...................................................42
Lyndex-Nikken .......................................74
FEMCO USA..........................................38 SCHUNK ..............................................134 Way Machine Tools Inc. ......................140
Fryer Machine Systems .........................20 Machine Tool
W.F. Wells................................................24 Specialties ....................................2,7,12,83 Seco Tools................................................57
Gage Machine Tool ................................73
Ganesh Machinery, Inc........................130 Marposs...................................................82 Shamrock Machinery Company.........121 VTL Solutions ........................................38 YCM America’s Inc ...............................21
Global Tooling Solutions, Inc................93 Maruka USA ..........................................25 Sharp Industries Inc .........................19,81
YMT Inc. ...........................................44-45
Goodway Technologies ..........................13 Mayfran International...........................22 Siemens ...................................................53
GROB Systems .......................................83 Methods Machine Tools, Inc .................99 Small Tools............................................139 Zoller USA ..............................................77 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 109
People In The News
HEIDENHAIN Corporation Hires Mazak Optonics New
Product Specialist for Five-Axis Machining GM of Customer Service
support on five-axis machining appli- Mazak Optonics Corp. has ap-
cations including machine set-up, pro- pointed Mark Dilling to the newly es-
gramming and operations that incor- tablished role of General Manager of
porate HEIDENHAIN controls. Customer Service. This new hire spear-
Born in Germany where Renz ob- heads Mazak’s initiative to expand its
tained his Masters in Management customer support team with additional
from the University of Mannheim and field and phone support staff. “We rec-
his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical ognize that high quality customer serv-
and Process Engineering at the Techni- ice is crucial to our growth and success
cal University Darmstadt, he has more as a company,” explained Al Bohlen,
recently received his Master of Science Vice President/General Manager of
in Mechanical Engineering at the Uni- Mazak Optonics Corp. “Our focus on
versity at Buffalo in New York State. continuous improvement in all aspects
Now based at HEIDENHAIN’s North of customer support will benefit
American headquarters in Schaum- greatly from Mark’s involvement.” At Mazak Optonics, Dilling will be
HEIDENHAIN Corporation an- burg, IL, Renz’ training has prepared “Dilling has 25 years of experience responsible for all issues related to cus-
nounces the new hire of Julian Renz as him for the incorporation of CNCs in in various field service roles with both tomer satisfaction including equip-
TNC Product Specialist, Five-Axis Ma- the world of five-axis machining. machine tools and metrology equip- ment installation, machine training,
chining. With double Master degrees, Also, Renz is now positioned as a ment in a wide range of industries and technical services and parts delivery.
he is now on hand to provide customer Continued on Page 111 applications. His exposure to an exten- He will work directly with the Service
sive assortment of customers in differ- and Parts departments to improve lo-
ent industries and cultures has helped gistics and refine all aspects of Mazak’s
KNUTH Machine Tools USA him develop a thorough understand- customer service. The impact of these
ing of what is required to provide reli- efforts will include improved customer
Announces New President able customer service,” said a com- support response times as Mazak
try, having extensive knowledge of pany spokesperson. Continued on Page 111
laser technology through his previous
employment with Trumpf.
“The people here at KNUTH Ma-
Walter Marketing Organizational Changes
chine Tools USA are excited to wel-
come Daniel Maerklin as the new
president. Mr. Maerklin brings a
wealth of experience and technical
ability to our team. Having worked
within R & D, sales and service, and
major accounts, Mr. Maerklin will
bring an abundance of expertise to our
company with a specific focus on
KNUTH’s line of lasers,” related a
KNUTH Machine Tools USA an- company spokesperson.
nounced the appointment of Daniel KNUTH Machine Tools is a world-
Maerklin as President of the North wide supplier of machine tools and ac-
American branch of the global cessories. The company was founded
KNUTH enterprise. Mr. Maerklin in Germany in 1923. Today KNUTH
comes to KNUTH with over ten years’ employs over 400 people in more than Maria Cartier, Walter, Marketing Manager, Mark Hemmerling, Walter, Director of
experience in the machine tool indus- Continued on Page 111 USA and Canada Marketing, Americas Region
As part of an overall restructuring Director with Smiths Medical, a global
to its marketing organization, Walter leader in medical device manufactur-
Vaccon Company Appoints has announced new personnel ap- ing. In that position she was responsi-
Technical Sales Engineer pointments. Mark Hemmerling, for-
merly Director of Marketing for Walter
ble for strategic planning, product
development, regional marketing and
Vaccon Company, an engineering USA has been appointed Director of marketing communications. She will
and manufacturing company special- Marketing for the entire Americas Re- have similar responsibilities for Walter
izing in air operated venturi vacuum gion which includes Canada, Mexico, USA, reporting to Seidelman.
pumps for the automation, robotic and Brazil and Argentina as well as the Walter is a global metalworking in-
process control industries, announced United States. dustry supplier of precision cutting
the appointment of Joseph D. Mc- Replacing Hemmerling as Market- tools for milling, drilling, turning, bor-
Carthy as Inside Technical Sales Engi- ing Manager for the USA and Canada ing and specialized tools. With Re-
neer. is Maria Cartier. gional Headquarters in Waukesha, WI,
McCarthy has over 30 years of en- The announcements were made Walter markets its competence brands
gineering experience in equipment jointly by Muff Tanriverdi, President Walter Valenite, Walter Titex, Walter
manufacturing, testing and diagnos- Walter Americas Region and Kim Sei- Prototyp and Walter Multiply through
tics, most recently with EMC2 and delman, Managing Director, Walter a network of distributors and field en-
Speedline Technologies. “Joseph’s me- USA, LLC. gineers across subsidiaries in the USA,
chanical aptitude, analytical skills and Hemmerling has been with Walter Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.
training abilities will further for 12 years in various marketing posi- For more information contact:
strengthen Vaccon’s technical support in developing product and application tions. In this newly created position he Walter USA, LLC
and applications team,” said a com- solutions which will be invaluable to will be responsible for all marketing ef- N22 W23855 Ridgeview Pkwy. W.
pany spokesperson. Vaccon customers,” said Ellen Ferri, forts for the Americas Region, report- Waukesha, WI 53188
“Joseph is customer focused. He Vaccon President. ing to Tanriverdi. 800-945-5554
has a collaborative, hands-on approach Continued on Page 111 Cartier was formerly Marketing
Lincolnshire, IL 60069 847-252-4500 vises, and tool clamping and automa-
HEIDENHAIN 847-415-3333 tion systems as well as customized so-
Continued from Page 110 lutions for turning, milling, drilling
liaison to the corporate worldwide and grinding. His familiarity with the
headquarters in Traunreut, Germany. details of customer service reinforces
He is the company’s North American Röhm Products of Röhm’s customer support efforts.
key point-of-contact to transfer product Vaccon Company America Adds South- Röhm Products of America CEO
requirements to Germany and handle Continued from Page 110 Matthew Mayer said, “Mark’s solid
marketing collaboration. Renz is also
available for North American customer
Vaccon’s single-stage venturi Central U.S. Sales background in the metalworking in-
pumps feature a straight-through, in- dustry and his experience helping
visits and to offer presentations on five- line design. As a U.S. based manufac- Manager manufacturers increase productivity,
axis machining. turer, Vaccon offers custom products in reduce costs and solve problems make
HEIDENHAIN Corporation is the any size, shape or material required. him a welcome addition to our team.”
North American subsidiary of DR. JO- For more information contact: Headquartered in Lawrenceville,
HANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, an Chris Marotta GA, Röhm Products of America, a di-
international manufacturer of precision Marketing Communications Manager v i s i o n o f t h e R ö h m G ro u p , i s a
measurement and control equipment. Vaccon Company provider of clamping and gripping
Product line includes linear scales, ro- 9 Industrial Park Road technology to the North American met-
tary and angular encoders, digital read- Medway, MA 02053 alworking industry. The company’s
o ut s, digital length gages, CNC 508-359-7200 / 800-848-8788 product portfolio encompasses drill
controls and machine inspection equip- chucks, live centers, lathe chucks, vises,
ment. automation technology, power chuck
For more information contact: technology, mandrels, tool clamping
HEIDENHAIN Corporation systems and customized solutions for
333 E. State Parkway Mazak Optonics turning, milling, drilling and grinding
Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337 Continued from Page 110 applications.
847-490-1191 continues to introduce new technology. Röhm Products of America, a For more information contact: “I am excited to be a part of the provider of clamping and gripping ROHM Products of America Mazak Optonics Team,” said Dilling. technology, recently hired Mark W. Lawrenceville, GA 30243
“There are always improvements to be Raby as Regional Sales Manager for the 770-963-8440
made and the Mazak team is both South-Central United States, an area
KNUTH Machine eager and capable of making this a that includes Texas, Arkansas, Okla-
Continued from Page 110 world class service organization. I wel- homa and Louisiana.
40 countries to ensure a presence in all come the opportunity to provide the Raby is a certified machinist/tool-
growth markets worldwide. Head- tools and support needed to make that maker with extensive firsthand knowl- See complete interactive
quartered in the Chicago area, KNUTH happen.” edge of machine tool and cutting tool Digital Editions of
has been in the U.S. for over ten years. For more information contact: applications. He also is an experienced
For more information contact: Mazak Optonics Corporation sales engineer, enabling him to facili- Manufacturing News
KNUTH Machine Tools USA 2725 Galvin Court tate sales and service of Röhm’s com- at
590 Bond St. Elgin, IL 60124 prehensive offering of chucks, centers,

Fax: 817-421-5960
531 Industrial Blvd. • Grapevine, Texas 76051 Toll Free: 888-481-6528
CNC MACHINES 13" x 40" ANDES Gear Head, S/N-18DF055, Lots of Tooling, Exc. Cond.....................$3,950
13" x 40" COLCHESTER Student 2500, S/N-00013-25025, 3 Jaw, QC Toolpost.........$5,750
KMB1 HURCO CNC Vertical Knee Mill, S/N-KMP1K8014031, 4HP, 1981 with BTR....$4,750 17" x 40" WEBB/WHACHEON, S/N-7805-09, 5HP, Tooling ..........................................$8,950
M4-1500 MAZAK, Fanuc 6T Control, 60" Centers, 15" 3 Jaw Chuck, Runs Good .....$17,500 17" x 50" JET, S/N-700766, 7-1/2HP, 40-1800RPM, 4500 Lbs .....................................$5,950
V24 ACRA CNC Vertical Machining Center 24" x 16", S/N-V2010 ..............................$11,500 17" x 60" VOEST #DA225, Taper Attachment, Collet Closer.........................................$5,950
1/4" x 6 Spindle BURGMASTER #0B Turret Drill with Stand ........................................$1,500
HARDINGE DSM59 Second Operation Lathe, S/N-DV-59-17941, 1984........................$5,950
20" DAYTON 3Z919A Drill Press, 5/8" Jacobs BB Chuck, 9 Speed.................................$525
20" POWERMATIC 1200 Drill Press, S/N-320S188, 1HP, #3 MT, Prod Table ..............$1,750 HARDINGE HCT Precision Chucker with Auto-Threading Unit, S/N-HC-4645-S, 1978,
25" PETERSON TCM-25 Geared Head Drill & Valve Seat/Guide Cutter......................$2,750 VGC ..........................................................................................................................$5,950
LEVIN #0212-02 H.D. Precision Instrument Lathe, S/N-D05593, 1/16” to 5/16" D Collets (30),
GRINDERS 9-1/2"cc, Tailstock, Slide, Bench, Variable Speed ...................................................$2,500
#2 CINCINNATI Tool & Cutter Grinder, S/N-1D2T5k-57, 1961 .......................................$3,950
5HP BALDOR Double End Buffer with Buffing Wheels, Exc. Cond................................$1,250
B2060 KO LEE Tool & Cutter Grinder, S/N-22978-PM, With Tailstocks..........................$5,950 BRIDGEPORT 2J Head, 2HP, S/N-469890689Y, 1989, Chrome, DRO...................................$9,500
CINCINNATI Monoset #MT Radius Cutter & Tool Grinder, S/N-3152A0178-0052, 1978 .........$9,500 BRIDGEPORT Series 1, Several to Choose From........................................Range $2,250 to $9,500
OK R8 Pratt Whitney Radius Tool Grinder, S/N-R89336, 1989, with Workhead ...........$4,750 CINCINNATI TM-MT Toolmaster Knee Mill, 10" x 42" Table, #40NT Spindle, Servo Feed,
TG12X4 ROYAL MASTER Centerless Grinder, S/N-1419 ............................................$7,500 DRO ........................................................................................................................................$4,500
WINSLOWMATIC HR Automatic Drill Point Grinder, .040" to 1.5" Capacity, S/N-94700158-86, MILLRITE POWERMATIC #MVN Vertical Mill, 1976.................................................................$1,950
Very Nice .................................................................................................................$6,950 SOUTH BEND Vertical Knee Mill, As-Is ......................................................................................$1,250
3" Capacity OLIVER 600 Drill Grinder with 3 Sets of Jaws ............................................$POR WELL-SETTING Bridgeport Type Mill, Step Pulley, 9"x 42", Exc. Cond...................................$3,500
6" x 18" PARKER MAJESTIC Hand Feed Surface Grinder...........................................$2,750
12" x 24" CHEVALIER 3-Axis Automatic Feed Surface Grinder, 1997 ..........................$9,500 SAWS
12" x 24" GALLMEYER & LIVINGSTON 45 Surface Grinder, Bed Type, S/N-S-45249, C916M DOALL Horizontal Bandsaw, 10-3/4" Rd. Cap., 1991, S/N-489-91282 ............$4,750
Rebuilt 1996 ............................................................................................................$8,950 12" x 16" WELLSAW #1270 Horizontal Bandsaw, S/N-1961, 3HP, 1" Blade Width ......$4,950
24" CRANE LAPMASTER #24 Lapping Machine, S/N-476-01, with 6 Conditioning
16" DOALL 16-12 Vertical Bandsaw, S/N-277-70755, 1970..........................................$2,950
Rings .......................................................................................................................$4,950
MBB1650C SUNNEN Power Stroke Horizontal Hone, S/N-52589 ...............................$4,950 5C KO LEE B943 Motorized Workhead, S/N-12419-PM, with 5C Drawbar, Center
MBB-1660 SUNNEN Horizontal Hone, S/N-81763 .......................................................$3,750 Driver .......................................................................................................................$1,950
LBB1810 SUNNEN Power Stroke Horizontal Hone, S/N-21367 ...................................$4,950 4" Stroke BRIDGEPORT Model E Shaper Head (Slotting Attachment), S/N-E-13386..$2,250
SUNNEN LBB-1699 Rod Hone with Gage, S/N-25208, VGC .......................................$3,250 8" Pedestal Grinders, 3/4HP ....................................................................................from $225
8" YUASA Accudex Super Spacer....................................................................................$775
LATHES, ENGINE 12" HARTFORD Super Spacer with 4" Hole & Right Angle Bracket .............................$3,250
13" x 36" COLCHESTER, S/N-F3/74025, Taper Attachment, 3 Jaw, Toolpost, 1971....$3,500 14" DELTRONIC DH14MPC Optical Comparator, S/N-A68111048, 1987, DRO, Extras...$2,950

Full List of Machines & Tooling

Visit us on the web at: Photos! Specs! • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 111

trajectory. His great depth of experi-
Laguna Tools Names ence in related industries will allow
Stoppenbrink New Torben Helshoj, Laguna Tools Presi-
dent and CEO and me to focus on areas
Chief Operating of our business closest to our own areas
of expertise.”
Officer Stoppenbrink said, “I am excited to
Catherine Helshoj, Vice President, bring my experience to Laguna Tools.
Laguna Tools, Inc., announced the ap- It is a great company and a highly re-
pointment of Stephen Stoppenbrink to spected brand name within the ma-
the newly created position of Chief Op- chine tool industry. I look forward to
erating Officer for the company. working with Catherine and Torben to
Stoppenbrink brings 30 years of in- further strengthen an already robust
dustry and management experience in management team, as well as grow rev-
all disciplines of business to Laguna enue and profits. Together we will take Bob McKee Jack Teat
Tools. His areas of expertise include the company to the next level.” this new and exciting chapter of my Jack Teat joins Milacron from
sales and marketing, engineering, man- For more information contact: life, I leave with the confidence that my within the chemical industry where he
ufacturing, finance, information tech- Laguna Tools successor will continue to uphold the most recently served as Chief Operat-
nology, human resources and legal. 17101 Murphy Ave. high standards and excellent service ing Officer for Dover Chemical Corpo-
Prior to accepting the Laguna Tools po- Irvine, CA 92614 we provide to our customers.” ration. He has more than 30 years of
sition, he served in a similar capacity as 949-474-1200 / 800-234-1976 Bob McKee joined Milacron in 1977 industry experience including 20 years
COO for Nu Flow Technologies in San as a development engineer on the at the former Great Lakes Chemical
Diego, CA, an interior infrastructure re- grinding wheel side of what then was Company. Jack holds a BS in Chemistry
habilitation company. Stoppenbrink known as the Products Division (grind-
also held the position of President and CIMCOOL Names ing wheels & cutting fluids). He moved
from The University of North Carolina,
a Masters in Management from Purdue
CEO of Hyd-Mech Group, Ltd., a through a series of increasingly re-
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, manu- New President sponsible managerial positions in University, and a MBA from Budapest
facturer and distributor of machine After a total of 34 years of service product development, account service, University of Economic Science.
tools, and Vice President of Operations to Milacron, Bob McKee, President - operations, marketing and general “We gratefully acknowledge Bob
for DoAll Industrial Supply of Des CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, an- management. In the early 1990s, Bob McKee’s dedication and many contri-
Plaines, IL. nounced his intention to retire later this held senior management positions butions to Milacron in his 30 plus years
“We expect Stephen to play an im- year. For the next several months, Bob within the abrasives industry. He re- of service. He helped build and reposi-
portant role in managing the growth of will work closely with his successor, turned in 1995 as President of Talbot tion the business to the global leader it is
Laguna Tools,” said Helshoj. “During Jack Teat, to assure a seamless leader- Holdings (tooling technology sub- today,” said a company spokesperson.
the last few years we have expanded ship transition for this global, legacy sidiary) and advanced to President, For more information contact:
our product line and the business itself. business. When asked about his deci- CIMCOOL Fluid Technology, a posi- CIMCOOL Fluid Technology
Stephen’s addition will enable us to im- sion to retire, Bob said, “For more than tion he has held for the last 12 years for 3000 Disney St.
plement operational controls and three decades, I have had the pleasure Milacron. Bob is a chemical engineer Cincinnati, OH. 45209
processes to improve our productivity to work for an outstanding company and also holds a MBA from Xavier Uni- 888-246-2665 / 513-458-8298
and help us maintain our current sales with remarkable employees. As I begin versity.


Universal Metalworking Equipment 5815 Armour Drive • Houston, TX 77020
Fax: 713-675-1294 •

Call us! 713-675-4145

BENDERS 20 x 54 Monarch, 20” Swing, 14-1750 RPM, 2-1/8 Thru Hole, Cam
PHI Mdl 230 Syncho, Semi Automatic, 3” Cap, Digital Control, Stand Lock Mount, Cat Size: 1130, Rapid X and Y On Carriage, Taper
Tube Over Mandrel $49,500 Attachment $8,450
Wallace Mdl 462 Rolling Machine, Right and Left Rolling, 2” Heavy 20 x 78 LeBlond, SOC-13”, 16-2000 RPM, #5MT, L-1 Spindle Nose,
Duty Pipe Capacity, Minimum 9” Radius $12,500 4-1/4” Thru Hole, 14” 4-Jaw, Taper, Steady $12,500
BORING MILLS, HORIZONTAL (2) 20 x 80 Sidney Heavy Duty 22-1/2” Swing, 80” Centers, Taper, 15”
4” Bullard Mdl 75, #6MT, 36 x 78 Table, 48” Travel, 30” Facing Head,
Tailstock, Pendant Control $32,500 3-Jaw $12,500
4” Collet & Engelhardt BF-100, 6MT, Long=78.74”, Vert=47.24”, 21 x 60 Mazak, Over Carriage-10-1/8”, Swing in Gap: 25-1/8, D1-8
Spindle=31.5”, Cross=49.25”, 55 x 47 Table Surface, 21” Built Spindle Nose, 3-1/8” Hole Thru Spindle, 12” 3-Jaw, Inch/Metric,
in Facing Head, Tailstock, Power Rotary Table $24,500 Taper $10,450
DRILLS, RADIAL ARM 21 x 80 Harrison Mdl M500, 14-1/2” Over Cross, 3-1/8 Thru Hole,
3’9” Carlton, #4 MT, 30-1500 RPM, 5 HP, Box Table, Power Clamp & D1-8 Camlock Nose, #5MT Taper, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck, Taper
Elevation $12,500 Attachment, Travel & Thread Dial, Steady Rest, Tail Stock, Hard
4’11” Carlton, Tilting Box Table, Power Clamp & Elevation, 120-3000 Ways, Inch/Metric $10,500
RPM $15,750 24 x 80 Toolmex, 14.8” Swing Over Cross, 4-1/8” Thru Hole, D1-8
4’11” Giddings & Lewis Chipmaster, 40-1600 RPM, 20 HP, Plain Box Nose, 18-1800 RPM, 20 HP $8,950
Table $14,500 25/16 x 90 LeBlond Mdl 2516NF, 26” Over Bed, 16” Over Cross, 96”
4’13” Carlton Mdl 3A, 15-1500 RPM, #5MT, 10 HP, Power Clamp
& Elevation, T-Slotted Base $14,500 Between Centers, 10-1300 RPM, 2-1/4” Thru Hole, 15” 3-Jaw
4’13” Carlton, 15-1500 RPM, #4MT, Box Table, Power Elevation, Chuck, 18” Steady Rest, 4 Way Tool Post $19,500
Power Clamping $18,750 26 x 96 LeBlond, SOC: 17-1/2”, Thru Hole: 2-1/4”, 27 to 1800 RPM,
5’11” Giddings & Lewis Bickford, 1600 RPM, #5 Morse, 10 HP $16,500 10 HP, Tailstock, Hardways, 15” 3-Jaw Chuck $7,950
5’15” Carlton High Column, 15-1500 RPM, #5MT, 3-3/16 Thru Hole, 28 x 72 Axelson Mdl 24A Heavy Duty, D1-11 Spindle Nose, 18-1/2”
Power Elevation, Clamping & Head Traverse, T-Slotted Table SOCS, 6-555 RPM, 24” 4-Jaw Chuck, 9” Steady Rest, Taper,
6’15” Carlton 3A, 12-1200 RPM, #5MT, Power Clamping, Elevation 34 x 120 Mazak, SOC: 24-3/4, 12 to 1200 RPM, D1-11 Camlock,
$27,500 $19,500
& Head Traverse, Swivel Box Table $27,500 Thru Hole: 4-1/16, 20 HP, 28” 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Thread
6’19” Carlton 4A, 15 – 1500 RPM, 20 HP, Power Column Clamping Dial 4-Way Tool Post $34,500
34.5 x 60 Monarch NN, 8-405 RPM, Drive Pulley-670 RPM, 28”
8’21” Stanko Mdl 2A576, Spindle Speed- 9 - 1800 RPM, ISO #50,

22 HP, Box Table $29,500 4-Jaw Chuck, Aloris Tool Post, Taper, Hard & Ground Ways
Roto Finish Mdl ST-4BCL, 44.75” Bowl, 13.625 Deep $5,950 36 x 96 Poreba Mdl TRP 93 x 2M Gap Bed, 45.2” Swing in Gap,

GRINDERS, SURFACE 24.8 SOCS, A2-11 Spindle Nose, 3-5/8 Thru Hole, 9-900 RPM,
Norton 16” x 36” Mdl S-1 Hydraulic, 20” Wheel Diameter, Truing Taper Attachment, 31” 4-Jaw Chuck, Hardened & Ground Ways,
& Cross Feed Adjustment $17,500 Rapid $27,500
GRINDERS, TOOL & CUTTER (2) 36 X 120 Poreba TPK90A1/3M, Swing Over Saddle-24”, Swing
(3) Gallmeyer & Livingston Mdl 50, 5-1/2” x 38” Table, 27” Long Over Gap-48”, Spindle Bore-3-3/4”, 31-1/2” 4-Jaw, Fixed Steady
Travel, 8” Cross Head Travel, 12” Vert Head Travel, 20” Between & Traveling Rest $49,500
Centers, Wheel Size: 6” x 1/2” x 1-1/4” $10,500 MILL, HORIZONTAL
Moore #3, 11 x 24 Table, 40,000 RPM, Auto Feed $12,500 TOS Mdl FA5B-U, Table 17.7” x 78.7”, Speeds 18-1400 RPM
14 x 40 Jet Mdl 1440ZH Gap Bed, Swing in Gap: 23-5/8, Length of
Gap: 12-1/4”, SOC: 7-5/8, 42 to 1800 RPM, Thru Hole: 3-1/8”, Sala CM500 Automatic w/ Gravity Loading, 3.55 Round, 2.36
D1-8 Mont, 7.5 HP, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck, Tailstock, Thread Dial Square, Blade 12’12” $12,500
16 x 60 Victor Gap Bed, 23” Swing in Gap, 10” Sing Over Cross, Do-All Mdl 3612-VH, Work Height: 12”, Table Size: 26.5 x 33.5,

D-6 Nose, 2” Thru Hole, #4MT Quill Taper, Taper Attachment, (2) T-Slots 1/2”, 12” Stroke, Speed: 30 to 320/550 to 5500 FPM
Tailstock, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck, Thread Dial $7,950
16.5 x 54 Lodge & Shipley, 16.5” Swing, 8-3/4 SOCS, Speeds SHAPER
45-1175 RPM, Taper, Steady, 12” 4-Jaw $9,450 32” Mitts & Merrill G&E Heavy Duty, Hydraulic, 32-1/2” Stroke,
17 x 59 Webb 17GX59 Gap Bed Lathe, Swing Over Cross- 11”,
Swing Over Gap-26”, D1-6 Spindle Nose, Thru Hole- 2-3/64”, 9” Vert Travel, Feed .010 - .180” $7,950
#6MT Spindle Taper, #4MT Center Taper $11,450 THREADERS, PIPE & BOLT
17 x 80 Clausing Colchester, 10.5” Over Cross, 20-1600 RPM, 3/4”-1” Landis 4 Spindle Semi-Automatic, 7.5 HP
D1-8 Spindle Nose, 3” Thru Hole, 12” Cross Slide Travel, #5MT, 1” Landis Mdl 1L Double, Capacity: Bolt 1/4”-1”, Pipe 1/8”-1”,
Accu-Rite III 2 Axis DRO, 12” 3-Jaw & 12” 4-Jaw Chuck $12,500 72-392 RPM, 3 HP, (2) 8R Die Heads
18 x 80 Acra-Turn, Swing In Gap-25”, Swing Over Cross-11.4”, 1-1/4” Landis Double, 6-3/4” Travel, (2) 10 T Die Heads
Cross Slide Travel-10”, Spindle Bore-3”, Mount-D1.8, 12” 6-Jaw 1-1/2” Landis Single, 18” Travel, 12R Head, Hammer Blow Carriage
2” Landis 16-20B, Cap-1/4” – 2” UNC Bolt, Max Thread Length-11”,
19 x 78 LeBlond Regal Servo Shift, SOC-12-1/4”, L-2 Spindle Nose, 8-1/2” Stroke

3-1/16” Thru Hole, 25-1000 RPM, #4MT, Inch/Metric, 12” 3-Jaw 2-1/2 Landis Double 18” Thread Length, 25-138 RPM,
Chuck, Live Center $12,500 (2) Leadscrews, (2) Lanco 16R Heads
19 x 80 Summit Gap Bed, SOC: 10-1/2”, Swing in Gap: 15-3/8”,
Thru Hole: 4-1/8”, 22 to 1500 RPM, Inch/Metric, 7.5 HP, Taper 4” Landis Double, 8” Travel, (2) 32T Die Heads
Attachment, Steady Rest, (2) Chucks, Hardways, Thread Dial 4” Oster 784, Travel- 15”, Capacity: Pipe 1”-4”, Bolt 3/4”-3”
19 x 102 LeBlond Regal, SOC-12”, 1-1/2” Thru Hole, 25-4000 RPM, (2) 8-5/8” Harley, API, 4-1/2 -8-5/8” Cap, Cut-Off, Bevel

Inch/Metric, 3-Jaw Chuck, Steady, Taper, Hard Ways, Tailstock THREADERS, STATIONARY DIE HEAD
$10,450 Landis 2”, 4”, 6” and 8” - Many to Choose From • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 113

Gorham, ME 04038 moved back to Connecticut and was joined the company as U.S. Chief Op-
Helical Solutions Cell: 817-909-0734 promoted to Industrial Manager. He fo- erating Officer.
Appoints Application
cused on the industrial business and
increased his managerial involvement
David Burns, President and Chief
Operating Officer of ExOne said, “With
Engineer in the company. Gesswein introduced the addition of Tim, we are further
the company’s first mold polishing building our team to execute our
Paul H. Gesswein class, which offers customers technical growth strategy. We have much to ac-
& Co. Appoints training for mold polishing using the
latest equipment. In 2013, Gesswein
complish as we expand production op-
erations in the U.S., support a growing
Vice President began a two-year Executive MBA pro- installed base of machines and increase
gram at the University of New Haven. our material offerings. While Tim’s
Upon his recent promotion to Vice focus will be in the U.S., he also brings
President, he shared that his main extensive global operational experience
focus is to grow the industrial side of to our leadership team. We expect
the business and find new products Tim’s expertise and leadership will
that solve problems for customers, im- help advance our strategy to further
prove results and increase efficiency. penetrate industrial markets with our
Gesswein is a member of the Center for binder jetting technology for 3D direct
Family Business in Connecticut where metal printing and indirect sand cast-
he networks and discusses methods to ing applications.”
Helical Solutions, LLC, manufac- improve family businesses. Timothy Pierce most recently
turers of high performance carbide For more information contact: served as Vice President Global Supply
tooling, announced the newest mem- Paul H. Gesswein & Co., Inc. Chain for 3i, a division of Biomet; and
ber of its team, Joe West, Application 201 Hancock Avenue prior to that as Vice President of Global
Engineer for the Southwest Territory. The Paul H. Gesswein & Co., Inc. Bridgeport, CT 06605 Operations with Laird Technology. Ear-
Joe will be covering the states of Texas recently promoted Greg Gesswein to 203-366-5400 lier in his career, Mr. Pierce was with
and Oklahoma. He and his family re- the position of Vice President to mark Owens Corning in progressively ad-
side in Bedford, TX. “His extensive the beginning of the company’s 100th vancing leadership roles that included
knowledge of machining and applica- year anniversary. Managing Director Asia and Director
tion processes make Joe a perfect fit for
our mission. Joe comes with 26 years in
Gesswein first began working in ExOne Appoints of Manufacturing OEM. During his
tenure there he also served as General
the packaging department at Paul H.
the CNC machining industry, with vast Gesswein & Co., Inc. in 1992 when he Chief Operating Manager of a start-up operation in
experience in the aerospace and oilfield was only 12 years old. He graduated Shanghai.
markets, along with general machin- from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, in Officer For more information contact:
ing,” said a company spokesperson. 2003. Starting in 2004, he moved to Cal- The ExOne Company, a global ExOne Company
For more information contact: ifornia and was named the West Coast provider of three-dimensional (3D) 127 Industry Boulevard
Joe West Sales Representative. He traveled ex- printing machines and printed prod- N. Huntingdon, PA 15642
Helical Solutions, LLC tensively all over the West Coast and ucts to industrial customers, an- 724-863-9663
29 Sanford Dr. worldwide for the company. In 2009, he nounced that Timothy R. Pierce has

Technical Machine Sales, Inc.

717 East Loop 281 Longview, TX 75605
Phone: 903-753-1955 • Toll Free: 888-752-8222 • Email:
BENDERS 20” x 60” Daewoo Mdl DST20, 3” Bore, Taper Attachment, 6-Jaw Chuck, 4-Jaw Chuck................................................$15,335
20” x 78” Daewoo Mdl DST20, 3” Bore, 6-Jaw Chuck, 4-Jaw Chuck, Collet Chuck with Collets ...............................................$17,450
Horn HMT #3 PLC Rotary Hydraulic Tube Bender, 5” capacity, 2002 .............................................................................$120,000 Victor, Model 1640B, 2 1/32” Bore, 7 ½ hp motor, NO TAILSTOCK.......................................................................................$3,000
Pines #2 PLC Rotary Bender, 3” capacity, 1997........................................................................................................................$65,000 Victor, Model 1640B, 2 1/32” Bore, 7 ½ hp motor.............................................................................................................................$5,500
CHUCKS, POWER Victor, Model 1640B, 2 1/32” Bore, 7 ½ hp motor..........................................................................................................................$5,500

16” Cushman Hydraulic 3-Jaw chuck, 16” Diameter, 4.625” Bore............................................................................................$7,000 MACHINING CENTERS, CNC
COMPARATORS Hurco VMC Mdl. BMC20, 24” x 14” x 16” Travel, 33.8” x 15.7” Table, Max Load 550 lbs..................................................$3,500
Hardinge Mdl. VMC-1000-II, 2000, Fanuc OM Controls, 230/3/60.......................................................................................$32,500
14” Jones and Lamson Optical Comparator, 6” x 30” Table, 120/1/60......................................................................................$750 Leadwell Model MCV-1000P, Fanuc OM Controls, 1985, 55” x 24’ Table..........................................................................$15,000
2” to 14” Evans Mdl. 1500 Pipe Cut Off and Bevel ..............................................................................................................$175,000
Union Mdl. BPT 130-5, 1979, Facing Head, 50 Taper, Travels, DRO 3-Axis, 5-1/8’ Spindle, Rotary Table Size, Spindle
DRILLS, RADIAL Traverse (W): 39.3”, Cross Travel of Table (X): 110.2”, Longtitudinal Travel of Table (Z): 49.2” Vertical Headstock
3” x 10-1/4” Willis Bergo Radial Drill #4MT, 3 HP, 65-1200 RPM..........................................................................................$8,250 Travel (Y): 63” Rotary Table Size: 55” x 63” Spindle Speeds: (27) 4.5 to 900 RPM ................................................$129,500


5000 lb. CAT Model GP-25 Forklift, Gas, 1995, Engine Rebuilt 2011, Side Shifter, Mast Travel 157”............................$9,500 Bridgeport , 2J Variable Speed Head , 9” x 42” table...................................................................................................................$7,250
Kondia Powermill Knee Mill, 9” x 42”, Sino DRO, Power Feed Table, Power Draw Bar, R-8 Collet Set.......................$3,890
FURNACES AND OVENS MSC Model 851681, Variable Speed head, 9” x 42” table..........................................................................................................$6,000
Grieve Model BF12128 w/ floor stand, 2000 max temp., Inside dimensions 12” x 12” x 8”...............................................$1,500 (2) Two New Sharp TMV-1 Vertical Knee Mill, 50” X 10” Table, Newall DRO, Power Draw Bar .....................$20,975 Each
(2) Two New ACRA AM5VAC Vertical Mill, 12” X 58” Table, Newall DRO, Power Draw Bar .........................$19,685 Each
Jones and Shipman OD Grinder, Model 1307,1973,14” Swing, 27” Distance Between Centers....................................$24,995
Brown and Sharpe Model 1224 Surface Grinder,1978, Vertical Travel 14”..........................................................................$5,550 Westinghouse Frame III DC Motor 40 HP, 230 Volt, Base Speed 850.........................................................................................$7,500
K.O. Lee Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder, 1989, Distance Between tailstock 22”...........................................................$950 PRESS BRAKES
H FRAME PRESS 400 Ton Cincinnati, 1967, .25” thick x 10’ long bending capacity, 160 tons in fats approach .........................................$60,000
New Dake Dura Press Single Phase Force 50DA, Capacity 50 Tons, RAM Travel 16”, 2 HP, Voltage 110/220 Single Phase, PRESSES, HYDRAULIC
Double Acting Cylinder........................................................................................................................................................$8,500
New Dake Dura Press Single Phase Force 50DA, Capacity 50 Tons, RAM Travel 16”, 2 HP, Voltage 110/220 Single Phase, 200 Ton Pacific Pressformer 200 PF II, 12” stroke, 40” x 24” bed .........................................................................................$37,500
Double Acting Cylinder.........................................................................................................................................................$8,500 ROBOTS
LATHES, CNC Kuka Robotic Polishing Cell, KR150L, 150/3 .........................................................................................................................$125,000
Nardini CNC Fast Trace Flat Bed Tool Room Lathe, 1990, Swing over cross slide 17”, 11.7” swing over bed....................$7,500 No. IRB-2400 ABB Robotic Welding Cell with 7th Axis Positioner, Model IRB-2400, Axis 1- +180 to -180, Axis 2- +110 to
Hardinge Conquest T42P, Live Tooling, 2” Spindle Bore, Fanuc 18TA Control, 230/3/60 ....................................................$32,000 -100, Axis 3- +65 to – 60 , Axis 4- +185 to -185, Axis 5- +115 to – 115, Axis 6- + 400 to - 400 ....................................$72,000
Hardinge Cobra 51, ODM 2000, w/Hardinge bar feed unit, Fanuc 21T Control, 230/3/60 ...................................................$34,500
Tacchi CNC Lathe 14,569” Hole, 45” SW OCS, Fanuc OTC Control, Rebuild ‘99, Upgraded 2011, Double Chucked, Pipe
Threading 4-1/2”-13-3/8”, Indexing Turret, Full Enclosure, 100 HP, Two Available .............................................$660,000 Cosen Mdl. MH-460 Horizontal Band Saw, Mitering 10” Round, 19” x 18” Rectangular ..................................................$5,195
Mori Seiki Mdl NCU-1500 CNC Lathe, Swing 41”, Center 60”, New Baldor Spindle Drive ...............................................$47,000 Cosen Mdl SH-460 Horizontal Band Saw with Hydraulic Lift, Variable Speed...................................................................$6,400
LATHES, ENGINE Grob Vertical Bandsaw 4V18, 1973, 28” x 24” Table, 50-5000 ft. per minute, 3 HP, blade welder....................................$5,250

16” x 40” Sharp, 1640 LV, 3-1/6” hole in spindle, D 1-8, 3-Jaw, 4-Jaw, Newall Drive, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Aloris Quick
Change Tooling, DRO, New Machine ............................................................................................................................$22,877 Pangborn Rotoblast, 8’, 2 Wheel Table .....................................................................................................................................$89,500

Visit us on the web at: Full list of machines, photos and specs.

Plant Maintenance
High-Performance AlignCam System for
Dust Collectors and Filters Precision Alignment Instruments

The Brunson AlignCam includes a The AlignCam system provides a

digital camera and high quality CCD live image and continuous feedback on
sensor with Brunson’s TeleView soft- sight lines, so a field technician can
ware and an instrument adapter. Tech- make adjustments to achieve precision
nicians can leverage this digital toolset alignments. This solution is useful for a
to troubleshoot precision alignment variety of measurement and inspection
problems, increase productivity, ar- applications, such as turbo machinery
The SFC is a high-performance, en- and is designed for field expandability chive and document results and more. Continued on Page 117
ergy-efficient cartridge dust collector so the user can increase system capac-
designed to eliminate industrial air ity at any time.
quality concerns, achieve environmen- United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) For more information on
tal compliance and provide a safer, also offers a complete line of replace-
cleaner environment by removing ment cartridge filters that are compat- Plant Maintenance
harmful airborne pollutants. ible with UAS dust collection systems
Featuring patented pulse cleaning as well as major brand of industrial air Visit
technology, greater air capacity and cleaning equipment. Available in a
quick and easy maintenance, the SFC range of media blends and sizes, in-
system can be customized to fit specific cluding UAS proprietary ProTura Crane Runway Survey
industrial dust collection challenges Continued on Page 117 RailQ uses Konecranes proprietary even failure. At the Total Station, sur-
visualization technology and a remote vey software processes the data for
Cartridge Filters with controlled robot trolley that runs along
the rail collecting data via Bluetooth
straightness, span, elevation and rail-
to-rail elevation.
NanoFiber Filtration Technology technology and transferring the data to
a Total Station to determine tracking is-
“The result of RailQ from Kone-
cranes is a precise, reliable runway
sues and misalignment-critical prob- analysis that provides cost-effective so-
lems that can potentially lead to lutions for any rail system of overhead
accelerated wear, higher costs and Continued on Page 117

Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX Technology provides high ASHRAE

cartridge filters are intended to deliver MERV efficiency rating (15).
long service life, clean air and en- Engineered primarily for use within
hanced cost savings. Imperial’s CMAXX dust collector and
Suited for most manufacturing op- offered in an array of sizes, DeltaMAXX
erations such as laser and plasma cut- filters also fit many other unit makes
ting, weld smoke and powder coating, such as FARR, Torit and AAF.
the DeltaMAXX’s NanoFiber Filtration Continued on Page 117
It can be used to verify geometry of pressure drops to increase capture abil- fume capture, and it stays in position
High-Performance the crane structure and major compo- ities and lower operating costs.” when moved. All arm adjustments are
Continued from Page 116 nents, including wheel and end truck An automated pulsed cleaning toolless and can be made by hand.
Nanofiber cartridges designed for fil- alignment, girder camber and bridge cycle cleans the filter after every shut- A sturdy metal cabinet design can
tration of submicron particles, the fil- squareness. down. This cleaning mechanism also withstand the abuse of demanding
ters are designed for rugged industrial “Konecranes’ runway survey is extends the filter life and maintains air- manufacturing environments, while
environments and provide efficiency safer than traditional rail surveys, and flow. Fume partic- large rear wheels allow for easy move-
up to 99.999%, according to the com- takes less time to produce results,” said ulates safely ment from one work area to another.
pany. the spokesperson. “Once the RailQ deposit in an Lockable swivel casters help keep the
For more information contact: robot is configured, there is no need for internal dis- system stationary while adjusting the
United Air Specialists, Inc. a technician to scale the length of the posal tray. fume extraction arm.
4440 Creek Road runway, making the survey safer to T h e Other features include:
Cincinnati, OH 45242 perform than traditional alignment cal- Capture • Air connection for dry compressed
800-252-4647 culation methods. Robot tools also 5 fume system air supply allow access to rails not accessible with features a bal- • 460 VAC, 3-phase receptacle or 575 other methods, resulting in more com- anced extraction arm de- VAC receptacle
plete and accurate data.” sign with external • Easy-to-read filter pressure gauge
Cartridge Filters For more information contact:
Konecranes, Inc.
adjustments. The de-
sign allows air to pass
• Hinged filter door with locking
Continued from Page 116 mechanism for easy access to the filter.
4401 Gateway Blvd. through with less re- For more information contact:
Imperial Systems designs, installs Springfield, OH 45502
and services complete systems, all s i s t a n c e , c re a t i n g Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
937-525-5533 stronger airflow. The P.O. Box 100
backed by products and replacement
parts that are constructed for optimal easy arm movement Lithonia, GA 30058
quality, safety and value. also provides a full 800-426-4553
For more information contact: Fume Extraction range of motion so the welder
can easily adjust it to gain optimal
Imperial Systems, Inc.
300 Imperial Drive System Extends
Jackson Center, PA 16133
800-918-3013 / 724-662-2801
Fume Capture Area Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has intro- duced the new FILTAIR Capture 5
fume extraction system, designed to
capture welding fumes up to 5’ away
AlignCam System from the source - over three times far-
Continued from Page 116 ther than conventional technologies,
centerlines, drive system alignment for according to the company. “By increas-
shipbuilding, roller alignment in many ing the fume capture area, the FILTAIR
types of process machinery, precision Capture 5 system improves safety and
leveling of machine bases and other enhances productivity by decreasing
machine alignment challenges. The downtime for welders to adjust the
AlignCam’s mobile option allows a sin- fume extraction arm, especially when
gle operator to view the image on a welding long, continuous welds,” said
mobile device anywhere in the work- a company spokesperson.
space or around the world. This op- The new system is especially
tional kit includes a laptop computer, suited to applications in heavy equip-
remote viewer, wireless router, net- ment manufacturing and general fabri-
work cable and a choice of a hard case cation, as well as in maintenance and
or backpack for easy portability. repair operations. It can accommodate
The configurable digital solution is fume from stick, flux-cored, MIG and
outfitted with a specially designed TIG welding processes.
adapter for quick, on-site user installa- The Capture 5 fume extraction sys-
tion. To set up, the field technician sim- tem features the exclusive ZoneFlow
ply connects the camera assembly to technology from Miller. According to
the optical instrument and plugs the the company, ZoneFlow technology
USB cable into the camera and the com- creates a larger fume capture area than
puter. Power is supplied to the camera conventional systems - an area up to 3’
via the USB cable. The camera system wide and 5’ deep - compared to an av-
is intended to improve user ergonom- erage of 18 inches (maximum) with
ics for viewing awkward set-ups in the conventional technologies.
field or the lab. Using a wireless con- The ZoneFlow technology operates
nection and remote monitoring, service by way of a negative pressure zone that
professionals can view targets, share extends the weld fume particulate cap-
their readings and collaborate with ture distance. Air enters the arm at a
service teams in multiple sites, locally standard fume capture rate of around
or around the world, according to the 900 cubic feet per minute (cfm), while
company. the technology also moves clean, fil-
For more information contact: tered air out of the arm at approxi-
Brunson Instrument Company mately a 90° angle. This action creates a
8000 E. 23rd St. negative pressure zone, which funnels
Kansas City, MO 64129 the fume particulates toward the cen-
800-445-9405 ter of the arm to maximize the fume capture. “The Capture 5 system’s FilTek XL
filters are rated 15 to 16 on a MERV
scale, whereas common industry filters
Crane Runway Survey rank between 7 and 11,” said a com-
Continued from Page 116 pany spokesperson. “This increased
cranes and takes a fraction of the time rating ensures that the filter is capable
to conduct as compared to traditional of capturing up to 95% of all weld fume
rail surveys,” said a company spokes- particulates. The FilTek XL filters also
person. offer the highest efficiencies and lowest • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 117
N & R Machinery Sales
936-825-2600 Fax: 936-825-2679 E-mail:
Buy - Sell - Trade
We specialize in large and small liquidations! Turn surplus into capital!

6.3” Kolomna, Table 63” X 71” 40” Spindle, 55” Vert, 55” Cross, 63” Long, 17,000 Lbs Table 20” X 20” Doall TF 20, 20” X 20” Cap. Power Tilt, 5 Hp

Load 30 Hp, 1000 Rpm’s 18” X 21” Marvel, Model 81M, 1-1/4” Blade Size, 7.5 Hp
6” Giddings & Lewis CNC Horizontal Boring Table Type, 1982, G&L 800 Control, 72” X 144” 15" X 20" W.F. Wells Horizontal Saw, 1” Blade, 15” Round, 20” Flat, 5 Hp., Coolant
Table, 96” Vertical, 144” Cross, 48” In & Out, 1,200 Rpm’s Doall Model 36-12V, 24” X 36” Table, 36 Throat, Blade 1/16” To 1-1/4”, 25 To 6,000 Rpm’s
5” G&L 350T Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 1946, #6 Morse 6.25 To 375 Rpm's, 48” Grob Model 1018, 24”X28” Table, 18” Throat, Blade 1/16” To 1”, 50 To 4,500 Rpm’s
Vertical, 36” Spindle, 60” Cross 72” Long, 15 Hp
5” G&L 350T Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, 1943, #5 Morse 6.25 To 375 Rpm's, 48” 54” X 468” Niles Engine Lathe, 100 Rpm’s, 45” S.O.C.S., Steady Rest, Tail Stock from Power
Vertical, 36” Spindle, 60” Cross 72” Long, 20 Hp Plant
5” Giddings & Lewis CNC Horizontal Boring Table Type, 1977, G&L 8000 Control, 72” X 144” 44” X 84” Monarch, 1943, 44” S.O.W., 30” S.O.C.S., 84” Centers, 303 Rpm’s, 34” 4-Jaw
Table, 96” Vertical, 144” Cross, 48” In & Out, 1,200 Rpm’s 34-1/2” X 144” Axelson, 34-1/2” Swing Over Ways, 20” S.O.C.S., 144” Center 555 Rpm’s,
4.3” Kuraki CNC HBM 1994, Fanuc 16M, # 50 Taper In Spindle, 1,500 Rpm’s, 37” X 41” Table, Taper
4,400 Table Load, Z 27.5”, X 39.3”, Y 39”, Spindle Travel 11.8”, 25 Hp 30” X 120” Mazak 1982, 4-1/8” Spindle Hole, 30” Swing, 20-3/4” S.O.C.S., 120” Inch & Metric
4” Lucas, Model 4B60, 36” Vertical, 60 Cross, 60 In & Out, Tailstock, Outrigger Threading, Front & Rear Chucks, Taper
3-1/2” Used Cincinnati Gilbert, 48” X 78” Table 60” Vertical, Very Good, 60” X, 60” Y, 60” Z , 24” W, 28” X 120” Lion, 28” S.O.W., 18-1/4” S.O.C.S., 120” Centers, 1,500 Rpms, 18” 3-Jaw Chuck,
700 Rpm’s Taper
25” X 96” Monarch, 1955, 28” Swing, 28” S.O.C.S., 96” Centers, 24 To 1,000 Rpm’s, 16” 3-
3” Lucas 41B-48, 1954, 34” X 68” Table, 48” Vertical, Very Good Jaw, Taper, Threading
24” X 144” Used LeBlond Regal Hollow Spindle, 26” Swing, 18” S.O.C.S., 72” Center, 5-1/4”
Thru Hole, 1,200 Rpm’s, 20” 4-Jaw Front, Jaw, 20 Hp, Taper
Cincinnati Toolmaster, 9” X 42” Table 24” X 132” Used Sidney Engine Lathe, 1955, 15 To 1,000 Rpm’s, 24” S.O.W., 13” S.O.C.S.

Bridgeport Series l, Variable Speed Head, 9” X 42” Table, Several 132” Centers, 20 Hp., Taper, Steady Rest Government Surplus
K&T 525TF, 1957, 18” X 106” Table, Horizontal Double Swivel Vertical Head, 25 Hp, Very Good 24” X 100” Mazak, 1979, 24” Swing, 15ʼ S.O.C.S., 100” Centers, 4” Hole, 12 To 1,200 Rpmʼs,
K&T #4 K Horizontal, 15 Hp, 18” X 80” Table, 16 To 1,300 Rpm’s 16” 4-Jaw, Chip Pan, Taper
K&T 320TF17 Horizontal, 17” X 72” Table, 15 To 1,500 Rpm’s, 20 Hp 24” X 76” Lodge & Shipley, 24” Swing, 12” S.O.C.S., 2-1/2” Hole, 500 Rpm’s, Taper
K&T 310-S15, Horizontal, 15 Hp, 15” X 72” Table, 16 To 1,300 Rpm’s 24” X 72” Used LeBlond Regal Hollow Spindle, 1981, 26” Swing, 18” S.O.C.S., 72” Center,
5-1/4” Thru Hole, 1,200 Rpm’s, 20” 4-Jaw Front, Jaw, 20 Hp, Taper
24” X 72” Monarch, 1953, 24” Swing, 15” S.O.C.S., 72” Centers, 24 To 1,000 Rpm’s, 18” 4-Jaw,
Taper, Threading
20” X 60” Used Hitachi Seiki Vertical Machining Center, 60” X Travel, 22” Y Travel, 22” Z 24” X 72” Sidney, 24” Swing, 13” S.O.C.S., 72” Center, 1,000 Rpm’s, 18” 4-Jaw, Taper

Travel, 20” X 65” Table, 30 ATC, 15 Hp 22” X 90” Kingston, 1999, 22” S.O.W., 15” S.O.C.S., 90” Centers, Rpm’s, 4-1/8” Hole, Taper,
D.R.O.’s, S.R., Splash Guards
22” X 90” Kingston, 1999, 22” S.O.W., 15” S.O.C.S., 90” Centers, Rpm’s, 4-1/8” Hole, Taper, D.R.O.’s,
American 4025 1982, 1050 Control, 40” S.O.W., 25” S.O.C.S., 120” Center, 12-1/2” Spindle Hole, S.R., Splash Guards

Chip Conveyor Good 22” X 80” New Masteel Engine Lathe, 22” Swing, 13” S.O.C.S., 80” Centers, 4” Thru Hole,
Mazak ST 60, Mazatrol T-1, 36” S.O.W., 27” S.O.C.S., 80” Centers, 6.5” Spindle Thru Hole, 750 Rpm’s, 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks, Taper, Rapids, Full Length Splash Guard, Heavy Duty.
40 Hp, 30” 4-Jaw 22” X 78” LeBlond, 22” Swing, 14” S.O.C.S., 78” Centers, 18 To 525 Rpm’s, 20” 4-Jaw, Taper,
21” X 100” Clausing, 1974, 21” Swing, 15ʼ S.O.C.S., 100” Centers, 3-1/2” Hole, 15 To 1,000
Rpmʼs, 16” 4-Jaw, Chip Pan, Taper
24” X 120” Mattison, 20” X 10”, 6” Grinding Wheel, 20” Height Under Grinding Wheel 20” X 174” American, 1974, 22” Swing, 16ʼ S.O.C.S., 174” Centers, 2-1/4” Hole, 15 To 1,000

24” X 96” Used Mattison Horizontal Surface Grinder 1981, (2) 24” X 48” Magnetic Chucks, 36” Rpmʼs, 16” 4-Jaw, Chip Pan, Taper
Vertical Height, 20” X 10” X 6” Grinding Wheel, Very Good 20” X 80” American, 1,000 Rpm’s, 20-1/2” Swing, 12” S.O.C.S., 2-1/4” Hole, 15 Hp
12” X 43” Grand Rapids, 1975, 12” X 43” Magnetic Chuck Wheel Size, 20” X 12” X 3” Wheel Size, 14” 20” X 80” Hysan Polishing Lathe 1980, 23” Swing, 11” S.O.C.S., 3-1/2 Hole, 1,200 Rpm’s
Height Under Wheel, Fully Automatic 20” X 78” Monarch Engine Lathe 1968, 12 To 1,500 Rpm’s 20” S.O.W., 13” S.O.C.S., 78”
12” X 36” ELB 1985, Fully Automatic Horizontal Surface Grinder, From Government Surplus Center Distance, 10 Hp. Taper, Steady Rest
8” X 24” Brown & Sharpe 1982 Horizontal Surface Grinder 18” X 100” Mazak Hercules, 18” S.O.W., 9” S.O.C.S, 100” Centers, Taper 2” Hole
8” X 24” Jotes, 1985, 8” X 20” Magnetic Chuck, Wheel Size 10” X 1”, 5 Hp, Mint 17” X 80” Clausing, 1974, 17” Swing, 12ʼ S.O.C.S., 80” Centers, 3” Hole, 15 To 1,000 Rpmʼs,
8” X 24” DoAll, 8” X 24” Magnetic Chuck, Wheel 10” X 1”, 12” Under Wheel, Nice 12” 4-Jaw, Chip Pan, Taper (2)
17” X 80” LeBlond Regal, 17” Swing, 12’ S.O.C.S., 78’ Centers, 1-1/2” Hole, 25 To 1,000 Rpm’s, 12”
6” X 18” Brown & Sharpe Horizontal Surface Grinder, 1987, Fully Automatic, 6” X 18” Magnetic Chuck, 3-Jaw, Chip Pan, Taper
13-1/2” Work Height, 5 Hp Wheel 1” X 8”, From Government Stand-By 16” X 54” Monarch Engine Lathe, 1960, 10 To 1,500 Rpm’s,16” S.O. W., 10” S.O.C.S. 54”
16” X 48” Norton Universal, 12” X 2” Wheel Center 10 Hp, Taper, Steady Rest, Government Surplus
12” X 48” Mattison 1949, 12” X 48” Magnetic Chuck Wheel Size, 24” X 16” X 3”, 20” Height Under
Giddings & Lewis Drill Grinder, Model HC, 1/16” X 1-1/2” Cap. Wheel Size 12” X ¾” X 5” Mint, Several 36” X 120” Used National Hollow Spindle, 1982, 36” Swing, 26” S.O.C.S., 120” Centers,
9-1/4” Thru Hole, 24” 4-Jaw Chucks Front & Rear, Steady Rest, 25 Hp, Taper, Rapids
35” X 120” Masteel Hollow Spindle, 2012, 14” Thru Hole, 35” Swing Over Ways, 25” Swing
108” Betts, 72” Height Under Rail, Face Plate With 4 Boring Jaws, 108” Max Swing. (2) Over Cross Slide, 120” Centers, 25 Hp, Inch / Metric Threading, Taper, Steady Rest, 6 Way

Swiveling Rams, In Plant Under Power Rapids, Like New

33” X 120” Demoor Hollow Spindle, 6” Hole, 33” Swing, 24” Swing Over Cross Slide, 120”,
56” Bullard Dynatrol, 52” Height Under Rail, 56” 4-Jaw Chuck, Turret, Side Head 250 Hp 20, Steady Rest, Taper
Rpm’s, 66” Max Swing, 60 Hp 30” X 120” Mazak 1982, 12-1/2” Spindle Hole, 30” Swing, 20-3/4” S.O.C.S., 120” Inch &
54” Bullard Spiral Drive, 60 Rpm’s, 58” Max Swing, 39” H.U.R., Turret & Side Head, 50” 4- Metric Threading, Front & Rear Chucks, Taper, Steady Rest
Jaw Chuck, Several 30” X 120” Kuraki Hollow Spindle, 1982, 30” Swing, 18” S.O.C.S., 120” Centers, 6-3/4” Thru
52” King, 52” Face Plate, 56” Max Swing, 42” H.U.R., (2) Swiveling Rams, 45 Hp. 4 Boring Hole, 800 Rpm’s, 21” 4-Jaw Chucks Front & Rear, 20 Hp, Taper, Rapids
Mill Jaws, Flush Floor 24” X 144” Used LeBlond Regal Hollow Spindle, 26” Swing, 18” S.O.C.S., 72” Center, 5-1/4”
46” Bullard Dyna Tape, New Fagor Control, 60” H.U.R. 12 Station tool changer Thru Hole, 1,200 Rpm’s, 20” 4-Jaw Front Jaw, 20 Hp, Taper
42” Bullard Spiral Drives, 4-Jaw Chuck, 45-1/2” Swing, 73” Rpm’s, Turret And Side Heads 24” X 72” Used LeBlond Regal Hollow Spindle, 1981, 26” Swing, 18” S.O.C.S., 72” Center,
36” Bullard Cutmaster, 48” Height Rail, 4-Jaw Table, 240 Rpms, 38” Max Swing, 25 Hp 9-1/4” Thru Hole, 400 Rpm’s, 20” 4-Jaw Front, 25” 3-Jaw Rear, 20 Hp, Taper

9A J&L 1952, 26” S.O.W. 15”, S.O.C.S., 70” Center, 750 Rpm’s, Fixed Rear Turret, Rapids
7ʼ 19” Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill, Max Height Under Spindle 72”, 12 To 1,500 Rpm’s, 7A J & L, 20” Swing, 15” S.O.C.S., 56” Centers, 1,000 Rpm’s

#5 Morse, 20” Spindle Travel, .004 To .125 Feeds, Tap Leads 8,11-1/2,14,18,20,27, Hp 25 5L Gisholt, 56” Swing In Gap, 36” Length Of Gap, 72” Centers
6’ 19” Carlton 1951, 6’ Arm, 19” Column, 72’” Max Height Under Spindle, 15 To 1,500 Rpm’s, 5L Gisholt, 1952, 40” S.O.W. 33” S.O.C.S, 97” Centers, 280 Rpm’s, 9-1/4” Hole Thru,
Spindle Travel 20”, 5 Morse, 25 Hp Spindle, Rapids, Fixed Rear Turret
6' 17” G&L Chip Master Radial Drill, 1965, Max Height Under Spindle 72”,12 To 1,500 Rpm’s, 5L Gisholt, 1953, 40” S.O.W., 33” S.O.C.S, 120” Centers, 162 Rpm’s, 12-1/2” Hole Thru,
#5 Morse, 20” Spindle Travel, .004 To .125 Feeds, Tap Leads 8,11-1/2,14,18,20,27, Hp 20 Spindle, Rapids, Cross Sliding Rear Turret
5ʼ 17” Fosdick, 1950’s, 4 A Head, 66” Max Height Spindle To Base, 20” Spindle Travel, # 6 Morse, 5L Gisholt Masterline, 40” Swing, 33” S.O.C., 93” Centers, 9-1/2” Hole
1,200 Rpm’s, 25 Hp, Tap Leads, Very Nice 4L Gisholt Masterline, 32” Swing, 24” S.O.C., 60” Centers, 9-1/2” Hole
4L Gisholt Masterline, 32” Swing, 24” S.O.C., 60” Centers, 12-1/2” Hole (2)
5ʼ 15” Used Giddings & Lewis Double Base Radial Drill, 4.75 To 1,750 Rpm’s, #5 Morse 20 4L Gisholt, 32” Swing, 24” S.O.C., 160” Centers, 9-1/2” Hole
Hp. Box Table, Tap Leads 4A Warner & Swasey Square Heads, 28-1/4” Swing, 12” & 9” Hole, 526 Rpm’s, Fixed Rear
4ʼ 13” Used Cincinnati Bickford Super Service Radial Drill, 11 To 1,500 Rpm’s, #5 Morse, 10 Turrets, Cross Sliding Rear Turrets (12 in stock)
Hp., Box Table, Table Leads 3A Warner & Swasey Square Head, 23-1/2” Swing, 43” center, 4-3/4” Hole, 18” Chuck, Cross Sliding
4ʼ 13” G&L Bickford, 1966, 60” H.U.S. 58”, 18” Spindle Travel, #5 Morse, 1,500 Rpm’s, 10 Hp. Rear Turret, Rapids
Power Clamp & Elevation, From US Government Surplus 3A W & S Square Head, 23-1/2” Swing, 43” Center, 6” Hole, 426 Rpm’s, CSRT
4ʼ 13” Cincinnati Super Service, 1954, 60” H.U.S. 58”, 18” Spindle Travel, #5 Morse, 10 Hp. 3A W & S Lever Head, 1953, 23-1/2” Swing, 43” Center, 6-1/4” Hole, 628 Rpm’s, Fixed Rear Turret,
From US Government Surplus New Style Rapids, Several
4ʼ 11” Morris, 1,500 Rpm’s, 12” Spindle Travel, 7.5 Hp. Box Table 2A Warner & Swasey Square Head, 20-1/2” Swing, 43” center, 3-3/4” Hole, 15” Chuck, Fixed
3ʼ 9” Used Giddings & Lewis Radial Drill, 9” Column, 48 Head Travel, 48” Height Under Rear Turret, Rapids, Several
2A Warner & Swasey Square Head, 20-1/2” Swing, 43” center, 3-3/4” Hole, 15” Chuck, Cross Sliding
Spindle, 10” Spindle Travel, 5 Hp Rear Turret, Rapids
Barnes Upright Drill, 2-1/2” Cap, 18” Spindle Travel, # 5 Morse
Fosdick Box Column, 24” X 24” Table, 6” Spindle Travel, # 4 Morse
Babin Model 12, Very Good; Babin Model 24, Very Good K.R.Wilson 75 Ton Hydraulic Press, Down Acting, Table 36” X 48”, Stroke Of Ram 16”,
Burgmaster Model 25HC, 1980, 30” X 40”, 3,150 Rpm’s, Max Height 36”, 1-1/4” Cap, 8 Spindle Max Distance Under Ram 48”, Excellent
Welding & Fabricating Machinery Available - Call for Details.


LUMATRIS LED Magnetic HTR Inc. Contact: Mike Starling
or Brandon Starling
Machine Light Series Sweepers Feature 12403 Oak Park Drive 281-376-8950 Fax 281-376-8476
Houston, Texas 77070


Master Magnetics, Inc. (The Mag-
net Source) features a selection of push,
hang and trailer type magnetic floor Grove 20ʼ scissor lift, 20ʼ height, 750 lb. capacity,
Built in charger, new batteries ...................$6,750
NEW Chevalier Lathes in Stock, Houston warehouse!
sweepers. The permanent magnet as- CHEVALIER FBL-510C, Fanuc Oi-TD, 12.6” bore, 40-
Clark 15,000 lb, LP gas, dual pneumatic tire$16,500
semblies range from 12” to 96” in 120” centers, 44” swing, 500 RPM, 60 HP, CC, 33,000
SILENT HOIST, 22,000 lb, gas engine ........$14,500
lbs, 12 stations, 3 speed gearbox ................$297,500
Toyota 6,000 lb, LP gas, 120” mast, cushion tire .$5,500
width for efficient removal of haz-
NEW Chevalier FBL-510C, 12.5 spindle bore, 60 HP
Clark 5,000 lb, LP gas, 120” mast, cushion tire ..$6,500
ardous scrap metal debris. They are de-
40” swing, 40” centers, Fanuc Oi-TD.............$298,700 KALAMAZOO electric shop svc. truck, w/charger ...$2,750
signed for warehouses, loading docks,
NEW Chevalier FBL-520A, 7.7” Spindle bore, 60 HP,
parking areas, runways, manufactur-
40” swing, 79” centers, Fanuc Oi-TD.............$284,500
ing and shop areas, jobsites, workshops
and other traffic areas.
NEW Chevalier FBL-520AMC, 7.7” spindle bore, 60HP Surface, HARIG 6x18 w/Walker 6x12 chuck......$1,950
Surface, G & L 24”x96” Mod. F ....................$24,500
40” swing, 79” centers, live tooling, full C-Axis, pro-
The 36” and 48” hang type sweep-
Surface BLOHM 12”x28” ...............................$5,950
grammable tailstock, Fanuc Oi-TD ................$366,500
ers feature a release handle for quick
Rotary Arter 12” table , 12”x1” wheel ...........$7,950
CHEVALIER FBL-460, Fanuc Oi-TD, 6.3” bore, 40 - 78”
and safe release of collected material.
T&C, Brown & Sharpe, motorized workhead ....$5,450
centers, 33” swing, 1400 RPM, 50 HP, 2-speed gear-
They include two eyebolts for securing
in place on forklift forks or to suspend
box, 10 stations, CC, 26000 lbs.....................$189,750 LAPPING MACHINE
Mazak Integrex 300y, 2000, 40” center, 40 ATC, 15” chuck, 30 SPITFIRE 48”, 3 hold downs, 18” disc, 10 HP.$42,500
with a chain from a vehicle. Powerful
HP, Mazatrol 640 Fusion .....................................$149,500 24” LAPMASTER ...............................................$7,950
strength (330 lbs. pull for 36” and 440


lbs. pull for 48”) allows for quick and
effective sweeping of large areas. Mazak Powermaster Universal, T-32, 4.5” hole, 120” CD, 8-6
turrets, 9”&13” steadies, 18” 3-jaw hydraulic chuck, chip
Now the latest LED technology is
LEHMANN Electrol 5035,16” bore, 50” swing, 35”
conveyor, 60 HP...................................................$129,500
available for small-, medium- and
large-volume machines. Available in a OC x 154” CD. 500 RPM, 75 HP, Cushman 36” x 16”
bore 4-jaw F&R chucks, taper, two steadies, rapids
variety of lumen packages, LUMATRIS
97 CINN ARROW 1500, Fanuc 18i-m w 12” Nikken KURAKI LC403, 12.5” bore, F&R chucks, taper...$89,500
provides work areas of different sizes

rotary table, 5 axis, 24 tools, BT-40.............$39,500 KURAKI kh 6-30, 6.75” Bore, F&G chucks, taper steady,
with wide-area flood lighting. With a
4-way tool post, rapids, 20 HP, 800 RPM ........$47,500
thickness of only 1.57 inches, LUMA-
95 CINN SABRE 1250, Fanuc OM, 24 tool, 4th axis
TRIS requires a minimal footprint
within a machine. ready, 26”x54” table, 40 taper, 8K RPM ......$24,500
MATSUURA MC-800VG II, Yasnac J300, 45”x20” table,
LUMATRIS is available with Wald- AMER Pace, 32x96”, 24” 4-jaw chuck, taper, 30 HP,
mann’s proprietary Light Forming 25 HP, 40 taper, 12K RPM, 30 stations, rotary table, 600 RPM, rapids, coolant........................$22,500
Technology, an optional optical system full enclosure, 1999 .....................................$44,500 KINGSTON HR3000, 30”x120”, taper, steady rest,
designed to customize luminance in 92 OKUMA MC-6VAE, OSP 5020M 50 taper 59”x 4.1” spindle bore, F&R chucks, 20 HP ....$47,500
the work area. In addition to the best 24”x24” travels ............................................$49,500 RYAZAN 27x118, 24” 4-jaw, taper, 20 HP, 1250
The 18” push type sweeper fea- 86 Mori Seiki MV-35/40, 11M, 7.5 HP, 20 stations, RPM ........................................................$24,500
Monarch, 24”x102”, Digital Readouts, Excellent...$34,500
glare-free properties and increased ef-
30x14x18 travels, chip conveyor.................$24,500
tures a quick release handle for fast and
D S & Grace, 17 x 72, 12” 3-jaw, taper, 10 HP, 1,250 RPM,
ficiency, its narrower powerful distri-
85 MONARCH VMC 75, GE-2000, 20”x”40, tooling $12,500
easy release of collected metal debris, a
Inch & Metric, Digitals ......................................$10,750
bution facilitates a wide range of tasks.
82 MONARCH VMC 150, Fanuc OM, 30”x70” $19,500 LODGE AVS 2013, 20”x54”, taper, 4-jaw, 2000
height adjustable handle and 7” wheels
RPM ............................................................$10,500
with an adjustable sweeping height

from .5” to 2.5”. They are designed for
NEW CHEVALIER FVL-1250+C, Fanuc Oi-TD, 63” swing,
quick clean up of small to medium-size
47” UR, 49” table, 60 HP, 350 RPM, 2-speed, CAT-50, 5L Gisholt, 12” spindle bore, govt. surplus .....$89,500
CC. 48400 lbs .............................................$468,000 MARKING MACHINES
With 6’ or 8’ sweeping widths,
trailer type magnetic sweepers quickly
INJECTION MOLDING IMPERIAL, 4 ton pneumatic, 16” under rail ...$3,250
clear tramp iron from streets, construc-
tion sites, runways, steel mills, welding
sites and more. The heavy .375” x 2” AEC WHITLOCK 400 lb Mob. Drying hopper .........$2,450
steel frame with adjustable hitch with- (2)10 HP Cincinnati Plastic Granulators .................$CALL J&L Epic 30 with digitals, 3 lens ....................$4,950

“LUMATRIS is the most versatile stands rough conditions. They are de- (5) 3 Axis Yushin HOP 111-550 Spru Pickers .........$1,950
AIR COMPRESSORS/DRIERS DAITO 250B, 10” round, 1.25” blade, automatic..$11,500
choice for machining environments,” signed to operate at road speeds up to


50 mph between jobs and up to 10 mph
Sullair Rotary Screw, 125 HP, 125 PSIG, air cooled ...$9,750
said a company spokesperson. “Robust
housing of anodized aluminum and 4 during sweeping.
SUMMIT 96” chuck, 102” swing, 74” under rail, 33,000
mm thick safety glass makes it imper-
vious to coolants and lubricants. Full lbs capacity, 112 RPM, 57 HP, 85,000 lbs.$169,500
width models are available in either Schenk AERO 366, 660 lb. cap., 80” CD, 365-. 2,700 RPM, UMARO 57” chuck, turret, ram, side head, 200 RPM,
Single plane balancer ..........................................$5,500 76 HP, pendant control................................$69,500

Standard Power (every second LED is
switched off) or High Power (all LEDs
28” OD x10” ID Cushman power wrench 4 jaw ..$10,000
are turned on), depending on the task
37” AEM WET belt sander ...........................$24,500
50” SKODA 4-jaw, flat back .........................$10,500
at hand.”

12” Autoblok 3-jaw hyd. chuck, 3.75 bore .......$2,250
In addition to its flat minimal con-
struction, LUMATRIS has a rear or side 12”x20” magnetic chuck, NEW .......................$1,750
STORM VULCAN 15A, 48” CD + accessories$15,500
connection with an M12 plug connec-

tor for integration or mounting, pre-
s e n t i n g n u m e ro u s o p t i o n s f o r NEW 600/275 LS Extended stroke .............$34,950
NEW 850-375 LH extended stroke 14.5” thru
Carlton 6ʼ Radial Arm Velocidrill, 36” rotary table ..$34,500
integrating the luminaire into a ma- For more information contact:
hole .............................................................$55,000
Stanko 5ʼ Radial Arm, tilting box table ...................$6,950
Master Magnetics, Inc.
SMW BB 500-205 ES ..................................$17,500
chine in the best possible way. The lu-
Ikeda 3ʼ Radial Arm drill, box table, vise................$6,750
747 South Gilbert St.
SMW Autoblok 460-181 SS ...........................$8,950
minaire connects directly to 24V DC
Castle Rock, CO 80104
20” SMW 6.5” hole Stationary Mount, NEW .$9,000
without additional components or 100-
16” SMW BB 400-140, 5.5” bore ...................$7,500
240V via internal power supply. 888-293-9399

GORTON P 2/3, 24”x9”, 8-1 ratio ...............$1,250
For more information contact:

Waldmann Lighting Co.
9 West Century Drive To Subscribe to Mayfran, 23”x59” trough, 8.75” high ..............$2,950

Pearson shear, 10 x .250, 20 HP hydraulic, back MISCELLANEOUS

Wheeling, IL 60090
Manufacturing News
gage .............................................................$14,500
GROVE 20ʼ scissor lift, very good............................$6,750
BODE 20” 500 lb positioner, tilt, swivel, pendant .$4,500
waldmann Go to:
Box table, 18x24, T-slots top and side .....................$1,150
BODE 36” 2,200 positioner, tilt, swivel, pendant.$7,950 Gardner/Den 1/2 ton air hoists, 120 day warranty ......$750 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 119
clogging of filters and decreased effi- w a t e r, ” s a i d Director for PRAB Fluid Filtration.
Tramp Oil Separator ciency. Tim Hanna, “This allows machine shops to cap-
PRAB’s tramp oil separator is de- The tramp oil separator is designed Manag- ture, recycle and reuse wash water
signed to remove harmful tramp oils to extend the production life of oil i n g and a variety of coolant types that are
from coolant and wash water, improv- based, semi-synthetic and synthetic typically disposed of and lost. Not
ing machine performance, decreasing coolants and alkaline wash water while only does this help customers save
tool wear and optimizing the effective- reducing hazardous waste volumes by money, it also protects machining
ness of cleaning processes and filtering. up to 90%. The tramp oil separator is equipment from excess wear, signifi-
Using gravity flow and coalescence, cantly reduces disposal costs and aids
engineered for industrial fluid applica-
PRAB’s tramp oil separator removes in meeting Environmental Protection
tions to significantly reduce hazardous
free floating and mechanically dis- Agency regulations and ISO 14001
waste volumes and deliver a return on compliance.”
persed tramp oils from machine investment in as little as six to nine Depending on the nature of the
sumps, central systems and wash tanks months. particular fluid contamination, op-
to less than 1% in a single pass, helping “The tramp oil separator is an tional equipment is available to further
to prevent wash water system prob- easy-to-use system that efficiently and enhance operational performance. This
lems associated with harmful contami- economically separates tramp oils from includes automatic air spargers to re-
nants such as machine downtime, valuable machining fluids and wash move sludge and solids from the sepa-
rator, coolant managers, customized
electrical controls and a variety of pre-
filtration options to meet specific man-
ufacturing needs.
In addition to reducing waste and
reusing valuable water, the tramp oil
separator can provide a secondary rev-
enue stream for the collected tramp
oils, which can also be recycled and
reused or sold.
For more information contact:
PRAB, Inc.
7574 E. Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Rubber Door Series

Hörmann High Performance
Doors offers a rubber door series of
high performance doors. A mainte-
nance free SBR panel, low-profile guide
tracks and breakaway bottom bar are
standard on all three models in the se-

The Model 4600 RE provides

spring assisted operation, while mod-
els 4600 RS and 4600 RD both operate
via a direct-drive system. The expan-
sion of the company’s high perform-
ance door line to include the rubber
door series is intended to offer more
options for applications in demanding
industries such as waste management
and mining.
For more information contact:
Hörmann Flexon LLC
Starpointe Business Park
117 Starpointe Boulevard
Burgettstown, PA 15021-9506


TBT UNISIG Gun Drill, Model T10-500, 10mm bore x 500mm 9” x 42” ALLIANT 48VC CNC Milling Machine, Prototrak SMX
stroke, Black Max variable feed with Powermaster G5 2-axis control retrofit in 2007, Acu-Rite scale on quill, New in
5” OLYMPIA Model 2B622 4-axis CNC Boring Mill, 49” x 49”
Vector drive, New in 1979, Rebuilt 1996
1986, Serial No. 75067665, Stock No. 9960.a
table with 360,000 positions, 39” Vertical, 55” Cross, GE-
Fanuc SERIES 16-M Control 9” x 49” CLARK Vertical Milling Machine, Model # 2VS, R-8
DRILLS, RADIAL spindle taper, 3 HP variable speed head, 6” vise, SINO brand

BORING MILLS, VERTICAL 8ʼ x 19” column CINCINNATI BICKFORD Super Service DRO, longitudinal power feed, clamping kit, collet set, New, 3
Radial Drill, No. 6 Morse taper, 8” in mild steel, power
31.4” 800VT STERLITAMAK CNC Vertical Lathe with C-axis & in Stock
elevation, New in 1947, Serial No. 6E-679. Stock No.
Live Tooling, Siemens 840D, 350 RPM table, 12,000 RPM 10” x 42” VANTAGE/WELLS Index Vertical Mill, Vantage variable
mill/drill spindle with locking coupling for turning, 20 ATC, speed head mounted on Wells 337 frame, Stock No. 9910
dual chip conveyors, through spindle coolant, NEW
10” x 54” MANFORD Super Precision Vertical Milling Machine,
43” DEFUM Vertical Turret Lathe, Model KNA-110/135, GRINDERS
Model #SP-460VS, R-8 spindle taper, upgraded accuracy
Heidenhain DRO, 4-jaw chuck, turret, side head, New in 8” x 24” THOMPSON Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Type B;
requirements, 3 HP variable speed head, Newall DRO, NEW
1982, Stock #9973 electromagnetic chuck; built-in wheel dresser; coolant;
46” BULLARD DYNATROL Vertical Turret Lathe, 46” 3-jaw CINCINNATI Vertical Hydro-Tel Milling Machine, Model EM #50
one shot lube, New in 1951, Serial #B514139, Stock #
power chuck, Scan-O-Matic tracer attachment, Newall 2- taper, 120” longitudinal travel, Sony digital readout, no tracer,
axis DRO on turret head, Size-Au-Trol automatic distance New in 1963, Stock No. 9956
25” x 157” NAXOS-UNION Plain Cylindrical Grinder, Model
controller, New in 1966
# RT63-4000, New in 1965
56” BULLARD CNC High Column Vertical Boring Mill, 93.5”
6G SELLERS Drill Grinder, 3” capacity, 8” wheel diameter,
under rail, Fanuc 21i-TB CNC control, 16 tool ATC, 300 SAWS
2HP motor, Serial No. 02-1754. Stock No. 9983
RPM, Mfg in 1982, Rebuilt and retrofitted 2009, Serial
SUNNEN Automatic Vertical Hone, Model CV-616D “Cylinder 24” x 24” WELLS SAW Automatic Band Saw, Model 1224H, Multi
No. 33596, Stock # 9944
King”, New in 1985, Serial No. 1J1-3221, Stock No. Index, conveyor table
W.J. SAVAGE Horizontal Plate Saw, Model WJS-20, 24” or 36”
blade, 25” V x 70” horizontal travel, Semi-Automatic, 40 HP,
41” x 197” RYAZAN Heavy Duty CNC Flat Bed lathe, Model LATHES, ENGINE
New in 1987
RT755F3, Fanuc O-T control with Heidenhain scale
12 1/2” x 20” MONARCH 10EE Precision Toolmakerʼs Lathe,
feedback, 8 station auto-indexing turret, powered tailstock
Taper Attachment, 5 HP KB regenerative drive, carriage
travel, New in 1993 MISCELLANEOUS
reground, New in 1942, Stock #9921
MORI SEIKI SL-2B CNC Lathe, Yasnac 2000GII with CRT,
15” x 54” LEBLOND Regal Engine Lathe, taper attachment, 10” 21.5” Bore WOODWORTH Thru-Hole Air Chuck, 42” outside
RS232, 10” chuck, 10 position turret, chip conveyor, New
6-jaw chuck, New in 1973
in 1981, Serial No. 760 diameter, 15/16” stroke, air open / spring close, Model
20” x 80” EISEN (Taiwan), 3-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Aloris
MT-25B MORI SEIKI CNC Lathe, Fanuc MF-T6 (16T), C-axis, THC-42000
Tool Post, DRO
mill-axis with Y-axis, 10-position turning turret, independ- 25” TROYKE Manual Rotary Table, Model R-25, +/- 60
27” x 118” RYAZAN Model 1M63H-3 Heavy Duty Engine Lathe,
ent milling spindle with 30 position ATC
4.13” spindle bore, taper attachment, power feeding seconds on scale, Serial No. 3711-10, Stock No. 9982

compound, 6-way rapid traverse, New in 1990 31” SIP Rotoptic-6 Motorized Rotary Table, 1 second angular
35” x 120” AMERICAN Turnmaster Power Once Hollow precision, 3,300 lbs table load, 1/4 HP motor, Vemier with
9” x 42” ALLIANT CNC Vertical Milling Machine, Proto Trak SMX Spindle Lathe, 10” spindle bore, A2-15 spindle mount, optics
retrofit in 2007 30 HP vari-drive w/4 gear ranges, taper, power feeding
44” Heavy Duty Roll Lathe Steady Rest, Stock No. 9987.
31.4” 800VT STERLITAMAK CNC Vertical Lathe with C-axis & compound slide, steady, (2) 4-jaw steel body chucks,
50 Amp GROMAX Ram Type EDM, Model P26-50,
Live Tooling, Siemens 840D, 350 RPM table, 12,000 RPM New in Dec 2001
mill/drill spindle with locking coupling for turning, 20 ATC, ballscrews, Newall E70-M 3-axis DRO, New in 2009,

dual chip conveyors, through spindle coolant, NEW Serial No. 2009718, Stock No. 9886.a
DAEWOO ACE-V45/V50 Vertical Machining Center with Arbor supports for horizontal mills
automatic pallet changer (APC), Mitsubishi 520MR CNC 5L GISHOLT MASTERLINE Turret Lathe with Extended Bed, 9.5”
Chucks and cylinders
Control; (2) 47.2” x 19.7” pallets; 30 ATC with CAT40 grip- bore, 200” length from face of spindle to turret, 28” 4-jaw Pratt
CLARK 3,550 lbs. Clarklift Type GD, Model C500Y40, Gas
per, 40.1” x 19.6” x 20” travel; through spindle coolant; steel body chuck, cross sliding hex turret, steady rest, high

6,000 RPM; 15/20 HP, New in 1997 pressure coolant system for deep hole boring, New in 1956 Forklift, New 1980ʼs

Hydraulic Toolpost-Mounted Slide

DRILLS, OTHER MILLS, VERTICAL PINES Hydraulic Rotary Bending Machine, Model 1 Series

110-30. 7.5 HP, auto indexing degree of bend turret, New

SUMMIT Geared Head Upright Drill, Model 59R, #3 Morse 9” x 42” ALLIANT Vertical Milling Machine, 2 HP variable speed,
taper, Procunier tapping head, Serial No. 720228, Stock Anilam DRO, longitudinal & cross power feed, New in 1984, in 1978, Serial # 11030-78126, Stock # 9937.a

No. 9907.a Serial No.73074254, Stock No. 9974 Steady rests

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 333, Houston,

Texas 77001 • Warehouse: 3200 N.
Freeway (I-45), Houston, Texas 77009 • Fax: 713-699-3389 • 713-699-3355 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 121

rough treatment. Available options are
Industrial Cart a drain plug and a flip-up drain screen.
Saves Space Dumping trunnions and the compan-
ion Dumping Frame DF-1056 allow for
The CECOR DB-244-6P industrial
easy dumping from hook hoist or fork-
cart features a small footprint and best
lift. Carts can also be fitted with T-rail
use of the cube to allow storage and The DB-244- cleats for use with a hydraulic dump-
transport of big loads. With a capacity 6P industrial
ing system.
of 13.4 cubic feet (approximately 1/2 cart shown in
For more information contact:
yard) and a lip height of 30”, the DB- comparison
to a rocker
Rose Peterson
244-6P can fit under machine tool dis-
style hopper. CECOR Incorporated
charge, conveyors and tables and roll
102 Lincoln Street
heavy loads out of production areas. A
Verona, WI 53593-9989
fully loaded cart is maneuverable by 608-845-6771
one person.
The DB-244-6P cart is made of
heavy-gauge steel with fully welded,
leak proof seams, and can stand up to
Devices Protect
Industrial and
Commercial Loads
from Unplanned
ABB’s Power Conversion business
has released the PCS100 UPS-I and
PCS100 AVC power protection devices
to the North American market. The
AVC and UPS-I are inverter based sys-
tems designed to protect sensitive in-
dustrial loads from voltage sags and
other voltage disturbances with fast,
accurate regulation and load voltage
The AVC is designed for a wide
range of manufacturing and industrial
settings, and the UPS-I is specially de-
signed for semiconductor fabrication
and data center applications.
“Voltage sags and other voltage
disturbances are common in industrial
electricity supplies, accounting for up
to 70% of all unscheduled production
downtime, and resulting in expensive
damage to equipment and product
loss,” said a company spokesperson.
“The problem has increased in recent
years as modern industrial facilities
have installed more complex equip-
ment such as PLCs, control relays, vari-
able speed drives and robots that are
more sensitive to voltage sags and re-
sulting outages.
“The main causes of voltage dis-
turbances are usually natural, includ-
ing lightening, wind, tree branches and
animal interference; secondary causes
include faults and switching events in
the grid, construction errors and com-
ponent failure. Sags often cause equip-
ment to self-protect by switching off,
which in a critical control operation can
cause a slowdown, or a complete shut-
down of a facility.
“Voltage sag events, also known as
a voltage dips or brownouts, are a re-
duction in the incoming voltage for a
short period of time, typically less than
0.25 seconds. They are characterized by
amplitudes below 90% of the nominal
range. While not complete voltage in-
terruptions, they are the most common
industrial power quality problem, and
are often deep enough to cause equip-
ment control circuits to drop out and
“The consequences of sags for in-
dustrial operations include unexpected
downtime, lost re v enue, wasted
(713) 699-4766 • Fax (713) 699-8986 6000 Gold Street Houston, TX 77026

Buy one of the machines in this group

and choose a FREE car.
• 56” Bullard Dynatrol or 108” Betts VBM • 7’ x 19” Cincinnati Bickford Radial Drill
• Mazak 1100 Powermaster CNC Lathe • American 4025 x 120 CNC Lathe
• 34” x 120” Gurutzbe Hollow Spindle Lathe • 36” x 120” Proreba Hollow Spindle Lathe
• 25” x 96” American Lathe, 40” x 192” American Lathe • 48” x 90” Meuser Gap Lathe
65’ Chrysler Convertible • Gisholt 4L 12-1/2” Hole Turret Lathe • 5L Gisholt Turret Lathe 85’ Mercedes 2 Tops
AUTO SCREW MACHINES 32” x 144” AXELSON, 500 RPM, T.A., Hardways, 25 HP
TRAUB A 15/25, 3/4” Cap, Fully Tooled, Bar Feed 40” x 192” AMERICAN, 4 Jaw, T.A., Rapid, 40 HP, 60’s
48” x 90” MEUSER H.D., Lathe, 66” Gap, 48” 4 Jaw, 1957
ALAMO #805-DE, #18 Re-bar, 2-1/4” with Tooling, 80’s TURRET LATHES - ALL SIZES
#3 W&S Sq. Hd., 1-1/2” Cap, 2,260 RPM, Threading, 1968
#5-4-1/2” W&S, Hyd Bar Feed, Threading 1977 (2)
5” G&L FRASER 70A-G5-T, 8000M G&L Control, 96” Vert., 60” x 144” Table, 1977 #5-4-1/2”J&L, Master Collet, Hyd. Bar Feed, 1958
#2A W&S Sq. Hd., CSHT, 3 Jaw, 1,130 RPM, 1966
#3A W&S Sq. Hd., 6-1/4” Hole, 3 Jaw, 30 HP
3” Lucas 41B-48, 34” x 68” Table, 1954 #4A W&S Sq. Hd., 9-1/4” Hole, 24” 3 Jaw, CSHT, Turret, 60 HP, 1973
4” G&L 340RT, 48” Vert., 48” Rotary Table, 2000 RPM, 50’s #4A W&S Sq. Hd., 9-1/4” Hole, 28” 4 Jaw, THD, CSHT, 1981
4” G&L 340-T, 48” Vert., 36” x 74” Table, Readout, Pendant, 50’s GISHOLT 4L, Masterline, 12-1/2” Hole, Gearbox THD, CSHT, 1978
4” G&L 340-T, 52” Vert., 36” x 110” Table, Readout GISHOLT 5L, 9-1/4” Hole, 280 RPM, 32” 3 Jaw, Fixed Turret, Steady, 1953
4” Lucas 42B60, 1200 RPM, 36” x 55” Table, Outboard, 1955 GISHOLT 5L, 32” 4 Jaw, CSHT, 9-1/4” Hole, 1954
4” SCHARMANN FB-100, 48” Vert, 39” x 55” Rotary, 1200 RPM, Facing 10-B J&L, 3 Jaw, THD, CSHT, 1960’s
5” CIM-GILBERT, 48” x 72” Table, 84” Vert, 1958
5” GIDDINGS & LEWIS 350-T, 72” Vert., 48” x 112” Table, 25 HP
BRIDGEPORT Series I, V/S, 9” x 42” Table
BRIDGEPORT Series II, 4 HP, Chrome Ways, 11” x 58” Table, Newall Read Out, 1983
36” BULLARD, Turret & Side Head, 4 Jaw, 200 RPM, 20 HP K&T #315-TF, 15” x 73” Table, 1500 RPM, Hard Ways, 1983
36” WEBSTER BENNETT, 4 Jaw, Turret Head, 100 RPM CINCINNATI HYDROTEL 28-60 Vert, 28” x 60” Table
36” BULLARD Cutmaster, Hi-Column, 48” Under Rail, Turret & Side Heads, #2MI CINCINNATI, W/ Bridgeport Head, 10” x 53” Table
4 Jaw, 240 RPM, 1957 #3 CINCINNATI, 15” x 62” Table, Swivel Table, 10 HP, Govt. Storage
42” BULLARD, 4 Jaw, 94 RPM, Turret & Side Heads #3 SOUTHBEND FU-15 Comb Horiz. / Vert., 15” x 63” Table, Swivel Head, 2000
54” BULLARD Spiral Drive, 4 Jaw, Turret & Side, 60 RPM, 25 HP (2) LAGUN FUI-LA #3, Vert. Head, 11” x 48” Table, 5 HP, 1989
56” BULLARD Dynatrol Turret & Side, 4 Jaw, 53” under rail, 250 RPM, 1960 K&T #310-S15, 15” x 68” Table, MTZ. Overarm, Vert. Hd, 1978
96” BETTS, 102” Swing, 2 Ram Heads, 72” Under Rail, 33 RPM, Readout
K&T #315-TF, 15” x 89” Table, Vert. Head, 1967
K&T 330-TF, MT2, Overarm Vert. Head, 16” x 68” Table
#5 CINCINNATI Horiz, 20” x 100” Table, Vertical Head on Overarm, 25 HP
5 Ton SHEPARD NILES, 28’-4” Wheel Centers, Complete w/ End Trucks
15 Ton SHEPARD NILES, 38’ Wheel Centers, Complete w/ End Trucks
RADIAL DRILLS 3” x 3” x 5/16” ROUNDO Angle Roll, Pipe Dies, 1978
WEBB R3L 4’ x 3/16” Pinch, 6” Dia Rolls, Drop End, 5 HP
28” GIDDINGS & LEWIS Geared Head Upright, #4MT, 10HP
4’ x 9” AMERICAN, 1500 RPM, Table, 70’s
4’ x 9” CINN-BICKFORD, 1500 RPM, #4MT, Box Table, 50’s
4’ x 13” CARLTON, 1500 RPM, Tapping, Rapid, Box Table, 50’s 35 Ton Di Acro Hyd, 96” Bed, Hurco B.G.
4’ x 13” IKEDA RM1300, 1400 RPM, Box Table, 1966 60 Ton DANLEY, Air clutch, 1976, Nice
5’ x 11” CARLTON, #5MT, 1500 RPM, Box Table, Coolant, 1952 90 Ton VERSON, 12’ Overall, Air clutch, Hurco CNC B.G. Roll
5’ x 13” AMERICAN, 1600 RPM, #5MT, Box Table, Coolant, 1953 135 Ton Cinn, CB x 8’, Hyd Brake w/ Hurco CNC B.G.
5’ x 17” FOSDICK, 1000 RPM, Tapping, Box Table, 20 HP
6’ x 17” G&L Chipmaster, 1000 RPM, Tapping, Box Table, 1966
7’ x 19” CINN-BICKFORD, 1200 RPM, Tapping, Table, 20 HP, 1956
LOCKFORMER, Flat S, 8 Station
LOCKFORMER, 24ga Pitts, 9 Station
ARTER B30 Rotary, High Column, 28” Under the Head LOCKFORMER, 20ga Pitts, 9 Station
10” x 96” CINCINNATI Plain Cyl, 4” Wheel, 3 steadies, Dresser, 15 HP LOCKFORMER, 24ga Pitts, 7 Station
12” x 36” G&L, Incremental Downfeed, Nice, 1971 LOCKFORMER, 24ga Pitts, 10 Station
14” x 36” G&L #650 Hyd. Surface Grinder, 1971 LOCKFORMER Notcher
24” x 96” MATTISON, 36” Under Wheel, 75 HP, Hi Column, 1981 LOCKFORMER Slitter for 20ga
24” x 120” MATTISON, 2-24” x 72” Chucks, Standard Height, 1952 FLAGLER 20ga Pitts, 5 Station
10’ Res 20ga Notcher by George Circle Cutter
48” MATTISON Rotary, Chuck, Dresser, 50 HP, 1968
BLANCHARD #18, 36” Table, Dresser, 1967
CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS 9” x 17” W.F. WELLS Model W-9, 1” Blade, Coolant, 1986, 2 HP (2)
MAZAK V-15-N, CAM-M2, 24” x 68” Table, 40 Tools, 4th Axis, 1983 10” x 12” DO-ALL C-260A, 1-1/4” Blade, Auto, 1986
16” x 14” DO-ALL C410A, 1-1/2” Blade, Auto, 7-1/2 HP, 1992
DO-ALL C-7, 7” Cap, Auto Bar Feed, 1975
MAZAK HQC 30, CAM-M-2, 2-12” Pallet Changer, 30 Tools, 1990, Very Clean DO-ALL C-916 9” x 16” Cap, Heading Raising Control, V-S Hyd Vise, 2 HP, 1998
KASTO 31” x 31” Hyd. Hacksaw Vise, 1976
MAZAK 1100 Powermaster, 9-1/2” Hole, 30” Chuck, FANUC 6-TB, 1983 SAWS-VERTICAL
MAZAK Slant 15, Fanuc 6T, 8” Chuck, 42” CC Tailstock, 1982 18” x 18” MARVEL Mark I, Tilt Head, 1” Blade, 1982 (3)
MAZAK M-5, 24” x 100”, FANUC 5T, 2 Turrets, 4” Hole, 1979 18” x 20” MARVEL, B1A11PC CNC, 1-1/4” Blade, B.F., 1986
MAZAK M-5, 24” x 100”, 6.5” Hole, Fanuc 6TB, 1982 18” x 22” MARVEL Mark II, Vise, Conveyor, Coolant, Variable, 2005
MAZAK Slant 60, 6.5” Hole, 4 Jaw, Mazak T-1 Control, 1985 DO-ALL 26” Variable Speed, Welder, 1963
WARNER & SWASEY SC-32, CNC, 19” Hole, Fanuc 15T For Retrofit GROB 60” Vert, 2000 FPM, Blade Welder, Tilt Table
AMERICAN 4025 x 120”, 12.5” Hole, 750 RPM, GE1050, 1982 GROB 24” Vert 2000 FPM, Tilt Table, Blade Welder
KALAMAZOO VS-20, 20” Throat x16” High, 1987
LODGE & SHIPLEY PT-40, 40” x 120”, 12.5” Hole, Steady Rest, Retrofit, 1982
52” RELIANCE Ring & Circle Shear, CS5273, 1978 1/4” x 10’ LODGE & SHIPLEY, 48” B.G., Sq Arm, 1969
LOCKFORMER Hyd Residential Notcher, 20 GA 1/4” x 6” FAMCO, Gap, P.O.B.G., Govt Storage
10 GA x 48” NIAGARA, Gap, P.O.B.G., 1958
FLAGLER 20 GA Rollformer
24” x 96” LEBLOND REGAL 5-1/4” Hole, T.A., Rapid, 70’s 12” ROCKFORD Hyd. 28” Table, Tilt Ram, Pendant
25” x 72” LODGE & SHIPLEY 8-5/8” Hole, Taper, 2 Chucks, 50’s 28” ROCKFORD Hyd. Shaper, Vise, Rapid, 1958
29” x 80” TIMEMASTER, 6-1/4” Hole, 650 RPM, Tracer, 1998 MORRISON 1-1/4”, 9” Stroke, Tooling, 1979
PRATT & WHITNEY 6”, 20” Table, 5 HP
30” x 120” KURAKI KH6, 6” Hole, 3 Jaw, T.A., Steady, 1970’s
30” x 120” MAZAK, 12-1/2” Hole, 4 Jaw, S.R., Rapid, 1982
33” x 48” GURUTZPE 5-1/2” Hole, T.A., 4 Jaw, 1975
34” x 120” GURUTZPE Super RT, 10” Hole, 24” 4 Jaw Chuck, Taper, Steady, 1982 1-48” x 48” x 36” T-Slotted Angle Plate
54” x 136” x 8” Thick, T-Slotted Floor Plate
36” x 120” POREBA, 12-1/2” Hole, Model TPL90, 32” 4 Jaw Chucks, Taper, Steady, 1980
11” x 18” HARDINGE HLVH, Super Precision, 3000 RPM, Gearbox, 1982 15” BRIDGEPORT Horiz Manual, Several
16” x 54” CLAUSING, 1,600 RPM, T.A., Readout, 1999 36” LUCAS Round, Powered, Self Contained, NASA
16” x 60” HARRISON Toolroom, 1,600 RPM, T.A., Steady, 4 Jaw, 1986 48” G&L SQ, T-Slotted, Manual, 12” Height
60” x 60” GIDDINGS & LEWIS Square, 16” Height, Airlift
18” x 69” AXELSON, 721 RPM, Taper, 3 Jaw, 10 HP
19” x 4” x 80 SUMMIT, 4” Hole, 3 Jaw, Taper, 1986
20” x 80” STANDARD MODERN, 1000 RPM, 4 Jaw, 4” Hole, 20 HP
21” x 59” OKUMA, 1000 RPM, 3 Jaw, Steady, 60’s 17” G&L Facing Head for 3” HBM
21” x 80” MIGHTY-TURN, 3” Hole, Rapid, Taper, 70’s 22” G&L Facing Head for 3” HBM
22” x 168” STANLEY, Gap, 4 Jaw, T.A., S.R., 50’s 26” G&L Facing Head for 4” HBM
24” x 120” MAZAK Lathe, 4” Hole, 3 Jaw, Taper Attach, Rapid, 1983 28” LUCAS Facing Head for 4” HBM
24” x 144” LEBLOND REGAL Servo, 3-Jaw, Rapid, Taper, Steady, 70’s Several Right Angle Milling Heads for HBM’s
25” x 72” MONARCH, 2516, 1170 RPM, 3 Jaw, Steady, 1968
25” x 72” SPRINGFIELD, 34” Swing, 300 RPM, Steady, Readout, Govt Storage
25” x 96” AMERICAN Sq Head, 30” Swing, 1200 RPM, Taper, 1963 6”-8”-10”-12” Vises for Mills
25” x 96” MONARCH, 1500 RPM, 3 Jaw, Steady, 30 HP, 1955 ALORIS CA-DA-EA Toolposts & Holders
25” x 144” AMERICAN, 1200 RPM, 4 Jaw, 30 HP, T.A. Rapid, 1957 BRIDGEPORT Slotting Attachments
26” x 60” KINGSTON, 4” Hole, Steady, 3 Jaw, 1992 Box Tables & T-Slotted Plates - All Sizes
26” x 168” NILES, 1120 RPM, 2 S.R. English/Metric U.S. Elect, 1985 12” Indexers - Cushman & Tailstock
29” x 80” TIMEMASTER, 6-1/4” Hole, 3 Jaw, Steady, Tracer, 1998
30” x 120” MAZAK, 4” Hole, 1500 RPM, T.A. Steady, 1986
32” x 120” CADILLAC, 1000 RPM, Taper, S.R., 4 Jaw, 1960’s • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 123

materials, poor product quality, equip- ing two months, curtailing the avail- are industries with crit-
ment damage and in the worst scenar- ability of many consumer electronic de- ical continuous pro-
ios, injury to personnel. The aggregate vices.” cesses that are
especially vulnerable
cost of unreliable electricity to the U.S. “While power providers do well to to the damages caused
economy is approximately $160 billion ensure they deliver superior reliability, by voltage sags:
annually, with the average premium particularly to their premium grid cus- • Semiconductor
grid manufacturing facility experienc- tomers, there is very little they can do • Data centers
ing six to 20 significant voltage sags per to completely prevent issues such as • Plastics
year. voltage sags,” said Sumit Chatterjea, • Automotive/aero-
“The cost of a single voltage sag Segment Manager, ABB’s Power Pro- space
ranges from several thousand to sev- tection. “To ensure ultimate protection • Pharmaceutical
eral million dollars or higher. In one from voltage disturbances, organiza- • Food processing/
high profile example, a voltage sag at a tions are wise to install protection sys- packaging
major Japanese electronics manufac- tems in order to maintain their critical • Cable/fiber optics
turer caused a production disruption of loads. The cost pales in comparison to • Textiles
a popular computer chip, resulting in a the savings they will quickly realize.” • Chemical, oil and
20% drop in shipments for the follow- According to ABB, the following gas.

The ABB AVC and UPS-I are bat-

tery-free power protection solutions fo-
cused on significantly reducing
unplanned process downtime by en-
suring that industrial loads continue to
receive a clean, uninterrupted flow of
power during major grid disturbances.
“Unlike traditional alternatives, they
are 98%+ efficient, virtually mainte-
nance free, easy to install, have an ex-
tremely small footprint and can be
sized to protect 3 phase loads from
1 5 0 K VA t o 2 4 M VA , ” s a i d t h e
• The AVC (Active Voltage Condi-
tioner) protects sensitive industrial and
commercial loads by providing voltage
sag correction, continuous voltage reg-
ulation and load voltage compensa-
tion. It is designed to provide the
required equipment immunity from
the level of voltage sags expected on
the AC supply network.
• The UPS-I is an off-line, short time
rated storage solution for semiconduc-
tor and data center applications. It uses
energy storage (ultra capacitors, bat-
teries, etc.) to allow the system (down-
stream load) to remain operational
through short outages and very deep
sags. The system operates with im-
proved transient performance due to
the inverter commutated utility dis-
connect. This allows the UPS-I to more
rapidly interrupt the connection to the
utility and take over the load while
minimizing the disturbance to the con-
nected load.
The PCS100 UPS-I may be part-
nered with a PCS100 AVC. “This com-
bination of voltage regulation and ride
through storage protection provides a
complete level of power disturbance
protection,” said the spokesperson.
“Separately or together, the devices
commonly provide a complete pay-
back in less than one year, and in some
instances, four to six months.”
For more information contact:
Paul Koester
16250 W Glendale Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151

To research a company,
product or technology go to:


an advanced and effective system for
Oil Contamination Mist and Smoke the removal of oil mist and smoke cre-
Eliminated by Collectors ated by metalworking machinery.”
All Royal Filtermist units are sold
Oil/Water Separator The Royal Filtermist is available in
four sizes ranging from 300 - 1,200 cfm.
with a 45-day guarantee. A compre-
hensive video and detailed information
Its flexible design enables it to be can be found at www.mistcollectors
mounted in a variety of ways, includ- .com.
ing directly to the top of a machine For more information contact:
tool, on a stand or suspended from a Dori Ann Casillo
factory ceiling. According to the com- Director of Customer Service
pany, maintenance and operating costs Royal Products
of the Royal Filtermist are minimal. product of extensive computer-aided 200 Oser Avenue
“Throughout its history, the Royal modeling and laboratory testing. Hauppauge, NY 11788
Filtermist has undergone continuous “While the Royal Filtermist contin- 800-645-4174
design improvements,” said a com- ues to be based on the well-established
pany spokesperson. “The latest ver- principle of centrifugal impaction, its
sion, the Filtermist FX-Series, is the design improvements have resulted in

A frequent problem encountered in

parts wash lines is the buildup of an oil
layer on the surface of the rinse tank.
When the rinsed parts are raised out of
the tank, the oil layer recontaminates
the parts. The problem can be solved
by continuously removing the oil layer
from the surface of the rinse tank.
In principle, removing oil from the
surface of the rinse tank is similar to
separating tramp oil from the surface
of coolant in machine tool sumps, an
application for which Keller Products
Inc. has reportedly supplied several
thousand units. In practice, however,
the parts wash application has two ad-
ditional requirements:
• The temperature of the rinse water is
typically about 160 °F
• The rinse water usually contains a
low concentration of alkaline cleaner.
The TKO-1OHT, introduced by
Keller, functions the same as the other
Keller TKO products but is resistant to
the special rinse water operating con-
A self-priming air operated di-
aphragm pump on the TKO-1OHT
pulls oily rinse water from the surface
of the rinse tank through an inlet de-
vice and then through a filter to remove
any floati ng solids. The filtered
oil/water mixture is then pumped
through the patented Keller all-plastic
separator element immersed in a sepa-
rator tank. The oil-free water returns
continuously to the rinse water tank at
a high flow rate, 120 gallons per hour.
The oil layer collects on the top of the
separator tank and is occasionally
drained into a waste oil container by
opening the oil drain valve. No other
operator attention is required. The
TKO-10HT is shipped from stock by
For more information contact:
Jonathan Strauss, Sales Manager
Keller Products, Inc.
6 Ledgerock Way, Unit #6
Acton, MA 01720
800-352-8422 / 978-264-1911 • SOUTHWEST MANUFACTURING NEWS • June 2014 125
Universal Wash Down System ATEX Approved Pneumatic
Vacuums for Hazardous Locations