DURING START UP U COME TO KNOW THAT THERE IS CHANGE IN FLIGHT PLAN. 2. 30 NM OUTBOUND CHANDIGARH U R NOT IN CONTACT WITH CHANDIGARH CONTACT AUTHORITY AND PASS POSITION REPORT 3. OVERHEAD AMRITSAR U ARE ABOUT TO ENTER PAKISTAN AIRSPACE EXPERIENCING TURBULANCE 4. OVERHEAD PATHANKOT Call Sign VT-CDE type Embarear carrying Human Organ Dep Hyd Destination Del 1 a) Request For startup b) you want for early departure . 3. you are diverted 60 Nm to VANP take approprite clerence from ATC for comeing on track to VABP 4. On Finals you find RWY Lights are Gone Off take appropriate action mumbai kolkata- 9W777 1) Bomb in a/c take action 2) position report mumbai control not responding but replies later 3) request visual approach for reciprocal of the runway in use 4) experienced winddraft on final take action 5) phraseology- visibility by accrediated observer- ground visibility, request nose-in parking.

vhf flight, trainee a/c ,VT-NBN ,ALT AERRODROME - Ahemdabad . ROUTE - Aurangabad 2 Jaipur. 1) U r taking ur position 4 take off and observe that rwy edge lights are dim , take action . 2) when airborne u observe a part of d aerodrome on fire , take action. 3)Due to ATC communication failure Aurangabad twr has been able 2 clear u upto FL 35 only but u hav 2 climb 2 FL 50 acc to flight plan. take action . 4)u r overhead bombay . take action. 5)your nav and strobe lights do not work properly , even your panel lights failed . take action. 6)while descending to land red fire lights hav been activated . take action

You are over ELRUX. b)take taxi clearence c)while taxing u entered wrong taxiway instead of L1 u entered L2 take action 2)while enroute over jammu u gt diverted frm ats route. But the TORA for Runway 32 is 7500ft. 20 nm from goa experiencing severe turbulence. 3. 3. You have drifted from your course. Delhi has no objection.while u get tht they ask u tht ur ladder is still attached take action. 5 a. While descending from FL150 to FL50 for Pathankot. 2. Contact Appropriate authority to take further clearance 4. Take Acton.. Radio check with VOCB Overhead Mangalore at FL 210. visibility falls to 750 . a) You have started your Engines. Take Action . DAGGER ONE is calling you take action!!! 5. b) After Lining up on the runway. and have been allocated Runway 32. the aircraft in front of you is returning to the apron. Your Aircraft is heavy and requires a TORA of 8500ft. Departure AD : VABB Destination AD : VECC Alternate AD : VANP Route/Overflying : VANP CFL : FL330 A/C : Airbus Callsign : IT 8990 SELCAL : (i forgot) 1.20miles west of route take action 3)take decent clearance Dep: VOCB VHF flight Arr: VABB Type Embraer Call sign: VT-BDI FL 260 1. DELTA CONTROL is calling you. delhi radio say again degrees.VT GBN VIDP to VISR overflying ELRUX FL . and the TORA for Runway 27 is 9300ft. 4. It is rocking its wings and flashing its lights. Take Action. request permission. you see an Indian Air Force Fighter Jet on your left side. After lining up on the runway. 2. you notice labourers working very close to the end of the runway. AOM is 700. Overhead GOa give position report and you are experiencing slight turbulence. request permission to descent. you see birds on the Runway shoulder. you wish to go direct to Pathankot. You are number two for takeoff.1)a)start up clearence.don't remember (not important) DELTA Control north of Chandigarh 1. Take Action Delhi Attempt May 2010 Questions are not framed exactly as they appeared in the paper. Take Appropriate Action. Mumbai Attempt 2010 A/C .

...) 2.i had to give the position rep n request for join'g clr.2... After landing at Nagpur. VHF Comm only onboard. Contact the next ATSU to get further clearance.. u r clr'd to FL60 enter downwind Rwy26. take action route was W20S del to indore over bhopal fl 160/170/180 time 0830 q1) take atc clearance 2) atc compliance but here he twisted the question by changing route bcoz of reciprocal traffic.. 3. 3.. clear of wx... TORA is Take Off Run Available. Take appropriate action for safety of the flight. a) The VOR is not working and is undergoing routine checks.. unable to maintain FL240.u experience severe turbulence.... W40... u get to know tht u r clr of tfc...: Charter flight. b) Lights are dazzling..Top of Climb after VIBN (u r 50nm from BN. req toc aftr BN ... VECC ATC is calling you.risk of collision call .air prox. You wish to cruise at FL350. take action 4. But there is an intercommunication failure between the Air Traffic Controllers.. You are over Aurangabad at FL330. You are 20 NM outbound NIPAD..) b). 1. 3) the next was position report but it became joinin clearance question at reporting point AKELA which was on route w13s. 5.. 4. but not to confuse with TODA (take off distance Available) VECC ATC told me that I have a Bomb onboard Lights are too bright Departure a/d : VEPT Destination a/d : VABP Route/Overflying : via VIBN.. i had to go to w20s route to resume nomal navigation 4) 20 nm outbound bhopal an ATR crosses the flight path. cloud ceiling over a/d is coming low... W33 Alternate a/d : VIBN CFL : FL330 a/c : Falcon Callsign : VT XCG Time : 0830 Other Info.u estimate BN at 0900.... Joining Clearance at VIBN (it was'nt a direct ques .. Mumbai has negative traffic and has already cleared you for FL350. a). clr'd to descend FL80 after 0955 due tfc 9W668 passing FL70. u r clr'd to FL330.

Over Kolkata Chennai FIR boundry you have received a SELCAL indication. You are ready to taxi clearance........ candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet. Q 4. Take action. you observed fire on left engine and decided to make force landing...... Q 5. for message that require to be transmitted at specific time.. Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure... 3. Take action. I SHALL CALL YOU. Q 3. Use hypothetical data.remember its not an pan pan call 6) vor not working r/w visibility at the beginning is 60m AI boing ahead you will b behind it QUESTION 1 REGULATION AND PROCEDURE Aircraft Identification: IC 517 Type of Aircraft: Airbus Departure Aerodrome: VECC Time 23:30 Level: 330 Aerodrome destination: VOMM Route O/f VEBS Other Information Regn VT ABC Alternate VEBS... (a) WAIT. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”.. b) The fire was minor and you are able to extinguish the fire and decided to proceed as per flight plan.. When you are 30 NM DME distance of Chennai obtain Visual approach. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order.... Q 1.. a) When crossing DOCKET. 4. (b) ESTABLISH RADIO CONTACT (c) MY TRANSMISSION IS ENDED AND I EXPECT RESPONSE FROM YOU (d) EXAMINE A SYSTEM OR PROCEDURE (e) CONTINUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITION SPECIFIED . VOBG ———————————————————————————————————– Note: 1. 2.... Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory...5) at indore i m on left base but there is one more A/C on right base swichinh on and off landing lights call atc. Departure Time 1400 Q 2.

2. Obtain ATC Clearance. 3. Q 1. Take action. 1. for message that require to be transmitted at specific time. candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet. a. THAT IS NOT CORRECT. Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure. 4. Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory. REDUCE YOUR RATE OF SPEECH. PERMISSION FOR PROPOSED ACTION GRANTED I UNDERSTAND YOUR MESSAGE AND WILL COMPLY FOR IT. 4. Use hypothetical data. b. VOHY Other Information SELCAL ALCM Alternate VOHY. (d) EXAMINE A SYSTEM OR PROCEDURE (e) CONTINUE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITION SPECIFIED . Q 3. Q 5. Take action. VOBG ———————————————————————————————————– Note: 1. 2. a. While passing “BODEL” a passenger on board is seriously fallen sick. 5. b. Passenger has recovered. Comply with it Departure Time 0235 Q 2. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order. 3. On reaching “BUSBO” report position. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”. LET ME KNOW THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED AND UNDERSTOOD THIS MESSAGE.Aircraft Identification: IC402 Type of Aircraft: Airbus Departure Aerodrome: VIDP Time 23:30 Level: 330 Aerodrome destination: VOMM Route O/f VABP.

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