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Pigeon Messaging


Ian Beardsley

April 17 2018

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Let us say we go looking to take a photo of something as interesting and exciting as a hawk,
and we photograph a pigeon thinking it is a hawk, then we post it on facebook and say it is a
hawk and, embarrassingly someone says, “That isn’t a hawk, it is pigeon!”. But, it is at this
moment we realize something as dull as a pigeon can do something very useful as basic as it
is: you can attach notes to its leg and send messages to people.

An example of this in my work is, I wrote a program that scrambles a word for secret message
by rotating each letter in a work by an amount called the key that only the receiver knows, and
you input the most used word to test a program, hello, and rotate it by the first three numbers,
because they are the easiest to work with, and only look at the first letter h, and notice you get
the unit vector (i, j, k). This is exactly what I did, and the associated discovery is very
interesting. I call it pigeon messaging.

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I just pigeon messaged the Wow Signal! With great results:

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