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The PMO, New Delhi, India. Portal Upload 18/04/2018

Re:- My tweet on the issue of our PSU bank/insurance abuse of public money

Hon’ble Sir,
I have tweeted the following ,with reference to the above:-

ShriGopal Soni Retweeted The Indian Express
It is a pattern to destroy career or #right2life of honest public servants who blow whistle against
abuse of public money, the exemption of #CBI from #RTI ensure no transparency in fight against

#ManmohanSingh on the banking sector: "It is not the problem of the public sector alone. Now
the second largest private sector bank has also got involved in this mess." READ:


Shri Gopal Soni

C-231, Panchsheel Nagar, Ajmer-305004


Dates Event consequences
2006-07 Applicant’s RTI article is Darpan publishes an article of
published by NIACL (India’s applicant entitled “ Right to
largest non life insurance co.) in Information and language”
their in-house Magazine
5.06.2007 An order of transfer is issued to Applicant is forced to spend a
applicant addressing him as month’s salary in litigation
assistant challenging the order
30.07.2007 Rajasthan High Court order stay Applicant submits that A Hindi
on transfer order Translator is distinct from an
31.10.1991 Written direction that if a Hindi OICL directions when each non -
Translator seeks transfer as life insurance company of India
Assistant he should be asked to was a subsidiary to GIC (General
forego additional increments Insurance Corporation of India)
{The applicant would lose 6
increments had he complied
order of 5.06.2007}
25.09.2007 Applicant is replied that balance as leave for 21/6/2007 to
of leave in his account cannot be 31/7/2007 is pending
February 2008 A shocking memorandum of It argues that applicant’s act of
charges is issued to applicant leaving headquarters reflects
addressing his an “assistant” adversely upon his integrity as a
public servant
April 2008 A suspension order is issued to Power to suspend flows from
applicant , no reason except that GICDA Rules of 1975
of pending enquiry of aforesaid
is mentioned
29 April 2008 Director of CVC takes cognizance Specific directions to ensure that
of applicant’s complaint issues no harassment is caused to
office memorandum applicant in any manner
10 July 2008 Chief Regional Manager, NIACL,
Applicant’s representation for Jaipur, Smt. Kamlesh Vashisht
supply of documents in English is argues that applicant was issued
denied neither notice nor order.
Januray 2009 Chief Vigilance Officer of NIACL, she replies inter alia,3 times that
Smt. Gopa Ray acknowledges applicant is a “Hindi Translator”
November 2009 Administrative orders including Power of penalty flows
A dismissal order is issued retrospectively from NIAC CDA
Clause (1) of the Article 20 of thearguing that applicant is an Rules 2003
Indian Constitution guarantees “assistant” (applicant is never charged of
rights against ex-post facto laws.
violating such rules)
Present status:-
even after a decade of CVC directions not to cause harassment of applicant he remains denied of either
a salary or any other allowance, to retaliate his RTI’s that cause “harassment” of a bizarre status quo
where only one out of seven PSU insurance personnel are put to suspension despite corruption /criminal
Annexure : From ShriGopal Soni,C231,Panchsheel Nagar,Ajmer.

Date/Month event Brief details

February 1988 Applicant is Hindi translator
appointed as
February 2008
Applicant with
no record of
irregularity is
issued a so
called memo

February Applicant One decade makes richer the
2008- 2018 isolated capricious/whimsical decision makers

Copy of appointment letter of the applicant (translated)

(A Subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India)
Regional Office: 8-Gulab Bhawan,Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,New Delhi-1100002
Phone … Telex… Dated:13.06.88


Shri Gopal Soni
964/44,Badi Nagphani,Ajmer-305001
Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your application Dated ---and thereafter interview/Medical test for the post of
Hindi Translator / Assistant (clerk)/Assistant (typist)

We are pleased to inform you that you are appointed in the grade of 520-30-670-45-850-60-
1210-75-1660 on the post of of Hindi Translator /
Assistant (clerk)/Assistant (typist) to the basic pay of 580 on

Probation. You shall be entitled to amendment in the aforesaid pay scale and other allowances as
per rules prevalent in General Insurance Industry and you shall be accepting the amendments in
the aforesaid pay scale. The following terms and conditions shall be applicable to you in
addition to service conditions of those applicable to other confirmed employees of your grade:-

1. Your appointment shall be with effect from 24.02.1988 your reporting for duty to
Regional Manager/Deputy Manager/Divisional Manager.
The new India Assurance Co Ltd, Branch Office, Ajmer

However,the aforesaid date should not be later than a fortnight to the acceptance of this

2.(a) You will be on probation for a period of six months which may be extended at the
discretion of the Management.
(b) During the probationary period your services will be liable to be termination without
notice and without assigning any reasons by the Company.

3. ****** ((applicable only to assistant (typist))

4.You shall be entitled to confirmation of services if you succeed by completing the
probationary period.

5. On confirmation of probationary period you shall be entitled to other allowances,e.g.
Provident Fund,Gratuity etc.

6.Increments in salary are not released automatically,they are based upon regular
attendance,good conduct,satisfactory work and performance and is subjected to other rules of
the Company also.

7.While in the services of the Company,including probationary period you will be subject to
the rules and regulations of the company,including General Insurance (Conduct,Discipline
and Appeal)Rules,as are in force from time to time and carry out instructions given to you
from time to time orally /in writing.

8. During the probationary period if you leave/resign from the services of the Company,you
are required to give three full day’s notice in writing. In default company shall have right to
deduct from dues payable to you/recover from you directly an amount equivalent to three
days salary.

9. On confirmation your appointment is terminable at any time by giving one month’s notice
in writing on either side without assigning any reason.

10..You are liable to be transferred from one department to another from the Company to
any subsidiary of the Corporation or from one place to another as and when required to do so.

11. The Company’s right at law to take any action against you and to recover the dues of the
Company from you and/or to claim damage from you and the rights of the like nature will
not be affected or deemed to be waived by any reference to the terms and condictions
mentioned herein and they are expressly reserved notwithstanding any specific mention
herein of the rights of the Company.

12. You will have to undergo such training either during probation or any time thereafter as
may be prescribed by the Company.

13. Your appointment shall be subject to with effect from your reporting for duty. The
appointment letter shall be cancelled in the event of your not reporting for duty within a

You may return the duplicate of this letter of appointment duly signed by you,to
indicate that you have accepted all the conditions mentioned in this letter.

Yours Faithfully,

(Rajendra Beri )
Deputy Manager/Regional Manager

****** (words which have been deleted by the Company have been indicated*****)