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AAA Partnership (Pvt.) Ltd.

Project & Construction Management

Project: The Indus Hospital
Scope: Motor Bike Parking & pathways for Operation Office
Domain: Operational Works
Date: 25-May-16

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1 General Requirement
Clearing,Grubbing & removal of excess Soil for maintaining slope for
a new parking area. Dispose all the debris, waste material outside the Job 1
premises of Indus Hospital.
(Approx area is 3500 Sq.m)
Conduct site survey and coordinate all the existing underground
b services with AAA project office and manage its relocation if deem Job 1
Supply and Installation of UPVC pipe in various location of new
c parking in order to discharge storm water. Works shall be carried out Job 1
as per the satisfaction of Site In charge.
Repairing of existing parking surface including, levelling,
d compaction and placing of Granular subbase. Complete all works Sq.M 700
as per the instruction of Site in charge.
Supply and installation of fair face concrete (1:2:4) or prepare In situ
barrier for Motor Bike lane seperation parkings. Including excavation,
2 2" thick lean concrete over compacted surface as barrier bedding, RM 510
morter, or any other material deem necessary. Complete all works as
directed by Site In charge.
Size of barrier (250mm X 150mm).as per attached sketch
Subgrade preparation i/c Earth fill/cut of new parking area as
required in order to maintain adequate slope for storm water
drainage with provision of subbase and compacted 150mm thick
3 earth layer using excavator/Tractor & Vibratory Roller + hand Sq.M 3500
compator as per site condition. Excess material shall be dispose off
outside the Indus premises. All work shall be carried out as per the
satisfaction of Site In-charge.
Supply and place selected material granular sub base (Mooram)
compacted 150mm thick to new parking area, obtain from outside
source, approved quality material with vibrator roller compaction, i/c
4 Sq.M 3500
transportation, dressing , watering, leveling, grading, and making
good for traveling of vehicles. All work shall be carried out as per the
satisfaction of Site In-charge.
Removal of exisiting kerb stone from the parking and shift to the
5 specified location within the premises of Indus Hospital. All works shall RM 215
be done according to the intruction of Engineer/ Project Office.
Supply and Installation of CC pavers, including excavation ,
6 concreting bedding 1;4;8, placing of Khakha between joints, back Sq.M 200
filling & compaction. Complete all works with the satisfaction of
Engineer. Size of CC Pavers (200mmX100mmX60mm)
Fixing of recoverable (old) kerb block including excavation, concrete
7 bedding & mortar, etc complete in all respect as directed by the Site RM 215
Supply and Installation of new kerb stone including excavation,
8 concrete bedding & mortar, etc. Complete in all respect as directed RM 200
by Site Incharge.

Total Rs=