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Should we dissolve the

organization of the church?


• Sunday morning worship continues • Everyone finds new

• Pastoral Search Team (4 candidates already church community for
identified by PCAMNA Church Planting Sunday mornings
Program) • GCC as an organization
• New temporary elders no longer exists
• Guest preachers starting May 13
• New Treasurer (Quickbooks), phone, mailbox
• New storage place for financial records, audio
equipment, communion supplies, etc. Should we continue
• Cost about $2-3,000 per month estimate meeting?


• Pastor and elders will make sure everyone Pastor and elders will make
finds a place to worship on Sunday mornings sure everyone finds a good
• Someone can take lead to gather GCC folks church home.
together, Sunday evenings for prayer, Bible
study, fellowship
• Discuss and pray about possibility of starting
a new church, sharing what we learn from
churches we are attending
• Free • Proceed like a regular
Should we (re-)start a new church? church plant
• PCA or other denom.
• Pastoral Search Team
no • Can shed the name,
“Grace” if desired (in
conflict with close, large
We may wish to keep meeting, or not. The
• Cost about $2-3,000 per
Community will evolve on its own. We all need
month, estimate
to become members of a local church.

This chart is not exhaustive, but identifies some of the main choices.