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Curriculum Planning Chart - Fact vs.


Generative Topic: Community Parks and Playgrounds - Fact vs. Opinion Subjects Addressed: ELA, Social Studies

Concept Standards Assessment Facts Skills Problems to pose Activities:

("The student will (How will you have ("The students will ("The students will ("Guiding questions"
understand…") evidence that they know…") be able to…") or "unit questions")
know it?)
CC.1.2.3.G Fact and Opinion How to define a Identify facts and How do we know Fact and Opinion:
(The big idea, the Use information gained Anchor Chart: fact. opinions in writing. that this is fact? An personal responses
from text features to
"enduring students write on opinion? - Ask and sorting
understanding" a understanding of a text. post-its one fact How to define an Support opinions yourself, can this be
broad way of and one opinion opinion. with facts. proven? Do people
making sense of CC.1.4.3.C FQR Chart: disagree about this? Champ Shared
the world, or a Develop the topic with Student responses - Strong Edit and revise their Reading and fact
“life lesson”) facts, definitions, details, using facts opinion/persuasive writing to include Why is it important and opinion sorting
and illustrations, as writing and strong facts. that we know the and questions
Students will Should Schools Be… speaking supports difference between
understand the CC.1.4.3.D Identify opinions with Debate and support facts and opinions? Persuasive letter to
difference Create an organizational “Evidence For, specific reasons and outdoor standpoint the principal on
between fact and structure that includes Evidence Against, facts. using facts. Why is it important what should be
opinion. Use of information grouped and Personal Opinion” to support your changed in the
facts vs opinion are connected logically with Chart opinions? outdoor space
a concluding statement
prevalent or section. stating opinion and
throughout Champ Reading Why is considering supporting with
reading, writing, CC.1.2.3.D Sort fact vs opinion the point of view facts.
and visual Explain the point of view and identify why it important when
communication of the author. is a fact or opinion listening to facts and
and important to statement. opinions? Malala Yousafzai -
Standard - 5.2.3.B
understand when Identify the sources of “Malala’s Magic
making meaning. conflict and Whiteboard check- What makes some Pencil” - Students
disagreement and ins arguments stronger will state facts
Central problem / different ways conflict than others? about Malala,
issue / or essential can be resolved. Exit Tickets opinions about her
question CC.1.4.3.I
How do you respond work
How can I support Support an opinion with Daily journal to opinions that you
opinions with reasons. do not agree with?
facts? Why is it
important to
support opinions
with reasons? Why
is it important to
check the sources
behind facts?