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David Medich

28 Blaine Avenue, Manor, Pa, 15665 | 724-216-4311 |


I am a hardworking individual seeking to gain invaluable experience in the power and manufacturing
industry through an engineering internship at Mitsubishi, an industry leader in technological
innovation. I want to improve my engineering problem solving skills

B.S. Mechanical Engineering May 2016-Present

 Junior 6th semester
 5th semester GPA: 3.938
 Current GPA: 3.25
 Dean’s list 1st and 2nd semester of my freshman year
 Honors College Spring 2017 and Fall 2017

Certificate in Nuclear Engineering August 2017 – Present


Safety Coordinator May 2013 – November 2014

 I was in charge of the day to day operations of the safety team.

 I lead weekly safety meetings with the associates to discuss current safety issues.

 I created action plans on how to correct any safety issues that I found or that were brought to
my attention.
Work Experience

Maintenance | Sam’s Club July 2010 – May 2014

 Maintain a clean and safe workplace.
 I preformed routine maintenance on equipment such as forklifts and floor scrubbers.

Produce Sales Associate | Sam’s Club May 2014 - Present

 I am responsible for engaging members to help solve their problems and ensure they have a
memorable shopping experience.

 I monitor the sales of merchandise throughout the day and replenish items when their stock
levels are inadequate.
 I am tasked with training new associates in my department

 Microsoft Office suite, MatLab, SolidWorks, EES

 Welding/Fabrication
 Licensed forklift operator
I chose a more traditional style for my resume because that is what is typically expected in the
engineering field. I decided to place the dates of the positions I held as well as all other dates all
the way to the right-hand side to make the document look less cluttered. In the skills section, I
listed a few skills that weren’t exactly applicable to this job, but they demonstrate that I have a
varying range of skills that I bring to the table. A few changes I made to my resume to tailor it
to the internship at Mitsubishi specifically was to specify Microsoft Office under skills, as well
as geared my objective specifically towards this job posting. Also, I moved my leadership
category above my work experience because it has more transferable skills than the other retail
jobs I have held, specifically the communication aspect of it. This helped me display that I have
experience with speaking, in a more formal setting, to a group of coworkers.

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