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Math - Pattern Unit Assessment Record

Grade 2C Mar. 13th Mar. 15 I Mar. 22 Mar. 22 I Mar.21 Mar.20

I can identify a can make I can can I can I can create
ABAB pattern a bracelet continue continue circle my own ABC
from other with an an AB an the pattern by
patterns ABC pattern ABAC core of changing an
pattern. pattern an attribute.

1. Student A Y Y Y Y NA NA

2. Student B NA NA Y Y Y X

3. Student C Y Y Y X Y Y

4. Student D X (missed Y Y Y Y Y
intro lesson)

5. Student E Y Y Y X Y Y

7. Student F Y NA NA Y NA NA

8. Student G NA Y Y Y Y Y

Mrs. Colon - Grade 2C Mar. 26 April 9 April 11 April 17

ABAC pattern- Reviewed all Number sense (saying
color the peeps patterns. Summative 3 digit number and odd
Assessment on and even)
(the student was able
to pick a pattern and
create it)

1. Student A X Y NA Y (needs more work

on odd and even)

2. Student B X Y Y Y

3. Student C Y Y Y Y