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Advaita Non-dualism, monism.

Anand Bliss, Joy

Aparigraha Non - possession

Ashram A spiritual fellowship or community

Asteya Non-stealing

Aswad Control of palate

Ba Mother

Bania The caste of traders and farmers

Bapu Literally father, a term of affection and respect.

Brahmcharya Celibacy, contenance

Charkha Spinning Wheel

Chit Knowledge, Being

Chowkidari Vigilence

Daridranarayan - God of the poorest

Dharma Duty righteousness moral law, social obligation

Duragraha Holding on to untruth

Guru Holy man, teacher

Haram Immoral

Harijan Literally child of God, the name Gandhi gave to the untouchables.

Hartal To strike, Boycott

Karamyogi A believer in selfless action

Khadi, (Khaddar) - Hand spun cloth

Khilaf Against

Khilafat Movement in support of Caliph or Khalifah

Kisan Sabha Peasant Organisation

Lakh A hundred thousands

Lathi Baton, A long cane used by Indian Police as weapon

Mahatma A great soul

Maulana A scholarly and respected muslim

Maulvi A learned Muslim divine

Moksha Liberation, Emancipation, Enlightenment, Spiritual, freedom,

Redemption & Salvation.

Mulla A muslim religious leader

Poorna Swaraj - Complete independence

Raj Kingdom, Rule

Rishi Seer

Samaj Society, an Association - religious or secular

Sanatan Eternal

Sanatan Dharma - Orthodox Hinduism

Santani A believer in Vedic tradition - the eternal verities

Sardar Leader of a group, A term of respect usually applied a sikh

Sarvodya Universal welfare, Social group, Public Interest

Sat Abiding, Actual right, self-existent, Essence

Satya Truth, Real, Existent, Valid, Sincere, Pure, Effectual

Satyagraha Non-violent resistance, a relentless search for truth,

truth-force, holding on to truth.

Satyagrahi One who offers satyagraha

Sevadal Volunteer Group

Sudra Servant or menial caste

Swadeshi Indigenous, belonging to one’s own country, self-sufficiency,

self-reliance, patriotism.

Swadharma One’s own sense of duty, righteousness moral law

social obligation.

Swami Master, A man of religion, saint

Freedom, Self-rule, Political independence

Takli Spinning wheel/rod

Taluka District

Thakurdwara Abode of God, Temple

Ulema A learned man in Islam, an expert in Koran