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Thermowell Velocity Calculations

TW-2010 Ver. 1.4 (Beta)

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Fluid G Gas Natural Frequency (fn) 144 Hz
Operating Temperature T 134 °F Wake Frequency (fs) 39 Hz
Operarating Pressure P 50 psi Frequency Ratio (fs/fn) 0.27
Fluid Velocity * V 10.0 ft/s Frequency Criteria fs < 0.8 • fn
Density r 0.113 lb/ft³ Wake Frequency Limit 115 Hz PASS
Viscosity (Dynamic) µ 7.30 lb/ft-s x 10-6
(Dynamic = Kinematic x Density)
* Velocity can be calc from Flow Rate & Pipe ID PRESSURE STRESS
(See equation on S3) Pressure Limit 5,695 psi
Max Operating Pressure 50 psi
WELL DATA Safety Factor 113.9 PASS
Mounting T Threaded
Shank T Tapered
Unsupported Length L 15.0 in STEADY-STATE STRESS
Root Diameter A 1.063 in Stress Limit 23,550 psi
Tip Diameter B 0.625 in Stress @ Design Velocity 6 psi
Bore Diameter d 0.260 in Safety Factor 4174.7 PASS
Fillet Radius at Root b 0.000 in
Min Tip Thickness t 0.188 in DYNAMIC STRESS
Shielded Length Lo 14.0 in Stress Limit 7,655 psi
N.R. Stress @ Design Velocity 2 psi
N.R. Safety Factor 3551.9 PASS
67 N.R.
Mtg Code (ref S2) TT TT Cyclic Stress @ In-Line Resonance
Material 13 13 316 Fluid Velocity (for In-L Resonance) 15 fps
Modulus of Elasticity E 23.8 psi x 10-6 In-Line Stress Calculation NOT Required
Allowable Stress S 15.7 psi X 10-3 Stress @ In-L Resonance 435 psi
Fatigue Stress Limit Sf 9.10 psi X 10-3 Safety Factor 17.6 N.R.
Well Density Pm 0.285 lb/in³