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Evaluate the recruitment documents
1. Job description:

At the job description, it is confusing and superficial. This part is too long, so it should be
shortened. It also has a lot of repetitive responsibilities, which makes it even longer. This section
should point to four skills that teachers need to teach students to include: listening, speaking,
reading and writing, not too detailed as spelling of words, rules of composition, assigns books and
essays for students. Job description should be simple to not confuse the reader, for example:

 Teach students four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

 Help students improve their weaknesses.
 Prepare for extracurricular activities.
 Assure the quality of lesson plans to convey knowledge to students and to attract students'

In addition, other information such as salary (let the applicants know they will have this
information when they come to the agreement with the center), address and work environment.

2. Personal specification:

This section should include a college degree or at least a high school diploma because these will
be the minimum requirements for higher education and teaching others.

The second problem is in Personal Characteristics, this should not include gender and religion,
because these will not affect the teaching. Gender may be because it may be a form that the center
is aiming for, or the center is lacking female teachers. As for religion, religion is the freedom of
all people and this hardly affects teaching.

The next problem is "Foreigners only", it is better to place the indicator "people from countries
whose mother tongue is English".

3. Recruitment policy:

This recruitment policy is okay. It gives many needed details for applicants.

New recruitment policy
First, to recruit staff accurately, efficiently and on time, it is important to understand the type of
recruitment, the specific requirements and the job description. This issue will greatly affect the
quality of recruitment and recruitment plans of the company.

Recruiting through the employees

This is a quick, inexpensive way of doing it, because the introduction by the staff in the company
will be very fast. Further information regarding the corporate culture, work environment,
remuneration or job description will also be described to the candidate before the interview.

However, this should also be considered, for example the importance of vacancies, the
confidentiality of such information. Moreover, a business that all the family and friends of each
other will also be very complex.

Recruiting by posting on the recruiting website

On the market there are quite a lot of large sites for free postings on recruitment needs, registration
and posting is easy and fast, this will be the mainstream way of recruiting for the businesses in the
future, so this is one way that the company should pay attention.

This is one of the ways of passive recruiting, which means that we do not know exactly how many
people have viewed, interested and intend to apply, which will also affect the recruiting plan. This
method should be applied in addition to other methods to increase the chance of success and timely
progress of the recruitment plan of the company.

Use the benefits of networking

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are popular social networks with huge and extensive user base.
The average time of using social networks in Vietnam is very high, so it is a very effective and
fast way to recruit.

Social networking is a complex environment where users can interact directly with each other, so
the management of recruiting information also needs to be addressed in a special way, should not
be implemented without control or that will be very complicated. Also, it is important to pay close
attention to the opponent's investigation or the release of bad information affecting the business.

Recruiting through quality human resource training centers

This will help the company to have quality human resources. However, in reality, these are mainly
programs associated with universities and colleges, so it will not be a suitable resource to use
immediately. So, the company must find a true quality training center to recruit will be more

New recruitment policy

For recruitment policies, all of these methods must follow the recruitment policy of the company.
The company should have a variety of employment policies for different people such as
recruitment programs for recruitment program for internships, recruitment program for graduation,
recruitment program for experienced people and recruitment program for professionals, but
overall, they all follow the same general policy:

 After the applicant submits all required documents, the Organizing - Labor Office will
consider the application file and preliminary interview to propose to the Board of Directors
to consider and invite the official interview.
 The result of the interview will be decided by the Board of Directors to approve the
candidates for the probation contract in accordance with the Labor Code.
 After the probation period, the head of the unit shall base on the working capacity of the
staff to comment on the probationary report of the probation officer, if so qualified, the
employee shall be contracted by the chief executive officer.
 Employees will then be trained at the company, sent to training elsewhere, or volunteered
to learn outside of work hours.

Analysis and evaluate candidate CV

Application Letter and CV

Nov. 26, 2016

Ms. My Yen Du
Personnel Manager
Smart English Center
Da Nang City

Dear Ms Du,

I am writing to you to formally send my application as an ESL Teacher in your prestigious school.
I believe that I am fit for this position and I have the knowledge, skills and qualifications that you
are looking for. Teaching English has been a great part of my life and I have considered it as my
life long career. I am a very independent person, who prefers autonomy in my job. This is the main
reason why I chose to be a teacher, I have attached my CV for your review. Should you accept my
application, please contact me through the number/ email that I have indicated on my CV.

I am looking forward to your most favorable response.


Yours truly,

Sally Lang

She is a bachelor of Art, majoring in English and she also got state teaching certification of English
(grade 6 to 12) with some professional development such as Six traits of Writing; Class
Management; Teaching social skills and so on.

• From March 2004 to June 2004, she was a student Teacher at The Private Middle School. I took
her 12 weeks for being here. She could design and implement well – balance lesson plan that
appropriate with any styles of learner, interested group of students at all time.

• From September 2004 till now, she spent 13 years for being a high school English teacher at The
Public High School. She wrote she can develop and present comprehensive lesson plan with focus
of gramma, poetry, creative writing. She also has skills to encourage students to participate in
class, etc.

Nov. 26, 2016

Ms. My Yen Du
Personnel Manager
Smart English Center
Da Nang City

Dear Ms Du,

I am writing to you as I understand that your company may have appropriate vacancies available.
I have been ESL Teacher for four years in China and I have just moved to this city just recently to
pursue the same career. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Currently, I am working as a
part English trainor at Phu My Long Resort in Hue City. I am interested in working full time at
your school. I have attached a copy of my CV together with this letter. I am willing and available
for interview during the weekdays or upon our request. I look forward to hear from you. My contact
details are in my CV.

Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Mateo Juarez

Education and Certificate: He is a bachelor of Arts, majoring in Mathematics (grade 5 to 12), he
belongs to top 3% of class and he also had Darning Academic Achievement Award. Furthermore,
he got Credential Teacher as well as Foundation – level Mathematics Credentials


• From Sep 2002 to Feb 2007, he wrote in his CV that he was a Math Teacher at Governor
Schwarzenegger Middle School. In this term, he had many skills that he encouraged students can
understand each other; Use reinforcement method to redirect poor behavior; Assigned lesson and
work with 28 students in average…

• From 2007 till now, he mentioned that he was also a Math Teacher at Red Mountain Middle
School. In here, he conducted classroom activities, participated in ongoing staff training session,
organize parent – teacher conferences and many other skills.

When looked through two CV of the two candidates, then we see that Mateo Juarez had more
creativity Sally Lang. He also included HIGHLIGHT part that in this CV of Sally Lang, it does
not available. However, both CVs meet the requirements and necessary parts of a CV.

About Sally Lang, based on the comparison table, we can see that she had a personal statement on
the theme is the responsibility of English Teacher, it hit the psychology with us, made us very
pleased. For Mateo Juarez, he has a personal statement that does not really convince us. He wrote
that he is an Attentive Middle School Math Teacher with an excellent communication skill,
however this we can look at the EDUCATION and CERTIFICATE section. The personal
statement that we really want is personal statement like Sally Lang had written in her CV, it must
emphasize the duty of an English teacher. This thing is really impresses us because she understands
her mission as an English teacher.

About EDUCATION and CERTIFICATE part, he wrote that he is a bachelor in mathematics and
at the same time we are very proud of him as the top 3% of the class. But when compared to Sally
Lang, he almost be surpassed by her because she is bachelor in English and also got state teaching
certification of English. She would be more knowledgeable about teaching English than Mateo

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• Frist of all, Mateo was a Math Teacher at two different Middle School. As a teacher, he
can do anything that a teacher can do, such as teaching, assigning task, homework, encouraging
students to participate and understand each other or conduct classroom activities and so on.

• Second, in Application Letter, he mentioned that he has been ESL Teacher for four years
in China but I did not see this point in his CV so that it should be clarified at the interview because
we do not accept the candidate's ambiguity.

Compared to Sally, she has been training for 12 weeks for being an English Teacher. She was
learned how to design and implement well – balance lesson plan that appropriate with any styles
of learner, interested group of students at all time or extracurricular tutoring and sent home
additional materials. Furthermore, she also be an English Teacher for 13 years at The Public High
School. In here, she can hone her knowledge of teaching English. She knew how to implement
varied strategies in order to accommodate diverse need of student, maintain the interest atmosphere
in class, instituted disciplinary programs that effectively handled challenging behavior issues.

Only those experiences made Sally more prominent than Mateo, although Mateo's CV as well as
his Application Letter looked more prominent. Sally has a long history of teaching English as a
foreign language. She has specialized programs in the use of English in life, helping students to
understand each sentence, practice their reading, writing, listening, speaking skills proficiently as
well as she can teach her students about the use of words, and grammar to create a solid English
foundation for the students.

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