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Mock IEP

College of Southern Nevada

Ruby Perez
Individualized Education Program
Joplin Smith Elementary School

Student Name: Lucas Montez Student Id: 2366120 DOB: 9/5/2007

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name: Alicia and Roberto Montez

Address: 33821 Apple St, Las Vegas, NV, 89030 Phone No. 704-651-8888

Age: 8 years 2 months Grade: 2

Child’s Primary Language: English

Disability: Specific Learning Disability

Participants Involved

Mrs. Jennifer Toby: Asst. Principal

Josh Hogget: Physical Therapist

Ana Lambert: Second Grade Teacher

Lisa Garcia: Special Ed. Resource Teacher

Present Level of Performance

Performance Area: Reading

Assessment Process Used: School Unit Tests, informal & Teacher Report

State/District Assessment Results: Basic

Standard Scores by age (average range 85-115)

Broad Reading 80

Letter-Word Identification 76

Reading Fluency 75

Passage Comprehension 76
Sound Awareness 80

School Unit Test: Reading Comprehension 3/10

Strengths: He reads orally with expression. He is able to decode through unknown words and has a good

sight word vocabulary. He is able to recall details and to answer factual questions about self-read short

passages. His reading comprehension appears to be stronger when the passages are shorter and when he is

able to read aloud.

Needs: Lucas is in the second grade. His disability prevents his ability to read and write on grade level.

He is able to perform greatly on grade level science and in history when the material is read to him. While

no modifications are necessary for math, his preferred subject. He would benefit from intensive reading

and written language instruction and the services of an occupational therapist to support his handwriting

and balance needs. His parents report they would like to see him become more social with peers as well.

He has difficulties with fine motor skills particularly in handwriting, and dynamic and static balance. He

benefits from taped readings of class material, computer-based books and programs for decoding and

comprehension, repeated readings, and intensive reading instruction provided in the resource room. His

teacher reports that he has advantage from frequent reminders about what he should be doing. He prefers

routines that that allow him to track his own progress such as the computer-reading program. He does not

like to talk much with students; he talks more with the adults then with his peers. His performance on

reading comprehension is inconsistent. He sometimes has difficulty answering questions both orally and

in writing. He has difficulty distinguishing main ideas from supporting ideas.

Impact of Disability: His SLD impacts his ability to read with comprehension, which impedes his access

to the general education curriculum, and ability to meet grade level standards.

Prepared by Resource Specialist

Goals and Benchmarks:

Annual Goal 1: By the end of the school year, Lucas will increase his reading fluency to

the 2.0 grade level.

Benchmark 1: Lucas will read a story in 2 minutes with 50 or more words correct when

given a first grade level story.

Benchmark 2: Lucas will read the same story in 2 minutes with 50 or more words correct

when given a first grade story.

Benchmark 3: Lucas will read the same story in 2 minutes with 55 or more correct words

when reading a first grade story.

Annual Goal 2: By the end of second grade, Lucas will increase reading comprehension

to the 3.0 grade level.

Benchmark 1: Lucas will read the story independently and answer 10 inferential

questions with 80% accuracy when given a story at first grade level.

Benchmark 2: Lucas will read the story independently and answer 10 factual questions

with 90% accuracy when given a story at first grade level.

Benchmark 3: Lucas will read the material using Prediction, Organize, Search,

summarize and evaluate at least 50% of the time when given reading in science, social

studies, and language arts at the second grade level.

Least restrictive environment placement:

Lucas will receive more than 60% of his education in the general education classroom; it

will be modifies to support his below-grade level reading and writing.

Services will be provided in:

X general education class (es)

X resource room

Special class (es)

Special education day school

State special education program/school

Residential facility



Other (describe):

Service(s Location
Duration m/d/y
30 min/every 2 to m/d/y
wks Joplin Smith
Physical therapy Elem. 8/30/ 2015 to
Special 1 hr/5 days wk
education Rm. 53 8/30/2015 to
resource class 8/30/2016

Collaboration/co M/W 3:15-4:15

nsultation with Rm. 53 8/30/2015 to
2nd grade team 8/30/ 2016


Accommodations and Modifications:


 Taped instruction be fore lesson

 Instruction re-read

 Assignment will be given ahead to parents to help student prepare

 Additional time for in class quizzes, test (taken in resource room)

 Written assignments may be taken home to complete when unfinished at school

 Graphic organizers for science, social studies chapters

This will be done at least 3 times a week when needed in room 53. (8/30/2015 to


State/District Assessment:

 Instructions read to student

 Double time for all reading related services

 Answer comprehension sections will be read to student

As needed (8/30/2015 to 8/30/2016)

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