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Business Etiquette Quiz

1. The following is a proper introduction: “Ms. Boss, I’d Like you to meet our
customer, Mr. Hans.” True / False

2. Dear Sir or Ms. should be used as a salutation? True / False

3. Thank you notes should be typed. True / False

4. When meeting someone new, it is appropriate to discuss:


5. Important mail should be answered within

a. 48 hours
b. four days
c. one week

6. Who goes through a door first?


7. The best seating arrangement at a meeting for people with opposite points
of view is across the table from each other. True / False

8. Tinted glasses are a good choice because you need only carry one pair
and do not have to change glasses in front of the customer. True / False

9. It is rude to use your voice mail for Key Accounts? True / False

10. What percentage of your message is communicated through your

a. 30%
b. 55%
c. 75%

11. When you are standing and talking to one of your Key Accounts, how far
apart should you stand?
a. 1 ½ feet
b. 3 feet
c. 7-10 feet

12. A man should wait for the woman to extend her hand for a handshake.
True / False

13. A man should shake a woman’s hand very lightly to avoid hurting her. True
/ False
The Telephone Answer Test

1. Do you answer the phone within three rings? Yes No

2. Does your answer include a greeting such as “hello”? Yes No

3. Does your answer include your full name? Yes No

4. Does your answer include a verb? Yes No

5. Does your answer include your company’s name? Yes No

6. Is the answer fewer than ten words? Yes No


 Was my smile genuine?

 What did my body language say?

 Did I focus on the customer?

 Did I ask questions?

 Did I talk 80% less than I normally do?

 Did I make appropriate eye contact?

 Did I sound enthusiastic?

 Was I interested instead of interesting?

 Did the customer LIKE me?