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which refers to the length of the beam between the supports. Affects the beam slenderness Span Length in mm. which changes according to the fixings of the propped beam. the length of the cantilevered section of the beam is L . Maximum deflection is also calculated for the backspan of the beam and the tip of the cantilever. Articles in this section Timber Propped Beam .1 Restraint edge Therefore. General Notes The main outcome of this sheet is to design for a timber propped beam. ncom.. Reaction forces are calculated for dead and live loads on the pin supports for the backspan Information/inputs required from the user: Dimensions and Member Section Properties Selected member for timber propped beam Structure Category due to importance level in structure according to AS1720. and deflection Load Tables Load widths (mm) and magnitudes (kPa) of dead loads and live loads acting on the propped beam 2 of 3 24/01/2018.LB Number of members effectively laminated together in a group. which is dependent on the distance between effective restraints in the weak axis direction Backspan length. shear. 1:06 PM .zendesk. with a focus on residential design loads. V*. This determines the effective breadth of the section in bending. They can be discrete or continuous on the tension or compression edge of the beam at the user’s discretion..How to Use Chris Borzillo Follow 6 months ago · Updated Scope This sheet calculates maximum design actions (M*. LB.1-2010 Table 2.Timber Propped Beam .How to Use – ClearCalcs https://clearcalcs. w*) and the associated capacities of a uniaxially loaded propped (cantilevered) beam. which describes the total span length of the beam including both backspan and cantilever span Weak axis effective length.

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