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Now, it is very beneficial to carry out creative activities during left nostril dominance

and physical action during right nostril dominance. For this, it is very critical to know the
dominant nostril and hence brain dominance at the time of sunrise.The nostrils are directly
connected with lunar cycles and we need to understand the lunar day called Tithi and the
lunar month. As the moon takes 28.5 days for one revolution around the earth, a lunar
date will not correspond with a solar date. During the bright half or the Shukla paksha for
the waxing moon, the left nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15
and the right nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence
is LLLRRRLLLRRRLLL. During the dark half or the Krishna paksha for the waning
moon, the right nostril operates for nine days on lunar tithis 1,2,3,7,8,9,13,14,15 and the
left nostril operates for six days on lunar dates 4,5,6,10,11 and 12. The sequence is

Now, the Pranamaya Kosha or the vital energy sheath divides into sub-pranas:

1. Prana , functions in the thoracic region

2. Apana , functions below the navel
3. Samana , located between the heart and navel
4. Udana , functions in the throat and face region
5. Vyana , pervades the whole body
6. Ida is related to the conscious mind,
7. Pingala to the sub-conscious and
8. Sushumna to the un-conscious mind.
9. Ida runs on the left side of the spine, Pingala on the right and Sushumna in the center. All
these three nadis join together at the level of the third eye and then proceed together as



1. Physical activity and hard work

2. Eating, evacuating the bowels
3. Risky and heroic feats, and challenging ventures
4. Shatkarma, kunyal rkiya (stomach washing by drinking and vomiting salty water)
5. Intellectual study, mathematics
6. Buying, selling, commerce
7. Small Travel
8. Presenting in public, addressing an audience
9. Opposition, resistance, debating
10. Riding horse bikes, or motor cycles, or adrenaline expelling ventures
11. For men to attract women

Swami Muktibodhananada observed monks in training at the Bihar School of yoga as they
practiced swara practice for six months. He recorded the following observations of things
that happened in the ashram depending on what “swara” was more active. Here are a
few of them, see the book for more

 Generally pingala flowed from 10 to 1030. In the ashram that is the specified time for
lunch because the digestive power reaches a peak
 When one swara predominates for more than three consecutive days, some type of
mental, physical or emotional crisis arises.
 A constant flow of ida for more than three days coincides with some respiratory
problem such as blocked nose, cold or constipation
 The onset of menstruation is characterized by the constant flow of one nadi, usually
sushumna, sometimes ida, rarely pingala. On the second day ida flows to a greater
extent and by the third day the swara alterations become more balanced.
 Bowel movements are facilitated by the flow of pingala and the movement occurs
more often during the onset of pingala. When ida is flowing the motion is less free,
sometimes even causing constipation.
 The weather tends to influence the flow of the nadis. During heavy rains and cold
winds, ida beings to flow; During hot winds, pingala can start to flow constantly.
Balanced weather patterns coincide with balanced swara cycle

There is more, quite a bit more, in this book:

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The book advises keeping a journal of different times of the day (say start with morning,
noon, afternoon and evening) to check how your own patterns are carried out and what
actions result from them.

Is Your LEFT Nostril More Active? 11 Auspicious Things To Do

Left Nostril More Active? 15 Auspicious

things to do
By Claudia on June 22, 2012 in How To, Personal, Pranayama
Relating to the post from two days ago on things to do when your right nostril is active,
here is the obligatory follow up on what are the auspicious activities for when the LEFT
is active.

If you check throughout the day you are sure to notice that they change. A nostril
is usually more active for about 60 to 90 minutes. You may think you are breathing through
both, but that is usually not the case, there is always one that is more predominant, except for
the period of the change-over when both are active, but this lasts at most 4-5 minutes. Those
are the times of spirit…

Isn’t this a great way to start focusing on the breath? To bring it up front and start noticing
how it affects the activities at hand?

Here are the 15 auspicious things to do… there are probably more but by reading this
suggestions that come from the book shown below you will get an idea of the overall type of
energy that is generated while the left nostril is active.

1. Drinking water or urinating

2. Getting out of bed
3. Calm and silent work, especially if it requires mental creativity
4. Purchasing jewelry
5. charity and helping others
6. Settling disagreements
7. Approaching those in senior positions
8. Religious practices, ceremonies, marriage and initiations of any sort
9. Mantra practice
10. Long journeys
11. Meeting a guru
12. Sowing seeds
13. Anything to do with medicine and treatment of diseases
14. Singing, playing, composing or listening to music
15. For women, participating in sexual relations

There is more, quite a bit more, in this book:


That is the most auspicious time to meditate, whenever both nostrils are working together. It
is also the least auspicious time to do anything that has to do with ambitions and the world of
reality as we have come to know it.

Ida Nadi or Left Swara

The Ida Nadi is essentially the art of breathing through the left nostril and this point is located
on the left side of the spinal cord. This Swara is associated with mental fitness and relaxation
--- it is a sign of the Moon.

The left Swara is active on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday --- it is connected to both the
right and left hemisphere of the brain.
It is said that when your left Swara is active, you should do all auspicious activities such as
purchasing a house, buying jewellery, getting married or going on a spiritual journey.

Pingla Nadi or Right Swara

Again, this is associated with breathing through the right nostril and is located on the right
side of the spinal cord. It represents the Sun and stands for physical activities and hard work.

The Right Swara is active on Saturday, Tuesday and is more active in the sunsigns Aries, Aquarius,
Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius.

The right Swara is known as a tough Swara, so it is said that one can indulge in activities like sexual
intercourse, tantric practices and other risky jobs during this period.

This is also the right time to indulge in intense physical exercises and sharpen your brain by solving
complex problems and puzzles. And mathematics.

This Swara is located in the centre of the spinal cord --- this is known as a mundane Swara since no
work done during this Swara will reap any benefits. It is connected to Shiva.

It is said that The Lunar / Left Swara is active during the first three days of bright fortnight at sunrise.
The Solar / Right swara is active during the first three days of the dark fortnight at sunrise.

Not only this, common ailments in your body indicate you active Swara. For example, a common
cold indicates a prominent Left Swara.

However, if a person suffers from too much fever, acidity or feels too hot, then his Right Swara
(which is hot by nature) is activated.

ctivities associated with each nostril according to Swar Yoga

Left Nostril Right Nostril

Playing music Working hard
Construction of hermitage, temple Destruction of country
Planting, gardening Writing
Giving charity Yantra or mantra practice
Marriage Cutting gems
Birth of baby Hunting, killing
Preparing medicine Practicing medicine
Service Martial arts
Drinking (nonalcoholic) Eating and drinking liquor
Urinating Defecating
Meditating Hatha Yoga

Healing Through Swara Yoga

Tone Yoga dominant at the first sign of any physical or mental impairment, changing nostrils
advices. Thus the active side of the body changes and restore balance glandular secretion.
Such as fever, operating nostril with a cotton ball cover and body temperature becomes normal
again until it plugged in should take. Chronic indigestion right nostril is dominant when only
the cultivation of the habit of eating can be cured. One is eating and goes to the toilet in case
of constipation. The tension created by the hard work and physical labour lying on the right
side and the left nostril breathing for 25 to 30 minutes can be cured. To change an unwanted
emotional state, just breathe for a while congested nostril.
Tone yoga technique, to create favourable conditions in life and death to predict the sex of an
unborn child in determining, others can be used for healing. The tone of the most powerful
applications of yoga is meditation.

Simple uses for Swara in every day life

With the left nostril active – chitta swara- it is best to engage in the following practices:

 drinking water
 getting out of bed
 calm, silent work, creativity
 buying jewelry
 beginning a long journey
 planting seeds
 women to have sex
 taking medicine
 singing or playing music and composing music
 religious practices, ceremonies, initiations, marriage
 settling disagreements
 helping others
 urinating

When the right nostril – prana swara- is active it is best to engage in:

 hard work/physical activity

 eating/drinking alcohol/evacuating
 heroic feats, risky/challenging adventures
 men to have sex
 men to attract women
 intellectual study/mathematics
 travel
 riding motor bikes and horses
 buying and selling
 protests

When breath is in both nostrils – atma swara – it is best to:

 meditate
 pray
 sit in stillness
 activities with minimal exertion or attention
 yoga or spiritual practices
 nothing to do with money, success or profit – or it can be ruined
 death/transitions

You can start your day beneficially by checking the swara before getting out of bed. Step out
of bed with the foot correlating to the active swara for a ‘lucky’ day. It is recommended to
shower with the right nostril active and to start work with the left nostril active. If you have
conflict with someone, approach them with the same foot as your active swara for best results
in your interaction. And when accepting or offering something, do so with the same hand as
your active nostril, or swara.

Whether you are interested in simply optimizing your daily performance, saving energy and
regulating your body systems so you are feeling the healthiest and happiest possible, or you
are really interested in uncovering deeper truths within the self, swara yoga could be the
key. The Indian art of brain breathing is an amazingly detailed and ancient Tantric science
which can be implemented for prophecy, personal health, empowerment and inner wisdom.

Swara Shastra states that a person should breathe in the Surya swara at night
and the Chandra swara during the day. This ensures that the body remains