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Kelly A. Hedrick, Ed.D., Principal J.

Denise Schmitter, Counseling Department Chair

Janet Smallwood, Assistant Principal C. Eric Bone, School Improvement Specialist
Susanne Meyerholz, Assistant Principal Matthew Voegel, Student Activities Coordinator


4633 HONEYGROVE ROAD . VIRGINIA BEACH VA 23455 . OFFICE: 757.648.3240 . FAX: 757.648.3265
SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT: 757.648.3267 . FAX: 757.648.3266

April 18, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend that Madeline Arndt receive a teaching contract due to her
work with Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow and her dedication to the students and staff at Old Donation
School over the past few years.

I have known Madeline for many years now and can truly say, without question, she is one of the finest young
ladies one would ever meet. I would absolutely trust her with matters both professional and personal, and I
hold her in high regard by saying so. There is no comparison to her inquisitive nature and passion for truth
and honesty. Her dedication to her work ethic and social causes/organizations is beyond her years.
Madeline’s personal and professional goals, both immediate and long-term, are to do her best, and her best is
never less than exceptional. Quite simply, she is a model student and true woman of her word and values.
In every facet of her life, she demonstrates exceptional character.

This year, Madeline helped plan and present two leadership workshops for the elementary and middle
students at Old Donation School in which 215 students participated. Her work made a tremendous impact
on our students as Miss Arndt was the highlight of their day with her enthusiasm, motivation, encouragement,
and passion for knowledge and fun. She led lessons, planned and facilitated recreation, and modeled effective
leadership skills. Her smile always brightens the room, and warms the hearts of her students.

Please know that I sincerely and unequivocally recommend that Madeline Arndt be recognized for her
exceptional work by receiving this contract. She is truly exceptional. Should you have any additional
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me so that I may share more accolades regarding Madeline.


C. Eric Bone
School Improvement Specialist