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Norsemen Music Parents Association 2017-2018

Platinum Members
Luisa & Philip Cassanello Karen & Steve Norrell
Sheryl & Barry Centanni Radhika & Sudhir Patel
Susan & Sam Chang Nina & Jose Rojas
Tracey & Adam Collins The Rojas Family Foundation The Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest
Linda & Frederic Crosnier Lori & Larry Ross Music Department presents
Laurie & Neil Epstein Larisa & Robert Shalonov
Dara & Frank Falco Ronit & Jacob Slotky

The 2018
Lauren & David Farrage Tina & Chris Stratton
Barbara & Andrew Goranson Kim & Steve Trevisan
Margaret Jusinski & Stephen Miller August Venturini
Carolyn & Dave Kegel Maggie & Gary Wasserman
Lily & Stanley Ku
Marie & Harry Lee
Nancy & Stephen Loy
Daphne & Eugene Yin
Mikyong & Jaemyung Pak
Grace & John Park
Music Department
Suzanne & John Masterson
Janine & Peter Micera
Michele & Marc Mizrahi
Rowena Estrera & Javier Portal
Canice & Peter Prince
Akifa & Charles Saha
Spring Choral Concert
Gold Members
Maria & Ernesto Armendi Sharon & Michael Meininger
Erika & Hernan Bettinardi Luc Micera Featuring
Angela & Michael Dipple Venecia Marrero
Mercedita & Emelito Gonzales Myung & Daejin Pah
Fran & Jim Goudie Jungju Lee & Kiyoung Park Freshman Chorus
Kyeong & Bongho Gwak Nancy & George Reilly
Barbara & Richard Jiang Rebecca & Larry Shinder Women’s Chorale
Pyungsook & Yoonmo Lee Kathleen & Bob Verbeyst Concert Choir
Gay & George Marge Heather & Marc Wasser
Susan & Michael Mauel Norsemen Notes
General Members
Mor & Ittai Balaban Clelia & Michael McKeon
Denise Baroni Anna Burgansky & Edward Milman
Jill Besnoy Andrea & Jerry Misk
Yumi Choi & Sinkwang Bok Alexandra Lee & Erin Miu Ms. Anna D’Achille, conductor
Simone & Sergio Borger Allison Moore Ms. Barbara Ciannella, accompanist
Joy Brennan Mikyong & Jaemyung Pak
Eunkyoung Park & Yong Cho Grace & John Park
Carole & Mark Cicio Rowena Estrera & Javier Portal
Andrea & Miklos David Canice & Peter Prince
Einav & Nir Dubnikov Akifa & Charles Saha
Irina & Mark Gelfand Maria Valero
Kayo & Shuichi Ichikawa Jennifer & Eric Rodriguez
Wendy Schneider & Michael Iovine Manna & Shu Yip
Rina & Pyong Kim Anna & Eric Zilberman Wednesday, April 4, 2018 8:00PM
Eunhee Park & Junhan Kim Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest
Michelle & Izzy Kushner
Sue Kwon & Wai Lam Lee Auditorium
Guang Z. Li
Eileen & Kevin McCabe

Thank you to all of the parents who support the

Music Department and its students!
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Freshman Chorus

Cantate Hodie Mary Lynn Lightfoot

(b.1952) 2017-2018 Music Department Calendar of Events

This Little Light of Mine Traditional, arr. Mark Hayes
(b. 1953) Tri-M Jazz Café Fundraiser April 18 | 7:00PM
Jeremy Shinder, percussion Jazz Band Earth Day Performance April 21 | TBD

Tri-M Induction Ceremony April 23 | 7:30PM
Marching Band Interest Meeting May 17 | 6:00 - 8:30 PM
Women’s Chorale Teen Arts Festival May 18 | All Day

Memorial Day Parades May 28 | TBD

Cantate Domino Nancy Hill Cobb
(b.1951) Awards Concert June 7 | 7:30PM
Choir Graduation Rehearsal June 20 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Juntos! Jim Papoulis Choir Graduation Rehearsal June 21 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Band Graduation Rehearsal June 21 | 3:00PM
Jeremy Shinder & Balazs David, percussion
Graduation (all musicians) June 21 | 5:00 PM
Band Camp August 20 - August 24
10:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Norsemen Notes
Preview Performance August 24 | 7:30 PM
That Lonesome Road James Taylor, arr. Simon Carrington Full Band Rehearsal August 29 | 12:00 - 8:30 PM
(b. 1942)
Justin Han & Jeremy Shinder, soloists

Some Nights fun., arr. Andy Beck

(b. 1989)
Chad Marge, Maddy Cohen & Katie Miller, soloists

Jeremy Shinder & Balazs David, percussion
9 Freshman Chorus 2
Soprano Alto PROGRAM
Alexandra Prince* Elizabeth Milman
Allison Misk* Elizabeth Park
Anastasia Tavares Hailey Pendergraft
Valerie Anolik Lisa Yip Concert Choir
Gabriela Yaniga Ramya Anant*
Harlie Epstein* Rae Portal Salmo 150 Ernani Aguiar
Alana Verbeyst (b. 1950)
Kimberly Norrell* Baritone
Hailey Eldon* Matthew Gonzales* If Music Be the Food of Love David C. Dickau
Joshua Han (b. 1953)

 Joseph Kim
Praise His Holy Name! Keith Hampton
(b. 1957)

Concert Choir
Jeremy Shinder, percussion
Soprano Alto
Ashley Chung Alice Jung*
Chloe Crosnier* Ayuko Ichikawa
Erin Pah* Catherine Light* Combined Choirs
Isabella Scanlan Cecelia Avalos*
Katharina Connolly Christina Weikl Bonse Aba Traditional, arr. Andrew Fischer
Lindsay Masterson Elma Filipi (b. 19..)
Jeremy Shinder & Balazs David, percussion
Madelyn Cohen* Hannah Stratton
Muskaan Shah Inez Armendi
The Storm is Passing Over Barbara W. Baker
Renee Gelfand* Isabelle Epstein* (b. 1951)
Jennifer Kim Jeremy Shinder, percussion
Tenor Katherine Miller*#
Chad Marge* Kelly Jiang%*
Gabe Lee* Lauren Lee * * *
Jeremy Shinder* Michelle Hong
Justin Han* Nicolette Lyubarsky
Nidhi Kalia*~ If you need to leave the auditorium at any time,
Bass Sam Kim please do so between musical selections.
Balazs David* Sarah Evelyn
Daniel Kim Sareena Garland-Sash
Jiho Park Serena McKeon
Miles Chamberlain*
3 Program Notes 8
Wind Symphony
Mary Lynn Lightfoot composed “Cantate Hodie!”, or “Sing Today!” in
4/4 time signature and is meant to be sung with great energy. This piece Piccolo Tenor Saxophone Euphonium
incorporates both English and Latin text. Lightfoot has published over Annie Cho Peter Bae Dean Fortgang~
260 compositions and arrangements so far throughout her career. She has
traveled over the country working in workshops and conducting choirs Michael Shalonov~ Nina Goodman
for multiple years. Erin Pah Flute
Ashley Chung Trumpet Tuba
Mark Hayes (born 1953) is an American composer and arranger. He was Sasha Diaz Francesco Bettinardi Ori Slotky~
born in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. After receiving a bachelor's degree in
piano performance from Baylor University he began his career of Seung Im Yael Borger
composing and arranging music. Hayes' influence on the religious choral Jeongbin Park Jack Henry Cicio~ Percussion
and piano genres have brought him international recognition. He has also Taehoon Kim Aum Patel~ Georges Micera
published several books of arrangements for solo singers and solo piano, Jason Tong~ Jeremy Shinder~
including 10 Christmas Songs for Solo Voice and 10 Hymns and Gospel
Songs for Solo Voice. “This Little Light of Mine” is based on the Clarinet
traditional spiritual and has a mix of unison and harmonies, Joshua Choi# French Horn Norseman Players
syncopations, and a driving piano accompaniment. Katie Miller Alexander Farrage~ David Collins~ Elisa Lipkin
David Kwon~#∆ Alec Falco~ Jack Reilly
Cantate Domino - Nancy Hill Cobb
Nancy Hill Cobb (born 1951) is the Associate Provost for the Faculty at Iris Ku Leejun Kim~
the University of Northern Iowa. She is a Doctor of Musical Arts in Alyssa Lee
composition, and as been a recipient of the ASCAP standard award Joseph Yoon#∆% Trombone
yearly since 1995. Cob’s piece Cantate Domino is taken from the Connor Goranson~ *Norsemen Notes
beginning of Psalm 98. The Latin translates to: “Sing to the Lord a new
song and praise his name, for he has done marvelous things. Make music Bass Clarinet Stephanie Loy~ ~Norsemen Players/
to the Lord with the harp and the sound of singing.” The melody is fresh Dennis Kang Marin Moore~ Big Band
and singable, and is a perfect song choice for this choir. #Bergen County
Alto Saxophone Band/Choir
“Juntos” by Jim Papoulis is a powerful piece that describes the unity
created when people learn to work together. “Juntos” means “together,” Christopher Bonadio- ∆Region Band/
and this is the evident theme of this piece. The lyrics describe the Cappiello Orchestra/Choir
advantages that follow when a group of people come together to learn, Regan Mizrahi~ %All-State Band/
walk, and believe. Papoulis builds on the musicality of this song through Cole Wasserman~ Choir/Orchestra
Latin dance rhythms, stylistic articulation, and conviction. Erin Pah
Kevin McCabe~
“Salmo 150”, translated to “Psalm 150” in English, is a rhythmic and
heavily articulated piece composed by Ernani Aguiar. Aguiar studied
under many composers and conductors in Latin America and Europe, and
has composed over two dozen choral, instrumental, and orchestral pieces.
“Salmo 150” is his most popular piece known to date. The text explores
the power of music in praise. Aguiar is currently professor of musical
studies in Brazil, but continues to expand on his musical creations. Erin
7 Orchestra 4
Violin John Yi Grace Lee
Sung Jun Bae Lily Zhu Junwoo Daniel Lee Program Notes
Hee Soo Bok%∆ Kevin Shih
Laura Centanni Viola
Michael Centanni Joseph Hwang String Bass David Dickau (born 1953) is a choral conductor and nationally known
Esther Chai Isabelle Lee Peter Iovine composer, and he has degrees in choral music from Northwestern
Robin Gwak Vanessa Trevisan University, and the University of Southern California. Since 1991,
Claire Kegel Cello Dickau has served as Director of Choral Activities at Minnesota State
Jennifer Kim Rotem Balaban University, where he also conducts the Concert Choir and Chamber
Peter Kim∆ Ashley Baik Singers, and teaches conducting and composition. Dickau has also
Anna Lee Vanessa Chang received the Distinguished Faculty Scholar award from the university. “If
Joseph Shih Brian Lee Music Be the Food of Love: is filled with lush and expressive romance.
Dickau took inspiration from Shakespeare when composing his piece.

 The phrase “If music be the food of love, play on” is the first line of the
Concert Band play Twelfth Night. Orsino, the speaker, is asking for music because he is
Flute French Horn frustrated with his current courtship, and he wants to have so much love
Aneesa Saha~ Lubaba Sharif~ so that he could lose his appetite for it. Through this piece, Dickau is able
Alec Samperi to express such an intense desire for love, music, and the simple
Sylvia Trevisan~ Trumpet pleasures of life.
David Buzharsky Percussion
Clarinet Aliyah Siddiqui Hannah Lee “Praise His Holy Name” is a piece composed by Keith Hampton.
Nubia Aucancela Hampton not only is a prominent composer, but also a successful
Matthew Kang Trombone conductor and adjudicator. He is vastly experienced in working with both
Justin Lee Jacob Park~ classical and modern compositions; the North Central American Choral
Joshua Mendez Directors Association awarded Hampton in 2010 as being one of the
Euphonium nation’s top contemporary composers for “Praise His Holy Name”. This
Alto Saxophone Edan Dubnikov gospel piece is sung in various high school and college chambers
Jonathan Zilberman~ William Lee throughout the world. Erin Pah

Tenor Saxophone Tuba “Bonse Aba,” arranged by Andrew Fischer in 2004 and popularized by
Lisa Venturini~ Jordan Falco~ Lawrence Kaptein, is a traditional folk song of the Bemba tribe of
Zambia, Africa. Bonse Aba contains elements of both Native and
Women’s Chorale Christian Zambian music. The Zambian words are sung with a brilliant
rhythmic energy, and it makes the leader feel like they are apart of a
Soprano Alto celebration. The lyrics loosely translate to: "All that sing have the right to
Adriana Dipple* Emma Schnall be called the children of God." The song is accompanied by percussion
Dorothy Pak Joel Yoon Kim instruments, which add to the overall feel of the piece. The song is brief,
Gabriella Marinich Lynn Chu but will surely engage the listener! Katie Miller
Lucy Stratton* Maya Goldenberg
Melanie Ross* Noelle Miu*
Naomi Meininger*~ Sarah Kushner
Olivia Wasser
Jessica Lee
Madison Tredo
5 6

Ms. Anna D'Achille was recently appointed the Director of Choral

Activities at Northern Valley Regional Demarest, where her duties
include directing Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, Freshman Chorus, Special Thanks To:
and Norsemen Notes, as well as teaching Guitar. She also helps advise
the NVD chapter of Tri-M Music Honor Society, and serves as the The Norsemen Music Parents Association
Musical Director for the All-School Musical. She was previously the
Director of Choral Activities at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway, Ms. Lauren Delesky
New Jersey, where she directed a program of six choirs. Her ensembles Mr. Chuck Miller
have performed for various school and community functions, have
worked with prominent clinicians, and have performed and competed in Mr. James Santana
Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, Williamsburg, Virginia, Albany, NY, Mr. Jonathan Harris
Boston, MA, and Montréal and Québec City, Canada, where they were Dr. Timothy Gouriage
invited to perform in prestigious venues such at the Notre Dame Basilica Ms. Luisella Marolda
of Montreal and St. Joseph’s Oratory. She holds a Bachelor of Music in
Music Education with a classical piano concentration from Moravian Ms. Nicolette Perna
College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as well as teaching certifications in Ms. Soci Kayserian
both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ms. D'Achille has served as the Mr. Tony Ubl
President and Vice President of the Morris Area Choral Director's
Association, which sponsors the Morris Area High School and Middle Ben Nelson
School Honor Choirs, and she has managed for multiple county and Jason Tong
region honor ensembles. She presented at the 2016 NJMEA State Music
Educator's Conference on Vocal Health in the Choral Classroom, and
presented the same session at the NAFME Eastern Division Conference * * *
in April 2017. She conducted the 2017 NJSMA Region I Mixed Honor
Choir, and is currently serving as President Elect of the North Jersey
School Music Association. She is also the Music Director and Organist We believe that the music program at Northern Valley
at Church of the Saviour in Denville.
Demarest should promote excellence based upon the
* * * optimum fulfillment of each individual’s capabilities as
Ms. Lauren Delesky is in her 4th year of teaching in the Northern Valley determined by their experiences, needs, and aspirations.
Demarest High School as the Instrumental Music Teacher. She teaches We accept the responsibility to provide the maximum
the Concert Band, Wind Symphony, String Orchestra, Jazz Band, and
Marching Band. She attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, opportunity for the students to acquire the basic skills to
where she received her Bachelors in Music Education with a focus on be intellectually curious, aesthetically aware, and
clarinet and a minor in voice and piano. Lauren was also a member of
the Keystone Wind Ensemble and performed with the Johnstown knowledgeably alert to music for personal growth,
Symphony Orchestra on Aaron Copland's Clarinet Concerto. She is enjoyment, cultural understanding, and self-expression.
currently a member of the Teaneck Community Band and was a soloist
with the group this past summer. She is pursuing a Masters in Wind In short, we teach life education through music
Conducting at Montclair State University under the tutelage of Dr. education.
Thomas McCauley, and is looking forward to presenting her Graduate
Conducting Recital on September 8, 2018.