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From the maelstrom of a sundered world, the Eight Realms

were born. Theformless and the divine exploded into life.
Strange, new worlds appearedin the firmament, each one
gilded with spirits, gods and men. Noblest of the gods was
Sigmar. For years beyond reckoning he illuminated the
realms, wreathed in light and majesty as he carvedout his
reign. His strength was the power of thunder. His wisdom
was infinite. Mortal and immortal alike kneeled before his
lofty throne. Great empires rose and, for a while, treachery
was banished. Sigmar claimed the land and sky as his own
and ruled over a glorious age of myth.

But cruelty is tenacious. As had been foreseen, the great
alliance of gods and men tore itself apart. Myth and legend
crumbled into Chaos. Darkness flooded the realms. Torture,
slaveryand fear replaced the glory that came before. Sigmar
turned his backon the mortal kingdoms, disgusted by their
fate. He fixed his gaze instead on the remains of the world he
had lost long ago, brooding over its charredcore, searching
endlessly for a sign of hope. And then, in the dark heat of
his rage, he caught a glimpse of something magnificent. He
pictured a weapon born of the heavens. A beacon powerful
enough to pierce the endless night. An army hewn from
everything he had lost. Sigmar set his artisans to work and
for long ages they toiled, striving to harness the power of the
stars. As Sigmar’sgreat work neared completion, he turned
backto the realms and saw that the dominion of Chaos was
almost complete. Thehour for vengeance had come. Finally,
with lightning blazing across his brow, he stepped forth to
unleash his creation.

TheAge of Sigmar had begun.

DAUGHTERS IN THE NAME Shadow Patrol.........................................
OF KHAINE....................................... 4 OF KHAINE...................................... 46 Shadowhammer Compact ....................75
Dancing with Shadows...........................
6 Forces of Khaine ....................................
48 Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine .........76
Of Aelf-Soulsand Empires.....................8 The Temples of Khaine .........................
49 Morathi, the Shadow Queen ................77
The Age of Chaos ...................................
10 Allegiance Abilities...............................
50 Hag Queen ..............................................
The Blood Must Flow............................
12 Lore of Shadows.....................................
54 Slaughter Queen.....................................
War Covens of the Khainites ...............14 Prayers of the Khainite Cult ................55 Avatar of Khaine....................................
Temples of Blood....................................
16 Hagg Nar .................................................
56 Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood ......80
Morathi ....................................................
19 Draichi Ganeth ......................................
57 Witch Aelves...........................................
Queens and Cauldrons .........................
20 The Kraith ...............................................
58 Sisters of Slaughter.................................
Witch Aelves...........................................
22 Khailebron ..............................................
59 Slaughter Queen on
Sisters of Slaughter.................................
23 Battleplan: The Altar of War ................60 Cauldron of Blood.................................
Bloodwrack Sorceresses........................
24 Path to Glory Campaigns .....................62 Bloodwrack Shrine ................................
Melusai ...................................................
25 Daughters of Khaine Blood Sisters...........................................
Doomfire Warlocks ...............................
26 Warband Tables .....................................
64 Blood Stalkers.........................................
Khinerai Harpies ...................................
27 Daughters of Khaine Tactics................66 Bloodwrack Medusa..............................
Doomfire Warlocks ...............................
THE WAR COVENS WARSCROLLS.................................. 68 Khinerai Heartrenders .........................
OF KHAINE...................................... 28 War Coven of Morathi ..........................
70 Khinerai Lifetakers................................
The Disciples of Hagg Nar....................40 Cauldron Guard .....................................
71 Pitched Battle Profiles...........................
Painting Your Daughters of Khaine.....42 Slaughter Troupe ....................................
Temple Nest ............................................
73 WHAT’S NEXT?................................ 89

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Morathi’strue form is revealed in all its terrible glory as she exacts her vengeance upon the daemons of Slaanesh.

the ancient aelven god of Many know Morathi as the mother of mutants give pause to even their most battle and bloodshed. aelves of any kind were The Daughters of Khaine are a withstand me. ‘Inmine hand is the power and the might. In their frenzy. However. the savage the Daughters of Khaine continue the with countless schemes and falls from Daughters have won little trust. invigorated by his of Myth. As blood is spilled. iron-hearted spirit and insatiable whose eldritch mastery rivals that bloodlust. honouring their deity with everykill. When the dedications to Khaine ring out. it the Daughters rapturously grow the infamous Morathi. a being of immense power ardent supporters. It is not the corrupted alone rites practised and perfected with all the forces of Order. to speak at any cost. the seminal temple-city of Hagg grip of Nurgle’s plague legions.Mantra of the Blood Promise re-opening of Azyr the growing cult that have fought beside them would has spread still further. Perhaps it is true been destroyed by the Chaos Gods who has risen to immortality. and to cross blades with them is to invite death. Sylvaneth. called for aid to reclaim her blades flash. A single countless foes and monsters have aelf-kind.DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE Theycravebattle and seek power through bloodshed. When Alarielle. By the Will difficult to find. Her past is interwoven Yet despite their heroics. and revitalisation of a fallen people. True to their merciless god. and she has dedicated such heresy is a crime punishable by herself as never before to leading death – a sentence the militant order and growing the cult of Khaine with prosecutes with extreme zeal. The Daughters of Khaine move have built shrines to Khaine in nearly Khaine were not staunch enemies of with quicksilver speed. of the gods. It is a that all is not as it seems with the – a claim vehemently denied by the path Morathi herself seeks to emulate Daughters of Khaine… matriarchal aelf cult. grace. Queen of the enemies like a whirlwind of steel. With Sigmar’s feared by their allies. Morathi is an aelven sorceress burgeoning civilisation. holy in chanting procession to the aid of Khaine. and orruks of Grokhold threatened the with each gore-splattered offering the promulgation of a fading religion: newly raised city of Kurnothea. As since the coming of the Age of Sigmar. shrill person stands behind the unlikely fallen before their blades. Theyare the Daughters of Khaine. the power of the that feel the Daughters’ wrath. was the Daughters of Khaine that in power and fury. unmatched fervour. was said to have Malerion. and no few tales are told of her of extreme savagery and allegations otherworldly beauty and fierce temper.’ of Khaine flourished. To them the clash of arms creed. the she-aelves shed their although each of the rival sects names realm of Ghyran from the diseased visage of cold and distant beauty. As battle pilgrimages march more zeal than did the Daughters of is the height of their religion. Eventheir closest allies shudder to witness the gory rituals that renew and reinvigorate these graceful murderers. Indeed. yet hidden within the mysterious order. for the considerable skill and grace of Khainites continues to grow. of gruesome rituals and snake-bodied Khaine. none their ecstatic faces alight with each Nar as the capital of their violent answered the call to battle with fresh kill. carving into all of the great settlements founded Chaos. The Daughters ever deny that the Daughters of . hated by their of Khaine I will bathe in the shadowy realm of Ulgu the Daughters enemies and misunderstood or even blood of my enemies. None may For ages. stood shoulder to shoulder with the Khaine’s worshippers are closest A living legend who predates the Age Stormcast Eternals to safeguard the to their divinity. none . Claims slaughter until every last foe has fallen.


Such is not surprising. Morathi working together. the was reminiscent of Chaos and her serpentine shape of her nightmares. a place where lies the sorceress anguish and self-loathing.DANCING WITH SHADOWS Nurtured in secrecy behind veils of shadow. Khaine. Foralmighty sorcery. he found Malerion and shores of the Hellezar region in Ulgu. Morathi began to tap wormed its way deep into her soul.The Red Invocation traded blood sacrificesto Khaine in her shadow daemon lovers. for Malerion was descent from heights unknown ended tell how much time she spent in the imbued with immense power. and child. Only her them she explored the wide expanses greater affinity with the shadows than mastery of magic saved the sorceress. How long she wandered she did not As Morathi struggled to forget the recall. She . It writhe once more into the grotesque tale that traces its origins to Ulgu. or to disappearaltogether. Despite who found herself alone in a conjured all thirteen of the vast regions of Ulgu. Morathi was naturally adept bending the illusionary and shape. their mutual misgivings. sanity. After being captured in a she conjured forth spirits from the recriminations to ever forgive the other. yet such offerings had swallowedcoils of penumbral magic about the Daughters of Khaine. Morathi joy came from the reunion of mother Morathi awoke early in the Age of found only gloom. bobbing on the uncovering innumerable secrets. for ceased to work. Morathi order to maintain her youthful vigour attempted to regain her old form. each sought to sphere of protection. and Morathi would god. their practices or their unforgiving was no longer aelven but that of some this visage was lost. Morathi was beside downwards through grey clouds. the horror experienced by other took time before Morathi’s mind once creatures upon meeting her was a more became her own. It was in her aelven form that her path and illusion hang as heavily as fog. However. In those earliest of days the cult – like Morathi herself – seemed doomed to dwindle. That he in an explosion of steam as Morathi company of these entities. Morathi could not herself with jealousy. Ten cuts is better than into the arcane energies that permeate Bitter were Morathi’s tears. crossed that of her son. for this is a misshapen serpentine monster. of those mysterious lands. By opens an artery. first flow. for each held too many Myth. the Daughters of Khaine have expanded from a small murder-cult of aelves clinging to an ancient religion to a developing power. for vanity one. for there was a time when she had and using the secrets whispered by . Malerion. and often…’ it. deeply. So it was encountered many creatures. save for the deft slash that the Realm of Shadow. She needed shifting magics of shadow to her will. Her shadow daemons. When at last constant reminder of her ugliness that ‘Forthe blood to speak it must she knew herself. her body had not – her form when rage or passion overcame her. A master of dark had ever been her greatest failing. Using her magics. for after an age of torment it past. nightmare she found herself hurtling hidden places – mist elementals and Furthermore. let your blade drink at wielding this new force. Both allies and foes seek to learn more and appearance. and such thoughts caused and misdirection. No Desperate for companionship. It is a land of mists tormentor. Realm of Shadows. join forces in hopes of finding others of surface of a dismal ocean. And while Morathi’s and transformed to a semblance of even those that fight alongside them mind had teetered back into a fragile her previous incarnation. but with had gained immortality and an even impacted the Umbralic Sea. have scant understanding of the cult. She travelled Morathi was only too apparent. yet she that when Sigmar’sjourneys brought Morathi made landfall upon the barren met none of her own kind. During all her journeys Morathi aelf-kind in these new lands. him to Ulgu.

and taught them the secrets accident. Malerion granted his mother a The youngest of the four greater small parcel of land in the middle of Chaos Gods is the Dark Prince. striking her down. sought. darkest and most impenetrable of all While Slaanesh hungers for the regions. In this. neither would of navigating the murky currents. for decadence and depravity. She would forsake united many disparate gods.Morathi and Malerion had used their Where once her charms allowed believed the old gods dead. While Tyrion and Teclis built a temple to Khaine. but also therefore Alliance neither Malerion nor Morathi only followers were the aelven witch. and. hoping to digest his deign to work alongside one whom overindulgent feast upon millions they considered tainted. the Lord of Pleasure. at last. however. Malerion With their heightened senses and underestimated his mother. sought to establish her own dwellings the lost aelf-souls from the world-that- and most of these settled in Azyrheim. for she no magics to raise up a great citadel – the Morathi to manipulate others. Sigmar aided them aside her advances. in turn. Her son the arcane arts to primitive peoples. their sanity intact. naming it Prince went missing. fostering cities and teaching came in the form of Malerion. THE either a jest or a plot to rid himself of GREAT ENEMY her. the Dark was shunned. Morathi the world-that-was. Thirteen Dominions. Rumours Hagg Nar began as a pitiful kingdom. as SLAANESH. She sought power and status. This was no – the rulers of Light – found common Hagg Nar. It was a blow how she might gain the power that she bring civilisation to each of the Mortal Morathi would never forgive nor forget. Morathi Khaine. suggestion of splitting the rule of the in order to save them. the ruling attempts to entrance were rebuffed. Alas for the persisted that Morathi had willingly and Morathi brooded over her mean Dark Prince. he finds returned from those cloying mists with those of aelvesthe most enticing. Morathi refused to answer yet there seemed little opportunity plots ensured that Slaanesh’s questions about her past. himself. that Morathi felt was misplaced – she . titanic In the rage that followed. So Morathi left the Great Alliance and arrived claiming they had. they joined his Great detected her spells of seduction and nor would she merely manipulate from Alliance – a growing pantheon that took great offense. including to gain either. from Tzeentch. were fully trusted. of aelven souls. he could not hide given herself to the Chaos God existence. Her protests were met with scorn until. and that they needed Morathi’s aid the Celestial City. whose complex Slaanesh. for the god had hidden cause with Malerion. simply brushed was not going be content to fade away kingdoms of Ulgu. Yet this nadir foundations of Druchiroth. Morathi depth of emotion. though where her cults that maintained their worship of Following the destruction of son drew praise for his help. in Ulgu. and none save himself had ever souls of all mortals. Her and discipline. but herself. the Umbral Veil. Her followerswere location was revealed by the all- how she had managed to escape her few and clung dogmatically to a faith illuminating light of Teclis. She seat for the largest of the thirteen Some. but Nagash in a hidden demesne bereft of glory. In serpentine form for the first time. such as Sigmar. but the beginnings of an answer Realms. Malerion cruelly rejected her was.and rely upon no one beasts and beings of great power. To ensure their loyalty. her new longer felt their power. behind the throne. Morathi did not yet know this way Morathi and Malerion helped and she fled in shame. of despair proved a turning point. all saw her her old ways. found Few aelveswere discovered. for he claimed all the Shadowlands as his own. aelveshave bent the shadows into a protective the greatest capacity for empathy During their time with the Great shroud around her new land. This was perhaps the Slaanesh. bondage and came to be in Ulgu.

That information. the freed souls of captured the temple’s expansion. warriors of Khaine. and through her own works she found both. experience in the god’s belly. Evenas the civilisations of the Mortal Realms were threatened at the end of the Age of Myth by the coming of Chaos. while those and Malerion created a plan to lure of extracting aelven souls from the Malerion took to Ulgu were formed Slaanesh out of hiding and into Uhl. To each Where once Morathi had been knowledge. arcane preparations were of the aelven gods was given a portion ambivalent about the worship of made on a vast scale. Morathi had also demanded a share of for they needed a balance of light and reclaimed souls. Indeed. Armed with that back into the Mortal Realms. Thus were the what he had done. as much had of tormented aelf-souls. aided all her new endeavours. Naught could end result was this: using themselves changed – the gods. place that existed between the realms aid of Morathi’s sorcery and the vile of Hysh and Ulgu. There. the aelven gods Teclis. their magic and remain concealed for long once he as bait. raw shadow magic along with the tale of how she escaped and her own blood to help whisper into would be needed. streaming her back into reality. Chaos God. and even the souls themselves. an immense iron cauldron. was created – a Upon seeing her true snake-form. Tyrion also in beginning the slow process of reason were born. focused his beams of reason. Eager several cabals of sorcerers succeeded new creatures were wrought. Morathi claimed that the god . Morathi shared her horrific of Khruthú. place to store Morathi’s newly claimed Teclis had surmised correctly that energies. full tale of the mystical battles that reincarnations of the aelvesof old. the three that they recruited Morathi. could not have been done without the majestic and terrible at the same time. and the energies of the newly liberated souls.OF AELF-SOULS AND EMPIRES Morathi sought followers and power. for she had promised shadow magic. a new force was building strength within the mist-shrouded lands of Ulgu. They the swallowedsouls that were still became Morathi’s Handmaidens. with the sounds of blood rituals to fuel She spoke of her suffering and how she Before long. the Hidden Gloaming – a no. It was Teclis who first heard the cries followed is long and harrowing. Morathi used enchantments. a new light had dawned upon of both the Realms of Hysh and Ulgu in turn reshaped and reformed those her. and they suspected she to remould that energy into new had hidden knowledge of Slaanesh. but luminous beings and angelic creatures kin. something Gysh. for the aelven gods existence new and suitable forms for hoped not only to punish Slaanesh for these reclaimed souls. So desperate were wisdoms garnered from her own grim In return for her indispensable aid. Morathi. They alone were allowed in the underhall Reluctantly. and each Khaine. The energies as they saw fit. All of Hagg Nar was filled memories for the first and only time. The monumental deed into something darker. and imprisoned within the god. In Hysh to reclaim the essences of their lost in not only entrapping Slaanesh. the aelven gods. Now she dedicated herself with were harnessed as never before. The Máthcoir. Instead. but also to extract first Melusai and Khinerai born. but the for they could not be. beneath the temple of Morathi herself had once been trapped Hagg Nar. They were not righteous fury to the ancient god. within Slaanesh. had caused the Dark Prince to vomit aelveswere being returned. sacrificialpower.

fixating upon some aspect of Khaine’s Severalmonstrous creatures emerged worship. While the aelven dwindling cult. Within growing in power. elaborate trap and the recouping of their stronghold to a shrine-filled city and lost kin. not all was well with a few generations they were no longer a the Mortal Realms. Sigmar’sPantheon of Order then a city-state – a Khainite nation had fractured and wars escalated across hidden within the mistfields. that was the trapped Slaanesh. All still bowed before were destined to become leathanam the High Oracle.these drones formed a Khaine. and the Daughters of Although the Daughters of Khaine were Khaine in particular flourished. The her. were quickly covered up by Malerion. So did the Age of Myth collapse the way of Khaine that the weak died. such as single combat. male working class that served the she. Most built their own temples. and to all Daughters of more than slaves. Witch Aelves to a point. Teclis’ The beginnings of new sects were first enclave. and the Age of Chaos begin. the far. and then she sent enclaves Meanwhile. for it had alwaysbeen fronts. and were all but destroyed in what reclamation of souls from Slaanesh became known as the Blood Strife. . The fragments. gods focused their energies upon their Hagg Nar was built up from a temple. but was regaining power maxim of survival of the fittest was fine thanks to his worshippers. Not all the reclamations worked. in the Hidden Gloaming. fleeing all contact separatist Hag Queen and her followers with god or mortal and disappearing. the Idoneth. a leader indeed. even as each faction began to forge their aelvesof the Khainite cults.of battle. proved a established during this time. a slow but steady trickle of souls Such was the word of Khaine. to establish entire new temple-colonies. and they kept growing. those spirits too weak or embarked on an eternal pilgrimage in damaged to accept full reconstitution honour of Khaine. they were made that way – but that would speak in his voice. but Morathi did not wish to were sent to scour the Mortal Realms see her growing armies tear themselves for any signs of the shards of Khaine. cruelty and murder spoke to or bowed their knee to the strong. but some For Morathi. heralded a new age for all members of the aelven race. New problems invaded upon hundreds of different beset Morathi. each disappointment. And still it every realm as the forces of Chaos was soon overcrowded. She aelven males were sufficientlycowed – was to be a conduit for Khaine. from the shadows of Druchiroth and assassination or unchecked slaughter. for Morathi spoke with – an aelven word for ‘half-soul’. Some – like the Grydd Var or the Redblades – went too Despite these aberrations. and so it was drawn out of the hellish mass was commanded. naming her as his High Oracle. Her remedy was to declare more shard-quests. Morathi’s words were still law. apart. own rituals and identity. Morathi rivalries between would-be Hag Queens revealed that Khaine had indeed fought flared up as they fought for supremacy the Chaos Gods and was broken into within the Witch Aelfhierarchy.Little a voice of iron.

a handful of allies.each faction of Order of the Shadowlands were enough to any. and the minions that were sent remained distrusted. Gradually. it was an offering they were able to make ever more frequently. in the Age of Chaos. war is the finest tribute that can be laid before the altars of the bloody-handed deity. the obfuscating mists not be choosers. . Khorne. were in retreat. their assaults corrupted foes that beset them. With the rise of Chaos in the Mortal Realms. the forces of Order and Tzeentch all devoted the greater the forces of Order needed them. using shadowshifting matter how numerous or monstrous. When Sigmar and Nagash realms. As Chaos came into the Mortal The Daughters of Khaine were bold As the Chaos invasions truly set Realms. no enslaving entire civilisations. for such is not the wayof their god.THE AGE OF CHAOS TheDaughters of Khaine do not seek to secure wealth and allies. it was the ambush them. Shadowlands of Ulgu that perhaps felt magics to reach Realmgates from Despite heroics by Khainite forces the least repercussions. their aid in broke their pact to war upon each into Ulgu boasted none of the most battles across the realms won over other. raiding armies of Chaos became larger oncoming tides of daemon legions and Such momentous events were to usher and more powerful. however. stabbing ever more deeply into Ulgu. the Chaos victory was all but fearful greater daemon commanders. the Daughters of Khaine and fearless in battle – willing to about their task of destroying and marched out from Hagg Nar to cross blades with any enemy. To them. and keep most invasions from wreaking Tyrion or Teclis to aid the beleaguered Sigmar retreated to the Heavens. with entire kingdoms portion of their forces to different Although Morathi and her followers crumbling. Beggars could complete. the Sigmarites as they fought to stem the locking the Gates of Azyr behind him. and few forces. if Burning Skies. Following the Battle of For many years. Nurgle where they could travel anywhere at many battles. were despatched by Malerion. great harm. was left to fend for themselves.

however. of Tzeentch. but not until after However.Some attacks were made by red reavers eldritch balance that kept the Dark the unbeatable six warhosts of the of Khorne or magic-seeking conclaves Prince perfectly suspended between betentacled Bovaxxthe Despoiler. who were labyrinth that still covers part of the being drawn to Ulgu following trails As the entrapped god tilted more Umbral Veil. Morathi The process of soul extraction in the Shadowlands.and off many Chaos forces. inevitably. . So began what the aelves of Ulgu – the gathering of forces from all were in place to ensure the captured named the Cathtrar Dhule – the War the sects – to stave off defeat from Slaanesh remained fast and undetected. and could sense faithful servants begin to catch a something of his presence beckoning familiar and much longed-for scent Yet the Daughters of Khaine did not them like a siren’s call. for against War of the Shadowpaths. as larger and more- questing armies penetrated the powerful armies invaded. Slaanesh’smost those hordes presumably still wander. Glittus and his Legion of Excess. Luxcious may well have allies. The Cathtrar with a surfeit of spirits siphoned to the whip-handed Krulla Sha’vhrand Dhule paused. They sought closelyto Ulgu. but spells god. summoned a gaiste-maze – a shadow armies of the Dark Prince. It was she Ulgu had Sigmar not begun his war to so that the soul division was skewed who cast down the Keeper of Secrets reclaim the Mortal Realms. Morathi had added her own of Shadows. a dark cloud in which they alone could scent.Morathi led the Daughters continued her scouring search of deceptive magics to the undertaking. upon the winds. This subterfuge was subtle. were the questing realms of light and shadow. their absent god. trapped between the Morathi’s coven of Medusae invaders. altered the only recourse. before once more Hagg Nar. More and more win every battle. Unbeknownst to her erstwhile For the major battles of the War of Druchxar. however. Luxcious the Keeper. Battle was not her erupting anew in the bitterly fought but slowly. searching for their lost called the first of the Caillich Covens Hidden Gloaming was slow. a nefarious factor was also the exalted fiend destroyed the Temple at play. of Khaine from the fore. of Shadows. drawing slightly out of the agreed proportions. Most of the deadliest Hysh and Ulgu. her Flayerhost.

retaliatory strikes that escalate into the Skaven Wars. running without growing pains. High Oracle has stolen the secret of shrine’s Daughters of Khaine are forced Morathi is forced to call the first Malerion’s shadow-shifting magic. In this HAGG NAR of campaigns press inwards. of Khaine. skirmishes to vast battles. Sigmar comes to avenge his peoples. So begins a series of were necessary. the Daughters defensible lies upon the centre of a of Khaine spread outwards from powerful spiral of shadow magic. seeks to uncover and destroy the other’s to dominate the others. the temple of Neff-Taal from utter dozens of new temples. to full strength by finding more lost Morathi seeks to establish a new Morathi points out that they had been splinters. to hunt down and kill hundreds of Caillich Coven – a summons where and those shadowpaths allow swift the most monstrous creatures of the every Khainite temple sends a tithe of travel over the vast distances of Ulgu. Khaine is the rapacious greater daemon EXPANSION OF HAGG NAR overtly because of its surrounding Luxcious the Keeper. Luxcious’ Fighting all manner of foes across all Bonesplitter tribes. it is not long before a aid the forcesof Order. but because of it. Only conflict can make the strong stronger. and which sees Khelt Nar Druchxar – too late. Shadowlands. however. TheDaughters of weed out the weakest. but they do so . secret strongholds. as well as dozens of warriors to the High Oracle. but instead discovers a lair of tainted by Chaos. The Khainite sects are laid. corruption at the hands of Chaos. and uses it to Although spared the brunt of the Dark A new era begins. Dozens A time of gods and legends. THE FRAGMENTED GOD THE GREAT CULLING Although she secretly knows that she THE SKAVEN WARS To purge new lands for settlement. Following a hidden path alongside several clans of men. natural rivalries descend into open THE BEGINNING OF THE battle. Morathi commands the secrets. Theyhave done so not despite the constant violence. as each of the Realms. establishing develop rapidly. the Mortal Realms. to save Khaine secretly expand. each side newly formed sects of Khaine seeks this is an age of secrecyand battle. Unchecked. and so many war covens are colony. possesses the only surviving shard The Realm of Shadows holds many monsters and orruk tribes are slain. rising from an obscure cult from days long gone to an emergent power. the Daughters of revel in. THE FIRST CAILLICH COVEN the temple-city of Hagg Nar. Forthe Daughters of Khaine. From small. a conflict that sees THE BLOOD STRIFE THE AGE OF CHAOS many Khainite temples raided by the The expansion out of Hagg Nar is not TheChaos Gods rule the Mortal elusive ratmen. Age of Chaos.THE BLOOD MUST FLOW TheDaughters of Khaine have carvedout their own empire. grow to become the major sect of greatest nemesis of the Daughters of Khelt Nar – is founded by Morathi. Led by Morathi. The To clear the surrounding lands. When god’s followers to hasten his return that spirals into a mist-labyrinth. for Khaine demands offerings of blood. and that their deaths dispatched on holy missions to scour skaven assassins. as well as those Gods’ attention in the early days of the Khaine emerge from the shadows to she deems too ambitious. Morathi allows the civil war to CATHTRAR DHULE THE AGE OF SIGMAR run its bloody course. It is a task they legions are halted at the Battle of Thirteen Dominions. assailing shadowy era the foundations of the The temple at Ironshard – which will each of the Thirteen Dominions. the As the wars of the Cathtrar grow. THE AGE OF MYTH A POWER TO RIVAL true assault upon Ulgu begins.

Portents of evil abound as the forces the mysterious sea-beings attempt to of Shyish gather in strength. the forces of Order have gained growing of all the Khainite sects. the built cities of Order. capture a war pilgrimage of the Kraith that is aiding Alarielle in the War of THE DEAD RISE UP Life. Chaos armies rule the Dolmen Heights. plunging headlong into the and attack. Of the different Stormcast orruks outside the city of Kurnothea vengeful zeal. With forces for the first time at the Battle of Excelsisor the three-day war within swift invasions. the Sigmar launches his new war upon Dreadwood Glade fight most willingly battles of the Cathtrar Dhule resume. Chaos. bands of Idoneth Deepkin battles still rage. but as ever the Kraith are there is a great concentration of unrelenting. The Daughters of Sigmar’sStormcast Eternals and the – whenever the enemy is Slaaneshi Khaine fight in dozens of campaigns armies that march out of Azyrheim. territorial or monetary Khainites become ever more willing to the best known of the Daughters of gains are to be made does Morathi join with the God-King’s forces in order Khaine due to their gladiatorial battles. Across the Shadowlands. the two sides join of Order – such as the Atrocity at First Battle of the Murkfields. for she will never forgive Eternal Stormhosts. seeks to claim those errant aelven souls that have escaped death. Vindicarum – but Morathi is quick pathways initially.only when it best suits their own needs trust the Daughters of Khaine – notably THE SEEKERS RETURN and nefarious purposes. Ulgu for Morathi. such In Ghyran. . routes. With the corruption of THE STORM OF SIGMAR Amongst the sylvaneth. As new cities are founded. Envoys search Privateers who most often find common Nar is besieged. but counter-attacks by to offer amends and punish the most war covens reclaim many of the major RAIDERS FROM THE DEEP egregious of her own forces. spells keep all Khainite temples hidden Some battles break out between the The campaign to control the from the God-King. There are. beginning with an assault upon alongside the war covens. even commending the to an end as more and more mortal and many of their coveted blood rites. for GROWING ALLIANCES he considers them to be rightfully his. the masters of those two foes. it is the Scourge dozen Khainite temples. absorbing a great deal emerge from the mists to ambush and of Morathi’s attention. however. those of the the shadowpaths by Chaos forces. battle zeal of their new-found allies. Wherever strike a truce. Nagash. and even Hagg all the Mortal Realms. Thisis a time the Hallowed Knights – while others. As for the Slaaneshi-led invasions strike over a Aqshy. immortal followersof Slaanesh pour into the realm. Only Realms. The Kraith pursue their Scáthborn. but soon sending his armies to people of Azyrheim. command the war covens to join the to drive back the counter-attacking Their armies frequently fight alongside fighting. some never grow to wins them many allies.accept of the Stormcast Eternals in Ulgu comes the war covens have to suppressor hide them gladly. When it finally Daughters of Khaine and other factions shadowpath network begins with the suits her purpose. exceptions armies of Chaos. but her shadow. They help defend the major cities from the many footholds across the Mortal are the first to open shrines in the newly baleful forces that assail them. and swiftlybecome where political. or undead in origin. and a time when such as the Knights Excelsior. the spirits of the dead rise attackers. The brief respite that followed the arrival of new expansions. At With the conclusion of Sigmar’s RISE OF DRAICHI GANETH the same time the Daughters of Khaine offensiveknown as the Realmgate Draichi Ganeth becomes the fastest are called upon by their Order allies to Wars. cause with their distant aelven kindred.Realising there are easier targets. the Undead. Supreme Lord of mists with their teeth bared. the High Oracle and hundreds of battles alongside these Draichi Ganeth’s destruction of the orders her kin to enter the fray with new allies.

zealous in the practice of their faith. all the by each of these figures. the and refer to the leader of a war coven serve in their religious order. different aspect of the aelf god of dozens of temples. Nar. while Bloodwrack are leathanam. for it is through violence that the Khainites expand their territories. First and foremost of them Slaughter Queens above the others. which include the Slaughter of Morathi. Priestesses. varies between the their organisation. Blood. defend their temples and worship their god. Khainites. and she speaks with the iron Medusae carry greater favour in Hagg who are little more than worker drones. Doomfire Warlocks are rarely seen by non- judgement in such matters. is Morathi. the Kraith rank violent cult. Her word is law for all as a Bloodqueen. The Witch Aelvesare largely regarded by the other free peoples of the realms as a secretive None dare question her sisterhood. They are the keepers of of Khaine. who frequently hold gladiatorial spectacles within the cities of to become Medusae. For instance. and when one is appointed as All sects save the Kraith are comprised leader of a war coven they become a of both. however. that her favour known as a war coven. When battle is called. each worshipping a – have hundreds of war covens across each shrine’s most sacred artefacts. There are many sects of Daughters such as Hagg Nar or Draichi Ganeth Medusae. The most public-facing may be ‘blessed’by Morathi Khainites are the Sisters of Slaughter. along with Khainites follow a strict hierarchy in The leaders of a war coven also preside their specifictitle. over the blood rites and rituals of their sects. the Scáthborn – the Melusai and Khinerai – are closest to faithful of the Witch Aelves Morathi herself. Larger sects – Queens. . Order. primarily because of their pariah status within the sects. or they High Oracle. voice of Khaine.WAR COVENS OF THE KHAINITES War covens are the most important organisations to the Daughters of Khaine. Although the sects might have but one of each. a temple Beneath Morathi are the High Saim-Supremas. The war coven structure and hierarchyhas been passed down from the High Oracle herself. regardless of sect. The degree of authority held rites and rituals might differ. Such is the power will send forth its warrior congregation. Hag Queens and Bloodwrack can alter any ranking with but a KHAINITE WAR COVEN CAULDRON TEMPLE SLAUGHTER SHADOW RELICS GUARD NEST TROUPE PATROL OF THE DEATH HAGS BLOODWRACKSHRINES SLAUGHTERQUEENS DOOMFIREWARLOCKS TEMPLE CAULDRONSOF BLOOD BLOODWRACKMEDUSAE CAULDRONSOF BLOOD KHINERAILIFETAKERS AVATARS OF KHAINE WITCH AELVES BLOOD SISTERS SISTERSOF SLAUGHTER KHINERAI HEARTRENDERS KHINERAILIFETAKERS BLOOD STALKERS KHINERAI HEARTRENDERS The fairest and most Of all the warriors of the temples. All Khainites are either warriors that all. while the smallest of and commanders of the Sisterhood of battle and bloodshed. disregarded menials sects. and often remain hidden from those outside the cult.

but eventually she found what she sought – Khaine’s iron heart. Sensing that the godbeast would be resistant to hostile sorcery. However. matters: power.Morathi addressing her Melusai rapture of war. Father of Kharybdisses. History It was an epic struggle that lasted for thirteen days. until finallyshe heard the faintest of heartbeats in her dreams. Kharybtar did not lose consciousness day rise again. the gladiatrixes that fight formations. We have all public ritualised combats or shady pit individual and unit ranking than their felt the taint of what happens fights. and I commonly seen.word. Even while construction of the temple of Hagg before it dealt her a dire blow. It matters not They are the Witch Aelvesand Sisters Most sects treat all Scáthborn as elite where or how we acquire it. and to many they are darkened shrines or veiled by illusion. as well are my will…’ Sisterhood of Blood long for the as the aerial Harbingers formation. It lay intact and was once again beginning to throb with resurgent power. all members of the – the vaunted Vyperic Guard. The troops of a war coven are divided They are the Melusai and the Khinerai into two categories – the Sisterhood – aelveswhose new and twisted of Blood and the Scáthborn. her searches – both Hagg Nar. While such combats develop more comely kin from the Sisterhood to those who are defeated. wanderers with no dedicated temples THE IRON HEART OF KHAINE the heart before it drew the notice of others – most especially Morathi was certain that Khaine had been destroyed when her her son. of Slaughter. Alas. in her true form. where they hold a higher only that we do so. Morathi began a quest that would take all her guile and arcane skill. Certainly. hidden shift accordingly. are those creatures them amongst their number. and return with her secret to take form in her scheming mind. where they might be exception are the Kraith. The forms are often kept out of sight Sisterhood of Blood are the most from outsiders. either hidden away in ‘Hear me my sisters. Yet when attempting to wrest the object for blood rituals in the god’s name no longer rejuvenated her. formed from the aelf-souls regurgitated by illusion. What happened to Kharybtar none can say… physical and mystic – uncovered no trace of the aelven god of battle. she was forced to use shadow magic to extend her life. as she was desperate to claim . The . constricted the godbeast in her beings. Morathi uses them it must never happen again. and a plan began to allowed Morathi to survive. Shadowborn or Morathi’s to secrete the Scáthborn. she looked for signs of the lost god. she angered Kharybtar and was forced to do battle. The treasure was guarded by Kharybtar. and the participant’s fighting prowess of Blood. and have less opportunity Kraith Hag Queen over a Slaughter Trueborn. also known as the of their own. until had also alwaystaught her that the aelf gods were cyclic Morathi. as they are granted Khaine’s divine blessings. highly than other sects. and offer potential to move upwards exclusivelyfor her own honour guard Rise. and her own. the war coven’sleadership will Handmaidens. but tend to rank them less by Slaanesh and reformed by Morathi. In energies beginning to pulse from her new-found treasure Khaine she saw some glimmer of hope. will tell you the one truth that the face of the Daughters of Khaine. Guided by prescience. Morathi resorted to seduction. Should she favour a particular The Scáthborn. Only her ability to absorb the Nar was underway. for you in the hierarchy. They do count Queen. Malerion. and that if any part of them remained they might one crushing coils. my Scáthborn.

also The Kraith do not maintain their called the Crimson Cult. as those the darkest region of the Shadowlands. and few in the Cities of proficiency at murder. and have earned proper place to worship Khaine is the a reputation as the least compromising battlefield. They travel between the of all the Daughters of Khaine. They the she-aelves out of sheer disgust. it beneath them. The greatest icons shrines in many of the Cities of Sigmar. None perform the blood likely to march with a Cauldron of rituals with as much authority as do the Blood than those from Hagg Nar. so that all commonly seen of all the Daughters might gather to witness the sect’s of Khaine. it was built atop the Helleflux. but their war pilgrimages and often herald their approach to the lesser shrines can be found across the enemy before battle with gruesome realms. Their temples of other sects. of their cult are here. including the Alwaysready to convert blood into Svartlepit and the master cauldron. suited only to provide of the Stormcast Eternals to shudder. for they staunchly believe is most honoured. Indeed. or hire out their bloodthirsty post-battle rites have led services clearing lands of monsters and to allies reneging on their compact with fighting in gladiatorial arenas. from Hagg Nar are known amongst The first of the Daughters of Khaine their kind. their war covens Ulgu. Aelvesof this sect are the most triumphal processions. They regard the Sigmar have not witnessed their ritual more shadowy Daughters of Khaine as combat displays. and they have thus earned anything but athletic poise and prowess the epithet ‘the Executioner’s Cult’. and control several lesser a geyser of shadow magic that spews temples in Ulgu as well as smaller shrouding mists. and abstain from the use is through the killing blow that Khaine of poisons. his guises. and believe that all others – even other sects caused even the most stalwart warriors – are inferior. . blood in which the Kraith might bathe. with a blade. Daughters of the First Temple. there are no war covens more the Máthcoir. They worship Khaine in all temples.Their main temple is found in stealth. tribute. the act of beheading that a true warrior has no need of in particular. are true own temples. DRAICHI GANETH Draichi Ganeth translates as ‘the bladed The warriors of Draichi Ganeth shun killers’. THE KRAITH The sect known as the Kraith. and make no attempt to conceal the northern barrens of Fuarthorn in their kills. To Draichi Ganeth.TEMPLES OF BLOOD HAGG NAR Hagg Nar lies deep in the Umbral Veil. for they believe the disciples of slaughter.

Each attack mountain of iron known as the has thus far been thwarted but it Rothtor.KHAILEBRON This sect has learned well the arts of Khailebron’s war covens maintain a concealment. tattooed onto flesh or even smeared on with the blood of their enemies. sculpted onto temples. lesser temples all across Ulgu. It began as Ironshard. and revel in misdirection and by Morathi to travel the realms on illusion. KHELT NAR Khelt Nar has become the fastest Despite the layers of shadow magic growing of the sects established by that obscure the temple-fortress of Morathi. Khailebron revere the assassin and the but the sect’strue rituals are kept well unseen killer. They arrive of ambushes and sudden strikes. Morathi Khelt Nar have developed a hatred used powerful sorcery to mould of Chaos that far transcends even an imposing stronghold from the that of their rival sects. As in battle shrouded by rolling banks of a consequence. Just when the enemy thinks missions to deliver lethal messages they see the true threat. to both strikes unlooked for to rip the heart out enemies and erstwhile allies. Seeing the potential in that has meant that the war covens of bounteous natural resource. the forces of the Ruinous single Khainite shrine founded by Powers have located and invaded it the High Oracle atop a flat-topped no fewer than six times. of their army. Versions of these icons can be seen emblazoned onto banners. Hagg Nar Draichi Ganeth The Kraith Khailebron Khelt Nar . stealth and obfuscation. they are often tasked mist. ICONS OF KHAINE Each of the different Khainite sects can be identified by a unique symbol. public facade of performing troupes of Those who worship at the temples of blade dancers and graceful pitfighters. as well Nar have established over two dozen as the lands surrounding it.The Khelt enormous ferrous precipice. and strive to be masters hidden from prying eyes. another attack on behalf of the High Oracle. a Khelt Nar.


MORATHI She is the High Oracle of Khaine. Upon freeing herself wrought of shadow-metal. her own benefit. last vestigesof power and only hope Oracle of the Daughters of Khaine. she can focus all the self-loathing and spite And it is all a lie. allure.warrior. for she speaks with the their efforts to slaughter. past has been left behind. that-was. it is she who wields her spear Heartrender with cruel She has been known to wrap foes in interprets the god of battle’s wishes. while using her tail’s and commands the war covens of the themselves razor-sharp weapons that sting and crown of snakes to deliver Daughters of Khaine. Writhing sinuously. while draining Khaine’s iron heart dry the throes of the strongest of passions. spurned or transformation. which dissipate as enormous a mother to a son that would ascend cause. has renounced her conniving plots. can easily lop limbs and heads. for Morathi she-aelf framed by outstretched wings has changed. Blazing eyes glow through the eldritch the aelf gods. With but a chanted and they burst apart. issuing her own before she can reassume her aelf-queen commands to an ever-growing order of When diplomacy. Most deadly of all. She was a high priestess of power to achieve a dark apotheosis. upon all those who scorned. and she would be a god… Morathi is an ancient being. During all that time she unmatched in her mastery of dark her full height Morathi emerges in her was a spinner of half-truths and a magics. efficiency. Those that dare meet her eyes must for resurgence usurped. So great Whilst in her Shadow Queen form. a seeress bat-like wings unfold. is a horrific sight to witness. partially covering the violent power behind the throne of not one. That infamous morph into a comely form – a radiant still cling about her. It Throughout her impossibly long milk from its metallic chambers. Rippling lifetime Morathi has been many things waves of shadow emanate from her – wife. from the torments of Slaanesh she is her supernatural beauty that foes Morathi’s fury reaches new heights. held within his Morathi’s every word is law. queen guise. manipulation and secrets – a blood-priestess of battle and a mistress of lies and hidden intrigues. Yet daily she draws are needed. may pass voice of a dead god. she has used her spells to strike through the umbral wisps that her sibilant whispers. with venomous snakes that hiss as they empires moved to the command of realm. darting attacks. the ShadowQueen and grand matriarchof the Daughters of Khaine. and the queen and Morathi hopes to one day reap revenge body. his As the matriarchal leader and High inside her into a single transfixing gaze. In addition to being able to true shape. for Morathi Heartrender through a pillar of stone. of every last drop of power she can Morathi reverts to her true form. It is a fatal mistake. sorcery or seduction aspect. Morathi maintains her aelf. invocation she can send members of the already-zealous warrior cult into a Once transformed into her monstrous It is the most dangerous of games that fever pitch. She would use her rising she twists into a towering new shape. subside – hours. or when in in her Shadow Queen form for months. even days. her every have a will of iron lest their blood boil iron heart and exploited by Morathi for wish a command. but at need. As his High Oracle. her flowing hair replaced manipulator of such scale that entire summon the horrors of the nightshade. Uncoiling to to godhood. it takes time for Morathi’s rage to Morathi plays.and her bladed pinions are her crushing coils. that day draws nearer. a consort to daemons and With each drop of blood spilt in her mists. So great was her anger during religious warriors. She is Morathi. . She is a creature of magic. causing them to redouble self. the Blood Strife Wars that she remained strength from their blood offerings. Khaine is dead. but two aelven nations of the world. stand mesmerised by her rapturous and she has the power to thrust re-dedicating herself solely to Khaine. tormented her.

It is they. Those that survive killing words of power – appellations this final trial emerge more powerful of Khaine that when shouted at the than ever. propelled solelyby the severed artery. of red ruination as she advances. its mere presence in Cauldrons of Blood for the rituals of speed. these mobile shrines gushing impetus of blood from a their fanaticism for dealing death. words of power title of Slaughter Queen by Morathi are greatest of their religion’sicons – the and divine incantations that allow the martial leaders of the war covens. she brings the . The High Priestesses known as Hag Queens are the guardians of Khaine’s CAULDRONS OF BLOOD mysteries. nominate those who have earned her of aelf-kind. deft the most zealous of the sect for such the Hag Queens themselves. The Perhaps the most important duty Blade of Khaine – blessed with the Each Cauldron of Blood lies heavy with of these priestesses is to prepare the furore of war – strikes with blurring dark enchantments. while the Deathsword is imbued the battle line inspiring to the Daughters rebirth. She advances to battle either on foot or HAG QUEENS mounted upon a Cauldron of Blood. Cauldrons of Blood. All aelves. sisters – the Witch Aelvesand the than those whom they deem ‘lesser Like Witch Aelves. The initiation rejuvenation baths many would age A Slaughter Queen is a leader who rites that follow include a series of gory rapidly or even die. or even blunt an incoming spell. have lifespans far greater armour with even the slightest blow. and delivers the of Khaine. as well In war a Slaughter Queen fights with a machine itself was lured onwards by the as the potions that drive their fellow sword in each hand. Through the teachings SLAUGHTER QUEENS ritual offerings. along with the ominous Cauldrons of Blood. able to channel Khaine’s correct pitch can smite down an enemy violent spirit. as if the who mix any necessary poisons. Khainites into a rapturous battle-rage. Mounted on Khaine’s energies to flow with all the chosen for their skilled bladework and iron-shod wheels. A Slaughter Queen learns the nether-domains. that channel their deity’s murderous energies. When a Hag Queen sisters youthful in appearance and killing blow with an enchanted edge accompanies the altar. The High Priestesses of the Khainite supple in body.QUEENS AND CAULDRONS Hag Queens and SlaughterQueens are high priestesses of Khaine. and lead the war covens in both battle and in blood rites. have dodges and flawlessacrobatics to avoid an honour. The High Oracle often selects many of the covenite sisters. the war covens of the of the High Oracle the Hag Queens Those High Priestesses awarded the Daughters of Khaine bring forth the learn secret rituals.a Slaughter Queen Sisters of Slaughter – by Morathi races’. summoning them through swordplayand shrill invocation. herself. Yet wears little in the way of armour. and the leaders of their For a battle worthy of their finest temple’s rites. weaving a pattern promise of carnage. Without their regular favour by other means. grind forward. These rites keep the covenite with Morathi’s scorn. but has been known to lived years beyond even the eldest enemy blows. can spur her war coven on to greater tests and blessings that culminate in the feats of violence or rally their wavering aspirant’s immersion into a cauldron nerves through the sheer force of her filled with shadow creatures from the will. It is the Hag Queens incantations of their riders.such as men and orruks. especially but instead relies upon the that can slice gaping clefts in flesh or Cults are chosen from the covenite leathanam.

This offers strange protections. is Morathi’s claim each time she gifts one of the great iron cauldrons to the temple of a newly founded Khainite sect. The covenites see it as a sign of their god’sfavour that the cauldrons never seem to overflow. the iron statue of Khaine upon the shrine roars its anger in torrents of molten metal blood. This. the Máthcoir. so that they stride the battle lines autonomously.blood within the iron vat to a furious boil until it givesoff billowing clouds of crimson steam. their martial prowess magnified by the Lord of Murder. or swings its massive sword to hack down those that dare close with the cauldron. and Khainites nearby find themselves able to shrug off wounds or dodge blows more easily. Sometimes these iron golems are given a life of their own. So does the High Oracle absorb and repurpose the blood’s energies. fighting alongside their worshippers as powerful icons of the Murder God. at least. Brought to life by the blood rituals. however – those fluids flow back to Hagg Nar through Morathi’s magics. Those fortunate enough to be offered a draught of the cauldron’s brew find themselves plunged into an ecstasy of violence. using them for her own nefarious gain. to the Mother of all Cauldrons. It is said that the Cauldrons of Blood are gifts from Khaine himself. no matter how much blood is poured within them following a battle – all assume Khaine himself takes the surplus as an offering. . who bestowed them upon his Daughters as a reward for their dedication to his cause. This is not the case.

as does their own vicious bloodletting. However. they truly lose all self- control. Whether wielded in a pair or accompanied with a bladed buckler. Witch Aelvesfight with long daggers known as sciansá – steel blades tempered in blood and blessed by the Hag Queens. In stoic fashion they train endlessly. Dancing like pale shadows the Witch Aelvesweave a scarlet path through the orgy of destruction. captured beasts or gladiatorial opponents offer a chance to spill blood. they fight at the forefront of nearly everywar coven. dodge and pirouette. With an explosion of movement.WITCH AELVES Theheart and soul of the Daughters of Khaine are the warriorsknown as Witch Aelves. Witch Aelves spin. while duels fought against prisoners. their entire lives dedicated to serving their bloodthirsty deity. feint. but in the midst of combat all of that is left behind. Weapons practice and mock duels take up the majority of their daily lives. Steady voices become shrill with battle-lust and chants become shrieks. Its razor-sharp edge slices easily through flesh. while some bear a notch that. revelling in the spray of jetting arteries. Before battle it might be said that Witch Aelvesare staid. Bloodthirsty and eager zealots. a Witch Aelf weavesher sciansá in a blurring flurry of deadly attacks. The sciansá is a holy tool for the worship of Khaine. it is only in battle where the followers of Khaine can truly immerse themselves in the holy rapture that bonds their souls with Khaine. treated with all the gravitas that other cults might use when reading their most holy of tomes or offering prayers to their god. seeking to lose control in the wanton frenzy of battle to better honour their violent god. The presence of High Priestesses of their order inspire them to greater acts of carnage still. with a subtle twist. but religious ceremonies. twirling their blades in an increasingly violent dance. . Still-beating hearts are ripped from victims’ chests and flesh is daubed with gore-red runes. yet these are not mere military drills. As a Witch Aelf battle line devolves from an ordered march to a whirlwind of stabbing and slicing. For Witch Aelves. causes maximum pain and profuse bleeding.ritual combat hones martial prowess and sates a craving for violence. reserved or even cold. Witch Aelvesare devotees of Khaine.

Those that do not succumb to blood loss become Sisters of Slaughter – gladiatrixes insanely dedicated to fighting in the name of Khaine. Once. To the Sisters of Slaughter. and don masks of living metal. The screaming lasts for hours. those who would join the sisterhood permanently graft the helms onto their heads. The Sisters of Slaughter are a sub-cult considered extremist even by other Khainites. leaping and posing dramatically as they use their whips and blades to trace ancient runes in enemy flesh. the Sisters of Slaughterleap into the fray and do not cease until all their foes lie dead.SISTERS OF SLAUGHTER Merciless masters of the lash. and each practises her weaponcraft to levelsof skill and precision only an aelf could achieve. the warriors take the vow of druharú. Yet the trial is not complete until they have fought a series of ceremonial duels against established members. lacerate eyes or puncture armour to flay the flesh beneath. a Sister can crack her kruip-lash so that it shears a gloomfly in half – an amazing feat. while others prefer a bladed buckler that can turn enemy strikes and deliver a lethal counter-blow of its own. . spinning. the effect is far more devastating – the serpentine coils snap out to sever limbs. Their entire lives are dedicated to fighting – melee is worship. the metal leering ever more cruelly as it scents blood. in their own tongue – are the weapon of choice for the Sisters of Slaughter. for to them mutilation and bloodshed are acts of purest devotion to their cruel deity. Some Sisters battle with a short stabbing blade in addition to their lash. Sometimes even that is not enough to stop these vicious killers. With a simple flick of her wrist. combat is everything. a ritual combat that recreated the mythic battles of Khaine against the Chaos powers. When the barbed whips are used in battle. Only the most committed choose the face of Khaine over beauty. In an excruciating rite using boiling blood and spells of bonding. for the thumbnail-sized insects blend in with the cloying mists in which they are found. these were worn solely for the Khielt-gadh. Whether absorbed by revenge or overcome with the murderous spirit of Khaine. and each drop of blood spilt it is an offering to Khaine. They fight in an exaggerated style. Barbed whips – kruip-lash.

the bladed Bloodwrack Shrine grinds forward to crash into the enemy battle line. ‘Sssoonyou too will feel your heart grow colder.Final Ritual of the Slith-onóir . the bladed shrine strikes home… BLOODWRACK MEDUSAE The ritual in which the serpents that crown Morathi in her Shadow Queen form bite a Witch Aelf may be regarded as both a boon and a curse. Any who meet a Medusa’s gaze find their body exsanguinated in a welter of gore. spear and deadly gaze to join the slaughter. Those selected for the Slith-onóir – the ritual of receiving Morathi’s special venom – are sometimes the rising champions of their sect. Shadowyand disturbing images flash upon the arcane mirror. Regardless. A strange mirror known as a scáthmre stands at the shrine’s centre. however. With a crash. it has another. Propelled by unseen magics. you will shed your skin into scales and be reborn in the image of our one true master…’ . It is treated as a high honour by the Daughters of Khaine. while the writhing Medusa uses her whisperclaw. and results in the agonising transformation of the chosen into a monstrous being blessed with a portion of Morathi’s strength and magic.after the ritual. more sinister purpose. Bloodwrack Medusae become Morathi’s most faithful and loyal servants. a shadowy projection of the scathing hatred harboured by the monstrous serpentine creature. As formidable as the shrine is in close combat. and their eyes blaze with the power of death. Two shrineguards armed with long goadspears strike out. drawing opponents’ eyes closer to the blood-bursting gaze of the writhing creature that slithers at its base. but others are chosen because they are openly contentious over Morathi’s strictures. BLOODWRACK SHRINES Some Bloodwrack Medusae are borne into battle atop mobile shrines. but also an agonising aura.BLOODWRACK SORCERESSES Foes fall twisting in pain as the BloodwrackShrine closes upon them. reflecting not just the Bloodwrack Medusa’s deadly gaze. Bloodwrack Medusae wield sorcerous energies.

or ask too closelyabout Morathi’s goals. As sensualists. Up rose glaivequickly enough to slice out a foe’sbeating heart even Scála. hence their delight in inflicting it upon others. The Blood Stalkers are Morathi’s elite archers. The ultimate in cruelty is for a Blood Sister to thrust her ‘Not wise…’hissed a voice from the shadows. but I killed her because she contact from such a blow can transform the victim into was weak. Each bears a heartseeker the dungeons beneath Hagg Nar. these souls were mixed bow. Melusai are allocated to each temple sect of their targets through the heart. informing upon those that question the order the corpses of their victims after battle. these missiles streak across the battlefield to pierce Slaanesh. Upon being freed from that hellish incarceration. possible fates. The lightest the High Oracle over you. ‘Itis the High Oraclealone who speaks forever in a state of unbearable pain is but a small sample of with the Word of Iron. The arrows loosed by such bows are blessed by Hag reshaped in the image of their creator. ‘Here. brazierand stepped backto watchthe flames feed upon the sacrificialorgan. by illusion to appear as other aelves. a weapon carved from the wood of the sentient ashdusk with shadow magic and Morathi’s own blood to be reborn. In close combat. but she did not expect that is still horrifically aware.Khaine. in guard who rain death from afar. Theunnatural BLOOD SISTERS red light cast eerie shadows across the towering statue Blood Sisters are powerful warriors used as bodyguards to of Khaine. To be trapped the Shrine. with a heartshard glaive– a heavy polearm ideal for driving through armour and ribs to cut out an opponent’s heart. accuracy. a venomous their energies were portioned off to Morathi.’Fheltóir did not know if her god would coiling mists. . Fheltóir did not cross her daggersover the High Priestesses or Bloodwrack Medusae. the Blood Sisters what happened next. which solidify into an unmoving crystal statue hear. Because so to their less monstrous sisters. With uncanny along with a scornful hatred of their former enslaver. that guide Morathi’s own spear. but tributes destined to strengthen the Melusai’s secreted inside the darkened temples of Khaine or disguised true master.MELUSAI Thedreaded Melusai are Scáthbornwho bear the lower bodies of great serpents. Heartrender. long daggers forged to absorb the formations. and imbued with the same enchantments as those is imbued with magic and the utmost faith in their master. The Melusai were once the souls of aelvesdevoured by BLOOD STALKERS Slaanesh. Each Blood Sister is equipped mantras. Theyare cruel. Instead. There. either to Khaine. Melusai stay out of sight. she spoke her own benediction. consider an eternity of sensory deprivation the worst of all as her body began to transform into crystal. is the heart of the Hag who thought Blood Sisters can also channel the blackness of their tainted to lead our sisterhood. Each of the Melusai Queens. I hated her for she favoured souls into a strike known as the ‘scáth touch’. or as a potent blood-fuelled fire. Morathi. Though it may seem of things.Although it is rumoured F that there might be additional forms. tree. Agonising pain paralysedher.’ the torment the Melusai themselves have endured. nor did she recite the traditional vanguard for the war covens. a Melusai of the Blood Sisters and Keeperof while the scáth touch turns them to crystal. but also as clandestine eyes and ears for the energies released when the bearer cuts the vital organs from High Oracle. cold- blooded and eager to inflict pain – seemingly the ideal Khainites – and serve Morathi as the elite ground-assault troops of her war covens. these are no gory offerings of their strange appearance. or how he might react. acting not only as elite guard Stalkers wield scianlar. Blood the Daughters of Khaine. during open battle two heltóir placed the dripping heart in the altar’s kinds of Melusai are regularly seen amongst the war covens.

the nova-blasts of Khorne’s furnaces – the iron heart of Khaine. father of Kharybdisses. allowing her to ensure their faith. yet it would submit to neither hammer nor anvil. Those birthed to covenite than the others. quite literally. the Blood God squeezed it for an age of mortals. but only eight worked hard. a number of harass foes with blasts of arcane flame their torturous existence inside the these male whelps grow stronger and volleysof black-fletched bolts. each is branded with and pallid. This too is no ability to absorb the mystic energies of engaged. Doomfire Warlocks are gaunt Daughters of Khaine. though the greater number were retrieved from Slaanesh by Morathi are claimed by Khorne. to add to the ever-growing font of such marks are wards against the soul- Emblazoned upon their brows are power stored by the Máthcoir. Their worshippers were gone. however. menial labours and worse. Consumed in the fires of the demise of the world-that-was. he hurled the heart in snarling wish that only the strong survive. fed poorly and drained drops of blood came forth. Yet one item alone resisted are destined to serve as leathanam. and it was possible There are few male aelvesin the that they could one day reform. the aelf gods were destroyed. yet are also vital to keeping them alive. paltry existence. How the last remnant of the fallen god passed through the weak must either perish or perform realms and ended in the lair of Kharybtar. Great Enemy. before some task deemed worthy enough to ultimately being recovered by Morathi is a tale in itself. They are. these swift riders will charge coincidence. thievery of Slaanesh. Nagash too stalked the hierarchies of the war covens. This is no underworlds. The Blood God melted that essence down and used it to used to create male aelves. These few. To Up close. she is leery of and finish off their distracted victims. while the coiled shadow of Malerion fed on blackness itself. Only the weakest and most broken of souls Many sought the broken shards of Khaine. Although Morathi recognises the in. especiallyby the Chaos Gods. They are Enraged. for many others were warrant the gift of maintaining their drawn to its throbbing energies. hateful runes that cause them great pain. that would touch all sons born of the power she herself has not granted. scimitars drawn. and what little power they still possessed Khaine. They had ever been cyclicalin nature.and these forge weapons for his worthiest Bloodthirsters. Again and wretches used by the Khainites for again it was pounded. each smouldering upon the ground. their black eyes haunted siphon off a portion of their soul-stuff runes of control. Mastersof misdirection and hit-and-run attacks. although they are told and lacking any emotion save spite. for the High Oracle long Ulgu. They souls that have been recovered from stacked against them. . whittling them down with sorcery and crossbow fire before goading their steeds to charge in for the kill. shrouded from sight until they burst forth at speed. nurtured worrying the enemy’s flanks and sisters in the conventional fashion by the shadows themselves. but by nefarious design. to help overwhelm ago wrought a secret malediction potential of these males. The Doomfire Warlocks are the Not all aelf males are formed from Yet despite the crippling difficulties light cavalry of the war covens. the frustration. and fewer still in the military was sought after. there were many factors against temples and cities of the Daughters of them. When of blood in daily rituals. accident. develop slaying unprotected targets.Doomfire Warlocks encircle the foe. As the are likewiseafflicted with a weakness an affinity with the darkness and an main Khainite formations become of the body and spirit.DOOMFIRE WARLOCKS Dark shapes hurtle through the fog. a THE FATE OF KHAINE cursed lot. It is Khaine’s Khorne could gain no more satisfaction.

the maximum force. on guard.KHINERAI HARPIES Shrieking harridansof the skies. All Khinerai moment they spread their leathery in combat. her vengeance given flight. snapping their descent as melee in a flurry of beating wings. and still maintain enough impetus to embed themselves deep into the ground. however. . Foes that survive this to strike next. At the last rally to pin the Khinerai Lifetakers and vengeance itself. for they are masters at using deadly assault reaps its toll. These spike-ridden spears travel with such velocitythat they can skewer both a mounted warrior and their steed. and are instantly flapping away to another part of the battlefield. downwards at high speeds. swooping attacks. the Khinerai Harpies descend from the clouds upon membranous pinions. Constantly in motion. all the while their hawk-sharp eyes scanning for their next victims. but the last thing they will hear is a sudden Morathi chooses flocks to send to each any who fight the Khinerai must be rush of wind before the Lifetakers’ temple-sect across the Mortal Realms. the not only parry blows but to puncture offspring of daemon-tainted aelf Khinerai known as Lifetakers plummet vital organs. Similar to their kin the Melusai. new javelins materialising out of the mists into their hands. Theyare the winged Children of Morathi. they quickly dart out of range of any return attacks. Even as nearby enemies soul. dark streaks that cut swiftly through low clouds. broods can be found upon the soaring they swing their sickle-blades with looking for the most vulnerable target Ashspires. With streams of vapour still clinging to their bodies. the Harpies rise above the are formed in Hagg Nar. Should a tempting enough target present itself. the KHINERAI LIFETAKERS their claw-like heartpiercer shields to Khinerai Harpies are the twisted Tucking their wings close. Morathi’s blood and magics. KHINERAI HEARTRENDERS The Khinerai Heartrenders sweep out of the skies. The Heartrenders do not stop to watch. and devastating assault can strike back. where their pinions. At each shade solstice. using their forward momentum to help launch cruelly barbed javelins with great force.the Heartrenders will forgo their missile assault and dive straight into combat. the winged aelvespull up. For such unfortunates. and nowhere on the battlefield is safe from their vicious. ritual of Gristead takes place.



.With their kruip-lashes snapping. the Sisters of Slaughterlead the charge beneath the all-seeing gaze of Morathi.

Blood and ritual. Morathi leads the Daughters of Khaine. slaughter and war. From out of the Shadowlandsof Ulgu. Hagg Nar Kraith Khailebron Draichi Ganeth Khelt Nar Witch Aelf Hag Sister of Slaughter Witch Aelf Witch Aelf Witch Aelf .


After unravelling her enemy’s illusionary magics. Morathi leads a war coven to crush the servants of Tzeentch. .

Morathi sends her forces crashing into the undead lines. . for none may assail the Temples of Khaine with impunity.

.Led by a BloodwrackMedusa. Blood Sisters and Blood Stalkersprepare to eradicateanother orruk tribe. Doomfire Warlocks spearheada war coven centred around a Cauldron of Blood. Hurling bolts of dark flame.

her cult and carries the fabled iron heart of Khaine. the Shadow Queen . Morathi bears the magical runes of accentuated by bladed wings of gold. High Oracle of Khaine Morathi.Morathi’scold but stunningly beautiful appearanceis In her true form. Morathi.

Blood StalkerKrone Blood Stalkers Blood Sister Gorgai Blood Sisters Khinerai LifetakerHarridyn Khinerai Lifetakers .

Khinerai HeartrenderShryke Khinerai Heartrenders Witch Aelf Hag Witch Aelves Witch Aelf StandardBearer Masterof Warlocks Doomfire Warlocks .

SlaughterQueen on Cauldron of Blood . the Avatar of Khaine can spew torrents of burning blood into the enemy. When animated by sorcery.

To fill out the requirements for the . and there are none more vicious than a Daughters of Khaine war coven. it’s a good idea to have found in a battletome or perhaps one around Morathi. There is no single right way model to pass up – it’s a joy to paint army might be based on the look of to collect your force! Here is how we too. Thesepages offer a brief guide to mustering your own fanatical force.THE DISCIPLES OF HAGG NAR If you are going to conquer the Mortal Realms. it helps to have an army. a narrative First. the models. we centred our war coven Sigmar army. or anything in incarnation is simply too amazing a deciding which units to include in your between. and a terror upon the battlefield. When collecting a Warhammer Age of performing on the tabletop. how you envision them assembled the Disciples of Hagg Nar. The choices you make when of your own invention. and show an example of a war coven. Her Shadow Queen a plan.

4. giving the 7. Blood Stalkers us a bonus battalion ability on top. mobile units. Blood Sisters increase the war coven’snumbers we Cauldron Guard battalion. we included the 2. Hag Queen on Cauldron bodyguard.Temple Nest warscroll battalion. Morathi. Khinerai Lifetakers Aelves– fast-moving infantry that can This force will hit hard. Slaughter Queen These elite warriors make a powerful a Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood. Bloodwrack Shrine Sisters and a Bloodwrack Shrine. especially potent shooting ability. Sisters of Slaughter really unleash a lot of attacks. and their inclusion gave This gave us all the requirements to of Blood 5. We’re now 10. 8. the Shadow Queen of Blood Stalkers. Witch Aelves when led by a Slaughter Queen. and has some 9. Finally. To field both a Slaughter Troupe and a 6. some needed to surround her with two units Khinerai Heartrenders and Lifetakers 1. ready to spill blood in Khaine’s name! . Khinerai Heartrenders added Sisters of Slaughter and Witch army even more formidable abilities. might and augmentative powers of 3. we For high-flying. two units of Blood were added.

Layer Standard Grey and Administratum Greenshade evenly mixed with the individual strands with White Scar. apply an all-over Khorne Red. BLOOD SHARDS & HEARTS 1 2 3 4 Begin with a basecoat of Edge highlight with Evil Further bring out the details To finish. shade with an even blend of Carroburg Black. with Corax White. . textures and special effects. apply a layer Highlight the skin Lastly. hair colours. then Ulthuan Grey and finish with an edge the head. HAGG NAR HAIR KHELT NAR HAIR KHAILEBRON HAIR Undercoat with Corax White and Basecoat the hair with Abaddon Start with a basecoat of Celestra Grey. avoiding the adding dots for dots to the eyes and Pallid Wych Flesh. to the skin. highlight of White Scar. the eyes. use Lahmian Medium. PALE SKIN 1 2 3 4 5 Undercoat with Next. Pink Horror. add basecoat the skin with Reikland Fleshshade Flesh. then all-over wash of of Pallid Wych with White Scar. Rhinox Hide. including key painting techniques and stage-by-stagewalkthroughsto help you paint your war coven. glaze of Spiritstone Red. Sunz Scarlet.then highlight with Mechanicus Apply an all-over wash of Coelia Crimson and Lahmian Medium. with Fire Dragon Bright. Emperor’s Children. Grey.PAINTING YOUR DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE A Daughters of Khaine army presents many opportunities to experiment with different skin tones. What follows here is a brief but straightforwardguide. shaded areas. apply an Then. fill out the mouth. Drybrush with and glaze with Bloodletter towards Screamer Pink. For the pink streaks.

add a vertical line down the Now. Follow with Rhinox Hide. apply ’Ardcoat for a thick layer. in order to create convincing Earthshade. a cross. Have it nearby as a reference while you paint.BANNER DESIGNS & TATTOOS 1 2 3 Carefully sketch out a diamond shape Next. forming Artificer Layer brush. and distract from finer details. To finish. before of paint until you’re happy with adding a highlight of Fire Dragon the result. any colour you wish. off the base of the diamond. BLOOD TOP TIP One thing to bear in mind when painting blood on your miniatures is that less is often more. to finish the design. Mistakes can be tidied up by carefully applying the same Add two more vertical lines. mistakes with the original base colour. rather than applying one Bright. Drybrush with Evil Sunz streaks. The visual effect of a few carefully applied patches will be far more striking. start off with armour. Apply only To paint large pools of gore like that in To add smears of gore to weapons and a small amount of Blood for the this cauldron of blood. paint two diagonal lines coming with Celestra Grey using an S Layer or centre of the diamond. Tidy any to add more symbols to your models in model you are painting on. glossysheen. . Slathering too much Blood for the Blood God all over your models will make them look messy. 4 TOP TIP It’s a good idea to sketch out a symbol using a pen and paper before you attempt to paint it freehand on any of your models. slightly You can use this same basic technique base colour used for the area of the curved. Slowlybuild up the layers Scarlet to pick out the texture. before liberally time. first gently flick the surface Blood God to your paintbrush at a a basecoat of Mephiston Red. then angle your brush strokes that with an all-over wash of Agrax applying Blood for the Blood God.

see left. then wash the orange areas.MELUSAI SCALES For the crimson areas. For the God into the recesses. simply basecoat Blackand highlight with Xereus Camo. Add a final Fleshshade. Administratum Grey. For the green areas. of Fire Dragon Bright.Next.then Screaming Skull. Drybrush with Ogryn For the black areas. apply a highlight of Xereus Flesh. Highlight with Ushabti Bone. and wash with thinned-down Highlight with Wazdakka Red. then apply a outer skin with Coelia Greenshade. Wash the Start with an undercoat of Corax White with Mephiston Red. shade with Seraphim claws. Tidy with KislevFlesh. Spray Corax White. Sepia. add a highlight of Kabalite basecoat with Abaddon Black. Next. then Warpfiend Grey.Apply a final highlight Green and then a second highlight of highlight with Mechanicus Standard of Pallid Wych Flesh. basecoat Spray with Corax White. For the grey areas. Finish with a second highlight of Krieg Khaki. and Purple. For the Elysian Green and then shade with lightly drybrush with Kindleflame. and Druchii Violet. edge highlight with The Fang.also basecoat with Abaddon Flayed One Flesh. basecoat with Celestra Grey. Grey and Administratum Grey. layer with wash of Agrax Earthshade. purple areas. and then highlight with Black. and drybrush with Skink Blue. Basecoat the skin with Abaddon Black. Layer with Kislev then apply a recess shade of Nuln Oil. apply a basecoat of basecoat with Khorne Red.) KHINERAI WINGS Basecoat the skin with Khorne Red. Finish with a second highlight highlight of Ulthuan Grey. then edge highlight with Scarlet. For the claws. For the red scales.basecoat with Children on the extremities. For the claws. wash with with an even mix of Coelia Greenshade Jokaero Orange. and finish with a highlight with Abaddon Blackand carefully Purple. wash with Reikland Nuln Oil and highlight with Evil Sunz and Lahmian Medium. (For the red Bestigor Flesh. For of Warpfiend Grey. basecoat with Abaddon Biel-Tan Green. spray. . then apply a second highlight of Wild then a fine highlight of Emperor’s and then work Blood for the Blood Rider Red. scales. To finish.

apply a wash of Nuln Oil. basecoat the area with Celestra Grey (1).BLOODWRACK SHRINE MIRROR 1 2 3 4 There is a simple but very effectivetechnique you can use to replicate the reflectivesurface of glass and mirrors on your models. Stormhost Silver. highlight with finish. with another coat of wash of Blood for the Blood Drakenhof Nightshade. Start with a basecoat of Leadbelcher. Then. Lastly. Dragon Bright. Layer Armour. basecoat the Fleshshade. then wash all over with Retributor Armour. Grey. thin down some Ulthuan Grey with Lahmian Medium and carefully apply a few thin coats onto the lighter side of the mirror (3). HEARTSHARD GLAIVES Basecoat the blade with Celestra Basecoat with Leadbelcher. apply an all-over wash of Druchii Greenshade. To shaded areas. apply ’Ardcoat across the entire area for a shiny finish (4). Finally. Stormhost Silver. mix together a half-and-half blend of Coelia Greenshade and Lahmian Medium and apply a small amount into the recesses around the edge of the mirror (2). and finish with an edge highlight edges and add some scratches with highlight of Stormhost Silverto the of White Scar. To finish. Layer with Evil avoiding the shaded tidy up the flat areas with Soulstone Blue thinned Sunz Scarlet. Highlight with Ulthuan the Blood God. and finish with more Retributor Armour. To begin. highlight the Violet. Stormhost Silver. avoiding the areas. building up the colour on one side so that you get a smooth transition from light to dark. To start. SISTERS OF SLAUGHTER MASKS TOP TIP A simple way to paint any gold areas on the masks is to basecoat them with Retributor Armour. and finish an edge highlight of Finally. God into the recesses. edges of the blade. Remember to keep the paint thin – it’s alwayseasier to build up the colour gradually than to correct errors if you apply too much at once. and Next. edge highlight with off with a highlight of Fire Stormhost Silver. Apply a thinned then shade the recesses with mask with Khorne Red. then apply a wash of Reikland Basecoat with Retributor Basecoat with Ironbreaker. . with Lahmian Medium. then apply a wash of Coelia apply a few thin coats of Blood for Next. Next. Next. lightly dapple this mix onto the mirror’s surface. Next. simply add a fine Grey.



On the followingpages you will find a set of allegianceabilities that Lore of Shadows:Morathi and her can be used for an army that has sorcerous followers wield the power the DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE of Ulgu in battle. unleashing shadow allegiance. unless specificallystated otherwise. additional command traits or artefacts of power in either of her forms. with her own of any other army. must either have the DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE keyword. The allegiance you choose will Morathi is the supreme leader of the – the battles they fight are unlike those apply for the duration of the battle. In all such KHAINE armies. or a massive war machine rules and abilities for DAUGHTERSOF OF KHAINE armies. BATTLEPLAN one allegiance. she cannot have any High Oracle wills it. The battleplan on even if you add new units to the personality and items of terrifying page 60 allows you to wage war as the army during the battle that have a power. a new battleplan. Theseinclude powerful allegiance must pick one The Daughters of Khaine have their NAMED CHARACTER own unique methods and tactics in war to apply to it during the game.In order to have the magic to beguile. any command traits or magical Command Traits: Each leader has artefacts can only be used to affect their own style of command. When you choose your army. magic spells and items. different allegiance. and warscrollsand battalions that describe the armies of Morathi in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES Battle Traits: An allied army fights MOUNTS From shadowy magic and blood. a powerful monster that incredible power. cases. . such as a fuelled prayers to esoteric artefacts of additional boons. See page attacks made by the hero. you can use the treasures are borne by the mightiest allegiance abilities that correspond champions of the Daughters of Khaine. See pages 52-53 for the artefacts your HEROEScan be gifted. See page 55 for the prayers available to PRIESTSfrom If an army could have more than your army. with unity and cohesion.all of the units in the army available to WIZARDS from your army. that they can stand upon. See page 50 for the battle steed. If you do so. See page 54 for the spells allegiance. to the allegiance you have chosen. you can also choose an allegiance for Artefacts of Power:These deadly it. and have no 51 for the command traits available to effect on attacks made by their mount ALLEGIANCE DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE generals.FORCES OF KHAINE On the following pages you will find exciting rules for your Daughters of Khaine army. As such. this section provides battle traits available to DAUGHTERS they can ride. Daughters of Khaine. befuddle and destroy DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE their victims. granting it Some heroes have a mount. or be Prayersof the Khainite Cult: Devoted assigned the DAUGHTERSOF followers of Khaine can beseech their KHAINE keyword during set-up. god for aid in battle.

and can include additional units in certain warscroll battalions. if you decide that your temple is known for its high numbers of Melusai. it benefits from a unique extra ability. your army. and each warscroll battalion would be considered a Kraith warscroll battalion. each unit would be considered a Kraith unit. and each maintaining their own war covens and temples. All DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE units and warscroll battalions in the army are then considered to be from that temple. then simply substitute the word ‘Khailebron’with the name of your own temple in the rules for Khailebron on page 59. as each sect strives to hold the greater part of their god’s favour. if you decided to organise your collection into an army of the Kraith. If you have created your own temple.PATH TO GLORY WARSCROLL WARSCROLLS On pages 62-65 you will find rules BATTALIONS Pages 76-87 describe the characteristics for playing a Path to Glory campaign Pages 70-75 describe formations made and abilities of the individual Daughters and warband tables to help you collect up of several units that combine their of Khaine models and units. If you do. . then you may wish to use the rules for Khailebron. has access to a bespoke command trait or artefact of power. The rules for four of the major temples are presented on the following pages. strengths to gain powerful new abilities. For example. All bow before Morathi. For example. THE TEMPLES OF KHAINE Thereare a number of different sects dedicated to Khaine. When you organise your collection to be an army from one of the four temples listed in this section. You can organise your collection of DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE miniatures as an army from one of the major temples of Khaine simply by painting it in the temple’s colours. but there are rivalries. This does not change their allegiance. each fixated on a different aspect of their patron. you can simply use the rules for the temple whose backstory most closelyresembles that of your own.

Blood Rites:As the Daughters of Khaine fight in battle they are led by 3 Zealot’s Rage:The faithful chant the seventeen secretnames of priestessesin holy rites of bloodletting. As they do As more and more sacrificesare so. This section describes the battle traits that a Daughters of Khaine army possesses. Khaine’s flock are imbued with shocking strength. the war covens of the Daughters of Khaine are fast and deadly. in the second battle round. Friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE 4 Slaughterer’s Strength:Having anointed their blades with the units gain an ability each battle round. you do not need to take battleshock tests for this unit. offered to Khaine. a 6+ the wound is negated. the model’s warscroll). BATTLE TRAITS BLOOD RITES TABLE A DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE army has Battle Round Ability the following battle traits: 1 Quickening Bloodlust: As battlelines are drawn. For example. Note that all abilities are cumulative. it alwayscounts as being Animated (see god’s power. as shown on the table to the right. these rituals grow in volume and potency and the faithful Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for this unit. Re-roll run rolls of 1 for this unit. the command traits that its general can have. re-roll rolls of 1 when a friendly 5+ Unquenchable Fervour:With due sacrificeoffered. . them that the Daughters of Khaine can seemingly ignore mortal injuries. the hearts of FanaticalFaith:Such is the power of Khaine’s followersthump harder and their strides grow longer their belief that their god will protect as they anticipate the battle to come. pain in an instant. foe’s blood. the faithful DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit runs are gripped by a vision of Khaine that banishes mortal fears and and also when it charges. Re-roll dice rolls of 1 when making charge rolls for this unit. In addition. Roll a dice each time a wound or 2 Headlong Fury:Reciting the catechism of crimson hate. the spirit of their murderous god is drawn to the battlefield. and the artefactsof power its heroes can be given. On their eagernessto begin the slaughter. Khaine as they vent their ragein a flurry of blades. the mortal wound is allocated to a friendly Daughters of Khaine ready their blades and rush forwards in DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE model.ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES Likea whirlwind of flashing blades. Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for this unit. if this unit is an are imbued with a mote of their AVATAR OF KHAINE. In addition. Re-roll save rolls of 1 for this unit.

with other. immediately generate a trait for them. D6 Command Trait 1 Bathed in Blood: This generalhas bathed in the 5 Mistress of Poisons: This generalhas intimate blood of the sacrificedbefore battle. If. 6 True Believer:This generaltruly believesthat 2 Zealous Orator:This generalis a skilled they have been chosen for greatness. . In addition. You can either pick the lifeblood of every foe. and is just as adept at offeringlives to Khaine on the battlefield. at the start of each of your hero Add 1 to the Damage characteristics of melee phases. Add 1 to hit rolls for this general’s weapons.COMMAND TRAITS If the general of a DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE army is a ‘Listensisters – our cauldron thirsts… Do not HERO. on the eve of the SolsticeSlaughter you must select a new general during a battle. similar abilities. for any reason. allocated to this general. rejuvenating knowledge of all poisons. This is cumulative characteristic instead of their own. they can have one of the following command traits stop the slaughter until we have felt the hot in addition to any others they have. 4 Terrifying Beauty:This generalis possessedof a supernatural beauty that both enchants and terrifiesher foes. Subtract 1 from the hit rolls of attacks that target this general.’ trait or roll a dice to randomly determine it. Increase this general’s Wounds characteristic by 1. and coats her blades herselfand granting her healing powers.a conceit from demagoguewhose fiery oratory and utter disdain which they nonethelessdraw great strength. for weakness inspires their followersto fight on in the face of impossibleodds. you can heal 1 wound that has been weapons wielded by this general.Krylla. . This general counts the current battle round number as being 1 higher than it actually is when Friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE units within determining what abilities they receive from the 14"of this general use this general’s Bravery Blood Rites battle trait (pg 50). Kill them. Kill them all. in an elixir that can kill a warrior with the merest scratch. 3 Bloody Sacrificer:This generalhas sacrificeda hundred victims upon the altars of her temple.

its wielder grows visibly younger the wearer of this baleful crown. A HERO cannot bear an artefact of power. to hit rolls made for that weapon. each time a hit roll of 7+ is made for that weapon. 6 Bloodbane Venom: A deathly poison coats the target suffers 1 mortal wound instead of the one of the wielder’sblades that causeseven the normal damage. restoring her vigour and murderlust. Add 1 Add 1 to save rolls for the bearer. If mortal wound that was inflicted by an enemy spell. or roll a dice to instead of any other artefact. 3 Amulet of Dark Fire:This amulet wreathes the wearer in flames that burn magic instead of flesh. characteristic. it is slain. Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. D6 Gift of Morathi 1 Crown of Woe: Forgedfrom the Cult of Khaine’s 4 Crone Blade:As a Crone Blade drinks deep of its first sacrificialaltar. and then pick PRIEST.ARTEFACTS OF POWER If a DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE army If the HERO is a WIZARD. If a model granting them powerful protection against spells. You can the Relicsof Khaine table (pg 53) either pick the artefact. which artefact the HERO has. In addition. the an enemy model is slain by an attack made with range of this ability is increased to 14"for the this weapon. Each time first time the bearer slays an enemy model. an aura of dread surrounds victims’ lifeblood. roll a dice after the Roll a dice each time the bearer is allocated a bearer has finished making all of their attacks. then one may bear an item from the Artefacts of include in your army. and if the HERO is a and an army may not include duplicates picking your general. allocated to the bearer. the Cursed Blade moves with a life of herselfhas bestowed this champion with blessings its own. Subtract 1 from their Bravery characteristic of enemy units that are within 7" of the bearer. before her enemies’very eyes. is allocated any wounds from attacks made using that weapon but is not slain. seekingout the enemy’s vital organs. you can heal 1 wound that has been remainder of the battle. 5 Thousand and One Dark Blessings: Morathi that-was. 2 Cursed Blade:An ancient weapon from the world. Declare Shadow table (pg 53) instead of any have more than one artefact of power. You may randomly determine it. they may bear an item from of the same artefact of power. The Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. of preservationwoven from the power of shadow. which HERO has the artefact after other artefact. the roll equals or exceeds that model’s Wounds On a 4+ that wound is negated. tiniest wound to bleed openly and profusely. they may artefact for each warscroll battalion you includes any HEROES. choose one additional HERO to have an GIFTS OF MORATHI Any DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE HERO can be given one of the following gifts of Morathi. Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. . exsanguinating the victim in seconds.

but woe betide them her indomitable faith would forever bolster the wearer’s. immediately attempt to cast either the Mystic Shield or Arcane Bolt spells as if it were your hero phase. this headband was 5 Khainite Pendant: Those who bear this pendant can call for quenched in the blood of a sacrificedSlaughter Queen so that Khaine’s blessingsas easily as breathing. D6 Artefact of Shadow 1 Shadow Stone: Crafted from a pieceof darkest realmstone in 4 Seven-fold Shadow:This wizard possessesa living shadow. re-roll rolls of 1 when seeing if The bearer can pray three times in your hero phase. the bearer suffers D3 mortal wounds.which is not only as hard as steel is made. On 2-5 the unit that slew them suffers D3 mortal wounds. envelop of shadow magic. 9" from any enemy models. them entirely and transport them through the shadow realm. in skilled hands. they can as if it were nothing. If they do so. ARTEFACTS OF SHADOW Any DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE HERO that is also a WIZARD can be given one of the following artefacts of shadow. Your The bearer’s Whisperclaw has a Rend characteristic of -2. happens. However. This is their move for that movement phase. you can remove them from the battlefield bearer attempts to cast a spell from the Lore of Shadows and set them up anywhere on the battlefield more than (pg 54). holy artefacts. it is said that Khaine’s bloody vengeancewill find those who harm the bearer of this rune. roll a dice. if they are ever found unworthy. In addition. D6 Relic of Khaine 1 Blood Sigil: This token is inscribed with a mysterious sigilof 4 Crimson Shard:Rumoured to have been forged from a sliver power and entrusted to only the highest-ranking members of of Khaine’s own sword. but. this unassuming item grants the bearer mastery one that moves on its own and can. the prayer is successful or not. during a day-long ceremony. this wizard’s heart to living crystal. instead of moving the bearer in your for the bearer. Great magic resides within the crystal. mortal wounds. but every time this power is used another The bearer knows one additional spell from the Lore of crack appears… Shadows (pg 54). Whenever the bearer prays. add 1 to the casting roll if the movement phase. On a 1. 2 Iron Circlet:During its forging. at a command. another age. entering When the bearer is slain. . this priestesshas ceremonially imbibed a draught of the rare and potent Hagbrew. 6 Shade Claw:Dipped in the Stygian depths of a gloom lake. roll a dice before the casting roll polished realmglass. 6 Hagbrew:Before the battle. On a 6 the unit that slew them suffers D6 Add 1 to wound rolls for the bearer’s melee weapons. The bearer knows one additional prayer from the Prayers of The bearer’s Blade of Khaine has a To Wound characteristic the Khainite Cult (pg 55). they suffer D3 mortal wounds 3 Rune of Khaine:Inscribed into the supplicant’s forehead instead of 1. RELICS OF KHAINE Any DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE PRIESTcan be given one of the following relics of Khaine. Re-roll dice rolls of 1 that are made as part of a casting roll Once per battle. 2 Rune of Ulgu: This wizard is marked with the ever-shifting rune of Ulgu. The bearer can attempt to cast a second spell in each of your 3 TheMirror Glaive:The blade of this glaive is crafted from hero phases. the first time a 1 is rolled when the bearer prays and they are found unworthy. this claw slips in and out of reality. can absorb and reflect the energy of enemy sorceries. opponent cannot attempt to unbind this spell if the casting roll is successful. of 2+. passingthrough armour Each time the bearer unbinds an enemy spell. On a 1 nothing a berserkertrance. this blade is amongst the cult’s most the Khainite Cult. granting them innate knowledge of the 5 Crystal Heart:Morathi’s jealousy was such that she turned shadowy magic that saturates that realm.

If successfully successfullycast. the caster can fly and has a Move that unit. . subtract 1 from the HERO is within 6" of any other unit. pick an enemy unit within 18" cast. cast. Until the start of your next hero successfullycast. Shroud of Despair has a casting value of 4. the together. Until the HEROESwithin 24"of the caster. Roll two dice and add the scores characteristic of ‘-’becomes -1). If is visible to them. a Rend is visible to them. the High Oracle of Khaine has taught her many disciples how to weavedeadly illusions and summon lethal darknessusing its power. 6 Shroud of Despair: Numbing darkness descends revealing a shadowpath between two distant allies upon the battlefield. 5 Mindrazor: The wizard summons spectralblades 2 Pit of Shades:The wizard opens a rift to the infamous into her allies’hands. 3 Mirror Dance: The wizard chants a spellof shifting. If Mirror Dance has a casting value of 4. If successfully cast. or roll a D6 on the table below to randomly determine it. So long as neither start of your next hero phase. pick two friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE of the caster that is visible to them. Since the Age of Myth. plummeting to a shadowy no- place filled with the incessant wailing of ‘thosewho Mindrazor has a casting value of 7. pick an enemy unit within 18"of the caster that unit’s melee weapons is improved by 1 (e. through the portal. smothering the foe’s will to fight. Each WIZARD in a DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE army knows one spell from the Lore of Shadows in addition to any others they know. characteristic of 16". Terrified warriors fall screaming by the wielder’sfaith as much as the victim’s fear. weapons whose edgesare honed Pit of Shades. pick an enemy unit within 18"of the caster that Steed of Shadows has a casting value of 5. You can either pick the spell. pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within 18"of the caster. In addition. If successfully dwell beyond’. The Withering has a casting value of 7. the Rend characteristic of that cast. D6 Spell 1 Steed of Shadows:A coal-blackcreature with wings 4 The Withering: The wizard plants overwhelmingly of night materialises from the darkness and swoops vivid images of frailty and doubt in her foe’s minds. If successfully next hero phase. who know more of the magic of Ulgu than does Morathi. acrossthe battlefield. set up within 3" of any enemy units). save perhapsMalerion. the two models Bravery characteristic of that unit. lower Bravery characteristic than they do. subtract D3 from that unit’s Bravery instead. LORE OF SHADOWS Thereare none. Until the start of your Pit of Shades has a casting value of 7. The enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound Damage characteristic of the unit’s melee weapons for each point by which the total exceeds their is increased by 1 while attacking a target that has a Move characteristic. that allows them to switch placesin a heartbeat.g. carrying the caster swiftly above the fray. add 1 to wound rolls for attacks that target hero phase. then until the start of your next phase. If the spell was can swap positions on the battlefield (neither can be successfullycast with a casting roll of 8 or more.

potent aura of protection that turns aside the enemy’s blows at the last moment. sealingtheir wounds in moments. Each PRIESTin a DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE army knows one A model that knows such a prayer can pray twice in your prayer from the six Prayers of the Khainite Cult in addition to hero phase instead of only once. Until the start of your next hero hero phase. regardless of how many priests know that prayer. On a 5 or 6 the attacking determining what abilities it receives from the Blood unit suffers 1 mortal wound after it has finished Rites battle trait (pg 50). Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within you do not need to take battleshock tests for that unit. the followers of Khaine can summon power from a source beyond. however. rivulets of vengeanceand spite. This is cumulative with making all of its attacks. Until the start of your next hero phase. re-roll failed Fanatical Faith rolls (pg 50) for that unit. hero phases. such potent forces are channelled through a common source – Morathi’sMáthcoir. beseechingKhaine to give those blood running down their enraptured facesas they faithful who are struck down the strength to deliver are saturated with the power of their deity. Unbeknownst to them. become slick with the enemy’s lifeblood. each time a model from that unit is slain in the number as being 1 higher than it actually is when combat phase. You can either pick the prayer. You can heal up to D3 wounds that have phase. Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within within 14"of the priest. or roll a the Khainite Cult can only be prayed for once in each of your D6 on the table below to randomly determine it. roll a dice. but before modifiers are applied) for that unit in the combat phase. Until the start of your next hero her forms). in either of 14"of the priest. Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within 14"of the priest. one final blow. been allocated to a model from that unit. other. PRAYERS OF THE KHAINITE CULT Throughblood. D6 Prayer 1 Catechism of Murder:Khaine’s followersenter a 4 Crimson Rejuvenation:A copperytang fills the air killing frenzy that knows no bounds. . 5 Covenant of the Iron Heart:The hearts of the Murder God’s followersbecome as cold and hard as 2 Blessing of Khaine:Screaming her sisters’devotion iron. However. Until the start of your next 14"of the priest. the priestesschannels their faith into a them with a chilling contempt for weakness. 6 Sacrament of Blood: The dreaded rune of Khaine spontaneously manifests on the brows of the faithful 3 Martyr’s Sacrifice:The priestessshrieks an oath of as if carved there by some ghostly knife. Until the start of your next hero phase. 14"of the priest. lashing out in as a bloody mist with restorative powerssurrounds a slicingstorm of razored steel that seesthe ground Khaine’s chosen. the mother of all cauldrons. Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within Pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within 14"of the priest (you cannot pick Morathi. that attack inflicts 2 hits instead of 1. invocation. similar abilities. crushing their fears and doubts and replacing to the skies. violence and gruesome rites. the same Prayer of any others they know. that unit counts the current battle round phase. each time you make a hit roll of 6 (after re-rolls.

The first temple of Khaine – the Helleheart – was built in the centre of what was to become the sprawling city of Hagg Nar. . include 1 Avatar of Khaine (pg 79) or an additional CAULDRONOF BLOOD. you can re-roll all failed hit rolls for the unit instead of only re-rolling hit rolls of 1. None can equal the mastery those of Hagg Nar display at the blood rites – the rituals taught to all Daughters of Khaine by the High Oracle herself. and in many ways this accusation appears to hold some truth. allowing WARSCROLL BATTALIONS them to stride with a righteous purpose in battle. and the Chosen of Khaine. a place where any aelf dedicated to the Murder God must one day pilgrimage. It is said by other. of Hagg Nar who are shown deference and befitting of their lofty status as the First Temple. having built temples throughout Ulgu and established shrines in the newly established cities of Order. which instil them with the terrible strength of their bloodthirsty deity. jealous sects that the covenite sisters of Hagg Nar receive the greater portion of Morathi’s blessings. Devoted Disciples: This general’sbelief is of such strength that they inspire fanatical devotion in their warriors. ABILITIES COMMAND TRAIT Daughters of the First Temple: Whilst a Hagg Nar unit is A Hagg Nar general must have this command trait instead of benefitting from the Zealot’s Rage ability from the Blood Rites one of those listed on page 51: battle trait (pg 50). it is the representatives and usually bear a large amount of gold ornamentation. within the sect dye streaks into their hair with blood. It remains the capital of all Khainites. The Khainite sisters of Hag Narr wear red lacquered armour and at the Caillich Covens. It is said that they possess secret knowledge of the incantations which will best court Khaine’s favour. Whenever you make a Fanatical Faith roll (pg 50) for a friendly Hagg Nar unit within 7" of this general. The Hagg Nar sect has spread out of the Umbral Veil.HAGG NAR They are the Daughters of the First Temple. the Keepers of the Máthcoir. Hagg Nar is where Morathi first established herself in Ulgu. and where she rediscovered her faith and pledged herself anew to Khaine. heedlessof A Hagg Nar Cauldron Guard battalion (pg 71) can also pain or injury. Many preferential treatment. the wound is negated on a 5+ instead of a 6+.

these are the most commonly seen of all the Daughters of Khaine. QUEENS. but through perfectly honed combat skills. the sharp tip of the blade leavesa gleaming red trail in the air. Each strives to achieve rapture through reaching the pinnacle of martial prowess. wear. the Draichi Ganeth practise Krish’lar– the wearing of the foe’sblood. combat displays. and they revel in the attention brought by their ritual The warriors of Draichi Ganeth do not colour their armour. ABILITIES ARTEFACT OF POWER Bladed Killers:Add 1 to hit rolls for Draichi Ganeth units in If your army includes any Draichi Ganeth SLAUGHTER the combat phase if they charged in the same turn. There are temples dedicated to this cult across each of the Mortal Realms. brass or gold. Before battle they perform extravagant rites such as the Colmthart – the Dance of Scars – or the Thair’nik– the Crimson Mark.DRAICHI GANETH Bold and ostentatious. including a shrine in all of the major cities established during the Age of Sigmar. yet such shows cannot match their preferring instead to wear plates of bare steel trimmed with exultation in delivering the final blow to any that silver. They seek victory not through cunning or manoeuvre. These. This SLAUGHTERQUEEN’SDeathsword has an Attacks characteristic of 4. are often stained crimson with gore by battle’s end. These rituals exhibit the bladecraft of the she-aelves and foreshadow the manner in which they will defeat their foe. The first temple dedicated to the Draichi Ganeth can be found in the northern barrens of Fuarthorn in Ulgu. but they have spread further than any other sect. those of Draichi Ganeth – or the Executioner’s Cult – believe that Khaine is best honoured through the killing blow. one must have the following artefact of power instead of one chosen from pages 52-53: WARSCROLL BATTALIONS A Draichi Ganeth Slaughter Troupe battalion (pg 72) can also TheDarksword:This black sword glistenswith magic and include up to 2 units of Witch Aelves. Once the enemy is vanquished in honourable combat. To the forces of Order. constantly drips with fresh blood. along with the scant fabric they stand in their way. When it is wielded in battle. .

just before this HERO is chosen to fight in the any number of Slaughter Queens (pg 78). but if it hits. When she does so. combat phase. the target suffers D6 mortal wounds instead of the normal damage. Many Kraith stain their forearms with gore. Their metal accoutrements usually bear red-gold blades with the deadly venom of Nagendra. Kraith war covens wander the Mortal Realms in an endless pilgrimage in the name of the Murder God that takes them to the temples and shrines of the other sects. The Kraith do not have their own temples or shrines. There. which contrasts with the cold green sheen of their many Hag and Slaughter Queens have adopted. choose one of her melee weapons (but not a weapon used by a mount). finding their controlled moderation to be weakness in another guise. It can also include Once per battle. not daub it on daintily. That weapon’s Attacks characteristic is 1 for the remainder of the phase. a Slaughter Queen who is feared by foes and Crimson or burgundy garments are the visual hallmarks of allies alike. A Kraith Cauldron Guard battalion (pg 71) can include any number of additional Hag Queens (pg 78). it is the killing itself that matters. causing her victim’s blood to WARSCROLL BATTALIONS boil in their veins. to eliminate marauding orruk tribes or to fight in gladitoriums. The most famous of the Kraith is Krylla. Instead. she can use the Venom of Nagendra. possess the militaristic restraint of the Draichi Ganeth. They do not. the dreaded Crimson Cult. ABILITIES ARTEFACT OF POWER Disciples of Slaughter:Roll a dice after a Kraith unit has One Kraith HERO must have the following artefact of power fought in the combat phase if there are any enemy units within instead of one chosen from pages 52-53: 3" of it. killing them in an explosiveinstant. as they believe the true temple of Khaine is the battlefield. It was she that perfected the art of coating the Kraith. On a 6. . Those dedicated to the Kraith sect sneer upon the Executioner’s Cult. Venom of Nagendra:A singledrop of this potent venom anoints this Daughter’sblade. you can pile in and attack with that unit for a second time. for it is their belief that the Daughters of Khaine were meant to bathe in blood. A kill need not be artistic or honourable. and their ‘bloodlessrituals’ never remain so for long.THE KRAITH No other sect is as dedicated to slaughter as the Kraith. armaments. they offer their services to clear lands of monsters. however. a rite trim.

or thinks they see. you can pick a friendly Khailebron unit within 7" of this general. If that unit is more than 3" from any enemy models. the leather and cloth worn by Khailebron. cloying clouds of mist. and its location is itself a carefully guarded secret. concealingthe true position of her followersand guiding 2 additional MELUSAIunits. of one of those listed on page 51: WARSCROLL BATTALIONS Mistress of Illusion: This generalis an illusionist of supreme A Khailebron Temple Nest battalion (pg 73) can include up to skill. No matter what the foe sees. dulled to minimise any tell-tale glint. The slithering presence of the serpent-bodied Melusai is alwaysfelt amongst the Blending in with the shadows. If allies or even rebellious factions of Khainites cause Morathi problems. The unit cannot move in your next movement phase. although illusionary spells might mask the Khailebron is dyed dark blue or purple. and cities of Order. but in reality are on secret missions assigned to them by the High Oracle. There is but one temple dedicated to their cause. remove it from the battlefield and then set it up anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from any enemy models. Their armour is their true visage when the war covens arrive in the brass or bronze. and their war covens alwaysmarch under cover of thick. the warriors of Khailebron still manage to emerge from unexpected quarters. The Great Sorceress herself has taught the Khailebron shadow magics. ABILITIES COMMAND TRAIT Concealment and Stealth:Subtract 1 from hit rolls that A Khailebron general must have this command trait instead target Khailebron units in the shooting phase. which is fitting. she turns to the Khailebron. the Khailebron are a nomadic sect who travel between the temples of the other sects. At the start of your hero phase. as they are a sect that worships Khaine’s aspect as the assassin or unseen killer. By and large. them through shadow paths with consummate ease.KHAILEBRON The ways of the Khailebron are secretive. striking quickly and with great surprise. They act as a troupe of blade dancers. . known only to those already sworn to their clandestine creed. their skin is often tattooed with jagged black designs.

and feel Khaine’s strength become your own! Daughters of Khaine Player’s Battlefield Edge . and the other commands an army of adversaries. BATTLEPLAN THE ALTAR OF WAR ADVERSARY’S FIRST TURN HOW TO USE OBJECTIVES The Daughters of Khaine player BATTLEPLANS A zealous mob approaches. but you Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet. Keep count of how many enemy BATTLEPLAN: THE ALTAR OF battle should be fought using all units were slain in each battle round. WAR Age of Sigmar rules sheet unless The battlefield represents an ancient site more adversary units were slain specificallyindicated otherwise. but should their own warriors be Adversary’s Battlefield Edge martyred in great numbers their faith may falter. each Khaine’s Displeasure during the next take to war they offer the lifeblood player takes it in turns to set up a unit battle round (see opposite). March forth and slay the unworthy without mercy. This called god has abandoned them. THE ARMIES One player commands an army of DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. at the end of a battle round. DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE PLAYER’S OBJECTIVES The Murder God requires a copious offering of freshly spilled gore if the blood rites are to be fulfilledand his followers are to receive his blessing. the The battleplan includes a map consecrated with the blood of the slain. the adversary player earns 1 blood offering point instead and the SET-UP Daughters of Khaine army suffers When the Daughters of Khaine Starting with the adversary. THE BATTLEFIELD of the rules on the Warhammer If. number of units were slain from each their foes are slain they draw great side during that battle round. No blood of their enemies as a sacrificeupon anywhere wholly within their own offering points are earned if an equal the altar of the battlefield itself. at the end of 6 feet by 4 feet in size. the battle round. fight a battle that epitomises the of their deity. more Daughters of can use a smaller or larger area if or use the example scenery shown Khaine units were slain than adversary you wish. strength from their belief in Khaine. and they will realise that their so. intent on chooses which player has the first turn This battleplan enables you to sacrificing your warriors in the name in the first battle round. Stand firm and slay them zealous and bloody fighting style first. As territory as shown on the map. on the map. Daughters of Khaine player earns 1 reflecting the landscape on which blood offering point and their army has the battle should be fought. If. THE BLOOD OFFERING of the Daughters of Khaine. that Khaine’s followers deem should be than Daughters of Khaine units. the Players can choose to set up Khaine’s Favour during the next battle map shows a battlefield that is any scenery as described on the round (see opposite). units.

Let units count the current battle round battle trait (pg 50). the battle ends and their opponent wins a major victory.’ models on the battlefield at the end . The player that has earned the empowered. This is on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Khaine himself looks down from cumulative with other. friendly DAUGHTERSOF friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE KHAINE units lose their Fanatical Faith ‘Hackthem. for most blood offering points by the end supremacy of their god reachesnew how elsecould their foe best them? Their of the fifth battle round wins a major heights as their foes’blood saturates faith is sorely shaken. their actually is when determining what VICTORY blood shall fill our cauldron. similar abilities. Any other result is a draw. and their belief in the have been abandoned by their god. Whilst your army suffers Khaine’s Whilst your army has Khaine’s Favour. victory. Displeasure. Slay them.Slaughter Queen Dhuzhar of a battle round. rules sheet. none escape. . for their hearts number as being 1 higher than it shall burn upon our altars. Instead. BATTLEPLAN KHAINE’S FAVOUR KHAINE’S DISPLEASURE Otherwise the battle lasts for fivebattle The Daughters of Khaine feel The Daughters of Khaine feel that they rounds. if a player has no his iron throne. the battlefield. abilities they receive from the Blood Do not use any of the victory conditions Let our tribute be so great that Rites battle trait (pg 50).

your champion a suitably grand champion or unit can start the Path name. Next. choose your warband’s consists of a mighty champion battling champion by selecting one of the 5. do not select your army in followers on your warband roster. you can place created. simply follow use.These can be chosen least one HERO. but they can be affirmed for all time. warband and the rewards they can After gaining enough favour or receive for fighting battles. Each allegiance has its To make a followers roll. of their champion’s patron. selecting all of your followers The players fight battles against each these steps and record the results on from a single table or from several. the campaign. Chaos warband other warbands from the Grand followers can only be given the mark CREATING A WARBAND Alliances of ORDER. more than one followers table you during the campaign. warband tables to let you collect on their warband will swellin numbers as more warband. All players will need to have at warband need to be recorded followers. and you will be Age of Sigmar publications include otherwise take any options listed crowned as the victor of the campaign. on a warband roster.If your allegiance has follow and fight beside their champion games-workshop. Record When creating a Path to Glory DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Give start with a Follower’sReward. who is their champion. The results of these battles your destiny in the hands of fate and will gain their warband favour. Succeed. The follower table tells dominate all others through sheer battletome let you collect a warband you how many models the unit weight of numbers.but other Warhammer additional models. Having picked your champion. which you from the followers tables for your and must then create a warband to can download for free from allegiance.As you champion table. . one reward each. Instead of generating a unit of to earn the favour of the gods. No units will become grizzled veterans. The 1. and existing of followers in your warband. First. you will need two or more The details and progress of each next step is to generate your starting players. and their options from your allegiance’s followers. or one of your units can own warband will grow. Champions fight each other and gather followers to join them in their quest for glory. your choose will determine the number Reward. you will be granted with the DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE has. pick a warriors flock to their banner. and your glory will allegiance. Your followers need to be organised growing your warband enough to warband tables included in this into units.your champion can start entire band of loyal followers. other using the warbands they have your warband roster: Instead of choosing. the normal manner. your army 2. used to generate the units in the tables and then roll a dice. and write this down on your to Glory campaign with more than warband roster. while own set of warband tables that are column from one of the followers existing troops become more powerful. CHAOS. Follower units cannot include a final test. Instead. The champion you the campaign with a Champion’s wage war against other warbands. can freely choose which ones you To create a warband. taking advantageof this age of unending battle to win glory and renown. pick an allegiance for your roll on the followers tables instead. In order to take part in a Path to Glory WARBAND ROSTER 3. all of the information about your warband.PATH TO GLORY CAMPAIGNS Path to Glory campaigns centre around collecting and fighting battles with a warbandin the Age of Sigmar. The 4.

6. Finally, give your warband a name, Warbands receive Glory Points after a 2 Champion’s Reward:Your
one that will inspire respect and battle is complete. If the warband drew champion’s prowess grows. Roll on
dread in your rivals. Your warband is or lost the battle, it receives 1 Glory your allegiance’schampion rewards
now complete, and you can fight your Point. If it won the battle, it receives D3 table. Note the result on your
first battle. Good luck! Glory Points (re-roll a result of 1 on the warband roster. If you roll a result the
D3 if you won a major victory). champion has already received, roll
TO WAR! again until you get a different result.
Having created a warband, you can Add the Glory Points you scored to
now fight battles with it against other the total recorded on your roster. Once 3 Follower’s Reward:Your warriors
warbands taking part in the campaign. you have won 10 Glory Points, you will become renowned for mighty deeds.
You can fight battles as and when you have a chance to win the campaign, as Pick a unit of followers (not one
wish, and can use any of the battleplans described below. from an allied warband table), then
available for Warhammer Age of roll on your allegiance’sfollowers
Sigmar. There are some battleplans, for REWARDS OF BATTLE rewards table. Note the result on your
example in the General’sHandbook, Each allegiance has its own set of warband roster. If you roll a result the
that have been designed specificallyfor rewards tables. After each battle you unit has already received, roll again
use in Path to Glory campaigns. can take one of the three following until you get a different result.
options. Alternatively, roll a dice to
The units you use for a game must be determine which option to take (1-2 = ETERNAL GLORY
those on your roster. Units can either Additional Followers, 3-4 = Champion’s There are two ways to win a Path to
be fielded at their full roster strength, Reward, 5-6 = Follower’sReward). Glory campaign; either by Blood or by
or broken down into smaller units, Might. To win by Blood your warband
as long as no unit is smaller than the 1 Additional Followers:More must first have 10 Glory Points. To win
minimum size shown on its warscroll. followers flock to your banner. by Might your warband must have at
Either select a new unit or roll for a least 5 additional units of followers.In
Any casualties suffered by a warband random one from a follower table, either case, you must then fight and win
are assumed to have been replaced then add it to your warband roster. one more battle to win the campaign. If
in time for its next battle. If your You can choose from any of your the next battle you fight is tied or lost,
champion is slain in a battle, it is own follower tables, or from any of you do not receive any Glory Points –
assumed that they were merely injured, the follower tables from an allied just keep on fighting battles until you
and they are back to full strength for warband table i.e. a warband table either win the campaign… or another
your next game, thirsty for vengeance! whose allegiance is from the same player wins first!
Grand Alliance as your own. In either
GAINING GLORY case, if you wish to add a unit from You can shorten or lengthen a
All of the players in the campaign are a follower table that requires more campaign by lowering or raising the
vying for glory. The amount of glory than ‘1roll’,you must also reduce number of Glory Points needed to win
they have received is represented by your Glory Points total by 1 (if you by Blood, or the numbers of extra units
the Glory Points that the warband has do not have enough Glory Points, that must join it to win by Might. For
accumulated. Glory can be increased you cannot choose a unit from such example, for a shorter campaign, you
by fighting and winning battles, as a table). Once 5 new units have could say that a warband only needs 5
described next. As a warband’s glory joined your warband, you will have Glory Points before the final fight, or
increases, it will also attract additional a chance to win the campaign, as for a longer one, say that 15 are needed.
followers,and a warband’s champion described below.
may be granted rewards.

Use the following tables to determine the champion that leads your warband,the followers that make
up the units which fight at their side, and the rewardsthey can receive after battle.

(uses 2 rolls, or 1 roll and 1 Glory Point)

SlaughterQueen on Cauldron of Blood 2 units
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood 2 units 1-2 5 Doomfire Warlocks
3 1 Avatar of Khaine
BloodwrackShrine 3 units
4 1 BloodwrackShrine
BloodwrackMedusa 4 units
5 1 Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
SlaughterQueen 4 units
6 1 SlaughterQueen on Cauldron of Blood
Hag Queen 5 units


1 10 Witch Aelves 1-2 1 Hag Queen
2 10 Sisters of Slaughter 3-4 1 SlaughterQueen
3 5 Khinerai Heartrenders 5-6 1 BloodwrackMedusa
4 5 Khinerai Lifetakers
5 5 Blood Sisters
6 5 Blood Stalkers

As your warband progresses along the Path to Glory, favoured units will become renowned across the Mortal Realms.

D6 Reward
1 Evasive:Re-roll hit rolls of 6 against this unit. 5 Khaine’s Devotees: When determining what abilities
this unit receives from the Blood Rites battle trait
2 Zealots:This unit never has to take battleshock tests. (pg 50), it counts the battle round number as being
1 higher than it actually is. This is cumulative with
3 Fleet of Foot: Whenever this unit runs, it can move other, similar effects.
up to an extra 6" (you do not have to roll).
6 Blood Fury:You can re-roll charge rolls for this unit.
4 Inured to Pain: Re-roll save rolls of 1 for this unit.

As your champion progresses along the Path to Glory, they may be gifted with great rewards – or suffer an
altogether more tragic fate…

2D6 Result
2 Morathi’s Jealousy:Your champion’s rising glory has 6 Poisoned Weapon: Pick one weapon used by the
stoked Morathi’s jealousy. Should she ever fail in her champion (it cannot be a weapon used by their
appointed task, eternal servitude will be her fate. If mount if they have one). Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks
the champion is ever slain, you lose D3 Glory Points made with this weapon.
(to a minimum of 0), and must remove all rewards
your champion has gained from this table so far from 7 Forever Youthful: Add 1 to your champion’s
your warband roster. If your warband has another Wounds characteristic.
HERO, that model now becomes your champion (if
you do not have any HEROES, immediately generate 8 Bloodthirsty Demagogue: Add 1 to the Bravery
one from the hero follower table to become your new characteristic of your champion and units from your
champion). Write down your new champion’s name warband that are within 8" of them.
on your warband roster ready for the next battle.
9 Blessed by Morathi:If your champion is a WIZARD,
3 Loss of Faith:Your champion is sometimes cursed add 1 to casting rolls made for them. If your champion
with despair and a loss of faith, which occasionally is a PRIEST, add 1 to the dice roll when they pray to
manifests as a seething rage. Roll a dice for the see whether the prayer is successfulor not.
champion in each of your hero phases. On a 1,
until your next hero phase, re-roll hit and wound 10 Eager to Sacrifice:Add 1 to run or charge rolls for
rolls of 6 for your champion. On a 4+, until your your champion. Add 3 instead if there are any enemy
next hero phase, re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 for HEROESwithin 12"of your champion.
your champion.
11 Perfervid Belief: Re-roll failed Fanatical Faith rolls
4 War Cry:Once per battle, in your hero phase, your (pg 50) for your champion.
champion can loose a war cry. If they do so, add 1 to
hit rolls for your champion and all units from their 12 High Priestess:Whilst your champion is on the
warband for the rest of the turn. battlefield, count the battle round number as being
1 higher than it actually is when determining what
5 Decapitating Strike:When your champion is chosen abilities the units in your warband receive from the
to fight in the combat phase, instead of making any Blood Rites battle trait (pg 50). This is cumulative
attacks, they can attempt a decapitating strike after with other, similar effects.
piling in. If they do so, select a single model within
1" and roll a dice. If the roll exceeds that model’s
Wounds characteristic, it is slain.

However. but transform her too late Morathi as the High Oracle of Khaine handedly butchering her way through and she might have suffered a lot of is an excellent general. in this than 3 wounds a turn. Both Queen aspect. Her Sorceress Supreme to transfix an opponent with her deadly inflicted before her transformation is ability doubles the range of her spells. it is into a different aspect – the Shadow the battle. Morathi’s ability to and this makes for a very important aspects of Morathi have their strengths command and her magical capabilities decision. are greatly diminished. any damage unrivalled skill. she can and you miss out on all her wizardly fly across the battlefield before single. safe damage. prowess. Here we give some insights on how to use Morathi. making her very Khaine means she can never lose more form Morathi is a wizard of almost tough indeed. She also gains the ability than 3 wounds a turn. . Furthermore. she can suffer no more Remember that while the Iron Heart of for the turn.DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE TACTICS Once you have fought a few battles with your Daughters of Khaine. doubles up to two units’ damage output Heart of Khaine. gaze. and so might not be fighting at Through Bloodshed command ability in the knowledge that. Queen – during your battle. and highlight severalpowerful combinations availableto the different Khainite temples. in her Shadow more likely to occur when you decide. you will no doubt be eager to employ some more advancedtactics on the tabletop. Transform her too soon and weaknesses. Her Worship the toughest opponents in combat. doubled upon her metamorphosis. potentially slaying them outright. Morathi is unique in Warhammer Age meaning she can hurl arcane bolts Whilst Morathi’s transformation can of Sigmar in that she can transform across the battlefield from the start of happen when she suffers wounds. due to the Iron her full potential as the Shadow Queen. Instead.

. make sure does suffer. Mirror Dance is artefact for this general too. Remember that the First Daughter of Khaine ability that much Khaine much-needed protection. as it is able to transport your general tough model even more resilient. The reason Martyr’s Sacrificeon the unit then your so long as you target units with a lower this tactic works so well with the Kraith opponent has a dilemma: even if they do Bravery characteristic. In the next turn. the Iron Circlet or Avatars of Khaine. That way you exceptional Hagg Nar general. If you the same turn (besides. then you get to the Witch Aelveswill inflict significant Zealous Orator command trait and/or an fight with your boosted unit all over again.HAGG NAR: CAULDRONS OF BLOOD A CAULDRONOF BLOOD makes for an Khainite Pendant will ensure your prayers PRIESTSto awaken them). then for her Worship Through Bloodshed ability. use a Khailebron WIZARD Bloodwrack Shrine’s Aura of Agony – Khailebron’s Concealment and Stealth to cast the Withering on your victims and which they would otherwise be trying hard ability will help to keep them alive whilst watch that bow fire reap a bloody tally. ensure your units get the benefit of their trait grants your fragile Daughters of such as a Hag Queen. this unit of Witch Aelveswill decimate the enemy. up with a PRIESTto use Sacrament of to eliminate the threat they pose your especiallyon turns 1 and 2. or a to destroy it before it rampages through that the Witch Aelvescan make maximises WIZARD casting Shroud of Despair. If you happen to have Morathi in they slay the enemy from afar. then their lines. Blood Stalkers are good targets more out of their shooting. KHAILEBRON: BLOOD STALKERS Whilst deadly at range. acting as a are answered. The high number of attacks HERO bearing the Crown of Woe. To get even If Khailebron Blood Stalkers are taken your army. They can then use her Dance of Doom prayer to they will have gained from the Blood Rites should alwaysbe accompanied by a Draichi make up to 8 attacks dealing D3 damage battle trait. making a attempted by more than one PRIESTin great. yet to transform into the Shadow Queen. The combination of its Bloodshield attacks to the fray. damage in return. able to scythe through foot so that she can keep pace with them. there’s still a good chance that unit alongside a Kraith general with the after attacking you roll a 6. preferably one on each. with her Deathsword. so can be WIZARDS in your army. battle round because of the extra benefit mortal wounds on dice rolls of 3+. They will now perform ability allowing you to add 1 to hit rolls mortal wounds from each model. their Bladed Killers Sisters inflict 2 hits – that’s potentially 2 a second unit. Otherwise. DRAICHI GANETH: BLOOD SISTERS Draichi Ganeth Blood Sisters are very good Ganeth Slaughter Queen. Consider Wrath of Khaine prayer is not one of the quicker. to avoid. use her Orgy of shock-assault units. you will need several protect and boost your troops. and Sacrament of Blood to ability and the Devoted Disciples command you also have another PRIESTor two. especiallywhen used will certainly be braver than any Battleline become a priority target for your opponent alongside a Kraith WIZARD who casts unit they face. Blood Stalkers the Blood Rites table as soon as possible. The even better than they did in the previous for them. and the Avatar of Khaine can also use the Crimson Rejuvenation lynchpin and force-multiplier for the entire atop the cauldron can awaken and add its prayer to mitigate any wounds your general army. hopefully freeing foes using their crystal touch. meaning that they can inflict Slaughter Queen. when they are Blood in order to access the Zealot’s Rage opponent will need to close the distance unlikely to be in combat and Morathi has or Slaughterer’sStrength abilities from to negate their Concealment and Stealth. if you have several to wherever they are needed the most to have other battalions. Slaughter ability on the Blood Sisters to lesser infantry with ease and slay tough The Catechism of Murder prayer means allow them to fight again. at which point they are forced into your are vulnerable to any return fire. even elite units need to beware. Using such a is their Disciples of Slaughter ability. Finally. If combined with a second – they will do everything in their power Mindrazor. if you have any Hagg Nar the Thousand and One Dark Blessings six Prayers of the Khainite cult. THE KRAITH: WITCH AELVES Severalunits of Kraith Witch Aelvescan AVATAR OF KHAINE will mean they However. but the Alternatively. They are that any hit rolls of 6 made for the Blood them up so that they can move and charge lethal on the charge. if attack first. If a Kraith PRIESTcan use the the damage potential of this combination. team them as part of a Temple Nest battalion.

or you can In addition.WARSCROLLS Thewarriorsand creatures that battle in the Mortal Realms are incredibly diverse. warscroll. However. everymodel has a warscrollthat lists the characteristics. Alternatively. Every Citadel Miniature in the to additional abilities that can be used from a single set of battalion abilities.its units can be included background for it and how it fights. you can organise the set up all of the units individually. Doing so will give you access one battalion. and of the information needed to use that When you are setting up. you can in this case it is possible for a unit model in a game of Warhammer Age set up all of the units in a warscroll to benefit from the abilities of two of Sigmar. The abilities listed for a warscroll battalion only apply to the units that make it up (even if there are other units of the same type in your army). along with a unit. a unit can only belong to battalion. Title: The name of the warscroll 4. its units that make up the warscroll units only benefit from that army’s battalion and any restrictions that allegiance abilities if they have may apply to the models that you can the appropriate keyword on their include. includes one or more abilities that some or all of the units from the battalion can use. Abilities: Every warscroll battalion have on their warscrolls. battalion. More information about battalion instead of setting up a single different battalions at the same time. units in your army into a special type of formation by using a warscroll Usually. These abilities are in addition to the abilities listed on the units’ warscrolls. and so can only benefit 1. Warhammer range has its own by the units in the battalion. smaller battalions. units individually later on. Organisation: This section lists the on their warscroll. . and to represent this. some very large battalions warscroll. A battalion can still be part of any allegiance that all its units 3. you can set up number of hints and tips for their use. and set up any remaining find on a warscroll battalion. However. Allegiance: If a battalion has an battalion and a short overview of the allegiance. which provides you with all include other. in an army that has that allegiance even if they do not have that keyword 2.weapons and abilities that apply to it. some of the units from a warscroll The key below explains what you will can be found on the page opposite. what a warscroll contains.

you what weapons the model can be armed with. usually. such weapons being used in the attack. you can decide in which Weapons: Some models can be armed rolled is the Move characteristic for all order they are used. the weapons make. the model attacks with these weapons. Look up model is fielded as part of a unit. Characteristics: This set of game rules. weapon (except Damage) each time it ‘-’. or Roll once and apply the result to all even if modifiers apply). For Damage.This means that they automatically For example.Modifiers:Many warscrolls include Generate any random values for a Saveof ‘-’:Some models have a Saveof modifiers that can affect characteristics. Abilities: Abilities are things that the warscroll describes. the model can do during a game that are not covered by the standard 2. When the models in the unit for the duration of carry out abilities at the same time. the Move characteristic of a model. you can still field it with as many as you have available). If the model’s characteristics. powerful and brave the model is. Sometimes a rule will say that it only applies to models that 3. It will also have a damage table that is used tell you if the model is fielded on to determine one or more of the its own. and what upgrades 6. or as part of a unit. . For Random Values: Sometimes. whereas the Attacks By the same token. the end of the phase are carried out Minimum Range:Some weapons have after all normal activities for the phase a minimum range. The total of the dice same time. example. added together). abilities used at characteristic of a weapon might be D6. The result applies for the rest of that Keywords:Keywords are sometimes phase. a rule might add 1 to is chosen as the weapon for an attack. Title: The name of the model that 4. 5. characteristics tells you how fast. keywords. fail all save rolls (do not make the roll. Keywords: All models have a list of and how effectiveits weapons are. 1.This warscroll will have random values. the model gets an additional ability instead. For example 6"-48". the Move characteristic for are used at the start of a phase must be that have the MELUSAIkeyword on a model might be 2D6 (two dice rolls carried out before any other actions. their warscroll. do that phase. a rule might say that it Move or weapon characteristics on a applies to ‘all MELUSAImodels’. When a unit with a random Move are complete. player whose turn is taking place uses not double the number of attacks that their abilities first. The weapon cannot shoot at an enemy characteristic is selected to move in unit that is within the minimum range. Description: The description tells have a specifickeyword. Damage Table: Some models (if any) it can be given. generate a value for linked to (or tagged) by a rule. roll the indicated If you can use several abilities at the number of dice. Modifiers are cumulative. If both players can with two identical weapons. (if you don’t have enough models to field a unit. subtract 1 from the result of a hit roll. For When to Use Abilities: Abilities that means that it would apply to models example. the each weapon that inflicts damage. the movement phase. the number of wounds the model then the description will say how has suffered to find the value of the many models the unit should have characteristic in question.

ORGANISATION ABILITIES The War Coven of Morathi Blood Rituals:If your army has the DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE allegiance. High Oracle of Khaine Command Trait or the Sacrament of Blood prayer). This is cumulative with other. she marches to battle at the fore of her own war coven.g.units consists of the following units and in this battalion count the current battle round number as being 1 higher than it warscroll battalions: actually is when determining what abilities they receive from the Blood Rites battle trait (pg 50). eager to smite down any that defy her will. similar abilities (e. • 1 Cauldron Guard • 1 Slaughter Troupe Devout Followers:Do not take a battleshock test for War Coven of Morathi units • 1 Temple Nest that are within 18"of Morathi (in either of her forms) when the test is taken. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE WAR COVEN OF MORATHI No longer does Morathi attempt to rule through whispers and manipulation alone. Those who dare oppose the Daughters of Khaine find they must pay a steep price in their own blood. the True Believer • Morathi. • 1 Shadow Patrol . Instead.

ORGANISATION ABILITIES A Cauldron Guard consists of the Frenzied Devotees: Add 1 to run and charge rolls made for units from following units: this battalion. a gory path along which the sect’s most powerful icon may be delivered straight into the heart of battle. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE CAULDRON GUARD Raised to a state of frenzied devotion by the witchbrewsof their Hag Queen. • 1 HAG QUEEN • 2 units of Witch Aelves • 2 units of Khinerai Lifetakers . the Cauldron Guard rush forwardsto carvea gaping wound in the enemy’s ranks.

the skills of the Slaughter Troupe are razor-sharp. • 1 SLAUGHTERQUEEN • 2 units of Sisters of Slaughter • 2 units of Khinerai Heartrenders .Yet they are not rage-blind berserkers. gladiatorial fights and battles beyond count. ORGANISATION ABILITIES A Slaughter Troupe consists of the GladiatorialAcrobatics:Slaughter Troupe units that retreat can still shoot and following units: charge in the same turn.but canny fighters able to engage and disengage from melee as best serves their needs – charging into and out of combat at will. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE SLAUGHTER TROUPE Honed in ritual duels.

ORGANISATION ABILITIES A Temple Nest consist of the LethalTransfixion: Each time your opponent makes a hit roll of 1 when attacking following units: a Temple Nest unit in the combat phase. • 1 BLOODWRACKMEDUSA • 2 units of Blood Stalkers • 2 units of Blood Sisters . the Melusai of the Temple Nest move quickly to exploit any weakness.Against such supernaturalperil the slightest hesitation or fumble can prove fatal. the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound after all of its attacks have been made. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE TEMPLE NEST With the speed of striking snakes. leaving the victim ripe for a heart-pluckingstab or gazing directly into the blood-boiling stare of the Medusa.

Nowhere is safe from a sudden strike from out of the shadows. ShadowPatrols are masters at finding secret paths. instead of moving in your movement phase. then set • 2 units of Doomfire Warlocks it up anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from any enemy models. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE SHADOW PATROL Theoutriders and scouts of the war covens. It is said they can travel via the shadows themselves. . If it does so. This is its • 4 units of KHINERAIHARPIES move for that movement phase. remove the unit from the battlefield. following units: one unit from this battalion that is more than 3" from any enemy models can move along the shadowpaths. ORGANISATION ABILITIES A Shadow Patrol consists of the Shadowpaths:Once per battle round. covering vast distances in the blink of an eye to appear from some unexpected quarter.

or pile in and • 2 units of Witch Aelves attack as if it were the combat phase. choose one DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE consists of the following units: unit from this battalion and one STORMCASTETERNALunit from this battalion that are within 6" of each other. if • 1 unit of Blood Stalkers one of the units shoots but the other has no missile weapons – then the other unit • 2 units of Liberators does nothing). Both units must perform the same action • 1 unit of KHINERAIHARPIES (if only one of the units is able to perform the action you chose – for example. shoot as if it were your shooting phase. ORGANISATION ABILITIES The Shadowhammer Compact Righteous Fervour:In your hero phase. when it comes to fighting the enemies of Order– especially the forces of Chaos – there are no allies more eagerto slay than the Daughters of Khaine. • 1 unit of Prosecutors • 1 unit of Judicators .However. WARSCROLL BATTALION DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE SHADOWHAMMER COMPACT Thebattle lust and blood rituals of the Khainites are disturbing to even the most hard-hearted Stormhosts of the StormcastEternals. Both units can either make a normal move as if it • 1 Slaughter Queen were your movement phase.

HERO. she phase. High Oracle of Khaine. HIGH ORACLE OF KHAINE TheHigh Oracle of Khaine and dark sorceress supreme. mortal wounds. to pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. pick up to 2 friendly her wrath and will transform into her monstrous Morathi. double the range of spells she suffers D3 mortal wounds. and with strikes from the magical Any additional wounds and/or mortal wounds those nearby. She DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE units within 14"of aspect. High Oracle of Khaine is a WIZARD. there High Oracle of Khaine is your general. If the result is equal to or less than the number and attempt to unbind two spells in the enemy hero Those units can immediately shoot as if it were of wounds currently allocated to Morathi. If you do. High Oracle of Khaine is a single model. MORATHI. her aptly named spear. She also carries the Iron Heart allocated to her in the same turn are negated and of Khaine. High Oracle ARNZIPAL’SBLACKHORROR Morathi. Mystic Shield the shooting phase. Morathi (you cannot choose Morathi herself). the Shadow Queen warscroll (pg 77) for a description of how Enchanting Beauty:Subtract 1 from the hit rolls of Morathi transforms. have no effect. On ABILITIES unbinding rolls made for Morathi. KEYWORDS ORDER. Morathi is the matriarch of the zealous Daughters of Khaine. Arnzipal’s Black Horror has a casting value of 7. High Oracle of a 1 that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.AELF. Her radiant beauty can mesmerise foes. WARSCROLL MORATHI. The arcane powers of shadow are hers to command. but no more than 3 A roiling black cloud of energy swirls into existence. and on a 4+ it suffers D6 your hero phase. spear. If successfullycast.WIZARD. within 3" of an enemy unit. on a 2 or 3 it Monstrous Transformation: At the start of Khaine. In addition. Alternatively. pick an enemy unit within 18"of Sorceress Supreme:Add 1 to casting and the caster that is visible to them and roll a dice. See the Morathi. Roll a dice at the start of your hero phase. of Khaine cannot be healed. you can is a chance she will no longer be able to contain MAGIC use this ability. monstrous aspect. smoking tendrils lashing out from it to clutch at bladed wings.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. 6" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 6 4+ Heartrender 2" 3 3+ 3+ -1 D3 Bladed Wings 2" 6 3+ 3+ -1 1 9 DESCRIPTION The Iron Heart of Khaine:Morathi. leaving them open for a fatal thrust from Heartrender. Morathi can transform into her attempts to cast. the and Arnzipal’s Black Horror spells. The Truth Revealed:If Morathi is wounded. COMMAND ABILITY Worship Through Bloodshed: If Morathi. She attacks her foes with sweeping blows of her wounds can be allocated to her in any one turn. Heartrender. Morathi is queen of deception. attacks that target Morathi. can attempt to cast three spells in your hero phase. if either unit is transforms as described on the Morathi. and there is more to her than meets the eye. She knows the Arcane Bolt. HIGH ORACLEOF KHAINE . it can instead be chosen Shadow Queen warscroll (pg 77).

it is set up when Morathi. Shadow Queen form. MONSTER. If. Instead. the Shadow sufficient room. in her Shadow Queen form with 6 wounds already allocated to her. venom so potent that the smallest drop can slay the mightiest warriorin moments. but no more than 3 has been set up. if 3 wounds had been and attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero darting bites of her Crown of Serpents.WIZARD. and roll a dice. unbind fewer spells in her Shadow Queen form. pick an enemy unit within 18"of model is not set up on the battlefield at the start If Morathi was your general in her High Oracle the caster that is visible to them. THE SHADOW QUEEN .HERO. Morathi. from the spot where she was standing before her Any additional wounds and/or mortal wounds transformation. allocated to Morathi in her High Oracle of Khaine phase. KEYWORDS ORDER. Mystic Shield the Shadow Queen also carries the Iron Heart form before she transformed. Also note that Morathi in her Shadow Queen form When Morathi transforms. If the result exceeds that model’s Wounds to place Morathi exactly where she was standing characteristic. the Shadow Queen is a single model.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. she cannot move in the following allocated to her in the same turn are negated and movement phase. Oracle of Khaine form prior to her transformation Morathi. ARNZIPAL’SBLACKHORROR FLY A roiling black cloud of energy swirls into existence. on a 2 or 3 it High Oracle of Khaine uses the Monstrous Shadow Queen form but she loses the Worship suffers D3 mortal wounds. Arnzipal’s Black Horror has a casting value of 7. after her Shadow Queen model Queen cannot be healed. On of the battle. If there is insufficient room a dice. (pg 76). and on a 4+ it suffers D6 Transformation or The Truth Revealed ability Through Bloodshed command ability. her Envenomed Tail and the then doubled. mortal wounds. WARSCROLL MORATHI. she remains your general in her a 1 that unit suffers a mortal wound. the Shadow Queen is a WIZARD. She She attacks her foes with the magical spear are carried over to her Shadow Queen form and can attempt to cast one spell in your hero phase. Note that Morathi cannot transform back to her smoking tendrils lashing out from it to clutch at former aspect during the battle – once in her those nearby. MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Gaze of Morathi 6" 1 2+ See below MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 12 4+ Heartrender 2" 3+ 3+ -2 3 9 Crown of Serpents 1" 5 3+ 3+ . In her Shadow Queen form she possesses tremendous strength. For example. pick a model in the target unit and roll her transformation. the Shadow Queen can fly. Morathi. MORATHI. If Monstrous Revelation:Morathi’s Shadow Queen successfullycast. have no effect. She knows the Arcane Bolt. her High Oracle of loses the Sorceress Supreme and Enchanted Beauty Khaine model is removed from the battlefield and abilities that she has in her High Oracle of Khaine her Shadow Queen model is set up on the spot form (pg 76). of Khaine. Morathi’s Shadow Queen model can only be set up within 3" of an enemy unit if her High Oracle Gaze of Morathi:If a target is hit by the Gaze of of Khaine model was within 3" of that unit before Morathi. 1 Envenomed Tail 3" 1 3+ 3+ -2 DAMAGE TABLE Wounds Suffered Move Heartrender Envenomed Tail 0-2 14" 6 6 3-4 12" 5 D6 5-7 10" 4 D6 8-9 8" 3 D3 10+ 6" 2 D3 DESCRIPTION Any wounds allocated to Morathi in her High MAGIC Morathi. she stays that way for the ABILITIES remainder of the battle. and she can attempt to cast and where she was standing before her transformation. simply place the model as close as possible to that spot where there is The Iron Heart of Khaine:Morathi. Heartrender. and her stare is death itself. before her transformation. of Khaine form.AELF. Morathi is more than 14"away wounds can be allocated to her in any one turn. it is slain. she would be set up and Arnzipal’s Black Horror spells. THE SHADOW QUEEN Beneath Morathi’saura of beauty lies a darksome secret. Her true form is that of a monstrosity – her vast serpentine body blessed with enormous wings and crowned with writhing snakes.

Touch of Death: Pick a unit within 3" of this ABILITIES model and then hide a dice in one of your hands. learned in blood rituals and murder rites. With a blade in each hand. the unit you picked suffers D3 can re-roll failed wound rolls for that unit’s melee knows and roll a dice. ecstasy of destruction that they will fight on in the face of impossible odds. pick a holding the dice. If you do.PRIEST. the unit you picked suffers D3 you can use this ability. On a 3+ the prayer is successful and its effect takes place. were a WIZARD. COMMAND ABILITY Priestess of Khaine:In your hero phase. On a 2 tests for the unit. DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within 14"of she is found unworthy and suffers 1 mortal wound. A Slaughter model can be chosen to pile in and attack twice in combat phase. Priestess of Khaine:In your hero phase. She carries a Blade has a Damage characteristic of D3 instead of 1 Queens. Never to be outdone.AELF. nothing happens. If she does. then until your next hero phase you Queen can pray once. If she does. chanting battle rites to inspire Khainites and urging them forwardto smite down all who oppose them. On a 3+ the prayer is Dance of Doom: Until your next hero phase. driving them to new. and to lead the charge into battle. A Hag Queen knows the Rune of Khaine and Touch of Death prayers: KEYWORDS ORDER. HERO.AELF. To bathe in the blood of her foes is her only true desire… 6" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 5 5+ Blade of Khaine 1" 4 3+ 4+ -1 1 Deathsword 1" 3 3+ 3+ -1 D3 9 DESCRIPTION Rune of Khaine: The Slaughter Queen’s Blade of Pact of Blood: A Slaughter Queen can attempt to A Slaughter Queen is a single model.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. If that unit is within 3" of an enemy On a 2 nothing happens. a Hag Your opponent must pick a hand. a Your opponent must pick a hand. In your hero phase. On a result of 1 mortal wounds. this unit. witchbrew drives the imbiber into such an of Khaine and a chalice of Witchbrew. HERO. and you do not need to take battleshock unworthy and suffers 1 mortal wound.HAG QUEEN SLAUGHTER QUEEN It is a SlaughterQueen’s role to embody the aggression and martial prowess of Khaine himself. pick a friendly prayer she knows and roll a dice.SLAUGHTERQUEEN . you Touch of Death: Pick a unit within 3" of this can pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE ABILITIES model and then hide a dice in one of your hands. feverish heights of violence. thrusts and slices with her deadly blade. weapons. unit within 3" of this model to drink witchbrew. On a result of 1 she is found mortal wounds. and Dance of Doom prayers: KEYWORDS ORDER. WARSCROLL HAG QUEEN A Hag Queen is a priestess of Khaine. Queen knows the Rune of Khaine.PRIEST. She wields a Khaine has a Damage characteristic of D3 instead unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase as if it Blade of Khaine and a Deathsword.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. and her draughts of witchbrewcan stoke the fury of nearby Khainites. Her curses bring death. Touch of Death the combat phase. pick a prayer she holding the dice. Slaughter Queen can pray once. this model. offering her own gory tributes up to her god. if that hand is Orgy of Slaughter:If this model is your general. 6" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 5 5+ Blade of Khaine 1" 4 3+ 4+ -1 1 8 DESCRIPTION Rune of Khaine: The Hag Queen’s Blade of Khaine Witchbrew:Distilled from the blood of Slaughter A Hag Queen is a single model. a Hag Queen stabs. the SlaughterQueen hacks and spins in the maelstrom of close combat. it can pile in and attack as if it were the successful and its effect takes place. of 1 until your next hero phase. if that hand is If you do. until your next hero phase.

AVATAR OF KHAINE . When the words of power are spoken. the Avatars of Khaine stride out to fight the enemies of the Daughters of Khaine.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. or engulfing them in jets of boiling blood. it is now Animated (see below). KEYWORDS ORDER. friendly DAUGHTERS not been animated it is still treated as a model in spew forth a Torrent of Burning Blood. so that they too might animate the metal giants. WARSCROLL AVATAR OF KHAINE Using the power of blood sacrifices. characteristic of friendly DAUGHTERSOF cannot shoot and cannot be selected to fight unless KHAINE units that are within 7" of any friendly a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE PRIEST AVATARS OF KHAINE. TOTEM. this towering statue can AVATARS OF KHAINE. hewing down foes with their blades. Idol of Worship: Add 1 to the Bravery Animated: The Avatar of Khaine cannot move. Even if this model has by powerful blood rites. can either remain stationary or move normally – Wrath of Khaine: Pick a friendly AVATAR OF they do not have to retreat unless there is another KHAINE on the battlefield – until your next hero enemy unit within 3" of them. 9" MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Torrent of Burning Blood 10" 6 3+ 3+ -1 1 9 4+ MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 10 Avatar of Khaine’sSword 2" 4 3+ 3+ -2 3 DESCRIPTION ABILITIES used the Wrath of Khaine prayer to animate it in An Avatar of Khaine is a single model. It is a rite she has taught all her priestesses. phase. and smites OF KHAINE PRIESTSknow the Wrath of Khaine your army. with the exception that enemy units anything that stands in its way with destructive prayer in addition to any other prayers they know: that begin their movement phase within 3" of it sweeps of its giant Sword. Animated Wrath of Khaine:If your army includes any your preceding hero phase.Morathi calls upon the iron statues atop the Cauldrons of Blood.

Thesealtars of war bear not only an iron effigy of Khaine. can only be affected by a single CAULDRONOF Your opponent must pick a hand. On a 2 nothing happens. wreaking havoc in the name of its murderous god. A unit model and then hide a dice in one of your hands. The Hag Queen opens the throats of her ecstasy of destruction that they will fight on in the OF KHAINE PRIESTSknow the Wrath of Khaine victims with a Blade of Khaine whilst gifting the face of impossible odds. you prayer in addition to any other prayers they know: god’s worshippers with draughts of Witchbrew can pick a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE from her chalice. friendly DAUGHTERS model. pick a prayer she knows and roll a dice.HERO.AELF. CAULDRONOF BLOOD . a Hag a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE PRIEST that stands in its way with destructive sweeps of its Queen on Cauldron of Blood can pray once. TOTEM. The range of this ability is shown in the until your next hero phase. and you do not need to take battleshock Avatar of Khaine. does. offering them mystical protections while it crashes into enemy battle lines. On statue of Khaine in your preceding hero phase. until your next hero who leap from its dais to attack with their can re-roll failed wound rolls for that unit’s melee phase it is now Animated (see below).DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. damage table above. Atop the cauldron looms an weapons. the unit you picked suffers D3 mortal wounds. MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Torrent of Burning Blood 10" 6 3+ 3+ -1 1 MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 13 5+ Witch Aelves’SacrificialKnives 1" 3+ 4+ . Bloodshield: The powerful magic that fuels the Rune of Khaine: The Hag Queen’s Blade of Khaine Cauldron of Blood grants it and nearby followers has a Damage characteristic of D3 instead of 1 protection. On a 2+ The Hag Queen knows the Rune of Khaine and KHAINE units that are within 7" of any friendly the nearest enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Touch of Death prayers: AVATARS OF KHAINE. ORDER.HAG QUEEN. Add 1 to saving throws for friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE units that Touch of Death: Pick a unit within 3" of this are wholly within this range of this model. PRIEST. but also a sacrificialcauldron that is key to many powerful rituals. characteristic of friendly DAUGHTERSOF charge move within 1" of any enemy units. a result of 1 she is found unworthy and suffers 1 ABILITIES mortal wound. KEYWORDS AVATAR OF KHAINE. Thepresence of a Cauldron of Blood inspires nearby worshippers. a towering statue that can be tests for the unit. then until your next hero phase you KHAINE on the battlefield. On a 3+ Idol of Worship: Add 1 to the Bravery Bladed Impact: Roll a dice if this model ends a the prayer is successful and its effect takes place. SacrificialKnives. If you do.WITCH AELVES. Animated: This model cannot use its Torrent of animated by powerful blood rites to spew forth a Burning Blood or Avatar of Khaine’s Sword unless Torrent of Burning Blood before smiting anything Priestess of Khaine:In your hero phase. 1 8 Hag Queen’s Blade of Khaine 1" 4 3+ 4+ -1 1 Avatar of Khaine’sSword 2" 4 3+ 3+ -2 3 DAMAGE TABLE Wounds Suffered Move Sacrificial Knives Bloodshield 0-2 6" 8 18" 3-5 5" 7 14" 6-8 4" 6 10" 9-10 3" 5 6" 11+ 2" 4 2" DESCRIPTION Witchbrew:Distilled from the blood of Slaughter Wrath of Khaine:If your army includes any A Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood is a single Queens. WARSCROLL HAG QUEEN ON CAULDRON OF BLOOD Greatest of all the Daughters of Khaine icons are the Cauldrons of Blood. holding the dice. Wrath of Khaine: Pick a friendly AVATAR OF which she stands is crewed by two Witch Aelves. witchbrew drives the imbiber into such an AVATARS OF KHAINE. if that hand is BLOOD’SBloodshield ability at any one time. The Cauldron of Blood upon unit within 3" of this model to drink witchbrew. If she used the Wrath of Khaine prayer to animate its giant Sword. In your hero phase.

of the phase. SISTERSOF SLAUGHTER . phase (after re-rolls. Theagonised cries.AELF. stopping at nothing to strike their foes again. ran in the same turn. Some units are armed with Barbed Whips unit includes any Standard Bearers when you take characteristic of 5+. 6" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 1 6+ SacrificialKnife 1" 2 3+ 4+ . Relying upon speed and dexterity over armour.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. and discard the highest result. In addition. phase (after re-rolls. If a of Slaughter with Bladed Bucklers have a Save models. In addition. and can move up to 6" when Models in this unit can be Hornblowers. With skills honed in ritual duels and gladiatorial fights. spurting blood and still-beating hearts of their foes are the finest offerings they can make to their cruel and violent god. Add 1 to hit rolls ABILITIES Aelveswith Bladed Bucklers have a Save for a Hag. the Witch Aelves are the army of Khaine. KEYWORDS ORDER. 1 7 DESCRIPTION STANDARD BEARER Bladed Bucklers:In the combat phase. the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound that includes any Hornblowers can charge even if it after it has made all of its attacks.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. Sisters A unit of Sisters of Slaughter has 10 or more Models in this unit can be Standard Bearers. but before any modifiers are applied). and again. KEYWORDS ORDER. Witch The leader of this unit is a Hag. the Sisters of Slaughter unleash their fury upon the battlefield. Add 1 to ABILITIES hit rolls for a Handmaiden. WITCH AELVES SISTERS OF SLAUGHTER Mastersof the kruip-lash – the barbed whip – the Sisters of Slaughterare fanatical Khaine worshippers that have dedicated their lives and bodies to perfecting the art of dealing death. A unit applied). If a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE HEROES Some units are armed with pairs of Sacrificial unit includes any Standard Bearers when you take in the combat phase. devotees of bloodshed and murder. who rewardsthem with a divine battle-frenzy. add 1 to the Attacks Knives. Dance of Death: Sisters of Slaughter can be chosen to pile in and attack in the combat phase if they are HORNBLOWER within 6" of an enemy. The leader of this unit is a Handmaiden.AELF. each time you characteristic of a Witch Aelf’sSacrificialKnife if it make a save roll of 6 for such a unit in the combat HORNBLOWER is armed with a pair of SacrificialKnives. but before any modifiers are Models in this unit can be Hornblowers. whilst others fight with a battleshock test for it. Models in this unit can be Standard Bearers. WARSCROLL WITCH AELVES Together. 1 7 DESCRIPTION STANDARD BEARER Frenzied Fervour:If this unit is within 8" of any A unit of Witch Aelveshas 10 or more models. each time you and SacrificialKnives. and discard the highest result. they dash into combat. Paired SacrificialKnives:Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of 5+. HAG Bladed Bucklers:In the combat phase. whilst others fight with single Sacrificial a battleshock test for it. A unit they pile in. roll two dice instead of one characteristic of its SacrificialKnives until the end Knives and Bladed Bucklers. roll two dice instead of one make a save roll of 6 for such a unit in the combat Barbed Whips and carry Bladed Bucklers. that includes any Hornblowers can charge even if it ran in the same turn. the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound HANDMAIDEN after it has made all of its attacks. slashing at the enemy with zealous abandon. 1 SacrificialKnife 1" 1 3+ 4+ . and again… 6" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 1 6+ BarbedWhip 2" 2 3+ 4+ .

friendly DAUGHTERS model.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. an Avatar of Khaine. pick a friendly friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE units that DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE unit within 14"of are wholly within this range of this model. The Cauldron of suffers 1 mortal wound. it can pile in and attack as if it were the BLOOD’SBloodshield ability at any one time.SLAUGHTERQUEEN. The Slaughter Queen opens the throats of once. ABILITIES model and then hide a dice in one of your hands. Upon her shrill invocation. until your next hero their SacrificialKnives. Atop the Cauldron looms Khaine and Touch of Death prayers: phase it is now Animated (see below). a towering statue that can be animated by powerful blood rites to spew forth a Rune of Khaine: The Slaughter Queen’s Blade of Animated: This model cannot use its Torrent of Torrent of Burning Blood before smiting anything Khaine has a Damage characteristic of D3 instead Burning Blood or Avatar of Khaine’s Sword unless that stands in its way with destructive sweeps of its of 1 until your next hero phase.WITCH AELVES. TOTEM. A unit this model.HERO. and decapitates a dice. mortal wounds. Pact of Blood: A Slaughter Queen on a Cauldron of Blood can attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase as if it were a WIZARD. CAULDRONOF BLOOD . ORDER. If that unit is within 3" of an enemy can only be affected by a single CAULDRONOF unit. the great icon of Khaine glows. a Wrath of Khaine:If your army includes any A Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood is a single Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood can pray AVATARS OF KHAINE. if that hand is Idol of Worship: Add 1 to the Bravery charge move within 1" of any enemy units.AELF. pick a prayer she knows and roll OF KHAINE PRIESTSknow the Wrath of Khaine her victims with a Blade of Khaine. If you do. Bloodshield: The powerful magic that fuels the Cauldron of Blood grants it and nearby followers COMMAND ABILITY protection. Bladed Impact: Roll a dice if this model ends a Your opponent must pick a hand. WARSCROLL SLAUGHTER QUEEN ON CAULDRON OF BLOOD Thereis no greater calling for carnage than when a SlaughterQueen rides to battle atop a Cauldron of Blood. If she does. Any foes not sliced apart are ground beneath iron-shod wheels or melted in geysers of boiling blood. On a 2 nothing happens. Blood upon which she stands is crewed by two On a 3+ the prayer is successful and its effect takes Wrath of Khaine: Pick a friendly AVATAR OF Witch Aelves. 1 SlaughterQueen’s Blade of Khaine 1" 4 3+ 4+ -1 1 9 SlaughterQueen’s Deathsword 1" 3 3+ 3+ -1 D3 Avatar of Khaine’sSword 2" 4 3+ 3+ -2 3 DAMAGE TABLE Wounds Suffered Move Sacrificial Knives Bloodshield 0-2 6" 8 18" 3-5 5" 7 14" 6-8 4" 6 10" 9-10 3" 5 6" 11+ 2" 4 2" DESCRIPTION Priestess of Khaine:In your hero phase. KEYWORDS AVATAR OF KHAINE. MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage Torrent of Burning Blood 10" 6 3+ 3+ -1 1 MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 13 5+ Witch Aelves’SacrificialKnives 1" 3+ 4+ . On a 2+ holding the dice. a friendly DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE PRIEST giant Sword. KHAINE units that are within 7" of any friendly AVATARS OF KHAINE. PRIEST. The range of this ability is shown in the Orgy of Slaughter:If this model is your general. the unit you picked suffers D3 characteristic of friendly DAUGHTERSOF the nearest enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.who leap from its dais to attack with place. Add 1 to the saving throw of you can use this ability. The Slaughter Queen knows the Rune of KHAINE on the battlefield. combat phase. used the Wrath of Khaine prayer to animate its Touch of Death: Pick a unit within 3" of this statue of Khaine in your preceding hero phase. On a result of 1 she is found unworthy and prayer in addition to any other prayers they know: them using her Deathsword. damage table above. emanating a heady smell of blood and an aura of violence that inspires the Daughters of Khaine to new heights of ferocity.

Atop a Cauldron of Blood. a SlaughterQueen exhorts her sisters to unleash new heights of violence upon the foe. .

for each roll of 5+ minds. Hell erupts when the bladed shrine hits enemy lines. WARSCROLL BLOODWRACK SHRINE Doom spreads from the BloodwrackShrine. at her enemies with her Whisperclaw and impales unit. If the dice roll equals or beats the score listed on the damage table above. pick a unit within 18"of the who approach with their Goadstaves. However. If shrine crewed by two Shrinekeepers.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. The Bloodwrack Medusa is mounted upon a Enfeebling Foe has a casting value of 5. WIZARD. as the Shrinekeepersand Medusa strike out in all their fury.HERO. every pore until its body collapses into a pool of the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. 1 Whisperclaw 1" 4 4+ 3+ . MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage BloodwrackStare 10" See below MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 13 5+ Tail of Serpents 2" D6 4+ 4+ . a Bloodwrack BloodwrackStare:When making a Bloodwrack Medusa’s stare is perhaps her most deadly weapon. MELUSAI. phase. BLOODWRACKSHRINE .AELF. wavesof agonising pain pouring out as the altar ploughs forward. BLOODWRACKMEDUSA. the combat phase. gore. a flurry of lethal bites. Until your next hero dice for each enemy unit within 7" of any friendly phase. 1 DAMAGE TABLE Wounds Suffered Move Goadstaves Aura of Agony 0-2 6" 6 2+ 3-5 5" 5 2+ 6-8 4" 4 3+ 9-10 3" 3 4+ 11+ 2" 2 5+ DESCRIPTION ABILITIES MAGIC A Bloodwrack Shrine is a single model. sapping their strength. Even her mortal wounds. 1 8 BloodwrackSpear 2" 2 3+ 3+ -1 D3 Shrinekeepers’Goadstaves 2" 3+ 3+ . subtract 1 from wound rolls for that unit in Bloodwrack Shrines at the start of your hero phase. A Bloodwrack Medusa knows the Arcane writhing Tail of Serpents is capable of delivering Bolt. that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds as pure agony courses through them. who stab any Aura of Agony: Bloodwrack Shrines emit an aura successfullycast. pick a unit that is visible to the ENFEEBLING FOE should a victim’s eyes lock with hers for even a Bloodwrack Shrine and roll a dice for each model The BloodwrackMedusa reachesinto her victims’ second its lifeblood violently rebels. Mystic Shield and Enfeebling Foe spells. On a 2+ the nearest enemy unit suffers D3 and attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero them upon a barbed Bloodwrack Spear. KEYWORDS ORDER. Stare attack. Hissing. that wracks enemies with waves of agony. Roll a caster that is visible to them. flooding from in that unit that is within range. It is Bladed Impact: Roll a dice if a Bloodwrack The Bloodwrack Medusa atop a Bloodwrack Shrine commanded by a Bloodwrack Medusa who slashes Shrine ends a charge move within 1" of an enemy can attempt to cast one spell in your hero phase. the BloodwrackMedusa that slithers atop the shrine unleashes spells of malevolence while casting her deathly stare across the battlefield.

MELUSAI. 1 8 Blood Wyrm 1" 1 3+ 3+ . In them are vengeance and spite made manifest. MELUSAI. spilling blood to aid their master’srituals. KRONE The leader of this unit is a Krone. the true daughters of their creator. KEYWORDS ORDER. They Turned to Crystal:Each time you score a hit with a dispatch their foes with their Heartshard Glaives.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. GORGAI The leader of this unit is a Gorgai. the before cutting out their pierced hearts with target suffers 1 mortal wound instead of the SacrificialDaggers. Channelling the hatred within their own tainted souls. KEYWORDS ORDER. Morathi.BLOOD STALKERS . offering them up as gruesome sacrificesto their mistress-mother. 1 DESCRIPTION ABILITIES A unit of Blood Stalkers has 5 or more models. the Blood Sisters can also transmute flesh with their agonising scáth touch. normal damage. EachBlood Sister longs to drive their heartshardglaive deep into an enemy’s vitals. Add 1 to hit rolls for a Gorgai.In close combat the Melusai wield their scianlar – the same daggers they use to cut the organs from their victims’ corpses after battle. Add 1 to hit rolls for a Krone. Crystal Touch. MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 8" HeartseekerBow 24" 1 3+ 3+ -1 1 2 5+ MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage SacrificialDagger 1" 2 3+ 4+ .BLOOD SISTERS BLOOD STALKERS Slithering forwardand drawing their ornate bows. Many Krones are also accompanied by a Blood Wyrm. and turn them to undying statues with their Crystal Touch. the target suffers 1 mortal wound. 8" MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage 2 5+ HeartshardGlaive 2" 3 3+ 3+ -1 1 CrystalTouch 1" 1 4+ See below 8 DESCRIPTION ABILITIES A unit of Blood Sisters has 5 or more models. Morathi. Heartseekers:Each time you make a hit roll They shoot their victims with Heartseeker Bows of 6+ for this unit in the shooting phase. the Blood Stalkersloose volleys of arrows that seek out their target’shearts with uncanny accuracy.DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE. WARSCROLL BLOOD SISTERS Blood Sisters are Melusai.


Themost powerful of Morathi’slieutenants are her BloodwrackMedusae, sorceresses gifted – or cursed – with enormous serpentine
bodies and heads crowned with snakes. Theyare so full of spite and shadow magic that to meet their horrific gaze can cause explosive
haemorrhaging. Equallydeadly in close quarters, a BloodwrackMedusa dispatches her foes with claw, spear and snakebites.

MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
BloodwrackStare 10" See below
MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
6 5+ Whisperclaw 1" 4 3+ 3+ - 1
8 Tail of Serpents 2" D6 4+ 4+ - 1
BloodwrackSpear 2" 2 3+ 3+ -1 D3

DESCRIPTION ABILITIES the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Enfeebling
A Bloodwrack Medusa is a single model. She BloodwrackStare:When making a Bloodwrack Foe spells.
slashes at her enemies with her Whisperclaw and Stare attack, pick a unit that is visible to the
impales them upon a barbed Bloodwrack Spear. Bloodwrack Medusa and roll a dice for each model ENFEEBLING FOE
Even her writhing Tail of Serpents is capable in that unit that is within range; for each roll of 5+ The BloodwrackMedusa reachesinto her victims’
of delivering a flurry of lethal bites. However, a the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. minds, sapping their strength.
Bloodwrack Medusa’s stare is perhaps her most
deadly weapon; should a victim’s eyes lock with MAGIC Enfeebling Foe has a casting value of 5. If successfully
hers for even a second its lifeblood violently rebels, A Bloodwrack Medusa can attempt to cast one cast, pick a unit within 18"of the caster that is visible
flooding from every pore until its body collapses spell in your hero phase, and attempt to unbind to them. Until your next hero phase, subtract 1 from
into a pool of gore. one spell in the enemy hero phase. It knows wound rolls for that unit in the combat phase.


Bursting from the fog come the outriders of the war covens, the dreaded Doomfire Warlocks. Theyare masterful light cavalry,adept at
harrying flanks with crossbow fire or launching sudden charges to cut down targets with their cursed scimitars. As warlocks,they can
harness the power of shadow, hurling bolts of black flame to decimate the enemy before galloping back into the mists.

MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
14" Doomfire Crossbow 10" 2 4+ 4+ - 1
2 5+ MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
Cursed Scimitar 1" 2 4+ 4+ -1 1
Dark Steed’sVicious Bite 1" 2 4+ 5+ - 1

A unit of Doomfire Warlocks has 5 or more Doomfire Coven: Add 1 to casting and unbinding The Doomfire Warlocks hurl bolts of blazing black
models. They are armed with Cursed Scimitars and rolls for this unit if it has 10 or more models. flame at their foes.
ride Dark Steeds that have a Vicious Bite. Some
units are also equipped with Doomfire Crossbows. MAGIC Doomfire has a casting value of 6. If successfully
A unit of Doomfire Warlocks can attempt to cast, pick an enemy unit within 18"of any model
MASTER OF WARLOCKS cast one spell in your hero phase, and attempt to in the casting unit that is visible to it. The target
The leader of this unit is a Master of Warlocks. unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase. A unit unit suffers D3 mortal wounds if the casting unit
Add 1 to hit rolls for a Master of Warlocks’ Cursed of Doomfire Warlocks knows the Arcane Bolt, has fewer than 5 models, D6 mortal wounds if it
Scimitar and Doomfire Crossbow. Mystic Shield and Doomfire spells. has 5 to 9 models, or 6 mortal wounds if it has 10
or more models.



TheKhinerai Heartrendersare swift and merciless, sky-predatorsthat scan the battlefield for suitable quarry. Thesebat-winged aelves
streak down from on high, using downwardmomentum to launch a volley of barbed javelins before swooping off to avoid any return
fire. Should they find a target to their liking, they will plunge into combat, stabbing with their javelins and heartpiercershields.

14" MISSILE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
BarbedJavelin 12" 1 3+ 3+ -1 1
1 6+ MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
7 BarbedJavelin 2" 1 4+ 4+ -1 1

DESCRIPTION ABILITIES Death From Above:This unit can shoot even it
A unit of Khinerai Heartrenders has 5 or more Descend to Battle: Instead of setting up this unit ran in the same turn. In addition, in the shooting
models. They are equipped with Barbed Javelins on the battlefield, you can place it to one side phase, change the Rend characteristic of this
and Heartpiercer Shields. and say it is circling high above. In any of your unit’s Barbed Javelins to -2 if it was set up on the
movement phases, it can descend to battle – set up battlefield in the same turn.
FLY the unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more
Khinerai Heartrenders can fly. than 9" from any enemy models. This is their move HeartpiercerShield: In the combat phase,
for that movement phase. Khinerai Heartrenders have a Savecharacteristic of
SHRYKE 5+. In addition, each time you make a save roll of 6
The leader of this unit is a Shryke. Add 1 to hit rolls Fire and Flight: In your shooting phase, after this for such a unit in the combat phase (after re-rolls,
for a Shryke. unit has finished making all of its attacks, roll a but before any modifiers are applied), a Khinerai
dice: on a 4+ it can make a 6" normal move as if it Heartrender pierces her assailant’s heart with her
were your movement phase, but it cannot retreat or shield – the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound
run as part of this move. after it has made all of its attacks.


Plummeting out of low clouds, the Khinerai Lifetakersare swift-attackspecialists, elite ambushers that swoop into battle to scythe
down foes with their barbed sickles. Given a chance, the Khinerai Lifetakersrake enemy formations alreadyin combat, striking
quickly before flapping out of the melee to seek other vulnerable prey.

MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
1 6+ BarbedSickle 1" 2 3+ 4+ - 1

DESCRIPTION ABILITIES Death on the Wind: Add 1 to the Damage
A unit of Khinerai Lifetakers has 5 or more Descend to Battle: Instead of setting up this unit characteristic of this unit’s Barbed Sicklesif it
models. They are equipped with Barbed Sicklesand on the battlefield, you can place it to one side made a charge move in the same turn.
Heartpiercer Shields. and say it is circling high above. In any of your
movement phases, it can descend to battle – set up HeartpiercerShield: In the combat phase,
FLY the unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more Khinerai Lifetakers have a Savecharacteristic of
Khinerai Lifetakers can fly. than 9" from any enemy models. This is their move 5+. In addition, each time you make a save roll of 6
for that movement phase. for such a unit in the combat phase (after re-rolls,
HARRIDYNN but before any modifiers are applied), a Khinerai
The leader of this unit is a Harridynn. Add 1 to hit Fight and Flight: In the combat phase, after this Lifetaker pierces her assailant’s heart with her
rolls for a Harridynn. unit has finished making all of its attacks, roll a shield – the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound
dice: on a 4+ it can make a 6" normal move as if it after it has made all of its attacks.
were your movement phase, but it cannot run as
part of this move.



Thetable below provides points, minimum and maximum unit sizes and battlefield roles for the warscrolls and warscroll battalions in this book, for
use in Pitched Battles. Used alongside the rules for Pitched Battles in the General’s Handbook, this provides you with everything you need to field your
Daughters of Khaine army in a Pitched Battle against any opponent.

Sisters of Slaughter 10 30 120/300 Battleline
Witch Aelves 10 30 100/270 Battleline
Avatar of Khaine 1 1 180 Behemoth
Bloodwrack Medusa 1 1 140 Leader
Hag Queen 1 1 60 Leader
Only one of this model can be included in a Pitched
Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine 1 1 480 Leader Battle army. This model can transform into Morathi, the
Shadow Queen during the battle.
Slaughter Queen 1 1 100 Leader
Bloodwrack Shrine 1 1 220 Leader, Behemoth
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood 1 1 300 Leader, Behemoth
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood 1 1 330 Leader, Behemoth
Doomfire Warlocks 5 20 160
Blood Sisters 5 20 140/480 Battleline if army has DAUGHTERSOF KHAINE
allegiance and its general is a BLOODWRACKMEDUSA
Blood Stalkers 5 20 160
Khinerai Heartrenders 5 20 80
Khinerai Lifetakers 5 20 80/280
Cauldron Guard - - 100 Warscroll Battalion
Temple Nest - - 80 Warscroll Battalion
Shadow Patrol - - 120 Warscroll Battalion
Shadowhammer Compact - - 80 Warscroll Battalion
Slaughter Troupe - - 80 Warscroll Battalion
War Coven of Morathi - - 100 Warscroll Battalion

Updated March 2018


Slaughter Troupe 4. CONTENTS 2. The Blood Must Flow 5. Hag Queen 10. Witch Aelves 10. IN THE NAME OF KHAINE 1. Prayers of the Khainite Cult 6. Path to Glory Campaigns 12. Lore of Shadows 5. Temples of Blood 7. The Kraith 9. DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE 1. Cauldron Guard 3. Battleplan: The Altar of War 11. Shadowhammer Compact 7. Hagg Nar 7.Contents 1. High Oracle of Khaine 8. Khailebron 10. War Coven of Morathi 2. Daughters of Khaine Warband Tables 13. Temple Nest 5. Morathi. Of Aelf-Souls and Empires 3. Draichi Ganeth 8. Dancing with Shadows 2. Daughters of Khaine Tactics 5. Bloodwrack Sorceresses 12. THE WAR COVENS OF KHAINE 1. Allegiance Abilities 4. War Covens of the Khainites 6. Melusai 13. Morathi. The Age of Chaos 4. Slaughter Queen . the Shadow Queen 9. Shadow Patrol 6. Morathi 8. Queens and Cauldrons 9. Sisters of Slaughter 11. Khinerai Harpies 3. The Disciples of Hagg Nar 2. The Temples of Khaine 3. Painting Your Daughters of Khaine 4. Doomfire Warlocks 14. Forces of Khaine 2. WARSCROLLS 1.

8 10. Blood Stalkers 19. 14 16. 9 11. Bloodwrack Shrine 17. 12 14. 11. 1 3. 13 15. 21 23. Pitched Battle Profiles 6. 4 6. Khinerai Lifetakers 23. 6 8. Khinerai Heartrenders 22. 25 27. 10 12. 24 26. 3 5. 17 19. 28 . Witch Aelves 14. Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood 13. 23 25. 11 13. 15 17. 5 7. 22 24. Bloodwrack Medusa 20. 26 28. 19 21. 27 29. 1 2. 2 4. Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood 16. 20 22. Doomfire Warlocks 21. Blood Sisters 18. WHAT’S NEXT? PageList 1. Avatar of Khaine 12. 16 18. Sisters of Slaughter 15. 18 20. 7 9.

56 58. 35 37. 49 51. 32 34. 61 63. 73 75. 54 56. 68 70. 40 42. 57 59. 29 31. 41 43. 74 76. 67 69. 66 68. 44 46. 46 48. 69 71. 51 53. 72 74. 31 33. 75 . 58 60. 55 57. 45 47. 52 54. 30 32. 65 67. 60 62.30. 64 66. 39 41. 38 40. 42 44. 36 38. 43 45. 59 61. 48 50. 37 39. 62 64. 50 52. 33 35. 63 65. 53 55. 34 36. 71 73. 47 49. 70 72.

81 83. 77 79. 87 89. 83 85. 80 82. 76 78. 88 90. 89 .77. 86 88. 84 86. 85 87. 78 80. 82 84. 79 81.

WHAT’S NEXT? TheAge of Sigmar has descended amongst thunder and vengeance. omens of disaster speaking of a deathly curse that will afflict one and all. WHAT’S NEXT? . civilisation has taken root in the Mortal Realms once more. and with its coming. Alreadythe shadows of a new peril are cast across the lands.

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