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Lesson Plan Mar.

19 Morning/Math
Grade/Subject: 2/Morning Routine & Math Unit: Patterns and Relations Lesson Duration:1 hr.


General Learning Outcomes:

Use patterns to describe the world and to solve problems.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (three to five elements) by:
patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.


Students will:
1. Carry out their plan that they developed during Wednesday’s class to create an ABC pattern
fruit loop bracelet.
2. Start to establish what the core of a pattern is by circling the core of a pattern on their individual


Observations: Key Questions:

Can you create an ABC pattern?
Can you find the core of a pattern?

Written/Performance Assessments:
● Create an ABC pattern in a fruit loop bracelet.
● Find the core of a pattern on the handout.


Resource #1: Learn Alberta Program of Studies
Resource #2: Jump Math 2.1


*Fruit Loops


Introduction (__min.):

Hook/Attention Grabber: Students will have their March Journals on their desks to complete a page,
before finding a book and reading silently.

Expectations for Learning and Behaviour: Students are expected to finish their one page of their journal
or complete it during their recess time.

Advance Organizer/Agenda: (write on the board)

1st March Journal/ Silent Reading
2nd Carpet Time
3rd Pattern Learning
4th Bracelet Making

Body (__min.):

Learning Activity #1: March Journals

Assessments/Differentiation: Be available for J & V & P to help with their sentences.
Motivate LAy, L.

Learning Activity #2: Carpet Time- point out that Mar. 21st is the first day of spring.

Learning Activity #3: Pattern Learning (handout) - work through the handout by first showing the
students a ABC pattern and teaching the students about the core of the patter (make sure to circle it)
On the second part of the handout create an ABC pattern with the students and identify the core
On the third section allow student to create their own ABC pattern and circle the core.

Assessments/Differentiation: (have student rate how comfortable they are with the content before moving on to the
third section) If students are not comfortable to move on from the second section of the handout. Practice a few
more patterns on the board before moving on.
Learning Activity #4: Make ABC Bracelets

Closure ( __min.):

Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: I have seen a lot of students bracelets as I walked around.

There are lots of good ABC pattern created.
Feedback From Students: Are there any students that want to share they bracelet with the class.
Feedback To Students: Give students feedback on their performance task completed and their ability to
stay on task.
Transition To Next Lesson: Prepare students to get their snack.