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Lesson Plan April 9

Grade/Subject: Morning/ Math

Unit: Patterns and Relations
Lesson Duration: 30 mins


General Learning Outcomes: General Outcome: Use patterns to describe the world and to
solve problems.

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (three to five elements) by:
patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.


Students will:
1. Recall the patterns we have covered in the last 4 weeks by putting them on the whiteboard.
2. Practise patterns by writing their pattern on piece of paper and interacting by having a snowball


Observations: Key Questions:

What patterns do you remember?
Can you look at a pattern tell what type of pattern it is?

Written/Performance Assessments: Snowball fight activity.


Resource #1: Learn Alberta Program of Study
Resource #2: Jump Math 2.1


● 16 piece of paper.


Introduction (3 min.):

Hook/Attention Grabber: Greet students as they come in for the morning. Encourage students stay
focused on their April Journal because we have a fun math activity after.

Body (23min.):

Learning Activity #1: April Journals

Have students journals on their desks. When they come into the classroom. Tell students that they
have 14 minutes to finished their first page of their April journal. When the timer goes off we will go to
the carpet.

Learning Activity #2: Morning Meeting

Check in with students on how their weekend was. (sharing time)
Do calendar practice. (odd and even practice)

Transition: Have students return to their desks after they get a blank piece of paper.
Learning Activity #3: Review Patterns
With students help write the different patterns we have talk about in class on the board. See if the
students have any questions.

Learning Activity #4: Snowball Activity

On the piece of paper the students returned to their table with they will write a pattern. Demonstrate this
on the board and explain rules.(No head shots and have fun) When the timer goes off we will stop and
pick up the first paper closest to them. Open it up and write what type of pattern it is.
Closure ( 3 min.):

Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: Today we reviewed the patterns we learned and had some fun
while doing it.
Feedback To Students: Next class we are going to plan out making a final and real bracelet. We will do
this to test your knowledge on patterns.

Transition To Next Lesson: Get prepared for snack or circle time.