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Jordan Andress
American History
(16th century – Present day)
Hello, and welcome to American history! From the very start of the
class to the last day of school, students will be engaged in the wonderful
(and sometimes gruesome) parts of our great nation’s past. The discovery of
America to the Revolution to Reconstruction to World War II to the present
day, we will discuss it all and engage in heavy conversations and sometimes
debates on particular topics. In the first semester (August to December)
students will learn about the history from the discovery of the Americas up
to 1865 at the end of the Civil War, and in the second semester (January to
June) the beginning of Reconstruction (1865) to present day.

Rules, regulations, and expectations for the class:

 Have respect for your peers and me, and do not talk while another
person is talking.
 You are allowed to have differing ideas, but be respectful in your
approach. Have an open mind.
 Be prepared! Come to class with your notebook, writing utensil, and
your mind.
 When an assignment is due, that’s when it needs to be turned in, not
before, not after. No excuses. If a personal problem arises about an
assignment, come speak to me privately before school, after school,
during lunch, or email me.
 I have a no tolerance policy on bullying. Absolutely NO
EXCEPTIONS! Anyone caught verbally or physically bullying will
be sent out of my class and to the principal’s office, and possibly sent
 Plagiarism! Don’t do it! Ever! Not only is it unethical, but it’s also
against the law. Anything plagiarized (an essay, a PowerPoint
presentation, etc.) will receive an automatic zero and will be dealt
with by the school board.

 Ask as many relevant questions as you would like! If you don’t

understand something, simply raise your hand and ask for
clarification. The worst questions are the ones we never ask.
 Respect others, respect me, respect the classroom, the school, but
most importantly respect yourself!

1. Daily – Current events done in the first 5 minutes of class.
2. Any homework assignments should be completed and turned in before
the start of class.
3. There will be two major projects throughout the year in addition to the
final project during the second semester (dates are TBD). These must be
turned in the morning they are due:
3.1. A three page minimum essay typed on any event in history you
choose from the beginning up until 1789.
3.2. A multiple part project in which you will draft a letter to a historical
figure, create a short comic book, and design a museum exhibit on a
specific event in history that you choose from 1789 until 1865.
4. Mid-term exam in December testing you on what we will have covered
thus far in the course.
5. Final project – A final assessment for this course will be a community
outreach project/program that correlates to any event in history you chose
from; we will work on this throughout the entire second semester and the
project will be broken up into much smaller, more manageable pieces.

Participation – 10%
Homework – 15%
Project One – Beginning to 1789 – 10%
Project Two – 1789 to 1865 – 10%
Mid-term exam – 10%
Final exam – 15%
Final project– 30%
Total = 100%

Required materials:
 A notebook specifically for this class for taking notes.
 A writing utensil i.e. pen or pencil
 A folder specifically for this class to take home any handouts
and to keep your graded assignments.
 A way to take any work done in the computer lab home to work
on or finish (i.e. flash drive, email account, etc.)
Classroom wish list: Any donations made are greatly appreciated!
 Pencils and pens.
 Notebooks
 Dry-erase markers.
 Boxes of tissues.

I understand this may seem like a lot to take in right now, but we will
get through this together! I have your best interests at heart and I am fully
dedicated to you 100%. My office hours are before school, after school, and
during lunch. If you have any questions for me feel free to contact me
through my email listed above. Note that if you attempt to contact me
through email over a weekend or holiday it may be until the start of the new
week until you get a response. I enjoy watching movies, as many of you may
relate, and I feel that certain Hollywood films can help students understand
the seriousness and realness of history. Some of the films that I plan on
showing in my class will show some of the gruesome and heinous part of
history, and upon administrative approval I will send a list of films that we
will watch in class. Please sign and return the attached form stating you
understand this syllabus and agree to it and have it returned to me by the end
of the first week of school. Thank you, I look forward to getting to know you
and your child, and I look forward to a great year ahead!

Sign And Return By The End Of The First Week!

American History – Mr. Andress

Student use:

I, ________________________ understand and agree to abide by

everything laid out in this syllabus. I also understand that the grade I earn in

this class will accurately reflect the time, effort, and work that I put in.

Student Signature: ___________________________________

Date: ____________________

Parent use:

My child and I have read through and understand this syllabus in its

entirety. I understand that it is an agreement between Mr. Andress and my

student, and that if anything should occur; Mr. Andress is allowed to contact


Print Name: ________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

Best Form of Contact: ________________________________________

Date: ____________________