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Room B6 Chronicle

Mrs. Light’s and Mrs. White’s 3rd Grade Class April 23, 2018
Dates to Remember:
 This Wed. is the Speech Tournament @ Las Colinas.
 CAASPP testing will take place from May 1-17. Registration is at 3:45 sharp. Good luck to all our
 Animal Art Projects due Fri., 5/18. participants!
 Friday, May 18, is a minimum day—noon dismissal.  April Book Worm book report due next Monday, 4/30.
 Spring Open House on Monday, May 21, 6:30-8 pm.
 CAASPP testing begins next week. If you’d like your child
 Spring book fair is May 21-25.
to take a practice test (which we encourage to help reduce
 Family Fun Night is 5/24 at Panda Express & Sweet
Frog. anxiety and familiarize students), please see the attached
 Memorial Day holiday is Monday, 5/28. sheet with instructions. For more information go to the
 Last day of school is Fri., 6/15. Noon dismissal. PVSD website and explore the links on the CAASPP page:

Curriculum News
 LANGUAGE ARTS: This week we kick off Unit 7 of our language arts adoption, Communities Then and Now. The
passages in this unit include a personal essay, a realistic fiction piece and informational social studies text. Skills include: key
details and main idea, author’s point of view, using context clues to define vocabulary words, drawing inference from character
actions, analyzing story illustrations, linking words and phrases to incorporate supporting facts, identifying and using suffixes,
homophones, variant vowels, identifying specific genres (e.g., historical fiction), and developing fluency using dramatic
expression. This is the last week of Reading Workshop for the year. Thank you, reading coaches—Mrs. Jaramillo and
Ms. Cryer—for all your help and guidance with the program. Language arts homework is due Thursday. For the next few
weeks our emphasis will be on special writing projects that cross the curriculum. You’ll see many of these at our May 21 Open
 MATH: On Thursday students will be tested on Module 5 – lessons 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, & 16. An exit ticket review will go home
Wednesday night to help prepare for the test.
 SCIENCE: REMINDER: your child’s animal art project that accompanies the animals he/she is writing his/her research
report on is due on Friday, May 18 (but NOT before as we don’t have the room to store them--THANKS).
 ART: In addition to our art projects and study surrounding Claude Monet, students will create a watercolor self-portrait
which will serve as the cover of their portfolios that go home at the end of the year.

With National Screen-free Week around the corner, April 30-May 6, take heed:
 Screen time is an identified factor in childhood obesity. Bedroom TV’s are associated with obesity in children of all
ages. Video game playing increases calorie and food intake in children.
 Children spend too much time with screen media. On any given day, 29% of babies under the age of 1 are watching
TV and videos for an average of about 90 min.
 Screen negatively impacts children’s sleep. Screen time is linked to sleep disturbance in 6- to 12-year-olds.
 Screen time can undermine learning for babies and young children. Screen time for children under three is linked
to delayed language acquisition. The more time preschool children spend with screens, the less time they spend
engaged in creative play (the foundation of learning), constructive problem solving and creativity.
 For more information and ways to participate go to: