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Morgan T.

6231 Fairbrook St., Long Beach, CA, 90815. Phone: 562-537-0060. E-Mail:

Preliminary Single Subject Credential: Mathematics August 2017 - May 2018
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics August 2013 - May 2017
MINOR: Religion GPA: 3.797

Classroom Experience
STUDENT TEACHING, TeWinkle Middle School, Costa Mesa September 2017- May 2018
 Completed 610 hours of student teaching at TeWinkle Middle School in Costa Mesa.
 Designed unit curriculum using the technique of backwards planning, planned lessons with components of
Multi-Tier System of Supports and Universal Design for Learning, incorporated accommodations for English
Language learners, created informal and formal assessments, and utilized inquiry based learning activities.
 Established classroom management through the delivery of clear and specific behavioral and educational
 Contacted parents in order to establish an open line of communication to help best support students.
TUTOR June 2017
 Conducted multiple tutoring sessions for Algebra 1.
 Explained the misunderstood concepts in multiple ways for student to be exposed to different opportunities to
engage with the content.
 Introduced several study techniques to help develop positive study skills for the student’s future educational
KINDERGARTEN SUBSTITUTE, Los Altos Brethren Elementary School June 2017
 Co-taught with the head teacher and earned the importance of collaboration and listening to direction and detail.
 Taught the students the word family, “it,” how to read a clock, and worked on addition using tiles.
 Completed 30 hours of student observation at Millikan High School in Long Beach.
 Observed five different teachers and recognized their implementation of Garner’s eight learning intelligences,
their classroom management, their interaction with all of their students, and their execution of curriculum.
 Worked one-on-one with students by helping them with their homework or in-class assignments.
MIDDLE SCHOOL SUNDAY SCHOOL, Long Beach Christian Reformed Church September 2015- June 2017
 Managed a classroom of five to nine students.
 Effectively communicated the curriculum while relating and connecting to my students.

Work History
Dr. JUSTIN GRASMEYER DC DACBSP, Long Beach, CA January 2016- January 2018
 Input approximately 15 to 20 “Explanation of Benefit” checks, with 60 individual summaries from insurance
companies weekly into an excel sheet to keep track of payments.
 Recorded approximately 60 patients’ daily visits per week, and their form of payment and amount.
 Logged every patient and the patient’s information into an online system called, “Practice Fusion.”
Morgan T. Haner
6231 Fairbrook St., Long Beach, CA, 90815. Phone: 562-537-0060. E-Mail:

 Logged various confidential sports chiropractor’s medical summaries of treatments on surfers participating in
the 2015 U.S. Open for an abstract essay written by Dr. Justin Grasmeyer.

RASCALS TERIYAKI GRILL, Long Beach December 2013 – January 2018

 Served as a cashier and learned the importance of customer service.
 Ensured superior customer experience by addressing customer concerns, demonstrating empathy and resolving
problems on the spot.
 Trained approximately 15 employees, which has highlighted the importance of effective communication, and
 Packed and organized food orders under certain pressures such as time and quantity.
 Answered telephones and took large catering orders that serve up to 130 people.

 Perseverance: Persevere through any given task, and never give up until my goal is accomplished.
 Effective Communication: Communicate well with others, and effective at presenting material.
 Problem Solver: Solve any problem at hand, and discover different ways to achieve the desired answer in the

 Wayne K. Peterson Memorial Scholarship for best Mathematics major going into teaching
 Vanguard Undergraduate with Magna Cum Laude Honors
 Vanguard University Dean’s List
 Member of Honor
 Team Captain for four of my volleyball teams
 Coach’s Award three times
 National Honor Society at Valley Christian High School

 Candice Woods- Position: Master Teacher. Phone: (949) 357- 5899. E-mail:
 Dawn Esqueda- Position: University Supervisor. Phone: (562) 377-4066. E-Mail:
 Arthur Lee- Position: University Professor. Phone: (714) 619-6468). E-mail: