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A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary: Let your light shine!

Sponsorship Opportunities

A Weekend Beyond the Ordinary (AWBTO) is a four-day camping festival celebrating inclusion, self-
expression, and joy. This year’s theme is Let your light shine - an appropriate reminder to each of us to
shine in every moment we have.

Who does it benefit?

The festival benefits Lost-n-Found Youth, an Atlanta, Georgia based nonprofit (501c3) that exists to end
homelessness for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) and all sexual minority youth.

The River’s Edge Campground

2311 Pulliam Mill Road

Dewy Rose, GA 30634

July 14 thru 18, 2018


AWBTO Organization

Why A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary? Why sponsor?

As a reflection of AWBTO’s values, our events embrace the concepts of inclusion and gifting. In the
beginning the founding members were the sole contributors to the setup and activity costs, never
wanting to limit access to the event and activities based on economic status. The events have grown
beyond our wildest dreams as well as our personal abilities to support them. We seek to preserve the
spirit of inclusion and gifting and need your support.

At the core of the AWBTO values is a belief that the act of contributing to others is transformative. We
are reaching out to you because you are a part of the AWBTO family and have experienced the power of
self-expression, joy, and community.

Sponsorship Levels

Activity Activity Event Event

Category Supporter Sponsor Sponsor Presenter
$125 $250 $500 $2000

Thank You Recognition

• Supporter recognition in our Post-event
Donation Thank You message, distributed via Yes Yes - - -
email and Facebook
• Activity/Event Sponsor recognition in our Post-
- - Yes Yes Yes
event Donation Thank You message

Name and Logo Placement

• Personal name or company name on on-site
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
shared thank you posters (11x17)
• Company name/logo on activity posters
- - Yes Yes Yes
(11x17). Each donator has its own poster.
• Personal name or company name/logo on
- - - Yes Yes
event t-shirt
• Personal name or company name/logo/
- - - - Yes
website on an event banner


Name, Name,
Name or Name or
• Website recognition (pre and post event) Name Logo, & Logo, &
Logo Logo
Link Link
• Facebook postings (pre and post event) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Event Day Benefits        

1 2 4 6 6
• Support announced by DJs
mention mentions mentions mentions mentions
• Ability to place items in the participant swag
1 item 1 item 2 items Unlimited Unlimited

Please note:

Activity Sponsors may request a specific activity to support. If we have multiple sponsors who cover
more than budget, your donation may be shifted to cover other activities. However, you will still be
recognized for the activity of your choosing. Please indicate your choice of activities to sponsor when
you submit this form.

Event Sponsors and Event Presenters will be recognized during every activity.

Activities available to sponsor include:

set up party • pool parties • Slippery Solstice • tie dye clinic

holi powder vs. water balloons • slip-n-slide • Groovy Gravy • black light body painting

tribe meal • Stargaze + Shoegaze

High resolution, preferably vector files, should be emailed to if you wish to have your
logo used. Logos images must be received by 5 PM ET on Tuesday, May 15, in order to be included.

Sponsor Agreement

(_____________________________) agrees to provide a financial sponsorship for the A

Weekend Beyond The Ordinary

As a sponsor, I understand I will receive the applicable sponsorship opportunities described in this
packet and agree to provide digital art work for all promotional advertising. I further understand that
these opportunities will not be valid until this agreement is signed and my payment has been issued to
and accepted by A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary organization.

I am pleased to sponsor the Weekend Beyond The Ordinary as a (circle one):

Event Presenter / Event Sponsor / Activity Sponsor / Activity Supporter / Supporter

Name(s) for Recognition: _________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

City______________________________ State______ Zip __ __ __ __ __

Representative Title ___________ Name ________________________________________

Email____________________________________ Phone number _____________________

Sponsor Signature___________________________________________________________

Payment Information:

Check (enclosed) payable to: A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary

Please return this completed form to:


Brandon Tidwell:

Snail mail:

Brandon Tidwell

c/o A Weekend Beyond The Ordinary

1073 Glenwood Avenue SE

Atlanta, GA 30316

Event Sponsor/Event Presenter T-Shirt Design

Front shown, names and logos will be placed on back of shirt

Sponsor Recognition Poster